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  1. TheMasterArchitect

    Haven Feed by Those Guys

    setup on mine as well. all looking good!
  2. TheMasterArchitect

    Territory Unit abuse ideas, maybe

    If that person wants to avoid being targeted then they need to be building in safe zones, not no-man's land. He should be lucky that the person placing the TU didn't shoot on sight.
  3. TheMasterArchitect

    Arma 3

    Your best bet would be to post your server info in steam-discussions>servers for Arma 3. I have around 2k hours in Arma 3 but mostly KOTH.
  4. Yeet.

    1. Kuritho


      OMG you just got the legendary Kuritho to say "yeet" on your profile!

  5. TheMasterArchitect


    Welcome my good sir.
  6. TheMasterArchitect

    I'm not a number, but a free man!

    Love that song and the number of the beast album so much. Welcome #6!
  7. TheMasterArchitect

    I now exist and did not before.

    Welcome to the club!
  8. TheMasterArchitect

    [Non-Canon] Tales from Tortuga - Episode 3 released

    Would be a great city for all.
  9. TheMasterArchitect

    EVE Invasion

    It'll be very hard to get some of those die hard EVE players to go away from stuff that they've worked very long and hard for. Although I imagine some of the smaller groups might make the jump
  10. TheMasterArchitect

    Hello! I am New here. Looking forward to Dual Universe

    Greetings and good luck to your future endeavors.