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  1. This whole issue pushed me a fair bit closer to the whole anti-safezone click. The ASA is a permeant safe zone for people just getting their start, Beyond that, people have to implement and uphold their own attackable safe zones. Nations and collectives should form to uphold and protect their interests. IIRC that was supposed to be how it was implemented. I don't think we would have seen this outside the safe zone, players would have handled things themselves and NQ wouldn't even have to be involved, they could just shrug and say 'these are the rules'. Instead we got what we got out of this whole situation resulting in HEXTEK capitulating, and NQ shrugged, and said 'these are the rules'. They boxed themselves in real good with the community, they just can't get a single win in with us it seems like, and I don't envy that. That said, I condemn anyone taking their in-game problems and turning it into real life threats.
  2. Sometimes kindness and love is only so strong. A child with a bad attitude can only antagonize their parents for so long before corrective action is taken. If a couple's relationship isn't strong, then there isn't much keeping them apart. Dispensers of justice will only let us go with so many penalties before we end up in prison. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch for me to say that some of us are just running on faith now. I've been here since kickstarter, and I have lots of reasons to leave. I'm personally in quite the pretzel of a balancing act ever since the changes to organizations were announced, it wouldn't take more than a solid shove for me to move on. I'm not a fan of burning $500, but sometimes, it's not about the money... Oh man, someone remind them of how constructs had to be made invulnerable and automatically brake while coming out of warp because people were building voxel nets at the end of tunnels. Or what about the wall of dirt that was being built around the arkship... Wasn't the ASA much smaller back in Pre-/Alpha? I remember buildings hanging right off the side of the marketplaces and even had one myself. Those were the days. People will be awful just for kicks, and not in make-believe video games either. Flip on your local news channel for examples. I don't watch mainstream news anymore for a reason. We'd probably still complain if it was a dozen tiles away if the load were even heavier. Also, solution to avoid this 'flooding the economy with quanta', how about cutting players off entirely from doing apheila missions after doing it so many times? I mean, it is a legitimate concern, and missions were already adjusted during previous testing phases because they were such easy money. See someones previous reply about building regulations in and around airports. As far as I'm concerned, this is no better than those anti-grav towers that pierced the atmosphere on voxel-thin stilts. If you didn't have a radar back then, or at minimum static cores displayed, you were playing with a loaded gun.
  3. I'm not editing my above post on purpose. Just wanted to push this to your attention in case you're still watching.
  4. Why yes, I too enjoy the feeling of unadulterated rage when I crash into a 1vx tower that destroys half my ship on impact, the other half blowing up on touchdown. I had that pleasure happen to me back in alpha when I ran into a stray lonely core that was just floating up there. No voxels, no elements, just a core. Had a good laugh after I thought about what happened. If the community worked on a planetary project and built (two) elevators at the poles or in mega cities then it would be a commonly known thing and generally accepted. Also, if they were thick and girthy, and visible from further out, that'd be great. If the game was more physics-based, that'd be awesome. Your elevator would actually have to be built to support itself and couldn't just be a couple of parallel voxel-thick rails. Having to fly around ducking and dodging towers and landing pads doesn't appeal to me. It's slower and more wasteful on fuel when I could travel in a straight line, and I'd be far less trustworthy of automated flight scripts in such an environment. If I wanted to fly through a forest, I'd do so on the ground in my cheap speeder. 9H later: Imagine this for a near miss coming into market 12 on a glide path in the middle of the night. Best beleieve because that's what's covering the north-west approach.
  5. Interesting, is this going to be recreated post launch?
  6. What about the sixth tier? Life time subs? Wouldn't this also make things pay to win? Pay more money, get access to better or more powerful equipment?
  7. I'm a super legate for two organizations. What will happen after launch? Will I be stripped of ownership of one organization, if so, which one?
  8. How am I preparing? Lets see here... One week off of work, I might extend it to two weeks. Telling family I love them, but to leave me alone during this period. Ensuring the abc fire extinguisher is fully charged and ready at a moment's notice. Hoping and praying whatever building the servers are in do not spontaneously go up in flames. ......... Prepping a post in the discord announcement channels advising everyone that the servers have crashed and to please be patient.
