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  1. Bi-Weekly Update - April 1st, 2021 One rescue was made over the last two weeks, 87 for Beta 1 and 225 overall! ----- A largely quiet period again. Yet another handful of calls came in and were either handled independently, with our written guidance's, or via a friend. In talking with some of our partners in the rescue scene outside our org, things have been noticeably slow for them as well. It would appear that some of the sentiments I expressed in the previous update were shared by players across the field and seemingly across the game in genera
  2. Under normal circumstances I'd say 'go out and make some more enemies', but that's easier said than done.
  3. Bi-Weekly Update - March 15th, 2021 Zero rescues were made over the last two weeks, holding at 86 for Beta 1 and 224 overall! ----- Welcome the following member to our team! @NovumAurora - Pilot, Rescuer ----- Not something totally unexpected but I think this is the first instance we’ve had where no rescues were successfully completed. Had a handful of calls but all of them either helped themselves faster than we could arrive, simply didn’t want to wait, one even thought that we were NQ support and that they were opening up a su
  4. Bi-Weekly Update - March 1st, 2021 One rescue was made over the last two weeks, 86 for Beta 1 and 224 overall! ----- Welcome the following member to our team: @Dedalous - Dispatch, Pilot, Rescuer ----- HQ Work: Two medium doorzillas were installed as a separate entrance and exit point in the central core. What I’m told should have taken a day ended up taking ten. Between permissions being problematic, not having a complete list of materials, living on opposite sides of the planet, and both of us having lives resulted in this un
  5. Not to drag this off topic but I think this is what a lot of us, especially kickstarters have started to loose sight of. When I plonked my fifteen freedom bucks down it was like a convergence of everything I wanted that I didn't know I wanted to begin with. Now, years later, I see all these other games that have picked up steam and powered on by while DU seems stuck in dev hell. Sure things are coming out, but I don't feel the same excitement as I did in early pre-alpha. Now we're in that one phase where an update didn't come out for a couple months then before we knew it A1 had ar
  6. No... rotating engines when, NQ has been teasing me for two or three years now? C'mon, get with the times. 👀 Surprised the line delete tool wasn't a thing earlier. This actually reminds me of a kickstarter (I think) video, weren't we supposed to also be able to create voxels with soils, terraforming and whatnot?
  7. Or your ship just had better space brakes compared to your jetpack (don't forget you can brake with your jetpack by pressing CTRL, same as with constructs). It might be worth entering into build mode before jumping off since that will basically 'tether' you to your construct. Members of Eyes & Ears Search and Rescue commonly need to use their jetpacks when crossing from their constructs to that of a victims when out in deep space and the occasional station. While I can't recall that many interesting uses jetpacking around, some of the more curious moments come about duri
  8. Bi-Weekly Update - February 15th, 2021 Three rescues were made over the last two weeks, 85 for Beta 1 and 223 overall! ----- Here is some of the feedback from the rescues that were made: ----- HQ Work: More work regarding roofing and the installation of skylights went down. Both wings are now more or less complete roofwise with just some additional windows being crafted. @Haunty has been real instrumental with the creation and supply of windows for this endeavor, 500 larges of them so far. While this is mostly a matter of co
  9. Don't even bother with mentioning it, just report and move on, don't feed into it. Moco, sucks to see you leave after so long. While it's not the hill I want to die on, I've come close to it plenty of times over the years. Since Beta started, I've largely pulled back from both the game and Discord in pursuit of other things to enjoy new interests. I still keep up with everybody, but I'm not as engaged as I was in Alpha. With the rise of the unholy masses (see above) and NovaQuarks retreat to more official support tickets, I get it, and it sucks. I ain't no v
  10. Since the ticket queue is bound to be overwhelmed, this is just a friendly little announcement that Eyes & Ears Search and Rescue is ready and able to accommodate players requests for situations that do not fall outside another players ability to assist. Aside from the typical rescue, repair, refuel, and transport situations, this non-exhaustive list of situations include: Crashing and respawning Surrogate sessions swapping places with your avatar Someone leaving your space station unaware your ship is docked to theirs Constructs getting stuck up in the air
  11. Service organizations rejoice! It doesn't sound like this allows players to send money to an organizations wallet with out also having withdraw permission so I'll likely be forced to continue managing my orgs finances, but now my money and the orgs will be separate which is nice. Going to be looking forward to one day where my members and (hopefully) eventually customers being able to add money to the orgs wallet without my intervention. I'm also all for increased granularity permission wise as others have mentioned above.
  12. Ahhh so that's why you lost. You were conned into wearing no pants?
  13. Bi-Weekly Update - February 1st, 2021 Two rescues were made over last two weeks of 2020, 82 for Beta 1 and 220 overall! ----- HQ Work: Further work has been completed on the HQ, most of it centered around the acquisition of two medium gates which has really allowed me to smoothen out the intricacies of sizing the building for the constructs it will be storing. Of course, this does limit the size of the medium constructs that we’ll be flying so this might necessitate an upgrade to a single large gate which while fiscally desirable, not only adjusts the sizi
  14. Bi-Weekly Update - January 15th, 2021 Three rescues were made over last two weeks of 2020, 80 for Beta 1 and 218 overall! ----- HQ Work: Raise the roof, or at least try to! It was a fairly quiet period since our last update, all work was spent on adding a roof so now we’re somewhat like a house and enclosed on all six sides. Some additional work will go into filling in the supports crisscrossing the roof and I’m thinking of some possible arch supports but that will likely take a good bit of voxel work. I’m also partial to the idea of natural lighting so I’
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