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  1. The Ost download

    Hi Queejon and welcome on the official Dual Universe forum! The OST, as all other backer rewards, isn't yet available. While we can't give you an exact date yet, the OST will be available to all backers eligible at the same time (access level to the game won't change the OST availability date). (P.S: I closed the poll as the question has been answered). Best Regards, Nyzalltar.
  2. Dear pre-Alpha testers, Here's a friendly reminder about how to present your creation to the rest of the Community: Until the NDA lift, if you want to show what you have built in-game, please contact NQ-Diesel (either in-game, by private message on the forum, or by sending him an e-mail at video@novaquark.com). Once this is done, a small team from Novaquark staff will valid if the Construct submitted meet all of our criteria to be published in a Saturday Screenshot (or an official video made by Novaquark). Please, don't contact NQ-Diesel for anything else unless it is specified somewhere (he has already a lot on his plate ). We know that recent screenshots have represented Constructs from a specific Organization in particular and have started to raise a few concerns in the Community. The concern is duly noted and while these Constructs are of exceptional quality, we will do our best to have a better representation of the content created by the Community as a whole, with Constructs from various Organizations in the future. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  3. Hi everyone, A few weeks ago, we’ve discussed about the major content coming in the r0.10 build planned for the month of May. If you haven’t read it yet, you can find the DevBlog article here on our website! However, we want to give you a little more information about what’s coming beyond and not related to gameplay mechanics. For the r0.11, you can expect considerable voxel loading improvements on loading speed as well as on frame rate. The new character models you may have seen on the Social Media will also be implemented in the r0.11 with new basic - and more realistic - movement animations. However, you won’t see the scanning animations we published in January 2017, at least not now, and not under this form. These animations were made at a time where we didn’t have a nearly final version of the 3D Character model. Moreover, the middleware we used at that time for UI isn’t the same that we are currently using now. For all these reasons, these animations and FX need a lot of reworking. We also plan to implement a setting parameter that will enable players to customize the maximum distance where the voxels are loaded, to let you find the best compromise between voxel display precision and playable frame rate, depending of your PC config specs. This will give opportunities to make “high definition” sceneries like the recent saturday screenshots we’ve released in the past few weeks. We can’t give you (yet) a clear ETA for this feature, but it’s definitely coming! Best Regards, The Novaquark team
  4. Addenda: As it seems not very clear, here is what will be considered a proper Spaceship Design submission: - It should be 2D visual assets, showing the Spaceship Design from different angles (example: front, rear, profile, above, under, perspective in a 3D isometric way). Something like that. - No Spaceship design essentially described by a written text. - No in-game screenshot. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  5. Hi everyone, As it is planned to make an official full time video about building a spaceship from start to finish, we wanted to give a chance to the Spaceship Designers in the Community of seeing their design coming to life in an official Novaquark video. For those who would be interested to see their "home made" spaceship design (it musn't be inspired from an already existing Sci-Fi universe or game) to serve as a model in this video, please submit your Spaceship design images to video@novaquark.com . Of course, you don't necessarily need to have access to the game to submit your Spaceship Design! Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  6. Canadian

    Hi everyone, Please refrain to argue about international leadership. That has nothing to do in the topic. It's not in our intentions to appreciate or depreciate residents of a specific country. We have no interest of having such practices. Ideally, we would like everyone to be happy. We understand that it may seem odd that Euro is the currency used for Canadian customers. This is something that is going to be discussed with Novaquark management as soon as possible. However, we can't promise anything at this moment: That's a complex matter, and we aren't always able to go for the solution that seems the most "fair" from every customer point of view as there are sometimes constraints we can't avoid. We will keep you informed on the topic as soon as possible. @maxxuser While we can understand your frustration, that's not a valid reason for not following the forum rules. Please keep a courteous tone if you don't want your posts to be moderated. Thank you for your understanding. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  7. A lesson from ARK: Survival Evolved.

