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  1. DarkHorizon


    I like sand castles, they're easily destroyed come high tide. πŸ€” I can already imagine checkerboard ships. Blast a hole in one and a few voxels disappear while a few remain, just hovering there. If you want to make an actual hole, you'd have to hit them with another weapon, essentially requiring two hits on one spot if your weapons are single purpose.
  2. An off topic idea, but I imagine larger capital class transport ships moving smaller non-ftl ships around, especially in the early days when it might be only available to the groups that can put in the funding and resources, etc, since I feel that the first version of such tech will be quite large and not fit for players personal ships. Only after the tech has been expanded upon and potentially shrunk down (if that's the case, only my minds conjecture) would it be more readily available for one man armies. A fun thought to ponder, carry on.
  3. Much of it probably came from previous tests or the creative testing from as early as September of last year. If not that, then a day or two mining. Once you learn the basics, you can get quite a bit done in a short timeframe. Of course, that's also if you know what valuable ores to look for. Hint hint, they're deeper down, and even more valued ores are not on Alioth. Welcome to DU, I'm sure you'll find plenty of gamer gals to fit in with. Heck, you never know, there might even be an org already... πŸ€”
  4. DarkHorizon

    Survival Mechanics

    *standing ovation* In all seriousness though, I didn't sign up to play a space simulator. Maybe if you want to include food for buffs and that sort of thing, sure, but actual survival mechanics... I want my 500 back if that's the case.
  5. DarkHorizon


