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  1. I think we make 500 k, at last moment. But nothing suprising about it. Hard situation. 1) Horrible timing. SC, and to some extent Elite taken most "сream" and NMS fraud destroyed good desposition of public for new brave things. 2) New stuidio (no "big names" use nostalgiia effect). 3) I must say initial presentation of game... worked much better if PvP was shown in some basic way. This is very important. But I hope for better. Good luck DU.
  2. Everything will be okay, not so drammatic : ) Devs can regulate cash flow by monitoring of statistics and editing bot-vendor buying prices. When its too much money - they lower prices (and by so - emission) and players will be more motivated to trade with other players. If money supply is low - they just up the vendor prices and by that pump up some cash in hands and balance situtation. I doubt there will be some kind of full stop of money-generation, its will rise problems with new players. Just some sort of regulation and balancing. Money will leave system with players who quit. If contolled territory will be taxed (and its very viable solution) - money be leaving economy like river. And, after all, its nothing too bad with little inflation over time. It is realistic. About hoarding organizations - some infuence is possible (this is by the way is idea of game), but is not likely they will be so powerful as in their todays dreams and adverts. "Corporate conspiracies" will take time and devs always can react with some soft countermeasures. So many of this twerk guy in every thread. I think its called narcissistic personality disorder.
  3. I think it will be NPC vendors (or some sort of "terminals"), where players can drop basic resoures for money.
  4. I'm strongly for unlootable, safe DACs. Main reasons: 1) Lootable DACs will lead to rapid escalation of hatred in our community and poisoning of overall game atmosphere by constant fear. 2) In-game trade development will be crippled by need of using only safe-zone hubs. 3) Players, who enjoy suffering of others (and present in every game) will be extreamly motivated to do their worst with lootable DACs. 4) Many people will not take lightly loosing DACs and quit the game, with very bad feelings. DACs cost real money and its simply immoral to take them from people just for "game mistake". They will be pushished enough by loosing inventory/ships. Thanks.
  5. Thanks! No, I'm mosty worked with fantasy-medieval things in MC, fairytale classics, so to say. But I cant try, no problem at all. Something not so epic as castle (this is half-year of work), may be ship or small base or? Give me idea? : ) It will be funny challenge or something.
  6. I want to raise mundane, but important question for many possible, future players. What about subscription fee in CIS-countries? Hate to say something like "give us discount, we too poor to pay for games we like", but this not so far from reality for many gamers in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries. Kickstarters says that DAC cost is 18 euro after game release (if I understand correctly). Its absolutly crippling price for CIS. Any hope price will be region-based? There is very positive example - Steam. Even with legacy of legendary game-piracy in CIS, people now buy, and buy a lot, when price is affordable.
  7. This is castle I'm currently building (WIP) in Minecraft. This is "aerial" view of my city. New castle will replace old crappy one (some day). Everything too in "constant process", so some strange things and pits can be seen. Some buildings. Time to stop. I hase so much of this stuff to show : ) I played MC literaly years and years. But if you want to see somthing more close or detailed (and I dont lose it original, in case of more stand-alone projects), my pleasure.
  8. I also can recommend (sort of) using Blockscape game. Its some kind of forever-early-access-dead, but as voxel-based constuctor is have some strong points. Main of them - mechanics of building is pretty much close to those of DU (as I can judge from devs videos). Bad thing: stability, building instuments and UI in Blockscape is compete atrocity, so only for rather patient people. Another tricky part, I cannot recomend to buy it fo just this experiments. And piracy is so bad... : )
  9. Hi, everyone. Long story short, after literaly years of Minecraft and thousands of hours, I get little bored and was wandering to find some new amusement. So I stambled upon DU. Game conquered me by its potential. As my little boring bio suggest, I mostly interested in design. Ships. Buildings. It was temptation to make some mock company with fancy name and me as fist and only employee, talk about lot of fantastic things, but... meh. I will probably just work freelance and solo. And I made little showcase project. This is light aerospace fighter, sketchy 3-day work. Made with Blockscape. Game itself is complete crap, but works (and looks) good as voxel constructor. Bad side - process is mostly hand work "sculpting" (little or non instuments), very time consuming. And UI irritating as hell. Generaly, I plan use this thread as some sort of portfolio, form client base, so to say. Thanks!
  10. DAC is payed by real money and for some people cost a lot. So all this nonsense about lootable DACs is best and easiest way to completly destroy and poison everything good in community. Amount of agression and hatred after this "DAC-incendents" will be enormous. Indeed, there is always some "pirating" lobby, but this is immature and bad for game in long run. DACs must be just what it is - completly safe, undestuctable currency for big deals. And this "option" about bla bla bla our founder dacs not lootable, but other people lootable is just... phhhww. This in not compromise - its outright selfish elitarist hypocricy. Of course every one here is backer and likely to selfishly take this option. Disguasting.
  11. Epic fail of NMS already gives very negative effect on our KS campaign. Its in the air. If DU Kickstarter started, lets say, year ago, it will be 1 kk USD for same time period, even more. But after NMS people very suspicious, to say at least, liar Murrey crippled genre for years. So, interesting PvP at start, and overall GOOD start is essential MUST for DU, just for survival at larger scale. Critics, youtubers and other crowd of this sort will be completly mercyless.
  12. Many idealistic "paper empires" of today will fail after game release, when more quiet, practical and, to some extent, cynical people with combat and logistical experience from other MMOs arrive.
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