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  1. Hi Noveans, We just released a new hotfix today. DU is now in version 0.29.9. Please find the changelog below: Improvements [FTUE Outpost Screen] Connected the following five tutorials to the screen: Construction, Gunnery, Atmospheric Piloting, Ground Piloting and Speeder Upgrade. [FTUE Outpost Screen] Added more information in the descriptions of objective tabs not yet connected to tutorials. Crash Fixes Fixed a crash when loading a Programing Board config with too many slots. Bug Fixes Fixed transponders not working. Fixed radar not working near asteroids. Thanks for your support! Cheers, Nomad
  2. Hi Noveans, We have released a new patch today. Dual Universe is now in version 0.29.8 and you can find the changes below: General Note We’ve revised the backend working of radars and though this should be an unnoticeable change for players, we’d like to invite you to send us a report should you encounter issues with radars. We’ll be monitoring radar performance and reports closely. Improvements [Radar] There are now fewer attack announcements. [Radar] Warning in widget if radar linked using generic control plugs Prevent the player from putting the maneuvered construct in an unreachable position. [Radar] Similarly to weapons, radar will now have a visibility cone that will need to be clear of voxels and other elements for the radar to function. Unlike weapons, there will be no cone falloff and obstruction will be a binary state, the cone will either be obstructed and the radar will not work, or it will be unobstructed and it will work. [Build Helper] Added a new Combat category with information about radars and weapons. [Weapons] Increased rotation speed. Changed to the inworld mark layout: mark base icons are smaller. Selection & hover are now displayed as a circle around the mark. Name is now under the mark with distance below the name and threat info is on the side of the mark icon. Added an ‘identification bar,’ that grows with identification progress. Added an option to ignore default engine tags. [Build Helper] List CCS Capacity in the Construct Information. Bug Fixes [Marks] Fixed names of radar targets not being updated. [Radar] Fixed abandoned constructs occasionally not showing as abandoned. Fixed a bug where players were able to board inactive constructs in space, without proper RDMS having been set. Fixed freezes that could occur when loading very large images in Lua screen units. Fixed a bug where Point Of Interest names were cut on fullscreen mode (which was specifically a problem for the market district numbers). Last camera settings when entering a cockpit are now saved. Fixed invalid player position after a surrogate session. Mining units now catch up with server downtime. [Parenting] Fixed an issue preventing some destroyed constructs being properly removed from the game. Damages due to collision/friction can now affect docked constructs. Fixed bookmarks that could be erased in some rare conditions. Player is no longer unboarded when refreshing the rights of the current construct. Player is no longer unboarded at the end of the loading screen. Fixed maneuver information being sometimes displayed while not maneuvering. Fixed the, ‘retro skin,’ for Programming Boards. Display an intelligible error when trying to remove fuel and the player inventory is full. Mining Unit and Plasma extractor animations stop when they are broken. Thanks for your support! Cheers, Nomad
  3. Hi Noveans, We just released a small update with the following fix: Bug Fix [Air Delivery] Fixed a bug where the challenge could no longer complete objectives if a player dragged any other kind of element into the delivery container. Thanks for your support! Cheers, Nomad
  4. Hi Noveans, We have just released an update today, DU is now in version 0.28.2. The changes can be found below: Improvements Auto-scroll in the talent queue is activated even when the mouse is not moving. When selecting a talent in the Talent queue, it will display all the information in the center panel. [RDMS Tutorial] Adjusted Aphelia's dialogues to be in line with the new RDMS UI. Crash Fixes Fixed a crash linked to Inactive Asset Requisition (IAR). Sometimes, a construct was not fully deleted from visibility, leading to a client disconnection in the area of the said deleted construct. Bug Fixes Fixed the display of talent levels in the categories. Fixed a bug where a player could not edit packages from a linked container if it was unloaded but still accessible from the inventory. Consuming claimed warp cells now works as expected. [RDMS Tutorial] Fixed objective "Add Right" not completing as intended. [RDMS Tutorial] Fixed a typo in one of Aphelia's speeches. [Hovercraft Upgrade Tutorial] Fixed Open Atmospheric Flight Engineer Report objective not progressing. Known Issues Some markets and tiles owned by Aphelia located more than 5 km above sea level are not affected by the IAR, most notably on Thades and Feli. A fix is in progress and constructs will become subject to IAR unclaiming in a future update if left untouched for longer than seven days. Thanks for your support! Cheers, Nomad