    Not hardly, I do know that I'll have a google play playlist running in the background. Separate playlists for high energy, chillax, etc. As for the OP, I'm certain while this would be awesome in concept, in practice the devs would probably have to go through the soundtrack to make sure it doesn't contain things that they don't like. While I'd love for a custom alarm sound, the amount of content that would be submitted for review would become just too much at some point as more players join the game.
  6. Seeing how this is your first post, welcome to the community! If you're into racing, might I suggest checking out DICE? They were originally founded on the premise of racing but have expanded to gaming in general. That image, might I also add that it reminded me of something similar to this? πŸ™ƒ
  7. Today, Lord JC hosted an Ask Me Anything event in the official community discord. Below is a transcript of the questions and answers for those of you that missed it. πŸ”” ----- NQ-SophonToday at 11:01 AM hi guys! This is JC, the creative director of Dual Universe! Just wanted to come here and spend a moment with you, to celebrate the fact we now have an official discord! NQ-SophonToday at 11:03 AM hey, no big announcement today, but a chance to chat, so let's go! I met some of you guys at Gamescom but I wanted to have the opportunity to talk to all of you guys online NQ-SophonToday at 11:05 AM a huge thank you to the community and the discord moderators too, by the way! This discord is just amazing! [N.C.] ZerroxToday at 11:05 AM What about Alpha 1 starting in november, will you be able to stick to the roadmap? Timing wise? NQ-SophonToday at 11:06 AM @[N.C.] Zerrox so far, we are on track for the alpha in the second half of November, as planned DreamcatcherToday at 11:04 AM Well always bugged me, how long did it take for you guys to build that giant space station above alioth πŸ˜ƒ NQ-SophonToday at 11:06 AM @Dreamcatcher a long time! ZetamanToday at 11:07 AM can you tell us if it will be along the same format as pre alpha or will the sessions be longer? NQ-SophonToday at 11:09 AM @Zetaman no big changes in the access times so far, expect still the usual weekly access vonboyToday at 11:07 AM What's some random bug that's made you laugh out loud the most at it happening? NQ-SophonToday at 11:10 AM @vonboy no bug makes me laugh πŸ˜ƒ [N.C.] ZerroxToday at 11:08 AM Short question: What happened to the group picture we took at the gamescom meetup? I really wanna have a copy of that! NQ-SophonToday at 11:12 AM @[N.C.] Zerrox we... lost the camera in the train. Sorry about that, no pic! [HYP] z0KngToday at 11:10 AM Are Astreoids planned in deep space? And if so will they have ressources? NQ-SophonToday at 11:14 AM @[HYP] z0Kng too soon for the asteroids in Nov, but definitely will be a thing at some point. Well actually, there are some asteroids already around Thades, but nothing to mine yet. Mascβ„’ of AvacynToday at 11:12 AM @NQ-Sophon Hey JC, is there any plans for collision physics in space? (ships colliding with each other and causing voxel destruction, etc) NQ-SophonToday at 11:16 AM @Mascβ„’ of Avacyn no destructive collision is planned. This would lead to problematic gameplay side effects. AgecomToday at 11:12 AM Is it going to be possible to create his own currency? NQ-SophonToday at 11:17 AM @Agecom no, there is only one official currency (quanta). Stabilizing a currency that would work for commerce would be to slow a process otherwise, and we need a fully functional economy right from the start. NQ-SophonToday at 11:20 AM about PvP: it's a bit too soon to go into details, we are working on the precise game mechanics. [HYP] SkeletmasterToday at 11:18 AM what can you say about that we get in the near future except from crafting NQ-SophonToday at 11:22 AM @[HYP] Skeletmaster the crafting will most likely come as a first iteration that "gets the job done", but it still far from the integrated gameplay we have in mind. hdparmToday at 11:19 AM @JC some players are investigating atmospheric drag. Does DU use this equation https://www.grc.nasa.gov/www/k-12/airplane/drageq.html , or some other? NQ-SophonToday at 11:23 AM @hdparm we use both quadratic and linear drag, but otherwise yes, it's based on this equation (for the quadratic side at least) Einu VeiToday at 11:19 AM @NQ-Sophon Will market units be synchronised with a central system/cache of resources, or will each one have an individual storage limit and market forces dictated by that storage limit? NQ-SophonToday at 11:24 AM @Einu Vei markets will have their own containers attached, so how much you can trade on them will depend on the aggregated size of these containers wakamaToday at 11:21 AM Is ground combat actually going to be a thing to for example take over zones on planets? NQ-SophonToday at 11:25 AM @wakama yes, territory units will be attackable, if they are not deployed at a safe zone/sanctuary moon. [N.C] Infinite GamerToday at 11:17 AM so what are the main goals you are hoping to achieve by Alpha 1? NQ-SophonToday at 11:28 AM @[N.C] Infinite Gamer so far, the development is on check, but we can NEVER be sure there will be no unforeseen problem, because we are doing very innovative stuffs. ChronoToday at 11:25 AM will be there tool for mining that help to find ores over 400m ? or tool crafting for mining ? NQ-SophonToday at 11:28 AM @Chrono yes, there will be more tools for mining added, at least ways to inform you better about what's in a given region. Einu VeiToday at 11:26 AM @NQ-Sophon Does that mean the prices of those items will vary from market unit to market unit, depending on how much is stored in the containers, or will the market price system be centralised while the inventory system is distributed, aka a hybrid system?(edited) NQ-SophonToday at 11:30 AM @Einu Vei the market system is very similar to Eve Online, so no fixed prices, and local market equilibrium are possible wakamaToday at 11:26 AM Also if all players spawn at one planet how will you make sure the terrain won’t end up totally messed up. Will it respawn or something? NQ-SophonToday at 11:30 AM @wakama the areas around the Arkship spawn point will not be editable (up to a distance we are still discussing) [N.C.] ZerroxToday at 11:27 AM @NQ-Sophon , will there be renewable energy? Can you make a base self-sufficient? NQ-SophonToday at 11:31 AM @[N.C.] Zerrox too soon to talk about energy, but energy will be a thing, yes DestrinToday at 11:29 AM @NQ-Sophon any ETA on anti-grav NQ-SophonToday at 11:32 AM @Destrin antigrav for Alpha! [HYP] meigrafdToday at 11:31 AM JC when your planning to add organisations into the game itself? NQ-SophonToday at 11:33 AM @[HYP] meigrafd https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/08/08/release-roadmap-alpha-launch-announcement/ hdparmToday at 11:32 AM @NQ-Sophon last week's patch broke a few lua scripts (due to some functions being moved from one element to another). In the future, could changes like these be announced in advance, so that we can prepare our scripts before the test? NQ-SophonToday at 11:35 AM @hdparm sorry about the LUA change, it should not really happen again, or else we will add a retrocompatibility layer. We mostly add stuff now. CostaniusToday at 11:30 AM @NQ-Sophon JC, what tech or feature or accomplishment are You especially proud of so far? NQ-SophonToday at 11:36 AM @Costanius I'm extremely proud of our server tech and voxel tech, and especially proud of our team! [HYP] meigrafdToday at 11:36 AM JC how tall is the chance to get any kind of move-/rotate- able elements controlled over lua, after release? NQ-SophonToday at 11:38 AM @[HYP] meigrafd I would love to, but it won't happen for now, definitely not in alpha NQ-SophonToday at 11:39 AM guys, let's take a last question, as I've got to go for today! [PRF] MegadddToday at 11:40 AM @JC I've seen what happens to Minecraft servers with populations of 100-200 people where they are allowed to excavate everything. Absolutely every surface feature is decimated for kilometers from the starting area within weeks. It is conservative to say the DU launch will be orders of magnitude more populated, and mining in DU is much more powerful than in minecraft. Will you implement automatic surface restoration (erosion) algorithms? Suffice to say natural terrain that looks like it was carpet bombed everywhere would not be pleasing new player experience. NQ-SophonToday at 11:42 AM @[PRF] Megaddd it's still in discussion, but we certainly don't want "ore fountains" that are infinite sources of wealth. And damage done to the surface of the planet should be minimal as most ore are deep underground. But we need to test this, and probably come up with many ideas to make it work! NQ-SophonToday at 11:43 AM that's it guys! It was great exchanging with you today! NQ-SophonToday at 11:43 AM Thanks everyone!
  8. DarkHorizon

