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  1. NQ-Nyzaltar

    What would the 7 Greatest Wonders of DU be?

    Hi everyone, Just a quick reminder: @Lethys "penis" and "balls" are words that can be tolerated - even if it's borderline - if it's said once in the flow of a discussion. However... When it's repeated 6 times in a post and the whole goal of the post is to make a sexual joke, yes, it falls clearly in the profanity field. It's just common sense. You know it, we know it. Trying to hide it behind "a lack of humor from a moderator" and/or feigning ignorance doesn't make the issue disappear (quite the contrary in fact). You can do all the jokes you want on a private forum but you have to show some restraints on a public forum. This kind of behavior is not what is expected from an ATV member (lead by example and such). Please do not continue in this direction. @Kuritho Supporting this kind of joke doesn't legitimize it. It just shows you haven't understood the rules... or are not willing to follow them. We hope it's just a misunderstanding. Please do not continue in this direction either. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  2. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Official Discord FAQ

    Hi everyone, We want to thank those who gave their feedback regarding the transitory phase post official merging of the Community Discord. Today, we want to reply to some questions/concerns about the Discord Guidelines, the Authentication Bot, related API, and the community groups revamp on the Discord sidebar. The Discord Guidelines have been updated two weeks ago. We heard several concerns about the Discord’s social atmosphere becoming less casual and more strict, to the point of mirroring the official forum. Don’t worry, we have no intention to make the Discord as strict as the official forum! The Dual Universe Discord has been created by gamers for gamers. At Novaquark, we also use various Discords on our own time when playing games outside of work. So we do understand your concern and know why it’s important to keep it friendly. We want the DU Discord to remain just as it was before becoming official. The guideline changes were motivated by two points: - To clarify grey areas regarding behaviors considered not acceptable due to their potential to deteriorate the friendly atmosphere we wish to maintain. - To abide by the European laws in terms of accountability and legality. A new Authentication Bot will be deployed soon on Discord. The current Discord bot cannot decipher the difference between Kickstarter Founders and Post-Kickstarter Founders, thus losing an important element of its functionality. For this reason, a newly dedicated authentication bot will be introduced and operated by Novaquark. The bot currently in charge of authentication on the Discord will cease to have this role and all related code will be removed. Because of its other useful features such as feeding announcement channels with up-to-date Dual Universe news, it will remain on the Discord for alternative purposes. We want to thank Yamamushi for all of the hard work and help he has volunteered on this project. The planned API will be very basic and extremely limited in terms of data sharing. As we value the privacy of our community members, all data shared through the API will be limited to the minimum amount of information necessary to authenticate a player on the Discord. It will share: - An ID number. - Whether the account is a backer. - Whether the account has access to the Alpha. - Whether an account is part of the ATV. This list might be updated in the future. However, if we add any additional data to the list, we will announce it beforehand to the community and ensure we’re following the correct policies. There will be no worrying about community members gaining access to personal or valuable data illegally. Revamp of community member titles (Discord sidebar): While “NQ-Admin”, “NQ-Staff”, and “Discord Staff” groups will not change, community members will be now categorized by roles related to the length of time since joining the Discord instead of backer roles. Note: you will still able to display your backer status in your role list. We hope this clarify a few points about the changes made or going to be made Best Regards, The Novaquark team.
  3. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Members selected for the Alpha Team Vanguard

    Hi everyone! The 4th wave of Alpha Team Vanguard candidates has been selected! Today, we are changing a bit the rules to include members in the ATV group. We have selected a list of eligible candidates for the ATV group. We will give access to a candidate as soon as he or she will have officially accepted by replying in private message to the CMs (Nomad and Nyzaltar): - to respect the NDA tied to the ATV status. - to lead by example in public places like the forum, the social media and Discord (positive attitude, no flaming or provocation, helping new community members, etc). Note: the ATV NDA is different from the classic Pre-Alpha Test NDA. What is said on an ATV channel (forum or Discord) cannot be discussed with players/testers who are not in the ATV. Now here's the list of the candidates for the 4th wave: Armyboy941 Atmosph3rik Azureskye Corevamore Croomar Cybercrunch DarkHorizon Destrin Geo Hdparm Helvetian Knoober LittleJoe Megaddd Nanodot Nija123098 Pantera Shadow_pryo Shockeray Soarnir UnderhandAerial Congratulations to all! (there will be other waves of ATV candidates in the future) Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  4. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Warhammer 40k themed clan

