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  1. Weekly Update - March 30th - 2020 With the current global outbreak going on, the four day test that started on the 19th of March was extended into an eleven-day test to help testers cope with being stuck in their homes. We'd like to thank the team at NovaQuark (who is now working remotely) for making this happen. A/N: A prior test slated for March 12th was canceled due to server issues, see the afore linked news article for details. Fourteen rescues were performed during the course of this test. This brings us to 29 rescues for Alpha 3, and 85 rescues overall. --------- My fingers and wrists hurt from all the playtime so here's a handful of the rescues that happened: 72: @Shakini was the first rescue of the test, they ended up crashing on Alioth and needed assistance in getting back to a friend. 73: On multi-hour journeys between planets, some players like to AFK, be it doing some chores, taking a nap, or even sleeping overnight. @Sinister was AFK on their way to Teoma and I forget if they were sleeping or got held up, but they ended up overshooting the planet by 267 SU. Without enough fuel to get up to a reasonable speed, Spiridon flew out to resupply them. 75: @LosNopales crashed on Teoma and had an accident with their resurrection node so they were respawned back on Alioth. Unable to get back into space, I flew out to pick them up and fly them to another one of their constructs in space near Teoma. 80: @enderfish crashed a ship on Symeon and respawned back on Alioth but was stuck without fuel. Haunty assisted them with their fuel needs before they flew off to Symeon in another ship for a second attempt. 84: @Assar246 also had some trouble with their resurrection node. I picked them up and flew them to their outpost on Alioth where a friend was waiting. On the way there we discussed how they got into that situation (as I do with every rescue so I can describe it for all of you here ) and they had mentioned crashing one of their constructs while going in for a landing at their outpost. The structure they're building was mostly scaffolding that didn't appear until it was too late to take evasive action. We landed and I ran around for a while, somewhat impressed with the amount of industry these two players had set up. Lots of time mining I bet, or just working with a certain organization I don't remember being mentioned, most likely the latter if I recall correctly. If its the former, I commend them, that's gumption. After being assured everything was under control, I bid them safe flying and was about to fly off when, you guessed it. I clipped a corner of their construct, spun out, and did a controlled crash. I wasn't high nor fast so everything was fine. I was sure to fly around and not over the second time around. A big thanks to everyone who participated! @Ardes - 4 DarkHorizon - 3 @Haunty - 3 @Virtual - 2 @Dr Rhubarb - 1 @Spiridon - 1 Also, a big welcome to @RulerOfCats, a new rescuer and programmer. ---------- Sadly, I don't have much to say on my personal activities this go-around. Half of the time was spent waiting on the Empire's bureaucracy while the other half was spent playing hurry up and wait on industry. With the cleansing of static constructs, the previous base for Eyes & Ears among them, I'm taking this opportunity to start anew. With the Alpha 2 version looking more like an outpost, with storage for one medium and one small construct along with various human amenities. At the bottom was an all business storage room, nothing special. One floor up was an employee lounge with cooking facilities, a table for six, lockers for ten, beds for two, and a small entertainment area with a fully fledged bathroom facility. The dispatch center was right above which could be manned by four people to manage incoming calls and keep track of ongoing missions and rescuer locations. Finally the top floor featured the directors room which I made to feel more like that corner office every new intern wants. Fancy desk, fancy chairs, big screen tv, comfy couch, a rug, a couple of plants, and a wood floor. In front of the desk along the outer wall were windows offering a view of the marketplace where I watched many players take off and land from. Behind the desk was another set of windows which offered a lookout at the garage space below with a... I'm watching over you sort of vibe. 😒 I had hosted two in-game meetings in this room and utilized several in-game elements for some visual displays while we spoke over in our Discord server. The first meeting back in October had some great in-game participation. While some players were too far to attend, I think at least four players were local in our morning session while only two were local in the afternoon session. In these meetings we discussed a few ideas, one chiefly among them, was how to go about a few features and changes to our website. To make these meetings worth peoples while, I go into them with an itinerary of questions and things I'd like to discuss. Partly so I know what to talk about, partly because I hated school presentations in front of the class, never did like that. The Alpha 3 base will be created in the Empire's new city, Aevitas, and built upon three cores. The basic design is going off an idea someone else bestowed and I'll make a few edits where I think necessary. For those of you that remember that black cube back at District one, well, I'll try a little harder this time. I'm still in the initial phases, haven't even laid the cores down. Is your organization creating a city? Perhaps I can be swayed elsewhere, feel free to PM me (Discord works best, find me in the official DU server) and we can discuss things. 😁 ---------- We're only 15 rescues away from 100. I should probably look for a picture to post like I did for 50... That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  2. I don't... *complex math appears around head* I don't think we want a community that's bad like that. A warm welcome from the resident DAC dragon. 🐲 My exploits are many and cute.
