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  1. NQ-Nyzaltar

    EVE Online players , pls gather here ;)

    Hi everyone! @Keieueue Obviously you had an infortunate player experience in the game "EVE Online". That doesn't prove you're right when you make a generalization about all the players of any specific game. Many players among those you haven't interacted with may not fit to the description you gave, as it's still possible to enjoy a game without taking part in any of the issues you mentioned, without making such player necessarily a "bad person". Moreover, saying that qualifying someone as a sociopath is not an insult is a bit borderline and hypocritical: No one likes to be qualified as such, and starting a discussion by calling someone a sociopath will immediately antagonize him/her (whether your statement is true or not). You know it and we know it, so please do not try to justify the use of this word. What exactly is your end goal here? 1) Trying to make friends in a community in which you will play? If this is the case, you did exactly the opposite of what should be done and it's more than suggested to interact with all other members of the community on a more friendly tone. If you don't like some specific people, it's your right, as long as you remain neutral on the forum and don't try to provoke them. 2) Trying to create drama and conflicts right from the beginning? Conflicts in-game are fine. Trying to create conflicts out of the game by attacking/provoking directly a category of players is absolutely not fine. In any case, no matter what your end goal is, your first posts aren't respecting the forum rules (rules I would recommend to read, or read again if you already did it, especially the part regarding "Flaming" in section III). We try to make this forum a friendly place where everyone can express his opinion, as long as the main goal is not to create conflicts. Your first posts didn't go in the right direction. See this as a first warning. Next time we will start moderating your posts without further notice. This forum is not an outlet to express your frustration experienced on other games. Thank you for your understanding. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  2. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Community site issues

    Hi everyone! Thank you for reporting the issue! Our web dev is working on it and it should be fixed soon Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  3. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Can someone explain it to me?

    Hi everyone, As an exceptional case, we are replying this topic, even if it’s closed, to avoid any misunderstanding. As an exceptional case, as the involved user has explicitly asked for public explanation and the customer support agrees with it, we are in a situation where both parties agree to make it public, so it doesn't break the confidentiality policy. We also want to share this as an example that things don't happen for no reason (and in the case of an error, we are ready to fix it). Just to put things in perspective: - Emtec3PL account wasn't suspended regarding the game (the account has never lost his rights to play the game when the time will come). - Emtec3PL account wasn't suspended on the forum and was still able to contact Community Managers in private. - Emtec3PL account was suspended on Customer Support side. The situation: - Emtec3PL pledged 1 euro as a symbolic donation during Kickstarter campaign (in which case it was clear it was a donation, with no rewards attached to it). - Emtec3PL pledged then an Iron Founder Pack after the Kickstarter campaign, which has been upgraded as a Silver Pack shortly after. - As explained in the news on our website here the access time, depending on the founder level, was pretty clear and self explanatory: All Kickstarter Founder Backers get access at Alpha 1. Post-Kickstarter Founder Backers get access at the earliest at Alpha 2. Emtec3PL becomes a Founder Backer after the Kickstarter campaign, first as an Iron Founder, than as a Silver Founder, so he's rightfully considered as a Post-Kickstarter Backer and will get access Alpha 2. Emtec3PL contested that fact and asked repeatedly to Customer Support for an access to Alpha 1. Novaquark Customer Support denied the request and explained why. The last answer from Emtec3PL to the Customer Support was the following: Emtec3PL sent this reply because he will have access to Alpha 2 (as planned), and not immediately (as he wanted). Obviously there was no possible discussion anymore, and as part of the process for harassment prevention, the account has been suspended on the customer support side. If Emtec3PL is willing to come back to a more constructive discussion, the account can be unsuspended. This example might be useful to put in light how we manage customer service here at Novaquark. Globally there are two schools of customer service: The old school: "Customer is king." This vision implies that no matter how the customer behaves, the customer service agent needs to endure and gives satisfaction to the customer. In our eyes, this way of doing things is relevant as long as customers and customer service agents behave with mutual respect. However, with internet promoting anonymity and online interaction, a growing number of customers started to consider mutual respect as being optional and/or lost focus that the customer service agent at the other end of the line is a human being, not a machine, and he/she is there to help, not to endure someone else's anger or frustration. Having daily customers being rude or threatening can damage a team morale, especially when rudeness or threat is undeserved. Customer Support is not an outlet for customers to let their frustration run wild. It's a place to answer customer questions and help them when they have a technical issue. Some people would easily throw there: "Hey it's part of the job. If they can't handle it, they can find another job" or the famous “HTFU” (which is perfectly fine in a game where a part of the fun is to compete to see who is the toughest guy. It’s less fine when it applies to your real life where you can’t log out) Our answer to this is "No, it's not part of the job, unless it has been decided that way by the company. It's not up to the customer to decide this part." At Novaquark we value Customer satisfaction as much as Employee well-being. The reasons? We don't want the job of anyone becoming a chore because we aren’t interested in burnouts and high turnovers, and also because we are convinced that, having people less stressed and less harassed than the average in the industry will benefit indirectly to the Customers themselves. So we won't encourage negative behavior from some customers, quite the contrary, by applying consequences to this kind of behavior. To put it simply, we are following the other school: "Customer is king... but even a king has its limits." We will always do our best to satisfy a customer as long as: - the request/demand is reasonable and motivated by common sense. - the request/demand is made in a respectful manner. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  4. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Winter Holidays Contest!

