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  1. Tutoring in general is not something that has been or is currently being considered as it currently isn't in the organizations purview. Maybe for some dedicated organization or group with a lot of members, but not us. We will teach members the basics of Dual Universe, should they be new, along with the ins and outs of our organization. Aside from that, in the future I will also be adding an additional page to my website consisting of best practices to observe so your risk of needing our services are greatly lessened. I know what you're thinking about that last part, we're just like any real life emergency service provider. Nice to have, but something you don't want to need.
  2. Was bored, so I took some notes of all the curious and interesting stuff I heard during the podcast in the latest news update. If you don't want to listen through the whole hour and forty-six minutes, feel free to read everything I skimmed off and enjoy. Also, feel free to post or message me if you got something I should add to the OP. Here's a quick rundown on what I got. PVP Social Features Piloting Revamp Industry Changes Surface Gathering Territory Units Visual improvements UI Roadmap Update Player Questions NDA Lift PVP === CVC is on track for January. First version of CVC: Large -temporary- arena in space only Will be expanded to atmospheres, then the entire game world. More versions in the future? Pillars of CVC: Lock+Target - operating at long range, one way of dealing with lag Destruction - piece by piece, physical holes Multi-crew - No battleships controlled by one person Future Improvements to CVC: Repair Units - Rebuild your ship at 'last snapshot', Shipyards Separation between PVP space and safe zones. Construct vs Avatar: If a player is hiding behind a wall and you shoot the wall, the player will die because of the blast radius. Explicit player targeting will come later (if needed). Social Features === Some features may be coming sooner. Legates: Legates will have the right to decide who should do what in an organization. A voting system for Legates You can have other organizations among Legates Someone in an organization can be chosen as a representative - A Super Legate Ownership: Everything in the game has an owner. Will be expanded to individual items in the player's inventory. An engine belonging to a specific player can be held in another player's inventory. New filters will be applicable. Organizations can now own constructs. Players can formally trade and transfer construct rights between each other and organizations. Partial revamp of RDMS: New types of rights introduced Legates will have rights to manage an organizations RDMS Three specific groups: Actors: Groups of people put together to define people. Miners, pilots, etc Rights: Construct based, territory-based, item-based, and more. Tags: Ability to tag items, constructs, territories, etc, to target a policy Chat system being worked on. A solution will be made for people in organizations that are non-testers. Piloting Revamp === All changes will be given a dedicated dev blog, this is just some of them Wings will be able to cause torque Script generation in control units redone Flight with mouse Autoconfig script will need to be run on A3 release "G" will trigger gears without the need for scripting. Cruise control will control your ship with velocity instead of thrust Different 'mode' Easier to control ship Easier for new players in space, more feedback, easier to understand what you're doing Not a 'better way' Balancing Space engines unbalanced, very overpowered Rocket booster fuel cost and materials adjusted Player specialization will start to increase Industry Changes === New Modes: Maintain - Indy linked to out container, will attempt to keep a number set of whatever the unit is building (always maintaining a set 30 ore then stopping) Set Number - Indy will make a specific number of parts, then stop. Recipes revamped, will now make sense, parts will have actual names, "burner", "case housing", etc Ore distribution altered New Specialized Indy Units: Glass, metal, etc New Indy designs, animations soon. Surface Gathering === Extension of existing game play Collect surface resources, fairly low value Resources may, depending on where they are, but not always regenerate Intended to be a more casual experience and help new players Rocks, crystals, trees Initial seeding will be done, then more refined over time New Tool: Surface Gathering Tool Walk up to a surface element, activate the tool, charge up, gather resource Territory Units === Making a comeback Who has rights to mine, build, etc Visual improvements === Space lighting 'too dark' Nebula added to brighten things Will be able to see other ships at a distance in space UI === Not all UI elements will be changed in A3, all however will be improved over time. Entire revamp planned for more consistent interfaces Roadmap Update === Consolidation and stabilization will be focused on after A3 Some beta features may be postponed New things will still be added User Experience Ensuring things work well Information provided when the player needs it Onboarding process further polished Beta 2 Need to introduce features really important to coherence for all gameplay pillars Release will be an acknowledgment of the maturation of the game, not necessarily addressing more issues. This was done with the unannounced 'pre-alpha' stage. Fast Travel Options: Visit a place once, unlock a 'fast travel' option. Planets moved closer together. Speed limit increased. Other ideas open to player feedback Planet Revamp: Exploring in DU gives a sense of wonder. Well underway. Destined for alpha 3 but was pushed back. Biome design, more realistic textures. How things look today are still considered placeholders. Ongoing effort. The geometry of planets will not be changed after the beta, no wipe, no regeneration. It will be the final version of