  3. Weekly Update - March 3rd - 2020 Due to illness and transplanting my desktop into a new case, I haven't exactly been on par with my usual post-updates so lets catch up a little bit! The only rescues made between January 13th and the start of this most recent test would have been included in a February 8th update. All other tests were either too short due to the deployment of Alpha 3 and did not merit an update due to their lack of content, or NovaQuark had simply scheduled the weekend off. The first four rescues of Alpha 3 were made during a 48 hour February test. That's 60 rescues overall. Eleven rescues were made over the recent 11 day test, that's 15 rescues for Alpha 3 and 71 rescues overall. --------- With the introduction of Alpha 3 and all the changes it brought along, to say that there weren't at least a few stuck people would have been an understatement. While some were picked up by friends, I was able to assist two players who had the unfortunate luck of respawning at the default debugging location North Pole on Alioth. With my branded E&E rescue craft out of order due to coding (I'll touch on this later) I jumped into my modified speeder while people were picking themselves up at the districts. @Hyro was the first to call in which prompted the trip. Upon landing in that location I decided to do some quick landscaping to return things to a pre-Alpha-3 state. In this time a few more people spawned in but most were able to be picked up by friends or were able to utilize testing tools to get them out of their predicaments. With no one else spawning in after a short wait, I dropped them off at their base and rescue 57 was locked. @Wyndle was stuck up in the space above Alioth and needed a resupply of fuel. I don't know what happened afterwards but they said that less than a quarter tank of fuel would satisfy their ability to get back to the surface. I didn't receive any calls afterwards so I assume they landed safely! @maxamized would assist @RJ on Alioth with a fuel resupply and score rescue 59. @Flamm netted rescue 60. @WhiteMEat sure does seem to get in a lot of trouble, with three recorded rescues in our logs, they've currently secured the number one spot for most times rescued. Looking at the logs, fuel and scrap were delivered. Was this another bad re-entry or did you crash into a tree? ---------- The 11 day "super test" as it's been called was a fairly active test for some of Eyes & Ears members. Props to the following members for their activities: @Ardes - 5 rescues @VirtualFPV - 4 rescues - Congrats on your first rescues @Akropolis112 - 1 rescue - Congrats on your first rescue @Flamm - 1 rescue @Fechi92 also provided us with some feedback on our Stats & Stories page, here's what they had to say: ---------- So... about those code issues I had mentioned earlier... Don't count on the game holding your info, save it to a file on your local drive. Unfortunately when I upgraded from an Intel 67k to an AMD 37x plus a new motherboard, all my drives corrupted. All my DU replays that I like to look back fondly on, even from the very first tests, those were salvageable for the most part. Of video data specifically, I think about 200gb was lost alongside... 50gb of other data; desktop items, youtube videos, music, pictures, games. As it would turn out, the X570 Aorus Pro Wifi motherboard when paired with a Ryzen 3700x CPU, was a bad combination. I think it was a Hardware Unboxed video I saw on youtube that had mentioned this irregularity. My issue specifically was a chipset driver that refused to play nice. No other CPU / board combo had any issues so consistently, just this pair. Alpha 3 rolls around and I'm messing around with my code and getting ready to tear down my ship so I can rework everything since it was no longer flyable. I cut the code from the game into a file on notepad, cut-paste-cut-paste-cut-paste-cut-paste-cut-paste-cut-paste-cut-paste, and I'm done in about three minutes. I'm cleaning and organizing the file when a hard shutdown suddenly occurs. I hadn't saved the file and its no longer in the game. Aww shit, here we go again. There wasn't a recovery file so there went my saving grace. While looking through my replays, I saw snippets of code so I'll be going back over those videos to see what I can retrieve sometime between now and the next test. I think next time I'll be saving that sort of stuff in a cloud document... --------- No in-game updates from me since I was pretty much out of action for the entire super test while I was installing my new motherboard, then transplanting all of that into a new case. That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  4. Just keeping this thread alive since it seems like you haven't had much activity here. I know you previously animated a logo for me and my guys, but as it would turn out a few months later, we did a little upgrade as you can see below. If you'd like to re-gif-ify it, that's awesome, but if not then absolutely no problem.
