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  1. I would love both but can keep neither. Rip community projects.
  2. Constant communication to answer players burning questions is a monumental task that is required at any time during the release cycle, even if that answer is reiterating “We [NQ] don’t know yet”. So keep up the great comms @NQ-Naerais ! On another note, if the dreaded schematics arn’t banished back to the pits of hell that spawned them, players should be able to create them... though science!
  3. Space Mom always said "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" So to NQ: Keep the communications coming. I am loving them. To the players, I have nothing to say.
  4. You could have just said: Schematics should be researchable. XD
  5. Requests for Rotors, Wheels, Pistons, Hinges, Sliders and further parts that make other parts of a construct move, always gets the same response: Not going to happen. The server is built with a single shard MMO in mind and that comes with a price. That said, stand alone elements that do not interact with surfaces directly (direct contact) are definitely possible. They are called engines and a request for a vertical lift type element sounds like a reskin of a downwards pointing engine. but engines that thrust downwards to upward lift are not fuel efficient. That’s because engines in this orientation have their power halved because everyone was vertical lifting stuff into space much too easily for NQ’s liking. So players, in turn, just put on more engines so they could do it anyway. TLDR: helicopters aren't fuel efficient so use vertical engines.
  6. I believe the opposite. It's simple to work out the statistical probabilities of complete failure. I would assume there is at least one statistical analysist in NQ just like I assume there is an economist. 😛 That said, randomly decreasing the maintenance meter has to be very slow. Why? Because a griefer can break all your public buttons my smashing them for 30 minutes. A months frequent use as a half life seems fair, but can easily be tweaked. Most of the maintenance will come from crashing and PvP anyway... Updated OP to reflect it's a complete fix.... so no dynamic properties to worry about and complete salvage. It's also far simpler to understand. It makes both a element sink AND a parts sink since elements WILL be used when they aren't maintained AND people will want to maintain their expensive stuff. For the cheap stuff... less so. It's about choices and trade offs. The current system has none. The market will decide which is "better" for a player at a specific time: if engines are dirt cheap then why bother maintaining them? Added. It's very similar to Tuning so if one can be done, why not the other? An element sink is very going to be fun, always tedious, and direct you back to mining. The "lives" method is definitely less immersive. Maintenance makes sense... some might even find it enjoyable. Not everyone. And that is a good thing imo.
  7. YARSOS aka Yet Another Repair System Overhaul Suggestion Preface: No one likes the elements breaking on X lives system. The factory owners want it to be 1 life (because that's quanta in the bank eh?) and other players don't want it at all. @Volkier has been fighting the good fight and while the "multiple lives system" was suggested by (the factory owner) players and implemented, the great ideas of Volkier go unacknowledged. So the hopes of this suggestion getting more than a passing glance is low indeed. The suggestion: How about instead of lives for elements, have a maintenance meter that degrades randomly with element use. If the maintenance meter reaches 0 then there is a chance elements will be destroyed *while in use*. HP loss from crashing and PvP makes the maintenance meter take a big dive. An element at 0 hp means it's broken and unusable (as usual). Scrap repairs hp as normal. (hp is so gamey... calling it "integrity" would be better especially since that is a trait sorely lacking in some). Just repairing an element with scrap will make it functional as normal however if it is *used* (just to reiterate) there is a random chance it would be destroyed permanently. Finally, maintenance takes enough time (or maybe the construct needs to be stationary, or maybe you have a better suggestion so comment below) that it can’t be done in combat and in if the maintenance meter has degraded enough, it may require *parts* to bring the meter up again. A fully maintained element is the same as a completely new element. But why? - It's far less grievous if the *permanent* destruction of elements is under the players control: aka a choice led to that outcome. Whether that is going into a PvP zone or deciding to not do maintenance. Hopping landing gear leading to entire ship exploding should not be part of this equation at all. - Why "on use"? - computation is off-loaded onto the client in DU... mostly... except for factories. That is why the batches of factories had to be increased as well as the schematic nerf. Can't have all players DOSing the server with millions of factories now can we? Anyway, what uses items but players themselves. Hence on use. What does this mean? The side effect of this kind of system would be: - Even elements on static/space constructs would not be exempt from needing maintenance. Those doors and buttons will need to be oiled and kept in working order... or just them break and buy replacements. More choice for players. And factory owners should be happy right? (no they will never be happy until your whole ship has to be replaced after moving 5 meters) - Mechanics! Imagine actual mechanic shops. Job creation right there. (throw in some maintenance specific talents and we are golden) - Accidents (especially those caused by glitches and pop-in towers) are far less infuriating. There will always be glitches, that is the nature of the beast. An entire ship should not need to be replaced because the (default) flight script decided to get stuck in a perpetual left turn. - More of a market for parts. Will that make factory owners happy? My guess is no 😛 - Elements that aren't used directly won't need maintenance... this covers those decorative items: Leave them looking good without being a pain. No need to remember to water those plants. - PvP and salvaging rewards... fully functional elements: with some parts and scrap they are good as new. - Industry needs maintenance. You want to keep your expensive factory working? Keep it maintained. The reality is the initial cost isn't the problem, its keeping them going that is the real trick. No fire and forget factories. Future improvement suggestions: - Talents - Make maintenance fun with a talent tree for your mechanic - Tuning - alter you engine to have less performance but a larger maintenance meter. Or the opposite. - Efficiency - Have engines become less efficient as they are less maintained... requiring a visit to your local mechanic for a tune up. - Recyclers - Take those destroyed elements and recycle them into parts which could be used to maintain the not-destroyed elements. Element lives don’t matter... I demand maintenance. TLDR: Random destruction chance with mitigation mechanics (maintenance meter) gives players a chance against mishaps.
