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  1. Bi-Weekly Update - January 15th, 2021 Three rescues were made over last two weeks of 2020, 80 for Beta 1 and 218 overall! ----- HQ Work: Raise the roof, or at least try to! It was a fairly quiet period since our last update, all work was spent on adding a roof so now we’re somewhat like a house and enclosed on all six sides. Some additional work will go into filling in the supports crisscrossing the roof and I’m thinking of some possible arch supports but that will likely take a good bit of voxel work. I’m also partial to the idea of natural lighting so I’ll be looking at placing some windows facing the sun, just need to figure out if I want that to be an extension from the roof, or somehow integrated more flatly into the roof. I still think the place is big. I would likely try to see if I could hear myself echo, but I’m probably only thinking this because it’s still so empty. Once we get some constructs parked, it should appear more filled in. not necessarily ‘lively’, but purposeful. Four large cores, it’s just so much bigger than my single large core that I’m used to working with from back in alpha. And I thought that was spacious, it feels small in comparison. Small but deliberate. I think I’ll enjoy working on the planet outposts more than the current HQ. I know, a roof, what joy is there in that, but that’s all there is for now. Not only was it slow for the org, but also myself. As an American, the changing (and ‘firey’ might I add) political landscape has stolen my attention from the game, Discord, and much of my online life in general. I’m still around popping up every now and again, but things have been pretty quiet as of late. ----- I mentioned in the last update that there was work happening on the sidelines. Stuff has deepened on that front with stuff being discussed in more detail. Whether or not it’s being formalized and written down is yet to be seen as all agreements have been verbal with no signed documentation. Stuff is happening and I should really get my butt in gear as it relates to other organizations and E&E, but for now, real life is the priority so I’ll let the opportunities find me for the time being. That's all for now, until next time, take care and fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  2. Oh wow, something we agree on. Send their scrap back to the...... scrap.. yards? JK but I'll take any extras you guys dont want. You'll probs have to deliver it though. Could always use the extra scrap for repairs.
  3. Bi-Weekly Update - January 1st, 2021 Twelve rescues were made over last two weeks of 2020, 77 for Beta 1 and 215 overall! ---------- Welcome to our newest members: @rexsilex - Pilot, Rescuer, Programmer ---------- Congrats to rexsilix on their first rescue. ---------- HQ Work: Ground-level has been mostly filled in with space still open where I hope to park a medium construct, it will likely get expanded once I have an actual construct to stick there. Work still feels slow but it’s progress nonetheless. Stopping short of working on the basement, likely until I know what construct is going to be stored, I looked up and saw that we were still open to the sky. This is likely going to make up the next bulk of work since I’ve run the numbers on the material that we’ll need and let’s just say that it’s a project within a project! With some carbon supplies leftover from building up the walls, all we’re searching for is iron ore. Then there’s the whole crafting process which seems like it will take up a lot of time. I’m working up some skills right now to reduce both that and the resources needed so work should begin in earnest sometime next week. Aside from building, I’ve been floating around my small transporter inside the space and, let’s just say that it feels like it’s bigger than it needs to be. Depending on how our official small and medium constructs come out, I might shrink-wrap things a bit. Not worried about having any extra material on hand, but the whole aspect of size just seems to be escaping me right now. How big should I make everything for stuff that I don’t have? Once I have that stuff, how will I need to adjust what is already in place so that way our space is used realistically but effectively? ---------- Calculator: Some more changes were made to our invoice calculator in the 12/19 and 12/29 updates. Of particular interest to the community is likely the recent price increases: Dispatch fee raised from 5,000 to 20,000 Warp Base fee raised from 35,000 to 50,000 Warp now takes into account distance but at a half rate Distance - Planetside: 5,000 > 10,000 Cargo transport: 500 > 750/t Player transport: 10,000 > 15,000 Our Dispatchers now receive a more tangible income for the communication efforts they provide. Rescuers and Pilots may wonder why their fees didn’t go up. That particular fee is really just supposed to cover the cost of fuel for you to fly a xs/s construct to our bases and outposts, it does not entirely take time spent into consideration since the distance covered is usually not expected to often be more than a few SU between the planet and any applicable moons. This closeness is attributed to the fact that as rescuers, you are not centralized in any single location, and our objective to have an outpost on every planet means our supplies should be fairly close at hand. We previously didn’t count distance in with warp since it