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  1. I'll take "Things I didn't know I needed until now" for 1000 Alex. @NQ-Nyzaltar Solid suggestions on the base shapes here and hope you consider them for the builders when you have time :D
  2. The patch can't come soon enough! Looks really good guys!
  3. Without stretching the NDA too much... Yes, the voxels are very similar to Landmark, but different enough to cause some learning pains when you start. The tools are different and a little less robust than LM 's were near the end of production, but also may have some functionality that LM's did not The videos that @Yuuyake posted are the ones that convinced me to purchase a pack when i was on the fence still.
  4. The next test starts on march 28th. https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/
  5. Destrin


    The voxel system looks a lot like Landmarks, and making a partial sphere or dome in that game was not difficult. So it would be safe to assume that making a dome shape in DU won't be that hard with voxels.
  6. discordauth:hl-puM2lDptwR1V_XbinOvUW44bjDz0G2ii2hB78idY=
  7. I am a little confused at why anti-grav engines just stop working 1km above the surface. Why can we not use these for take off and landing?
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