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  1. NQ-Nyzaltar

    no AVX = no go ?

    Hi everyone, @Kirth Gersen AVX instructions have been implemented in intel processors in 2011 and AMD processors in 2012 (for processors oriented to gaming activity, which generally does not include Xeon processors made before 2013 and Celeron processors). These instructions give a substantial improvement performance-wise. While a lot of games rely mostly on GPU Power, this is not the case for some games, using voxel technology. Voxel calculation is, for the moment, mostly handled on CPU side (at least for the moment, as no current GPU is optimized to calculate Voxels). That's why having AVX instructions is required. For some games, it could make sense to make a "No AVX required" version. For others, like Dual Universe, it's not worth it: the performances would be so bad without AVX, that it's not worth it to spend a fair amount of time (re)developping a "No AVX required" version. So no, there is no short term plan to remove AVX requirements. "Minimal" requirements are the minimal specs to be able to launch the game, not to have a decent game experience. That's what "Recommanded" specs are for: to have a decent game experience. That being said, if you want to ask for a refund for this reason, please contact the Customer Support at support@novaquark.com Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  2. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Pledge + NDA ?!

    Hi everyone! Thank you for reporting that! The website will be updated tomorrow to fix the missing text on the Sponsor Pack Disclaimer text. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  3. Hi everyone! If you want to discuss on the best entries of the Winter 2018 Ship Building, this the right topic to do so! 😃 You can find the related topic below: Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  4. Dear Community Members, As some of the Novaquark recent moderation and sanction actions haven’t been clearly understood by some, here are some explanations and clarifications. We are aware that members from “Dark Star Imperium” (DSI) and “New Genesis” think that the decisions taken by Novaquark have been unfair and/or feel like a punishment. It’s not a punishment and we limited the inconvenience to the minimum possible by just resetting the member list of the Organization. This has been done to remove all ghost accounts and make the involved Organizations restart on a healthier basis. We also made sure that at least one person in each of the involved Organizations can re-invite real members in the Organization: - CN_Firestorm for “Dark Star Imperium” - Chipfromearth/SpaceKitty for “New Genesis” (until the end of TMA’s ban) You are more than welcome to contact them to join theses Orgs again if you wish to do so. Keeping in mind that besides the cleaning of ghost accounts, nothing else has been removed. All community work/content related to these Organizations have been left untouched. We are also going to send an email to all ex-members to inform about the member list reset and offer them to join their former organization again. Regarding the ban of the leaders of these Organizations: We understand that seeing your leader banned might be frustrating. However, we want to make it clear that being at the head of a big Org does not give a free pass on toxic behavior and/or bad practices that could damage the Community as a whole. Being passionate, being young, creating quality content is no free pass for such things either. That’s why all the permanent bans decided recently are final. We are not giving such heavy sanctions with a light heart or on a whim. In more than four years, the number of community members who have been banned permanently from the community can still be counted on the fingers of one hand. We think it speaks volume... Some recent rumors say that the bans may be reversed or canceled. There is no ground to such rumor. It’s just disinformation. The fact that a banned member will “not tolerate that” has no weight either. It’s the Novaquark team’s call and the Novaquark team alone. Now, we want to give a fair warning to anyone wanting to challenge Novaquark’s decisions openly, directly or indirectly. If a community member has been permanently banned from the Community, he’s excluded from the game, which means he shouldn’t be in any Organization anymore. Reinviting or keeping a community member banned permanently could have serious consequences (such as Organization disbanding but not limited to that, as this could trigger other sanctions for those actively supporting banned members). Now to address some specific questions/rumors: We exceptionally give some details to the Community to show that we are not banning randomly or without a serious reason. We do it only because some banned members try to take advantage of the confidentiality policy to enforce their own narrative and play the victim, and attempt to misinform other players. Don’t expect the Novaquark team to give anymore information on this case or the possible future ones. “Banning Sakej99 was a mistake. He’s a different person from FullSend/Lime”. The Novaquark team is aware that Sakej99 and FullSend/Lime are different persons. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the permanent ban affects FullSend/Lime will also affect accounts he may have access to (by account sharing, which is forbidden in our EULA). This is one of the main reasons why we are so serious about forbidding account sharing. If someone sanctioned got access to your account, the sanction can be extended to the said account even if you haven’t done anything wrong. “FullSend/Lime has been unfairly banned, with no prior warning.” First, for the infraction this community member has committed, there will never be a warning as it was obviously utterly wrong: if a false report is sent to the Customer Support in an attempt to make another community member banned, the one getting the ban is the one who sent the false report. And in this case, indeed, there is no prior warning. Second, FullSend/Lime is probably the person in the community who would deserve multiple permanent bans (if it was possible), due to previous infractions in addition to the most recent one. Playing the card “no prior warning” is just complete dishonesty and denial of assuming the consequences of his actions during the past couple of years. Here is a short list of the infractions he has done in the past: - Asking members of one of his former organization to give login and password of their accounts to him. - Using accounts of other players. - Creating ghost accounts. - Using a loophole in the organization management system on the Community Portal in an attempt to sabotage/destroy an organization by using the account of another player. - Participating in a doxxing attempt. - Always denying the facts or trying to minimize them, to the point of reaching self-absolving, to avoid dealing with the consequences (a practice reiterated with his last infraction). Due to the history of this community member, there was no reason for “prior warning” with his last infraction. He has been warned too many times already. Mistakes are not erased just because it happened “long ago”. By default, Organisations where FullSend was the founder have their ownership transmitted to the oldest member with the ability to create an organization, which gave the following results: - CN_Firestorm becomes the new owner of “Dual Insider”. - Gravetender becomes the new owner of “Project Azimuth”. If you are a member of one of these organisations and you want to discuss these changes, please contact the new owner of the Organization. (About DSI) “There has been a total wipe of the parties to kill the conflict” Wrong. If that was the case, we would have dismantled “DSI” directly and ban both DSI leaders, which would have included CN_Firestorm. You can assume that if it’s not the case, this is precisely because there is a difference between CN_Firestorm and Primarch. This sanction wasn’t against DSI. The sanction was against Primarch. Some of the banned members may say “They will be back”. It’s up to them. However, if we catch them, they will be banned without further notice. Best regards, The Novaquark team.