  5. Hello Noveans, Another hotfix is live today. DU version is now 0.27.5. You'll find the fixes brought below: Bug fixes Updated Mining Unit right description and name. Fixed mining units that were not aware of the change of ownership. [Fetch] Fixed desynchronization, which could cause constructs to regain speed or move incorrectly after being fetched. Updated GDRP warning text in report abuse feature (a placeholder text has been previously pushed by mistake). Update of warning of report abuse. Miscellaneous Removed mining tutorial temporarily from the tutorial list because it demonstrates planetary mining. This will be replaced by an asteroid mining tutorial in the future. Thanks for your support! Cheers, Nomad
  6. Hi Noveans, A new hotfix has just been released today. Dual Universe is now in version 0.27.4 and you can find the changes brought below: Crash Fixes [Repair tool] Fixed occasional crashes linked to element highlight. Bug fixes [GUI] Added a check to prevent setting a sanctuary territory as headquarters. [GUI] Removed wrong warning when removing a sanctuary territory as headquarters for players that already set up a sanctuary territory as headquarters before this release. [GUI] Fixed edge zone indicator being visible in some cases due to teleportation/anti-bury. [GUI] Fixed a case where headquarter state of a tile was not updated correctly client-side after the removal of a territory unit. [GUI] Fixed "set final calibration" button starting incorrectly with "active" state when starting to extract a minigame not for the first time during a game session. [GUI] Cleared description inputs when quanta are sent. [GUI] Fixed error messages when sending quanta. Updated in-game roadmap on login screen. Fixed a potential issue with the flatten tool. Known Issues Some players may experience a crash due to destroyed items. This is a GPU driver issue, which we fixed with the Demeter update, but which may still be present for some players. A potential (but not 100% effective) solution for affected players could be to delete their "AppData\Local\NQ" folder. Thanks for your support! Cheers, Nomad
  7. Hello Noveans, Earlier today we released a server update that brought the following changes: New Feature Recruit a Friend program: Get exclusive in-game rewards, element skins, and game time when friends you’ve invited to play Dual Universe become subscribers. Get the details here. Bug Fixes Fixed an exploit related to the DSAT. Fixed an exploit related to Packages. Fixed offline player death not being applied. As always, thank you so much for your support! Cheers, Nomad
  8. Hi Noveans, A new hotfix is out. DU is now in 0.26.16 version! Changes brought are below: Bug Fixes Fixed organization recruitment from the search panel. Fixed a bug that made the shield still work when destroyed by PvE damage. Known Issues [Codex] core.getBoardedAvatars() is incorrect, the correct function name is core.getPlayersOnBoard(). [Lua] Edit Lua Parameters can fail to be applied with some specific custom configurations. After investigation, we’ll need time to fix this and can’t provide an ETA yet. [Lua] We are aware of and investigating a number of other Lua-related crashes and freezes. Thanks for your support. Cheers, Nomad
  9. Hello Noveans, A new hotfix has been deployed. DU is now in 0.26.15 version. Changelog is below: Bug Fixes Fixed an exploit with Repair Units. [Asteroids] Construct speed near asteroids isn't limited to 500 km/h anymore. Fixed a bug that caused shields to be hidden after a server restart. Known Issues [Codex] core.getBoardedAvatars() is incorrect, the correct function name is core.getPlayersOnBoard(). [Lua] Edit Lua Parameters can fail to be applied with some specific custom configurations. After investigation, we’ll need time to fix this and can’t provide an ETA yet. [Lua] We are aware of and investigating a number of other Lua-related crashes and freezes. Thanks for your support! Cheers, Nomad