where mountains, forests are, etc. Mining: Bigger variety of mining veins. From mega veins over multiple territories, to tiny pebbles, regular nodes, etc. Territory Warfare: Design not completely set. Claim enough territories around a territory you own, one in the center becomes a 'temporary safe zone'. Destroy the territory unit to claim it for your own. Evolution of combat V2. Expanded to the whole system, not just the PVP arena. Mission System: Nothing more than a player given quest system allowing players or orgs to design missions for others to complete for rewards. Will help address the need for things for new players to do, mine ore for an organization, etc. Exploring 'NPC type' missions that only new players can do (TBD). Release and Post Release: An indication of what NQ wants for release with some features coming after release. Some features might be ready earlier. Player-owned markets were pushed back due to challenges; what happens if you store your market in your inventory, destruction occurs, having player owned markets be in PVP areas or not. Energy management will come with specific challenges. Create groups of people who are not parts of the same organization to work, play, fight together. Player Questions === Will Beta be feature complete: What is 'feature complete'? It's really hard to say for a game like DU. What do we need to make a release ready game? We have our priorities for release. As company size increases, we'll be able to do more things. Things will get better the more successes occur for the game. Will gameplay look much different after release from alpha? Crafting times, recipes, talent costs, space station placement, restrictions, and so on. When will we see these changes before release: Balancing things will always be occurring, new things will always be here to fix for changes to old features and after introducing new ones. As much balance will be pushed as needed to keep the health of the game where it needs to be. We try not to revisit things that we consider are 'in a good state'. How many features we need vs how many we want. When there is a feature that is pretty good or where it needs to be, great, let's shelve it and work on other features that need help. Loopback if we need to. Preception of less communication in NQ since Kickstarter ended: It's been busy, the team hasn't exactly been happy with this lack of communication. Dev diaries reintroduced, would like to do one every month, but we need to gather high enough quality footage for these videos, this is why we introduced the podcasts, we're still trying to find the tone and type of content for podcasts, but the idea was to have a forum where we can speak to the community, talk about the game, give them an inside look at what we're doing, give them access to the developers. We've had a great reception, this is something we'd like to do more frequently. Hopefully all this we've been putting out to answer more questions from the community. We have a second podcast, we're planning an AMA, all to reinitiate that communication. Hopefully, this is something we'll be doing in the next few months as we head into another incredible year. Maybe as a reassurance, we spend quite a bit of time reading the forums, maybe we don't respond always, but when we think about new features and are balancing things, we spend quite a lot of time on the forums seeing what you're thinking and saying. As often as we can, we make changes to act positively to what you're saying. Our ticket system is carefully monitored and various things are given priorities where everything will be handled at some point. The problem is the limit of how much we can do in a given time so sometimes it might take a lot of time to fix something you think would be easy to fix, that's not the problem. The problem is other things need to be done before this because we've judged there are more needing. Think of it as a hospital, you deal with the most urgent first so even though you are in pain, you're not going to die, you're not first. Not just on the forums, we also spend time reading YouTube and Discord, something I can say and I'm going to give them credit, we have a team of community managers who are advocates for the players inside the company. They are extremely vocal about making sure the community and its concerns are heard, and you can be assured they have your best interests at heart. NQ-Nomad is one of them, he works on this podcast. I want to thank them and close this podcast by thanking the community for helping us move forward and for their support. We put that in every video and communication, we want you to know that we mean it and its not just a gimmick. This is something we all believe in, starting with JC and that culture of 'community first'. The community is our most precious asset as what this game and vision are based on, and this is distilled to all employees at NovaQuark. Nothing pleases me more than reading Discord on release days. Sometimes the feedback is good, sometimes bad, but as someone who works on the game, when players get their hands on what you've been working on and just break it instantly, we expect that, I just love reading everyone talking about the features and things I've had my hands on for a while. More community questions will be answered later in the second podcast along with the AMA. NDA Lift === Will come next year when the game is ready, closer to early March after A3 is released. We need to make sure people outside the community are ready to enter the game. Stabilizing everything, improving user experience. These new players won't spend as much time as Alpha players understanding the development process and will just jump in and judge the game by its current state. Need to polish performance, visuals, improve onboarding, etc. This needs to happen before beta which creates a hard limit. We hope to be able to do this in March but it is hard to say if we will be able to meet this deadline.