removes the time associated with normal flight and was considered unfair to players who wanted faster service. After working with this for a while, I identified a few scenarios where warping ended up cheaper than normal flying under our current pricing. Relatively speaking, this was unacceptable due to the additional research, hardware, and initial costs involved, among other things associated with warp. While it isn’t fully brought in line with how I’d like, the addition of half the distance for normal flight plus an increase to the base price has come closer to my expectations in this area. ---------- There is also something else being worked out on the sidelines, more on this will likely come in the next update. That's all for now, until next time, take care and fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  4. The following is strictly my opinion. I hold absolutely no weight inside NQ nor do I believe I have any influence over their decision making. I also do not claim to know about what goes on behind the scenes as far as decisions are made. Alpha Team Vanguard is the furthest extent of my knowledge that could be considered outside the public eye. TLDR at the bottom. No wipe until after beta and before release or unless there is something seriously holding the game back from further development. Those are the only scenarios where I see it acceptable to perform a full wipe and planet reset. I also maintain my position that a subscription beta was a terrible idea and that whomever put it forward may have put Dual Universe and by extension NovaQuark in jeopardy. I don't say it to be dramatic, but if we were still in an alpha like state where people simply bought into the testing phase and with BIG LETTERS told to expect things like bugs, glitches, incomplete content, and the occasional wipe, I feel it would have better set expectations and people would be way more tempered in their opinions. We should be beta TESTING, a 'soft launch' should have never, ever been in the cards regardless of the financial situation. When I heard NQ stating that we'd be 'soft launching', I immediately questioned what happened to NQ's interoperation of the alpha and beta phases being proper test phases and not things like steam early access where the game was basically 'released' while not actually in its release (v1.0) state. How NQ handles its ATV team is regrettable. I don't feel like an advance tester with an opinion that will be considered along with fellow ATV testers. Suggestions for how these test s should be handled in various instances have gone unanswered for months or are given some half solution that doesn't do much in the way of assisting with the testing process, hence my involvement in said testing is minimal. If I was not leading my own organization. If I was not a lifetime subscription holder. If I was not ATV. If I was not a moderator of the official discord. I don't think I'd be here right now. Yeah, weird flex on basically the entire community I know, don't tell me. All of that (somehow) fell into my lap because I was here for the kickstarter, and every time I log in, I wonder 'why me'? All I saw was a great game that I really wanted to be a part of. You beta testers that just plopped $20 down probably see those four things as a lot to loose and to some, maybe it is. Now flip that view and see things from my perspective, for all you beta testers with only $20 on the line and nothing to loose except enough for dinner for one, a few months time, and even some hopes and dreams, I'm surprised more of you haven't left already. If I was a new tester and was VR'ing around and looking at all the amazing stuff people have already created, forget the economics of it all. If all that was subject to a wipe from players that felt like they were behind the curve, I wouldn't bother subscribing until after release. Ever since beta launched, we've been bumbling and stumbling around like drunks after last call. I am forgiving of all the bugs we're experiencing. Alpha has sharpened me on that. Beta has not turned out how I thought it would. To be fair, alpha didn't either, but we're beyond that now... aren't we? Am I dissapointed, yes. Am I still here though, yeah, I am. Do I have my complaints and grievances, I do. Will I air them, sure, if NovaQuark wants to hear them, most definitely. Do I think they'll listen, to me or anyone else, no. Hope yall enjoyed my word vomit, that's all it probably is anyways. Cheers. TLDR: I think I'm a sepshul person in the community? (atv, discord mod, lifetime sub...... somehow) Beta is a catastrophe I'm unhappy with NQ and ATV Things would be different if we were still testing and not a paid beta NQ said alpha and beta would be proper testing phases and not early access