  10. Hello Noveans, DU is now in 0.26.14 version. You'll find the changelog below: New Feature Added the possibility to interact with the windowed Codex version in the Lua Editor. This will allow you to search and copy functions directly from the codex while coding. Crash Fixes Fixed a crash when attempting to place an element in a colliding position. Fixed a crash when opening the Edit Lua parameters window. Improvements Displays "all" as language for organizations that selected "all" as language (rather than nothing). [PvP] Weapon hits counted to combat core stress appear in the combat log. Added Shield Lua function : stopVenting(): Deactivate shield venting. Gameplay changes Changed fallback inventory tile background color. Bug Fixes Shield UI: Fixed Stop Venting button not working. [Market] Fixed lowest/highest price label in Create Order modal. Fixed a bug blocking the activation of a transponder after deleting an active transponder. [Launcher] Fixed a crash when a hardware check failed. Known Issues [Codex] core.getBoardedAvatars() is incorrect, the correct function name is core.getPlayersOnBoard(). [Lua] Edit Lua Parameters can fail to be applied with some specific custom configurations. This is complex to fix. In the meantime, we recommend that players do not write too long lines of code instructions and use the line break. [Lua] We are aware of and investigating a number of other Lua-related crashes and freezes. We hope you'll like the improvements brought here. We continue working hard to improve things. As always, we're eager to get your feedback. Thanks for your support! Cheers, Nomad
  11. Hi Noveans, We just released a hotfix today. DU is now in 0.26.13 version. You can read the fixes below: Crash Fixes The inventory background image bug reappeared in 0.26.12 despite our efforts to fix it. We’re back to the previous “workaround” solution as a temporary fix while we work towards a solution to squish this one for good. Bug Fixes Fixed the ratio of roadmap image size. It should now be "contained" to ensure that the image is not cut off on panoramic resolutions. Fixed a random freeze during the game loading process during the black "Dual Universe" screen. Fixed the default market price sorting order being reversed. Fixed an issue that caused some shields to have no shield hitpoints following the Ares update. If you encounter this issue after the hotfix deployment, you will have to pickup and replace down the shield to "fix" the issue. Known Issues [Crash] Overlapping an element in build mode may cause a crash when attempting to place the element. [GUI] “Stop Venting” button not working. [CODEX] core.getBoardedAvatars() is incorrect, the correct function name is core.getPlayersOnBoard(). [Lua] Editing Lua settings may cause a crash with some custom configurations. [Lua] We are aware of a number of other Lua-related crashes and freezes, we are investigating. We continue fixinx things following up on your feedback. Thank you for your support! Cheers, Nomad
  12. Hi Noveans, Today, we're releasing the Ares update! In many ways, Ares is a big complementary companion to the Apollo (0.26) update. Released in August, Apollo introduced the first wave of PVP-centric assets, balancing, and features. Now, Ares update, our fifth major update so far this year, named after the Greek god of war, is packed with new things, improvements, and fixes regarding PvP and even more! Here's the changelog to keep you busy during maintenance time: New Features Explicit docking and boarding system (previously called “parenting”) Avatars must now have the "Right to board" dynamic constructs. Similarly, any dynamic construct is now able to dock to any other dynamic construct of strictly smaller size if the pilot has the necessary "Right to dock" permission. Owners can use the Rights and Duties Management System (RDMS) to assign a right to board or a right to dock to their constructions that will allow others to board or dock or to prohibit such requests. When a ship or a player is docked or boarded, it moves with the "parent" construct, and its mass is then added to the physics of the parent. The constructs now have two zones, a "red" zone corresponding to the bounding box of the construct, and a "blue" zone corresponding to the surrounding zone of the ship; the size of this zone depends on the size of the core of the potential parent construct, from 32m to 128m. In order to board or dock, a player or a ship will have to be close to the candidate construct, in the blue zone, and have the appropriate rights, else the player or the ship will be repulsed. For the previous things added to the docking and boarding system, you can read the Boarding and Docking devblog. Updated two construct rights: “Right to board” and “Right to dock” (formerly “Parent Construct”). Docked constructs and boarded players (including offline players) and their mass are now listed in the Build Helper. Offline players can be ejected from that window. Docking status of a construct and nearby constructs are displayed in the docking widget. Boarding status of a player is displayed in the player UI at the top right of the screen next to the mini-map. Widget is triggered by Lua (as usual). Players can auto configure their ships to get the widget or add in the start event of the lua unit slot : parentingPanelId = system.createWidgetPanel("Docking") parentingWidgetId = system.createWidget(parentingPanelId,"parenting") system.addDataToWidget(unit.getDataId(),parentingWidgetId) The