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  1. hi so I'm grave! made this lil thing and left it! I got scared of what it needed to run a faction. WhiteMEat was there to create it with me and he kept faith in it. After a lil bit of time he got it running and recruited a whole lot moar peeps. Now they're making LUA stuff that renders even me jelly xD. They went and made themselves allies with the largest alliance in da game (the Arch Confederacy) and are aiming to get the title of Archons. They only need 40 ppl as I'm writing this and are already halfway done so uh yeh join em, they're gud.
  2. "and burn away the non-believers like the cancer that they are" ...thank you AllFather for giving me purpose
  3. I've been working on a bot that will work alongside the in game one. Got the chance to poke the idea to lord JC. I'll make the bot have the users and factions make their own missions xD It'll gud stuff and this thread does interest me a lot xD
  4. I put mah gamertag as name and I'm wonder if it'll work ^^ I hope u like our winter~
  5. hya, I'm gravetender Err ya nothing moar to add so enjoy tha reading ^^. who am I? I'm gravetender xD... In all seriousness, I'm a programmer, student in college, student council president, college administrator, etc etc. I'm both an introvert and an extrovert depending on the discussed topic xD I'm a curious person by nature. I like to debate and think everything and anything (to a certain extent). I also put a lot of energy on planning/strategizing. I speak French, English and Spanish. I say hallo from eastern Canada ^v^ why/how did I end up in here? I'm an 1600+ hours Space Engineers player xD I mainly joined DU for the fantastic potential of this game. The power and politics from EVE mixed with the sandbox creative environment of Space Engineers. I've been watching this game develop since 2016, "studied" this community a lot, read (forums & discords), watched, joined chats with The SpartanCast and finally made my mind and joined in just recently ^v^ me goals? The thought of the simulated economy to this scale makes me shiver with joy. The inflation of the currency, the money sinks, the stability of the currency, the investments, the economic warfare and the influence of the economy over the flow of events. I'm hyped for that x3. There is also the main topic of corporations and all, which also make me happy to see, but I'm still waiting for further development before starting anything x3 (mainly for the pvp update, since [sadly] wars can be very beneficial to some ;3) That pretty much sums up all I'm willing to share ^v^ See you in November for the Alpha~ gravetender
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