  3. Another one man org? Oh well, what's one more grain of salt in the salt heap...
  4. Weekly Update - December 2nd Five rescues were made this test, this is the new highest number of rescues made in one session since breaking four on the week of October the 14th. This brings our total to 26 rescues for Alpha 2, and 41 rescues overall! With only a month to go, only nine more rescues until we crack 50 total, which I think is a very achievable number to cap off 2019! I'm not asking you guys to crash into the moon so we can get some arbitrary number, or am I? --------- The first rescue of this test was also one of our newest members of the team! While on my usual watch I had spotted @Rok in the 911 channel in the middle of his first unsanctioned refueling mission. After assisting @FU3GO out in the black sea near Madis, we had a bit of discussion and I brought up the organization which he promptly decided to join during the flight back home. Haunty went out for the 38th rescue to transport @archerer8791 back to their camp. I myself went out on back to back missions, first to transport @LISPYxLUNA to a far off construct, they then the followed me around as I picked up another player and dropped them off at their mining site to cap rescues 39 and 40 respectively. @Flamm made their first rescue during the Alioth Aerospace Expo which was held this weekend at Objective Driveyards base on Alioth. @Kasper_DU was supplied with a fair 2000L of fuel. ---------- In the downtime I put in a fair bit of work on the medium hauler over the course of this test. The single person 'bubble' cockpit was replaced with a three person bridge. Mind you're head since headspace is somewhat limited. This combined with the cockpits distance from the windows in favor of a viewing port to the ground necessitated lowering the windows, so feel free to either crouch, or go out to the launching bay if you want a good upward viewing angle. This is somewhat by design given more or less the function over form utilitarian feel that I'm starting to go for. A new crew compartment is situated in-between the bridge and launch bay with seats for a tight group of twenty with ample leg room unlike most real life coach flights! Aside from a couple of windows into the launching bay, doors in and out of either the bridge or bay, and some screens which I'll put to future use, nothing all that special here. The voxels didn't exactly turn out as clean as I'd like, but the game is still a work in progress. Finally, as the test was wrapping up, I painted the entire front section black, in line with the small transport that the hauler was designed to carry in its bay. Of special note, on Sunday, I had a small stroke of genius. Normally, if the game is having an issue and you end up getting respawned, it's at the north pole of Alioth. It's here where I've positioned what I like to think of as a storm shelter of sorts, in particular I was thinking of a blizzard given the environment. Aside from some signage that details out a few things and a couple of fuel tanks for those who'd like to donate fuel, a second floor was added with accommodations to make it a sort of living space and less gloomy. A bed, a desk, a TV with no reception, and a keyboard with an attached screen with a few words on it's display. No facilities, if you gotta go, go outside and don't stink up the place. Exposed roof access is available giving you views of the scenery and a great place to watch for our rescue team on those crystal clear nights. Above all this shelter serves as a means for other people to call on us for transport to some location on Alioth. It's one of those 'nice to haves that you never want to use' sort of thing, so if you get stuck up in the snowy white, you know who to call! ---------- I hear that the Alioth Areospace Expo was quite the thing. It sucks that I missed it because those pictures that were taken of the event look quite great, hopefully I can attend and run around next year. I wasn't entirely inclined to stop by because the last event that was held, the DICE race to the moon and back, lets just say my computer wasn't up to spec to handle it. So, in spite of this, I may or may not have purchased me a ryzen 37x and gigabyte x570 for today, cyber Monday. I should have the two parts in time before the next test which I'm sure NQ is keen for feedback on. Before you say anything, no, I didn't make this purchase because of the event. It's something I've had on my mind since earlier this year, finally pulled the trigger on the main two components. Cant wait! --------- Finally, I wrapped up work on the website and have pushed it to the public. It's mostly the same thing aside from a few additions of various design elements, and some new odds and ends like our mission, a manifesto, and a charter on the About Us page, the new Sponsors page, some solid stats and additional stories of survival on our Stats & Stories page, and added more of Eyes & Ears history to its Our History page. The Index page has been condensed down to lower the amount of scrolling needed and as a matter of fact, I did that as a part of the overhaul in general. Paragraphs were split up into blocks to increase readability and breakdown walls of paragraphs. Aside from a bit of rewording of some other phrases throughout the site, that should about cover everything major. I might push out a few smaller things but those would be largely inconsequential overall. The banner image at the top I'm still looking at. It's not as much of a work in progress as before, it's actually something I could publish right now, but its something I'm still thinking about. That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  5. That's where you're wrong, alien creatures have always been a part of your story, muwhahahah. Also, I get the inkling that this topic should be locked, or is it open to discussion?