owner of a construct can maneuver all other docked constructs even if they don't have the right to those constructs. They can also choose to undock them once they are outside of the parent construct either by right-clicking on it or from the Build Helper. To be more specific, you can be "docked" to a construct while not being inside the construct but simply "near" the construct. You can not forcibly undock a construct that is inside of your construct. But if a construct is still docked to your construct while being "near" your construct, you can forcibly undock it. Using the Maneuver Tool to dock a construct displays the nearest construct you can dock to. You can use ALT+T to dock the construct. As a pilot, there are three different docking modes: MANUAL: You have to manually dock your construct. PROXIMITY: If the construct is not docked but in the bounding box of the parent candidate construct, it automatically docks if able. OWNER: As proximity, but only when the construct owners of both the parent candidate and the piloted construct are the same. You can switch the docking mode by using the docking widget. Constructs that are not docked to another construct are physically repulsed when trying to enter it. All players can board (walk on) inactive (unpiloted) constructs. Players without the boarding right are ejected when the construct becomes active. Added Lua functions and event on core unit API: getPlayersOnBoard(): Returns the list of player IDs on board the construct. getDockedConstructs(): Returns the list of IDs of constructs docked to the construct. isPlayerBoarded(pid): Returns 1 if the given player is boarded to the construct. isConstructDocked(cid): Returns 1 if the given construct is docked to the construct. forceDeboard(pid): Sends a request to the server to attempt to forcibly unboard a player with the given ID. forceUndock(cid): Sends a request to the server to attempt to forcibly undock a construct with the given ID. playerBoarded(pid) event: Emitted when a player boards the construct. constructDocked(cid) event: Emitted when another construct docks this construct. getBoardedPlayerMass(pid): Returns the mass of the given player if it is on board the construct. getDockedConstructMass(cid): Returns the mass of the given construct if it is docked to the construct. getParent(): Returns the ID of the parent construct of your active construct. getCloseParents(): Returns the list of IDs of nearby constructs to which the construct can dock. getClosestParent(): Returns the ID of the nearest construct to which the construct can dock. dock(): Sends a request to dock to the given construct. Limited to piloting controllers. undock(): Sends a request to undock the construct. Limited to piloting controllers. docked(cid) event: Emitted when the construct becomes docked. undocked(cid) event: Emitted when the construct is undocked. setDockingMode(mode): Sets the docking mode. getDockingMode(): Returns the current docking mode. Added Lua functions on control unit API: getMasterPlayerParent(): Returns the ID of the construct on which the active player is boarded. getMasterPlayerMass(): Returns the mass of the active player. Core Combat Stress (CCS) Core combat stress (CCS) represents a core unit's ability to keep functioning under weapons fire. CCS is basically a second loss condition on a construct during PvP fights. It works in tandem with generic core unit destruction. It does not matter which one happens first, only the one that happens eventually. A ship can now be destroyed in combat independent of voxel damage. A core unit that takes too much stress will be destroyed and will be considered a fair PvP destruction. Stress will be accumulated as the construct takes non-shield weapons hits. A devblog about this was recently released; read it here. The maximum stress supported by a construct is based on the number of honeycombs that compose it. Added core combat stress widget. Added stress level warning SFX at 25%, 50%, 75% and 95% of stress. Added Lua functions and events on core unit API: getCoreStress(): The core's current stress, destroyed when reaching max stress. getMaxCoreStress(): The maximum stress the core can bear before it gets destroyed. getCoreStressRatio(): The core's current stress-to-max stress ratio. stressChanged(stress) event: Emitted when core unit stress has changed. Shields V2 The Ares update introduces two new shield modules for PvP fights: the adjustable resistances and the venting mechanic: Added venting game mechanic to allow regeneration of shield hitpoints during combat. Players will now have to think more strategically during combat. Players may vent their shields at any point. Venting shields will do two things: Turn off the shields. (They cannot be reactivated during venting.) Start a shield regeneration of a certain percent/second. Venting can be