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  1. Welcome to New Genesis ( ○Utopian○/†Crusader† ) Do you crave to crusade? Does raining down hellfire in the name of The All Father and fallen brothers sound appealing to you? Join the adventure and help us purge the filth of the universe! The Warpath of a crusader is a sight to behold newcomer. - Grasp your ship and your shields and join the fight that never ends in our elite military ranks. - Design some the universes fastest and elite ships - Forge allies and declare heretics in our diplomatic corps - Construct the largest cities and shape the greatest wonders Whatever you decide, we welcome you in open arms newcomer. Let us crusade together! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apply Today! https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/new-genesis https://discord.gg/cgg3VM
  2. TheMasterArchitect

    Haven Feed by Those Guys

    setup on mine as well. all looking good!
  3. Greetings everyone! I'm not sure if this has been discussed, but I've often wondered what would the 7 wonders of Dual Universe could be.... I'm sure the Death Star from Star Wars would be one of them, the Borg cube or even Stargate Atlantis City. But what else could or should we include if we created a list? Can you guys create a list of 7 wonders for Dual Universe?
  4. TheMasterArchitect

    Territory Unit abuse ideas, maybe

    If that person wants to avoid being targeted then they need to be building in safe zones, not no-man's land. He should be lucky that the person placing the TU didn't shoot on sight.
  5. TheMasterArchitect

    Arma 3

    Your best bet would be to post your server info in steam-discussions>servers for Arma 3. I have around 2k hours in Arma 3 but mostly KOTH.
  6. TheMasterArchitect


    Welcome my good sir.
  7. TheMasterArchitect

    I'm not a number, but a free man!

    Love that song and the number of the beast album so much. Welcome #6!
  8. TheMasterArchitect

    I now exist and did not before.

    Welcome to the club!
  9. TheMasterArchitect

    [Non-Canon] Tales from Tortuga - Episode 3 released

    Would be a great city for all.
  10. TheMasterArchitect

    EVE Invasion

    It'll be very hard to get some of those die hard EVE players to go away from stuff that they've worked very long and hard for. Although I imagine some of the smaller groups might make the jump
  11. TheMasterArchitect

    Hello! I am New here. Looking forward to Dual Universe

    Greetings and good luck to your future endeavors.
  12. TheMasterArchitect

    Im also here now

    Welcome Fire Demon! Such a beautiful place here.
  13. TheMasterArchitect

    Hello. I am new.

    Can I buy you a drink my fellow baconite?
  14. TheMasterArchitect

    I'm a real boy!

    Welcome my good sir!
  15. TheMasterArchitect

    I have returned...

    But we were happy! xD
  16. TheMasterArchitect

    Nuclear Weapons and Player Experience

    Nah nukes are too OP. Think what happened in Conan Exiles...
  17. TheMasterArchitect

    About tomorrow's test...

    I'm more excited for the Alpha release ❤️ Can't wait until that happens
  18. TheMasterArchitect

    Meeting the Aliens.

    I voted for all of them xD Wish we could get a diverse amount of alien races.
  19. TheMasterArchitect

    Universal standards, and how to encourage them.

    I only think these standards could happen with large alliances with hundreds of groups in it. But really I don't think this will ever happen. Each group will have it's own style of designing. The only thing that will be standardized are things that already exist in game such as core units.
  20. TheMasterArchitect

    Ensuring safe construct/design trades

    oh boi... now I'm paranoid 🤣