  5. Thanks for the question, indeed, that's very much a scenario that twenty people may not be able to take on in a timely manner. If it ever got that bad then we would more than likely reach out to our affiliates who are working with us to see if they can lend a direct hand in an unofficial logistical capacity. If such can't be achieved, then we'd stagger our resources with community assistance and assign unique IOU's to non-members that assist us which we will seek to return at the next available opportunity should they request it. Why we choose this option is to negate the need to return to restock on supplies (if possible) if we run out in our on-board storage. Not only does it allow for more timely assistance, but it also gets more people involved in a community directed force for the benefit of all. If worse really does come to worst and the outside assistance gets no outside assistance of its own, then people will simply need to wait. Since our objective is to get people up and running to a satisfactory degree so they can get someplace where they can properly repair themselves (especially for the larger vessels), we can't do that without the proper supplies, so why bother showing up empty handed? I hate telling people to hurry up and wait, but many will quickly come to realize that patience is a virtue. Of course, I fully expect more people to be interested in joining this team between now and the next year and a ~half when release comes, so having more hands on deck will most certainly lighten the individual load we all feel. Twenty people is already a fair lot of people in my mind, but when you consider the fact that organizations will probably be the first major wave that goes up and that they'll be looking after their own while the lone stragglers come up a fair bit later. By then I'm confident that Eyes & Ears will have the required infrastructure in place to handle the volume in a reasonable manner. --------- Oh, and for those of you wondering where the updates have been. I haven't been feeling the desire to report on three hour tests and have instead opted to wait for more lengthy tests before bringing you all up to speed again. You won't be waiting long, this upcoming test is slated for 96 hours so an update will be coming sooner than you think!
  6. Maybe not optimal, but have you tried adjusting your browsers settings? I'm pretty sure with most chrome based browsers, you can also increase font size (and everything else) by holding CTRL and pressing + or - to raise or lower the zoom level.
  7. Organizations are being more heavily sewn into the game. The A3 launch brought along extensive changes of which the most perteniant here is deeper RDMS. NQ has released a YouTube video on the subject, you can find it there or skim through the news section for more detail. Sadly this has made the organizations site unusable to an extent but trust in NQ to fix it soon.
  8. I know this is going over my head right now since I haven't played EVE long enough and I'm also ignoring the premise behind the movie War Games, but let me humor this from an ignorant perspective. That sounds like a bad thing from a game developers perspective. So, we all want to win, do we not? If loosing is your thing, blaze your own trail but me, I like winning. Everybody uninstalls the game and therefore wins. Dual Universe is shut down. NovaQuark (theoretically) goes out of business. People loose their jobs. JC's hopes and dreams are destroyed, or at the very least put on hold. None of this sounds good! I've also read some stories about how the game sometimes leaks over into real life and... well, you're doing all of this so you can 'win' in some video game?