deactivated at will. Arriving at max shields will auto-deactivate venting. Venting has a cooldown after usage. Added adjustable resistances game mechanic: Players can now allocate points to better prepare and adapt during a fight, depending on the weapons of their opponents: Shields start at a base resistance value of 10/10/10/10. There is a shield resistance pool of an extra 60% resistance. Players can assign these extra resistances by increments of five to any of the four resistances, i.e. 10/10/10/70 or 25/25/25/25. Players may lock in their resistance selection and that selection will be active and cannot be changed for 60 seconds. Once the time has expired, the set resistances stay as set unless the player recalibrates them. Shields UI provides feedback to indicate which resistances are taking the most damage on the shield regardless of what resistances are set. Shield venting cooldown depends on the size of the shield generator: XS: 60s S: 120s M: 240s L: 480s Update Shield Generator widget according to new additions. Added raw hitpoints as arguments of the absorbed Lua event. Renamed functions containing HitPoints to Hitpoints. Adjusted base resistance of shields: Now 10/10/10/10 down from 15/15/15/15. Balanced shields hitpoints : XS: 500,000 S: 2,000,000 M: 7,500,000 L: 20,000,000 Lua shield generator API additions: toggled(active) event: Emitted when a state change is triggered (active/inactive). venting (active, restoredHitpoints) event: Emitted when venting has started, stopped or restored some hitpoints. startVenting(): Activate shield venting to restore hit points. isVenting(): Check whether venting is in progress, return 1 if it is venting. getVentingCooldown(): Returns time after which venting is possible again. getVentingMaxCooldown(): Returns maximal cooldown between venting. getResistances(): Returns distribution of resistance pool over resistance types. setResistances(antimatter,electromagnetic,kinetic,thermic): Distribute the resistance pool according to damage. getResistancesCooldown(): Returns time after which adjusting resistances is possible again. getResistancesMaxCooldown(): Returns maximum cooldown between adjusting resistances. getResistancesPool(): Returns total resistance pool that may be distributed. getResistancesRemaining(): Returns the remaining amount of the resistance pool that can be distributed. getStressRatio(): Returns ratio per damage type of recent weapon impacts after applying resistance. getStressRatioRaw(): Returns ratio per damage type of recent weapon impacts without resistance. getStressHitpoints(): Returns stress, that is the total hit points of recent weapon impacts after applying. getStressHitpointsRaw(): Returns stress, that is the total hit points of recent weapon impacts without resistance. Gameplay Changes Core units are no longer destroyed by environment damages (i.e. crash on planets, other construct collisions, etc). Resume speed is reset when the core unit is destroyed. Offline players are killed on core unit destruction. Constructs are now only affected by the artificial gravity of constructs of equal or bigger size. [Warp] Fixed the warping loop sound that never ended while warping with passengers. [Warp] More explicit Warp Drive widget and notifications. [Warp] PvP strike can cancel warp during start/spool sequence. [Warp] Updated required warp cell quantity when distance changes. [Warp] Warp Stop button is active only 1s after warp start, to prevent annoying misclick. [Warp] When you cannot warp, the button is visually disabled. Warp drive has been rebalanced: speed reduced, initiation duration increased. Changed allowed timing between industry start/stop/set_recipe Lua queries. [Emitters/Receivers] Restored multiple channels support on emitters and receivers. Listening is now restricted on the channels defined on the receiver. Restored emitter.send(channel,message): Send a message on the given channel. Restored receiver.receive(channel, message) event: Emitted when a message is received on any channel defined on the element. Added receiver.setChannels(channelList): Set the channels list on the element. Added receiver.getChannels(): Returns the channels list. Improvements [Radar] Improved identified construct markers and periscope interpolation. Improved precise element placement on non-axis aligned surfaces. [UEF Store] All the ships at the UEF store have had a quality improvement (Mark 2) pass. Some ships look very similar to their predecessors with power, lift, and balance tweaks, while some others (such as the Dragonfly, the Mule, and Specters) have been overhauled so that their performance improvements are also matched by visual improvements. The ship prices have also been adjusted to match current market conditions. (Note: Eclipses are currently unavailable.) [Market] Market buy orders are now sorting in descending order initially (meaning