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  1. Hey, I shot you a friend request on discord but I didn't know you restricted messages from non-friends / mutual servers. I pulled my request after you accepted not realizing that and now I can't poke you on Discord so if you could hop over there please and thank you.  😱

  2. Please message me here or on the DU Discord (I should be pretty easy to find there), I really don't want to clutter this thread up with me me me. Thanks!
  3. DarkHorizon

    no AVX = no go ?

    I see that this hasn't been linked to yet so I'll just leave it here. https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002472234-AVX-instructions-required-to-run-Dual-Universe
  4. DarkHorizon

    Alpha 2

    Not to build up unnecessary hype, but the latest schedule for alpha testing only extends to the first test of this month. That's of course not to say that they could be so busy that they can't plan out the future tests, but you never know. If there was ever a more anticipated time for Alpha 2 to start, it's this month. Of course like Lachenlaud said above, as optimistic as I am, I also wouldn't be surprised if a delay was made.
  5. I won't link to it since the ampersand symbol borked things right now, but just search Eyes & Ears - Search And Rescue and you should find it.
  6. 8 members. :c I wonder how many handfuls are just placeholders waiting for the game to come out before inviting all their friends in from other games.
  7. Yama I don't think this is going to work out... 🤣
  8. Where the heck can I find my sent private messages...  🤔

  9. DarkHorizon

    Alpha 2 information

    Ahh, unfortunate indeed. You can read up on the NDA here which extends per my knowledge all the way until either the start of beta or release, but I can say for sure that the entire alpha phase is under NDA and such content can never be disclosed publicly until pretty much the end of time. If you feel that you can't uphold the NDA then feel free to poke support as I believe they have a very generous refund policy, but don't quote me on that.
  10. DarkHorizon

    Requirements check before pledging

    If it's not to much to ask considering I'm not a dev, consider keeping your old GPU around and NQ might gather some performance statistics based off your build. As the game gets optimized, those entry requirements should come down so who knows. I'd agree on considering that 1660, oh, and your english is fine. 🙃
  11. DarkHorizon

    Alpha 2 information

    Aside from what has already been publicly discussed (which you seem to already know), an exact date hasn't been nailed down yet. NovaQuark is vague with their timeline to keep people from setting expectations on the flow of development which can lead to disappointments if those expectations aren't met due to unforeseen bugs and delays. Sorry if as players/testers, we're being a little vague on details that NQ hasn't already discussed openly. We're all bound by an NDA and breaking it can lead to some pretty severe consequences.
  12. DarkHorizon

    How big can we make ships?

    If you can dream it then you can DU it, or at least within the devs provided means.
  13. DarkHorizon

    Issues linking forum and discord

    Usually the introduction section will get you approved faster if you haven't been already.
  14. 30,000 simulated players all across the planet, my my my... It would be nice to see it scaled up to all in one area. Hopefully a future stress test can up the ante with thousands of dynamic constructs. I'm curious to see how things have improved since that city building project we had around this time last year.
  15. Hey, that actually goes in the status updates of your form profile. If you need some help figuring this out, just run the command ~forumauth help in the discord server and a video will pop up. If you still need help, ping a member of the discord staff!