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  1. Naunet running by with a quick edit for clarity: Element Destruction will be applied to all damages sustained, both in and outside of PvP battles. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Draw your weapons and get ready to shoot first! In today’s Dual Universe Dev Blog we will discuss an upcoming PvP feature: Element Destruction. In its current iteration, the feature works rather simply. Once destroyed, an Element can be restored indefinitely. There is currently no way for a crafted Element to disappear from the game unless it’s done intentionally. This poses a problem in the dynamics of the economy. In the real world, most purchased goods will inevitably need to be replaced. This helps to fuel the economy by creating a steady demand of goods. And, as in the real world, Dual Universe relies on a strong supply and demand chain for its economy to thrive. To facilitate this, we’re making some changes to Elements that will not only give them value as a commodity on the Market but also add some exciting layers of strategy in how they are manufactured and used by discerning pilots who won’t settle for anything less than the best on their prized ships. Let’s take a closer look at the incoming changes. ELEMENTS DESTRUCTION When an Element on your ship is damaged in combat, can go next to it and repair it using scrap. If destroyed, you can also restore it completely. The change we’re making will limit the number of times an Elements can be restored, i.e. three times for an Engine and five times for a Container. Once an Element has hit its maximum amount of restores, it is Destroyed and can’t be repaired anymore. This will be less brutal than an immediate destruction, allowing you to manage a critical situation during combat, yet give you the opportunity to plan for a long-term replacement strategy as your restore counter is approaching the limit. Getting low on the restore counter for an engine? Swap it for a brand-new one at the next station. An Element which has been restored once or more will be allowed to be brought back into a player’s inventory, but please keep the following points in mind: This Element will be marked as a Modified Element. As such, it cannot be sold on Markets or used in Blueprints This Element can be bartered. Unlike certain other modified elements, the restoration count cannot be reset. The number of times an Element can be repaired depends solely on the nature of the Element. Note that this is a first step. We may introduce other forms of degradation in the future, possibly impacting Element performance. Another important thing to note is that when an Element of type “Container” is fully destroyed, everything it contains is destroyed as well. This includes all types of fuel and ammo. Tier 2+ Elements and Industry Units To push this logic even further, we introduced the idea of a new class of elements with better stats, by extending some existing elements with variants into higher tiers. This will impact Engines, Weapons and Radars to start with, and we will also make a push for Containers and Control Units a bit later. In any real world industry, you have room for producers specializing in high-end products with better returns, or low-end products with higher volumes. This is what the addition of Tier 2+ Elements will bring to the table. We envision a future where Tier 2-5 engines will become the norm for performance-savvy players because of their better stats while Tier 1 will remain a commodity that is basically good enough for most players who don’t care about the stat boost. This adds variation to the gameplay and will certainly be a factor in PvP and efficiency-oriented logistic operations. Note that only Tier 2 Industry Units will be able to produce Tier 2 Elements, the same for Tier 3 and so forth. Industry Units of higher tiers will be considerably more expensive to produce and/or buy. Element perma-destruction A deployed Element that has been destroyed cannot be brought into the inventory. This Element is totally non-functional and can only be deleted or Replaced. When Replacing an element, all custom properties and settings are maintained. This action will consume an Element of the same type in the player’s active inventory, as it would do with an Element that was deployed standard. Of course, we will introduce a proper tool to replace your Elements to prevent the need for reconfiguration when you’re swapping in a fresh new one. This should help to create a healthy level of demand as PVP increasingly heats up across the Universe. Weapon limitation by core size, and better hit formula Speaking of PVP, we want to address some imbalances in general around PvP. Several things are on the way to address this, some of which might affect your ship designs: Limitation of weapon sizes based on the core size, no more L weapons strapped onto an XS core unit. Previously, the probability to hit another ship was based on the size of its core. From now on, that probability will use the surface of the ship that's visible from the view of the shooter as defined by the cross-section of the ship from that same point of view. In other words, the surface of the ship exposed to your weapons will matter and generate more damage. That way, building a borg cube will simply not be efficient and will expose you to greater damage risk. Radar lock range unification: Instead of having each radar lock different core unit sizes at different ranges, every radar will now have a global lock range at which it locks all targets. Smaller radars will now lock at lower ranges, but retain their faster lock times while larger radars will lock slower but at greater distances. Unlike weapons, there will not be any further core-based restrictions on radar placement. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS As always, we encourage you to share your thoughts about these changes. We appreciate your support and look to your constructive feedback to help us make Dual Universe the absolute best it can be. **Edit note: Clarified RESTORE vs REPAIR verbiage
  2. Naunet running by with a quick edit for clarity: Element Destruction will be applied to all damages sustained, both in and outside of PvP battles. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you haven't seen the news, you can do so here: Discuss below!