that best offers are displayed first). [Building] Improved element collision detection in Build mode. [Screen units] Increased maximum visible Lua screen units from 16 to 32. Crash Fixes Fixed a random crash when exiting the game. Fixed crash when other ship toggles shield via Lua. Fixed various crashes including those related to inventory. Fixed a crash that could occur with a specific invalid Lua autoconf file. Fixed a crash when a ship with a linked container receives shield damage while standing on an asteroid. Exploits Fixes A destroyed construct will now stop in place. Resume speed cannot trigger on destroyed constructs. Offline players aboard a construct are now killed when its core unit is destroyed. Fixed an industry duplicate production. Fixed an exploit that allowed the placement of several elements in the same position. (Element Stacking) Fixed an exploit about tokenized constructs. Bug Fixes Fixed organization vote refresh update. Added reticule loading when requesting element use. Fixed job completion issue with modal. Fixed elements disappearing at high speed. Fixed force fields extending unexpectedly at high speed. Fixed reward display in sandbox history if reward is empty. Fixed character speed when entering a cockpit while moving. Fixed potential freeze from construct loading. Fixed a framerate drop issue when loading construct meshes. Fixed click sound spam when closing context menu. Blueprints now properly preserve element names. Fixed occasional hit prediction error when preselecting targets. Fixed pending friend requests that cannot be deleted by the sender. Fixed separation taken/created on hauling mission when viewing history of another player. Fixed other cases of the issue where the client could freeze indefinitely (especially prevalent on AMD CPUs). Fixed the chat settings "Remove notifications for.." which hid the notification from the different chat rooms. Fixed undefined behavior (not working/editing another order) when editing a market order too soon after the last interaction with the market. [FTUE] The Air Delivery Challenge no longer breaks if you speedrun. [FTUE] Gunner Tutorial: Fixed an issue where moving multiple ammo types at once in the ammo container would not complete both related objectives. [FTUE] Fixed a bug where during Gunnery Tutorial "open the order by menu" did not trigger Aphelia anymore. [Market Tutorial] Fixed a typo in the instruction of one of the objectives. [GUI] Fixed input disabled text on Industries. [GUI] Fixed market modal that was not closing. [GUI] Extended height of the gunner seat notification chat. [GUI] Fixed the sort function of the gunner seat dropdowns. [GUI] Fixed iFrame scrollbar style for organization manifest. [GUI] Fixed case sensitive chat room creation. [GUI] Redirect item global item inspector to active container. [GUI] Asteroid name now properly shows on HUD. [GUI] Fixed cut button on talents (queue & cancel buttons). [GUI] Fixed wrong message when trying to drop undroppable items. [GUI] Periscope is now updated correctly when preselecting targets. [GUI] Fixed graphic setting overflow issue on 16:10 windows resolution. [GUI] Fixed the remaining visible red border of the mining debugging panel. [GUI] Partially fixed animation on Talent progress bar. [GUI] Fixed crosshair information not displaying when standing still on a moving construct. [GUI] Minor fixes for Inventory/container view (font families issues/tabs overflow). [GUI] Minor fixes for consumables bar: item scale label is now visible all the time. [GUI] Minor fixes for PvP combat logs: fixed correct wording for hit PvP logs. [GUI] Center screen notification now correctly displays source and destination container name when moving multiple items. [GUI] Fixed the reset of the scanner graph when the player opened the radial scanner. [GUI] Fixed number field incrementing without stopping if clicked with both left and right mouse button. [GUI] Set bigger market dropdown in order view so that market name stays on one line for easier reading. [GUI] When editing a tag on a territory a territory icon is now displayed rather than a missing icon placeholder. [GUI] Fixed coordinate comparison that was previously broken for world position created coordinates. [GUI] When selecting a construct on the construct list, it will only open the planet map for the nearest planet if the construct is in its sphere of influence. [Market] Fixed formatting currency. [Market] Fixed market order sorting. [Loc] Various fixes about ammo descriptions. [Codex] Fixed shield generator codex texts. [Mining] Fixed mining that was still possible until 10 minutes after a territory became private. [Tool] Fixed a bug where “Replace” tool coordinates were not displayed. [Building] Fixed BuildingZone flickering when voxels reach the limits. [Lua] Fixed Lua getAxisAngleRad with angles > 90. [Lua] Fixed Lua