    Dear Alpha Testers, To celebrate the launch of the Alpha and the exceptional two-weeks test session for the Winter Holidays, we decided to organize a contest in which you can put your creative mind to a challenge! Starting on Thursday, December 20th, 14:00 UTC, show your builder skills by creating a small Dynamic Construct! It can be an Hovercraft type, an Atmospheric Ship or a Spaceship. The goal: Building the most kickass vehicle during the two next playtests (the Winter Holidays playtest and the first 48h playtest of 2019). The time frame: The event starts at 14:00 UTC on Thursday, December 20th. The event ends at 14:00 UTC on Saturday, January 12th The prizes: 1st place: - The Construct will be showcased in an upcoming Blog post - The winner will receive a poster based on an in-game screenshot of their construct and signed by JC. - 3 Beta Keys (to share with your friends) 2nd place: - The Construct will be showcased in an upcoming Blog post - The winner will receive a poster based on an in-game screenshot of their construct and signed by JC - 2 Beta Keys (to share with your friends) 3rd place: - TheConstruct will be showcased in an upcoming Blog post - The winner will receive a poster based on an in-game screenshot of their construct and signed by JC - 1 Beta Key (to share with a friend) Criteria selection list: The winners will be selected by a jury formed with the Novaquark staff. We will take into account the following criteria: The Construct must be a Dynamic one. The Construct must use a 16m or 32m Dynamic Core Unit The Construct must have a Sci-Fi vibe. The Construct should be good looking and original. The Construct shouldn’t seem inspired from a copyrighted asset coming from a popular franchise/universe. The Construct can be built by a team of up to 5 players. In case of a team, only the owner will be considered as the winner. The Construct owner must gather the following information about his Construct: Location (Planet & Coordinates) Construct name Construct’s owner name (in-game name) List of the additional players who participated in building the Construct Keep in mind: each player can be listed for only one Construct. If a player is registered as participant for several Constructs, he won’t be eligible for any reward). The Construct should be submitted by its owner, with all the proper information, to community@novaquark.com (a Construct not submitted by its rightful owner won’t be taken into account). Best Regards, The Novaquark Team
  5. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Winter Holidays Test!

    Dear Alpha Testers, Today we have an awesome surprise to announce for the Winter Holidays! The test next week won’t last 48h as usual. It won’t last 72h either, nor 1 week. Instead, we plan to open the Server for over two entire weeks! Starting on Thursday, December 20th, 14:00 UTC, testing will last until Monday, January 7th, 14:00 UTC. However, while we will do our best to ensure the best server uptime possible, please keep in mind the following things: As the Winter Holidays are approaching, Novaquark will be short staffed. Expect limited support during the Winter Holidays (starting Friday, December 21st). All Kickstarter Backers who have previously created their Dual Universe account now have access to the game. If you haven’t created your Dual Universe account and contacted our Customer Support (support@novaquark.com) before Wednesday, December 19th, you won’t gain access to the game before the end of the year due to the aforementioned limited support. In such case, you will gain access early 2019. We are only in Alpha and this is the first test of this duration we are scheduling with all Alpha testers. Server downtime and/or server reboots should be expected. In the off chance that a significant and/or recurring technical issue occurs during the test, its duration may be shortened. “Garbage Collection” of abandoned Constructs/wrecks will occur after a certain period of time. As this is the first test to closely resemble a 24/7 server uptime, we are enacting a set of basic rules regarding the cleanup of unused Constructs that may further change and evolve through future development. What are these rules? Constructs matching all the following criteria will be deleted regularly: No customized name. Made on the UEF Hovercraft Blueprint basis (even tweaked afterwards) Not used during the last 24 hours. Staying on any Market Hub parking lot. In other words, if you’re keen to keep your first Construct and you’ll be offline for more than 48 hours during the test, just rename it and the Construct will stay safe. We hope you’ll enjoy this holiday surprise and we wish all of you the best! Best Regards, The Novaquark Team
  6. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Gifting Backer Packages

