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  1. Hi everyone! You may have already seen it but we launch the Community Survey 2019 two days ago on the official website. If you haven't filled the Community Survey yet, please take it when you will have time. It takes only 5 minutes to complete it, and it will help the Novaquark team a lot to know you better and see what are your expectations for each kind of in-game activity. You can take the survey here. Thank you so much for your help! Best Regards, The Novaquark Team.
  2. Hi everyone! More news about the Gamescom 2019 MeetUp: - The meeting hour will be at 20:30 (local time), on Wednesday, August 21st. - We have only 4 more seats available for the MeetUp! So if you're interested to join us for the MeetUp at Cologne, don't wait to register until the deadline... - We are considering (not 100% sure yet) doing a MeetUp in October in Paris during the Paris Gamesweek 2019 for those who can't join us at the Gamescom. If it happens, it would be most likely either on Wednesday, October 30th or Thursday, October 31st. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  3. Hi everyone! Here is more information about the Gamescom MeetUp 2019 (and we need some from your side too ) If you plan to join us at the Gamescom MeetUp 2019 in Cologne (Germany) on Wednesday, August 21st in the evening, please complete the form below. We need to make sure to book enough seats for the members of the Community in advance. You have until Sunday, August 17th to register in the form. Please register as soon as possible as we can't guarantee to have a booked seat for everyone who will register after this day. In order to make your booked seat valid, you will need to have a Dual Universe account beforehand. >>> Gamescom MeetUp 2019 Inscription Form Like last year, the MeetUp will take place at the "Ludwig im Museum Restaurant" (near the Cathedral in Cologne). To find the exact address of the restaurant, here is the google map link. At this MeetUp, you'll be able to meet the following members of the Novaquark team: NQ-Sophon (JC Baillie), CEO NQ-LowDegree, Senior Server Engineer NQ-Helvetica, UI/UX Designer NQ-Nomad, Live Ops & Community Manager NQ-Nyzaltar, Social Media & Community Manager NQ-Oli, PR & Marketing Manager Best Regards, Nyzaltar
  4. Hi Oninous and welcome in the Dual Universe community! We know it's a bit frustrating to wait for validation to post on the forum, but this is the safest way to keep the forum clean from all spammers and advertisers that have nothing to do with the game. Beside, once your first post is approved, you don't need any validation anymore. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  5. @shaake Talking about Real Life Politics is not allowed in Dual Universe. No matter how it is presented, making a parody of Real Life Politics IS a way of talking about Real Life Politics. Therefore, the organization has been deleted. Please avoid to create such type of organization in the future. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  6. Bonjour @CaptainGeek Comme indiqué dans les règles du forum postées ici, il est demandé de ne pas faire de "Necroposting" (répondre à des sujets n'ayant pas eu de nouvelle réponse depuis près de 2 mois). Une des raisons principales est d'éviter de ressortir des sujets qui ne sont plus d'actualité, où sur lesquels la situation a radicalement évolué (comme c'est le cas ici) et générer de la confusion au sein de la communauté. Comme l'a mentioné MikeBuke, il y a déjà des initiatives communautaires francophones. On peut également trouver la réponse officielle la plus à jour sur le sujet ici. Nous informerons naturellement la communauté francophone dès que nous aurons plus d'infos sur le sujet. Dans la mesure où tout a été dit sur la question pour le moment et que ce fil de discussion aurait dû reposer en paix depuis quelques mois, il va être verrouillé Cordialement, Nyzaltar.
