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  1. Weekly Update - June 8th - 2020 One rescue was made over the course of two short tests, 50 for Alpha 3 and 106 overall! ---------- With the launch of the latest patch, @Haunty took off on a rescue in my stead when technical issues proved too difficult. @Rub3n213 was in need of assistance near Lacobus after running out of fuel while in space due to technical reasons of their own. All is well and good now right, we can notch another rescue on the belt, well hold tight. Here comes a server restart, and now they're out of fuel again. Come Mondays scheduled short test, I gather up a few last minute things and just barely escape from Alioth in a new and untested construct. It became a race against time because without an extension, having to stop and start again, arrive at my destination, then restart again would prove to be a less than optimal choice. Not one that would leave me high and dry, just undesirable. I ended up making it to the scene, but the test ended in the middle of things so this second rescue wasn't truly completed. We'll meet up again on Thursday in the early minutes to hours of the test to finalize things. --------- Some initial progress is just starting to get made on coding a solution to the advertising problem I mentioned in the previous post. Still no details are ready to be made public but something is being worked on, and I'm eager to tell more about it when the time is right. For those wondering, the 911 service is still running in the 911 channel in-game. If you crash, need fuel, or get lost in space, just enter into the chat /join 911. If you'd like to contact us through Discord (or we simply didn't respond in-game), then you're encouraged to join our server. https://discord.gg/ETk5ubw That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  2. I would only be a proponent of this since it's an NPC enforced system. Having a game enforced crime status that is highly visible to other players IMO would be a great addition since it gives you an easy idea of who you can trust (trust being another public indicator separate from crime that I'd love to see). Unfortunately none of this will ever happen on NQ's part and only be done by players word of mouth if it even happens at all. If a imprisonment system were to be player run, then arbitrary sentencing can be handed out on a whim and I will refer you to the first reply to this thread. If I'm not allowed to play, why bother paying?
  3. Weekly Update - June 1st - 2020 Two rescues were made this test, 49 for Alpha 3 and 105 overall! ---------- @Dr Rhubarb notched rescue 104 when @andysando had a run in on one of Alioths moons, with the moon itself! Always remember space brakes. @eldrake scored their first rescue of @tdog2999 who left their construct behind on Thades while respawning on Alioth. Welcome to the newest member of the team: eldrake - Rescuer --------- Most activity during this test was focused on gathering ore from other planets and getting some initial small constructs up and running. These objectives were by in large accomplished. Personally speaking, I'm constructing a new small construct and flight testing is under way. This new construct will be fairly lighter and shorter than the one testers probably recognize me in from Alpha 2. The major changes come in reduced fuel and personnel carrying capacity as well as a few less engines while ultimately achieving the same purpose. On paper, its bit more geared towards transporting people and less-so fuel and other general purposes while more than likely having a shorter range to boot. While I do miss my old flyer, Alpha 3 demands something new! In the later half of testing I had witnessed some fairly aggressive advertising from one very particular organization while making a few stops at the markets. While Eyes & Ears advertises its services at these player hubs, this is done in such a manner and way where it's like a billboard on the side of the road. Visible, easy to see, hard to miss, and something you'll ultimately pass by sooner or later in your travel. The only divergence here is in size. While I don't condemn the organization in question for this action, it's kicked off an idea that I've had in mind for a week now since the topic on aggressive advertising was first brought up on the forums. I'm currently talking with coders both inside and those partnered with Eyes & Ears on a potential remedy to this situation. If we move beyond the discussion stage and draft something up, I'll spill some more beans on my proposal. That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  4. Sounds like something I'll keep an eye on. While it will probably take a while for it to reach the forefront of my mind (arc central is lurking in the shadows somewhere...), I always enjoy our community generated content. I've already read the first of the articles and will probably follow along. If you aren't already, feel free to drop a link to any new blog posts in the DU Discords #agora channel to keep us up to date.
