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  1. Vyz Ejstu

    The Outpost called Zebra

    ' Thank you for the interest, supermega. The next issue is slated for release over the weekend. Cheers. '
  2. Vyz Ejstu

    The Outpost called Zebra

    ' That would be whichever organisations are talked about the most, and have the largest presence within Dual Universe. I have no graphs and calculations to go by, but if you're interested in plotting those, I'll be more than happy to use them. Cheers. '
  3. Vyz Ejstu

    The Outpost called Zebra

    'In a series of short interviews, Outpost Zebra talks with the leaders of Dual Universe's most popular organisations. These ten-minute pieces discuss the past present and future various organisations with their respective leaders. In the first of the articles, we talk with FleetAdmiralCoke of the Terran Union and his take on the organisation and Dual Universe. Feel free to take a look here: Terran Union Interview and leave a comment if you liked what you saw. Cheers, Oz Team. '
  4. ' There are plans for transport by various organisations. However, the game is still in pre-alpha and a lot of mechanics are being tested out - both by the devs and players. I am sure that by Beta there will be systems in place to cater to the needs of players far and wide. For now, however, I defer to ShioriStein's reply: it's still too soon to promise anything right now. Let's wait until Alpha and Beta. Cheers. '
  5. Vyz Ejstu

    The Outpost called Zebra

    'The last of the staff opinion pieces on the lootable v. 'unlootable' has been published on Outpost Zebra. The writer is a bit notorious for long and descriptive pieces, but I hope you will bear with us as he tries to consider the stance of both sides, the interests of the game and his own opinion on the discussion. You may spot some common arguments in the article and if any sentence sounds eerily like your own...jinx. You can read the article here: To loot or not to loot? That is the question. Oz Team.'
  6. Vyz Ejstu

    Continue the Story

    'Professor, the brainwashing procedure failed on test subject 421. How should we proceed?' 'Have you ever done the dishes, Marcus?' 'Yes...?' 'What do you do after the lather?' 'Uh...Rinse and repeat, professor?' 'Good. Your brain is working now.' 'So...we should start all over with it?' 'Marcus...'
  7. Vyz Ejstu

    The Only Down Side I See, The AI

    ' All it took for the USSR's pipeline dream to go bust was one program and one employee to bring the program. Remember the explosion seen from space? Canadians and Americans at work. Reality makes it easy for exposed industry to be disrupted. That's why ports are well within defensible areas and private/government soldiers are always onboard cargo and oil ships. If Exxon's security scope was limited to its offices and land assets, pirates would have a field day and the company would fold. Having a large memberbase, a large security detail, a large industrial facility isn't what matters to saboteurs. All they care about is where the weak spots are and how they can exploit them. Well, the reply I quoted was edited. But, I'm glad you got the idea. What matters is not how much goes into defending something, but how well it is defended in areas that matter. One man empires, as you have rightly pointed out - fail terribly at that. Cheers. '
  8. Vyz Ejstu

    Heimera Trade Xchange

    ' Calling all Hauliers. The Heimera Trade Xchange will be servicing a growing demand for logistics in Dual Universe with progressive updates to the game. Heavy and express delivery; refuelling services and personnel transport within and outside of Band of Outlaws are the current responsibilities of our logistics team. If you believe you have the piloting skills to fly a variety of crafts and enjoy flying in general, send in an application and join our dedicated squad of Alioth freighters on our Discord server and in the game. Until then, you are welcome to our server here to ship your goods or register your location with the HTX for simplified gameplay. Spirits, Lavender or Onyx? Take that Step. '
  9. Vyz Ejstu

    Organization logo not changing?

    'Clear the cache on your web browser. That might explain why you can view it on your phone, but not on your computer. Cheers. '
  10. Vyz Ejstu

    Fake tag/role

    ' Perhaps, we can use the mechanics of hacking access from other RPG's. For example, in WatchDogs 2, the amount of any game element: money, popularity, 'network' (forgive me, I can't remember their actual names), you can hack from phones, is fixed by random variables. You can never get more than what the dice rolls - so to speak, and conversely, you can never get less. There is also the mechanic of hacking that NQ refers to as emergent gameplay, though the information on that is quite lacking and possibly outdated at this point. What could be possible, is a skill that allows you steal a certain amount of Quanta from someone in close proximity. This amount has a fixed ceiling - possibly dictated by skill level. Trying to 'liberate' the Quanta from one person would force you to establish a 'link' of sorts with that person with a minimum time for the link to be locked. Depending on your skill level and the amount of time, you can spend connected to a certain avatar, the amount of Quanta taken increases. That would mean you need the time, skill, place and target. Should the target move out of your proximity range, break the link (there could be tools in place for hacking detection), or should your connection fail, your effort is for not. Perhaps, NQ could put some sort of alarm that spotlights the hacker if the process fails. Risk vs Reward. It also prevents any botting action if that's efficiently possible in DU. The hackers would just identify a very predictable avatar and leech the Quanta out of it. As for stealing someone's identity, I think that should be limited to accessing elements, with some being too secure to hack that way i.e. secured containers. Of course, if someone can hack into your base by faking your identity, there must be a way to detect and prevent that too. One way to do that may be a programming board/element that acts as some sort of failsafe, alarm or security. The element in question should be reasonably priced, not too much to obtain if the 1 month player has something to protect, and not too cheap to allow the Week 1 player to start trading with them. Remember, the effectiveness of the 'hacking' will be dependent on skill level. There's no way you'd be able to train the skill effectively in one month given the prerequisite skills and the actual skill's requirements. Depending on how far NQ may be willing to take the idea, such security element may also be needful on crafts and ships to prevent them from being stolen. Skill level in the hacking skill mayy determine how fast the hacking process is completed, what level of security it can override, what elements it can override. Although, for the sake of gameplay, I propose that the security element be able to log the ID of the player that hacked into the construct and send such information via mail -- whether or not the hacking process was completed successfully. Cheers. '
  11. Vyz Ejstu