  5. Bi-Weekly Update - December 15th, 2020 Ten rescues were made over the past two weeks, 65 for Beta 1 and 203 overall! ---------- Here is some of the feedback from the rescues that were made: ---------- Welcome to our newest members: Tiramon - Rescuer, Programmer @Rhapsody - Rescuer, Pilot @Pupperr - Rescuer ---------- Congrats to Tiramon on their first rescue! ---------- Dig dig dig, scan scan scan, mine mine mine. Turn it into pure ore, process it into voxels, place voxels down. That has been the bulk of my work for the past two weeks. I filled in the framing for the exterior walls, in addition to interior and exterior support columns for said wall. With only one voxel thick in place on the exterior walls, I realized a mistake in the voxel material I was using, iron instead of steel. The material will not go unused I'm also debating keeping it in place on the exterior since the look has its appeal. At several points, various members from the organization donated raw materials to help speed up the process. @TheChargent also located a carbon mega-node, and I stumbled across a separate larger than average carbon node. In posting a screenshot of the excavation, I noted 56kL pure and 40kL waiting for refinement. Going to be hitting up the Swap Spot near Tortuga to get the iron I need instead of mining it out. Now with the walls nearing completion, all that is left is the floor, roof, basement floor, and basement walls. What joy! I mentioned in the last update that “the hard work has only just begun. No one said bootstrapping civilization would be easy.” Hoo-boy, did I ever under-estimate how the .23 update would affect things. While our normal operations aren't affected, the base building and general construct building have lengthened their time to completion somewhat. Finishing the HQ won't be easy, but it won't be impossible. ---------- More cosmetic additions to the invoice calculator were added in the 12/4 and 12/12 versions: Two dynamic pie charts breaking down the total cost of each component of the final cost, and breaking down overall profits and expenses were added at the bottom. Reminders will display in non-calculation areas when specific details like names, payment status, and the rescue number are left empty. These additions have made the warnings area long, and I'm debating arranging them into a group instead of a column. Finally, a summary of the income received if the Dispatcher, Rescuer, and Pilot are all donating their private income to the organization. These changes should all make financial accounting on the back end easier and less time-consuming. I keep saying this privately, but organization wallets and invoices can't come soon enough! I’m anticipating further changes, additions, and even some price increases in the next update. ---------- That's all for now, until next time, take care and fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  6. By design. Vertical engines used to be just as fuel efficient as horizontal engines but that got nerfed by about 50% way back when.
  7. Dual Universe Classifieds - Clean, Crisp, Concise, Advertising Discord: https://discord.gg/chef9Yc Community Page: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/3975/ CTRL+F the bolded text to jump What we do and the benefits we provide: We centralize many advertisements onto a single construct. This provides you with quality leads, consumes fewer cores, reduces overhead, improves everyone's game performance, creates fewer obstacles at the marketplace, and makes for a cleaner game world. What is and isn't allowed: Just a few rules and limitations when advertising with us. Setup: Instructions on how to start advertising, mostly for my sanity. Future Plans: Where the future may lead along with our next big step if this is a hit. Final Thoughts: Wrap up. What we do and the benefits we provide: Dual Universe Classifieds (DUC) seeks to improve advertising inside Dual Universe through the consolidation of individual advertisements into bulk platforms on a single extra small core. Unless you've already seen our construct at the ten marketplaces around the Arkship (against the marketplace near the onramp), you can watch a quick 2:37 tech demo of the platform we're currently working on. The design and code are a work in progress and not final. Inspired by advertising that occurred during earlier Alpha testing phases, DUC's methods of gathering in-game ad's onto a single platform solves the problems we've identified: Quality Leads: Players that specifically search for your advertisement are more likely to be interested in your offering over random players. Fewer Cores and Materials Consumed: When every construct counts, having additional core slots for advertising forces a choice to be made; either get your name out there or have more constructs available to your organization. Offloading your advertisements onto us frees up these cores and materials so you can build more constructs. Reduced Overhead: No one wants more work to do. By letting us handle your organization's in-game advertisement distribution, we take some of that burden off of running your organization so you can focus on more important things. Better Game Performance: Everyone knows that fewer constructs lead to improved game performance on all player's systems. With fewer screens and individual programming boards running, Dual Universe's servers have more resources for what counts while players can enjoy cooler and quieter desktops. Our platforms can combine a large number of otherwise separate constructs with screens and Lua, into a single construct, with a single programming board (one per terminal, up to four on a construct) that runs on demand when a player wants to interact and view ads. To view the ads at any of the four terminals on the platform, a lower touchscreen functions as a menu while an upper screen displays a selected advertisement in the form of an image or text, accompanied with any Lua for animation, custom font, etc. Lastly, at the top of the construct is a group of screens that flips between random ads every time a player