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  1. Kurock

    System enforced courier feature

    Systems for gameplay mechanics are very difficult to create since they have to work well with the other systems AND fit in with the overall design goals of the game. In an player-run game, players should be empowered to create their own world. DU does this with player made constructs, the future RDMS (Rights and Duties Management System) and player run markets. The emphasis here is on "emergent" gameplay. If a system restricts players in some way, it is preventing an avenue of "emergence". Sometimes this is desired: for example a safezone is restrictive, but placing it around the arkship prevents completely new players from being killed outright when they step off the arkship. A generic contract system could be used to create custom contracts that can move quanta around but otherwise have little effect. A broken contract would be marked as such and could be used as evidence to demand compensation by using the local player organisation as the enforcer. This immediately has the "emergent gameplay" that contracts are not worth the inventory space outside the influence of a player run law enforcement body. But those that maintain the law have more stable economies as contracts are actually enforced by the players. And even then the contract can be evaluated on a case by case basis which may prevent scamming in those lawful areas (or not, depending on the players). Give the players the power to choose how to play the game, don't let the game play the players.
  2. Kurock

    Alpha 2, is that you ?

    The server status site usually only shows a maximum of around a months worth of test sessions. At around the end of the month the next months tests are usually announced. So no, Alpha 1 is not ending next week. It will end when Alpha 2 begins and that will be announced clearly. As to whether there will be wipes as each new phase starts: Yes. Full wipes were always planned going into the Alphas (Alpha 2, and Alpha 3 remaining) and Beta, and the last one for full release. The only thing players keep are their blueprints. Hope that clarifies a few things.
  3. Kurock

    Alioth Aerospace Expo

    The more the merrier I say. Come say hi on the Alioth Expo discord (https://discord.gg/agD4r5X)
  4. Kurock

    Bike seats

    Definitely a good suggestion. Would be nice to have
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  6. Kurock

    Alpha Roadmap AMA Questions

    For some, the biggest disappointment about the roadmap announcement was the NDA being extended to cover all the Alphas. While it is clear that it was a difficult decision to make, could you elaborate on the reasons for extending the NDA? Could you elaborate on the galaxy that will be available in beta? How many star systems will players have access to? Will there be faster modes of travel, such as warp engines, so that players can get there? Will the star maps be implemented by this time? Will we see volumetric clouds (such as those shown in that first E3 video)? If so, will it be before release? Is there any progress on rotating planets? Are these still in the works? Where can community member send their user generated content, such as videos and screenshots? Are there any guidelines which may make it more likely for their content to be accepted and used as advertising for Dual Universe?
  7. Kurock

    Kill reports

    I hope not. Kill boards advertise that the game is all about killing. If there are kill boards then there should also be "best build" boards, exploration boards, manufacturer boards, and mining boards. DU is not EVE. It should being DUing it's own thing, not making an EVE 2.0.
  8. Kurock

    Territories for landing

    Outside of the safe zones, guns solve this problem. Inside the safe zones, that is not an option and covering offenders in dirt leaves unsightly dirt piles. A "kick" option, to randomly move the offending ship out of your territory may be the simplest solution imo. Though I would be happy with sticking it in an underground hanger with a huge wheel clamp and a massive fine
  9. Kurock

    DICE (DU Gaming Commission)

    Want to know more about DICE? Read about it in Issue 2 of spaceshipdrama.com
  10. Kurock


    You might not bite, but I am not so sure about the others Welcome to the forums.
  11. Kurock

    Hello, Looking forward to playing with you all

    Belated welcome to the party.
  12. Kurock

    i am a real boy

    Welcome to the forums. You have been approved as a human
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    Words. Special ones. Ones of safety. But that is what a cylon would say... (Welcome to the forum)
  14. Kurock

    Newcomer #abignumber

    Text Log: Earth year 12476, Novark. Found an audio file today. I thought it was my collection of classic songs from the year 1990. Turns out it was another passengers message. Horrible audio quality. Between the static and silences, I gathered the passenger will be in the last simulation before landing. I wish this Reniya the best. Still have not found my mix tape. *text ends*
  15. Kurock


    So say we all. (And welcome)