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  1. Larger problem is, that NQ pretty much choked actual player-made content/life (EVE-like conflict/competition driven "societal dynamics") and now desperatly trying to simulate some, apealing to minorty of surviving building/grinding nerds. Its still major lack of content, mechanics and goals in game, this why organic playing experience will continue to stuggle and shrink. Overall, who needs another empty grey boring halls with game already full of them.
  2. Most valuable and long-term-game-health important player-made content (political/social/creative) died when large orgs understood it will be forever until NQ made any content for them and self-eliminated (or go endless stasis). All building and lua crap is fun and so on, but its not something that can carry such mmorpg. People will not connect in underwear with heart beating in middle of night to see some nerd made another useless ship using 1 trillion voxels or something.
  3. Problem here, that people just cant formulate true reason of their frustrations. So they repeat and repeat this idea of "forcing" PvP. Most PvP players [were] here not even for actual shooting (million better games for this) -- its just medium/catalyzer of their true passions -- large group dynamics/in-game conflicts and politics, all kind of dramas. Yet its exactly where NQ failed players most miserably, achieving only pretty sterile solo/small group game for building/industry/gamemoney grinding nerds. So in frustartion PvP players think if they will be able to kill all happy (obviously carebear) nerds, stomp them into dirt, it kinda alleviate their pains and right all wrongs with how game made. It suddenly be as cool as EVE etc. It won't.
  4. Wipe was inevitable pretty much since fist week, when game started like shit in terms of economy (without any meaninful direction or long-term plan). Its hilarious to observe how NQ dancing around it 2 years now.
  5. At least because you need people to do such activity. Currently it will be same 2-3 dozen people running in circles.
  6. Well, nothing personal, but they mainly french. Its bit of special culture of endless meetings/reports/plans of how make plans. I will be not suprised, if 2/3 of NQ overall worktime is not developing, but preparing all kind of nonsense for next group talks session. So these checkboxes is someones lifeline during quarter meeting (they not for us).
  7. Time overall against DU too. Its slowly burns potential playerbase (that is quite special, niche one, of older age group), without ability to keep them concentrated in moment of time and produce some meaningful critical mass, momentum (to attract more people). So, it means that big chunk of potential base be to some degree familiar with game at "release", but already with negative perception. And because its pretty much deep 30+ game, it will be quite hard to simply wait for new older guys to apear in such rate to replace demographic loss. So every year in limbo means weaker position with population long-term. Wasteful burn over fist wave of KS people is already something quite irreplacebale.
  8. Honestly, being in NQ marketing person shoes is like wearing glowing heated iron boots. Its total damned if you do damned if you don't. Game presentation obviously need to be heavly sugarcoated, to say it polite (because it still years behind some trully presentable form); yet in very smart way -- if you overdo BS, people will totaly hate it. This happened with their last marketing effort, when NQ produced trailer and advert materials having nothing in common with sad reality of game at that moment ("vision" BS). So it way almost pure and, without doubt, damaging lie. So if I were NQ marketing guy, I tried to kinda destill good about game (some things that exist and can be trully made/achieved/experienced) and sugarcoat it, so it looks/sounds good, but nothing is trully untrue in context of reality. Example: > Usual NQ way of BS: build cities bla bla bla (stupid video with premade city and animated bots) = lie > Smart marketing: build huge space megastructures in collaboration with hundreds of players (show some idk voxel nerd stations) = kinda true
  9. Yeah, in simple terms, average player (who is not commited to some 1000 hours builds or fanatical pvp hunts for even longer) -- just has not enough (if any) accessable/hooking things to do and stick around for long (creating population count and $). So they fool around for 2-4 weeks or bit more and gone. But I think smaller world (and overall faster dynamics of everything), if they add some content at last, will be more "casual friendly". I work from home and can spare quite a lot of AFK uptime on games, but even by my standards DU feels... kinda exausting. Imagining to return to it after full day of work to spend your 2-3 "gaming hours" (or less, with kids and stuff) in pretty much AFK or at best some cursed chores -- euhheee.
  10. Considering my experience here for years, only way to be marginaly relevant with NQ is to sneak your way into "inner circle", by some extensive simping or someway courting one of employees for him to introduce you into some higher levels of feedback existence. Everyone else pretty much just speaking to void anyway. Like poor fools still posting "ideas" into idea section.
  11. Yes. Lack of fast, easy and cheap PvP pretty much degraded/killed game to current sad state. Building/Lua fanatics not even nearly enough to produce sustainable population. Too little of them.
  12. Well, honestly I find sickeninly boring alternative (current) situation. Like our ex-marines were sometimes (totaly) overboard, but at least they projected some life/drama into tapestry of collective space opera. War decralation here, spying scandal there, endless bragging with deadly cringe concentrations... Sure! Yet. Since funny guys died out, scene dominated like nerdy middle aged IT people, so boring with their "oh i built another voxel shit no one needs" or "this speed can be impoved 0.0000001% by replacing this element here", "i made 1 trillion quanta in 1 hour, but i need 10 trillion more to not be poor" -- plants likely dying in one room with them. World story totaly castrated with such demography. DU now like some crippled bastard of Landmark thrown into far corner of space.
  13. Well, nations is kinda big PR talking, but large competitive guild aliances is totaly achievable. With politics and clowns and all kind of interesting stuff. Yet, it demands certain delicate conditions DU nowhere near to provide.
