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  1. Hi guys, The idea of making a podcast has been circling in our heads for some time. We wanted to reach out to our community in a new and captivating way, and today you can discover the end result. We're very excited to bring you some behind the scenes material and invite you to join us while we discuss what's new in DU. If the community's response is positive, we may make a series out of it. You can listen to this first episode below on YouTube: It's also available on SoundCloud: Happy listening! We'd love to hear your feedback! Cheers, Nomad
  2. Hi guys, On March, 6th, we organized a special stress-test with thousands of simulated players. Our objective was to showcase our unique server technology and test it under live conditions! Dozens of human Alpha players were invited and participated as well, as witnesses of the event. You can discover the details on the news here. Don't hesitate to comment below! Cheers, The Novaquark Team
  3. We're going to see what we can do with your request to Customer Support. Cheers, Nomad
  4. Dear DUdes and DUdettes, As announced yesterday, the winners of our Winter Holidays Shipbuilding Contest are now known. Of course, you wanted to see more than just the three winners. We knew it as well and that's why today, you'll find below numerous other entries that caught our attention (without any particular order) šŸ˜ We thank you again for your time and dedication, we were really amazed! Congratulations! There was a lot of talking here at NQ to decide the winners, sure, but also around the many other ships received. About how you understood or twisted the tools we give you to craft beautiful and impossible things šŸ˜„ We keep working hard to give you the means to push the boundaries of voxelmancy. We hope you'll like these ships! Cheers, The Novaquark Team
  5. Dear DUdes and DUdettes, Today, we have an announcement that should make our Alpha testers happy! Due to our internal development process and by popular demand, we decided to bring some modifications to our Alpha test schedule. So, from now on, next Alpha tests will happen as follows: three times a month, a 96 hours test session will occur, spanning from Thursday, 14h00 UTC to Monday, 14h00 UTC. That means there won't be any test session once a month. This way, it will be easier for us to better plan production. We'll continue to analyze your feedback and the data produced by your crazy adorable in-game behavior It will allow us to better refine things along the way on our road to Alpha 2. Overall, we think it's an improvement: longer test sessions covering weekends every time. This should be more comfortable for many of you! Our Server status page remains the best way to get informed on when tests happen. It's up to date for next month and still here for you to visit (if it's not a bookmark in your web browser already): https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/ Cheers, The Novaquark Team
  6. NQ-Nomad

    Happy Holidays!

    Dear DUdes and DUdettes, What a year for the Novaquark team and Dual Universe! We're now in Alpha 1 and this milestone was reached thanks to your continuous and incredible support... Our hard work allowed us to deliver a new version of a game that will continue to evolve during 2019 (and beyond). We count on you to help us build the best possible next-gen MMO The road ahead to completion is still long but after such effort, it's now time for us to have some rest and to spend more time with our friends and families. Expect minimum presence from us until the beginning of January. The Winter Holiday Test and our Shipbuilding Contest are our special treats for you! We hope you'll enjoy them. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for everything! Happy Holidays! Cheers, The Novaquark Team
  7. Hi, We're always happy to see enthusiasm regarding our game and we're thankful for that. This being said, here are a few things to keep in mind to be sure to keep things clear and healthy for everybody: Dual Universe community members must comply with all the rules established by Novaquark (Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, EULA, Forum Rules, everything) Even if we have nothing to say about the rules other developers establish to manage their games and services, we will never encourage any behavior bending or breaking Terms of Service or other kinds of code of conduct of any sort regarding a non-Novaquark game or service If our own rules and policy are not clear enough at a defined time, we'll update them as soon as possible to reflect as best as possible what we want -or not- to see happening in the community. This is done to keep things fun for everybody. Players feedback is very important here As we always said, we want to foster a warm and welcoming community. This asks to establish rules and guidelines. Common sense means that some are permanent and others could evolve as time goes by. So to make sure everybody has a good time, we kindly advise respecting the rules you agreed to comply with by creating a Novaquark account (and to do that in other games in general). Dual Universe is a sandbox game and by nature, everything will be open. That's one of the most exciting things about our game. It has never been done like that before. At least, not at this scale. We're not naive, all kinds of behaviors will emerge from it. Concerning the behaviors outside the game, same thing. And we want to prevent as much as possible the bad kind of actions we too often see as gamers and that are a plague for our passion. Grey and black market key exchange/selling/whatever-little-arrangements are among them. This is not something desirable when you want to maintain things cool for everybody. It's not only frowned upon, we clearly disapprove that. A free key is a free key. It must be gifted for nothing in return. We know how things work though, we're not idiots (we're gamers too) and we will try to prevent that as much as possible with the means and resources at our disposal. Again, if our current rules are not clear enough, we'll update them to reflect what is okay and what's not and the possible rewards or sanctions that could come out of that. And as always, the dialog with you guys remains open. We'll give news on the roadmap this Summer, as announced. We're also considering new ATV members and will communicate about that in due time. Cheers, Nomad
  8. NQ-Nomad

