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  1. Hi everyone. As some of you may wonder why this topic has been locked, here are some clarifications: As much as it is unacceptable to spam/derail an org recruitment thread just to taunt/harass the one who posted the said thread, it's also unacceptable to start a forum thread with the global idea of "You don't know what PvP is, let me teach you" (because this is how it can be interpreted). It's a highly provocative way of starting a discussion (whether it's intentional or not), and it clearly does not invite to constructive replies. @Daphne Jones You should really have stick to your point 1 (explaining what is your vision of PvP is totally understandable) and refrain of posting your point 2 (even if you put "imo"). PvP vision varies from one player to another. You have a vision of PvP. Other players may have a different one. Don't put all PvP Combat players in the same bag and give them the nastiest intentions they don't necessarily have, or it will become a self fulfilling prophecy: if you put everyone in the same bag, why would they act differently as you already put them in the same category? If you want to unify them against you, you're indeed using the best manner to achieve this goal. If it's not your goal, now is probably the time to reconsider how you communicate with them. Furthermore, we already asked you to stop provocating PvP players by calling them "sociopaths". Calling them "mentally ill" fall in the same category. It's just as provocative as PvP players calling "Carebears" those who are not interested in PvP. This is a the second warning (for people from both sides). Next time, we will start give temporary forum bans (and permanent ones if a temporary ban doesn't prove to be enough to some people involved). We are totally aware that on some other game forums, it's something normal to taunt each other, and "bathing in carebear tears" is a common activity. This might be a deliberate choice and/or became one goal of those forums. We won't judge or comment on this topic here. It's a choice like any other and the dev teams are entitled to manage their platforms as they see fit. That's why we will give here a clear reminder of what is exactly the current goal of the official Dual Universe forum: As stated in the forum rules, you're not supposed to be provocative, meaning: this forum is a neutral ground. This is a platform to have constructive discussions to help improving the game, not to impose one's vision and/or denigrating others' visions. You are free to expose your vision, of course, but not to attempt enforcing it by denigrating the others. You may also have some (in-character or out-of-character) grudges with some community members, but if this is the case you're expected to leave all this at the forum's doorstep. If it's too difficult, just ignore the people you don't like and don't reply to their topics. Don't start provocations or add oil on an already existing fire, or you might be affected by moderation actions (even if you're not the one who started the trouble). We hope you'll understand Novaquark's stance on this matter. One final note regarding the narrative that "PvP Players will hunt players who are completely unprepared" is kind of a biased way of presenting the real situation: Players not interested in PvP will have safe zones where they will be able to have various activities without risking being bothered by PvP Combat players. If they want to explore outside of the safe zones, they are implicitly accepting the risks and should prepare accordingly. If they don't, and get caught, it's on them. If they don't want to take any risk of being engaged in PvP, then they shouldn't go outside of the safe zones. On the opposite, if they're taking risks and prepare accordingly, bigger rewards will await for them. In the end, it's their choice, and the choice they made comes with consequences. Because players will have a choice, it's not accurate here to say that PvP Combat will be "non-consensual". On that topic, Dual Universe is already far more Non-PvP friendly than games like EVE Online (where you have to explore space even to mine the most basic ore, and where you can be attacked). Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  2. Hi everyone! Sorry for the late reply! So to answer your questions... @Vyz Ejstu 1) and 6) Aphelia is dematerialized in the simulation. She doesn't forbid anything as long as it is not an attempt to impact/attack her own integrity. However, she won't facilitate nor encourage any violence. That's also why colonists haven't any hand weapon given to them once you "wake up" in the simulation. Consider that a loophole exists as colonists really wanting to resort to violence can bypass this interdiction by making constructs with weapons. It's up to you to take into account only everything you had so far in-game, or to include in your story what will be possible/available with Alpha3 coming soon. 2) Alpha team members can interact to the limit explained in the 2nd special rule for this NovaWriMo Contest: "The contender can write about conflicts, however, it should only involve fictional opponents/organizations, not real players or organizations run by real players (to avoid any disagreement between the players mentioned about how the narrative direction is going)". At the very least, if several Alpha team members interact in a story, you must make sure beforehand that all the involved ones agree with the direction taken by your story. 