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  1. I agree on all counts. some additional points. 1. wreaks should only spawn when no one is near by, and should never spawn overlapping an existing construct. 2. some wreaks should be spawned in space and tossed towards the planet...
  2. This is my opinion. NQ wants this to be a community game. They want folks to play together and build relationships. We are building relationships... in Discord. We can't build relationships ***In Game*** because the communication tools in game are awful. This is, IMnsHO, the single biggest mistake that NQ has made, and is continuing to make. If they want this to be a community building game, then they need to provide the communication tools to actually build communities. This includes mission terminals, player market terminals, etc but it also includes, threaded chat, tag
  3. yeah, 50m is a bit small, at least until collision rendering is real time. If a larger ship falls though another construct, we need more then that to extract the ship.
  4. While exact specs of the game are currently under NDA and can not be discussed here, as a general rule with most games, the first stage installer is just a small file that installs the infrastructure for the game to patch in the rest of the install. It sometimes works to install those sorts of games on One PC and then transfer the installed folder onto another PC and rerun the installer to bypass a long download. That may or may not work for you for many games.
  5. FYI, While the above page states that OS 8 is a non-starter, I have 3 computers that run DU quite well. Two of them run windows 10. The other is running windows 8.1 Pro on a i7-4790 4GHz.
  6. 30 second ban for advocating bans... /grin. But yup, welcome @NQ-Naerais!
  7. This is just categorically untrue. A donation is when you give something with no REQUIREMENT of getting something in return. Merriam Websters defines it as: Donation: noun : something (such as money, food, clothes, etc.) that you give in order to help a person or organization. When you donate money to a kick-starter you can have the hope of getting something in return, and in many cases you do, but there is no legal requirement.
  8. You are not buying a game. You are donating money to help in developing a game that does not exist yet. As a perk for that donation, you occasionally get to test during certain stages of that development process. There is no refund for "here have some money to develop." If you want a stable game, with refunds if you don't like it, wait for release.
  9. This game is not Eve and it has a very large community of people for whom the 'fun factor' is creating, not destroying. That fact alone stands a very big chance of making this game very different. Nothing I have stated here is buried under the NDA. The backer rewards include information about sanctuary areas, as does the public non-NDA Trello account.
  10. no. I mean that there will be sanctuary areas in this game where PvP will not be allowed. It has been stated implicitly. In fact there used to be a 3rd moon in orbit of Alioth called a sanctuary moon. It was "temporarily" removed. Just because you would, doesn't mean I would. If I am in an Org with lots of people, and we declare that everyone is safe within our region as long as they act peacefully, then we will likely have a mostly peaceful area. Particularly as we will not be wasting resources on pointless skirmishes, and can apply those resources in keeping the peace.
  11. The question is too vague. Static defense is implicit in this game. Space is a static defense. The time and effort needed to build ships is a static defense. Safe zones will definitely be a static defense. A wall of voxels 16m thick is a static defense. Do I think that there should be automatic unmanned turrets that fire at ships? no.
  12. Amen. There are plenty of reasons to share data from a data center, but I will always prefer to manage my own tools for accessing that data.
  13. voxelating voxciferously.
  14. It will. /smile Frankly since I started playing voxel based building games, I can't look at almost anything in the real world without thinking... "How can I build that in game?"
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