  9. Anxious as all hell right now about launching, launch next month beat every expectation I had set, and I'm quite terrified. I don't say that to make noise and get attention, it's really how I feel right now. So much went wrong over the course of beta, starting with the fact that NQ did not treat the beta phase as a proper testing phase. I've harped on it so much, soft launch was a mistake. I don't want to say it's fatal, but if things go south, that's the first thing I'm going to blame. As far as launching on steam goes, I'll echo another player that lacking the label that the game is not complete at its core (territory warfare, etc) is a bad idea. You have to be honest, open, and blindingly transparent about what is currently lacking in terms of expectations. The community has their own opinions on these traits of NQ, of which I think we're all very well aware of, so I'll leave it at that. Really wish we could hear from JC, especially since he was responsible for kicking off DU, it's probably a big moment for him on a very personal level too. I'm really happy for NQ, I've been a ruby founder and have been here since the mid-Kickstarter days and damn has it been one hell of a ride. I'm also 'I need a new pair of drawers' level scared, and then some. If we're launching for real this time, I hope you get it right. I hope.
  10. As a funny youtuber always says every time something politically stupid happens irl, 'imagine my shock'. I've always been pro wipe, but the inclusion of talent points to be wiped has me really miffed. As it is, I have almost 100M points currently. The pioneer packs to get me back up to 60M over 6 months is nice, but I really feel like that should be an addition to what we've already accumulated. Short of blueprints, avatar and organization names, NQ program rewards, and the knowledge and experience we've gained, not including talent points. I'm grimacing and coping really hard. I'd always imagined the talent points as the only tangible in-game item that took time to build that would be really useful after launch, well I guess that's dashed. Real disappointed. As an aside, I feel like the disbursement of the pioneer pack rewards is somewhat unfair: If you've been a subscribing member for at least 1 to 3 months of beta up till NOW, not release: Advanced If you've been a subscribing member for at least 4 to 12 months of beta, or are a KS iron, bronze, silver founder, or are a post-KS contributor backer up till NOW, not release: Rare If you've been a subscribing member for at least 13+ months of beta, or are a KS gold or above founder, or are a post-KS sponsor or patron backer up till NOW, not release: Exotic Not having a cutoff of the announcement date cheapens these packs since anyone can get them, or at least until the release date. I envision a ton of 'rare' packs going out. Like the difference between testing and playing, or founders and backers, the verbiage is so important. How many times do I have to say it? NQ should have never gone with a 'soft launch' and kept the spirit of the beta test, strictly a test. Hopefully, after this wipe, they'll have figured out that it is not a good idea to let the effects of a bug (1% schematic fire sale for the best example) ripple out. Stop the game, fix the bug, roll back the server, and press play. That's what "beta testing" is for, the effects of this would be negligible, and newer beta players could get a taste of the scheduled pre-/alpha experience. I don't know how this will translate once the game is released, nor the reaction that these small reversions will do to the whole idea of a 'persistent universe', but the seeds could have been planted back in beta, hell, back in alpha once we started going full time. I'm hesitant and reserved about the future going forward based on my general beta experience. Alpha 3 had me hopeful, but that hope dissolved as beta progressed. It doesn't appear that DU will make its 1.0 feeling feature complete and truly playable. There's still lots more I think that should be added, old stuff needing further refinement and adjustments, and the whole game a more polished and launch-ready feel. You only get one chance to make a good first impression... If we're releasing in the sixteen months, I'm anxious. No one will laugh at you for going to a charlie 'test phase', but I doubt that will happen. At this point, I'm just hoping for the best.
  11. Just another one of those uniquely awful ideas from NQ. Right up there with those changes to organizations that I think they still have on the backburner... I forget how many people have said it already but it bears repeating. This is supposed to be a player-driven game. Will player-created and owned markets ever be a thing? Some of your recent answers are starting to push me in the no direction, and now this? Way back in the day when the markets were a mess I had little advertising kiosks at the main arkship ones. Interactive screens with static text that came alive with a functional and navigable menu when you stepped on a pressure plate. Elevated display screens at the top of the tower that cycled through the advertisements each time the pressure plate was triggered. I was thinking of building an actual store on my sanctuary plot back in the day before the parking rules existed. Starting to think it was a good thing I didn't invest the time and effort, NQ did it themselves! I haven't done a single thing with my advertising side project since. Thinking of shelving it entirely because this... why even bother?
  12. Been a bit busy with life these past few weeks but it was great reading this. Hopefully NQ could glean a few things from it.
