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  1. Probably exactly the case. Every time something like this happens (quite often), NQ completly impotent to do any smart (or even stupid) tracing, instead saying like, oh this is not BIG DEAL, we just allow everyone to keep billions made of thin air by our mistakes. But yeah, its in way suicidal, because in such games healthy economy is everything. For years I worked in MC servers administations, players probably totaly lynched us for something like this one. Once something like this happened, we always rolled back, despite some builders crying of wasted work (because they re-build it anyway, after some whining, but mucked up economy is forever).
  2. @Xennial, well, they can just say: "sorry, but we left no other choice", using option stated in their initial promise (and thecnicaly keeping it). This why its even formulated this way. NQ never keeps stones (may be some smallest, decorative and not important ones) up front. Usualy they throw them in your back. People with inside info can dodge better.
  3. At this point is not impossible, that NQ so passive about economic issues, because they secretly (as always) set their minds on some variation of wipe at "release". Like why to bother, fresh start solve everything. I think I have sort of deja vu how Alpha moved to Beta (with most of problems).
  4. People I know left (or at least -- half-left, not playing, but not quiting totaly) because they lost faith in NQ ability to produce meaningful disign, not just plug holes with more clumsy "how it supposed to be played" and even more grind. Funny thing, before 0.23 I actualy used market quite a lot, mining when in mood and selling ore to players and bying some elements I was lazy to bother to produce. Granted, it was relativly small things, but I done it regulary. With 0.23 I can't afford things I need anymore. So I not bought single one since patch arrival.
  5. Yarrr! Well, my press presence was little bit chaotic and last moment one (special thanks for guys who helped me to get into action -- @IvanGrozniy, @personality_matrix, @SpiceRub). Visuals/action itself covered much better by my more technicaly sophisticated collegues, streamers (special cheers to @Shamsie, great content). But I still want to share some impressions and thoughts about what happened. Subjective mode, obviously. Results My take -- its proverbial "tactical victory" for BOO (& Auxilaries) with more kills and control over field. They still probably (and so far) most numerious, organized, well equiped and experienced fighting force of DU. Yet, its surely its not time to relax, because this position now obviously contested. In this regard last battle not a defeat for ATOM & Co. Not at all. Despite more losses, they gained valuable experience, made a statement. And often in history "statement made" much more important, then per se singular victory, because it start long, but very conseqentual chain of events. Political implications I think its fair to welcome ATOM into "great powers" club, because fielding and more or less successfuly operating such battle group was not a small feat. Looks like @Mulligan humbly, but very methodicly grown his forces to very respectable level. If we assume, that other factions of AC awake and bring something to table too, balance of powers can change against BOO in favor of AC, if critical numerical superiority will be achieved. Still, options for diplomacy open for both sides and BOO obviously can go more long-term treaties to counter. With space-russians? Who knows. State of game/PvP balancing 1) Game feels little bit drained on players, because even such big and active org as BOO, by my perception, stuggled to field more crews. 2) I personaly don't like current system favoring exessive voxel armouring, especialy with gold. Its bad both on combat and strategical levels. 3) Game still dangerously bugged, because some participants reported nasty desyncs and crazy things with always missing weapons. I hope NQ are working on this. So? We need more of such good fighting. Good for game.
  6. I'm dying to see all people who repeating this [nonsense] to first actualy HIRE such mythical "secrurity services" and survive their use with some economical success. Then it will bear some weight.
  7. Good observation, but reasons of swamp mostly in overall exaustion/attiration. Core of organizations and playerbase formed as far as 2016 with literaly YEARS of "nothing to do" beyond forum-discord talks and much later -- some crude alpha experience (that was super-far from what many dreamed about backing game initialy). So active/ambitious/cringly (that good sometimes) people naturaly burned their energies to empiness of space, left or go sleeping. PvPers are struggling to find meaning. Sure, voxel fanatics or some sort of hermit-solo-industry-nerds suriving and even flourishing. But they generaly quite inert and "boring" players in terms of multiplayer politics and stuff making games like EVE fun. Still, this picture can be changed with several "active life" inspiring updates/features.
  8. I'm afraid asteroids will be another chapter of failure with exploits, bad balance and other typical cringe. Like at fist they drop them totaly unbalanced or exploit ridden. Our usual suspects will grab millions of tonns of T4-T5. Then NQ --- oh, not how supposed to be. And they nerf asteroids to shit, but allow players who grabbed immense riches at begining to keep them. Or something like that. May be location of asteroids with expensive mega-nodes will be leaked. At this point nothing will suprise me. But I kinda expect nothing good from NQ, they literaly so far not implemented major feature from 1st try without major failure. Not even once.