  6. Weekly Update - Nov 25th One rescue was made this test, that's 22 rescues for Alpha 2, and 36 overall. Annabella made the fourth (27, 33, 35, 36) and final rescue of their career on Saturday. @Sigtyr 's construct had a breakdown near one of the markets, after making some repairs they were back in business again. We wish them all the luck outside of Dual Universe. ---------- Bugs, don't you hate them? What should have been a simple trip from Alioth to Sicari where one round trip could have been completed in a gaming session turned into a day long excursion. I can't go into detail about the bugs but lets just say I had to make three trips instead of one. Not the best experience, but what can I say, it's alpha. The rest of the time was spent on design elements around the fuel hauler. A bit of color and new materials were added to it's largely white canvas of a hull. Couldn't figure out how to make it visually distinctive from the small transport that can dock inside of it so I opted to go with a somewhat similar color layout. I'll work on it a bit more next week and we'll see how that turns out. I've been really leaning into the gallery for some inspiration to jump start this brain of mine but for the past few weeks, it just isn't happening. I'm thinking about taking some adventure over the test this long holiday weekend (at least for us americans), but for now, the drought persists. ---------- Finally, work on updating the website is wrapping up. All that remains is interlinking all the pages together, some touch-ups, spellchecking everything (if you spot anything, let me know!), then finally having my team preview it to gather their suggestions for any additions before publishing it live. That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  7. For the love of his holiness Lord JC (praise be!) please don't quote an entire post. So I'm writing about a hypothetical battle I participated in last night, and give a play-by-play of everything that happened. "I'm flying out of the mothership in my fighter and right out of the gate, two guys get melted, my BFF accidentally presses the eject button, a squad-mate gets EMP'ed which sends him full throttle (how exactly does this work?) head on into another enemy, our miners which returned at the worst possible time get destroyed by a black hole torpedo, and our kamikaze team gets hacked and explodes still inside the launch bay, all before I can get my first shot lined up. ..." I go into paragraphs on top of paragraphs of detail and the post is probably twelve feet long by the time I'm done. Then you come along and you shamelessly quote the entire thing from start to finish. First off, I and probably half the forum collectively facepalm. You've basically duplicated my twelve foot post which is a lot of unnecessary scrolling that I doubt most will be fond of. It's also not the best forum etiquette. Additionally, how is the OP or other readers supposed to know what you're talking about? Is it something specific, or is it generally the whole thing? If it was the whole thing, was the quote really needed to begin with? Having to figure out what you're referencing can make it difficult to reply back and keep discussion moving. If you're going to quote an entire post and make references to multiple specific parts, don't be afraid to quote specific sections and respond to each one after the other. Post-start, Quote, response, quote, response, quote, response, etc... post-end. Having multiple quotes in your single post doesn't make it bad or hard to read so don't be afraid to do this. Same thing if you're quoting multiple people in a topic, try not to break up what could have been one post, into multiple posts so you can reply to multiple peoples quotes. You'll also probably, hopefully, get the attention of a forum mod who will either ask you to cut it down or will do it for you. Oh, and don't forget to paragraph. No one likes a wall of text, nor do we want to paste your text into notepad and paragraph it so we don't strain our eyes so much. Yes, I do resort to this when the situation calls. Anyways, I just wanted to make this public. I know this is the internet and all, but lets not make things harder than they need to be. The real world is already hard enough. Thanks.