  8. It is very difficult to make suggestions for mechanics/systems in a game like DU where not all the systems are implemented yet and future systems details are not available. Each system affects all others like cogs in a machine, some directly, some indirectly through a series of other cogs. Set one cog out of alignment, or have one cog spin a little too fast, it could turn the entire machine into glazing inferno of death. So making suggestions through the little pinhole of understanding is the best we can do. That said, permanent element destruction is coming, like it or not. Durability is already in the game in the form of hit points for each element. The real change is once the last “life” has run out, the element becomes irreparable. It means that while it has more than 1 “life” the system is still as forgiving as it was before: repair it and all is well. Eventually the part will be so worn out most wont want to risk flying around with 1 life remaining and risk being stranded after a mishap. I suggest a capstone talent for the repair line of talents. This will make mechanics a wanted commodity. A talent to add a single life to an element that has only 1 life remaining. That is all. 1 life becomes 2. The tiers of the talent could correspond to the tiers of elements to be given the last leg. Make it useable only once per day per element (and potentially increasing cost each time) and players have the option to decide when it’s time to get a new one or continually take it to the mechanic to be repaired. This is forgiving for the casual player while those that want the best and shiniest 5 life elements will replace their elements far earlier. The little old old lady that flies her spaceship to the market once a week was never going to be the a massive source of income for element sellers. Don’t punish the little old ladies afternoon they crash their ship a little. Think of the little old ladies.
  9. image.png.d1c8c8120655dc985e13a99c462b2f55.png


    I noticed this in the DU Amanac and I wanted to ask for your input about this idea 


  10. To expand on the idea: The general idea is to allow players, through whatever mechanic, to claim planets and eventually systems that allows the setting of options otherwise not available to players (like setting PvP status), making the universe really the players own. Coupling this with territory control gives a very compelling reason to claim a percentage (or all) of the territories.
  11. Let players decide... Dual Universe is about having mechanics that gives players the say on how they want to have the universe to work (at least their small part of it). This player agency is what makes is sandbox game so appealing. The idea If a single organization (including subsidiaries) can claim percentage of a planet or moon (say 75+% as example) that organization is marked as owning the planet on the planetary map AND that organization gets special rights to create some game changing laws for the planets surrounding space (an example could be switching direct PvP on or off for others or everyone) Taking it one step further, if a majority of the planets in a system are claimed by the same organization (or subsidiaries), the same can be done for the system as a whole: the system is marked as belonging to that organization and the organization can set system-wide rules. Which rules can can be created are left to NQ to decide, though switching on/off PvP in controlled space could be a big one. Summary Allow players to choose what “settings” they want on a planet/system they have a majority claim on. It gives a concrete mechanical goal that players could work towards to really make the game their own and territory warfare is meaningful.
  12. The news is quite bittersweet. DU’s #1 fan turned NQ is, without doubt, a loss for the community, but a massive gain for NQ. I expect more great things from NQ-Yama in the future xD
  13. Updated to be slightly clearer and more streamlined. Thanks for the feedback from the 12 previous downloaders. Decreasing the unnecessary mental load on a already complex story is always a good idea.
  14. Beta keys can already be bought in the current packs. The beta keys are in addition to alpha/beta access for the pack purchaser. Which is why I said there are many beta keys floating around: each pack comes with some to give away. I would be surprised if there isn’t a beta access only pack in the future, but there has been no official word on this (as others have stated earlier).
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