deactivates the terminal below it for a total of 12 screens. (the above benefit is theoretical and based solely on my perceptions both on and off the game, I do not claim to know if this actually has any perceivable impact on either the players or the servers) Fewer Obstacles at Marketplaces: From ship shops to fuel stands, Lua pitches, and resource dispensers. It all takes up space in the game world, in particular, where players will frequently travel. Marketplaces are already victim to abandoned ships, advertisements shouldn't be making the situation worse, but they do by the simple act of taking up more space. If ads were all neatly organized on one construct, landing at the markets will be a little less scary. A Cleaner World: While subjective, a cleaner gaming world feels more immersive than one filled with jarring advertisements competing for attention. Better Reputation among the Community: Organizations that advertise with DUC and our more appealing solutions might gain more favor with other players than organizations that don't. With all of the above in mind, the more advertisements our organization hosts, the more visible impact our efforts will have. Already over half a dozen organizations are running live ads with us. Eight might not seem like a lot, but would you rather have more constructs to navigate at the marketplace? ---------- What is and isn't allowed: Getting set up with advertising on DUC's platforms is easy. Before we do that, however, we need to specify what is and isn't acceptable. AD REQUIREMENTS: - For pure images, just a link to the image. Players are viewing our advertisements up close, so upscaling will not be a problem. assets.prod.novaquark.com/### - Complex advertisements with both text and associated images may have Lua code included with them. - Purely text ads may feature text with or without Lua formatting. AD RESTRICTIONS: 1. Ads can be plain text, images, or both with Lua code. Additional support may be added as NQ allows. 2. Links can be included, but they must be DU relevant. Links will be checked before going live. 3. We are a neutral platform. Friendly banter is allowed with the other organization's or players consent, but do not use your advertisements to antagonize them. Above all, use common sense when submitting an advertisement. If you think your ad will pose a problem with other players or breach any rules enforced by NovaQuark, it probably will. If you think you've landed in a gray area, please DM @DarkHorizon for clarification. ---------- Setup: Now that we know what is required and what isn't allowed time to start advertising! Step One: Join our discord server since it will serve as our communication platform for any announcements or discussions. We will not be DM'ing announcements. https://discord.gg/chef9Yc Step Two: Direct message me on Discord with the following: Please state that this is for the Dual Universe Classifieds server. 1. What is your in-game name: 2. Please link to your community account: On the profile page, click "edit profile" at the bottom of the page, then click 'cancel' and your URL will appear. 3. What are you advertising for: 4. If its an org, what is the orgs tag ([DUC] for example): Your nickname and the 'Advertiser' tag will be assigned accordingly. This allows us to get you set up on our discord server if you've joined, tagged with the appropriate roles, and included in our spreadsheets. These details are critical for keeping ourselves organized. 5. Are you interested in advertising and looking for more info, or has the decision to advertise already been made? 6. Do you have an advertisement ready? If not, when will one be ready: Additional roles will be assigned accordingly. If you have an advertisement ready: 1. What are you advertising for - This will be the button players click on in the menu to bring up the ad. An Organization: List their name (case sensitive) A service: The title of your service. (can be the same as an org name) A streamer: The name of the streamer (case sensitive) 2. Your advertisement text/code/image-URL. When approved, a preview will be returned of the ad on a demo construct before being distributed live. ---------- Future Plans: I'd previously stated that for now, we're just doing an initial run of ten platforms at each of the ten central marketplaces on Alioth. Further expansion around the planet and eventually other planets and even spaces like player cities as demand grows. I'm working with my partner, @eldrake, to update the underlying inner workings and UI. What you currently see displayed on the terminals is still a work in progress, and further updates will come in due time. A couple of those ideas are: Pagination Scrolling through the ad menu with key presses. Submitting multiple ads while retaining a single space on the menu. A random ad might come up with each press from the menu, or you might be able to toggle through ads the same way as menu pages. As far as more physical ad constructs go like ship shops, dispensers, Lua presentations, and everything in between, I'm planning to further expand things into a center that I'll run in my territory on the Sanctuary Moon. Advertisers would be able to place their constructs just like they currently do at the markets, and they'll be allowed to edit their constructs without needing DUC's consent though it remains to be seen if the player will still retain the core, or if ownership will be