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  1. Hi Noveans, We just released a hotfix. Details of its content are below: Bug Fixes [VFX] Fixed an issue where VFX would reappear while an element is broken upon relog or entering render range. [VFX] Fixed an issue where Assembly Line XS VFX would continue when running out of materials. [Mission System] Fixed description overflow in mission details. [Mission System] Fixed overflow of jobs chat messages that ended up preventing missions validation. [Mission System] Fixed table misalignments on the Job Forum tab. Known Issues [VFX
  2. Hi Noveans, Today, we release the 0.25.8 version of Dual Universe. We named it the "Hermes Update" (which is codenamed after the Deity, messenger of the Greek gods). You'll see why with the changelog below: New Features Mission System: Thanks to community feedback, we know that players have been looking for more ways to make money. The Mission System will provide those opportunities in a number of ways that suit a wide swath of playstyles and experience. Intent: Offer new ways for players, especially new players, to make money. Allow m
  3. Hi Noveans, We just released a small update. DU is now in r0.25.7 version. Changelog is below: Fixed a tutorial exploit Fixed a bug that used to allow some Superlegate duplication Cheers, Nomad
  4. Hi Noveans, We just released an update with some fixes. You'll find them below: Bug Fixes Fixed voxel mesh LoD issue on modification. [Industry] Fixed metalworks assets that were broken and went mad when animating. Fixed scan result readouts displaying placeholder testing data based on procedurally generated values. These values will all change in the future. Fixed broken Screen Unit resetContent() Fixed a crash on Screen Units when attempting to process resources loaded from remote urls Known issues Metalwork industry status l
  5. Hi Noveans! Today, we release the first 0.25 version of DU on the Live Server. As with the 0.24 updates, the full content of the 0.25 will be released incrementally. Features coming later include the Mission System and Challenges. Today's version is marked as 0.25.5 and is mostly focused on the performance and database storage improvements we mentioned in our recent blogposts. You'll find its changelog below: Improvements We have implemented large, fundamental changes in how voxels are stored server-side, optimizing and improving player bandwidth usage going for
  6. Hello Noveans, We just released the 0.24.8 update. Changes applied are below: Improvements and Bug Fixes Disabled Settings button when login attempts are ongoing. Fixed color text input in character customization and creation. Fixed automatic read transition for recently acquired hints. Fixed auto-selection of "Combat" tab when starting piloting. Changed survey panel wording "Building" to "Building & Scripting". Fixed a bug when the launcher wasn’t displayed correctly on small resolutions Fixed a bug when moving the launch
  7. Hello Noveans, We just released the 0.24.7 update. Please find the changelog below: New Features Fixed blueprints not applying current placement talents on elements when deploying the construct Added “RMB > Construct > "Reapply talents on construct" Added “RMB > Advanced > "Reapply talents on element" This would reapply the player’s talents to every element of a construct or to a specific element, respectively. Improvements Three new tutorials are available in the "Tutorials" tab of the VR Station: Gunnery tutorial, R
  8. Hi Noveans, We just released a small patch to fix a small bug: Bug Fix The in-game survey will now display correctly. From time to time, you’ll now have an opportunity to fill out a short in-game survey via a dedicated interface so you can simply and directly provide a rating to the game and what interests you. Thanks in advance for your feedback so we can improve the game! DU is now in 0.24.6 version. Thanks for your support! Cheers, Nomad
  9. Hi Noveans, We released a small update to fix the followings: Improvements Made some adjustments to light parameters for better visuals. Gameplay Balancing/Changes Exceeding maximum character limit while editing a Screen Unit now triggers an error notification and is refused by the edit dialog box. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug that made disembarking from your primary container’s construct cause the primary container link to go out of range after piloting. [Wallet] Fixed a bug where sending quanta did not update the current balanc
  10. Hi Noveans, A small patch has just been pushed on the Live Server to bring the following changes: Bug Fixes Fixed missing world reflections on shiny surfaces [GUI] Fixed being unable to edit Lua parameters. [GUI] Fixed recurring wallet input reset issue. [GUI] Fixed Market order update popup to correct an issue where it was previously displaying wrong values taxes and wrong quantity. [GUI] Fixed long Construct title issue on Repair Units. [GUI] Fixed the lower portion of the barter UI background that was transparent. [Building
  11. Hello Noveans, A big update is available today. DU is now in 0.24.3 version and it's packed with many improvements and fixes (and more are on the way for future updates as well): New Features New launcher One of the first things you’ll notice when you log in is that we’ve begun to revamp the launcher for now, changes are mostly to improve information about the game and for cosmetic purposes. Over the course of future updates, we intend to improve how it operates to bring more fluidity and speed. This will take a while, but we hope you’ll like what you’re see
  12. Hi there, We're releasing a small update today to fix two things you'll find below: [RepairUnit] Fixed an exploit [RepairUnit] Fixed Build mode interruption: When editing a construct A, repairing a construct B in the surroundings was interrupting active Build mode for construct A. DU is now in r0.23.13 version. Cheers, Nomad
  13. Hi Noveans, We just released a small update to fix an exploit with market orders. DU is now in r0.23.12 version. Cheers, Nomad
  14. Hi Noveans, A small update has just been released. DU is now in r0.23.11 version. We proceeded to some optimizations of voxels loading in crowded areas. This should fix some disconnections for players with a limited internet connection. Cheers, Nomad
  15. Hi Noveans, A new small update is available. Dual Universe is now in r0.23.10 version. Changes brought by this update are the following: Crash Fix Fixed a crash when killing the pilot of a construct at a long distance in PvP. Bug Fixes Fixed Warp Beacon list that was empty. Fixed construct compactification that was allowed while being repaired by a repair unit. Repair Units now restore original on-deploy element buffs instead of applying the buffs of the player who started the repair unit. Construct auto-snapshots require right
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