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  1. @RedstarBunny Your post have been edited and an explanation has been given. As the only purpose of this thread is only meant to bash Customer Support and not finding a solution, it will be now locked.
  2. Hi @Nightranger Thank you for standing up against misleading information. However, why it's understandable that you may be frustrated, there is an explanation for every point you've mentioned: 1) The difference in time to apply the punishment: A mod may not have seen immediately the rule broken by the other community member. It could also be a different mod who see the other player posts and yours. Moreover, until recently, we had a very relaxed policy in terms of moderation on the Discord. We are all (the Novaquark team and the Moderator team) for the freedom of speech. However, recently, with the populations growth and recent technical problems, some people abused clearly this freedom and made the Discord a lot less friendly that it used to be. The frustration is understandable when there are issues, but some community have crossed the line. So it has been asked to the Moderator team to enforce a moderation rules in a stricter way. The moderation has become suddenly heavy, maybe a bit too heavy, and some adjustments probably need to be made. Perfectly balanced moderation is not something that easy, especially on a Discord with thousands of players. Though they may have had a heavy hand in that case, The mods have done their job. 2) Regarding the fact that the other involved person was a backer: It was never taken into account in the sanction. If he was let free to speak as he did until now, it wasn't because he was a backer, but because he started to do it during a time where the moderation policy was more relaxed. A few backers started to have an unacceptable behavior on Discord, and they got heavily sanctioned (and among them were some backers with a much higher level than the one you interacted with. Being a backer is not a protection nor a freepass to have a toxic behavior, no matter the backer level). 3) The reason for the sanction: On a global level, calling someone "shitmongering idiot" fall into the profanity field. You were not really muted for the word "idiot", but more for "shitmongering". While it was probably deserverd this time, it's a slippery slope to allow it, as others may use in other context, provocative and not necessary deserved. Though it's totally understandable that you feel frustrated to have been pushed while fighting disinformation, the punishment (30 minutes) wasn't that strong, even if it was maybe a bit heavy, due to the context. A simple warning could have work too, but again, keep in mind that there are thousands of players on the Discord now and it's not always easy to make the perfect call on the spot. After discussing with the Moderation team it was clearly nothing personal. Also, yes, though your post were removed (and a bunch of others), there is proof as some bot is logging removed posts. 4) The 24 hours mute reason: Well, the rule you broke this time was pretty clear. It's the same on both Discord and the Forum, and it's a fairly common rule among internet communities: "Do not challenge/call out publicly a Mod decision." @Braddock512 is right: If you have an issue, try to talk in private with the Moderator or at least one Moderator who is available. If you're not convinced by the explanation and you have very solid reasons of not accepting the mod decision, then you can escalate to a Community Manger (NQ-Naerais, NQ-Nomad or I). By challenging/calling out publicly, it can be interpreted as a way to make trouble and not really a will to find an explanation or a solution. It never ends with a happy ending when done in public. Because of what has just been explained, this rule will never change. Ultimately, if you see someone starting spreading disinformation, if it seems the person cannot be reasonned, do as @blazemonger said: ping the mods. That's a valid reason to ping them. Do not take the risk of putting yourself in trouble by starting saying profanity. It's not because some around do that and haven't been moderated (yet) that it's okay to do it yourself in return. Moderators may not have eyes everywhere at any time, and again, keep in mind that the discussion flow is quite fast, making it difficult to spot everything, because the Discord hosts thousands of players. All in all, we'll try to improve the moderation of the Discord, to make it more adapted to the Community growth. We just ask you to be a bit more patient. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  3. @Kyllian @ToothlessRaider @LouHodo The current waiting queue for the Customer Support is exceptional and temporary The Customer Support had a decent response time in Alpha (around 48-72 hours). However, the surge of requests exploded with Beta Launch, and we are currently scaling up our Customer Support team to catch up with the amount of requests. Please be patient. If you have no answer yet, it's not because the Customer Support doesn't want to answer you. It's just that there are way too many tickets to handle each of them as quickly as the team would like. On a side note, this forum has rules: insults, provocations & flaming are not tolerated. I will put the posts above on the (understandable) frustration, but if this continues we will moderate without further notice. