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  1. 1) someone still bankrolling NQ despite all failure, and its not pocket change, Xsolla known to do it with devs on all sort of predatory ''special terms'' (like recent story of zombified LiF); 2) NQ has expertise in field, that fits to XLA goals 3) i think some part of tech salvage to UE, so who knows with this dodgy meta-web3 bs. Sure its possible i'm completely wrong! But have this gut feel : )
  2. Btw, not like i'm working anymore on my pseudojournalism with DU, but... Just by chance I found this (from Xsolla, payment system and also sort of partner for NQ). I'm almost sure NQ is involved as ''technical muscle'' with this, can be one of their new ''projects': https://x.la/metasites/ Maybe you guys find this funny.
  3. Its makes perfect sense as simulation of development they doing with DU now. Two guys still working on game done ok job with resources they had.
  4. Thing is, whole premise of them not having any game dev experience is not exactly true. Initial team were comprised of not stars obviously, but more or less experienced people form other studios. JC himself worked on prototype from 2014 and generally is from computer science field, being in evolved in other projects (if not game, but once including some long-term planning/commitment). So I do not believe there were no even remotely realistic expectations how long things will take and what is their current position in timeline. They knew they not gonna make it in KS time frame, just accepted idea, that they will lie to people a bit, like no big deal, everyone does it. They will make it up later. But then lies chained, incompetence added up, and what initially were likely perceived as some cut corners, ended with whole building collapsing, because no corners left.
  5. Without successful KS getting all other money prob be much harder/impossible. Its critical. I think, yes. Because now, retrospectively, its clear, that: 1) NQ entered KS almost empty handed on development progress (with barely most basic prototype of tech), this why they spend years in agony making it work, not work on proper game systems > see 2) / 3); 2) lot of promised features (hello atmo combat) were put just to push KS money, without any idea how to do them (''figure something out later''), then it never was time for them > see 1). 3) completely unrealistic dates for KS delivery, considering state of affairs they jumped in, 200% they knew it in terms of internal capability, so re-scheduling was certainly pre-planned, on grounds that people can eat it (like they always do on KS); So it was lying and foul play from moment zero, even if ''good intentions'' to actually make a game ''somehow'' in future. Overpraising is when you legibly believe goals are realistic. They knew they are not -- just decided to give it a run anyway in dirty way. But its backfired.
  6. Thing is, DU made it during KS, because lied to pretty much everyone, promising what everyone wanted to hear. EVE-leaning crowd was the largest (and most activity-generating), this is obviously seen on 2016-2017 forums, when they gladly played own meta game in anticipation in forums/Discords etc, with 1000s of players involved. Yet EVE people not (generaly) stupid and they quickly understood they were fooled. And left. Its where game took huge population hit. And suddenly become quite empty and boring. Builders, ''industrialists'' and random passengers usually bit slower to grasp where train is heading, so they zombied around in Beta/Release, but DU was goner at this point. There is no fixing. Just wait until NQ will took out the plug.
  7. Seems even most die-hards starting to get it (as in meme "one year later''): https://steamdb.info/app/2000270/charts/
  8. One can expect story of disconnected leadership with unrealistic goals, endlessly leaving/joining people, most of work on shoulders of poorly paid interns/juniors who shoved into complex badly documented tech they not understand (leaving even more undocumented mess), no lead programmer capable to organize something viable... Then money dried up. Starbase recently got some of such revelations, and it was more or less this.
  9. Well, ''release'' was made exactly to abandon the game. Like, here, guys, enjoy, development finished.
  10. https://steamdb.info/app/2000270/charts/ Wish some clowns who were like "i'm here for long haul" in 20-21 discussions be here now. Suddenly can't see them anywhere.
  11. You probably missed this chapter of clown story, but eventually (like 9 month after?) they KINDA attacked dupers, riping some most fat and lazy ones, who just sit on some weird duped gigantic dupe-cubes literaly (i seen screenshots, like caves full of such cubes, maybe even have one still...). But at this point economy was totally ruined and most ''bad'' people closed ''shop'', exiting with RMT quite nice (several thousands euro). But NQ never bothered tho too much, because anyway wipe (and generally game fate) was decided almost with Beta start, or at least NY. https://postimg.cc/686dqLWD I tried to tell people, like, you doomed to be wiped because of this, but they not listened.
  12. I'd put it this way: even most die-hard ''fans'' -- people historically with insides on game, who usually had their ways into leaks and all kind devs only info, quit at this point, because being hinted its nothing to catch here anymore.
  13. Yes, its like arriving to party where only skeletons sitting at the table with ideas about menu. Nice of you, but morbidly misplaced.
  14. I think they see opening, opportunity here, because even with their half-alive tech and overall meager capacity, they will be still miles of ahead all typical metaverse scammers, who usually barely have anything at hands at all beyond google map and random collection of unity store assets. So its makes real sense to try it in this... league, so to say.
  15. Yes + Epic Store has another sweet difference (for NQ) from Steam: You can publish products that support blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency to the Epic Games Store as long as those products adhere to specific policies regarding blockchain technology. - - - In a letter to the 27 EU finance ministers, the industry is concerned about the consequences of the future legislation. The response from Web3 will not have dragged. Less than a month after the proposal of two amendments to the European Parliament tightening the legislation on cryptos (one of them was adopted), 46 bosses and organizations representing the Web3 have sent a letter to the 27 ministers of finance of the European Union to question them on their consequences. In the two-page document, the crypto lobby calls on the EU, among other things, not to impose rules that go beyond the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the intergovernmental anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing body... among the signatories >>> Nicolas Granatino (Novaquark) I almost sure they try to pull it off in their ''new projects'' in one form or another.
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