    The Outpost called Zebra

    ' There's a new article on Oz, by DU's Alsan_Teamaro. It's his first piece and by all means, a solid entry. @Alsan_Teamaro's article on Oz takes a look at the organisational structures in Dual Universe, with some funny puns and videos along with it. If you are thinking of building an organisation or already have one and need some tips on the mode of governance (not all leaders are dictators), Alsan's article is an insightful - if witty - piece. Head over to Oz to have a read. Who knows? You might learn a thing or two about keeping the cannon fodder in line orgaanisation members happy. Oz Team. '
  12. Vyz Ejstu

    Heimera Trade Xchange

    " Congratulations to @Falstaf for the second Community Spotlight: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/04/10/community-spotlight-2/ You deserve this one Falstaf, and we're as happy as you could possibly be with the interview and the spotlight. It's great to see your hard work with Oz getting limelight too! Many cheers and good wishes from all of us at the HTX! "
  13. Vyz Ejstu

    Anti-TU device

    'I think the point yama's making is that the military is basically the same thing as an anti-TU device. Say two sides are fighting each other with hexes in between army and objective. Either side will definitely strive to deploy protected TUs to prevent the opponent from deploying TUs of their own. Placing an anti-TU device levels the playing field by preventing a TU from being placed. In my opinion, that just makes warfare simpler: deploy anti-TU, protect anti-TU. Both sides have equal territory control, which is none. Sans anti-TU, deploy TU first, protect TU. One side has the advantage: they have effectively stripped the opponent of the ability to go underground, deploy constructs, and possibly enforced a no-fly zone (if it's in their favour), and may prevent the placing of res nodes on the hex concerned. Frankly, I don't see anti-TU's being much of a deal if we add a caveat to placing them: expiration date or restriction on subterranean placement. They'd still cost someone something to produce and hence, they'll cost someone else something to purchase. It just depends on how much time you're willing to spend on something that can be found easily and destroyed without protection. Cheers. '
  14. Vyz Ejstu

    Group Management

    ' Hello, Talon Jade. Organisations and Permissions were some of concepts Novaquark introduced and talked about last year. While we can assume that they are still under development and refinement, you can be sure that they will be somewhat mature for the Alpha. For further reading, please consult the links below: https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2015/03/20/organizations-build-your-corporation-faction-nation-or-empire/#more-437 https://devblog.dualthegame.com/ Cheers. '
  15. ' Hello, dualism. In response to the quoted part of your reply: Aphelia welcomes you as one of the first Noveans to step out of the Arkship. Things will be hard for you as a pioneer, as they surely are for many other pioneers you see around you. Don't worry, though: the same way others before you have made the hard learned experiences available to you, you will be making the journey easier for others through your experience. Think of it as the early ages of man's exploration beyond the shores of the Old World. Travel across the Atlantic took weeks with sails, and would have taken many more months for earlier explorers who knew only the boat and the oar. In the nineteenth century, transport across the Atlantic became even faster than sails with the arrival of steam power. In the 21st century, you could cross the Atlantic twice within the same day through jet powered air planes. What the early explorers would have given to reach the New Land in an Airbus A380, eh? But, with each generation, something new was learned. Something new was added to the pool of human knowledge. Imagine what the Dark Ages would have been like with resurrection nodes, or the Black Plague would have been like with modern medicine and transport. That's the same way it is going to be in Dual Universe. Remember: star gates and FTL are features not yet implemented. Someone only has to make the long journey once for short journeys to be established. Alternatively, you could launch the probes and wait for weeks - once. After that, you build the stargate or warp anchor point and you make travelling through space very, very short. In the long run, travelling through space the long way will be a niche activity for certain reasons: looking for a safe spot, exploring, scouting, etc. For us pioneers, we are doing it the hard way, because that's what pioneers do: till the ground, beat down the path and pave the road. Cheers. '