  14. I think there is 2 fold reason for it. 1) We need not forget, that game legacy is from... like 2014 -- soon will be like decade ago, quite a lot of things changed. Both in gamedev trends and, to extent, players. There is obviously some expectations risen, while DU kinda becomes more and more oudated on disign and tech (ironicly before it even released). 2) As consequence, all this AFK-miseries is just mechanism to somewhow keep players busy (even by tormenting them) to cover lack of actual content (with such slow and small updates).
  15. Well, in perfect world -- no. In reality -- yes. Money (to certain treshhold) still deciding factor in speed, ammount and quality of produced content. You need quite a lot of in MMO to survive. Sure, you can find a lot of hilarously bad (mismanaged or talentless) games with big budgets too (SC?), but you also not find Final Fantasy-like game made for 2 mil $ or something. There is limits, and in MMO scene they felt big way. So its boiling back to start: chronic lack of pre-made "default" content. Average player who (what a suprise!) not gives two mucks about "player made content" (like another crappy empty building some nerd built 1000 hours) or engage in mockery of PvP (obviously to have wasted hours and days of work on ship) simply has nothing to do in DU.
  16. I think DU/NQ proves that concept of "open world fully player driven mmo" (no NPCs) is currently beyond reach of mediocre indie studios and lead only to capital failure. Because NPC in reality is like ultimate insurance tools against any flaws in disign or tech limitations (mostly by giving players endless hours to to grind something kinda "dynamic", keeping them busy and entertained). If you remove such vents, its many fold harder to keep players attention/interest. So its probably idea challenging task even for titans of industry. You need at least: 1) huge stable population 2) deep pvp/political layar (something like in eve) 3) rich and varied tools of world building and meaningful interaction between players; DU currently lacks all of those.
  17. Population is obviously main problem of game, that outweights anything else like 99 to 1. I think only way to save game at this point is to add NPCs for some quick action hook, both for old and new players. Anything else, like all this Panacea or Euthanasia, while it looks like improvment on paper, it not change global attractivness of game even within niche -- something it desperatly needs to survive.
  18. Thing is, DU long time ago passed point when it was some kind of seriously social game. Now its mostly about invidual nerds making some shit alone, running 5 alts, spamming 25 orgs to contain their useless crap only they need. Tordan is like typical example of answers you can expect in this on ground reality.
  19. Fundamental problem is not "mining is boring" (while it is). Because it always be, no matter how its made, if not boosted by higher goals. Real problem is, that in wider picture there is no interesting to do with all this resources, if you not some hermit intersting only in building (for sake of it) or making factory for sake of factory. There is no big players political entities (beyond some PvP bands), intresting community interactions and larger macro play of initially promised civilization building.
  20. Its actualy interesting question. My personal theory: JC was bit on cutting edge of this "metaverse BS" that flooded gaming scene lately with all kind of con artists. In this sense he was ahead of his time in kinda 50/50 mode -- actually making game, but without any realistic chances achieve most promises. After he was removed, NQ making stready sustainability-salvaging downgrade of initial ambition. On good side its more "working" game. On bad side -- its obviously going futher and futher away, from what KS backers payed for. Or even Beta players joined for.
  21. They know. Its likely more about old problem of "disign debt". NQ cant change feature X (even if they want) because it connected with feature B, but to change B they need W[ipe], and this they can't afford. So they walking in circles how to change things without chaning them too much, so anti-wipers not tear them apart. Hostages to own foolish promises.
  22. Well, its bit more complicated. There is larger context, its not only about economy. If NQ plans to pretty much stay in current paradigm of how game played/planned to progress, wipe is meaningless. I agree, its just destroy "fun" of current stubborn [last] surviving players achieving nothing. Its generaly story of allowing to die quitly, without too much stress. If NQ (unlikely, but who knows) will be about to turn it around risky agressive way, do some serious, fundamental changes, to make game something attactive for sustainable audience number-wise, new hype-boom, then complete wipe is nessesary step of this huge "new era" reboot.
  23. Actual disaster was extent of exploiting over first year of game since Beta start. I will not talk about dupes (because not sure what ways still work, so they grill me over spilling beans), but. Per safe example: people used bots to repeat tutorial to claim its reward for weeks and months, running this thing 24/7, making A LOT of money from thin air. And while some people ofc got banned (ironicly not on all alts usually), all this stuff still in economy, after eventually (and succesfully) RMTed, with like 1000-1500 euro sums sometimes.
  24. Well, its was several waves of "typicals". 1) KS people interested in social/political gameplay -- absolute majority quit after its become very clear game nothing like they waiting (+ tired of waiting). Quite a lot of people actually, many with expensive pledges. 2) KS people who become gradually more and more disapointed during alpha over lack of progress; 3) People who started playing with Beta and quit in several weeks (in simple terms -- over lack of content); 4) Infamous JC last gift of 0.23, knocked out a lot very sturdy people, who survived all previous BS. 5) Ones who expected Starbase will be better (its not exactly, but many will not return to DU anyway now) 6) ? What is systematic, that expectations of each generation so to say are less and less. Romantic people from "1)" expected best game ever (funny), current 6) just beg NQ anemicly to make MU less annoying, in most other things they pretty much reached fatalistic acceptance. Well maybe they want some laser balance fixed or other little pvp nonsence, but its very minor things.
  25. Ultra unlikely. Majority of MC players are kids, who... do I need to explain why they totaly not interested in DU? And never be as long they are kids? Bit older dudes likely end up in some surivaval games if MC spark that nerve. Only category that can be remotely interested in DU -- serious builders, BUT they usualy work around YT chanells and has things somewhat motenized, will never bother with so unknown game, when they can farm thousands of views with MC scene.
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