  9. Quick point of personnel privilege... - DSA Huh, so someone who made some money comes across a job they don't like dealing with, therefore they purchase the time of someone that likes dealing with that problem, and exchanges their time for money. Sounds kinda like capitalism to me... Those people with the DAC's found people with the blueprints and materials, both sides traded for the things that they wanted all supply and demand like, and went on their merry way. What's the first thing that comes to mind when I think 'capitalism'? Oh, and that whole going from needing 100 people to 10, it's kind of like how farming changed with the advent of technology and the ability to specialize your trade. Food, water, shelter, once you've accounted for the basics, people can afford to branch out. I have space drugs, you have money. I have an exotic alien body, you have money. I have a heat ray, you have a heck of a lot of money (see above flag). People have done worse things for money, much, much worse things that I can't describe on this forum. Your moral implementations aren't as big as they seem. as mentioned previously, Slavary. Someones whos choices are stop playing the game or work for some.. leaving the soul with little to no choice, which is degrading. Not to mention it doesnt benifit any1 if they do stop playing, in the long run. It's a callous model that favours making money rather than immersve game play. like i get that everyone would rather play for free, which makes these Dac the only thing worth.. well anything!! which is why its so broken Slavery won't even be much of an issue in DU. Find something you like and go after it. Someone forces you into submission, log off and play something else for a half hour then log back in. If they don't get bored, respawn and try to avoid those players/org. If you don't have a choice in what you're doing in the game, then are you even playing the game? DAC's are only worth as much value as people give them, if they are worthless (see PLEX) then is it pay2win? See capitalism which I mentioned in reply to the first quote. Do you have any suggestions on what to replace the current subscription / DAC scheme (which sounds fitting in the context of the topic) with? If people pay once then never again, the game will die quicker than it would with a subscription. If they included a premium shop then they would need to keep coming up with new gear (and thus less time spent on the core game) for the shop to keep the money coming in. Maybe in those three months you will have put in enough work to utilize DAC's and resources on the market to actually continue your subscription free of charge. Don't cut yourself short, but nobody is keeping you here either... Game development is fun. Something tells me that the team was just a little too optimistic on that initial schedule though. Oh well, I mean, it's not the first time a set schedule for something has ever been pushed back now right? I'm not saying that making money is the worst thing in the world. As an American, I for one would know that making money is pretty nice. You can buy what you want, travel wherever, enjoy a eight ounce medium steak dinner with fries that don't need ketchup. I like seeing the fruits of my labor. For NovaQuark, that means a game people are interested in playing, a technology successfully implemented into a game which allows that technology to be implemented elsewhere, game designers and developers that get to explore their passions and do what they love... ...So yeah, being a money maker is at least somewhat important here. Since EVE and 50k players is constantly being brought up in the context of this thread, I'm assuming we're talking about concurrent players as represented on the linked website. Since that website updates every half hour by the looks of it, I'm assuming this is players online at any given moment, not any larger metric like day, week, month, etc. Sure, 50,000 unique accounts (unique accounts, not people) might not be much but you're looking through a fairly narrow lens. Consider all the people that might have an account, but just aren't playing at that moment. You can probably step foot in that universe and not meet the same person again for a fair while. There's lots you can do with 50,000 players. Spread them out over a hundred systems, that would be five-hundred players each. Say five planets makes a hundred players per planet. Might not sound like a lot but a hundred people don't even need to be working together to make something fun happen on that one planet. Zooming back out again, that's 500 unique planets and a lot of space in-between. What can you do with all that? And we're not just talking about the same 50k players either, folks are constantly logging in and out, waking up, going to bed, returning from work, leaving for lunch, wiping the babies bottom and so-forth. Again, too narrow of a perspective here folks. EVE is dead, yet they've been alive for over 15 years? Okay, what would you consider not dead? Also, DU isn't your typical shooter. Send unto me these people with their straw hats and pitchforks, I wait for stuff like this! To further this, NQ is only sticking to cosmetics because anything more than that would be pay2win, contrary to the argument that the OP is making where DAC's are concerned. Buying say a weapon that's 10% better with stat xyz for example, now you have a leg up on every other player that doesn't have that weapon, pay2win in it's simplest form, which is why we're sticking to cosmetics. Oh lord, we're getting emotion involved? Okay I'm done, last quote then I'm out. If you're going to inject your emotion into this, well I don't know what you're expecting, but emotion makes people irrational. That underlined bit right there is what the person you were replying to in that quote was referring to. Your condescending nature isn't winning you friends or changing minds.
