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  1. @Creator You can totally disagree with other community members, but saying "go fuck yourself" is way over the line here. For that reason, you have been given a warning. Please don't do it again. You should really apply the advice you've given in the last line of your previous post to yourself and read again the forum rules. Thank you for your understanding. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  2. Greetings Noveans, Upon popular request from players, we will be holding a live, written Q&A session with the Novaquark Game Design team on Wednesday, December 1st at 15:00 UTC. NQ-Kyrios, NQ-Entropy and NQ-Wave will be answering player questions during one hour on a dedicated channel on Discord. We encourage you to prepare your questions in advance, and discuss the hot topics that you have in mind in this thread, with the following caveats: They will not be discussing future plans and upcoming features, as we are planning an update to the roadmap early 2022. The Game Design team will only answer questions in their field. So, questions about performance, bugs or the business of Novaquark will not be answered in this Q&A, for example. The focus of the Q&A should ideally be on the latest release, Demeter, and any gameplay-related questions you may have following its release. Other questions on existing features may be answered, but Demeter-related questions will be prioritized. Our 3 game designers are very excited to answer your questions, but it goes without saying that the tone should remain courteous and respectful. It is in the interest of the community that these events, which we hope to organize more of in the future, stay well-behaved and that our employees feel a positive connection to our players. We realize that not everyone will be able to attend the event, so we encourage you to pass along your questions to your fellow Noveans. Pending unforeseen technical difficulties, our intention is to ensure that the content of the Q&A stays accessible for a few days after the event, so that absentees can still read it through. We can’t wait to hear your questions! The Novaquark team.
  3. Hi Noveans, Please post all your questions related to Demeter update in the dedicated thread below. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  4. This is something that needs to be discussed with our Customer Support. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  5. Hi everyone, The Novaquark team is regularly in contact with the Nvidia team to fix this issue. The Nvidia team is currently investigating on their side what could be the source of the problem, while we are doing the same on our side (we are also investigating if it might be caused by some EQU8 changes). So far we didn't find any cause on the Novaquark side and as long as we don't have any more news from Nvidia's side either, we can't give any ETA about when this technical issue will be fixed. Our dev team has also deployed a dedicated server at the disposal of the Nvidia team to make their investigation and their technical tests easier without impacting the live server. Assuming that this issue happening only with Dual Universe is proof enough that the issue is on Novaquark side is a very simplistic reasoning from people who have no insight on how the game works internally. Dual Universe uses a lot of unusual tech that many games don't usually use. So it's also very possible that this is something wrong on the Nvidia side that hasn't been uncovered before. The simple fact that they (the Nvidia team) are continuing to investigate is evidence that what is causing the issue isn't something obvious. If it was a clear case where the issue is on the game side and not on the GFN side, they would have stopped investigating the matter. We will keep you informed as soon as we will have news either from our own dev team or from the Nvidia team. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  6. Dear Noveans, It has been quite some time that the Discord Moderation team and the Novaquark Community team have discussed changes internally to make the Discord up-to-date. Today, the changes have been deployed, to make the Discord ready for the upcoming update (Demeter) and the ones that will follow in the near future. Changes: >Welcome 📜-server-information name changed to 📜-discord-info Improved the information in this channel to be clearer along with updating some of the posts. 📃-dual-universe-faq name changed to 📃-game-faq Updated this section which includes improving the answers to some of the questions to be clearer along with removing some of the questions that were no longer required to be in the channel. Changes: >News Most of this section has had their name changed along with most additions to the tab. #NEWS tab changed to #Official News 📢-official-news name changed to 🚧-du-news Removal of 📣-duscord-news, #reddit-feed and #forum-feed Addition of new channel named 🖱-du-feed here you will now find all the social feeds from Dual Universe which will include Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and the Official Forum (Controlled by a new bot) Moved 📢-server-announcements from Dual Universe beta tab to #Official News 📢-server-announcements name changed to 📢-server-maintenance Moved 📑-release-notes from Dual Universe beta tab to #Official News Changes: >Dual Universe beta section deleted Moved 🆘-community-help to Community section. Changes: >Community This channel has had major changes across the board. 