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  1. I should post here a little more often. Thanks to NQ for clarifying the necro rule on org-registry threads! Well we're now just over one solid month into Alpha 2. I think it's high time to do a quick recap on how things are going with Eyes & Ears. Starting out as a mere idea in Pre-Alpha and fleshing out in mid-2018, the idea of a rescue focused organization was something I never thought I'd find myself doing in Dual Universe. In the early days of Alpha 1, Eyes & Ears made it's first official Alpha-1 rescue, Glavies. Throughout Alpha 1, the organization would answer a handful of distress calls from solo players that crashed their ships and were unable to repair or had simply run out of fuel. The highlight of Alpha 1 would turn out to be the Ministry organizations craft The Rex Liberata having run out of fuel with Bramse, PirateTrader, and WhiteMEat on board. Their anti-gravity craft was brought to a stop a little over 50 SU from Alioth and while a flight to them would have been easy enough, NovaQuark was intent on having them rolling ASAP. With Stormeyes assistance and some fancy teleportation, The Rex Liberata was refueled and it's crew were once more on their way. Further rescues would be performed in the lead up to Alpha 2. The week after Alpha 2's launch, two back to back rescues would be performed. The first rescue was simply returning a grounded tester to a construct they respawned from in Alioths orbit. After some time spent debugging their craft, a second call came in from a tester flying to another planet. Unfortunately due to problems out of their control, they were unable to make it all the way with the fuel they had on hand so more was flown out to them and they were able to safely land. Through these activities during tests, Eyes & Ears - Search And Rescue has successfully run 14 rescues in Alpha 1, and thus far, two rescues in Alpha 2. Our membership has also ticked up to eight members. Additionally two organizations, Vulture Cooperation and DYNAMIC AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES have formed partnerships while Albatross Inc in discussion with us. Eyes & Ears has also tentatively acquired a launching platform in Tortuga City. Details haven't been ironed out but we hope this location will make a great first location off Alioth from which we can launch rescue operations from. If your organization would like to form a partnership with us, feel free to get in touch with me privately and we can discuss things. Alpha 2 is looking bright so far even though I've been personally hampered with hardware issues and have been unable to participate in recent testing. Just because I am down, however, does not mean the rest of the team is out! If you ever find yourself in trouble on the test server, feel free to enter the '911' channel. Since it's hard to see if anyone's actually listening, another option would be to head over to our Discord. Friendly chat is also always welcome so stop by and say hi, we don't bite! Outside of testing, things have been quite mild. Earlier this summer, the Eyes & Ears website has seen a minor face lift in its design and a few things like parallax backgrounds were removed to simplify the design. The 'Our History' and 'Media' pages (with signs by @Geo, and an inspired logo by @Spiridon, thanks again both of you!) are both fairly new so check them out! 'Stats & Stories' has been filled out with 12 separate pieces of feedback by those who have used our service, check that out as well. That about wraps things up. Safe flying, DarkHorizon
  2. Perhaps an additional module that can be installed on a ships cargo scanner that can be used to scan other ships in visual range? Drugs can be concocted or diluted in a way to reduce their detectable signature, but the downside is that the drug has less of an effect on the end user.
  3. Man the last time I saw red, yellow, and green dots in my browser bar was in elementry school when apple had those desktop monitors with the colored and transparent back ends. Have you tried clearing your cache and cookies or even another browser, because the server status page should look like this.
  4. Hmm, Giantsmoy, I'll have to keep an ear out for your name in the DU Discord... In the time I've personally tested the game, I had fun listening for each sound source in that flowchart above. With the music off, however, everything sounded limited compared to what I hear irl. I guess that's what happens when you're starting from zero.
  5. This had to happen sooner or later. Fine, I'll get my lawn chair... Good luck and godspeed, if I run into a wall of beautiful red, white, and blue, I'll know who it is.
  6. Hey, I shot you a friend request on discord but I didn't know you restricted messages from non-friends / mutual servers. I pulled my request after you accepted not realizing that and now I can't poke you on Discord so if you could hop over there please and thank you.  ?

  7. Please message me here or on the DU Discord (I should be pretty easy to find there), I really don't want to clutter this thread up with me me me. Thanks!
  8. I see that this hasn't been linked to yet so I'll just leave it here. https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002472234-AVX-instructions-required-to-run-Dual-Universe
  9. Not to build up unnecessary hype, but the latest schedule for alpha testing only extends to the first test of this month. That's of course not to say that they could be so busy that they can't plan out the future tests, but you never know. If there was ever a more anticipated time for Alpha 2 to start, it's this month. Of course like Lachenlaud said above, as optimistic as I am, I also wouldn't be surprised if a delay was made.
  10. I won't link to it since the ampersand symbol borked things right now, but just search Eyes & Ears - Search And Rescue and you should find it.
  11. 8 members. :c I wonder how many handfuls are just placeholders waiting for the game to come out before inviting all their friends in from other games.
  12. Yama I don't think this is going to work out... ?
  13. Where the heck can I find my sent private messages...  ?

  14. Ahh, unfortunate indeed. You can read up on the NDA here which extends per my knowledge all the way until either the start of beta or release, but I can say for sure that the entire alpha phase is under NDA and such content can never be disclosed publicly until pretty much the end of time. If you feel that you can't uphold the NDA then feel free to poke support as I believe they have a very generous refund policy, but don't quote me on that.
  15. If it's not to much to ask considering I'm not a dev, consider keeping your old GPU around and NQ might gather some performance statistics based off your build. As the game gets optimized, those entry requirements should come down so who knows. I'd agree on considering that 1660, oh, and your english is fine. ?
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