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  1. The lacklustre response this year is somewhat disappointing. Novaquark has stated that the contest duration was longer than usual in the first place; to allow for information release on their part. If there is an extension of the deadline, it's sensible to have proof of there being more entries currently in the works. Perhaps if more people voiced their opinion, the deadline could be extended. Do you intend to make a submission if the contest is extended? If yes, how long would it take you? Cheers.
  2. This contest submission is a continuation from my previous Novawrimo entry: That Bright Dawn. 'Feels Like Pain' is much shorter and I hope to do more stories like this in the future. I can only hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. Kind regards, Vyz. FeelsLikePain.pdf
  3. It might be. From a realistic stand point, asteroid fields are dynamic (on a celestial timescale). There are entrants and dropouts constantly tugged by celestial bodies and ejected by natural forces. NQ could speed along the process to avoid overly fragmented player populations. At the very least, until fast travel and star-gates bridge the vast interstellar distances, some help will be required to balance the game's population dispersion.
  4. During the podcast, NQ said NPCs as a tentative option for new player missions. The podcast is almost a two hour affair on YouTube. I suggest you download a podcast app to do something else while you listen along. That aside, I believe NQ is well aware of their promise to have a player run economy. This suggestion recognizes that promise and offers a way or at the very least, community suggestions on avoiding NPCs in this regard. A quanta faucet in the example you gave would rely heavily upon NPCs. As NPC-run, it may provide newer players with a fortune to start out; it might alternatively leave them with slow minutes to a hours of grinding to do. That could in turn, nudge them towards finding an organisation fast or crawl through the game at a snail's pace in defiance of the obvious push. It's unlikely that a large percentage would drop the game within the first two days, given the subscription model of Dual Universe. On the other hand, new player experience is a crucial thing to get right. Rewards, immersion and teamwork are significant parts of that experience. Cheers.
  5. Thanks for the reply, NQ. This might seem somewhat nitpicky: was the choice to exclude pets based on the roadmap outlines?
  6. In the podcast, NQ talked about player-created missions and the dynamic play with allowing newer players to earn some income to start off. A possible suggestion was NPC sponsored missions aimed at the newest of the players. Another suggestion is creating an option for restrictions by 'player age'. I don't know if this will be sufficiently addressed by the RDMS or solely handled by the planned Mission System. Under this suggestion, entities can restrict mission access by the age of the player; perhaps by months or weeks. I think it plays to NQ's goal of enhancing contact between older and newer players quite nicely. Quests created under such system could provide the newer players with something to do, earn an income, and be introduced to an organisation, while excluding mature players from farming those quests. It might indirectly affect competition between organisations too. Larger organisations may be able to spare more resources/rewards to lure newer players to them or decide not to bother on that front altogether - letting word-of-mouth marketing do the job instead.
  7. @NQ-Nyzaltar Hello, I have a few questions: Can we get an update on Aphelia's involvement with the Alpha Team? For example, what actions would the AI permit or forbid? Does it appear in an AR form or is the appearance restricted to a seemingly omnipresent voice? Can Alpha team members interact with each other, and to what extent? Is physical touch, and conflict permitted or even possible? Do the pets included in the packs exist in the Alpha simulation. If yes, can you give an example of some high level function they can perform (speech, tasks, interacting with the environment, for example)? Is the day/night cycle reproduced with the effects of human metabolism (the need to eat, sleep, take a bath and use Wi-Fi ) and fatigue? For example, is sleep necessary, existent or something that can be done at an individual's pleasure? If sleep is possible, do the Alpha team members log out of the simulation or do they sleep within it? Does wildlife exist in the simulation? I take it that simulated death is not possible, but how would Aphelia react to someone planning murder or violence? On that point, what's the status of weapons in the simulation. What are physical limits of the simulation in terms of travel? Are the Alpha team members bound to Alioth, or can they travel out of the planet? I might have others as they come. Many thanks in advance. Cheers.
  8. I agree. Viewing skills and skill training details, doesn't seem to fall into that category, though. Dual Universe is exclusively a PC game with persistent mechanics. As Lethys mentioned, you might want to do more than simply choose a different skill. Dynamic 3rd party may be developed to improve the quality of playing and these will require APIs. Even if only restricted to viewing skills: you might not be able to log-in whenever you please. You might be reading something about skill benefits in Dual Universe, away from home. You can't check your skill status on a mobile device, cue API-dependent 3rd party apps. Cheers.
  9. The latest State of Affairs (by Kurock) is out on Outpost Zebra! Kurock's piece covers everything from the Alpha 1: player records, 'noteworthy' diplomatic events, the overall progress of the game and slight evolution of Dual Universe's playerbase. Say what you will, it's arguably worthy of canon status. You can read it over here on Outpost Zebra. Be sure to follow and retweet on Twitter too: Many thanks to Kurock, the many others at Dual Universe Historical Society and contributors from all around Dual Universe for their combined effort in making this possible. Cheers.
  10. ' In the third episode of the Organisation Insight series, Oz staff managed to post an Eldritch Nation interview in a public domain. While it does sound underwhelming, it is from a 90% military organisation with questionable freedom of press practices. With a name that is as foreboding as its hospitality, it is a small miracle Oz is still here at all. This time, Zamaro from The Eldritch Nation (TEN) permitted a discussion within the sovereign territory of his organisation. Head over here to read all about it. You can also share and like on Twitter: Cheers.'
  11. 'It's the first fan-fiction up on Outpost Zebra in a while. @Aaron Cain's Chronicles of Tranquility delves into the survival and short adventure of Bladesin Mercenary Corporation's Aaron. Feel free to give it a read and a comment. Head here to share the inspiration on Twitter: Cheers.'
  12. ' It's that time of the year again! Christmas...and the Dual Universe State of Affairs by Kurock. In a stellar article, Kurock expertly summarises all the events, drama and updates within Dual Universe since the last State of Affairs was released earlier this year. As he aptly put it: '...the game wrapped within a game was afoot.' Be sure to read and leave a comment here or retweet and share the love on Twitter . Cheers. '
  13. ' The second piece of the series is up on Outpost Zebra. In this article, the Outpost Zebra staff take a closer look at the ever stable Empire. Kytheum was kind enough to share his thoughts about his organisation and answer some questions about the organisation's history and character. Be sure to read it over here . Cheers. '
  14. ' Thank you for the interest, supermega. The next issue is slated for release over the weekend. Cheers. '
  15. ' That would be whichever organisations are talked about the most, and have the largest presence within Dual Universe. I have no graphs and calculations to go by, but if you're interested in plotting those, I'll be more than happy to use them. Cheers. '
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