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  1. ?️ ?️? @Peregrin of the Dual Universe Historical Society (DUHS) interviewed @Yggdrasil51, the founder and representative of Les Scorpions du Désert. The French speaking organisation has a merchant focus with a potential for PvP. Head here to read it all: https://bit.ly/DUHS-LSD.
  2. Where your eyes go, your heart must follow. Set your heart on what matters That's what Trust is; Focus. [OPEN]
  3. ? ? ? 'Its sole purpose was to master the art of war on a level no one had seen before...' Alpha: Log 1 is a short fictional piece by @Alpha_ of the Alpha Organisation. Read the whole piece here: https://bit.ly/Alpha-Oz .
  4. We haven't been able to resolve the issues surrounding the Dual Universe Access Codes. So, we're doing the sensible thing and giving them for free. These codes will be activated on a first-come, first served basis - don't be late! Access Code 1: http://xli6r.mjt.lu/lnk/CAAAAPSL0O8AAAAAAAAAALHz23MAAAAABlUAAAAAAA6z7QBfIzZfSxfKIiE1TmSEhcRfP_gALgAOh1o/1/fL68P3_lBPqG99hnTcZURA/aHR0cHM6Ly9yZWdpc3Rlci5kdWFsdGhlZ2FtZS5jb20vP2NvZGU9YzE3ODljODItMzE0Yy00MDBmLWExZjYtYjA4MDVjMmM2NTRk Access Code 2: https://register.dualthegame.com/?code=0486733b-24d9-49d9-8d1b-13633a161f72 Access Code 3: https://register.dualthegame.com/?code=df6bbc90-9125-4cd1-ac97-888ebbee067c NOTE: Each access code can be used a maximum of five times: one attempt for five people! Enjoy the giveaway! We'll update this thread if and when generous Noveans add to the pool! Cheers!
  5. Thanks for all the replies to our earlier tweet. We tried sending you the codes repeatedly via the Dual Universe Forum. However, it seems most of you either didn't create or verify your accounts. Until both conditions are fulfilled, there's nothing we can do. We'll try sending you your codes again on the 1st of August. If we get no luck then, we'll change plans and post the codes on our Forum page here and our Twitter account. Cheers.
  6. ? ? ? Giveaway! Thanks to the generosity of several Noveans, Dual Universe Historical Society, New Merovia Chronicles and Outpost Zebra are giving away Dual Universe access codes for the Load Test! Fill out this Form here. Only the first 100 entries will be considered. Be sure not to wait too long! We'll send the winners the access codes via a DU Forum message. Create an account here: https://board.dualthegame.com/. To access the game, simply click the link we send you. Best of Luck!
  7. Everyone loves a bit of adrenaline every now and then. Not so much with a fortune onboard. Let us take the risk. Trust is; Relief; [OPEN]
  8. 'An Interview with Ministry' is out on Outpost Zebra. @KurockNotabi of the Dual Universe Historical Society interviewed @WhiteMeat about his organisation, Ministry. Click this link to read it on our website! Want your content featured on Outpost Zebra? Drop a word here, on Twitter or in our Discord server. Cheers.
  9. Dual Universe announced Warp Mechanics last month. Along with @le_souriceau of the New Merovia Chronicles and @KurockNotabi of the Dual Universe Historical Society, Outpost Zebra, we talked to prominent members of the Dual Universe Community. These include: @majesstic, @Virtual, @Duckimus Maximus, @TheBlacklist and @[BOO] Sylva. You can read 'A Montage of Perspectives' here: https://bit.ly/D-U-Warp That's not all, though. le-souriceau went above and beyond. On his website, you'll find the detailed version of the article, including the full questions and replies by all five interviewees. It's definitely a must read if you want to know exactly what the participants think about the warp mechanics. 'Opinions: Warp Drives' is online and available here: https://bit.ly/Warp-2-NMC Want your content featured on Outpost Zebra? Drop a word here, on Twitter or in our Discord server. Cheers.
  10. On a voyage home, the journey makes all the difference. Traverse galaxies with a peace of mind. That's what Trust is; Comfort. [OPEN]
  11. Without Preparation, every Adventure is fraught with Perils. Save yourself the trouble and focus on the Excitement. That's what Trust is; Readiness. [OPEN]
  12. Why labour to build objects that neither protect nor increase in value? Discard the notion of raising dead statues to living things. Build what keeps giving. That's what Trust is; Investment. [OPEN]
  13. Want for choice indicates a simple mind. Idleness is the ignorance of capability. With so many options, why not aim for the best of both worlds? Uncover what's within you. That's what Trust is; Potential. [OPEN] Required stock vector attribution: <a href="https://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/water">Water vector created by alvaro_cabrera - www.freepik.com</a>
  14. 'Read to the End' by @Klorox is a work of literary fiction - and it's online on our website! Click the link here to read it. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter! P.S: Both advert spots on our website are currently occupied by the Heimera Trade Xchange. That's one too many (or two if you want). Let us know if you want a spot. It's Quanta free from now until the start of Beta. From Beta onwards, in-game proceeds will go to paying staff and giving incentives. Interested? Let us know right here or on Discord here. Cheers.
  15. A pack of wolves is a threat, as is a grizzly bear robbed of her cubs. The quiet combatant moves faster than a standing army. Skill up. That's what Trust is: Effectiveness. [OPEN]
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