  7. Yes, and that's why this topic is going to be closed, now that an updated reply has been given Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  8. Ce sujet a évolué depuis 2016. Il est prévu une version française pour la sortie officielle du jeu. Une section de forum entièrement en français est à l'étude (comme ça le sera aussi pour toutes les autres langues dans lesquelles le jeu sera traduit). Nous ne pouvons pas encore donner de date sur le déploiement d'une telle section, mais patience, la chose finira par arriver Cordialement, Nyzaltar. -------------------------------- This topic has evolved since 2016. A french version is planned for the official release of the game. A forum section entirely in French is considered (as it will be considered as well for all other languages in which the game will be localized). We can't give any ETA yet regarding the French forum section opening, but be patient: it will happen eventually Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  9. Hi everyone, This discussion is going nowhere. Everything has been already said on the topic and continuing would only lead to stir up conflict between those who think the situation is unfair and those who think it's normal to adapt. To sum up one last time: PC Gaming industry has a long history of replacing/upgrading components in very short cycles (4-5 years) due to technological breakthrough, to stay up-to-date. However it's true that during the recent years, there have been less technological breakthroughs on the CPU side, reducing the need of replacing CPU. While it's a comfortable situation on many levels, keep in mind that it's not the "normality" but the exception in the PC Gaming history. The technological stagnation (at least CPU-side) for so many years is a first. At some point, technological breakthroughs will force you to upgrade your PC if you want to play games that will use the most advanced technologies available (unlocking opportunities that weren't possible before). It has always been like that, and it will continue to be like that (even if it will be at a slower pace). It's true that AVX instructions requirement weren't specified during the Kickstarter campaign. It has been a miscommunication on our side as it was decided from the beginning to use them (these instructions help A LOT regarding performances in a full voxel-based environment) and we recognize that. That's why it's a legitimate reason to contact the Customer Support for a refund. However, we think it's a mistake to see the situation just as "I won't change my PC rig just for Dual Universe", because sooner or later, other games will ask you to have a more recent hardware. It's just a matter of time. If it's not AVX instructions, it could be something else. There was no intention of deceiving or trapping backers here. The dev team genuinely thought that, by the time Dual Universe will be released, CPUs from 2012 or older will be replaced by gamers with more recent ones, especially as the team never marketed Dual Universe with low end specs (even during the Kickstarter). That being said, if you plan to keep an old CPU from before 2012 at least two more years, and don't plan to play DU because of that, that's totally your right and you should contact our Customer Support. Now the topic is going to be closed as the original question has been answered in detail, and repeating arguments again and again will add nothing constructive on the topic. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  10. Like last year, we are organizing a MeetUp in Cologne (Germany) during the event of the Gamescom. It will be an opportunity to meet JC and several members of the Novaquark team to discuss about Dual Universe! Please indicate which evening you will be available The poll will close next Tuesday, June 11th, as we have to book the restaurant quickly. (More info about the event coming soon ) Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  11. Hi everyone! With the test session starting today (Thursday, May 30th) at 14:00 UTC, you will be able to enter the Puzzle Game Building Contest! We presented quickly what is the concept of the contest in this announcement two weeks ago. You can also find the complete rules over there. (to be able to read them, you need to be logged and have Alpha access). However, we felt it was necessary to give some more insight about the possibilities with Interactive Elements. That's why JC, with the help of NQ-Wzrd, made a Puzzle Building Tutorial. It explains the basics with an up to date video. Moreover, as the Contest duration will be quite short, we've decided to give to everyone (even those not actively participating to the Contest) a few Interactive Elements of each kind. The Elements you received are just a starting point. You could use more by crafting more or trading more with other players. Happy building! The Novaquark team.
  12. Dear Alpha Testers, We are glad to announce a new Contest coming next week, starting Thursday, May 30th! This time the theme will be about “puzzle games”, made with Interactive Elements. LUA scripting will be authorized, but it won’t give an edge on the winner selection: the main criteria to win the Contest will be creativity, originality, and aesthetics. Full Contest Rules will be posted next week, just before the Test Session. We can’t wait to see all the puzzles, contraptions and escape rooms you’ll design! Also, we said last week there will be a time extension for the test session this week. With the Contest coming, we thought it would be more relevant to do it next week, as this will give you more time for the Puzzle Game Contest! If you’re not familiar yet with Interactive Elements, here is the video presenting the main ones: (Disclaimer: The video is a bit old so graphics are not representative of the current graphics in the game anymore, but the gameplay related to Interactive Elements presented in this video still globally applies in-game). The Novaquark Team.
  13. (this DevBlog has been posted on the website on May 2nd, 2019) Hey guys! It’s NQ-Entropy here today and we’re going to talk about Player Progression! We’re finally introducing a big chunk of our player progression and it's what we're calling the Talent System. The Talent System is one of the major ways that you’ll be able to build and specialize your character in the world of Dual Universe. Character progression and specialization is a major pillar for us in order to allow you guys to embody various professions, but also to promote teamwork amongst groups and on the job market. The Talent System is a time-based progression model during which you will get more and more training points. Featured as part of the talent tree is a talent queue. Based upon what talents you wish to acquire, you may queue various talents in your training queue. This will allow you to set-up, plan, and prepare your talent acquisition for an extended period of time. Should you decide not to train anything in the queue, a portion of your talent points will be saved in your talent point bank, ready to be used at any time. Keep in mind that not utilizing the talent queue means acquiring points at a slower rate. Avoid taking too much time deciding, as you’ll pay in total points what you gain in flexibility. Now that you can acquire them, let's talk about what a Talent actually is. A talent is a beneficial effect split into five different levels. Each level grants a bonus or a potential element unlock. A bonus will usually be a boost to a part of your character, like character sprint speed, or something more specific like mining efficiency. Talents are planned to touch nearly every single feature and become a main pillar of the game. They will serve as element unlocks, allow you to engineer better quality constructs, and grant you the ability to fly faster ships. They will open access to various tools and even significantly buff your current ones. The first available talents that you will have access to are: Basic character stats Digging and terraforming Mining Tool and element unlocks As we continue to add more talents, you can expect expansion upon these categories as well as the introduction of new ones. However, there are a couple of things worth addressing before you begin testing: You might feel like you’re being hamstrung at the beginning. Some talents will allow you to do things you couldn't do before, yet others will serve to limit access to things you could do in the past. Our goal is not to be overbearing in our limitations, but give appropriate growth to specific aspects of the Talent System and provide a power balance over time. We will iterate on it in the future. As of right now, some levels of talents do not unlock anything. This is something that we are aware of and will continue to fill in the gaps as we go. For now, just be certain to double check what a level unlocks and train for nothing by mistake. The current balancing is not final. We are testing technical limitations and gameplay limitations. Expect talent bonuses to alter or be removed as we address future balance changes. It is likely the system will go through resets during the testing phase. Our goal is to see that players do not lose talent points after we initiate the system; we will aim to “re-spec” your character in-between resets. While we cannot 100% guarantee this, rest assured we will try our best to approach this as fairly as possible. That’s all the news we have to share for the moment, but I invite everyone to explore the new Talent window and give us feedback on specific talents or the system as a whole. We hope you really enjoy this feature! As always, don't hesitate to give some feedback in this dedicated forum thread! See you guys later! NQ-Entropy
  14. Dear Community Members, Last week we've already detailed some of the main changes and additional features in the r0.15 Update. Today, we want to give you a visual preview of those changes and features and we just released a short video for the occasion! We will also release a DevBlog on the Talent System later this week, so stay tuned! The Novaquark Team.