    @Orius We do know Ark and we have already taken game design decisions to make sure it won't become the same. If you haven't read it yet, we encourage you to read this DevBlog article from January. As the concern has been answered the topic is going to be locked, to avoid further digressions. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  8. Linux crowdfund please

    Hi everyone, To conclude this never-ending discussion that already happened many times before and after the Kickstarter campaign: We are still a small company aiming to make a very ambitious game, especially for a company of this size. We have a tight budget, and we can't go overboard with appealing (but not mandatory) goals before we reach the official release of the game (at which point we should be able to self-finance the said goals, if all goes well). Among appealing goals are: localization in multiple languages and giving a thought for other platforms. Developing for another platform cost money, but it also need to have the right available people, and right now, we are still recruiting to complete the team for the main platform. It wouldn't be reasonable to start another team for a new platform. Polishing the game on one platform and running it smoothly on the main hardware configs (intel/AMD nvdia/ATI) is already a huge task. Yes, some devs are running Dual Universe on Linux. That doesn't mean it's a stable and polished version, that we could guarantee to allocate people to fix problems happening on Linux if such issue arises. Linux players will be the first to throw rocks at us if something goes wrong in that regard (and they would be right). Developing in one thing and maintaining is another thing. Doing both for a second platform has an irreducible base cost + a proportional cost. At this point we have no irrefutable proof that making a Linux version will cover this. Sorry but linking a press articles (released in 2010) and based on indie games is not enough. While we are an indie company, we are trying to make a MMORPG, and we haven't read yet a source (backed with facts) saying the market share using Linux in MMORPG communities is big enough to be profitable. In fact, the few news in this category tend to be interpreted as the contrary: for example, CCP dropped official Linux support for in 2009. So this is not a "definitive no", but not a yes either. In any case, we won't take the risk to make too much too fast at the same time. This would be the best way to jeopardize the project. We have no big publisher backing the project if something goes wrong. We understand that the idea is appealing to Linux players, but that doesn't sound a reasonable idea for the moment. Making a proper game first on at least one platform is. In a nutshell: There are ways to run the current version of Dual Universe on Linux. However we won't allocate any (human or budget) resource to start a Linux version in the current context. That doesn't mean we can guarantee it will be always the case and we can't promise official support for it so far. Having developers running Dual Universe on Linux should give a hint that Linux compatibility isn't completely out of our mind (but again this shouldn't be interpreted as a firm promise for a Linux version). Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  9. Apology from Slaxx to NQ and the Dual Community

    All right, this topic is going to be locked. Surprisingly all these "TheSlaxx" defenders are fresh new accounts. Apparently some think it's okay to create accounts just to try to strongharm Novaquark's decision, even if this was already discussed and explained in private many times. Making it public will NOT change Novaquark's decision. If someone opens another topic on TheSlaxx to try to change Novaquark's mind, expect your account to be banned permanently from the forum without further notice. We don't have time to waste on this topic anymore. This practice of coming back again and again on a decision made by Novaquark will only make the situation worse. TheSlaxx hasn't been banned for the shady practices regarding the Organizations. He has been banned for what he did after. "He has changed now" will never be a valid argument to rehabilitate him. If we make an exception for him, we will have to make exceptions for everyone else that has a toxic behavior. That's not gonna happen. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  10. How to recruit! (and not be a nuisance)

    To avoid generating any further polemic, this thread is now locked. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  11. How to recruit! (and not be a nuisance)

