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  1. Fresh inverview with @ZarTaen from Hyperion, shipbuilding, science, experiments, organizational things and good news, that some good news, that your boots, clothing and hover-cycles in reletive safety 😉 https://dupress.wixsite.com/newmeroviachronicle/post/zartaen-hyperion
  2. So! New one, with @Elias Villd, about himself, his unsual org, game potential and lot of interesting talk on Lua (casualy incluing automated killer ships). https://dupress.wixsite.com/newmeroviachronicle/post/elias-villd-novalys It was possible with super-patient help of @KurockNotabi! Thanks! And we, to compensate little bit of of slacking, doing 2 more. Stay tuned!
  3. @TheSpartanCast, thanks! We are working : ) Next one in editing stage and if, everything goes well, will be ready-live by Fr or Sa. To be honest, start of the super-test little bit distracted both us and inverviees (we kinda hesitated to bother them first couple of test days). With this one in baking, we planing to do 3 during June.
  4. @pipestein, never late to try MC, but if you seriously go building, try some fancy textures and shaders, helps "modernize" visuals quite a bit. @CSSUcommand, well, build has complicated history, in short: 0) this is surv server; 1) several years of work, with pauses; 2) ~ 90% of project itself done by me in creative, 10% contributions of ther players; 3) on sever many people worked on resources and building, 6-8 very activly, 50 or so others done minor work/help at some point.
  5. Little bit of news about us too. 1) We steadly working on interviews with several new people/orgs (they on very different stages, because mostly real-world time constrains, schedules, things we must balance around) -- with some we just discussed possibility, with others preparing questions or finalizing other techical things. 2) We still "playing" with website, trying to imporve looks and comfort of reading for visitors. Feel free to give us feedback, if you particulary don't like anything. We have no illusions about our design skills. 3) Kurock now helping us with proofreading (seriously patiently, fighting with our attempts to de-proofread everything again). Thanks! Several other people also stated their wish to help, so we definitly can use it too! Thank you guys/gals.
  6. Thank you, guys! And also to people, who send us useful feedback on DIscord. We now little bit experementing with website looks, trying to balance our personal minimalistic preferences with some decorations for right mood. Also some changes with interview texts formating icoming (this is proven to be more complicated). About collaborations -- we are super-open for them, it will be very cool (and some ideas already brewing!), yet I feel we need some time to like "anchor" our boots to ground, sort and figure out things, before we ready to be reliable production partners to more experienced crews.
  7. Thanks, @DarkHorizon, we aiming more on "sustain" centered production, then immidiate bang-boom one, so I hope we conquer some space in your dragon skull with time 😉 Also! we added new obvious tab "Places to Visit" with links on other in-game community media projects. If anyone responsable for such projects wants their thing in -- just let us know.
  8. With quite a bit of excitement me and my partner Maeve, presenting to you our small project, new in-game media-outlet: NEW MEROVIA CHRONICLE Right now we made 4 extended interviews with community members, you can read them here: https://dupress.wixsite.com/newmeroviachronicle We are not native english speakers, so things may happen -- feel free to give you critiqies/feedback, here or personaly : ) We try to be better eventualy. Content plan: sustainable rate of 1 interview in 10 days, little bit less on bad times and more in good. NM Chronicle team, In hope to bring you some enjoyment.
  9. Well you can add console players in some sort of restricted gameplay as primitive pre-space aliens, like evoks in SW living on some distant planet, playing gathering and basic craft. We can then disover them and hunt down for sport using keybords.
  10. I'm observing your activity for some time and must admin, I really enjoy quality of content. Its really something to take notice and use as positive exemple.
  11. I think theoreticly this is 100% possible/workable (as long fees are reasonable and reputation is upheld). Yet, it will be hard. Most painful challenge is obviously security -- such banks (literaly full of ore!) will be prime target for attack, both open highway/bank robbery and to inside infiltration with scammy mole-empoyees (this even worse, honestly). You really need to think about security protocols and safe systems like super hard, brainstorm it like hell. May be it will be good idea to have empoyees to give you their own ore as garantee, proportional of what they more or lese operate, so they have no profit at least stealing something directly. They can have it back when quit. And never give anyone withdraw rights for central depository (if its not like your real life friend), even if you think this is some really nice guy. People can wait for years to scam you in such games. So I wish you all possible luck to succed! I will be very glad to see it working.
  12. Yeah, I think it will be an option. Like you mine X amount of ore and org in exchange (such exchange rates can differ from org to org) gives you DAC. But as I can imagine, it will be quite a lot of work (not play).
  13. Hehehehe. You know what? @vertex and his frined @Armedwithwings really kindly hepled me with ship! Pimped it! Like in this TV show: And gread deal of nice advice about how to fly and update futher. Also special thanks to @vince_chicault for M vert. booster. So, I completly recomend this guys for doing buisness, they are trustworthy and great!
  14. Hey! @vertex, I ready to be your first alpha-test client! By my cursed hands I made worst ship in whole world and failed make it to fly so hardly, that i can't even see Elon Musk on TV anymore because of envy . What if you take it and copysomethingcat with it and make it so cool better copy, that they feature our joint creation on DU Twitter? I generaly as poor as church mouse, but can pay with crate or two of simple resources. Also you will aquire mightiest of friends.
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