  13. Great start, I look forward to being able to add hardware 2fa devices at some point.
  14. Ahh so this is pretty much what you said on discord, alrighty my two cents even though people have said this hundreds of times. You brought up the talent system and that got me thinking, why not just expand on the talent system we already have? Say I want to make intermediate parts or whatever those circuit board chips are. I could train talents all the way up to making those specific parts, then I can train further into making those specific parts in the same way that we have other talents set up for reducing the amount of materials required, increasing the rate of production, if a quality or wear system were ever introduced then better quality parts that could be used and repaired more before needing total replacement. We have a lot of teeny tiny parts, so this could allow for fairly deep (some would argue useless) specialization. If you want to go even deeper, then expand all that to the element level. If you have a bunch of skills that allow you to make high quality building blocks, then that should allow you to train higher quality skills and build higher quality elements which you could sell for higher prices. Why limit this to just better quality building blocks, industry units are elements too aren't they? Make things faster, bigger batches, etc. Again, mind you, this is just an expansion and deepening of the current talent tree. Nothing radical on the surface but I'm sure a difference is evident when flying a construct with no talents versus maxed talents. Did I just rephrase the OP? I feel like I did...
  15. It's good to finally hear your guys' thoughts after such a long wait. Having read everything I'm starting to lean back in the direction of a full wipe. Yes, I fully expect this to disappoint the more creative types that have put in mountains of time and effort to get things to where they are now. More than a fair amount of people will likely leave over this and I would not blame them. This will allow new players to come in and we'll finally be in a somewhat acceptable state of permeance (I'm still surprised NQ hasn't taken to doing shorter reverts of the server in the event of game breaking bugs and abuses) where we can carry on without this fear looming under the bed. The only real surprise with this, the idea of removing schematics. Is it really that unpopular? We've gotten over that phase and now we're thinking of undoing it? I'm baffled.
  16. As an advertiser in-game (although probably not in the future though depending on NQ) I can already say that this would be massively helpful and allow us to get content out there instead of having to go to every single station and manually updating individual programming boards. Although we could VR around easily enough and updates are as simple as updating the 'host' preview, then copying the boards contents and pasting it. It would just be a lot of loading screens to contend with, and the nodes would add to the overall costs on top of it being a general time sink. This would also allow updates could also be made on request and much more cheaper instead of more expensive and only doing it every so often or whenever a queue limit is reached. Should clarify that this only involves updating individual images. Things involving coding new ads and what not would require a visit but that can be a part of the initial cost. ALTHOUGH, now that I think about it, this would be awesome for coders pushing out updates to their scripts for their users.
  17. What will happen with the current FUTE at the districts? That was kind of a fun run through on the basics.
  18. Taking bets right here, how long do yall think NQ will last?
  19. Hello new CM, don't hesitate to stop by the DU discord, dualuniverse.chat and talk with us directly! We dont bite, at least for the most part.
  20. When Panacea was dropped it brought along a long requested feature, player scrapping abandoned constructs at the marketplaces and districts. It triggered a seven day timer before players would be able to take over constructs left behind by others. The first wave of 'The Grand Haul' as I call it, has since come and gone. Players have since had time to take stock of their recycled stock, what did you get? The Darkquisition -to put my own personal twist on it- has officially surpassed 2.5kt of previously contained or otherwise dismantled goodies (#1). More still awaits on ships that I'll be taking home personally. Pictured are 2M, 4S, 3XS (#2). 2M are undergoing further repairs. No larges of course, predictably the markets were scoped out so I opted instead to make some active sweeps of the districts with a small stock of cores to claim what I could
  21. 42 personal slots? That's a nice doubling, I'll accept it but I'm not sure what to do with it? I've been running with 15 (5 because 10 were dedicated to DUC ad kiosks) for so long now. Why 42 though? That's a very specific number. It's also a meme. As far as the organization core slots go, it's still a halving from the 200-some which is a quartering of the 900-some we used to have. And yeah, I agree with the above, the art of the deal. Someone seems to have been watching yours truly in the states it would seem...