    Upgrade Silver Founder

    Glad I backed ruby during the post kickstarter round, this all sounds like a hot mess. o_o
  9. Pretty much me, the only differences were that I was swearing off kickstarter after having been duped one to many times and was taking a final look around. Just the kickstarter content alone got me hyped, throw in a bit of imagination and I wanted to back at the ruby level. Didn't have the money at the time and it was still a kickstarter thing, so I flew off with iron. Upgraded to ruby over four months or so after the post kickstarter packs went live. To answer the OP: What attracted you to Dual Universe: I wanted to get into EVE, but after hearing all the stories about turncoats, backstabbing, etc, I just lost interest. Of course, I was also a broke teenager at the time too so there was that. I've always been interested in space since I was a kid, and while destruction is my thing (reference Red Faction Guerrilla), building my own vehicles, ships, and structures seemed very intriguing. It was something I'd secretly always wanted to do but was really never given the chance to do so. What inspired you to become about of this fabulous growing community: I've never played a true MMO before so being a part of an actual gaming community where you can meet other players is a pretty new experience for me. What do you hope to accomplish in this community: I'm still trying to sort this out but reference the above answer. I guess I'm already pretty far being a moderator of the community discord so... πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Any sort of in game goals you have: I'd like to progress with my two rescue and monument based organizations, but those really require an actual game before much of anything can happen.
  10. DarkHorizon


    Don't remind me of our lack of destruction physics. 😞
  11. DarkHorizon

    General Relativistic Time

    I'm just going off of movie knowledge so I could be pretty wrong on this. As I understand it, the faster you go then the slower time moves for you. Say a minute at light speed takes an hour from that perception while a minute for someone not at light speed takes... a minute. I'm not at all sure how we would implement this in the game or if it would be something like EVEs 'time dilation' which, isn't that something we're trying to avoid here?
  12. DarkHorizon


    I've read the topic plenty and actually have that open in a tab already. I know those answers because the topic has been torn apart already, please don't fault me for simply replying to something that 0something0 had brought up. 😬
  13. DarkHorizon

    Random Events

    Don't forget that we still have these.
  14. DarkHorizon


    You think it would be the other way around since everybody has a nanoformer my default and specialized machines would be able to get at the truly good stuff. Of course you can change this by incorporating certain technologies that need to be researched, but that's for another topic entirely.
  15. DarkHorizon

    Feedback on the Official Discord FAQ

    Great, I'll let Yama speak for himself. While it's impossible for me to help in this particular regard, I'm more than happy to help others with their concerns about the bot in the meantime.