    NovaWrimo 2017 Contest: Rules to participate

    Hi guys, It's been a while since you had news from our latest NovaWrimo contest. We apologize for the delay. We wanted to make sure that our deliberation process was completed the way we intended, while as you know, there are so many things to attend to in the meantime... So, thanks for your kindness and patience. It's now time to announce who the winners are for the 2017 edition! ā€¢ 1st Prize: Dwarf3d for the short story "Day of Optimism" ā€¢ 2nd Prize: Stig92 for the short story "Right to Exist" ā€¢ 3rd Prize: Kurock for the short story "Bastille" Congratulations! Thank you to all the contestants! We're always happy to read how our players grasp Dual Universe'sā€¦ well, universe We're aware that writing such stories represent an investment and we appreciate it. As a token of appreciation, each contestant will receive one DAC! More news related to NovaWrimo are coming soon, so stay tuned. Cheers, Nomad
  9. NQ-Nomad

    [Pre-Alpha Event] Build the first City!

    Hi guys, The weekend test that occurred on Saturday, April 7th, showed that the community is creative! Not that we had any doubts, if you take a look the recent Outpost Contest too as an example. It was a lot of fun and, as expected, it was a little bit hectic That was kind of the point, though, beyond just giving a simple goal to the Pre-Alpha testers. We were curious to see players' behavior, of course, but also to perform a technical test too. That ended up stressing this "old" r0.8 version of the game beyond reasonable and it's currently hard to continue building in good conditions in the dedicated zone. We have around 412 constructs as of posting this message and some customized Lua scripted ones are responsible for lowering performances for many players. This "old" version of the game is of course not as optimized as it would be ideal, the game is still in Pre-Alpha and that's to be expected at this development stage. As the next Pre-Alpha test will happen tomorrow April 12th, and -let's be honest- performances are not going to get any better with even more constructs being added, we have to cancel the event. In consequence, we kindly ask our Pre-Alpha testers to avoid pos{0,2,-37.2769,175.8497,0.0000} and the surrounding tiles for a better gaming experience If the Pre-Alpha testers had any issue to reconnect to the game and an impossibility to use the Force Respawn feature, they'll have to contact our Support staff and we'll teleport players elsewhere to make sure they can play. In any case: data collected are of a tremendous help and we already planned the necessary improvements for the future versions of the game. Some of them should be available in the next r0.10 build and we're working hard to make sure that things will be running correctly (at least at 30 FPS) for the Alpha 1. Talking about the next r0.10 version of the game, make sure to read this article on our website if you missed it! It contains elements that you might be interested in. We're amazed by what the community already does in the Pre-Alpha and the help it provides to Novaquark to improve and refine everything along the road. Thank you very much for your patience, understanding, and commitment! Cheers, The Novaquark Team
  10. NQ-Nomad

    [Feedback] Newsletter Revamp

    Hi guys, Thanks for the feedback here. We put @Vyz Ejstu's suggestion in the latest emails sent to improve reading comfort. Cheers, Nomad
  11. NQ-Nomad

    Building Contest & AMA Event

    Hi guys, The Outpost Building Contest is over and now is the time to announce the winners! We had a hard time to pick the best contributions! 1st place: Croomar's team (Objective DriveYards) 2nd place: Tango_Lima (Gallia Gemina) 3rd place: UnderHandAerial's team (Hyperion) Congratulations and thank you to all the contestants who entered the competition! We'll release a video next week to showcase the work accomplished here and it's impressive! Cheers, Nomad
  12. NQ-Nomad

    NovaWrimo 2017 Contest: Community Vote

    Well, it seems that Kurock won the community vote. Congrats!
  13. NQ-Nomad

    Pre-Alpha forum access?

    Hi guys, We took care of that. Thanks for your support! Let me know in PM if you have any other issues. Cheers, Nomad
  14. NQ-Nomad

    NovaWrimo 2017 Contest: Rules to participate

    Hi guys, Community vote is now open! You can head here for the details. Thank you for your patience and have a good read Cheers, Nomad