  5. Dear community members, A few weeks ago, we took a stance regarding “out of the game”/IRL-related practices to discredit, threaten or shame publicly another Community Member (even if the involved person is guilty of several infractions) that could be an opponent in-game. As the DSI (Dark Star Imperium) / TSU (Trinary Star Union) / UEE (United Earth Empire) case blew out of proportion during January, we investigated. We are really serious about differentiating real life from the game itself. Unfortunately some didn’t take our stance seriously. We gave them a chance to come clean in a private discussion and restart on an healthier basis. They didn’t take the opportunity for what it was: a last chance. As they preferred “playing dumb” with Novaquark staff, we can’t have any trust that they won’t continue. Therefore we have decided to ban permanently those Community Members for various reasons (all not being banned for the same reason(s)): Not being honest towards Novaquark staff. Making and encouraging ghost accounts. Abusive recruitment practices. Practising real life harassment and/or threatening another player. Making false report to Novaquark’s Customer Support in an attempt to make ban someone they dislike. Spreading real life information without the involved person’s consent, aka Doxxing. (strong reminder: even if a person gives you real life information about him/her, it’s not okay to share these information with ANYONE else without his/her consent. You can’t predict how the other person(s) will use this information and if he/she/they won’t share it again. If some trouble occurs following this sharing, you can be held legally responsible). This might seem an extreme sanction but this shows how serious we are when we say we are not going to let toxic attitude and practices spread in the Community. Our goal to build a healthy and friendly community isn’t just a figure of speech. Anyone caught to spread or encourage any toxic behavior will be removed from the Community as it will be considered as damaging the Community and negating Novaquark staff efforts (without saying that it’s time consuming and a waste of our resources). Saying it’s a long time grudge coming from before the arrival in the Dual Universe community is absolutely not a valid excuse. If someone has a personal grudge with another community member, he/she should either: Leave it at the doorstep and/or settle it in private and peacefully with no one else involved. Contact directly (and only) Novaquark staff if the issue persists. The moment someone uses the Dual Universe community as a tool for IRL revenge, he/she is not welcome anymore. We’re all here to have fun. It should always stay that way. Therefore, the following Community Members have been permanently banned from the Community: Lime / Fullsend / mmtheboss / Sakej99 [DSI] Primarch Zelevas / TharisUEE Melkor_Morgoth In addition the DSI Organization member list has been reset, and the Novaquark Team has appointed CN_Firestorm as the new owner of the Organization, should he accept to take a fresh start on a healthy basis. We also give a warning to all those who were indirectly involved (with the evidence we found) but not actively participating in the recent community troubles. Next time, there won’t be any new warning. If you become involved against your will in some shady real life activities, you have only two healthy options: Leaving the group doing such activity immediately. Report it to Novaquark staff. If you stay in such group without leaving or reporting it and the group is caught, you take the risk to get the same sanction as those actively involved. This investigation has taken (or more precisely wasted) a lot of time from Novaquark staff. We really don’t like to intervene in players affairs. However, if there is a chance that such affairs damage the Community by toxic behavior, you can expect Novaquark staff to step in. We hope we won’t have to take the same measures again. Best regards, The Novaquark Team.
  6. Dear community members, It has come to our attention that abusive recruitment practices, as well as practices to artificially inflate organization sizes, have been recently used more and more in some organizations. After having conducted an investigation regarding New Genesis, and discovered the following infractions: - Recruitment attempts that are harassment by private message through automated bots on Discord. - Ghost Accounts to inflate the size of the organization artificially. It has been decided to reset the member list of the organization to its sole leader, TheMasterArchitect. Furthermore, as New Genesis has been already twice at the center of troubles regarding recruitment ethics in the past, involving at least once (if not more) its leader, a temporary ban has been applied to him. Best regards, The Novaquark Team.
  7. Dear community, We’re expanding! Novaquark opens a new studio in Montreal to accelerate the development of Dual Universe! With the hiring of Stéphane D’Astous as General Manager and 50 positions open, if you think you have the skills required (and/or know people who have them), don't hesitate to apply to join the first true Metaverse! You can find the complete news here. You can find the job opportunities on this page of the official website. Best Regards, The Novaquark Team.
  8. Since the beginning of the year, we have witnessed unhealthy behavior from several members in the Community. As many are relatively new and some older members seem to lose focus of Novaquark's vision for Dual Universe, here is a strong reminder. Dual Universe is a game where there will be wars, power struggles, conflicts, plots, spying, information warfare and betrayals. It's all fine... as long as it stays within the framework of the game. We are aware that a fair amount of people have a hard time to differentiate in-game behavior and real life behavior. While someone can be infamous, merciless and twisted in-game, that doesn't give him/her the right to forget elementary good manners outside of the game. Following the concept "the end justifies the means" will never be a valid reason here. Novaquark expects from each community member to: 1) respect the EULA and forum/Official Discord code of conduct 2) be respectful toward any other member or at least neutral toward the members you don't like outside of the game, whether they are newcomers or veterans. (neutral means: no free provocation, no real life insults or real life threats, as already mentioned in forum and Discord chart) 3) avoid using any real-life conflict, unhealthy real-life behavior or drama (made on purpose or not) as part of the game (because it's not) as this can escalate in very toxic and unnecessary situations. 4) avoid using any underhanded real life "tricks" to gain an advantage in-game. This includes: - real life threats or real life harassment with anonymous accounts outside of the game (on Discord or any other online means). - doxxing, doxxing attempts, or any behavior like gathering real-life information that could lead to doxxing. - leaking publicly private discussions about real-life topics (especially when showing only carefully selected pieces with the deliberate intention of biasing the facts) without the agreement of all people involved. This also includes Novaquark’s investigations that haven’t been publicly announced and about which you may have been informed through a private channel/room or a private discussion. - making false accusations, creating NDA leaks or false NDA leaks to accuse someone else with the goal of making them punished or banned from the game. As a company, we want to provide a fun and welcoming experience to our fans and can’t tolerate inappropriate real life behaviors that potentially ruin the gaming experience or worse, lead to real life consequences. If the Novaquark staff gets enough evidence on any of those behaviors, the team may give any sanctions deemed appropriate without further notice. If you see some community members having inappropriate behavior, please point them toward this forum thread. Best Regards, The Novaquark Team.
  9. NQ-Nyzaltar

