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  1. Official New Forum Bug Report thread

    ' Hello, CalenLoki. There is a 'clear formatting' option; two, actually. If you have copied something, hold down Ctrl + right click on the textbox. A sub-menu opens with the options to paste or paste without formatting. Alternatively, you can copy whatever you wish and paste it on the Forums. Once you do, a small box appears that informs you of the website pasting the content in rich text. There is the option to paste as plain text instead. As for the formatting error you noted, I have been unable to reproduce the error. I hope this helps. Cheers. '
  2. The Outpost called Zebra

    'Oz is still active and looking for content-makers (positive sense: there's no PvP as yet). Articles, non-NDA reports, fan art, fan fiction, videos and organisation propaganda are all welcome to be hosted at Oz. As promised, we'll be giving every hosted article a shout-out on Twitter. If the userbase grows, we'll expand the social media coverage to Facebook (ahem). Yama's pictures went online recently, and the majority of the content we've come across on Twitter has been given some more attention by Oz. Twitter Oz is always active, giving your organisations a second voice and your efforts for the game a little more of the attention you deserve. With a steady stream of content, Oz will never sleep. Feel free to sign up and host your content by yourself here: https://www.outpostzebra.com/ Our Discord channel is ever open to all, through the HTX Discord: https://discord.gg/XPj8EUc When we have higher rates of participation from the community, our dear Outpost Zebra will get her very own Discord server. We look forward to hearing from you. Oz Team. '
  3. Discord told me to say hi

    ' Glad to see you here, Turlough. Welcome to Dual Universe. Cheers. '
  4. Greetings Adventurers!

    ' Welcome to the Dual Universe, Wuxian. Be sure to check the FAQ's for a quick answer to the most common questions. If you have any other questions, you can check the official website: http://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/ or ask around. Cheers. '
  5. 'Yes. If you've expended all your options, you should talk to support about it. Cheers. '
  6. Pet's walk

    'You need improvement on your poetry. Lessons start by five. Although, I agree with ShioriStein. The animation for this robot is reflective of its size. The way it jerks up and down is indicative of the tonne(s) of metal those mechanical limbs are lifting and easing with every move. This small pet here moves faster and I dear, say in a 'smoother' fashion, as befits its small size: Yes, a robot with silky movement animations will be nice. There is still one more pet in this set as shown in the picture here: And we have heard nothing of these other pets (the humanoid is one nice looking pet ) We might get more pets. We might not. To me, the animations are quite 'cute' as they are. Appreciation of aesthetics varies from person to person, something I appreciate as well. You can ask NQ for an eight legged bot. Just remember, it has to look sci-fi and functional. The aesthetics of the bots so far favour a sci-fi, utilitarian look. Developing something like a spider has to appeal to the larger user base too. They can't make cosmetics to suit the demands of individual requests. Cheers. '
  7. ' Hello, AzureSkye. You can edit your notification settings by clicking on your profile at the top right. On the opened page, select 'notification settings' from the options on the left. Then, you'll be able to customise your email notification and other notification settings on the 'Notification Settings' page. Cheers. '
  8. The Federation Alpha (Recruiting)

    ' An autocratic government... The people of Alioth and beyond have the right to ask _Ginger_ what he intends by his post. They also have the right to join or leave any organisation as they please. As you can see, my eyes are covered. I must have missed any question marks in your previous posts on this topic. Nonetheless, if there were no questions asked and just statements made by you, there are more civilised ways to initiate conversations without sounding belligerent. @_Ginger_ On the other hand, blazemonger is right: presidency is a function of democracy. Where you have an autocratic president, you have a failed democracy. Is your organisation a role playing one, or do you mean to infer that the president has more powers than he would have in real life? Cheers. '
  9. There has been an Awakening

    ' Welcome to Dual Universe, Xiviliai47 - glad you could join us. It's going to be a while before torsos are anything but intact: the game is still in the pre-alpha stage. When damage does start, I hope to see you with guns blazing on the field. Feel free to refer to these resources: http://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/ We have a strict NDA policy here, so you might want to check the applicable Forum section for more information about that. Mistakes happen. Cheers. '
  10. I'm a Patron not a bot

    ' Hello, Razorwire2. It might take a while for mods to come round. You can always @Mod-Meldrik by typing '@' and type-selecting the mod's name. It will send them a notification if they are online or when next they access the forums. I guess you have your permissions already. Kindly pass the hint on to other new players. Many don't realise it's quicker to call mods that way. Their posts may be buried beneath others. Cheers. '
  11. ' Well, your name is Galactic Defence Initiative. Different from Command & Conquer's Global Defence Initiative. Still, you might want to change the 'I' or 'D' for something else. It could be implied in meaning like Galactic Aegis Initiative or Galactic Defence Project. There are many words out there, you can cherry-pick as much as you like. Cheers. '
  12. NoDps Clan Now Recruiting

    'Customisation options are planned. Dual Universe passed the Kickstarter goal for that.'
  13. Heimera Trade Xchange

    "A poster for the Heimera Trade Xchange. You have desires, Novean? Spirits, Lavender or Onyx? Take that Step. "
  14. Official New Forum Bug Report thread

    " A button for returning to the top of the page would be nice to have. It would make browsing the forums a lot easier for new and old members alike. Cheers. "