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  1. "Athena will also introduce Dual Universe first space market! You’ll be able to shop without making planetfall, directly from your ship. Head to the center point of the safe zone, between Alioth, Madis and Thades. Happy shopping." Isn't that a big middle finger on your part to the DU community? Players have had to take the lead for a long time due to the non-presence of market objects or system/feature around the market. Thus stations have been created, including the Utopia station, which is at an equal distance from the 3 planets in the stage zone. The players managed by themselves, we produced things together and overnight you put a market in the quiet quiet space? Honestly, it doesn't shock you even at NQ?
  2. Today it is possible that several solo players have a large main building shared on 3 tiles. This means that you will directly impose on him 3 Millions per week whereas today he was building quietly in his corner. The price of the tax is much too high and the problem with this tax is that money disappears from the games, it is not money that passes between the players. Then today you started with the reasoning that the mining unit would generate ore that would be sold to generate money to pay for the tiles. What happens if the mineral market suddenly collapses? This method of generating kantas would then no longer be possible and there would therefore remain the missions, thus forcing the players to do missions. We must find a fair balance between everything then either it is the increase in the quantities per tile and go from an average of 250l / h to 2500l / h for example or then we must greatly review this tax. The advantage of the ore veins was to give a boost to the seekers when there was for example a great need for voxels. Today there are asteroids to hope to release a large quantity of minerals or the market but still there must be some kantas in the pockets of the players. An important request that should be updated quickly: A "streamer mode" which would hide information such as the name of the asteroid where we are digging, this reveals our position for pvp players ...
  3. Bonjour NQ, Bonjour la communauté de DU. Oui mon poste va être en français pour être bien compris plutôt que d'éviter un Google Trad tout pourris. je laisse le soin aux Support/Dev FR de transférer aux équipes EN si besoin. Un gros sujet qui revient à répétition est le sujet des MARKETS qui font ramer surtout ceux d'Alioth et encore plus le numéro 6. Ce problème ne dérange pas 1% de la population de joueurs qui sont juste ceux qui ajoutes des cores dynamique encore et encore avec des pubs ou markets mobiles. Tout vaisseaux dynamique présent dans les tuiles APHELIA et inactif pendant un certains temps (à vous de choisir 20-48h? une semaine?) sera transformé en magique blueprint et déposé dans un "dispenser" ou "market unit" qui comme pour le retrait d'objets au market est personnel par joueurs. Cela permettrait ainsi un nettoyage propre des markets, l'arrêt de script tournants en boucle dans ses zones. Bonus: Organisation d'un concours par NQ à destination de la communauté (dernier challenge c'était la station spatiale il me semble) La construction sur un Core M ou L d'une "FOURRIERE" à vaisseaux . 1-2 mois de durée du concours. La plus belle FOURRIERE ou les plus belles seront utilisées et déposées sur chaque planètes par NQ et les dispensers seront posés dans ses batiments. Cordialement,
  4. Yes because you need to build a good vexel, All exterior elements must be accessible from the interior
  5. Hello, Same the weapon size limit per core size I think you need to do the same work to the shield. Core XS= extra small shield Core S = small shield / extra small shield Core M = medium shield / small shield / extra small shield Core L = Large Shield / medium shield / small shield / extra small shield For my opinion I think you need update lock distance on radar to come back at the latest value exemple: Space radar XS => 150km core XS / 200km core S / 250km core M / 300km core L Space radar S => 150km core XS / 200km core S / 250km core M / 300km core L Space radar M => 150km core XS / 200km core S / 250km core M / 300km core L Space radar L => 150km core XS / 200km core S / 250km core M / 300km core L Because now xs ship can't have L weapon but only xs weapon so I think it's not a problem to a L ship with Large shield to take 15/20 hit of the xs weapon. The problem currently is that a small vessel has no chance of approaching a large vessel, it will be destroyed before, especially given the life of the cockpit.
  6. Hello, why we haven't rdms rules to opened the access of the parcel item? If we can allow a player or org to use our parcel item we can sell the access and guaranted a good play to the sellers/buyers. I think you need improve the missions systems he is basic and he can be to up
  7. ? Welcome in Dual Universe , The knowledge is the power. With this informations he can sell information to other Org, it's not a crime it's juste a constructor of playerdatabase to know people. Dual Universe is constructed by players and if we played DU and not Star Citizen it's for the LUA.
  8. Hello, I want to know also if you have a release date to this Aliot Aerospace Expo?
  9. Thank you for this post Naerais, good luck for the end of the week
  10. Salut LeDucSAS tu sais motiver les gens ^^

  11. Bienvenue, si tu as des questions concernant le monde de DU et la commu FR hésite pas
  12. Welcome @NQ-Naerais on DU world , good luck and have fun with this big Community
  13. Hello, I am a new player in this universe. I am a major French player, regularly playing video games. I hope to meet many players on this game to exchange knowledge and knowledge of this new world. My nickname comes from an expression "La Grosse Berta" designating weapons in video games.
  14. discordauth:1sHRSyIXtWNf5yvBdmLA7U7scbR7fdYnxwHHKWYlc5E=

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