💬-duscussion embed permission has been turned off 💬-duscussion banned word list has been updated to clean up the channel 🆘-community-help name changed to 🔧-community-help 📈-trade removed from tab to be replaced with new >Trading Hub section 📸-gallery name changed to 📸-construct-gallery 📸-construct-gallery removed from tab and moved to new >Creative section 👥-lfg removed from tab and moved to new >Community Ads section 🎤-agora name changed to 📼-community-creations 📼-community-creations moved to new >Creative section 🎥-creators name changed to 🎥-streamers-corner 🛠-utilities name changed to 🛠-services 🛠-services removed from tab and moved to >Trading Hub section ©-adverts removed to be replaced with >Community Ads section 🗞-news-stand moved to new >Creative section 🎙Newcomer Help Voice have been removed, more on this later. Changes: New >Trading Hub section This section of channels will now be the main place for all official trading for Dual Universe. We now have four separate channels listed below: 📈-commodities: This channel is for commodities only. This channel will have no links or embeds and will be in the correct format which can be found via pinned posts. If posts do not meet this requirement they are removed without notice. There is also a 6 hour slow mode on this channel 🚀-ship-adverts: This channel is for ship constructs only. Embeds have been removed along with a 6 hour slow mode on this channel. 🏗-building-adverts:This channel is for static constructs and voxel libraries only. Embeds have been removed along with a 6 hour slow mode on this channel. 🛠-services: This channel will still function the same way 🛠-utilities functions at the moment details will be on the pinned posts for instructions. Changes: New >Community Ads section This channel has been added to organize all of the adverts that the community would like to put out for people to see along with some new rules on how these work. 📆-events: Nothing has changed to this channel apart from the addition of 6 hour slow mode 👥-org-recruitment: this channel will no longer be accessed through the Recruiter role. The channel will be controlled via Dynobot itself. To post on this channel, members will need to put a request in via @modmail in this format which then be added to dyno and put on a 24hr repeat. TITLE: ORG ADVERT NAME: (enter org here) Description: (...) LINKS: (DISCORD , Community Org page , LOGO) Embeds will be disabled as well on this channel. 👤-lfg: This channel has been placed on on 6 hour slow mode with the addition of a format that must be followed (Experience)(Amount)(Location)(Language) if any post does not meet this requirement it will be deleted without notice. Changes: New >Creative section This channel you will find anything that is related to either pictures or videos of Dual Universe. 🎥-streamers-corner:This is where people that have requested the Creators role via @modmail can post links to streams on the discord. 6 hour slow mode enabled. 📼-community-creations: Renamed from 🎤-agora this channel will still contain videos that the community have made. 6 hour slow mode enabled. 📸-construct-gallery: Renamed 📸-gallery. This channel will now be Dual Universe pictures only. 🗞-news-stand: no changes Changes: new >DUVoice section 🎙Newcomer Help Voice no changes NEW #DU-voice-creator channel: (Controlled by new bot) This channel is a new addition to the discord and will be replacing the existing DU voice channel. This channel, once accessed by the community, will create a personal channel for people to go into. No longer will you have just one channel to talk in, you can have multiple channels at the same time. The channels will auto delete when everyone has left the channel requiring no input from Moderators to create new channels etc. All logs are recorded; anyone found abusing the system will receive warnings for doing so. AFK: no changes Changes: >DU LOCAL CHATS >DU LOCAL CHATS Name changed to >Localized Chats Changes: >Novean Plaza section deleted Correct removal on channels and tab including #🖥-hardware,🎲-resort and 💎-nitro Best Regards, The Discord Moderation team & the Novaquark Community team
  7. Hi @Kormolos Just to clarify a few things: It has never been promised that only Sanctuary will be safe. Safe Zones have always been a topic since the Kickstarter, even before Sanctuary Moons were mentioned. However it is true that currently the Safe Zone is much larger than what was mentioned in the original vision. We're still in Beta though, and many things can change before the official release. The PvP isn't in its final state either and there is lots of room for improvement. It's also true we were inspired by EVE Online, but we also said we won't do an EVE Online 2.0 @Hirnsausen Personal attacks are forbidden by the forum rules. As much as it is unacceptable to belittle/discriminate Non-PvP players, it's also unacceptable to insult PvP players. You may not like PvP players and it's your right, but you need at least to keep a proper tone on the forum. Calling some players "human trash" is absolutely not okay. So here is a second warning.