  5. Weekly Update - May 18th - 2020 One rescue was made this test, that's 47 rescues for Alpha 3 and 103 overall! ---------- What happens when you spend one-million quanta on a ship, you crash it into the moon. This was the incident that one unfortunate Novean found themselves in this recent test. With no other way to get into space, Haunty came to the rescue with a quick late night assist in the flight and eventual repair. I personally was about to make the journey, but no sooner did I set the moons in my sights did I remember that I didn't have space engines. Luckily, another member of the team had the right tools for the job. ---------- If I had to summarize this test in a few words, I was very happy with the progress that was made. Everything was reset, and I mean everything. With some pre-wipe planning and some last minute ideas, various members of Eyes & Ears swung into action so that by the end of two days of testing, we had all the necessary tools at hand to start crafting ships to get our rescue operations back to functional capacity. Haunty made a rescue on the third day and I went along with them to Thades for some resource gathering. On the fourth day, most of us from what I seen and didn't see in our Discord, opted to rest and individually brainstorm our creations for the next test session aside from giving one of our newest recruits a crash course in mining, inventory management, industry, building, and a bit of flying. The next test, I anticipate a majority of the time will be spent deepening our crafting ability through the harvesting of resources from other worlds and constructing our ships. ---------- Welcome to the two newest members of our team! @remdawg12 - Rescuer, Pilot @outrun - Rescuer, Pilot The diplomacy I mentioned in the last update is still ongoing. Things have been modestly slow on this front which have been mostly attributed to the offline reality. Work however is still progressing and a Lua project has even been taken up in the meantime. If you lead or are in an organization that you think would make a great partner to Eyes & Ears, feel free to message me here or find me on the Official DU Discord, I'm everyone's favorite community mod (DH #2530).
  6. Weekly Update - May 4th - 2020 Only one rescue was made this weekend, that's 46 rescues for alpha 3 and 102 overall. ---------- Ardescar assisted @Rudi0043 after they crashed on Thades, you can probably guess why. 😉 Outside of rescues, most of our focus this weekend was on the Alioth Areospace Expo! From what I've been told, it's a biannual in-game event that showcases all the creativity the community has to offer. After some of the team expressed interest we had decided that instead of setting up right on the showroom floor that we would create our own private showroom just off to the side. The construction process was complete in a day but it wasn't without its hurdles. For starters, everything was done on the fly without any pre-planning aside from a basic idea of what I wanted. Initially I thought we were just going to do what we did last year with a flat slab of land, but this years events proved more put together by the AAE which was why the showroom was suggested by one of the team. A structure with smaller craft on the inside on a presentation floor, and a larger construct displayed on the roof. Everyone involved brought along some basic materials to get us started and from there I was left building while the rest of the team flew back and forth to their respective outposts to gather needed materials on demand. Aside from a few symmetry errors early on, I'd say everything came together fairly well for the little time and effort that was put into it. I didn't get to do everything I wished but that was mostly all little details, in the end, everything looked presentable which was the ultimate purpose. In all, five constructs were displayed by @Ardes, @Haunty, and @WolfPilot. A big thanks to all three of you for your presentations as well as the logistics work you did to make this a success for Eyes & Ears. Finally, credit and thanks to @Geo for hosting the event. ---------- Outside the game, a bit of diplomacy is being done. I'll be sure to update you on this hopefully after the next test which starts in 10 days from now. In the meantime, a scheduled wipe will be taking place so everyone will be starting fresh. That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  7. Weekly Update - April 27th - 2020 This most recent 264 hour test only had 5 rescues made, that's 45 rescues for Alpha 3 and 101 overall. On April 20th Eyes & Ears secured its 100th official rescue. A big thanks to the team that made this happen alongside our entire community of supporters. The time it took for us to net our first 50 rescues was over 8 months, now the latest set of 50 rescues has come in just under 4 months. This is nothing but good news as we await the further development of the game. I'm looking forward to our next achievement which I am forecasting to occur sometime during the Beta phases based on this current data. Looking back however, I