3) No, pets aren't included in the Alpha simulation. 4) It's a bit like the film Matrix: They don't "log out". They sleep in the simulation to be fully immersed in it. 5) You can consider that if wildlife is in the simulation for storytelling purpose, it would be quite similar to what you find on Earth (don't go overboard on that point though, as it's not something that will get a very strong focus in the game, at least for now), based on Aphelia's database knowledge. 7) Physical limitations in terms of travel would be the whole Helios system. Players can't go outside this solar system in the simulation, just as it is currently in-game. @Keejhle Many things currently in game are subject to change a lot until the official release. You can present that by adding a narrative disclaimer about "Aphelia's virtual simulation" not being representative of the "real world" in which the players will land once the official release is reached. Regarding "mysteries"... Yes, they are mysteries in the virtual simulation, and that might be obviously source of many questions: are those "mysteries" really put there by Aphelia just to test the colonists adaptability skills (in any case, it will be the official answer she will give them)? Will there be similar mysteries in the "real world" they will land on? If so, how can Aphelia know so much about said mysteries without having been over there first? We hope this answer your questions. If you have other questions, don't hesitate to ask! Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  3. ... Or maybe because we did what we promised (try our best to help solving this situation) ? 🙄 Xsolla staff doesn't read this forum and solving payment issues can take several days. To our knowledge, you were the first to experience this kind of issue among thousands of pledgers. We can understand the situation was frustrating but it was an exceptional case (despite what you may think). Sometimes there are a series of issues that lead to unbelievable situations and you were just very unlucky. Anyway, we're glad your issue has been solved. The topic is now going to be locked. P.S: Yes, we already know that making a MMORPG is a huge undertaking. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  4. Hi @Lepus You received an answer here on Saturday (two days ago), that we are investigating on the incident. We understand that is probably not the answer you wanted, but you did receive one nonetheless. Moreover, as you can imagine, investigating during a weekend is not the best moment to get a quick answer. In the meantime, could you send to our Customer Support a proof of your payment from your bank, mentioning the company which received the payment (it could help in the discussion with Xsolla) ? Last but not least, we don't want any backer to feel frustrated or cheated and we will do our best to solve the problem. However, you have to understand, that no, Novaquark is not responsible for the issue and here is why: - Novaquark has no involvement in the payment process and has made a partnership with Xsolla precisely due to the fact that Novaquark is a game development studio and has no expertise in payment solution development (we would have handled this ourselves if we could). - Xsolla is in charge of the whole payment solutions and is responsible if any issue occurs on that level (if the issue doesn't come from your bank). This company is paid in exchange of that service. They offered you to use Multibanco and an issue came out of it. So yes, the responsibility is fully on their side, not Novaquark. It's not putting the blame on them, these are just facts, and responsibility regarding transactions is part of their contract. That being said, as mentioned above, we will try our best to help in solving this situation. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  5. Hi @Lepus We're sorry to hear about your transaction problem. The Novaquark team doesn't "pass the blame" to Xsolla. Xsolla is just in charge of processing all the payment transactions for Dual Universe and their customer support is in charge of solving issues related to the said transactions. Novaquark's customer support can't - unfortunately - solve this kind of issue. Moreover, it's Xsolla's policy to interact directly with the customers who might have a transaction issue. That being said, we will investigate on our side about why your payment went to a company called PPRO Financial Ltd. It's the first time we hear about this kind of issue and as far as we know, it should have been a direct transaction between your bank and Xsolla... On your side, could you please check if the payment going to PPRO Financial Ltd has nothing to do with a possible agreement with your bank for transactions going outside Europe or online payment? Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  6. Dear Noveans, NovaWriMo is back this year, with a new theme! You can find the complete rules here, and ask your questions (if you have any) in the same topic ! Best Regards, The Novaquark Team.