    Hi everyone. As seen by their actions, some community members have recently garnered a negative reputation for Dual Universe, its community, and the Novaquark team. It would have been logical and welcome to consult the Novaquark staff before posting what are supposedly considered “good practices” to recruit players into an Organization and what are not. As a matter of fact, Novaquark DOES NOT consider what has been described in this thread as good practices to recruit new players for an Organization in Dual Universe. Here is the official Novaquark stance on the topic. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  12. I) About Dual Universe (and/or a DU Organization) Advertisement (a) It's fine to advertise the game and/or your DU Organization(s) to players you already know or with whom you have already played with in other games without harassing them. If they aren't interested, do not insist. (b) It's absolutely not acceptable to enter other gaming communities with the only intent being to randomly advertise Dual Universe or your DU Organization to players you don't know. Being polite isn't enough. Participating in said group with the intention to legitimize your advertisement is not enough either. You won't fool many people with this method. While one player may be convinced to join your Organization, it will most likely antagonize significantly more players, making them hostile toward you and Dual Universe due to these cheap and inappropriate practices. If you don't understand why this is wrong, just imagine players coming from 10 different game communities and invading your Discord, subReddit, or Steam group, falsely pretending to be interested in the game you’re playing while instead being there to make advertisements for the game he plays in your channels. Any person would quickly be tired of this behavior and ban them all, as well as form a negative image of the game that has been advertised. Please don’t do this. Not only is this rude, this can be considered harassment in addition to brand damage, which could result in a ban from Dual Universe for such behavior. (c) While it didn’t seem clear for everyone so far (despite being in our EULA and in our forum chart here), here is a strong reminder: impersonating Novaquark staff is a serious offense. This will result in a permanent ban without further notice or discussion. There is also no limitation period for this offense (meaning: if we got proof of Novaquark staff impersonation several months or even years later, the sanction will still be applied). (d) While this has been some kind of grey area until now, there won’t be sanctions applied to involved Organizations for the past actions. However, from now on, Organizations that will benefit from the aforementioned bad practices could see their member list reset at Novaquark’s sole discretion. We wish to make it clear that there is nothing to gain from such advertisement and recruitment practices as well as inform other gaming communities that the Novaquark staff will not tolerate these methods of advertisement and recruitment. II) About Gifting Practices as a Recruitment Incentive Novaquark has not enforced any strict rules regarding gifting practices so you are free to gift DACs or Supporter Packs as you see fit. However, we don’t encourage use of this freedom as a recruitment incentive unless you are perfectly fine with the definition of "gifting" (giving something for free to someone else without expecting anything in return for this gift). Before gifting a DAC or a Supporter Pack, you should carefully consider that a player could leave your Organization or simply never join it at all. In this situation, this will be your responsibility and we will not refund nor reverse the gift you made to another player. The Novaquark team will not step in to oblige the receiver to fulfill his part of the bargain either (if there was any). So choose and gift wisely. If you have any further questions on the topic, please let us know. Best Regards, The Community team.
  13. Attending "Play Paris" event (powered by PAX)

    Due to the low number of community members who planned to go to this event and the current risk of tube/train strikes in Paris at the moment, the MeetUp has been cancelled for now. There will be other occasions to plan a meetup later this year. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  14. Dear Pre-Alpha Testers, The goal of this new in-game event is to build the largest possible city in a combined effort from the community. You can build houses, buildings or even skyscrapers representing your home or your Organization headquarters in a civilian, urban environment! When will start the event and will it end? It will start with the test tomorrow (Saturday, April 7th, 2018). It will end with the release of the upcoming new Client Build (ETA: May 2018) To get more info about the new build coming soon, you can read this blog post on our website. Where will it happen? On Alioth, at the following coordinates: pos{0,2,-37.2769,175.8497,0.0000} A teleporter will be set in front of the Hub, at the end of the bridge, near the Arkship. This will teleport you on the involved territory tile for the event. There, you'll find a small square and the goal is to build a city around it. Why a City Building event? While this event might seem similar to the “Building Outpost” contest, there are some important differences: this is not really a contest and more a global community effort to test how the server will behave with a real, fully detailed city built by players. Why not a Spaceship Building event? We wanted to make a Spaceship Building event first. However, this would not have made a lot of sense, as we are planning very soon a revamp of the piloting game mechanics, as well as new interactive Elements to diversify the means to propulse dynamic constructs. We will plan to make a new contest for spaceships once we will have released the new build. Will there be a reward? Not this time, as it isn’t a contest but more a global common goal for the following playtests. However, we might publish screenshots and/or a video of the best constructs on our social media and on our website Best Regards, The Novaquark team.
  15. Hi everyone! Some among you may have heard about the first iteration of the Pax Event in Paris, happening at the end of this month. While we won't be at this event (it was a bit too tight with the release of the upcoming build. More info later in a topic of the pre-Alpha section), we plan to organize a quick meetup during the same time window (21st - 22nd April). So we would like to know: how many among you will attend to the event and on which day? Thanks in advance for participating to the poll! For more information about the event, here are the official page: EN version: https://v2-playbypax.rxnova.com/en/Home/ FR version: https://v2-playbypax.rxnova.com/fr/Accueil/ Best Regards, Nyzaltar.