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  1. Welcome NQ Naerais We welcome the fresh blood to the team! We can always use some more excited Fans as well as new Community Manager.
  2. Looks like a step in the right direction, we will let you know how our (trying to brake it goes) testing goes I mean. ? Thanks again NQ we look forward to helping you find the perfect solution.
  3. discordauth:FvbZf4XWp2wtpUztyYdgVbjOaxZS8ca9DQRjc5YfAuU=

  4. Different strokes for different folks Don't be hater be a player, DU were we make the sun shine
  5. 1. Join forums 2. Read the Rules 3. Read the FAQ 4. Read all else Help them help you by staying informed before spamming the same stuff they already answered. Questions are good but really if you read a bit most likely the question has been asked and answered.
  6. Again PER: AMA FAQ Quote If the email on our account differs from the one used on Kickstarter, just let us know so we can reconnect the dots.
  7. https://novaquark.leadpages.co/crowdfunding-dual-universe/ I was hoping to see this soon. Now I know we have a continuing heartbeat of funding coming soon. After all the speculation on how your going to keep funding going, this was my answer and it looks like it may be coming true? Can I get a response from NQ on this latest development?
  8. Dam Glad to have you, Good luck. PS. Are you sure you want to get on this ride?
  9. Per: FAQ in the AMA We will link all pledges to accounts based on the e-mail address you provided. So it is very important for you to provide the same e-mail address in the Kickstarter form we will send you soon than the one you have used to register on the forum or the community portal.
  10. I hope mine looks like the one from the original Star Wars. Totally cool though for sure to hit the 8000 backers goal.
  11. God I hope this is a troll right? If you are serious then I have this for you. http://66.media.tumblr.com/83c8a1ea78d84fe765463792043259ec/tumblr_inline_mte83eFKxS1rrc78e.gif
  12. Wow, just woke up and went to TMC to do a little EVE media catch up, and saw the Kick Starter and well I got the last Ruby Founder Early Bird Pledge sorry guys. So here I am Noob again, and ready to see were this ride goes. Beta Testing EVE and then Playing for 14 years; this looks like the next step I always want to see from them. Hope this project makes it cause I see the potential way more then I did in Star Citizen. This game is the first I actually backed. Hello to all.
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