  10. Weekly Update - January 13th - 2020 Three rescues were made this test, that's 42 rescues for Alpha 2 and 56 rescues overall. ---------- On Friday evening I had heard a distress call from @Driktheviking who, for real life reasons, ran out of fuel on their trip to Sinnen. Lucky for them, I was active on the DU Discord and saw their message. While I hadn't decided to participate in the test (sacrilege, I know!) due to other DU related activities, this proved to be just the push needed. With the rest of the team either offline, not responding, or not as close as I was, I decided to set out with fuel on hand. Having gone to bed earlier in Europe, and nearing Midnight in middle America, I flew the entire way and refueled Dirk's tanks before retiring myself for the night, and considered rescue 54 a lock. Rescue 55 proved a bit interesting where various problems had presented themselves throughout the process. Respawning the day after at the north pole of Alioth, @Melvin requested a rescue to return him to one of his constructs floating up in space. Since this construct was still whiten Alioths gravity, this presented a minor technical problem which required a retrofitting of the rescue craft being used thanks to me committing a mathematical rounding error. We landed back at base to refit and this is where problems started occurring. I won't go into any detail about these issues in particular, but it was enough for Melvin to summon a squad-mate of theirs to pick them up. After a bit of bug testing by all three of us, I had a small list of things to submit to support by the tests end. Haunty set out from Alioth to assist @Develon who ended up stuck in space a little over 100 SU from Alioth. Their refueling wrapped up rescue 56. ---------- Minor progress was made on the fuel transporter this go around, alpha 3 being most of the reasoning but my lack of creativity the other. Both side rows of fuel tanks have been removed since I don't yet know how I want to integrate those into the construct. The more I think about it the more I'm considering splitting this construct up into a handful of different types. The smallest variant retains only the bridge and top level small construct bay. It's purpose simply being the transport of the smaller construct and a minor contingent of crew. The second variant, which I have currently reverted to, is a compressed version of the fuel transport I initially intended to design. Capable of carrying half the fuel of the extended version, this is a lighter dual purpose craft made to serve multiple light to a single medium craft. Since this variant still features the small construct bay up top, an alternate will also be created which either removes this bay outright (and henceforth becomes the first outlined variant above), or serves as additional fuel storage. The expanded version I initially intended to create, again, doubles the fuel storage of the compacted variant and is intended to serve small fleets or a light warship. I think further major work will be put on hold until Alpha 3 comes out, which I'm being led to believe shouldn't be long now. For the time being, all that's really being done is adding elements, I'm fairly content with the hull design as is and don't anticipate too many changes going forward for now. The bridge looks plain yet modest, all it needs now is coloring, a bit of fancy Lua and some more buttons to press, a lot more! Now, if I was allowed to publicly say what I thought the future held, this would probably be a bit longer, but since I'm not sure if I'm allowed to discuss such, I'll just leave it off the table until then. You'll probably get further details news once more Alpha 3 news is publicly available. ---------- That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  11. Yes, as a matter of fact we're always hiring. If you're looking to join, feel free to scroll through the positions we have currently available, then both fill out the google forum in the description tab on the community site, and submit an application.