  8. Weekly Update - Nov 11th Two rescues were made this test, that's 21 rescues for Alpha 2 and 35 overall! I took off on Friday evening to transport @Kasper_DU from the North Pole to a marketplace where they were subsequently picked up by their organization. Having quickly fulfilled the request and needing no further assistance, I returned home and marked down rescue 33. Annabella secured the second rescue as the test was ending. Lowly space traveler @Redneckwombat got stuck in the black void between Lacobus on their way to Alioth due to computer problems. With some real world technical support and a fuel resupply, Anna helped the player fix a problem for them both in, and out of the test environment. That's what I call a team player, and a lock on rescue 34. ---------- Not a whole lot happened this test on my side of things. Work was mostly done on the fuel transporter which to me doesn't feel like much progress was made, but I'll let you be the judge of that. Starting out with the main feature being the raising of the landing platform in the docking bay allowed for some additional room for fuel storage in the storage deck. Seven medium space tanks and six medium atmospheric tanks were added while the large tanks and their carrying cages were raised higher up where the ceiling used to be. I threw on some screens by each tank, hopefully sooner or later I can implement some proper Lua gauges but that will require a bit of coding. I'll also have a master gauge that will combine all the fuel tanks for the construct on one screen. This will help make things more at a glance instead of needing to whip out your tool and check each tank individually. For those of you that have never looked into it or implemented someone else's code, Lua can up your game a fair bit so I'd strongly suggest at least looking into it! Container storage space that was formerly at the back of the constructs fuel bay is extended to the front of the docking bay and only a short walk from the bridge. The bridge itself is currently designed to seat only a single person with full ~200 degree view from side to side as well as ~30 degrees down and ~80 degrees up. I might just expand this head and neck of sorts to more of a wide bridge section for a small three to four person crew that's more or less the width of the craft. Texture was added to the floors while depth was added to the now four voxel thick walls around the windows. A bit of black and white contrast was added to the boarders around the windows and along the baseboards meanwhile some lighting elements were either tucked into the walls or extended over walkways for optimal brightness. It was here that I had realized that I didn't have a lot of design skill so I went out and had a look around at what people had created in times past for a bit of personal inspiration. While I still believe in function over form, I'm trying to come up with some utilitarian design ideas but just not coming up with any at the moment. I'll have to look around for some real life examples, perhaps that can kick something into action. Perhaps instead of voxels, more elements? ---------- With all the work on the interior, the exterior hull got very little love. What I did get done, however, was mounting some engines, vertical ones in particular. With 55 medium plus 4 large tanks, an awful bit of fuel will require an awful dozen engines or so. Aside from two large engines, several medium ones were also placed on either flank of the craft with some initial and rudimentary support structure for one. Final placement is of course up for debate as they don't in any way appear structurally sound so I might just lower their placement and design around it. ---------- Finally as far as the Lua front goes, aside from fuel tank gauges, I'm planning on also implementing @Melvin 's artificial horizon script which I sadly didn't get to play with since I was too engrossed in design. That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  9. I get to be a heritic, whoooooooooo!!! Consider me very willing to buy tickets to see what unfolds when two religious organizations meet in-game.
  10. Apologies for the delay in my usual weekly update. A combination of real life work and a poor mood on Monday and Tuesday respectively restrained me from my usual posting. Four rescues during this testing period raises our Alpha 2 count up to 19 and our total rescues to 33. Haunty carried out the first two rescues to kickoff Friday. The first being a fuel run to the new spaceman @Emyrs1701 who encountered a few problems on their way back from Teoma and ran out of fuel. A two hour journey into the black void was all it took before they were on their way back home. With a fancy jetpack strapped to their back, players can effortlessly EVA around or in-between constructs, or just float off aimlessly into space as one @sadmandono accidentally did. Haunty was able to pick them up a few hours after their previous rescue and expedite a return to their craft. This concluded the days rescues 30 and 31. A mishap on Sunday afternoon found myself picking up @Madrummer after they also got separated from their construct in space. With the position I found them in on Alioth in relation to their construct all the way on the other side of the planet, I took an easier half orbital route around Alioth and expended a minimal amount of fuel to fly the short 2 SU distance where a successful recovery was made to conclude rescue 32. Finally, as the test was wrapping up on Monday morning, Annabella assisted a new player who got trapped in space (yes, this is possible) on a friends construct. After providing some more technical assistance, they were able to respawn back on Alioth, and so capped off rescue 33. ----- On the second of this month, @Haunty claimed 6th place in a race hosted by the DICE organization in his construct named "Scrambulance" among . Congratulations for the great showing! This race started and ended on Alioth, and featured a checkpoint where racers had to land in a designated zone to get a secret number before returning back to the finish line to claim their place in the rankings. Reading in a correct secret number would cement their position among the pack of twenty. An incorrect number on the other hand... nobody knows. Three additional prizes were given out: The best looking ship which was a Halloween themed human skull created by @helvetian. The best crash at the start / finish line was awarded to @Grimmethy. A random prize was given out to @Dhara. Congrats to everyone who was involved. The success of this event excites me greatly for the future. ----- Aside from all this, I did put a small dent in my medium fuel transport after a bit of thoughtfulness. With some ingenuity I've been able to boost the fuel carrying capacity and even add on some storage room to boot. This particular construct, as mentioned in a previous post, has been sitting largely unfinished for months now, it's really about time I start working on it. Still batting around an idea for that large fuel transporter I was talking about a few posts ago. I can't wait to start working on it. That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  11. Hello DarkHorizon,


    I saw an old post of you. There is a mistake about an information.