harbor a tinge of disappointment since in the intervening time between our 50th and 100th rescue, we've not had a single PVP related rescue. Of course, in the testing environment there are a number of ways and means which make our assistance unnecessary which made this not entirely unexpected. Aside from this, I've only heard of the more devout players engaging in PVP related testing which says to me that a very minuscule percentage of players are engaging each other in combat. As we continue down the path of development I expect our work to increase accordingly. ---------- @Flamm netted the 100th rescue when a Novean crashed on Thades, respawned on Alioth, and needed help getting back to their wreck. Nothing spectacular, we've done it less than a hundred times, and we're looking forward to doing it a hundred more! I've noticed a bit of a theme regarding many of our rescues on Thades. It's that the ground always comes up faster than expected. The current diversity of planets makes me hope that NovaQuark has atmospheric phenomena in mind as that will also add to the challenge that is landing on strange planets. I would advise all travelers seek knowledge about the planet they hope to land on before they try and land. Knowledge is power, and your greatest resource to that end is your fellow testers and players. ---------- With a pair of recently announced wipes of the test environment made at the onset of this test, I didn't put in a lot of work in considering how long the the servers were online. While I worked mostly on smaller projects, a majority of my time was dedicated to organization related activity outside the test. Our Discord server saw a few changes and some fresh faces. The main change that was made was the addition of an On Call role that rescuers can freely apply to themselves should they wish to be pinged for every rescue that comes in. I hope that this takes at least some of the weight off of rescuers that are in direct vicinity should they be unable to. Other changes include a non-member #guest-nda channel for non-organization members with NDA access. Additionally, some helpful content under the Welcome to E&E section has been made available for members, non-members, and future members alike. This is meant to smoothen out a potential new members introduction to Eyes & Ears with instructions on the application process and more in-depth details and processes on what each member role does. Much of my offline work will be focusing on adding more member roles and content to this section in the time to come. As for those new members I mentioned earlier, welcome to the team the following players: @Endstar - Rescuer @Rastaban - Rescuer, Pilot, Programmer Also, a warm welcome to our newest affiliate: @Metric and the organization - Cobra Tec They will be assisting us with market information in Dual Universe with a project that is currently in its beta. Feel free to contact them for more details. We're happy to welcome our new members and affiliates to the team and are eager to see all they bring to the table! Finally, Eyes & Ears is lining up to present two of its members ships representing our organization at the Alioth Aerospace Expo which will be going from the 1st to the 3rd of May. I'm looking forward to seeing the communities works, I don't get out and sightseeing much, so this presents a welcome time to do so! ---------- That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  8. I'd like to attend the Alioth Aerospace Expo

  9. Hey dude, good luck out there and congrats on the promotion! If Lord JC allows it, we're all still kicking it in the DU discord so feel free to stop by and bump shoulders. 🐲
  10. Weekly Update - April 13th - 2020 Four rescues this weekend makes 40 rescues for Alpha 3, and 96 overall. ---------- After a quiet first day, @CesareBorgia and a friend found themselves stuck on a planet without a ship after a series of mishaps for these new stellar explorers. It started with a trip to Madis that ended in a crash. One friend went to get the other, and they crashed again on Thades during their return trip home. Regardless of their streak of bad luck, I was available to fly them both to Thades, gave them a few tips on landing, and even utilized the orbit mechanics to show off the destructive beauty that is the ringed planet. Saturday was also quiet, until late in the day when @DeVuono accidentally respawned on Alioth and needed a quick flight up to lunar orbit where their ship was waiting for them. On Sunday, Haunty assisted @IEYESI and @SirRichardTheFirst on separate trips to their crashed constructs on Alioth and Madis. ---------- Concrete is the bane of my existence currently. I won't go into explicit detail why since it's probably covered by NDA, but if you have concrete building material, then you have my attention. This material is forming the foundation that the structure will be built upon, and with a few kind donations from some of the organizations members, we're about 55% of the way done with the first core. I don't know what this says about the future, but lets just say that