    EVE Online players , pls gather here ;)

    Hi everyone! @Keieueue Obviously you had an infortunate player experience in the game "EVE Online". That doesn't prove you're right when you make a generalization about all the players of any specific game. Many players among those you haven't interacted with may not fit to the description you gave, as it's still possible to enjoy a game without taking part in any of the issues you mentioned, without making such player necessarily a "bad person". Moreover, saying that qualifying someone as a sociopath is not an insult is a bit borderline and hypocritical: No one likes to be qualified as such, and starting a discussion by calling someone a sociopath will immediately antagonize him/her (whether your statement is true or not). You know it and we know it, so please do not try to justify the use of this word. What exactly is your end goal here? 1) Trying to make friends in a community in which you will play? If this is the case, you did exactly the opposite of what should be done and it's more than suggested to interact with all other members of the community on a more friendly tone. If you don't like some specific people, it's your right, as long as you remain neutral on the forum and don't try to provoke them. 2) Trying to create drama and conflicts right from the beginning? Conflicts in-game are fine. Trying to create conflicts out of the game by attacking/provoking directly a category of players is absolutely not fine. In any case, no matter what your end goal is, your first posts aren't respecting the forum rules (rules I would recommend to read, or read again if you already did it, especially the part regarding "Flaming" in section III). We try to make this forum a friendly place where everyone can express his opinion, as long as the main goal is not to create conflicts. Your first posts didn't go in the right direction. See this as a first warning. Next time we will start moderating your posts without further notice. This forum is not an outlet to express your frustration experienced on other games. Thank you for your understanding. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  10. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Community site issues

    Hi everyone! Thank you for reporting the issue! Our web dev is working on it and it should be fixed soon Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  11. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Can someone explain it to me?

