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  1. its a video game that's why. if you want to go down that route then why not have automated AI units bring us all ore and produce everything for us while we just sit around and do nothing???
  2. Week 3 of Legion mining up all the exotic asteroids.
  3. 150k was already super low. the new inflation in the game makes it even worse. daily bonus should be higher,
  4. you get an item called "big stuffs" that's unusable.
  5. Pirates need to be able to sell these mission item somewhere after they destroy haulers and steal their cargo.
  6. Very shady orgs out there! Purge them all
  7. Great information Heartbeat. And no not everyone believes the cheating nonsense, just a few loud mouths. Hope this helps NQ out alot.
  8. yall really love me, huh? lol
  9. BOO thinks I'm serious, this is actually hilarious ???
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