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  1. Actual disaster was extent of exploiting over first year of game since Beta start. I will not talk about dupes (because not sure what ways still work, so they grill me over spilling beans), but. Per safe example: people used bots to repeat tutorial to claim its reward for weeks and months, running this thing 24/7, making A LOT of money from thin air. And while some people ofc got banned (ironicly not on all alts usually), all this stuff still in economy, after eventually (and succesfully) RMTed, with like 1000-1500 euro sums sometimes.
  2. Well, its was several waves of "typicals". 1) KS people interested in social/political gameplay -- absolute majority quit after its become very clear game nothing like they waiting (+ tired of waiting). Quite a lot of people actually, many with expensive pledges. 2) KS people who become gradually more and more disapointed during alpha over lack of progress; 3) People who started playing with Beta and quit in several weeks (in simple terms -- over lack of content); 4) Infamous JC last gift of 0.23, knocked out a lot very sturdy people, who survived all previous BS. 5) Ones who expected Starbase will be better (its not exactly, but many will not return to DU anyway now) 6) ? What is systematic, that expectations of each generation so to say are less and less. Romantic people from "1)" expected best game ever (funny), current 6) just beg NQ anemicly to make MU less annoying, in most other things they pretty much reached fatalistic acceptance. Well maybe they want some laser balance fixed or other little pvp nonsence, but its very minor things.
  3. Ultra unlikely. Majority of MC players are kids, who... do I need to explain why they totaly not interested in DU? And never be as long they are kids? Bit older dudes likely end up in some surivaval games if MC spark that nerve. Only category that can be remotely interested in DU -- serious builders, BUT they usualy work around YT chanells and has things somewhat motenized, will never bother with so unknown game, when they can farm thousands of views with MC scene.
  4. Macro social component is kinda more silent (then other issues) but very important casualty in whole mess. To illustrate: we still (after 2 years?) do not have community page, where orgs were able to post adverts/news/communicate. No any meaningful social tools (minus wallets). No ways to seriously influence world. DU started with quite healthy macro-org life, rpg, ambitions (just check all drama in first 2 years, it was great) and ended up shrinking to pretty much solo/small band of nerds experience. I sometimes wonder why to even bother with all expensive one shard shit, if its totaly not used. DU pretty much be same with some 30 people sessions.
  5. Well, lest not turn it into piligrimage of everyone who recognized themeveslves im my message and felt butthurt and now wants to say how wrong I am or how they like me. I accept your homage. Dismissed. Lets go to adding something substantional to topic in hand. How bad pvp is, why, etc.
  6. From what I know, problem was not even per se "keeping" tunnels (while this too), but calculating their constant creation, aggravated by "dedicated" people making relativly effective digging bots. So collapsing while seems logical solution, was not complete one. Basicly some people generated (with their bots help) like "x100 of tunnel digging per person" NQ was kinda expecting. Considering this in many cases was not even covered by measly subs, math become totaly unsustainable.
  7. And who are you to tell me what to do? Let me guess -- nobody. They took my money, not delivered what promised. So I having fun on forums at least, much better then actual game.
  8. Its actually thing even one step more deeper. Its criminal lack of any intellegent, organic soft caps what players can do. Like if player X can play 24/7, using 5 alts to mine and run 1000 machines factories... what a suprise, he will make game look like its super easy and progression lasts 2 weeks. And we not even talking about many such "dedicated" players also exploited like crazy, to make whole thing total (even larger) nonsense.
  9. Well, last year more correctly to call it "downscaling", game pretty much moved towards saving money/making it somewhat more passable for relativly close "release". While such more grounded approch not bad thing on its own, its obviously gone far from game that was promised on KS. Basicly we ended up with some space-themed Landmark with same negative perspectives.
  10. Well i'm not saying he is fake scientist, but this also not means anything too. Very educated people lie too. And do unhonest things. And so on. Cynicly speaking, they can do it even better, then someone stupid. At the end of the day, JC is pretty much bunkrupted on KS promise, that was kinda built around his reputation. Now game at mercy of Quanta Nick and some guy fired from Ubisoft or something for making bad shooter.
  11. DU has not gameplay loop, but gameplay noose. Like more you hang out, pun intended, more it chokes you by combo of repetive BS and overall lack of content beyond purely decorative voxel building and cripple-grade pvp.
  12. Because it always being about "JC talking smart pseudo-scientific BS looking great" (quite narcissistic thing), then about game. Game was always very secondary thing, just means to achieve all attention. This why JC was so passionate etc. on stage when his work was to just talk-talk-talk in endless promoting interviews, articles, metaverse metaBS. And this why he was so lost, when after many years of this meta-circus actual game needed to be delivered. Sure, JC kinda visionary (50%), but second half pretty much con artist.