transferred with edit permissions given. From there, players will be able to VR or walk into the center to observe and interact with these constructs in the same way as they would now. Since only one construct is advertising whatever the advertiser is pushing, the same benefits apply here as they do at our terminals. If the current idea is a hit and interest shows up, then this may very well come about in the future, and that should help out at the marketplaces even more. I'm excited just thinking about it. I may monetize things in the form of a subscription, likely monthly, but that all depends on how things turn out. I think that a second charge may also apply to change something in an advertisement that's already live since now someone has to go around and update everything. Updates could be either on-demand or whenever the next ad comes along. Removals will cost less on demand but likely be free if not. Heck, I might even do updates strictly on a once a month basis to keep things under control. It depends on how many advertisers we get and how far we spread. Who knows, when the mission system finally drops, updating these terminals would be an excellent side quest for random players. Unless and until I start charging, donations of quanta and materials will always be appreciated, especially if/when I start working on that physical advertisement center. ---------- Final Thoughts: You do not need to be a member of the organization to advertise with us. It will likely be limited it to the staff anyway. Joining won't accomplish very much and be more or less an association and show the extent of the organization. Especially with the limit on the number of organizations you can join now, I don't expect anyone to anyway. Advertising might not be a problem now, but I don't want to see this become one in the future, which is why I'm acting now to ensure it doesn't happen. If you like the idea and wish to advertise, CTRL+F 'Setup:' and follow the steps. If you have any questions or suggestions, I encourage you to comment down below. If you want to collaborate and join in on the project, let me know, and I'll do what I can to arrange things. Updates and announcements will be posted here as they arise. I can't wait to see where this goes!
  8. Bi-Weekly Update - December 1st, 2020 Five rescues were made over the past two weeks, that’s 55 for Beta 1 and 193 overall! ---------- Here’s some of the feedback from the rescues we’ve made: ---------- Welcome to our newest members: @Tonvor - Rescuer, Pilot @TheChargent - Rescuer Congrats to both members on their first rescues. ----------- The past two weeks have been spent digging out the basement portion of our system headquarters at Madis. I’d go out on a limb and say that 350,000^3 of dirt was removed based on soil that I did and did not put up for sale at one of the nearby markets.10+ quanta is probably an exorbitant price for a jar of dirt, but that didn’t stop Jack Sparrow. With that out of the way, more work is going to wire-framing and exterior design features. I visited a couple of the more detailed bases via VR for some inspiration and may have a few ideas, I’ll have to put more thought into it and test it out before I settle on anything. One of the mistakes in building that I think many people are going to make (as evidenced in the bases I visited) right off the bat is that they are just going to design things a voxel thick. As many a hauler probably knows by now, one voxel just won’t cut it. Buildings are like onions and that they have layers. Looking ahead to projections I cannot make in any real detail, all I can say is that it will be taking a lot of voxel material before this place is anywhere close to finished. Again, at its heart is nothing but empty space, but we're still making a fair amount of use in the extremes of three large cores. Mind you, this is all a one-man effort, for the most part, especially construction-wise which is why it's taking so long, but that is a me problem that I am fine having right now. Org members are donating materials, plus a public donation box has been positioned at the below coordinates on Madis if you wish to assist us in having materials ready and on hand. Steel is likely to be in very high demand, so if anyone wants to drop off steel, that would be most helpful. The voxel materials we’re using are the following. Polished White Steel Polished Light Gray Steel Galvanized Light/Dark Gray Steel (leaning more towards dark for bulk due to reflectivity) Galvanized Red Steel Waxed Black Brick ::pos{0,1,81.3314,55.6311,799.6990} While these would be the most useful construction materials, anything donated will be accepted and put to good use in furthering Eyes & Ears mission, and our commitment to the Dual Universe community. ---------- A few minor cosmetic changes were made to the calculator we use to tally up the cost of each rescue (that is unless your account is less than a month old and the bill is under 175k, then it's free) to make it easier to use and understand. Comments were made on each space accepting input that further instructs and details what data goes in that space so we don’t confuse things like putting the number of players transported in the space where the amount of cargo transported goes. Sure a player could be treated as cargo, but they’re a special type of cargo. Flags brought up by the calculator now have their own ‘Warnings’ section in the calculator