    "Les scorpions du désert" is only for french speakers. No arabic. :)



    Could you please to change your post ?



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      So, how would you guys like to have your organization listed, french only, or both?


      I'm only including Arabic because it's a language spoken by some of the members of the organization which could help other Arabic speakers better find your organization.

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      Well, better ask a member of the organisation I guess.

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      LOL. I'm in this organisation. ^^


      Sorry for my delay time. We decided, with others leaders, to remove the Arabic language. Only 1 player have some notions.

      (We keep spanish)


      Thank you for your update.   

  12. I'm assuming this is german, but please post in english please in keeping with the rules of the forums.
  13. This will be a relatively thin update compared to past updates. No new rescues were made and aside from resource extracting I didn't do anything worth discussing. Most of this past test was done in preparation for this coming weeks test. The main spectacle as you all know will be the upcoming DICE race, scheduled for November 2nd. I wasn't able to complete as much as I had hoped to but I suppose it will have to do. As far as the future is concerned, I've floated the idea for another team meeting at some point during the next test, both in-game and through Discord. Our previous meeting we had on October fifth went well and I've already implemented some suggestions that were pushed forward by the team. Some of these changes will be previewed in our next agenda while a few new things will come up including: The upcoming DICE Race A preview of the changes to the logo that was pushed during the previous meeting A list of values held by our organization Ideas for a PDF to distribute to those we help and post publicly in the forums This is of course preliminary and will be expanded upon as the week progresses. That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  14. 4 rescues during one testing weekend. This is so far the most rescues we've made over any one testing phase which brings our Alpha 2 total up to 15 and our total rescues to 29. This is also a somewhat special event seeing as we have now surpassed our number of rescues made during the Alpha 1 stage, 14. Congratulations to all members of our team who have taken part in helping people in the testing process. While our impact may be small, we sincerely hope it's meaningful. Now, lets get on with those rescues! ---------- Haunty started out Friday morning flying alongside @WhiteMEat in assisting them move two XS constructs from Teoma to Madis on a lengthy three hour journey. These constructs WhiteMEat described as "priceless" made the journey safe and sound to their destination which completed rescue 25. @Annabella marked their first recorded rescue on Saturday when @Rabbyte overshot his destination, the planet Symeon. One fuel run later, rescue 26 was completed and you can view their feedback included further down the post. Later that day and quietly beside myself, I got a call for help in general chat by @mghtyred after they had run out of fuel away from home. Fifteen minutes later they were on their way. Finally on Sunday I had assisted @Phyzic who, after encountering a sudden problem six kilometers above ground, ejected and found themselves suddenly separated from everything they had created since they had started testing. There's a saying around the Dual Universe Discord, you can always tell who is new to the testing experience, with elements stacked on elements, Phyzic proved no different. Not being outfitted for hovering in low orbit, we had to return to Base Alpha at District 1 to refit for two vertical engines and stow some additional fuel. We flew up to where the construct was and while some might think that the hard part was done, not quite! The way the small rescue vessel is designed is so that a fuel bay door and a rear crew door automatically close once the construct detects no surface a short distance beneath it, think of it as a safety measure against jumpers... Having not foreseen this ahead of time since previous times players have just rode on top, with no way to open up the doors from the cockpit unless I exited and performed some acrobatics which surely would send us both plummeting, we elected to land while I coded this oversight into oblivion. With doors that now open from the cockpit, Phyzic was able to make a short leap to his construct and maneuver it safely to the ground which rounded out the test and our 29th rescue. ---------- Here's the feedback that was obtained over the course of this last test! ---------- Outside of rescues, much of this test was spent looking at code. With the assistance of a private individual, a few minor yet very useful improvements were made to the small rescue craft. The starboard side of the craft features dual screens which sport an animated GIF of the Eyes & Ears banner (thanks again @Geo!). To increase the sense of role-play, this banner can be toggled to an alert styled animation designed by @Spiridon with the press of a key-combo. - Flashing lights