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  1. its a video game that's why. if you want to go down that route then why not have automated AI units bring us all ore and produce everything for us while we just sit around and do nothing???
  2. Week 3 of Legion mining up all the exotic asteroids.
  3. 150k was already super low. the new inflation in the game makes it even worse. daily bonus should be higher,
  4. you get an item called "big stuffs" that's unusable.
  5. Pirates need to be able to sell these mission item somewhere after they destroy haulers and steal their cargo.
  6. Very shady orgs out there! Purge them all
  7. Casino scripts/slot machines have been in game since day 1 Beta. How is this any different? Didn't see anyone pulling their finger out then. There's a huge casino sign somewhere between the markets but I haven't been there yet lol.
  8. Great information Heartbeat. And no not everyone believes the cheating nonsense, just a few loud mouths. Hope this helps NQ out alot.
  9. yall really love me, huh? lol
  10. BOO thinks I'm serious, this is actually hilarious ???
  11. I don't think the game will die. It'll have it's ups and downs, the salty people will leave and the game will eventually make a comeback. Tons of games have multiple falling outs, I see no difference here (For example: Star Citizen, No Man Sky, Fallout, Cyberpunk). I see the same arguments on this forum and discord as last year but different usernames. It's just a matter of time until it gets better though and some people don't want to wait. In the short term: No this game has no hope lol In the long term: Yes, strap yourself in for a long bumpy ride!
  12. I wouldn't pin this to just "a new developer slapping down code and features without a real plan". Look at how many big name titles that get fully released only to let down players. Fallout, Cyberpunk, No Man Sky... just to name a few. We aren't even released yet, although I do see a problem with the promotion of the game and communications sometimes. I still see NQ as innovators and trying to bring in something new to the gaming industry nonetheless.
  13. I don't think a wipe will happen but if it does man the motivation to grind for the fourth time will suck. I started playing in Alpha and already went through a couple server wipes. Having to rebuild for the fourth time wouldn't be fun for me. But I love the game too much too complain lol so who knows.
  14. You can sell items like steel, plastic, marble, etc.. Those will sell just fine over time and you can get some decent profit margins on those. I sold marble product before but it just takes a while to get some buyers. Magnets, screws, frames and those types of items I don't think there is a demand for. Who knows you can always make small amounts and test the market. I recently got into certain voxels to see if they would sell.
  15. haha. Trust me they killed the mega factory already. I don't know anyone who actually makes 100% of everything. Yes T1-2 items are fairly easy to make and sure you can get a mega factory out of those items if you mine up and sell a few mega nodes but T3 and up starts getting expensive for players.
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