  12. The game isn't online currently. The server is only online during specific periods and not 24/7, we actually just wrapped up our rather lengthy holiday test so @Atheos you in particular just missed testing. Don't worry, the next test will come up again on the 9th. https://www.dualthegame.com/en/server-status/
  13. 50 Rescues - Weekly Update - December 30th - 2019 8 rescues were made over the past eleven days since holiday testing began on the 19th. That makes 39 rescues since Alpha 2 started, and 53 rescues since Alpha 1. We hit our late goal of rounding out 2019 with 50 recorded rescues which, in my opinion, is pretty darn incredible. We're only a small team of do-gooders helping people out in the testing phase. Having come this far off of people getting stuck out in deep space, burning up on re-entry (haven't had a lot of these rescues surprisingly), or simply being re-spawned somewhere they shouldn't have and needing a lift to more familiar territory. For the most part, these random or unexpected accidents are just a small start. I think after PVP comes out we'll be seeing a lot more requests for assistance. Don't worry folks, we'll be there. ---------- As for rescues, @Armedwithwings was our first rescue of the test by Haunty with a simple pickup on Alioth and a return to their base and a lock on rescue 46. I would take care of rescues 47 and 48. A recently placed structure at a NQ designated respawn point proved useful when @ilodev sent out a call for help. I flew over and we were just about to take off again when @RJ respawned as well. After hearing their stories about how they were both doing their respective thing before a bug got in the way of their activities and respawned them, I dropped both off at their desired points on Alioth. Rok would pick up @Brahmnz the very next day at the same spot. Ardes provided @BaileyVandenbroek with some fuel and building advice. No doubt it proved useful and scored rescue 50. On Christmas day Ardes would meet up with @Jack_Blade who crashed underwater. Sounds like someones soft water landing didn't go as expected, luckily Christmas miracles do come true. While on Symeon, Rok assisted @vihalvor with a repair and rescue 52. Finally, rescue 53 happened out in space near Symeon where Rok supplied @Protius with some fuel and netted rescue 53. --------- No major updates on my end. My new hardware didn't exactly play nice in the days after the previous update. Without boring you with the detail, everything culminated in the corruption of about 2 terabytes worth of video recordings I've done of my testing since alpha 1. I'm recovering what I can but I'll just try and be positive and think it no big loss. That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  14. If you use xsplit gamecaster for recording and streaming your gaming footage, they got a promotion out right now, feel free to check it out if you haven't already. I think the only way you'll beable to get this is through their newsletter. If you're already signed up, check your email, search 'Xsplit". If you're not signed up, consider doing so and you might get an email. The promotion should be wrapping up sometime in the new year so you should have at least the next two weeks assured. https://www.xsplit.com/blog/claim-your-founders-license-now-for-free-xsplit-gamecaster-for-life 'Free' is my second favorite word for all you wondering.
  15. Weekly Update - December 16th Four rescues were made during the past test, that makes 31 rescues for Alpha 2 and 45 overall. ---------- @maxamized started out strong and notched his first rescue early Friday morning by running some scrap out to @Reaper07 on Alioth. @Dr Rhubarb also scored their first rescue after 283 days in the organization. A lack of being in the right place at the right time both in-game and in real life made his first rescue so elusive. Nonetheless, he was able to aid @Context with what our logs say is a "full ship repair". Not sure how big, but I hope the service was appreciated! Haunty came to @Erquilenne's aid on Sicari with a resupply of fuel on Sicari. Finally, maxamized rounded out the rescues this period with another fuel run to @TheMaGoth on Alioth. The first three rescues were notably in a span of only six hours, more or less with me being totally stuck at work thanks to a change in scheduling. I will say that I was quite happy to turn up during my lunch hour to see the team had handled themselves well during my absence. While this is more or less all individual work, I hope that this is a trend that can continue into the future as the organization and team grows and develops. ---------- This is another short and frank update since it's late in the day for me and I wasn't able to attend testing over the weekend due to some conflicts between my old and new hardware (think it's RAM), hopefully that will be resolved soon though! That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
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