Parameter edition that could display code instead of values only. [Lua] Replaced all uses of Lua atan2 by atan. [Lua] Fixed a bug where Lua widgets were not always up-to-date when launched from a RemoteControlUnit. [Screen Units] Fixed a bug where switching on a screen unit could read a wrong mouse value at first frame. [Audio] Fixed a bug where engine sounds were not played and dynamic construct sweeteners were heard instead. Known Issues Some shield units may currently have zero maximum shield hitpoints following the update, if this is the case simply pick up and place down the shield to restore its hitpoints to the new maximum value. [PvP] Using multiple weapons can still result in a low miss rate due to internal timeouts. [Shields] In certain situations when constructs load, shields will not be visible to individual players. Deactivating and reactivating the shield will cause it to become visible for those players. This does not affect the functionality of the shield and is a visual issue only. [Shields] Shields sometimes do not correctly fully encapsulate the construct to which they belong. This does not affect the functionality of the shield and is a visual issue only. [Screen Units] Non-standard aspect screens, like signs, currently do not render correctly and stretch. [Loc] Numerous French and German localization issues have already been spotted. A random rendering crash may occur under some conditions due to low GPU/driver resources. Setting shadows to ‘Low’ and disabling Volumetric Clouds in Graphic settings may help. Voxel crashes may occur due to low disk/memory. [Industries] Talents that impact ingredients of schematic products are not displayed client-side, but the schematics are updated with the server schematics when starting. [Industries] Some inconsistencies in schematics and tiered elements. [Screens] High-frequency text updates on screens in HTML mode cause text to not display or flash. Various lighting, shadow, and reflection issues might be seen due to ongoing rendering rework. In some cases, DU stops responding when the game is minimized for too long. We’re investigating this issue right now. Animated elements can be visually duplicated when broken during an animation. Wrong highlight mesh for shield generators (XS, M, L). [Codex] Missing Lua Screen Units codex page. [Docking] Players will slide off of docked constructs if both they and the construct they are docked to are moving, which gets more severe with higher speeds. [Docking] Piloting a construct while docked to another one that is flying very quickly will frequently induce strong rotations upon colliding with the docked construct. [Docking] The child construct can be teleported when using the maneuvering tool on a moving parent construct. We hope you'll like this update. The team has been working hard and continues to do so; we can't wait to have your feedback! Thank you very much for your support. Cheers, Nomad
  13. Hi Noveans, We just released a small patch. DU is now in 0.26.11 version and fixes and changes are listed below: Exploit Fix Fixed an industry duplicate production. Improvements [District Markets] Two changes have been made to the markets in the district areas in accordance with the new market construct rules laid out here: A green perimeter line has been added to all market buildings; the green line zone is in fact a "non-obstructive" zone where no constructs (regardless of being a ship or not) are allowed. According to the new market rules, only ships are allowed now on the market landing pad outside the green perimeter. In short, advertising displays, stores, etc., are no longer allowed in the market area. Teleportation pads have been added to connect the district market with the nearest district center to facilitate players wanting to look at other players’ shop constructs, advertisements, and dispensers. Bug Fixes Fixed pending friend requests that cannot be deleted by the sender. [GUI] Asteroid name now properly shows on HUD. Thanks for your support! Cheers, Nomad
  14. Hello Noveans, A new hotfix has been released on the Live server. DU is now in 0.26.10 version. Changlog is the following: Improvements Updated roadmap. Bug Fixes [GUI] Fixed the reset of the scanner graph history when the player reopens the hand scanner. [GUI] Fixed the chat settings "Remove notifications for..." which hide the notification from the different chat rooms. [FTUE] Fixed a bug during the gunnery tutorial where "open the order by menu" did not trigger Aphelia anymore. [Market] Fixed market order sorting. Thanks for your support! Cheers, Nomad
  15. Hi Noveans, A new hotfix is live! DU is now in 0.26.9 version. Bug Fix Temporarily removed dynamic construct sweetener sounds to prevent player annoyance until the related bug is fixed. Thanks for your support! Cheers, Nomad
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