    @Shirosaki This is a matter of appreciation that varies between legal departments of various companies. Some are very extreme, others are tolerant to some length. As there is no way to know for sure in advance, the best advice we can give is: please don't copy any copyrighted material. If you copy something easily recognizable, you take some risk to see it removed, especially if it's from a well known franchise like Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Warhammer 40K, Battlestar Galactica, etc. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  5. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Warhammer 40k themed clan

    Hi Blocoare and welcome to the official Dual Universe forum! However, here's some information related to copyrighted material and brand: We strongly advise to avoid using or recreating any copyrighted material in Dual Universe as by doing this, you would take the risk of seeing everything related being removed from the game without further notice if the copyright owner ask Novaquark to do so. While we understand this might be frustrating, it has already happened in many occasions for various copyrighted materials, with the last event being a fan-made, nonprofit USS Enterprise reproduction being shut down last month. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  6. NQ-Nyzaltar

    SilverAti's Introducing

    Hi Ati and welcome! We hope Dual Universe will meet your expectations! On another note: for user protection, some of your personal information has been removed from your post to avoid any potential doxxing (some practice becoming unfortunately too common these days on internet ). Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  7. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Official Discord FAQ

    Hi Everyone, We heard that some of you have concerns after the announcement of the Community Discord becoming the Official Discord. So we are providing a short FAQ to address those concerns: What if a Discord admin suddenly goes rogue and does something horrible on the Discord (such as deleting it and/or leaving?) While very little has changed on how the Discord is run, there has, however, been one important change: the ownership has been transferred to Novaquark staff. As we can’t have multiple accounts owning a Discord, the owner is now NQ-Nomad. As a Novaquark employee, he has the complete trust of the rest of the team. You can check this here. Having Community Members as moderators is a problem. What if some start abusing their power with their role? Discord is something running 24h/24 7d/7. Moderators being proactive community members is far from being something new. A lot of Discords (even official ones) and forums have community members as Moderators. Current moderators have our trust. As far as we know, no abuse of power has yet occurred. However, nobody is perfect and in the case of a conflict arising (due to misunderstanding or personal grudge), there’s still the possibility to contact Novaquark staff (through the forum or customer support) to address the situation and find a solution to the problem. However, before contacting Novaquark staff for such issue, please check the 2 following things: You have tried your best to solve the issue with the moderators first. You are sure the problem is real (bring facts and evidence, not hypotheses, assumptions or rumors). I won’t come on a Discord where I am obliged to use an Authentication Bot made by a Community Member. What if this Community Member does shady things with the authentication Bot, like gathering personal data from users for himself? We trust Yamamushi, as in two years, he has given us no reason to doubt his integrity. However, if this can reassure you: before making the Discord Official, the script has been reviewed by a member of our team, NQ-Illustra. Moreover, the script is open source and its content can be found publicly here (so it would become difficult to make shady things without being noticed). However, as Novaquark is now responsible to what happens on the Discord, it makes sense that as a general rule, any addition/modification made by any Community Member (and you’re welcome to contribute) to the current script will need a validation from the Novaquark’s team before being implemented. Regarding potential issues about data gathering and GDPR infraction: The data gathered is exclusively public: the Bot is only able to collect data that you decided to display on the forum, so no information you’re unwilling to share is gathered. That’s also why you can’t be recognized as a backer on Discord as long as your backer status is hidden. As this system is not perfect, we plan in the future to change the way it works, with an API that will simplify the connection and authentication between your Dual Universe account and your Discord account to get access to channels under NDA. Basically, the Authentication Bot will just ask the API if a DU account has already access to the game or not, without trying to get any more information. Why an Authentication Bot is the right way to do it: The community will grow and giving the access manually to NDA channels on Discord for each player is just simply not a reasonable long-term solution. When Alpha launches, we will have something along the lines of 6000 new backers having access to the game. Moreover, if the process is automated, it will guarantee impartiality and no human error possible. We hope these answers will alleviate the concerns you may have. If you want to give your feedback or if you have some remaining concerns, please discuss it in this forum thread. Best Regards, The Novaquark team.
  8. Hi Everyone, Feel free to give your feedback (and remaing concerns if you have some) in this thread after reading the Official Discord FAQ there. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  9. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Blocking follower