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  4. Hi @Anomalos @Morlock and @Verd_Mooring Welcome in the Dual Universe community! Just a kind reminder though: while it's perfectly fine to gather between players sharing the same affinities (whether it's religion, culture, or any other topic), keep in mind that no promotion of any religion is allowed on any platform managed by Novaquark (the Dual Universe forum, the official Dual Universe Discord server, the in-game chat, or any of the social media managed by Novaquark). Also please refrain to bump the topic if there is no new reply for a while (if everyone started to do the same, it would become really messy). We hope you'll understand our stance on the matter. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  5. Why adopt an anti-cheat system? It’s no secret: Cheating is prevalent in many multiplayer games. It’s an even bigger problem in a Single-Shard metaverse with PvP, like Dual Universe. Therefore, we needed to put several safety measures in place to ensure a fair game for all players. Our client anti-cheat implementation is one of these measures. The main goal of the EQU8 anti-cheat system we adopted is to prevent modification of the game client as a lot of cheats rely on these modifications in order to access hidden data, automate actions, or display extra information to the cheater. For example, a "wall hack" usually reads the other players positions in the game memory and overlays these on the game’s interface. The anti-cheat system has other roles too, but we don't want to enter into too technical details here. We’re no anti-cheat experts, especially client-side. On the other hand, EQU8 has a dedicated team working on it full time. They also gather experience from other games, so it makes sense to use their solution, which is already up and running, as well as their experience and availability to help us in that regard. Why using a client side solution instead of securing the Server ? Client-side security is usually considered a bad thing, as the computer is controlled by the player. Indeed. In an ideal world, all controls and all security measures should be server-side. However, there are two good reasons to also use a client-side anticheat: There are controls which are difficult to implement server-side, and which we don’t have any clever solution yet, nor the time to work on for now. For example, loading the game physics for all players at the same time, and ensuring no one is passing through walls, is nearly impossible to do in real-time. In security, there is also a notion called “in depth defense”. It acknowledges a system can never be 100% secured and thus requires several layers of security. If one fails, the second prevents further escalation. We know a client-side anticheat cannot be 100% bullet-proof. However, it does increase the technical requirements of any client-side attack. The better the anticheat solution is, the more skills and time are required… up to the point where the effort is not worth the gain. This means two things: less active cheats in the game, and more time for us to identify those who fall between the cracks. Of course, it does not mean we are leaving our Server unprotected; Another reason why we delegated the client-side anticheat to an external partner is that it leaves us more time to work on the Server. And just to be clear, what we’re saying is not a challenge to attract any sort of attack here 😆 Why EQU8? It’s less intrusive than other, similar third-party solutions, and aims to respect players' privacy. For example, EQU8 only gathers information when the game is running (and few personal data altogether). They also insisted to not get any personal data from us (like players emails or username); we only send an anonymous player identifier. You can check their FAQ at https://equ8.com/faq, and their privacy policy at https://equ8.com/assets/privacy.pdf for more details. It has low performance impact (actually, it’s almost imperceivable) and good reputation regarding false positives and potential crashes. The EQU8 team is very responsive and engaged. This is a big strength of theirs, and we greatly appreciate their unconditional support! The solution is very flexible and configurable, which is important because Dual Universe is a complex game that often requires specific tuning. Oh, and the most important: it detects cheaters efficiently. 🧐 Launcher changes The anti-cheat needs to install a Windows service on its first run to work properly. This requires administrator privileges, which is why the launcher requests them. This service only runs with the game. If the game is stopped, so does the service. Please also keep in mind that stopping the service on purpose triggers a kick, as it’s interpreted as a cheating attempt. The launcher currently requests administrator privileges on each launch. This is a bug which will be fixed soon. With the introduction of the anticheat, the client will refuse to start if run directly from the binary (Dual.exe). This is expected and is a technical constraint. You need to start the game from the launcher every time. What is authorized or forbidden Modifying the game files is forbidden, (except for the "Game/data/lua" folder (this is the only location where you can add or modify files). Modifying the game cache is forbidden (by default it is located in the directory C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\NQ\DualUniverse\) ; Reading or modifying the game memory is forbidden. Disabling, modifying, or attempting to evade the anti-cheat in any way is forbidden. Playing at the same time with two or more accounts is forbidden (having several accounts is fine as long as you only play with only one at a time). Helping someone, or driving someone, to do forbidden actions is obviously forbidden too. Discovering or knowing an issue, bug, or exploit and benefiting from it instead of reporting it to Novaquark is forbidden. Sharing accounts between different people is forbidden. Any action performed on your account is the responsibility of its owner. The Customer Support team won’t be able to help regarding any issues happening due to account sharing. The owner is responsible for any action made with the account. Trying to degrade the game performances of other players for any reason is forbidden. Creating new Lua files for debugging purposes is authorized as long as these are new files imported from in game scripts. In this case, you should put the files in the Game\data\lua\ folder to be able to import them. Using macro programs (like AutoHotKey) or similar hardware tools is authorized as long as you don’t automate gameplay. We consider gameplay as automated (and, thus, forbidden) when the macro or script: - Takes decisions based on game feedback - Executes actions for more than a few seconds - Executes without any user input or when not actively playing the game. For example, using a macro to keep a button pushed instead of maintaining it is authorized. But using a macro to send a message every hour is forbidden, especially if you are not even in front of your screen. What happens to cheaters ? Our policy is to not issue automatic bans. There is always a human review when the anti-cheat system detects any unauthorized behaviour. Nonetheless, you may temporarily be kicked out of the game if the anti-cheat cannot initialize correctly. Sanctions include (at the discretion of the Novaquark team): - Removing access to the game, temporarily or permanently (aka ban), - In case of recurring offenses, the player may get a hardware ban (in this case, the player won’t be able to play the game with any current or future account, even if those accounts were never used for cheating). - Plus any action required to revert any change made to the game world (removing Quantas or items, restoring constructs state, etc.). - This list is not exhaustive and may be updated by Novaquark as the team sees fit. Why is it forbidden to modify Lua files or import custom DLL ? We know some players or organizations have used local libraries (aka. DLLs) with great success and with good intentions. However, this option gives unfair advantages compared to pure in-game scripts (extra CPU capabilities, the ability to execute Internet requests or load/store data on the computer disk for example). Moreover, we don't want players to massively share and use these custom libraries because it has severe security and privacy implications that we cannot control and we want to protect our players (for example, a player in an organization would need to install the organization library to use its scripts and constructs, but this library may as well read all his/her files without his/her knowledge nor consent on the disk, and send them to the author or do almost anything on the computer). Keep in mind that libraries could contain malware too. You don’t want that. Finally, adding or modifying a DLL allows users to modify the game behavior in an arbitrary way, which directly leads to heavy cheating. For example, it allows access to the game’s memory and to escape the anti-cheat verification. We can't secure this at all, so player-made libraries are clearly a no-go security wise. Therefore, after careful examination, we decided to forbid any modification to the game files. This restriction also includes the local Lua files as they contain security measures to ensure the game integrity and players privacy (for example, you could load a library by editing the global.lua file; this file is also responsible to make sure in-game scripts cannot read personal documents on your computer). The exception to this rule are files found in: "Game/data/lua" folder (this is the only location where you can add or modify files Developers may still create new Lua files for debugging purposes if they want to (these files will be under control because global.lua is loaded first and sets up safeguards for any file loaded after itself). Could player-made libraries be integrated after NQ’s validation ? Having a process to submit, review, and integrate libraries looks good on the paper. However, code review is a tedious process. It is a lot harder than checking an image. There would be technical challenges to integrate them into the game too. Also note that we don't want to transform Lua scripts into full-fledged operating systems. They are simply supposed to be lightweight scripts, not full-fledged operating systems. 