  22. Well, this-... this certainly is an interesting solution to the organization core constructs problem. I'm curious as to how feasible it is though. Again, I've said this about the organization changes previously when the core limit was reduced initially. The further along we get, the deeper into social/communism we get. Everything will be public, very little will be private. I won't say this is an inherently bad thing, I can see a time and place where E&E owns no cores since everything is community held and our members are simply the warm bodies that fill the role. Again though, I'll circle back to trust and how absolutely key it will be. The idea that construct slots can be traded, and that the slot can be revoked at any time, I'll need some time to warm up to the idea because it feels a lot like taxes and everything else. While the limit increase is nice, I can already see this becoming an element of PVP in a pretext to conflict. Say you have a fairly large organization and you get a bunch of core slots over time from people both within and without your org. You build everything up, and soon you got a nice base in a hallowed out mountain. Well all of a sudden your core slot lenders decide they don't much like you anymore so they revoke their slot and you tear everything down until you're safely under the core limit again and you stash your stuff away in containers. Lets just imagine for a moment that TW is a thing that works in this situation. Now, along come your 'friends' from before who want your stuff, bing-bing-bong, bing-bing-bong (you know what that is right? ), and they deservedly takeover your territory with what few constructs you have left on it. Wait a minuite, lookie here, your entire mountains worth of stuff, it's all in containers which you were nice enough to fill and ready for them to load up and fly off with. Should probably only accept core slots from people that you trust, because the idea of manipulating orgs in that fashion, I don't even know what to say. This was defo not something I was expecting. I thought it would be tied to member count. I'll need to stew on this for a while.
  23. Seems like I'll be removing my advertising kiosks that I repositioned over on the landing platforms that were separated from the marketplaces back in the day. Not like I care much (or have played much last year), people still put up screens anyways and out of game news content and recruitment is more dynamic than manually going out (or VR'ing) and updating each individual programming board. I suppose I'll be coming back to Alioth anyways to see what haul I can make off with. Can't wait!
  24. Bi-Monthly Update - January 1st, 2022 One rescue was made over the month of November, zero over December, that's 119 for Beta 1 and 259 overall! ----- 2021 is a wrap. Did it go the way I thought it would for Eyes & Ears? No, and I can say the same for Dual Universe too and I bet so can a lot of you. Looking at things from a results perspective; only 43 rescues over 2021, down from our 2020 high of 163 and even less than 2019s 51 rescues. Mind you, 2019 was closed alpha 1 and 2 testing and we’re currently in open ‘beta’ testing. Here's a final look at the charts I've generated: As usual, I blame the lack of rescues on the lack of players. As players fell out of interest, so did my team and I don’t blame them since I’m example number one. A few tickets have had to go unanswered because no one is simply available like we were when folks were more active back in Alpha. Depending on how the game turns out, I might hope to reverse this, but I'm not making any bets. I'd like to say its a new years resolution but honestly, how many of those are actually completed at some point in the year? Again, it really depends on how things unfold with Dual Universe which is totally out of my control. If we had more tickets coming in, perhaps one or two a day, I think then I'd probably be much more active. I guess to see it happen, I'll have to make it happen. Maybe I'll get some ideas... ----- Welcome the following member to the team: @Blackbeard06 - Dispatch ----- Looking ahead to 2022, I’m forecasting some changes in my life. I’ve been looking to change jobs and fire up a career in IT. I lack the funds for college so I’m looking to go the work experience route, although finding a job hasn’t been easy. An associates degree would help, but I don’t want to take that step yet. It’s also a possibility that I’ll be moving elsewhere in America, probably closer to the later half of the year. I wanted to move back in 2020 but so far things have felt pretty safe where I’m at with ‘the coof’ and all, so I’ve stayed put. All of this may take me from being uninterested in Dual Universe, to simply unable to play. I’ll still be lurking around on Discord as usual, but probably less often until things settle down. That said, some have expressed to me that it might be worth passing Eyes & Ears onto someone else. I’d rather not because to be honest, I still have my hopes for the game, it’s just not in a fun state right now. There’s still so much I’d like to do once things pick up again. Our HQ remained an empty shell when I imagined it would be completed by now and filled with the first variant of rescue constructs, from XS all the way to a pair of medium refuelers. Still kicking around the idea of a large fleet tanker that would be strictly space, but it would need its own space station to dock and refit at. ----- Recent changes to mining have gotten me to pick up a scanner and go hunting for productive tiles. I might even hop back onto Empire's mission running but I’d need to build myself a mini warp shuttle now that I can’t remote in from the HQ anymore. Oh well, that’s testing. Like I always say, adapt or get left behind. Hopefully 2022 will be better, we’ll see. ----- That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone! - DarkHorizon
  25. They're called 'ground skittles' for a reason. Dig the rainbow! Prof...it the rainbow?... Either reduce the glow to within your headlights illumination range, or only activate ground skittle glow (gsg) when the ground mining tool is equipped.
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