    Hi everyone, As an exceptional case, we are replying this topic, even if it’s closed, to avoid any misunderstanding. As an exceptional case, as the involved user has explicitly asked for public explanation and the customer support agrees with it, we are in a situation where both parties agree to make it public, so it doesn't break the confidentiality policy. We also want to share this as an example that things don't happen for no reason (and in the case of an error, we are ready to fix it). Just to put things in perspective: - Emtec3PL account wasn't suspended regarding the game (the account has never lost his rights to play the game when the time will come). - Emtec3PL account wasn't suspended on the forum and was still able to contact Community Managers in private. - Emtec3PL account was suspended on Customer Support side. The situation: - Emtec3PL pledged 1 euro as a symbolic donation during Kickstarter campaign (in which case it was clear it was a donation, with no rewards attached to it). - Emtec3PL pledged then an Iron Founder Pack after the Kickstarter campaign, which has been upgraded as a Silver Pack shortly after. - As explained in the news on our website here the access time, depending on the founder level, was pretty clear and self explanatory: All Kickstarter Founder Backers get access at Alpha 1. Post-Kickstarter Founder Backers get access at the earliest at Alpha 2. Emtec3PL becomes a Founder Backer after the Kickstarter campaign, first as an Iron Founder, than as a Silver Founder, so he's rightfully considered as a Post-Kickstarter Backer and will get access Alpha 2. Emtec3PL contested that fact and asked repeatedly to Customer Support for an access to Alpha 1. Novaquark Customer Support denied the request and explained why. The last answer from Emtec3PL to the Customer Support was the following: Emtec3PL sent this reply because he will have access to Alpha 2 (as planned), and not immediately (as he wanted). Obviously there was no possible discussion anymore, and as part of the process for harassment prevention, the account has been suspended on the customer support side. If Emtec3PL is willing to come back to a more constructive discussion, the account can be unsuspended. This example might be useful to put in light how we manage customer service here at Novaquark. Globally there are two schools of customer service: The old school: "Customer is king." This vision implies that no matter how the customer behaves, the customer service agent needs to endure and gives satisfaction to the customer. In our eyes, this way of doing things is relevant as long as customers and customer service agents behave with mutual respect. However, with internet promoting anonymity and online interaction, a growing number of customers started to consider mutual respect as being optional and/or lost focus that the customer service agent at the other end of the line is a human being, not a machine, and he/she is there to help, not to endure someone else's anger or frustration. Having daily customers being rude or threatening can damage a team morale, especially when rudeness or threat is undeserved. Customer Support is not an outlet for customers to let their frustration run wild. It's a place to answer customer questions and help them when they have a technical issue. Some people would easily throw there: "Hey it's part of the job. If they can't handle it, they can find another job" or the famous “HTFU” (which is perfectly fine in a game where a part of the fun is to compete to see who is the toughest guy. It’s less fine when it applies to your real life where you can’t log out) Our answer to this is "No, it's not part of the job, unless it has been decided that way by the company. It's not up to the customer to decide this part." At Novaquark we value Customer satisfaction as much as Employee well-being. The reasons? We don't want the job of anyone becoming a chore because we aren’t interested in burnouts and high turnovers, and also because we are convinced that, having people less stressed and less harassed than the average in the industry will benefit indirectly to the Customers themselves. So we won't encourage negative behavior from some customers, quite the contrary, by applying consequences to this kind of behavior. To put it simply, we are following the other school: "Customer is king... but even a king has its limits." We will always do our best to satisfy a customer as long as: - the request/demand is reasonable and motivated by common sense. - the request/demand is made in a respectful manner. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  12. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Winter Holidays Contest!