    @Dhara Here's the way to prevent anyone from following you, if you don't want. Go to your forum profile page and click on "Options" in the field "Followers". However, there is no current solution to block a specific person from following you. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  10. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Xsolla Capital Joined the Party!

    Hi there, To clarify things, here's an official statement from Novaquark: - Xsolla Capital has not invested in Dual Universe so far. - Xsolla is just the current payment partner of Novaquark, handling financial transactions related to pledges. Nothing more, nothing less. In addition, here are some facts: - Lockethot made a statement without linking to clear, unambiguous sources. - Even the links he refers to do not prove anything (for example, https://xsollacapital.com/ proves that Xsolla Capital has invested in "Life is Feudal", not "Dual Universe"). - Just to give the whole context: it might be a coincidence but "Lockethot" is one of the two pseudonyms used to start a smearing campaign toward Dual Universe on Reddit and YouTube, posting fake IGN reviews (without - of course - any link to the original source), that has been moderated since then. The current topic being not aggressive, we will give the benefit of the doubt and gives a chance to "Lockethot", as long as he respects the forum rules. @Lockethot While not aggressive, this topic is full of misinformation. Here is a first warning as spreading misinformation is not accepted. There won't be a second one. For the same reason, this topic is going to be locked. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  11. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Gamescom 2018 MeetUp!

    Hi everyone! Here's an update on the MeetUp taking place on Thursday, August 23rd, in Cologne: 1) More members of the Novaquark team will join us for the MeetUp! For those coming to see us on site, you will be able to meet: NQ-Sophon (JC Baillie) NQ-Entropy NQ-Spiral NQ-Nyzaltar NQ-Nomad NQ-Oli NQ-Diesel 2) As an experimental test, we will try to organize a Live Stream (about 1-hour duration max). As we don't force anyone to be filmed, There will be two tables (one that will be filmed during the stream, and one that won't be). As we don't know yet if all the conditions required will be met, if it's not possible, we will make at least a video that will be uploaded on YouTube later (again, only those who are ok to appear on camera will be seen in this video). 3) An AMA with JC will be organized during the event! If you won't be able to be participate in real time to the Live Stream, or in the case the Live Stream doesn't happen and you won't be able to come to the MeetUp, don't hesitate to pass your questions to those who will attend, or send your questions to us in advance at community@novaquark.com (you'll have until August 20th to submit your questions)! Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  12. Hi everyone! We are happy to announce today a new feature on our website: the Server Status page! This page will be regularly updated and we will try to keep the community informed at least a few test sessions in advance. As all the information on this page is public, so it doesn't fall under NDA and you are free to discuss about it. However, anything related to the Test Schedule that is NOT mentioned on this page still remain under NDA. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  13. NQ-Nyzaltar

    A greeting from Psi-Corps

    @Bester The issue should be solved now Welcome! Best Regards, Nyzaltar
  14. Dear community members, Many of you asked for a Roadmap and when the Alpha will launch. Today we are answering both questions! Here is the official announcement made by the Founder and CEO of Novaquark, JC Baillie: If you want to know all the details related to the Release Roadmap and the Alpha Launch, you can also read this article on our website: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/08/08/release-roadmap-alpha-launch-announcement/ Best Regards, Nyzaltar
  15. Our website and our community portal will be down for maintenance at 7:30 UTC, up to 9:30 UTC today. This will also prevent logging on our official forum. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.