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  1. Well, its kinda happening in step by step way as unfortunate chain of events that accumulating. 1) Last moment "pre-launch" for backers decision (that was stated as "thank you", but...). 2) Fixation to placate new players with very casual starting conditions (huge non PvP zone with all ores, ship shop, daily money, several other ezz mode things). 2,1) Wrong (by my opinion) JC concept, that player-driven economy criticaly needs some artificial "kickstart". At least not in way it was done. 2,2) Relativly cocky (on my taste, again) JC idea, that economy disbalancing at start is okay, thay can easly fix it without wipe... later. 3) Previous points + some other bad disign choices (mostly due NQ stubbornly not listening Alpha community feedback) -- and players got dangerously faster progression, that was ever, ever intented. 4) As consequence of economy "rapidization" and "ezzmodeness" enourmous quantities of industry sprung up and multipled with great speed... 5) And now choking servers to death (while speculation, this at least partly the case I think). And "industry attack" happened so fast and so geometrical progression, that NQ found themeselfs with very little time to adequatly react with scaling/optimization. 6) Time/player pressure obviously increases risk of more panic-mode mistakes with more bad consequences... Sure, its not that hopeless (just my grumpy version), they still can figure it out with great magic and learn from it. I causiously believe in them.
  2. Yep, @Cytoxx is right -- GM teleportation works and solves problem (so its truly of currently bugged Jago, not coincedence). Looks like it not for everyone, but my speculation it may be connected with 3 factors: 1) log off underground? 2) log off in particular time or "server state" when location save is "corrupted"? 3) may be corruption was on level of server cluster that serves Jago?
  3. It was painfuly obvious from initial game economic disign (with extreamly low number of faucets, relativly short and primitive loop). People in such games mostly aim for increasing their assets and autonomy -- and mining/industry is currently most effective (if not only) way to do so for majority. So why they need to bother with something else? All this "one not need to do everything" is a bit of wishful thinking as long we not having more complex game systems to motivate more complex social bahaivor.
  4. @Bradathur, yes, same issue! On Jago. Unhandled exception while trying to load (45% for me). Also I heard some more people experiencing it (in support Discord) without clear way to solve it. Cache clearing or force respawn from launcher so far not helping. I guess something corrupted data on NQ side, so may be server restart will help. If not I don't know -- asking GMs to teleport?
  5. Something new or not new tommorow? Like some people on Jago bugged in sort of limbo with "undhandled exception" and not able to log in at all? I'm one of unlucky forkers. I developed somewhat of phobia -- every day I launching DU, my heart slows down what new "not working" thing will be upon me.
  6. Guys, in all this discussions (that in different forms lasting now for years), you missing 3 important points: 1) Current generation will not need to last long, only until NQ remake of plantes (~ 3 m / half of year), with this whole world will be renewed. 2) When planets regened (and all ore restored), they then add Space Mining, that I strongly suspect, will have some renewable mechanic in it. 3) Then it will be whole new systems eventualy... Also, to be honest, NQ proved to be relativly "soft and caring" developer for casual player base, so if some critical situation with ore developes, they most likely agressivly intervene to balance it. All this means realisticly -- there is nothing to fear, some minor scarcitiy is possible, but nothing more.
  7. @vertex nailed it pretty good, but I want to add little bit of my angle. If you playing alone, duo or in small friend company you never trully planning to expand, than it doesn't matter at all-- you will eventualy hit same "soft" celling as everyone started before. In some areas it will be even easier/faster, because more things are readly available to buy for cheaper/more people willing to enter some sort of deals. Only real difficulty you can encounter with time progression in game world -- relativly less ore and more dangerous trips to it (more pvp ships). If you playing it org style with real ambition to grow into something, then it (while may sound counter-intuitive) MATTERS EVEN LESS. Here its all about your ability to organize people, keep em, expand and develop human recource, buiding connections. Sure, orgs with "old wealth" still have potential edge, but real question, are they capable to use it? Some, with competent leadership surely invest it right, but many others probably just idly sit on proverbial chests until its irrelevent (by their quiting of game or inflation eaten up "riches"). So, while I'm not always agree how NQ balances game for new/old/harcore/casual/different styles players, overall its still (as trend tracable to future) quite open field to join, without too much of concerns of "I will never catch up". And its obviously so in just 2 weeks of game start!
  8. When: "We take from those in the top..." part begins? πŸ’ΈπŸ? Meme server drama channel in severe crisis.
  9. Until now we were generaly banned from visual content because of NDA and I feel this habit NMC must gradualy part! And... now we also have Twitter as easy-fast medium. So, if you feel you have interesting and quality visual content to share, feel free to ping me. Like Actimist with his perfect shot and ship bought from "ominous stranger".
  10. I, to be honest, have little patience left after all this Beta start... issues what happened with me and my friends, but I still have hope in NQ and game, that is too good in concept to let it fail.
  11. @ankido, you revieving 100 k q everyday for just connect, generaly you can give it a rest fo several day just log in and out, then buy ship.
  12. Current DU tutorials -- are total abomination. Long. Boring. Bugged. Placed in worst laggin place in whole game. New players literaly must SURVIVE them. My advice to all new guys -- play (skip) to point of grabbing STU and hovercraft parts and RUN, skip rest of trash and "specialized" ones. Save yourself (at least -- for now, you can return later to feed inner completionist), and don't worry that you don't know anything or missing -- you can learn even in better quality by just asking other players or watching some videous or reading text guides. Tutorial stage = worst part of game, it goes progressivly better, once you free. And them when you evenrtualy leave Sanctuary -- even more better! Game generaly like diamond in shit, to grab best part you need to go over bad part. Give it a chance.
  13. So, in short. Forget all horribly complicated triangles and stuff. If you up to somewhat relaxed gameplay in good company (totaly approved by NMC), follow this plan of action: 1) Find @Armedwithwings, say to him secret password "PRKL MN" 2) Recieve blueprint of one of epic starting ships he disigned: at least "The Egg", build it. 3) Ask what to do next...
  14. If they will be gentle with us πŸ­πŸ§€
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