  7. Hi everyone! The NovaWriMo Contest is back! What is NovaWriMo? For those who don't know what this is about, here's a quick explanation: NovaWriMo is a writing contest inspired by "National Novel Writing Month" (NaNoWriMo), which usually starts in November and lasts for roughly one month. NovaWriMo is a very similar contest, but with a twist; the writing contest is related to Dual Universe, and it's not strictly tied to the month of November. 2019 Theme: Pre-Alpha, Alpha, and Beta phases of Dual Universe are also part of the game lore! How’s that possible? Simple; it represents virtual simulations run by Aphelia while all the colonists are still deep in their cryogenic sleep during their interstellar travel. Quite similar to the virtual simulation in the film ‘The Matrix’, except that the colonists are aware of it, understand that it’s a temporary situation, and that they will walk out of it at some point (the official release). They don’t have steel pikes plugged into their brains either! Special Rules for this theme: The contender can write anything about what his character (or his organization) is doing during the Alpha phase, or what he will do once upcoming features are officially announced on the roadmap will be implemented in game. In that second case, we would advise to wait until the updated roadmap is released (which should happen very soon). That's the reason why we made the Contest duration slightly longer this time, so you don't have to worry about rushing your story. The contender can write about conflicts, however, it should only involve fictional opponents/organizations, not real players or organizations run by real players (to avoid any disagreement between the players mentioned about how the narrative direction is going) It should be clear with the rules mentioned above but in order to confirm it clearly: No alien creatures should be involved in the story. Lore sources for reference: The Official Dual Universe Lore Bible The short story written by Alain Damasio The mods of the novel by Alain Damasio mentioned in the beginning of this post, some info here and here too The Backstory Page of the official website Some more recent information. (If you spot an inconsistency between the different sources, the Official Lore Bible should be considered authoritative). Writing Rules: The text should have a word count between 3,000 and 5,000 words. The contest starts today, Friday November 29th, 23:00 UTC. It will end on Monday January 13th, 23:00 UTC. The story should be on the chosen theme (see above). You must submit your text in the form of a PDF file and you must attach it to a dedicated topic (with the tag [NovaWrimo2019] in the title) you created in the "Novaquark Archives" forum section. The PDF file must not exceed 500 kb in size. You must also send your file in Word or .txt format to both NQ-Nomad and NQ-Nyzaltar to be eligible. You can do so by private message on the forum. By submitting a fanfiction with the tag [NovaWrimo2019] in the topic title, the poster will explicitly cede author rights to Novaquark. While these texts won't be sold in any form, they may be used (fully or partially) as promotional materials or in marketing campaigns for Dual Universe. For more information, please read our "Terms of Use" and our EULA. You also must accept and respect the legal conditions bound to your Dual Universe account (the aforementioned game's EULA, but also the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and NDA if relevant). Your submission must be written in English. Physical violence should be limited (No gore or similar things). Verbal violence and cursing is tolerated but should be limited and not gratuitous. Explicit sexual content isn't allowed. Hate speech toward specific people, ethnic groups, or religions isn't allowed. A non-native English writer can seek help from a native English speaker to polish the text in English. The native English speaker must be aware that it can help only on a volunteer basis: he won't be eligible for any reward. If a non-native English writer seeks help from a native English speaker, he/she must submit the complete text before proofreading. Once his/her text is proofread, he/she will have to keep both pre-proofread and post-proofread versions of the text available on the forum. If several people collaborate on a story, please be aware that only the individual submitting the entry on the forum will be eligible to win any prizes or awards. We will not have group prizes available. Because the juries are completely different, a participant may win a Novaquark prize and the Community prize. You may submit multiple entries, however, you may only win one Novaquark prize. If an entry does not meet all of the requirements for eligibility (text size not observing the word count, missing the deadline by a few days, etc.), the author won't be considered as eligible for the Novaquark and the Community prizes. However, it may still be considered as a participant to the contest. It will be up to the Novaquark team to decide on a case by case basis. Late entries will not be eligible for either the Novaquark or Community prizes, but will still be considered as participants. A gentle reminder, rather than a rule; please consider the reading comfort of your future readers by formatting your text in a way that makes it easily readable (make sure to put some space between your paragraphs, etc.) Winners: There will be three winners selected by the Novaquark team. There will be one winner selected by the Community (Community members will vote for their favorite story). Prizes: Novaquark 1st Prize: 3 Beta Keys + In-game title "NovaWriMo 2019 Winner: Gold" Novaquark 2nd Prize: 2 Beta Keys + In-game title "NovaWriMo 2019 Winner: Silver" Novaquark 3rd Prize: 1 Beta Key + In-game title "NovaWriMo 2019 Winner: Bronze" Community Prize: In-game title "Famous Writer". Good luck everyone! Best Regards, The Novaquark Team.