    Dear Alpha Testers, To celebrate the launch of the Alpha and the exceptional two-weeks test session for the Winter Holidays, we decided to organize a contest in which you can put your creative mind to a challenge! Starting on Thursday, December 20th, 14:00 UTC, show your builder skills by creating a small Dynamic Construct! It can be an Hovercraft type, an Atmospheric Ship or a Spaceship. The goal: Building the most kickass vehicle during the two next playtests (the Winter Holidays playtest and the first 48h playtest of 2019). The time frame: The event starts at 14:00 UTC on Thursday, December 20th. The event ends at 14:00 UTC on Saturday, January 12th The prizes: 1st place: - The Construct will be showcased in an upcoming Blog post - The winner will receive a poster based on an in-game screenshot of their construct and signed by JC. - 3 Beta Keys (to share with your friends) 2nd place: - The Construct will be showcased in an upcoming Blog post - The winner will receive a poster based on an in-game screenshot of their construct and signed by JC - 2 Beta Keys (to share with your friends) 3rd place: - TheConstruct will be showcased in an upcoming Blog post - The winner will receive a poster based on an in-game screenshot of their construct and signed by JC - 1 Beta Key (to share with a friend) Criteria selection list: The winners will be selected by a jury formed with the Novaquark staff. We will take into account the following criteria: The Construct must be a Dynamic one. The Construct must use a 16m or 32m Dynamic Core Unit The Construct must have a Sci-Fi vibe. The Construct should be good looking and original. The Construct shouldn’t seem inspired from a copyrighted asset coming from a popular franchise/universe. The Construct can be built by a team of up to 5 players. In case of a team, only the owner will be considered as the winner. The Construct owner must gather the following information about his Construct: Location (Planet & Coordinates) Construct name Construct’s owner name (in-game name) List of the additional players who participated in building the Construct Keep in mind: each player can be listed for only one Construct. If a player is registered as participant for several Constructs, he won’t be eligible for any reward). The Construct should be submitted by its owner, with all the proper information, to community@novaquark.com (a Construct not submitted by its rightful owner won’t be taken into account). Best Regards, The Novaquark Team
  13. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Winter Holidays Test!

    Dear Alpha Testers, Today we have an awesome surprise to announce for the Winter Holidays! The test next week won’t last 48h as usual. It won’t last 72h either, nor 1 week. Instead, we plan to open the Server for over two entire weeks! Starting on Thursday, December 20th, 14:00 UTC, testing will last until Monday, January 7th, 14:00 UTC. However, while we will do our best to ensure the best server uptime possible, please keep in mind the following things: As the Winter Holidays are approaching, Novaquark will be short staffed. Expect limited support during the Winter Holidays (starting Friday, December 21st). All Kickstarter Backers who have previously created their Dual Universe account now have access to the game. If you haven’t created your Dual Universe account and contacted our Customer Support (support@novaquark.com) before Wednesday, December 19th, you won’t gain access to the game before the end of the year due to the aforementioned limited support. In such case, you will gain access early 2019. We are only in Alpha and this is the first test of this duration we are scheduling with all Alpha testers. Server downtime and/or server reboots should be expected. In the off chance that a significant and/or recurring technical issue occurs during the test, its duration may be shortened. “Garbage Collection” of abandoned Constructs/wrecks will occur after a certain period of time. As this is the first test to closely resemble a 24/7 server uptime, we are enacting a set of basic rules regarding the cleanup of unused Constructs that may further change and evolve through future development. What are these rules? Constructs matching all the following criteria will be deleted regularly: No customized name. Made on the UEF Hovercraft Blueprint basis (even tweaked afterwards) Not used during the last 24 hours. Staying on any Market Hub parking lot. In other words, if you’re keen to keep your first Construct and you’ll be offline for more than 48 hours during the test, just rename it and the Construct will stay safe. We hope you’ll enjoy this holiday surprise and we wish all of you the best! Best Regards, The Novaquark Team
  14. NQ-Nyzaltar

    Gifting Backer Packages

    Hi Yamamushi, Yes the "gift a pack" feature is planned. However, it won't be before several months (probably not before Alpha 2, at the earliest): there is a significant development time to allocate for such feature and it's not - unfortunately - in the top priorities right now. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  15. Hi everyone! Several people have been wondering how to differentiate Kickstarter Founder backers from Post-Kickstarter Founder backers. Indeed, until now there weren't any clear way (at least on the public) to know who has access to the Alpha and who hasn't. To make it as simple as possible, we have deployed a simple feature displaying which accounts have access to the Alpha 1 and which haven't. You can find it under you number of posts and location in any post you've made on the forum. You can also find it on your profile page, in the category "Profile Information": Some of you may have something different from "Yes" or "No" regarding the Alpha 1 access (like "1" or "0") This is just a debug display that will be replaced by the correct display once you will have logged out once and relogged on the forum. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.