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  1. Trashcan ships you say? Not much that can be done about it until avatars become targetable. Well, I suppose you could tighten up the time to broadcasting to starting the four hours the moment a discovery is made and you can make your flight to the asteroid like I originally thought was going to happen. Actually, why even have a four hour lead anyways? Why not broadcast to everyone?
  2. Hey everybody, We've been getting increasing reports of non-game-related scams through the DU Discord server. While in-game scamming is permissible (here's looking at you people putting requests and buying ore at 0.1h/L) these types of scams are not. The two we’re seeing most frequently on the DU Discord and Discord in general are along the lines of: "I accidentally reported your Steam account" "Straight to the point--NO BS" with Wall Street War At almost 2000 words, I’m told this is a fairly lengthy post so I’ll split it into two parts. The first will have t
  3. Monthly Update - July 1st, 2021 Ten rescues were made over the month of June, 101 for Beta 1 and 239 overall! With the release of the new mission system, we saw a minor uptick in our activity and at least heightened my mood from my mid-month slump in the above post. Whether or not that is a blip on the radar remains to be seen, the first week of July is over and not a single rescue yet. ----- Nothing much to discuss since the previous emergency update was so jarring. I’ve done some updates to our pricing calculator to make it easier to use
  4. I'm sure you recognize this little guy. This is a TLDR version of two announcements I made to the members of Eyes & Ears over the past 48 hours that I am making publicly, check our thread in the novark registry for the full details. I’m abandoning a post-launch community tribute project and likely to abandon a currently running consolidated advertising project since these new changes will simply make it impossible to accomplish as either all members involved are either a super legate already, or it’s a private passion project that I don’t want to delegate 100% owne
  5. Emergency Update - June 17th, 2021 For members that didn’t keep up to date with my at-everyone pings in the member announcements section, I have pushed those announcements here so they are public: TLDR at the bottom. --- Yesterday, 2:12PM CST In case you haven't heard about the changes to organizations, please read up: This probably won't affect many of you, be grateful, because these are riveting changes for me as an organization leader. First off, these changes were not run by the community in any shape or form prior
  6. Monthly Update - June 1st, 2021 Two rescues were made over the last four weeks, 91 for Beta 1 and 229 overall! ----- Aside from some recent side work I’ve picked up as a financial benefactor of Securion, nothing much of real merit aside from the second rescue that happened since the last update. Rescue 229 consisted of a new player by the name of Diresheep, some 50 SU away from Feli and in need of some fuel. After some back and forth, I coordinated efforts with Securion who provided a secure escort aboard their vessel. Normally I would have flown
  7. Monthly Update - May 1st, 2021 Two rescues were made over the last four weeks, 89 for Beta 1 and 227 overall! ----- Very little has happened over the past month, emphasizing how complete the burnout is in myself, the organization, and from my impressions, the game overall. Things are still happening and plans are still being made, but the silence is absolutely deafening. To fill the void left by DU, I’ve taken to writing fanfiction and making some forrays into the Halo franchise. I’ve seen videos and its stirred memories of my early teens. On my
  8. Bi-Weekly Update - April 1st, 2021 One rescue was made over the last two weeks, 87 for Beta 1 and 225 overall! ----- A largely quiet period again. Yet another handful of calls came in and were either handled independently, with our written guidance's, or via a friend. In talking with some of our partners in the rescue scene outside our org, things have been noticeably slow for them as well. It would appear that some of the sentiments I expressed in the previous update were shared by players across the field and seemingly across the game in genera
  9. Under normal circumstances I'd say 'go out and make some more enemies', but that's easier said than done.
  10. Bi-Weekly Update - March 15th, 2021 Zero rescues were made over the last two weeks, holding at 86 for Beta 1 and 224 overall! ----- Welcome the following member to our team! @NovumAurora - Pilot, Rescuer ----- Not something totally unexpected but I think this is the first instance we’ve had where no rescues were successfully completed. Had a handful of calls but all of them either helped themselves faster than we could arrive, simply didn’t want to wait, one even thought that we were NQ support and that they were opening up a su
  11. Bi-Weekly Update - March 1st, 2021 One rescue was made over the last two weeks, 86 for Beta 1 and 224 overall! ----- Welcome the following member to our team: @Dedalous - Dispatch, Pilot, Rescuer ----- HQ Work: Two medium doorzillas were installed as a separate entrance and exit point in the central core. What I’m told should have taken a day ended up taking ten. Between permissions being problematic, not having a complete list of materials, living on opposite sides of the planet, and both of us having lives resulted in this un
  12. Not to drag this off topic but I think this is what a lot of us, especially kickstarters have started to loose sight of. When I plonked my fifteen freedom bucks down it was like a convergence of everything I wanted that I didn't know I wanted to begin with. Now, years later, I see all these other games that have picked up steam and powered on by while DU seems stuck in dev hell. Sure things are coming out, but I don't feel the same excitement as I did in early pre-alpha. Now we're in that one phase where an update didn't come out for a couple months then before we knew it A1 had ar
  13. No... rotating engines when, NQ has been teasing me for two or three years now? C'mon, get with the times. 👀 Surprised the line delete tool wasn't a thing earlier. This actually reminds me of a kickstarter (I think) video, weren't we supposed to also be able to create voxels with soils, terraforming and whatnot?
  14. Or your ship just had better space brakes compared to your jetpack (don't forget you can brake with your jetpack by pressing CTRL, same as with constructs). It might be worth entering into build mode before jumping off since that will basically 'tether' you to your construct. Members of Eyes & Ears Search and Rescue commonly need to use their jetpacks when crossing from their constructs to that of a victims when out in deep space and the occasional station. While I can't recall that many interesting uses jetpacking around, some of the more curious moments come about duri
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