  8. Hi everyone, As Yamamushi said, there won't be a MeetUp during the MIGS event. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough people potentially interested. Sorry for the last minute notice. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  9. As we're considering to make a meetup at Montreal during MIGS (Montreal International Gaming Summit), we need to know who would like to attend this MeetUp in advance. Please complete the poll above if you're available and want to go to such meeting. Thank you in advance for your anwers! Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  10. (Update: November 12th, 2019: detailing the content that will be released before the end of the year) Dear Community, We heard your feedback regarding our communication that wasn't as regular during the past months than it was before, in addition of a few miscommunication incidents. That's why we decided to plan several events to catch up and address that topic before the end of the year: For those who have questions (or concerns) about Dual Universe or Novaquark, we've just opened a dedicated thread here (as many questions may be related to subjects under NDA, and we can't check beforehand, we had to put the forum thread in a section under NDA. If you're not a backer and you have questions on topics that aren't under NDA, feel free to contact NQ-Nomad and/or NQ-Nyzaltar by private message on the forum, and they wil transmit them to the team). No question is taboo. Although we can't promise to give a clear and detailed answer for each question, we will try our best to reply as much as we can. Here is the content related to communication we plan to release before the end of the year: - a video presenting the updated roadmap. - a Dev Diary video showing the recent progress on the game development - a PodCast where we will try to answer the most pressing matters (based on the questions posted in the dedicated thread). - an AMA event where we will try to answer to the remaining questions. - a Kickstarter update. We can't give specific dates for all of this content yet, but all will be released before the end of the year. Best Regards, The Novaquark Team.
  11. Hi everyone! We are going to deploy a brand new Authentication Bot - developed entirely by Novaquark - on Discord in the coming weeks to simplify the life to new backers in the Community, as well as facilitating the work of the Discord volunteer Discord Moderators. The news is important for both new comers and veteran community members, as authentication to NDA Discord sections will change drastically! You can find the complete news here. Don't hesitate to give your feedback in this forum thread, below this forum post! All feedback is welcome! Best Regards, The Novaquark Team.
  12. Dear Tacotuesday, We interrupted the test sessions for two weeks because a big part of the team was "out of office" and it was communicated in a newsletter beforehand. So as the service was temporarily interrupted and communicated to the backers, it was unlikely that there would be people in urgent need of support. Now you asked on the forum during a Saturday why you hadn't have a reply yet by the Customer Support. You get an answer the following day, on a Sunday. As an indie studio, with our budget and infrastructure, we believe we are trying our best to keep our community informed and follow up any issue that could arise. We agree that we could always improve and as the game will develop, the team will too. Now you will have a reply from our customer support, even if it feels too long by your standards despite these circumstances. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  13. Hi @TACOTUESDAY Many members of the team were on holidays during the past two weeks. So the response time on support tickets may have been affected. You will get a reply as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  14. Hi everyone! You may have already seen it but we launch the Community Survey 2019 two days ago on the official website. If you haven't filled the Community Survey yet, please take it when you will have time. It takes only 5 minutes to complete it, and it will help the Novaquark team a lot to know you better and see what are your expectations for each kind of in-game activity. You can take the survey here. Thank you so much for your help! Best Regards, The Novaquark Team.