    Hi Yamamushi, Yes the "gift a pack" feature is planned. However, it won't be before several months (probably not before Alpha 2, at the earliest): there is a significant development time to allocate for such feature and it's not - unfortunately - in the top priorities right now. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  7. Hi everyone! Several people have been wondering how to differentiate Kickstarter Founder backers from Post-Kickstarter Founder backers. Indeed, until now there weren't any clear way (at least on the public) to know who has access to the Alpha and who hasn't. To make it as simple as possible, we have deployed a simple feature displaying which accounts have access to the Alpha 1 and which haven't. You can find it under you number of posts and location in any post you've made on the forum. You can also find it on your profile page, in the category "Profile Information": Some of you may have something different from "Yes" or "No" regarding the Alpha 1 access (like "1" or "0") This is just a debug display that will be replaced by the correct display once you will have logged out once and relogged on the forum. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  8. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Alpha accees

    Bonjour coolba, Le fait de ne pas avoir annoncé dès le départ la date approximative de l'Alpha 2 était une mesure de précaution et en aucun cas une volonté de cacher ou décevoir des backers: nous avons donné une date approximative dès que nous avons été convaincu d'avoir des chances solides de tenir les délais (ce qui ne nous met toutefois pas à l'abri des imprévus). Il n'y avait que deux manières de procéder: soit nous annoncions très tôt une date au hasard sans avoir la moindre idée si nous pourrions tenir les délais, soit nous annoncions une date approximative dès que nous avions un peu plus de visibilité en termes d'estimation de temps. Si nous avions opté pour la première option, et que la date approximative n'avait rien à voir avec la date réelle, cela aurait causé beaucoup plus de déception que de l'annoncer suite à une réflexion réaliste sur le sujet. Il n'y a pas de solution parfaite. Même si effectivement la date approximative est arrivée plus tard, en revanche, il y a toujours eu la mention "Accès à l'Alpha 2". Ceci indiquait clairement que le Contributor Pack ne donnerait pas immédiatement accès au lancement de l'Alpha, qu'il y ait une date approximative mentionnée ou pas. Cordialement, Nyzaltar.
  9. I think you're kidding it was an official question for the company and not a private interview you have to unlock the topic


  10. Hi Emtec3PL, No, we are not ignoring people who pledged 1 euro during the Kickstarter campaign. We thank them deeply for the symbolic donation. However, as you rightfully named it, it was a donation. Giving 1 euro was supposed to show your support for the project, without expecting something specific in return, which is contradictory with your claim today. Your first official pledge as a backer happened after the Kickstarter campaign, so it's just logic that you are part of the Post-Kickstarter Founder group. Moreover, being a Post-Kickstarter Silver Founder backer isn't as grim as you describe it, as we also did something for Post-Kickstarter Founder group: Silver backers were supposed to have access to the game only at Beta. You will instead have access to Alpha 2. Please keep that in mind. That being said... As a general rule of the forum, you're aren't supposed to post publicly a private conversation between you a Novaquark Employee without his consent, especially with the goal in mind to cause a ruckus (last point of section III). You can find the forum rules here. For that reason, this thread will now be locked. Please do not continue in this direction. Thank you for your understanding. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  11. Hi everyone! Today we have two exciting news topics to share with you. After today's maintenance, the official website has now a French language option! You can access it by clicking on the French flag in the top left corner of the website (or access it directly by this link: https://www.dualthegame.com/fr/). In addition, we have begun the development of localization tools within the game. The game will be released in French in addition to English. Why is this good news for non-French speaking players? It’s the first step toward additional languages. Maintaining a website in multiple languages isn’t just a matter of translation, it’s also a matter of web development. We were tasked with developing a structure that allows us to easily add new languages without modifying a page’s core code each time we alter its text.Without this structure, translation-related tasks become far more difficult and time consuming. We are starting with French for several reasons: French is the native language for the majority of our team, so it’s easier to recognize issues relating to that language, making it more efficient to test the website. With the launch of a website available in multiple languages, there is expectation that questions and concerns from players will be addressed in that language via Customer Support and Community Management. This may take additional time for internal approval and hiring the right candidate to fill these positions. In French, we can already manage these responsibilities. We plan to add several other languages in the future, though we aren’t able to release an ETA for those at this time. However, we will definitely make an official announcement to the community when we are ready to add more language options! Best Regards, The Novaquark team.
  12. Hi everyone! The Official Website (as well as the Community Portal) is going to be under maintenance today, for the next 4 hours. The Maintenance is expected to begin at 09:30 UTC. Thank you for your understanding! Best Regards, The Novaquark team.
  13. NQ-Nyzaltar

    What would the 7 Greatest Wonders of DU be?