I'm not all that interested in the industrial segment as much as I was in Alpha 2. Nothing too interesting happened between the mining and crafting while the rescuing provided the only breaks I had in the process. Evidently, it's getting more difficult as far as time is involved. The (industrial) process itself is largely still the same motions, its the time and effort being put into those motions that's starting to drive my boredom with my whole endeavor. Don't let this dissuade anyone from the single player aspect, but what was a day long job so to speak, well, not so anymore. It got me thinking about release, and finally having more people to fill those unwanted roles that I don't want to fill myself. I already have my niche, how about you? That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  11. Ayyyyy, I was wondering if you were interested in doing another breakdown of organizations by members like you did in this previous thread. 😄



  12. Wait... if you already have the PC, why do you need the money... Unless you don't have the PC, in which case, why say you have a better PC? 🤔
  13. A security officer at an OK casino. Probably not as exciting as Vegas, but I'd bet you've still seen some stuff... 🤔
  14. Weekly Update - April 6th - 2020 Seven rescues were performed during this test, that's 36 rescues for Alpha 3, and 92 overall. ---------- With some of the more formal details laid out, initial progress for the new base was sporadic, but lets get through some of those rescues first! Ardes started after @Rabbyte who was flying towards Teoma and in need of some space fuel. With a bit of work, they tried to make things happen at 6,000 km/h but things proved too difficult so they ended up stopping to make the transfer for rescue 86. Perhaps taking a friend will help next time? I had put in a little work for rescues 88 and 89 transporting @emoticomp and @facemywrath to their wrecked ships, the former of which went splat on Moon 1 on their first journey out into space. The latter meanwhile burned up while trying to leave the atmosphere. Friction burns are no fun, so remember to keep a reasonable speed until you get into space. Spiridon meanwhile flew 80 SU from Lacobus to help a Novean with another empty space tank to cap rescue 91. Finally, a big welcome to our newest members! @WolfPilot - Dispatch, Rescuer, Dedicated Pilot @LosNopales - Rescuer ---------- As previously mentioned, the initial ground work for our Alpha 3 base has just wrapped up with the conclusion of this test. Most needed industrial units have been created and the cores are all in place, you could say that we've done groundbreaking and emptied that first shovel of dirt. Since most of my activities were spent between industry, core alignment, and even a few rescues, my activity is again fairly thin in detail. With the new base ready to take shape, I've started thinking about Eyes & Ears next meeting. The main topic of discussion will be in regards to the current 911 communication system we have set up and have been working with since the organizations founding. As I'm sure many testers know about it, but for everyone that walks away from the marketplaces, I'm sure you've seen a few organizations advertisement boards. Some of them are complex and give you lots of information, but ours is just a simple screen telling people how /join 911 works if you ever need help, and how to join our Discord server. Since we're not always paying attention to global chat or even discord, the 911 chat gives players a focused space to go if they ever need crash or run out of fuel (or any litany of problems that don't need a game mod) and need direct support from players willing to help. With the way things are currently set up, however, our attention isn't always focused on that channel. Our members are members of other organizations, we're doing other things, so we might not always know when a problem comes up. This is unacceptable. When the appropriate time comes, I'll create a thread for community discussion and have a meeting with the rest of the team on this topic. Depending on what NovaQuark does in the future, this may not even be needed, but for now it seems like a good stopgap measure. More details on that later. That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  15. Weekly Update - March 30th - 2020 With the current global outbreak going on, the four day test that started on the 19th of March was extended into an eleven-day test to help testers cope with being stuck in their homes. We'd like to thank the team at NovaQuark (who is now working remotely) for making this happen. A/N: A prior test slated for March 12th was canceled due to server issues, see the afore linked news article for details. Fourteen rescues were performed during the course of this test. This brings us to 29 rescues for Alpha 3, and 85 rescues overall. --------- My fingers and wrists hurt from all the playtime so here's a handful of the rescues that happened: 72: @Shakini was the first rescue of the test, they ended up crashing on Alioth and needed assistance in getting back to a friend. 