  15. Hi everyone! More news about the Gamescom 2019 MeetUp: - The meeting hour will be at 20:30 (local time), on Wednesday, August 21st. - We have only 4 more seats available for the MeetUp! So if you're interested to join us for the MeetUp at Cologne, don't wait to register until the deadline... - We are considering (not 100% sure yet) doing a MeetUp in October in Paris during the Paris Gamesweek 2019 for those who can't join us at the Gamescom. If it happens, it would be most likely either on Wednesday, October 30th or Thursday, October 31st. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  16. Hi everyone! Here is more information about the Gamescom MeetUp 2019 (and we need some from your side too ) If you plan to join us at the Gamescom MeetUp 2019 in Cologne (Germany) on Wednesday, August 21st in the evening, please complete the form below. We need to make sure to book enough seats for the members of the Community in advance. You have until Sunday, August 17th to register in the form. Please register as soon as possible as we can't guarantee to have a booked seat for everyone who will register after this day. In order to make your booked seat valid, you will need to have a Dual Universe account beforehand. >>> Gamescom MeetUp 2019 Inscription Form Like last year, the MeetUp will take place at the "Ludwig im Museum Restaurant" (near the Cathedral in Cologne). To find the exact address of the restaurant, here is the google map link. At this MeetUp, you'll be able to meet the following members of the Novaquark team: NQ-Sophon (JC Baillie), CEO NQ-LowDegree, Senior Server Engineer NQ-Helvetica, UI/UX Designer NQ-Nomad, Live Ops & Community Manager NQ-Nyzaltar, Social Media & Community Manager NQ-Oli, PR & Marketing Manager Best Regards, Nyzaltar
  17. Hi Oninous and welcome in the Dual Universe community! We know it's a bit frustrating to wait for validation to post on the forum, but this is the safest way to keep the forum clean from all spammers and advertisers that have nothing to do with the game. Beside, once your first post is approved, you don't need any validation anymore. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  18. @shaake Talking about Real Life Politics is not allowed in Dual Universe. No matter how it is presented, making a parody of Real Life Politics IS a way of talking about Real Life Politics. Therefore, the organization has been deleted. Please avoid to create such type of organization in the future. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  19. Bonjour @CaptainGeek Comme indiquĂ© dans les rĂšgles du forum postĂ©es ici, il est demandĂ© de ne pas faire de "Necroposting" (rĂ©pondre Ă  des sujets n'ayant pas eu de nouvelle rĂ©ponse depuis prĂšs de 2 mois). Une des raisons principales est d'Ă©viter de ressortir des sujets qui ne sont plus d'actualitĂ©, oĂč sur lesquels la situation a radicalement Ă©voluĂ© (comme c'est le cas ici) et gĂ©nĂ©rer de la confusion au sein de la communautĂ©. Comme l'a mentionĂ© MikeBuke, il y a dĂ©jĂ  des initiatives communautaires francophones. On peut Ă©galement trouver la rĂ©ponse officielle la plus Ă  jour sur le sujet ici. Nous informerons naturellement la communautĂ© francophone dĂšs que nous aurons plus d'infos sur le sujet. Dans la mesure oĂč tout a Ă©tĂ© dit sur la question pour le moment et que ce fil de discussion aurait dĂ» reposer en paix depuis quelques mois, il va ĂȘtre verrouillĂ© Cordialement, Nyzaltar.
