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  1. Are you excited?!

    I don't know what to be excited about so I'll just say that 'I'm excited about everything'.
  2. Discussion about sky graphics

    Clouds with volume and three dimensions would be nice, but as the two above me stated, let's work on the foundation first before working our way up.
  3. Unofficial Community Discord

    Another giveaway is being hosted, Stellaris is the prize this time around. The giveaway is currently running and you have until the 21st at Noon UTC to enter. Details on how to enter can be found on the discord under the #announcements channel. Good luck! o7
  4. Unofficial Community Discord

    That giveaway for the PBUG game code will be wrapping up soon at noon UTC. Check #announcements for the details!
  5. PvP System

    Discovered, as in created by the players or already assembled and/or being permanently secured like the one around the current and future Arkships?
  6. Unofficial Community Discord

    Hey guys, the staff is running a giveaway of a PUBG game code. Everyone is free to join in, the details are in the #announcements channel.
  7. Space music

    I'll insert this mix from rebel galaxy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9pnDLoWfS8&list=PL_GnpgyvCyc7Ww0PxJyP8NqC9r1lB-Ine
  8. Just a friendly bump since today is the last day of voting in case anyone has missed out thus far!
  9. Show your desktop (and specs)

    Hmm, I had it hosted straight from my onedrive... Oh well, should be visible and stay visible now!
  10. Massively OP is running a poll on what MMO game people think was the best from 2017 and Dual Universe happens to be on that list. Show your support for DU and cast your vote! Wow you guys, in just over three hours, we've gone from the bottom third with 2% of the vote (14 votes) to second place with 24% of the vote (269 votes)!! Give NQ an awesome and well-deserved christmas present! Seven hours and we got the lead, now we just got to hold it so keep spreading the word! Heck, steal your parents/siblings/spouses phone and cast a second vote! Jk don't really vote twice, thanks for the support tho! <3 Ahhh, over 150 votes while I was sleeping, good job everybody. We have a solid 31% of the vote, can we go for a full third of the vote! Keep up the support! Well over six-hundred now, that's awesome! An additional 20 votes came in overnight, merry Christmas NovaQuark? 2,127 votes have been cast thus far and voting ends on the 5th so keep it up! It's been over a week since I last updated this due to the holidays (hope you all enjoyed!) but today is the last day of voting and DU is still in the lead having tacked on over an additional hundred votes since the update on the 25th! Whoot, poll closed with 760 votes! Congrats NQ!
  11. Show your desktop (and specs)

    Suprised this topic doesn't have more hits. Nothings changed from this image except less dust. Waiting for the next cut to lithography then I'll probably upgrade off of this. Love that red color. <3
  12. The Subscription System

    Fewer douchbags is a plus for most anyone.
  13. Reputation Boosting

    Like I said long long ago when I first came around the forums, remove the rep system altogether. Cause reasons...
  14. Single Player?

    Well, earlier on there was a pledge (Ruby) where you could get a lifetime subscription for about one less zero than the value you stated. While that period is over now, you can still pay for the game subscription by doing enough things in the game to pay for your subscription. If you've played EVE online then you would already be familiar with this. Frankly I don't like it either, but like I said earlier, "will I find enough value in this game to deem it worthy of my playtime?", just switch "playtime" with "money" and you'll have your answer. It's kind of like asking if you value the internet and TV enough to pay your cable company for those services. You do value them so you'll pay to receive and use those services. If you don't pay up, well, no internet for you then. It's also like paying for a pizza and pop (or any food and drink). You pay for it, you eat it, it comes out the very next day. Was the flavor, the experience, the atmosphere, the entertainment, the nutrition worth paying for? If not, don't go there again, one star review on yelp, tell all your friends to never go there. How about electricity and sewage? Oh right, monthly fee, you value it so you'll pay for it to be connected to those services. I honestly could go on and while I see your point, it's just not how the world works. Maybe these are bad examples, but like I (and now blaze) have said, if you value it, then you'd understand the need to pay for it. There are people behind this game and, quite frankly, they need this money not only to provide for the game but also themselves.
  15. Single Player?

    Well, you already got one in me and we're still in pre-alpha. Give it enough time, they'll come. Maybe consider looking through the organizations and joining up with some like-minded folks that seem to fit your ideals. If you're looking for commadere , you'll definitely find it in an org.