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  1. Why you even bothered? Its usualy made by academicly disabled (in terms of data handling logic) kids like Shaman... I doubt many people take it seriously.
  2. Its actualy interesting history for context, that rarely gets any light (in dicussions concentrated around more contemprary problems). Thing is, original backers were pretty much differently focused demography -- more "eve-like pvpers" (who wanted scale and depth, feedom of action) and people who desired to play metagame politics and political-like roleplay (strategic layer for competition). You can clearely see their hype and "nationbuilding" on older forum parts. Gradualy (for them and everyone else) it become painfully clear, that game has zero mechanics to support very large g
  3. Actualy there is factual data NQ is unable to hide -- and way to know overal dynamics. Sancturary claims. They can be relativly reasonable metric on both new players/alts activity. At moment of 0.23 it was somehere around 35 k of them, now, haft of yeat later, around 40 k. So, there is obvious humble stream of new players, maybe even larger concurrent population, then in "darkest hour" bit before, but numbers still much lower, then in september and very low for such type of one shard mmo game to be "healthy".
  4. Its not that effective in DU, as almost all other quantity limits, because people just use alts.
  5. Poll is bit unrepresentative, because majority of voters -- current active old fans, who, like in DU, represented mostly by hardcore pve builders (also invites were with "invite friend" component). This formed specific demography slice. So, before Early Access they likely overpower any vote like this purely statisticly. Majority of later arriving population likely be more PvP inclined.
  6. While its noble? idea, pretty naive too. Its not works like this. https://twitchtracker.com/games/493826 Main (and likely only) chance for to break current downfall spiral lies in NQ hands -- to accumulate a lot of genuine improvments, then do release with wipe and huge marketing push to restart whole system with large number of fresh people. Several dozens of fake likes not help anyone, in big picture especialy.
  7. We suspecting/dicussing this sad state for years. As I see it, initialy, on forming NQ, JC (being JC) brough in a lot of totaly parasitic employees to have fun with them on meetings about next meetings (likely beloved JC activity to feel smart). Now, eating salaries for 7 (!) years now, conviniently doing absolutly nothing, these people totaly not want to go anywhere. They doing fine and likely adapted into new leadership or lack of it.
  8. There is important context here. In ideal word we can imagine asteroid mining happening in some sort of asteroid field, where thousands of them floating, waiting to be found, scanned, minded, contested etc organic way, probably with some sort of respawn. Yet, NQ on course to minimize any voxel-changing mining (cost cutting), so they absolutly not want people doing a lot of such mining (that will totaly happen with actual huge asteroid belt, especialy, god forbid, with any ship-based mining tools). So they squezeed whole feature to this, where they can conrollably drop m
  9. Well, whole this with missions only tiny-tiny cap of proverbial iceberg. Game economy was completly dominated by exploiters for last 9 months (until previous large ban wave, that knocked out most serious dupers), with NQ not wanting (because reasons) or unable to interwene. I done quite a lot of my own wannabe journalistic "investigations" to be absolutly sure of it. People with endless (or immensly huge) hoards of free ore just traded it all the time, keeping prices artificialy low (this why some prices were suspiciously stable, despite obvious gradual ore
  10. Its also funny, that mission money spam (+banning, at last, people who for almost year traded with cheap exploit-gained goods, keeping prices low) now fire ups zimbabwe-like inflation. But exploit compoment was actualy more important. Dominated whole economy.
  11. Doubt it. Game (so far) ended up as deep niche within niche, with very specific sort of players have long-term interest/patience to stay. And even much stronger overall titles struggle with attempts to go sub model. Realisticly, if feels like game will be financialy viable only with some mobile-level predatory monetization, whales milking beyond sub pay (if it even stay). Probably whole direction of changes is slow crawling to position for serious hitting of wallets of "hardcore" nerds.
  12. Its already likely off the table, just as always with NQ sneak way. There is very thin realistic scenario, when they gonna "release" game in 22 (if it happen) with all legacy economic mess, exploiters-trillioinairs and so on.
  13. Which is actualy fun (in bad way), because game practicaly empty and imagined to be played with x1000 more people and their activities around.
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