warning - A bit more work was required to transfer this from a single sign element to two split screens of comparable size, but I think the noticeable definition upgrade is worth it in the end. Vertically positioned engines can be used to easily give constructs vertical take-off and landing capability as opposed to needing a long stretch of runway to takeoff and land, or enough brakes to stop on a dime. While very handy, they can act like driving a car with a missing gas cap and waste precious fuel which is not only expensive, but can cut down on critical operating range. With the help of the same individual, the status of VTOL engines are now displayed on the HUD! I'm hoping to have something similar to this show the state of gears, doors, and even flashing lights on the hulls exterior to give it more of that emergency response look. All of this will come in due time. Speaking of the HUD, I scraped up some code off the DU Discord and after some tinkering, all my fuel gauges are off to one side, while everything else is off to the other side. Orderliness demands it! I can't wait to see what other possibilities in Lua await us for the future. I've seen some of the things people are working on, both in person and through shared pictures and videos. It's all very much exciting. ---------- And finally wrapping things up, a group contacted me during the test about a potential future partnership. Things are still shifting around but I can't wait to see what they bring to the table. No details for now so keep an ear to the ground! That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  15. With one rescue made over the course of this recent test, Eyes & Ears has secured its 25th rescue. Perhaps it was luck that more rescues didn't need to be made this weekend! Due to a bit of admittedly poor planning on my part, a meeting that was intended for the test prior was held over the course of this test where our members availability was more conducive to allow us all to meet at one place in-game and at the same time at our base in District 1. Our agenda (link) which was initially focused on only a few topics that I expected to take no more than 15 minutes quickly expanded and ended up taking over an hour in-between questions and what I think was some productive discussion about various topics. I ended up getting some good, actionable feedback which I will be working on over the course of time as my empty time allows. I'm already bubbling with ideas and have even written some of the good ones down for future work. Among some of the changes or additions you can expect: A slightly modified look to our current logo and banner in favor of something a touch more recognizable with our real world counterparts. A few updates to our website: The 'About Us' page will see the introduction of a manifesto, charter, and a list of values held by Eyes & Ears. This may get an entirely separate page, I will be discussing things further with my team. Our Mission will be expanded upon. A PDF file which we will distribute to those who call upon us with best practices so they need not call us again, or at the very least, as frequently! Additional graphics in our Description tab on the community website More media created from with in Eyes & Ears @Spiridon has offered us his expertise Finally, after gathering input, our website itself will be undergoing some minor changes. With a focus on speed and responsiveness, I dialed back some features of my website like parallax images (archive) in favor of static ones like which you see in our current design. These features and more will be returning in a future iteration as all members that I had interviewed said that they were more than happy to wait a second or two longer (in my testing) for more design elements over the purely static website of today and will announce when these changes roll out. Encouraged with this meeting, I'm already planning a second and already have a list of things I want to ask in my head. ---------- @Ardes refueled a dried up Novean with a quick spot of fuel on the far side of Alioth where civilization is perhaps more sparse. With this Sunday rescue being the only interesting activity aside from the meeting, coding took up the greater bulk of the rest of testing. One of our members in collaboration with a partner cooked up some LUA that allows us to switch between two images at the press of a single button. For Eyes & Ears this purpose is quite clear. It allows us to alternate our banner image between an emergency and non-emergency state. If only I could share this with you all! Flashing lights are next on the menu. ---------- Three new members were added in an unprecedented time frame over the course of the test! A big welcome to: @Annabella - Rescuer @JackTricolor - Rescuer, Dispatch, Supplies Manager @maxamized - Rescuer, Pilot JackTricolor receives a small bit of praise for having joined only a day prior to our meeting. By all accounts he stumbled into our meeting in voice chat even though he was not on our schedule and immediately started participating. I like this get-up-and-go so a round of applause for them. ---------- Always open to content suggestions as usual. That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
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