itself. These warnings highlight the final total to bring attention to something that could be amiss and needs double-checking. The last change was a small pair of indicators near the top of the spreadsheet indicating payment status. The sheet itself takes a couple of seconds to load up and freezes at the top. This indicator should assist our financial accountants. ---------- Eyes & Ears New Player Protection Program (NP3) saw its first use since its introduction. @ZerqqV, quoted in our feedback for rescue 190, crashed on Alioth and respawned. He and I met by chance at one of Alioths marketplaces as I was going about my business and asked if I could spare a moment to bring them back to their wreck that was a short way north of the districts. I obliged, dropped them off, and that was a wrap. Based on their comments in-game and the feedback received, it sounds like we made a good impression. I hope to see further use of E&E's NP3. Dual Universe is a game built by its players. We should make those first steps as easy as possible and not let one screw up lead to hours of frustration. Looking back on my past experiences in Pre-Alpha, Alpha, and now the start of Beta, starting was easy, but every time we’ve had to do that, it has gotten harder. Like it or not, it will only get harder the way I see things going forward. What used to be achievable by one player now takes a tight group, and what could be done by that group needs a more formal organization. I’ve heard some curious bits of discussion saying that this is the beginning of the end. As an American, I heard that a lot over the past five years in political circles. What I learned there as I observe here, we’re still not even to release, yet the hard work has only just begun. No one said bootstrapping civilization would be easy. ---------- In my aforementioned wanderings at the marketplaces, I was looking for more organization advertisements that had popped up since I first left for Madis. I collected a few dozen names and will be contacting them all soon. If you didn’t notice, Dual Universe Classifieds now has its advertising stations at the main ten districts on Alioth. They’re on the platform right beside the on-ramps and just a few steps away from the marketplace elevators. I stuck it out of the way on purpose and hope it creates a stark contrast against the fraudulent dispensers and more brute force advertisers. While a dedicated topic hasn’t been made on this just yet, one will be coming soon, perhaps even later today if I can find wherever that document was that I typed up a month ago for the occasion. More details on that will come when such a topic finally drops. All discussion about DUC will also no longer occur here. ---------- That's all for now, until next time, take care and fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  9. For everyone that seems to be making an issue about instability and crashing their ships (yes I do acknowledge that this is very good for people like me in the business of rescue and repair) some player able mitigation techniques are to carry scrap on you and better yet to have a friend that can access your pilots seat in the event you are pulled out of the game. I know its not the best solution and if its not broken don't fix it, but its what we got right now. Adapt and change or get left behind. The current repair system we got is an easy catch all, lord knows how much that might change in the future but the current three lives thing is actually a bonus compared to what we used to have prior to now. You drive with a doughnut in the back don't you? Why aren't you flying with scrap as well?
  10. Yet another subtlety long awaited change from my perspective. I do have to ask though, what is the distance at which another player needs to be at in proximity to the construct in order for its physics to reactivate? I imagine someone being in a PVP related situation where they are leading the chase and log out which causes their ship to stop, but how close would the tailing player need to be in order for it to return to its previous trajectory? If this distance is too short, it could cause people following behind to crash into the ship before the server and client have a chance to update. Since physics based damage is applied to the construct moving faster, this would result in the person following to have their craft likely be destroyed so what should have been a net gain possibly now a net loss or break even at best.
  11. Yeah, good luck with that. Hype's members find a lot of bugs, some of them I hear are pretty egregious from the man himself but you won't be able to pry any knowledge from them about it. Besides, if it is something that's harmful to game play like an exploit, then let the exploiters exploit while they can. You can tell them that they shouldn't do it and report it to NQ, but as NQ has already said, don't take to doing it yourself or you're just as much of a rule breaker as they are and subject to similar sanctions. Don't press 'B'. While I'd like to hear of and understand these bugs myself as a fellow tester, humans being human will take any advantage they can get, including unintended game play. This is just one of the reasons why I advocate for a wipe on release and why I think a paid beta is such a bad idea. You submit your side, let them submit theirs, do your job as testers, and all the players that will come after us will be better for it.