  20. Yes, and that's why this topic is going to be closed, now that an updated reply has been given Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  21. Ce sujet a évolué depuis 2016. Il est prévu une version française pour la sortie officielle du jeu. Une section de forum entiÚrement en français est à l'étude (comme ça le sera aussi pour toutes les autres langues dans lesquelles le jeu sera traduit). Nous ne pouvons pas encore donner de date sur le déploiement d'une telle section, mais patience, la chose finira par arriver Cordialement, Nyzaltar. -------------------------------- This topic has evolved since 2016. A french version is planned for the official release of the game. A forum section entirely in French is considered (as it will be considered as well for all other languages in which the game will be localized). We can't give any ETA yet regarding the French forum section opening, but be patient: it will happen eventually Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  22. Hi everyone, This discussion is going nowhere. Everything has been already said on the topic and continuing would only lead to stir up conflict between those who think the situation is unfair and those who think it's normal to adapt. To sum up one last time: PC Gaming industry has a long history of replacing/upgrading components in very short cycles (4-5 years) due to technological breakthrough, to stay up-to-date. However it's true that during the recent years, there have been less technological breakthroughs on the CPU side, reducing the need of replacing CPU. While it's a comfortable situation on many levels, keep in mind that it's not the "normality" but the exception in the PC Gaming history. The technological stagnation (at least CPU-side) for so many years is a first. At some point, technological breakthroughs will force you to upgrade your PC if you want to play games that will use the most advanced technologies available (unlocking opportunities that weren't possible before). It has always been like that, and it will continue to be like that (even if it will be at a slower pace). It's true that AVX instructions requirement weren't specified during the Kickstarter campaign. It has been a miscommunication on our side as it was decided from the beginning to use them (these instructions help A LOT regarding performances in a full voxel-based environment) and we recognize that. That's why it's a legitimate reason to contact the Customer Support for a refund. However, we think it's a mistake to see the situation just as "I won't change my PC rig just for Dual Universe", because sooner or later, other games will ask you to have a more recent hardware. It's just a matter of time. If it's not AVX instructions, it could be something else. There was no intention of deceiving or trapping backers here. The dev team genuinely thought that, by the time Dual Universe will be released, CPUs from 2012 or older will be replaced by gamers with more recent ones, especially as the team never marketed Dual Universe with low end specs (even during the Kickstarter). That being said, if you plan to keep an old CPU from before 2012 at least two more years, and don't plan to play DU because of that, that's totally your right and you should contact our Customer Support. Now the topic is going to be closed as the original question has been answered in detail, and repeating arguments again and again will add nothing constructive on the topic. Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  23. Like last year, we are organizing a MeetUp in Cologne (Germany) during the event of the Gamescom. It will be an opportunity to meet JC and several members of the Novaquark team to discuss about Dual Universe! Please indicate which evening you will be available The poll will close next Tuesday, June 11th, as we have to book the restaurant quickly. (More info about the event coming soon ) Best Regards, Nyzaltar.
  24. Hi everyone! With the test session starting today (Thursday, May 30th) at 14:00 UTC, you will be able to enter the Puzzle Game Building Contest! We presented quickly what is the concept of the contest in this announcement two weeks ago. You can also find the complete rules over there. (to be able to read them, you need to be logged and have Alpha access). However, we felt it was necessary to give some more insight about the possibilities with Interactive Elements. That's why JC, with the help of NQ-Wzrd, made a Puzzle Building Tutorial. It explains the basics with an up to date video. Moreover, as the Contest duration will be quite short, we've decided to give to everyone (even those not actively participating to the Contest) a few Interactive Elements of each kind. The Elements you received are just a starting point. You could use more by crafting more or trading more with other players. Happy building! The Novaquark team.
  25. Dear Alpha Testers, We are glad to announce a new Contest coming next week, starting Thursday, May 30th! This time the theme will be about “puzzle games”, made with Interactive Elements. LUA scripting will be authorized, but it won’t give an edge on the winner selection: the main criteria to win the Contest will be creativity, originality, and aesthetics. Full Contest Rules will be posted next week, just before the Test Session. We can’t wait to see all the puzzles, contraptions and escape rooms you’ll design! Also, we said last week there will be a time extension for the test session this week. With the Contest coming, we thought it would be more relevant to do it next week, as this will give you more time for the Puzzle Game Contest! If you’re not familiar yet with Interactive Elements, here is the video presenting the main ones: (Disclaimer: The video is a bit old so graphics are not representative of the current graphics in the game anymore, but the gameplay related to Interactive Elements presented in this video still globally applies in-game). The Novaquark Team.
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