  8. Hi Hirnsausen, Thank you for your feedback. However, it won’t be possible to go with your suggestion for the following reasons: What you suggest can be abused in many ways. Just an example among many others: imagine that non-armed ships are used to transport stolen assets (either from wrecks destroyed in PvP or anything stolen due to a betrayal from an infiltrated spy in an organization). We would remove the ability for justified retaliation, and that’s absolutely not our intention. Players should face the consequences of their actions, for the best and for the worst. It’s part of the Sandbox concept (even if we had to limit it in a reasonable way to give some room for both types of players, PvP and non-PvP). PvP must keep some unique incentives. Harvesting the rarest materials is one of those incentives. The concept of “risk versus rewards” has been part of Dual Universe, from the very beginning. Please keep in mind that even the current in-game situation is way softer than the initial vision, where safe zones were only small areas on some planets. Today, there are whole planets as safe zones, giving all the necessary space for those who do not want to be involved in PvP. You don’t need the rarest materials for creativity, and even in the rare cases you need some, you can always rely on the markets for resources that would be normally available in PvP areas. Some more adventurous players ready to risk their ships in PvP will find an interesting trade in the situation. You can’t speak of non-consensual PvP in Dual Universe. Non-consensual PvP is when there is no way for a player to avoid being caught in PvP in a game. In Dual Universe, you CAN avoid being caught in PvP by staying in the safe zones and have access to pretty much any gameplay available in-game (except PvP of course). If a player ventures outside of a safe zone, it’s his choice and it means he/she has implicitly accepted the risks tied to this choice. As mentioned before, unsafe space has always been part of Dual Universe vision. So you can’t talk about lobbying when it is about something that was there from the very beginning. If there is some lobbying, it’s when some players put the pressure to change something that was already well established at the beginning. While some ideas may be seen as good on paper, it will generate more problems than it will solve, not to mention that it would radically change Dual Universe’s original vision. The game is already more than reasonably friendly toward those who don’t want to participate in PvP and there is no plan to give access to the whole space in-game without any PvP risk. That was never the deal and will never be. We (as a team) do, however, acknowledge that the current situation in PvP is unbalanced and that some players may resort to some loopholes or gray areas to win a battle. The Novaquark team goal is to fix those loopholes and find the right balance in the long term. Balancing PvP is a delicate endeavor and can take some time. This is why we are still in Beta and that Beta may still last quite a while. On another topic, please refrain to compare non-consensual PvP to awful real life things like rape and such. Try to picture yourself explaining to someone who has been raped that what he/she has experienced is the same thing as being frustrated by a situation in a video game. You will (hopefully) see how unreasonable the comparison is. If you’re not convinced, do try to discuss with some rape victims. It won’t be a surprise if none will agree with you. Last but not the least: some elementary rules are in effect on the forum. - Wishing harm to other players in real life for ANY reason is NOT ok. For that reason, @Hirnsausen you get a warning point. - Direct insults and personal attacks toward a player is not okay either. For that reason, @Lethys you get a warning point as well. We hope you will continue to participate on the forum in a more civilized manner in the future. In the meantime, this topic will be closed to avoid further aggressive/provocative replies. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  9. Hi everyone, Some posts have been removed from this topic due to either: - Trolling / Baiting - Talking about real life politics. Please remain constructive and stay on the topic when you reply to a post. Thank you for your understanding. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  10. Hi everyone. Alright, this is enough derailing. As mentioned in the forum rules (III. Prohibited actions, 13th point):"Discussions and comments involving real life politics, ideology or religion. These can be incendiary topics and will usually lead to inappropriate behavior and uncomfortable situations." As the whole idea of this topic is to make the discussion political, it will be now locked. You're free to comment on liking (or not) some parts of the current gameplay, and it can be beneficial to improve the system, but don't start to bring politics into it, or make some assumptions about a potential political agenda behind it. There is none. The game offers possibilities, maybe not all those each player would like to see, but in the long run, the goal is (and has always been) to aim to give players as many possibilities as possible. If it will become more limited than expected, it will be essentially due to time, balance or technical constraints, nothing more. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  11. Dear Noveans, We are glad to inform you that several QA jobs have just opened at Novaquark. As having a deep knowledge of the game is a big plus and some of our devoted players may be interested in breaking into the video game industry, we wanted to announce it here first before posting outside the community. This is a permanent, full-time, remote position. Responsibilities: Create test plans and test cases for assigned areas of the game based on production expectations containing accurate verification points, including edge case test scenarios and potential knock-on issues over other areas that could be impacted by specific integrations. Execute test, document results, and measure impact. Report on the user experience and test results, escalating when necessary. Analyze information provided by the Development and Production teams and identify risk areas. Partner with Development, providing solid communication and collaboration. Ensure all test tool data is high quality and updated daily. Document and maintain all necessary testware. Participate in test closure activities; i.e. testware evaluation, knowledge transfer. Always champion the customer experience. Requirements: Able to develop and foster strong working relationships with development partners, customers, support teams, and management. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including accurate and timely reporting. Excellent organization and time management skills. Passion for software quality and a keen eye for detail. Able to analyze and interpret data/workflows, recognize critical issues, and raise concerns. Previous experience with issue tracking databases (JIRA, Hansoft, DevTrack, Mantis etc.) Good troubleshooting skills. Fluent in English (written and spoken). Pluses: Gray-box and white-box testing experience. Certified ISTQB advanced test analyst or equivalent. Experience with application lifecycle and test case management tools. Previous quality assurance experience with an online title, preferably a MMO. Qualified applicants should send their resumes to jobs@novaquark.com. The Novaquark Team.
