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  1. Linkt :Riptose - Dual Universe (dualthegame.com)
  2. English (Translator used) Will display names of inactive accounts be freely selectable again? Die Waldfee
  3. English (Translator used) Hello @Distinct Mint I' m just saying that Gold Backers and above have paid for the ALPHA and BETA. Die Waldfee
  4. English (Translator used) Hi NQ, why is it fair to backers higher silver when new players with only one month gametime from Markee-Dragon ($9.99) and a subscript of 12 months gametime ($83.88) (total $93.87), get the same pioneer pack? The cheapest Gold cost 112$ (Gold Founder Pack (Early Bird)) and more from there. Also, it would be good if you can buy from Markee-Dragon in € (exchange rate) (so far pricing at NQ). Die Waldfee
  5. English (Translator used) Hello NQ, My recruited friends from the "Recruid a Friend Programme" are asking if the objects and skill points they have received will be back at RELEASE, or only new players who are recruited will receive them? This is also true for the double-authentication. Will the skill points only be active for new players? Also, what about the playing time I got as a recruiter? As a backer, this expired for me even though I didn't need any gametime (especially as a livetime backer). Are these times compensated as DAC? Die Waldfee
  6. English (Translator used) The events were known if you had logged into the form, discord or game at least once a week. Several hundred players were involved. Die Waldfee
  7. Hallo liebe Mitglieder, der total RESET mit dem RELEASE heißt wieder von vorne Anfangen. Daher habe ich ein paar Vorbereitungen als Info gemacht. Diese sind in den Bekanntmachungen im Spiel bei der Organisation "Sammelbecken". Mit freundlichen Grüßen Die Waldfee
  8. English (Translator used) I think NQ announces that the T-shirts have been sent out. Nothing else. Die Waldfee
  9. English (Translator used) Hello NQ, Many players have created very interesting constructs that consist of several cores. However, since with the RELEASE only the individual cores are taken over as a blueprint, it is very difficult to put them together again. Therefore I propose to create a new kind of blueprint (new item). This blueprint consists of a list of blueprint names (current blueprints) and their core positions (incl. alignment) in the overall construct. It is a condition that all cores of the blueprints (current blueprints) are of the same type and that the core position of the subsequent entry is not further away than 600m (to cover only real constructs). Furthermore, when setting a blueprint, it must not land in a construction area where this core is not allowed to be. After setting the new Blueprint, the individual target positions of the cores are displayed virtually with names, as with a projector. Then you can set the current Blueprints one after the other without re-aligning them. The projector can be switched on and off depending on the construction progress. The automatic generation of the new blueprints should still be possible in BETA. Die Waldfee
  10. English (Translator used) Can I use DAC's for BETA-Key Account to take over Blueprint's of these players? What about accounts that are superlegate in more than one organisation? Die Waldfee
  11. English (Translator used) Hello NQ, What happens to skill points and skills that are ineffective. E.g. : Skill points on basic elements and parts that have no schematics? But have entries in the skill tree. Or skill tree entries for which there are no elements. Die Waldfee
  12. English (Translator used) Hello NQ, The Schematic Copys screen should show the available Quantas. Better still the available accounts you have access to than being actively adjustable as in the market. Die Waldfee
  13. Hallo @Gottchar, Aphelia sollte Belohnungen für Spielerevents natürlich beobachten und bei Missbrauch die Loyalität zurücksetzen. Die Waldfee
  14. English (Translator used) The events of the players should support Aphelia by donating prizes. I think the concept of powers in Elite Dangerous is very good. In DU, Aphelia is the first power and controls everything up to the jump range of the warp drive, starting from the warp beacons that are within range of her. This can then be used to create missions that are used to construct Aphelia's buildings and facilities. All materials are obtained by the players and sold to Aphelia until the necessary items are available at the creation site. The possible profits should be attractive for all players. The top ten players will receive additional bonuses. Players who are loyal to Aphelia can get a police license and hunt down players on whom Aphelia has placed a bounty. In addition, missions can be launched to secure suppliers during the delivery event. Each participation as a supplier, escort or rescue from pirates increases loyalty with Aphelia. Attacking or shooting down police or suppliers will result in the imposition of a bounty from Aphelia, as well as a decrease in loyalty. Outside the range of Aphelia (other solar system) new powers can form (also other KI's) Die Waldfee
  15. English (Translator used) Hi Msoul, Thank you. I know the 3, but there are supposed to be 10 different ones. 5 levels from the kickstarter and 5 levels from the suportprogram. Then the starter ship and various suit models. Die Waldfee
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