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  1. Its I kinda messed with logic of my post/was in hurry, making MC example that was used against me in way : ) Let me throw some clarifications. 1) Defining builders. Most of MC players (statisticly -- over this millions upon millions) surely built something, fooled around with blocks, but generaly what can be called "builders" both in MC and in DU -- its same minority who go into it really serious (at least for some time). MC just allows enter more causualy, but for most people it stops somewhere before building cities or giant fancy statues in creative for 1000s of hou
  2. Because coming from years of MC, I can say, that builders stamina is relativly finite resource. For sure, DU has very mature audience with hugely superior attention spans, then MC youngsters (on average), but even they have some soft-cap limits on how long they can be occupied with building. Obviously resting and revigoration occures, but general trajectory is to some sort of creative end, when you done all you wanted/tired doing it/catched "priority" interests somewhere else. It was discusussed I think ad nauseam here, that while builders are very convinient part of co
  3. Well, its not that hard "guessing" math. Currently like 38 k Sanctuary claims. Its safe to assume, that 99% of legit new players put their TCU on. Some obviously just alt placings, but they are hard to pinpoint, so lets be super generous and just ignore them (this also balance some cases, when people not placed TCU for some reason intentionaly or just quited at start). So, we had 38 k "players" (both from KS era and new ones, some alts) who achieved stage of placing TCU. This brings 2 questions. 1) How much of this number can be considered "activ
  4. Yeah just buy guy who proposing this puzzles all the time some 300 pages sudoku book and incancereate him in toiled cabin with it. Enough of this crap. What we need is physcial (persistant) asteroid belt with some randomization and regen cabability (per exemple by zone updating when there is no players present around) + ore scanner. No warp around in big radius.
  5. Its most dodgy part in whole equasion. Online gaming landscape (on many layers) changed last 15 or so years, so DU face much harder task and grabbing/holding target audience comparing to EVE back then (practicaly enjoying monopoly in respective niche). So, in way DU kinda aimed to reproduce success of EVE, but at same time its not something you can really reproduce without time machine. Snail pace of development also seriously crippled overall momentum, with huge demographic losses of precious super-target audience people (who may never return).
  6. Yep, I agree, FF14 way its only trully right choice in current situation. But so far NQ showed almost complete lack of proverbial balls in dealing even with much lesser problems in disign/balance, so expecting them go brave in such cataclysmic one is mostly daydreaming. Even JC silently gone to back seat, having no courage to actually talk with players personaly and apologize for his mistakes, that brought us to this sad point. So more likely we'll see years of desperate patchworking.
  7. I suspect because they afraid too bother "amazing creations" and they lobbying amazing creators. So they not need to be re-build (in case of ships) or become irrelevant (like space stations that unable to sustain huge industry).
  8. Without avid PvP scene (despite all difficulties to establish it) this game is good as dead. Because hardcore peaceful players (who can do their thing for years) are serious minority, more casual peaceful players have generaly "lifespan" of several months, they grind, do all what they wanted (or have patience to) and quit, often forever, because story is exausted for their short attention span. So, its mostly up to more or less involved PvP players to pay big chunk of "keeping game alive" money, with draggin in buddies, alts, ocasional returns to "check new combat balan
  9. Game will be better eventualy, sure, to level of quite (solo/coop) enjoyable bastard of Landmark and space simulator with some pvp for entusiasts. Yet bigger train of initial ambition likely missed forever. I wanted to be wannabe journalist in dynamic, war-torn eve-like world, but ended up on some used cars shitty catalogue dump with all this amazing creations and impossibly boring nerds.
  10. Overall good, realistic. Likely meaning new Roadmap and 2022 release. Still, as I said before in Discord, we badly needed such clarity 2 years ago (this why in terms of disign direction this time feels wasted), then now we all be in bit better spot. But better late then never, right. Looks like JC "retirement" was beneficial thing for process.
  11. If they drasticly impove quality of product, then sustainable income kinda... squeezable from relativly small, but super dedicated population. Not pretty, but somewhat realistic way, ol good pay 4 win and heavy whale hunt. 1) Raise of sub cost (like 12$). 2) Agressive alt milking (so serious number of people paying x3-x4 and more). 3) Most importantly, not only cosmetics shop, all sort of boosters and other expensive desired crap. 4) Good sales of DACs to the pile.
  12. I know, just fooling around a bit. Mostly its about my own "non-critical holydays" to give things clear our a bit. But, even in worst case, to be fair, its nothing personal. For Nick its just buisness and its his money, he not promised or sold us anything in comparison to JC. Still, I hope, NQ will be given one more chance to realise vision of the game and use it better this time.
  13. Yep, I think its not that big deal, considering very humble number of active subbers. Sums in question barely comparable to multi-million investement needed to re-vitalized NQ. Its question how much courage NQ will gather to own mistakes and roll back (in some parts -- back to the drawing board).
  14. I'll give Nick one month of grace period to sort mess (JC left him) out. Not super trust guy, but kinda have cautious hope, that he can du something with DU. One thing that I still see absolutly critical for NQ to improve fast(er) -- comms. Ideally -- re-think whole mode of opetations, go for KS promises about transperancy and using players feedback in innovative ways. Before this was more of joke. But now there is a chance do it without any jokes. Comms can be both "start of rebirth" point (if changed) and "same old shit" return to swamp (if not).
  15. Yep, honest "we were wrong", overhaul plan (of many game mechanics) + 1 year of Beta (at least) + wipe and fresh start with serious marketing push. Problem is, many people are not exactly keen on wipe (to say the least!), prefering to do all kind of mental aerobics to justify why they must keep their stuff (generaly by any cost), even if it means less chances of game to be succesful.
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