73: On multi-hour journeys between planets, some players like to AFK, be it doing some chores, taking a nap, or even sleeping overnight. @Sinister was AFK on their way to Teoma and I forget if they were sleeping or got held up, but they ended up overshooting the planet by 267 SU. Without enough fuel to get up to a reasonable speed, Spiridon flew out to resupply them. 75: @LosNopales crashed on Teoma and had an accident with their resurrection node so they were respawned back on Alioth. Unable to get back into space, I flew out to pick them up and fly them to another one of their constructs in space near Teoma. 80: @enderfish crashed a ship on Symeon and respawned back on Alioth but was stuck without fuel. Haunty assisted them with their fuel needs before they flew off to Symeon in another ship for a second attempt. 84: @Assar246 also had some trouble with their resurrection node. I picked them up and flew them to their outpost on Alioth where a friend was waiting. On the way there we discussed how they got into that situation (as I do with every rescue so I can describe it for all of you here ) and they had mentioned crashing one of their constructs while going in for a landing at their outpost. The structure they're building was mostly scaffolding that didn't appear until it was too late to take evasive action. We landed and I ran around for a while, somewhat impressed with the amount of industry these two players had set up. Lots of time mining I bet, or just working with a certain organization I don't remember being mentioned, most likely the latter if I recall correctly. If its the former, I commend them, that's gumption. After being assured everything was under control, I bid them safe flying and was about to fly off when, you guessed it. I clipped a corner of their construct, spun out, and did a controlled crash. I wasn't high nor fast so everything was fine. I was sure to fly around and not over the second time around. A big thanks to everyone who participated! @Ardes - 4 DarkHorizon - 3 @Haunty - 3 @Virtual - 2 @Dr Rhubarb - 1 @Spiridon - 1 Also, a big welcome to @RulerOfCats, a new rescuer and programmer. ---------- Sadly, I don't have much to say on my personal activities this go-around. Half of the time was spent waiting on the Empire's bureaucracy while the other half was spent playing hurry up and wait on industry. With the cleansing of static constructs, the previous base for Eyes & Ears among them, I'm taking this opportunity to start anew. With the Alpha 2 version looking more like an outpost, with storage for one medium and one small construct along with various human amenities. At the bottom was an all business storage room, nothing special. One floor up was an employee lounge with cooking facilities, a table for six, lockers for ten, beds for two, and a small entertainment area with a fully fledged bathroom facility. The dispatch center was right above which could be manned by four people to manage incoming calls and keep track of ongoing missions and rescuer locations. Finally the top floor featured the directors room which I made to feel more like that corner office every new intern wants. Fancy desk, fancy chairs, big screen tv, comfy couch, a rug, a couple of plants, and a wood floor. In front of the desk along the outer wall were windows offering a view of the marketplace where I watched many players take off and land from. Behind the desk was another set of windows which offered a lookout at the garage space below with a... I'm watching over you sort of vibe. 😒 I had hosted two in-game meetings in this room and utilized several in-game elements for some visual displays while we spoke over in our Discord server. The first meeting back in October had some great in-game participation. While some players were too far to attend, I think at least four players were local in our morning session while only two were local in the afternoon session. In these meetings we discussed a few ideas, one chiefly among them, was how to go about a few features and changes to our website. To make these meetings worth peoples while, I go into them with an itinerary of questions and things I'd like to discuss. Partly so I know what to talk about, partly because I hated school presentations in front of the class, never did like that. The Alpha 3 base will be created in the Empire's new city, Aevitas, and built upon three cores. The basic design is going off an idea someone else bestowed and I'll make a few edits where I think necessary. For those of you that remember that black cube back at District one, well, I'll try a little harder this time. I'm still in the initial phases, haven't even laid the cores down. Is your organization creating a city? Perhaps I can be swayed elsewhere, feel free to PM me (Discord works best, find me in the official DU server) and we can discuss things. 😁 ---------- We're only 15 rescues away from 100. I should probably look for a picture to post like I did for 50... That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
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