🛰️ Thus, we don't want to engage this process, at least in the near future. We simply don’t have the time or resources for this at the moment. EQU8 is not compatible with Linux / consoles Unfortunately, EQU8 does not work under Linux, even with Wine. This is due to the Windows functions it uses to protect the game’s integrity, which are different from other operating systems. This is a trade-off we had to make between having a fair game (without cheats) and compatibility. Most players and games are on Windows. Thus, very few anti-cheat solutions support Linux (even less with good support). Because of this, we did not find an anticheat solution which works on Linux and suits our needs. However, please note that this decision doesn't prevent us from adding an alternative anti-cheat solution in the future, in case we decide to officially support Linux systems or consoles later on. Nothing prevents us from having a different anti-cheat for each platform. 😎 We hope you found this FAQ about anti-cheats useful and helped to understand better why we chose EQU8. Best Regards, The Novaquark team Last updated: October 5, 2020
  6. Hi Doomslayer and welcome in the Dual Universe community! There has been a temporary authentication issue yesterday so it might be the reason. Did you try to log in with you email address as login ID? Have you tried again since then? Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  7. Dear Alpha testers, The Beta launch is coming in just a few weeks and as you might expect it, so is the pre-Beta wipe! You will have 2 last test sessions before the wipe, during which we ask you to save all the Constructs you want to keep under the form of a Blueprint. We know that this official announcement comes on short notice, but as you can imagine, the whole team is on a tight schedule to deliver the Beta at the end of the month and we’re trying to inform you as much in advance as possible with the time constraints. The last test sessions before the wipe will occur will be: From Thursday, August 6th at 14:00 UTC To Monday, August 10th at 14:00 UTC From Thursday, August 13th at 14:00 UTC To Monday, August 17th at 14:00 UTC Remember, everything will be wiped following this session, except the normal blueprints located in your Player Inventory (Nanopack), so be sure to keep those previously on your character, and not anywhere else (like in a container). Last but not least, we also want to apologize for the inconvenience regarding the very short notice about the extended PvP zone and the issues that may have resulted from the situation. However, if you’re in a situation where some of your Constructs have been damaged before you can make an up-to-date blueprint of the said Constructs, please contact our Customer Support as soon as possible so you can get help from our team before the next test session. If you’re in such a situation, please read carefully the process described in the previous announcement published here. Best Regards, The Novaquark team.
  8. Hi everyone, With the Alpha 3.2 deployed, the PvP Zone size has now been significantly increased: Construct vs Construct mode is now possible anywhere in space, except in a radius of 500km around each planet. Note that this is not the final version of the PvP design, as it will be progressively iterated during Beta. This announcement comes on a very short notice, but don't worry: The team has taken preventive measures against Construct damage or loss if you haven't already made up-to-date blueprints for all your creations and if some of your Constructs are now in the extended PvP zone (read below if you're in this situation). The wipe for the Beta is not far away, and if we want to test a bit the extended PvP Zone before Beta Launch, very few opportunities of test sessions remain: it's now or never! All the Constructs with a Space Core Unit, or a Dynamic Core Unit (which is not located on a Planet), have been saved under the form of a Blueprint on our side, before server opening. If you currently have Constructs in the extended PvP Zone, we suggest to move as much of your assets located there as possible to the nearest Planet as soon as you will be able to log in the game. If you can’t log in soon enough before your assets have been attacked / damaged, please follow the process below: Contact our Customer Support. Give the name of the damaged / lost Construct(s) and its owner’s name. The involved Construct(s) will be deleted. You will receive in your Character Inventory a Special Blueprint* for each Construct deleted this way. Expect to get the said Blueprint(s) for the next test session, not the ongoing one (if you contacted the Customer Support during one). Please, read carefully: How a Special Blueprint* works: a Special Blueprint* is one time use only, but doesn’t require any material. However, no resource located in the Containers of the Construct is saved and RDMS is reset as well. Warning: Special Blueprints* are deleted during a wipe! So if you don’t have a proper save of your Construct, use the Special Blueprint* in a safe area and once your Construct is deployed, make a normal Blueprint of it, to be sure to be able to make it again after the wipe for the Beta Launch. * "Special Blueprint" is a temporary name. It has been called a few time "Magic Blueprints" in the past. It may be called under another (final) name later, to fit better into the lore. The Novaquark team.
