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  1. Void League

    A single popcorn? I'll take a bowl full.
  2. A greeting from Psi-Corps

    Hmm, I cant seem to find an email, phone number or even a physical address! Welcome!
  3. Hey, 'stupid maps' can be fun to read into.
  4. Xsolla Capital Joined the Party!

    Slight difference, but not much. It all depends on where you get your value from. I've tried explaining that already. If I was arguing, my choice of words would be, different. I'm just having a civil discussion in a public space. I'm free to do that am I not? All I did was make a passing statement, I never intended to follow up on anything and usually don't unless I feel brought into the discussion. Anyways, at your request, I will censor myself for the remainder of this thread since you don't want my 'sort of thing'.
  5. Roadmap Features

    I can only speculate since we're both in the same boat. I would think that they would be different entities. Player groups, say you have a group of flying buddies that you like to go on looting runs with. You can select that group, see where they all are, blast a message saying you want to go out and smash a convoy, then go do it. On the other hand maybe it could be used as a filter of sorts for grouping people into... groups! You know a bunch of people who are good at making constructs, add their name to a group and you can easily start up a private group conversation in the game. It could also be a feature of organizations like, for example, you put your organization's industrialists in one group, and miners in another, but then again you wouldn't need to be a part of an organization to do that, it's just another tool of sorts on the players tool belt. Can't be of much help on the second question here. I don't know about the RDMS system too much beyond the blogs (which I don't know if the old ones were deleted in the move) and dev diary. It could be staggered as you suggest or even added after release. Then again, maybe they forgot to add it in.
  6. Xsolla Capital Joined the Party!

    I could always... ahem... invest my time and money elsewhere. Where would we even be if DU hadn't succeeded in its kickstarter? Would it have gotten its millions in actual investors money if those investors hadn't recognized people were actually interested and willing to spend on a product that wasn't yet tangible to them and ourselves? Backers, customers, investors, whatever we want to call it. We're all interested in this product and want to see it succeed. That never came about through sitting on the sidelines and just hoping things succeed which is something we all could have done. It might not line up with the definition of being able to make money in the future, but what does money buy? A lot of things, including entertainment. I backed the game two years ago so I could be entertained later. You might not see yourself as an investor, but I certainly do, and I won't belabor the point.
  7. Xsolla Capital Joined the Party!

    Yeah, I can see this going places. Whether or not those places are good is another story. As far as I can tell, the only ToS that applies is DU's that I see right below the checkout button. I won't create a new account, but I believe Xsollas binding documents pertain only to the use of their service alone and does not attempt to include itself with DU in any shape or form. If that were the case, I would have fully expected NQ to have brought this up in the purchasing process. Dropping surprises on potential investors (no matter how small) like this wouldn't be a good look.
  8. Physical financial securities

    I don't know what that is but alrighty, sounds like lots of people are going to be needing rescuing after that fight.
  9. Question to NQ: server up time

    Giving a concrete estimate on server uptimes further out into the future leads me to two possible answers. Either it's like predicting the weather. You can look at the future and guess what might happen based on the data gathered from the past. Or it's the lottery and you never know what the outcome might be and everything is to chance. Things can be stable for months and weekend tests can go off without a hitch, so much that the dev team can go home for the weekend and find the test still running fine when they return on Monday. Then the introduction of a new feature throws everything into a tailspin and you're back down to three hours a week and occasionally restarting the server mid-test because something went bonkers.
  10. Physical financial securities

    Sounds like another thing to steal... Sign me up!
  11. Hand Weapons

    I'd just like to add that much like in real life, you can have the most powerful weapon in the world and still be totally defenseless or even get yourself killed if you don't know how to use it properly. Take a magnet gun for example. Fire two 'poles' and they'll stick to whatever solid they land on and will pull together once the opposing pole is fired. Fire one pole at the ground and the other at the enemy, sure it will pull the enemy to the ground, but they can still attack you with their own weapons as long as their limbs and weapons aren't pinned to the ground. Let's try again with a new enemy. Land one on them and another on a car that's all the way down the block. Nothing happens, the two poles are too far apart so they don't interact. You could also fire one pole at the enemy and the other at the big metal beam, sure the metal beam will fly towards them and crush them (just using my imagination, the enemy would most likely go flying in this case since they'd be realistically less heavy) but also not realize that the beam still has a lot of potential energy and is on a collision course with you. Oh, and that structure that beam was supporting, it's crumbling down on top of you now. Of course, realistic physics-based destruction is pretty unrealistic in DU not only for the performance required serverside but also players who build buildings that can't support themselves due to either no support structure or just poor design overall, but I think you get my point.
  12. Imprisonment and Judicial Punishments

    The purpose isn't to block someone from a marketplace (even though that is exactly what is happening) but to make it inconvenient. To make it feel as if they are not wanted here and should just give up and go somewhere else. Early on in the game or in areas where certain services are sparse this tactic could be very effective since it could require a big sink of time or resources just to go to another planet or system to access another service. Of course, later on, or in high-density locations, this might be ineffective since you might just need to cross the street (into another hex) to be able to use those same services. Who's to say the ripple effects this could have if the owner of one hex were to try and influence a nearby hex to convince them to restrict the criminal's access so as to better enforce their will. Maybe a bruised ego, maybe the final straw on the road to war. Then again, there is always the underground and black markets that will inevitably pop up. It might cost you a little more, but if it is worth it, then you'll reason with yourself appropriately. Check that, this is of convenience and value. Some people value their time or quanta and don't want to see it go to waste, they might submit and turn themselves in while others could give two shlacks and run since they have all the time and quanta in the world. This is all in a game, yes, but time can be a tangible item. How much value do you place on it?
  13. Can we get space weed?

    The difference is this stuff glows like a nuclear reactor when held up to sunlight so the stuff is grown underground and away from prying eyes. Exhibit A:
  14. Is this site legit?

    I wouldn't be surprised if organizations websites lacked SSL. Most of our websites like my own (eyesandearsrescue.org) are mostly just informational with minimal user input, aside from a forum and even a blog. Of course, with major players like Googles search engine and its Chrome browser pushing for higher standards, this add-on is being pushed more and more. My host offers a year of free SSL and I've even heard of some companies like Comodo offering a free certificate though I'm not entirely sure if that provides the same certs as paid certificates. As others have said, you can always find them on the community site and join that way as well.