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  1. Agreed but... My speculation is that by the time you have what you need to redeploy your industry, you will have created a new factory that you might just like better then the old one. /smile I still agree that you should blueprint it I still agree that they should make blueprints **work correctly!!!** I'm just waxing philosophical.
  2. realistically how will you ever deploy that blueprint like that. You will need industry to make the industry etc. Industry installations evolve and grow based on need. My plan, and the one I recommend, is lay down a nice building somewhere, and grow a new industry installation. Build it better. That said, I agree in principle. Blueprints of a Core should restore all aspects of the core as it was when it was blueprinted, skills, links, etc.
  3. done. although i cheated and sent them as one post.
  4. I'm currently doing a live stream and we have some questions. Perhaps you will not answer them here, but at least we have our list. Is there still going to to be a Daily Dole after release and if so how much? Well we do really want to know when release is going to be.... ???? How much down time will there be between Beta and Release???? Are the safe zones going to stay the same between now and release? Will we have Dispenser Lua and API by release? Are there going to be any new systems added pre release (like power or some other system) had to ask just in case. How many small updates are you planning for? Are any of the other important numbers going to change for release, like, number of planets, distance between, travel speeds etc. Are ore distributions, and or planetary sources going to change? What is going to make us the most grumpy that we don't yet know about??? What are you going to surprise us with that don't expect? Schematic Talents? yes or no? How much Aphelia buying and selling will happen? ore bots? Where are the faucets? we know where the sinks are. or do we? any new sizes of elements or industry that we might reasonably expect? Will Asteroids be available on day one? or when? Tyim wants to know if Aphelia will ever tell us the truth. CodeInfused and Tordan would like to know that too.
  5. If they don't add new features for this, you can greatly reduce clutter by searching for a subset, then select them and then right click-> package. Really helps when, like me, you have 30+ revisions of the same construct.
  6. Honestly I like rewards. but I don't need them. The pleasure of playing this game, and the knowledge of the mechanics is enough of a perk for me. I do not feel that I haven't gotten my money's worth already.
  7. It i good to finally know. I braced myself months ago so no prob there.
  8. Please pay attention to real physics. Concrete is not light. Plaster should be a thing to replace the cosmetic need for light concrete but, plaster isn't concrete. Iron is heavy Steel is lighter then Iron but actually stronger, so having HP tied directly to mass is a bad idea. Rare ore based materials, expensive matierials etc should be able to be ligher and stronger. If I build a ship out of carbon nanotubes and titanium it should be a better ship then out of iron and wood and concrete
  9. I actually don't mind the new schem. It works fine, and hasn't actually been that onerous. It is just named wrong.
  10. I agree The Lua system in the game is awesome, and very powerful. I also like the the MU and asteroid mining systems, although I think that the "broadcast" feature of asteroid mining should be removed. You should have to either find it yourself, or have a friend tell you the coords.
  11. You are correct. It doesn't automatically scale to the infinite, and there have definitely been some underestimations of just how much stuff players can dig, and build. and how resources are allocated and priorities are still not completely ironed out, but there has been some serious progress made from the days when you couldn't mine at all because 19 out of 20 server requests were failing. I just believe that right now we are not seeing the entire picture at our end. I suspect that they are throttling the available resources, both to save cash and to test bottlenecks and that some of what we see is the result of that.
  12. Dear Devs, They are now Copyrights not Schematics. If it were up to me, I would change the in-game nomenclature to reflect the paradigm shift. Aphelia is charging us licensing fees. I'm still not sure where that b!#$% gets off thinking she has that right, but that is a short story for another day. Kewe to pensa kopeng? Tordan
  13. The game scales. I'm tired of everyone saying that the game isn't scalable, like that phrase actually means what they are saying. There is always going to be a hard wall somewhere. Right now the soft wall seems to be the amount of server resources that can be maintained over the long hall with the current cash flow, so they conserve. and then we occasionally get a higher load then they can handle. I don't have any idea how well the game would perform if they had twice as many server resources allocated. I hope that constant predictions of doom and gloom from the peanut galaxy doesn't discourage new and returning players once the game releases. I very much want the game to succeed.
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