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  1. Hi guys, For various logistical reasons, we picked the Wednesday August, 21st to organize our MeetUp in Cologne this year. It's not ideal but considering our constraints, this is preferable for us. We hope to see you there! Cheers, Nomad
  2. Hi guys, The idea of making a podcast has been circling in our heads for some time. We wanted to reach out to our community in a new and captivating way, and today you can discover the end result. We're very excited to bring you some behind the scenes material and invite you to join us while we discuss what's new in DU. If the community's response is positive, we may make a series out of it. You can listen to this first episode below on YouTube: It's also available on SoundCloud: Happy listening! We'd love to hear your feedback! Cheers, Nomad
  3. Hi guys, On March, 6th, we organized a special stress-test with thousands of simulated players. Our objective was to showcase our unique server technology and test it under live conditions! Dozens of human Alpha players were invited and participated as well, as witnesses of the event. You can discover the details on the news here. Don't hesitate to comment below! Cheers, The Novaquark Team
  4. We're going to see what we can do with your request to Customer Support. Cheers, Nomad
  5. If you want to comment, we invite you to go here! ?
  6. First place The Goblin Shark by OneThousandStars
  7. Second place Mistrale V1 by Gasplitcht
  8. Thunderfighter MK1 by The Kurgan
  9. Bouboule 1ère by Terenas
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