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  1. you get an item called "big stuffs" that's unusable.
  2. Pirates need to be able to sell these mission item somewhere after they destroy haulers and steal their cargo.
  3. Very shady orgs out there! Purge them all
  4. Casino scripts/slot machines have been in game since day 1 Beta. How is this any different? Didn't see anyone pulling their finger out then. There's a huge casino sign somewhere between the markets but I haven't been there yet lol.
  5. Great information Heartbeat. And no not everyone believes the cheating nonsense, just a few loud mouths. Hope this helps NQ out alot.
  6. yall really love me, huh? lol
  7. BOO thinks I'm serious, this is actually hilarious 🤣🤣🤣
  8. We know you guys want to make the market look cool and busy, but at this point the playerbase just wants it to be less laggy. You should make it so whenever we park the ships, they get moved automatically to a space far away, then there should be a retrieval location. Just an idea but hey maybe something you can expand upon.
  9. I don't think the game will die. It'll have it's ups and downs, the salty people will leave and the game will eventually make a comeback. Tons of games have multiple falling outs, I see no difference here (For example: Star Citizen, No Man Sky, Fallout, Cyberpunk). I see the same arguments on this forum and discord as last year but different usernames. It's just a matter of time until it gets better though and some people don't want to wait. In the short term: No this game has no hope lol In the long term: Yes, strap yourself in for a long bumpy ride!
  10. If this is some auto-mining script please give it back. Otherwise idk lol
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