  15. (this DevBlog has been posted on the website on May 2nd, 2019) Hey guys! This is NQ-Entropy coming at you today with a new DevBlog about what we’re calling Barter, or to be more precise—direct-player trading. Now Markets aren't going anywhere, and we expect the majority of transactions to be done there. But often in the depths of the wilderness, you may not have direct access to a Market and might need the helping hand of a stranger to obtain an extra part or element. That being said, let's talk about our new Barter system. The Barter system is going to allow players to directly trade items and Quanta between one another in the game world. You’ll be able to do this by approaching another player, opening the drop-down menu by right-clicking on the player, and selecting “Barter”. The player receiving an attempt to barter will be notified with a prompt asking him to confirm or deny it, which he can do by using the “y” or “n” keys. Should that player be AFK or totally ignore you, the request will automatically timeout after 30 seconds. If a player is in a position or location where a Barter isn’t possible, the issuer will be notified. If a player initiates a Barter and another accepts, a brand new interface will pop up; welcome to your Barter screen. The Barter interface is split into four key areas. Starting from the top left, you will see your Bartering partner’s name and basket, with all items or Quanta they may put up for trade. In the top right is your domain, where you can see your personal basket and what items or Quanta you’ve decided to offer. Keep in mind that these screens are updated in real-time, and both parties will see baskets revise as you add or remove items or modify Quanta. In the bottom right, you’ll find your inventory which will work exactly as you would expect. You’ll be able to use all of your standard inventory filters and search functionality to find the items you want to Barter. In order to move items from your inventory to your basket and vice versa, there are several methods: Drag and Drop: You can click, hold, and drag items. Double Click: Double-clicking on any item will move it to the other location. Contextual Menu: You can right-click on any item and select to move it manually from the drop-down menu. The Shift key will still work the same way it always has when moving items that are stacked, allowing you to split stacks of items appropriately. You will notice two buttons next to your respective baskets. This is how you and your partner will confirm that you are satisfied with the current Barter and are ready to proceed with the exchange—however, there are a couple of important things to note. At a basic level, both partners have individual confirmation buttons to designate that they are ready to proceed with the trade. Once both parties agree and have confirmed, the exchange will go through instantly. At any point during this confirmation, should either player change anything in their basket (remove an item, add an item, change quanta, etc.) all activated confirmations will be deselected. For example, if I am Bartering an engine for 100 Quanta and I confirm this exchange, my partner may decide to change 100 Quanta to 50, which will automatically deselect my initial offer. The exchange will proceed only when both parties have confirmed the exchange. Speaking in game terms, if I am Bartering an engine for 100 Quanta and confirm this exchange, and neither basket is modified, once my partner activates their confirmation, the trade will instantly complete. Lastly in the bottom left, you will see your chat. You can use it normally to access your other chat channels, but initiating a Barter will automatically prompt an additional chat window between both players to discuss trading terms. Once the Barter is complete or if the Barter is canceled, this window will automatically close. In the event that you are unable to receive items due to volume considerations, your confirmation button will turn red to indicate this. If your button turns red on a confirmation attempt, that means that you do not have adequate inventory space to accept new items. Barter will work with the linked container in a limited fashion. When entering a Barter, you will only be able to trade using one inventory source at a time; either your main character inventory or your linked container. This will be defined by your linked container option in the inventory. Should the inventory you are Bartering from becoming too full, you will have the option to transfer items from your current inventory to a secondary one. At this time, you will not be able to trade dynamic objects such as Territory Scanner results and Blueprints, but this is something we’re striving to accomplish in the future. Thanks for your support, guys! As always, feel free to drop any feedback you have to share with us in this forum thread NQ-Entropy
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