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  1. Tordan

    This Could Revolutionize Dual Universe !!!! MUST SEE

    Particularly as it seems possible that licensing their OWN server tech to other games might be a large part of their business model.
  2. Tordan

    Safe Zones

    surprisingly true of the game of RealLife too.
  3. we all have our role. /grin
  4. Tordan

    Official Dual Universe Lore Bible

    Just FYI: typo. should be "have been too hazardous" feel free to delete this post after fixing...
  5. Tordan

    Any LANDMARK builders here ??

    Hell yes, I remember being thoroughly impressed by your roofs
  6. Tordan

    Any LANDMARK builders here ??

    we are all gathering, like flies on.... Alioth
  7. Tordan

    Offline voxel editor?

    While I also could speculate about the developers subjective opinions on what is reasonable, i decided instead to focus on practical objective reasons. Both could be true, maybe neither is true and they will come out with an offline ship editor at some point. That is why I used Improbable, rather then speaking in certainties.
  8. Tordan

    Offline voxel editor?

    This is highly improbable. 1. they will not want to spend resources developing this. 2. as soon as the server is up 24/7 it will be moot.
  9. Tordan

    Last Post Wins

    Tell that to my Tardis
  10. Tordan

    Last Post Wins

    and here I thought it might die this time.
  11. It has also been intimated ( I don't remember where ) that there might eventually be MORE arks. It might be that a year from release, when Alioth has been terraformed into a giant city, that new players will spawn on a different planet, in a different ark.
  12. I feel pretty, Oh so pretty... Form defines function. Function informs form. Symbiosis. Peace. Tordan.
  13. Tordan

    What would the 7 Greatest Wonders of DU be?

    Nah. Voxelmancers Guide to the Galaxy.
  14. Tordan

    Test Forum feedback Topic

    This would indeed be useful.