  12. To provide better support for our community, effective today (Feb 12) there will no longer be a GM presence on Discord or in-game. All bug reports and customer service requests must be submitted through the ticketing system. In recent months, the Customer Support team has made great efforts to improve their processes, resulting in a significant upswing on ticket turnaround times and resolution. A major component in this success has been to put more focus on the ticket system. Exclusively using support tickets enables the team to be more efficient in tracking issues and eliminates the duplication of requests that often happened when community members contacted Support staffers directly. The ticket system also provides a streamlined way for information to quickly reach members of the team who need to be involved in addressing and resolving issues as they are reported. Tickets will be addressed between Monday and Friday. A triage system is in place to bring highest priority tickets, such as when someone is entirely unable to play, to the forefront. We know that changes can initially be challenging, but we’re confident that this is a move in the right direction. We appreciate the support of our community and want to be sure we’re giving them the support they deserve in turn. Best Regards, The Novaquark Team.
  13. Calling all Noveans! We’re nearing the final stages of preparing the Dual Universe public test server (PTS) for its upcoming grand opening, and we need your help. If you are an active DU subscriber, please join us for a PTS load test. During this test, we will be gathering data related to server capacity and performance and trying out the new launcher. What’s more, you’ll be getting your first taste of the 0.24 build that’s currently in development. Your character and assets from the Live server will be mirrored on PTS. Your account login information will be the same for both the Live server and PTS; however, access to PTS requires downloading, installing and running a separate client, as well as the testing of the new launcher we’re rolling out with 0.24. Get the PTS client here. Feedback and bug reports related to PTS should be posted in this designated forum. Note that we anticipate that the performance won’t be smooth. They never are with these sorts of tests - and that’s a big part of what makes them important. It’s important to mention that PTS is solely for testing purposes. We’d like to manage expectations that PTS updates may include feature prototypes and gameplay changes that might not ever come to the Live server. We understand that some players prefer a more stable and polished gameplay experience. Test servers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Updates will be unpolished. There will be no Customer Support. The server may be offline for extended periods, wiped or taken offline without advance notice. That being said, those who choose to brave the raw environment of the PTS will find there are certain advantages. Participation on PTS will give you the chance to help shape DU by sharing your insights and constructive criticism earlier in the development process. You’ll also get sneak peeks at content before it’s deployed on the Live server and impacts the persistent universe of DU. This will afford you the chance to formulate strategies for how to get the most out of upcoming changes. In addition, there may be times when we ease the experience by providing necessary equipment and resources on a discretionary basis. For example, if we need to test a new weapon, we may provide it for free to save PTS players the time and effort of creating it for themselves. The Novaquark team hopes that many players will choose to help us test features on the PTS in the future, as it is one of the steps we are taking to further improve the quality of our releases, make sure our features are relevant, and overall have a development approach that further involves our community of players. Best Regards, The Novaquark Team
  14. Chers Novéens, Bien que nous ayons fait peu de communication jusqu’ici dans la langue de Molière, cela ne nous a pas empêché d’écouter vos demandes de voir le jeu entièrement traduit en français, de même que les annonces, les nouvelles ou même simplement les interactions entre l’équipe Novaquark et la communauté francophone. Certains parmi vous savent déjà que si cela ne s’est pas fait plus tôt, ce n’est pas par manque d’envie de notre part - surtout pour un studio d’origine française - mais plus pour des questions d’effectifs. Nous devions faire un choix entre communiquer dans une langue où une majorité de joueurs au niveau international pourraient comprendre nos communiqués, ou choisir de communiquer dans notre langue d’origine, mais toucher beaucoup moins de joueurs d’emblée, ce qui aurait rendu les choses beaucoup plus compliquées pour développer le jeu à l’international par la suite. Aujourd’hui, ce choix difficile que nous avons dû faire est en train de s’estomper, avec l’arrivée de NQ-Nishtar, qui se consacrera principalement aux interactions avec la communauté francophone! Nous comptons sur vous pour lui faire bon accueil ! L’équipe communautaire Novaquark.
  15. Hi Noveans! A new hotfix has been deployed today and is ready for you to download. Bug Fixes Fixed DRM incorrectly preventing voxels from being copied over long distances, when the source construct was not rendered. Dual Universe is now in version r0.23.5. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
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