  13. Well, its not about blaming or some conspiracy (no one left ot conspire). Realisticly, even most NQ employees likely (beyond some higher ups) have very little control over movements of this wreck. I talked about bit different thing. That inside this tiny % of things, that can be influenced by players (like 5% of all process), stratification between "pleb" and "guy who has NQ attention" traditionally has been very huge. Like NQ largely failed to democratize feedback loops, making it more inclusive beyond buddies, or some guys who just super active and forced somewhow themeselves as representetives of community. Its tho more problem of past, then current day.
  14. Actually, while OP author somewhat misses what is why, thing is, that some players have much more "kings ear" and sway over desicion making is pretty much fact (also important info leaks about changes). I seen it by my own eyes. Extent of their influence is another question, but they at least have % over 0. While I can't drop hard proof here to not burn names I still kinda not want to do harm, its up to you to believe me or not. As a pleb you can only make like useless forum topics no one ever cares. Or troll simps in Discord just for pleasure.
  15. Actually, lately "metaverse/nft" companies started to go more agressive on MMO scene by not only making their own pseudo-game google map crap (this was going on for some time), but actually aquiring companies and even whole functioning "normal" games (granted, 2-3rd rate ones, but DU quite fits). Per example, Legends of Aria was taken over by such guys to be... metaversized (I think its even quote from statement). So its not impossible DU will do some backflip on that too to much (or not) of surprise.
  16. Biggest problem is not everyone can make everything. Biggest problem that DU at core super-friendly to alts. It means any fancy ideas/limitations within skill/char advancing systems pretty much irrelevant and will mean just more min max spreading of "roles" between alts. Adding new ones if nessesary. Its like having bucket with huge holes and then inviting creative ways of running with it from A to B trying to keep water. Makes no sense. To add insult to injury, lets be honest here, DU in current state (or historicly) game for older guys with some money and, often -- suprising ammounts of free time. This means that that they ready to face quite a lot of challenges with wallets (throwing alts) and survive time consuming operations. This whole already sad picture even more aggravated by fact, that immense ammount of economic action in game very AFK-heavy. So you have ideal storm: stupid (greedy?) initialy system + population super ready to exploit it.
  17. This makes all other stuff/concerns pretty much irrelevant. I see no realistic way for DU to recover commercialy viable population. While its not nice to say, its likely doomed just because of this. In this regard I wonder why its still gets funding, what twisted game investor guy playing.
  18. Never was. Its actually something I told them for years, like builders and so called industrialists and other people like this -- minority (even if vocal and often simping around). Once PvPers out of game (like you them or not) -- game is mucking dead. Period.
  19. Thank you, its sort of bingo in context of all this discussion. Because there is no much difference if stuff is actually hard wiped or... "soft wiped", made irrelevant -- just sitting somewhere forever in totaly empty space, with no one to use, show, enjoy it, etc.
  20. It also (likely) will be spiced up with some last moment knee jerk "changes" in balance/starting conditions as NQ tradition goes.
  21. While on paper its good solution, in reality it will be more complicated. Remaining vets are... lets say very dedicated (some -- absolutly crazy). They just will spam another X alts into new system, raping actual newcomers as hard as they can, both by land grabs and economic presssure and speedruns on pvp. And then eventualy finish job by pulling all their old stuff from old system (and I remind everyone, thats there are still immense ammounts of exploited stuff around). So whole solution will be quite meh... Only full wipe. Only exterminatus.
  22. Game mostly suffers from abysmal dynamics. Everything is slow, repetitive, afk-heavy and bordering second job. So its not suprising that for 95% of former/potential players it was/will be obvious failure. Some middle aged guys with exessive ammount of free time still can enjoy it, playing with voxels, lua or hoarding virtual riches for no good reason. But there is just several hundreds of such diehard fans/fanbois. Its absolutly not enough.
  23. I think its example of total and long lasting BS. Now they PR-pretend its some "desicion not taken lightly" bla-bla-bla. No. Because internaly wipe was not even on table, but totaly decided since first week of so called Beta. Very observable proof: NQ given up any active managing of economy since... exactly from week one, not rolling back obvious economic disasters, regulary adding new ones without much care, allowing absolutly insane levels of exploiting/insiding (something that was very readly broomed under carpet, downplayed a lot), etc. This why all kind of shite was never fixed, rolled-back or even explained/commented properly. Pretty much they were very little bothered what happening, because everyone "internally" knew -- this sad mess will be wiped in year or so.
  24. Any solid, realistic strategy to re-populate game? Nothing really matter without critical mass of people to make sandbox interesting and interactive place for old players/newcomers.
  25. If they put their hearts into this game, then they must be deeply ashamed of result. Because thousands of backers who too put their heart, money and time into this game, deserve much better.
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