  9. Speaking of communication. Its feels like with return of Nyz (who is founding father of sorts of NQ communication style), CMs was put to "more useful tasks" again, then engaging us here more. And as I see (subjectivly) less active in Discord too. Now we have: Nyzaltar -- before he at least visited forum to give some punishments or ad hoc comments when in mood. Not anymore. Naerais -- not seen her active for a while. Why? Naunet -- trying to be our friend, but less active now. Why? Pann -- content creators front? Cool, but not very useful for us, common folk. Nishtar -- new french CM. Probably nice for french, who are minority here, but again not much help for problems of international crowd. Anyway, disproportionaly little presense felt. May be they preparing some kind of super-suprise for us.
  10. Well, we have 2 decently informative metrics in open access. 1) Sanctuary claims, representing dynamics of new accounts (granted, not everyone claims with alts, but new players do). Growth is there, but pretty slow (likely not covering drain by quits currently). 2) Twich (more metric of overall "public interest"). Obvious decline. https://twitchtracker.com/games/493826 Still, expected, because DU probably in its lowest Beta point currently -- very questionable 0.23, grind exaustion, lack of new features, 3 m subs end of first wave of subbers (who decided not to renew in december) -- all this contributed. It may go better, if NQ make asteroids and other stuff right.
  11. That I think kind of achilles heel of DU. Time to fun ratio. And how slow fun loop is with current systems. Game obviously have some "fanatical" core of players, who grind and play A LOT (and can go super agressive against "casualization"). I do not know their personal situations, but it seems to be mix of "1 game [nerds] players", "retired greybeards" or people who unemployed or have some nice time tables to burn. I self-employed myself with sort of home office work (so can afford some gaming sins), but struggle quite a bit with DU time-eating-grinding things. But most others, while for some time captured by game concept and very entusiasthic, can't handle this level of exaustion (that pile up eventualy). And they not even some filthy casuals, but just people will less time or interests in other games. So they drop-off one by one.
  12. With building its pretty easy (and already was discussed a bit, I think original idea from @GraXXoR) -- addition of some sort of T zero, building grade materials, that, per example, too heavy and non-efficient for ships/space station building (and even long-range transportation), but can be produced (and used) localy on surface. With PvP, I to extent agree, and was talking about similiar ideas for some time. > PvP ships too expensive for "trial" and "fun" losses overall. > Especialy for newcomers, without old (and not fully "honest" fat) to afford things. > No meaningful one-seater entry (beyond some fantasies from people who actualy not doing this themeselfs). > Meta overall in "all or nothing" concept (where "all" is gold and largest, most expensive components). Obviously, there is some well established "purists" (blablabla, its how it supposed to be), but even they generaly only living proof of this trend, running into SZ (never leaving it far) with their fancy full crewed ship when encountering smallest of risk to be actualy toasted. Nice double standards here, sometimes of absurd level. May be we even see some of this clowns in topic.
  13. Well, I find all this "vocal minority", "infuence direction", "not your game", "apeal to masses" -- all inherently flawed. 1) Vocal minority is obviously subjective labeling. Cannot be defined, but easly twisted. 2) NQ, so far, demonstrated little of actual interest in average player feedback (and god forbid "ideas") beyond obvious en masse rioting (reaction is damage control, like with 0.23). So nothing to worry about. 3) No one actualy knows "for who" DU is or will be to send people away. All we have is generic KS promises and episodes of infamous "JC's vision" how this or that supposed to be played. 4) Most importantly, DU and apeal to masses is sound like joke -- most people here (in discusion) already quite niche players, exactly types of players DU needs (and can get). Gaming masses don't give a slighest muck about DU (don't know about it) and, likely, never will, playing happly their mainstream games. But I get, that it may be annoying to see all same dozen people grumpy around forum. But its actualy quite ironicly reversed situation from other side -- all same half of dozen people (actual vocal minority, hehe) telling same things over and over again about "how its all ok and will be better". Like: Someone: Game currently is shit (well, block of text with this meaning). Haunty: I'm not noticing its shit, give devs some time.
  14. Totaly disagree. Because time is what they pretty much used already: with 2 year delay, questinable Alpha stage and half of year of slug's pace. Even website promised almost 1 year ago still not fully operational. Main DU problem is quite similiar to many other failed (or relativly failed) indy games: 1) devs progressing too slow and want to cut corners with "alpha/early access" release; 2) then nothing changed and they still go too slow to keep game relevant for wider audience; 3) lack of money (and subsequently -- motivation) leads to even more... slowleness or outright simulation of activity; 4) game stays half-finished shit forever. NQ totaly need to develop some serious speed if they want to live as company. I'm not super much into gloom and doom usualy, but I think its actualy how question more or less stays now.
  15. Yep, honestly its future of DU, if NQ not turn tide very seriously -- sort of dusty voxel museum with anemic skirmishes from deadly bored "PvPers". And player numbers is key here, I very worried on this front.
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