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  1. Hehehehe. You know what? @vertex and his frined @Armedwithwings really kindly hepled me with ship! Pimped it! Like in this TV show: And gread deal of nice advice about how to fly and update futher. Also special thanks to @vince_chicault for M vert. booster. So, I completly recomend this guys for doing buisness, they are trustworthy and great!
  2. Hey! @vertex, I ready to be your first alpha-test client! By my cursed hands I made worst ship in whole world and failed make it to fly so hardly, that i can't even see Elon Musk on TV anymore because of envy . What if you take it and copysomethingcat with it and make it so cool better copy, that they feature our joint creation on DU Twitter? I generaly as poor as church mouse, but can pay with crate or two of simple resources. Also you will aquire mightiest of friends.
  3. We preparing something for RPG camp of DU. Here is small teaser. --- During freak accident with cryo-beds, two colonists (IDs 123794 and 123801, male and female, both originally from New Siberia Exclusion Zone), suffered serious brain damage – seemingly random data from Ark e-Library was forcibly written into their memory. Data in question mostly belongs to medieval and renaissance periods of Earth history. Both patients developed acute personality disorders, thinking about themselves as queen and challecollor of same imaginative kingdom. “Queen” remains in Medblock B due to extensive motor-function damage (temporary) and full loss English language skills (damage expected to be permanent). “Chancellor” recovered physically much faster, yet shows signs of pathological social hyperactivity, trying to convince others to “join” his kingdom. He was allowed to have 1-hour daily walks in proximity of Ark-ship (as cooperative and non-aggressive patient), but must remain under constant observation and take prescribed medication. -- Datalogs of Medblock B, Arkship “Novark”, Dr. J. Carter
  4. 1. No brainer -- more content regulary! 2. Special interview-only editorial column, this is always good read. 3. Personaly I like short stories, but may be pause little bit with them until game unfolds more (and more rich material or inspiration can be gathered). 4. For me -- no, english 100% is ok (and I'm not native en speaker). 5. Actual organizational news, this is hottest stuff as for me. 6. Moment in eternity of non-existence. 7. May be its time to locate more talented recruits, expand content production?
  5. They planning to lift NDA and go Beta by summer. Beta, I strongly suspect, will be not Beta in reality, but Soft Launch with no_more_wiping persistance and everyone start their buisness seriously. So, generaly, not much time left for burning out. ~ 120 days. This is not joke, indeed, but not an year either. Anyway, Aaron is deadly right about NDA thing -- puplicity/news/screenshots -- all that, is 200% critical in city-building. This is blood of whole process, as for already participation members, as for recruiting too. No sense in starting before NDA lift, expect some technical "prepare" stages (as its done now).
  6. Hello and welcome! I hope we can see you participating in hot topics regulary.
  7. Very pleasing to read! This kinda powering up my faith in humanity every time. This is right thing to do. If stars align right, one day I will be building city and I was thinking to make some sort of little "supply depot" and offer it for your organization to use. Here reserves of fuel and repair parts will be stored an maintained by city for your guys to resupply during emergency (if such need arise).
  8. In citybuilding main deciding factor of success is quality of build. Because yes, you can "steal idea" or "outpace" someone in terms of agressive recruiting, hype and kind of raw initial results... but in longterm if you are building cr*p and your adversary is casualy producing god-tier architechture -- its done. People not fools, they just see who is better. They love beutiful things and want to help build them, not slaving for some woodenhead, who is wasting their hard-earned material on titanic junk.
  9. City-building is my great passion, so I was twitching to make something more practical, then just talk. So, here my proposal for Tranquility build project. It may seems unorthodox, indeed. Here is main bullet points what and why. I base thing on my practical city-building experience in MC, where players tried to actualy live and produce things. 1) Looks like Tranquility in technical terms will be kind of largest available construct core -- cubic, generaly. So I used that space to maximum (without going full Borg). 2) People LOVE open spaces and communal sense, watching what others doing, and great view from window. In my disign everyone in city will have great view. In contrary -- coridors and closed space is BAD. Boring. 3) Open spaces makes great screenshot and PR material. Everyone flying around will momentaly see, that this is some kind of cool space city, not clumsy "compensation for something" ship with who knows what inside. 4) Super-easy-FAST landing-and trade, visitors can just drop ship on huge field and run fo stores on "ground level". 5) CIty warehouses and industy will be easly accesable in underbelly (from landing field). Also this underbelly can be safelty expanded/rebuild for actual needs, without compromising "upper city" more regulated and refined view. 6) Such location of private docks will allow people to have their super-ergonomicly ships generaly in 1 door from "flat". 7) This configuration also allow to save mass with minimal space and material waste on corridors. City parts can be connected with elevators, effective use of stairs and bridges, again far more interesting then endless corridors. And you can slap as many engines (if city on moving core) on back as needed, again, without bad consequences for looks. EVEN if used core size will not be so impressive (like devs setting hard limits), form will add visual volume . Effective use of space and material. Communal sense. Ergonomics in actual living and working inside. Easy for visitors. Great for Instagram.
  10. So, here is pretty large and interesting thread for Landmark vets, It makes me little bit jealous : ) How about hardcore minecrafters? Lets show them power of Old Block Ways. Post your best things with nessesary comments and how you plan to rock world of DU with all your experience. I'll start. Most builds are from high-fantasy city project called Kingdom of Merovia. And there is a lot. Mostly mine disigns and global planning/coordination, but some things built (or updated later, when I quit MC) by my great building-buddy angvar -- also he made many of presented screenshots. Ships disigned by several other talented people of our building crew. Lots of people participated during years of building. MORE in spoiler V
  11. Guy wants to know how build best ship possible. But this is NDA thing now (answers at least) -- so I directed him to proper part of forum. Also its looks like only russian-speakers can help him anyway. Thats all, nothing about communist secrets : )
  12. Hope to see your organization in field, fully operational. I have solf spot on lawful-neutral and lawful-good guys : )
  13. Привет. Вопрос для закрытых NDA форумов. Напиши там.
  14. I will love to see lets say more hard and critical interviews with org leaders. Beause there is some, but generaly journalist are simply playing along super nicely and leader like bla bla bla im super great and bla bla bla we will be greatest in just everything bla bla bla. Its boring, like constant real world politicians blatant lies and empty talk. Corner them with hard questions, trap them with contradictions and their own stupid quotes, make them suffer and look like fools (ones who deserve it!). This is quality journalism.
  15. Here is another one. And prepare yourself -- its hard one! I have background in city-building too, so I know for sure 1 painful thing. People eventualy start like "let me build this and that", or even worst, when some dimpomatic guests will present you with terrible prospect "we want our embassy looking like pink *censored*". Its always rather thin line between architectural diversity and people building complete vomit-inducing JUNK of blood_from_eyes_level. So, how you planning to control quality and cohesion of builds in Tranquility and balance it with other players creativity and "creativity"? This is hot sand with imossibility to be good for everyone. Some guys or gals will be just mad what you deny them something they think cool.
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