  12. Wow, first NQ ends indiscriminate teleportation, now we're getting element destruction 'soon'? My org is becoming relevant again! I am naturally for all these changes as it relates to element destruction. When I read about container destruction loosing all of its goods though (in the final instance), I was initially skeptical but I can see that this would add a benefit to PVP gameplay overall. Now instead of indiscriminate shooting on sight, haulers might be given somewhat of a chance and be ordered to surrender their cargo before the killing begins. Lootless PVP is exciting to a degree, now all we need are some big ass explosions when fuel tanks are punctured. Do you really want to shoot my fuel haulers? Maybe they got scrap and elements for some big lad stuck in the middle of no where, or maybe the job is already done and we're returning home? Cargo scanners when, container obfuscation when, rotating engines when?
  13. Bi-Weekly Update - November 15th, 2020 Four rescues were made over the past two weeks, that’s 50 for Beta 1 and 188 overall! ---------- Here is some of the feedback from the rescues we made: ---------- Work on the HQ had to be temporarily put on hold after I came to the realization that the cores were indeed not placed deep enough to accomplish what I would set out to do in the future. Once redone, I restarted my outlining work. Four large cores, three of which will feature the main structure while the fourth acts as a launching platform. I mention this again because, due to how the build zone acts, I had to expand the building into the launchpad area. With the gate placed in the corner of the build zone on the diagonal section (see an image in the previous post), the element is not allowed to extend beyond the build zone the gate was placed on. This resulted in a smaller launch area than I would have liked, but it opened up the idea of parking space for rescuers as they come and go from the location on operations. Looking at the current framing, I feel very much in over my head here. These large cores are just that, LARGE. I decided to place a small construct inside to get an idea of how things are sizing up, but it looks like it can store twelve small constructs instead of the eight I had intended. A maintenance area will likely spring up in one of the wings behind the constructs while the storage of rescue supplies will occur in the other wing. Living and work quarters are still going to get positioned under the roof, and with our build zones depth, we have a basement to work in! Most of this is still in my head, though, with lots of work to be done with more detailed wireframing, then comes the godly task of filling it all in. Some might ask me how I can be so aghast at my work when all I am making amounts to a garage and a launchpad. Yeah, the bulk of the space is mostly unused, but this is also my biggest project yet. I haven't touched large constructs since creative mode ended in early Alpha, and the two buildings I created in Alpha 1 and over both 2 and 3 were single medium cores, and now I have four large cores, so this is where some of my thoughts are stemming from. I got a great team backing me up, and of our 37 other members, many of them have contributed to these efforts. We have a glut of silicon, but it will all get put to use, all of which I am very grateful for! ---------- Some more changes made their way to our Discord server. The most noticeable was in the dispatch center, where players will go to start the initial ticket. The disclaimer text was slightly modified in word choice but has overall remained the same. One thing that I will point out, however, is our just-released New Player Protection Program (NP3). Under this program, Eyes & Ears will send out a rescuer for free if your account is under 30 days old, plus the bill for rescue falls under 175,000h. These stipulations accomplish two things in defining new players. It specifies age and resources. It mainly separates players that have a certain amount of expected knowledge and ability beyond what one might classify as someone that is new to the game and might not know what they are doing. Everyone will progress differently based on our lives, interest, and responsibilities elsewhere. Dual Universe does have a subscription, however, and I doubt a vast majority of people would start a subscription, leave, then come back 31 days after and crash their speeder. I might extend this to 45, 60, maybe even 90 days, but at that point, the instances seem pretty rare. We will have to see how things go, and I am sure that this program will change as we gather data. Beyond the NP3, tickets are getting divided into four primary categories based on what defines the rescue. Those are refueling, repairing, transporting, and towing. A PVP category is also available if any of the above were as a result of PVP. This category would indicate to us that special care is needed as this could be a hot operation with threats and dangers present during the rescue and that any Rescuers should use increased vigilance when working. I don't anticipate this to add any confusion to the process of opening a ticket, but I will be keeping an eye and looking for feedback. I already had one positive review so far. ---------- That's all for now, until next time, take care and fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
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