  9. Hi everyone! The new character model is an artistic re-imagining of the original design, and is one of many steps we’re taking to update the look and feel of the game. The goal of this redesign was not only to create something functional and realistic for interstellar travel, but also come up with something memorable, appealing, and instantly recognizable. The Novaquark team.
  10. @Devlin_Vinderkarr The pack with 12 months of sub is the Patron pack at 180, not the Contributor Pack at 60. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  11. Dear Community Members, We have some very exciting news to share. Many of you who have been here for a long time probably already know Yamamushi. As one of the co-founders of the official community Discord and an early Kickstarter backer, Yamamushi has been around as a very active and well known community member for almost 4 years now. We are excited to have him joining the team. With him coming on board, a few important things are going to change and we wanted to be transparent about this with you all. We have always valued neutrality for our employees and we try to avoid any conflict of interests. Like all other employees he is bound to some important communication restrictions. Yamamushi must discontinue being a community figure while he is employed with Novaquark. This means stepping down as a moderator on Discord and our public forums, while retaining some limited administrative rights (precisely to maintain the DU Bot). He is also bound by an internal NDA contract and won’t be able to share everything as a Novaquark employee. For those who are friends with him, we ask you to avoid attempting to get behind-the-scene information from him, regarding the game or the company. He won’t be able to communicate or play anymore as Yamamushi, but his love for the community is strong and he will continue to follow the community from the Dev side. He will also not be permitted to be a part of a player-run organization. We know this can be hard to face for such an integral part of our community and this has been a hard decision that may feel frustrating (at least it is for us and for him) but a necessary step to avoid any suspicion of favorizing any group of players in the community. We would also like to take this opportunity to explain what are our internal rules when a member of our community becomes a Novaquark employee: His/her personal accounts are suspended for the time he/she is a Novaquark employee. He/she is given an anonymous player account so he/she could still continue to play the game, however, some specific rules apply to such an account: a. The Novaquark employee behind should not reveal his/her real identity and/or he’s part of the company. b. He/she shouldn’t join a player-run organization with this account either, for neutrality reasons. He/she is given a NQ account, mostly to test things, and occasionally to communicate with the community in-game (if such opportunity arises). Nothing done on this account (coming usually with more powers/rights than a player account) will be transferred on any personal account. Thank you for taking the time to read this, please join us in welcoming Yamamushi to the team here! Best Regards, The Novaquark Team.
  12. Congrats Yamamushi for joining the Novaquark team! If you want to join us in congratulating Yamamushi (and/or give your feedback on the Novaquark Employee Policy), you can post below in this topic! Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  13. Dear Noveans, As we want to prepare properly the NDA Lift and give some spotlight for those among you who want to open a channel (or use an existing one) to talk about Dual Universe, we would like to know who, among you, plan to talk or showcase the game once the NDA will be lifted. Even if you have a very small number of followers, or you haven't started, please let us know, so we don't forget anyone once we will start our YouTuber/Streamer program! To do so, please click on this link to fill the Survey containing 8 questions We thank you for the love and the commitment you have shown and continue to show regularly for our game! Best Regards, The Novaquark Team.
  14. Dear Noveans, We launched the Space Station Building Contest at the end of last year. The constest has ended in March this year and we can only say that we are absolutely amazed by the space stations that have been submitted! Kudos to all contestants. We really have a hard time to choose the winners among all the participants. In order to share with the whole community a glimpse of what has been accomplished, we just made a quick showcase of the best Space Stations on our official YouTube channel! Best Regards, The Novaquark team.
  15. Dear Community members, As announced in the news available here, we are glad to welcome a new Community Manager in the team! She will be the Community Manager at Novaquark Montreal, which means we will now be able to cover more time zone. We are really happy to have her on board! Give a warm welcome to NQ-Naerais! Best Regards, Nyzaltar
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