    Hi everyone, Just a quick reminder: @Lethys "penis" and "balls" are words that can be tolerated - even if it's borderline - if it's said once in the flow of a discussion. However... When it's repeated 6 times in a post and the whole goal of the post is to make a sexual joke, yes, it falls clearly in the profanity field. It's just common sense. You know it, we know it. Trying to hide it behind "a lack of humor from a moderator" and/or feigning ignorance doesn't make the issue disappear (quite the contrary in fact). You can do all the jokes you want on a private forum but you have to show some restraints on a public forum. This kind of behavior is not what is expected from an ATV member (lead by example and such). Please do not continue in this direction. @Kuritho Supporting this kind of joke doesn't legitimize it. It just shows you haven't understood the rules... or are not willing to follow them. We hope it's just a misunderstanding. Please do not continue in this direction either. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  14. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Official Discord FAQ

    Hi everyone, We want to thank those who gave their feedback regarding the transitory phase post official merging of the Community Discord. Today, we want to reply to some questions/concerns about the Discord Guidelines, the Authentication Bot, related API, and the community groups revamp on the Discord sidebar. The Discord Guidelines have been updated two weeks ago. We heard several concerns about the Discord’s social atmosphere becoming less casual and more strict, to the point of mirroring the official forum. Don’t worry, we have no intention to make the Discord as strict as the official forum! The Dual Universe Discord has been created by gamers for gamers. At Novaquark, we also use various Discords on our own time when playing games outside of work. So we do understand your concern and know why it’s important to keep it friendly. We want the DU Discord to remain just as it was before becoming official. The guideline changes were motivated by two points: - To clarify grey areas regarding behaviors considered not acceptable due to their potential to deteriorate the friendly atmosphere we wish to maintain. - To abide by the European laws in terms of accountability and legality. A new Authentication Bot will be deployed soon on Discord. The current Discord bot cannot decipher the difference between Kickstarter Founders and Post-Kickstarter Founders, thus losing an important element of its functionality. For this reason, a newly dedicated authentication bot will be introduced and operated by Novaquark. The bot currently in charge of authentication on the Discord will cease to have this role and all related code will be removed. Because of its other useful features such as feeding announcement channels with up-to-date Dual Universe news, it will remain on the Discord for alternative purposes. We want to thank Yamamushi for all of the hard work and help he has volunteered on this project. The planned API will be very basic and extremely limited in terms of data sharing. As we value the privacy of our community members, all data shared through the API will be limited to the minimum amount of information necessary to authenticate a player on the Discord. It will share: - An ID number. - Whether the account is a backer. - Whether the account has access to the Alpha. - Whether an account is part of the ATV. This list might be updated in the future. However, if we add any additional data to the list, we will announce it beforehand to the community and ensure we’re following the correct policies. There will be no worrying about community members gaining access to personal or valuable data illegally. Revamp of community member titles (Discord sidebar): While “NQ-Admin”, “NQ-Staff”, and “Discord Staff” groups will not change, community members will be now categorized by roles related to the length of time since joining the Discord instead of backer roles. Note: you will still able to display your backer status in your role list. We hope this clarify a few points about the changes made or going to be made Best Regards, The Novaquark team.
  15. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Members selected for the Alpha Team Vanguard

    Hi everyone! The 4th wave of Alpha Team Vanguard candidates has been selected! Today, we are changing a bit the rules to include members in the ATV group. We have selected a list of eligible candidates for the ATV group. We will give access to a candidate as soon as he or she will have officially accepted by replying in private message to the CMs (Nomad and Nyzaltar): - to respect the NDA tied to the ATV status. - to lead by example in public places like the forum, the social media and Discord (positive attitude, no flaming or provocation, helping new community members, etc). Note: the ATV NDA is different from the classic Pre-Alpha Test NDA. What is said on an ATV channel (forum or Discord) cannot be discussed with players/testers who are not in the ATV. Now here's the list of the candidates for the 4th wave: Armyboy941 Atmosph3rik Azureskye Corevamore Croomar Cybercrunch DarkHorizon Destrin Geo Hdparm Helvetian Knoober LittleJoe Megaddd Nanodot Nija123098 Pantera Shadow_pryo Shockeray Soarnir UnderhandAerial Congratulations to all! (there will be other waves of ATV candidates in the future) Best Regards, Nyzaltar.