  3. I just followed up with our CS team on this, and I believe they are waiting for your reply on your ticket
  4. Dear Noveans, it's time for another DevBlog! Dual Universe is a vast game. Its gameplay has layers, and we keep adding depth to them as often as possible (though not nearly as frequently as we would like to!). As developers, we love to dive into these depths. Moreover, we want to make sure everybody understands why we design features the way we do. DevBlogs are perfect to address these topics, so here we are! Today, we will tackle two major features which shall be released in an upcoming patch: Construct Intellectual Property Protection and Blueprints Duplication. Without further ado, let's jump right into it. CONSTRUCT INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROTECTION The objective of this feature is quite simple: allow a player to protect their creations when they distribute them in game (whether it is by selling them or trading them). We want to make sure that no unauthorized player will access the intellectual property content of a construct they did not create themselves. In particular, we want to protect: The possibility to create a Blueprint of the construct The possibility to copy voxels from the construct to another construct (however, intra construct copies are still allowed) The access to Lua scripts from Control Units The access to HTML content from Screen Units This is how it works: each construct has a creator. A creator can be either the player or the Organization who deployed the original Core Unit. We can call this initial construct the “Master Construct”. When an Organization is the creator, any legate will be considered to be the creator. When making a copy of a Master Construct via a Blueprint, a set of Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection flags are set automatically, both on the construct as a whole AND individually on each of the Control Units and Screen Units in the Blueprint. The newly created construct can have a new owner, different from its creator, but it remembers who was its creator. When trying to access Lua or Html content, the DRM flag of the corresponding Element (i.e. a Control Unit or a Screen Unit) will be checked to determine if the new owner is allowed to do this action. The creator is always allowed to do that. Similarly, when trying to make a Blueprint or to copy voxels, the DRM flag of the whole construct is checked. By default, since the original Blueprint sets all the flags to “not allowed”, a new owner will have no rights to do these actions. If you deploy a new Control Unit, or a new Screen Unit on your construct that is DRM protected, they will be deployed without the DRM flag activated; therefore, you will be allowed to modify these Elements in particular. Moreover, the creator of the construct can also decide to come and remove the DRM protection of the whole construct (by right-clicking on the Core Unit), or of one particular Control Unit/Screen Unit if he wants to (warning: this action is not reversible). Make sure, however, to check if the DRM flag for voxels is global or not. If it is, and you add a beautiful sculpture to the construct, you will not be able to copy-paste it out of the construct. You should rather make your own Master Construct for this kind of action. BLUEPRINT DUPLICATION The Blueprint duplication will let players create copies of Blueprints, which in turns other players will use to generate a limited quantity of constructs. To understand this feature better, allow us to make the distinction between Core Blueprints and regular Blueprints. Core Blueprints When the creator of a construct, or any player owning the right to create a Blueprint from a construct generates a Blueprint from said construct, this is a Core Blueprint. Its creation is free. It can be used as the simple construct-save it used to be. But more importantly, this is what you’ll use to generate Regular Blueprints. It is stored in the player inventory and behaves as a regular information item. A Core Blueprint is never lost on death. However, a player can generate a core Blueprint only if he is the creator of a construct or if the DRM flag of the construct has been lifted. All ancient Blueprints (as in, Blueprints from before the Blueprint Duplication patch) will be converted into Core Blueprints. Regular Blueprints By right-clicking on a Core blueprint, a player can choose to generate a regular Blueprint, or just “Blueprint” for short. A regular Blueprint, is in reality a one-run Blueprint, and is always the result of a duplication of a Core Blueprint. It is a standard information item, and because it is a one-run Blueprint, it can only be used once and disappears on use. Once created, regular Blueprints are delivered at once in the player’s inventory as soon as he validates the duplication. Regular Blueprints are weight-less and volume-less. We hope this DevBlog gives you better visibility and understanding of what’s coming next in Dual Universe. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you would like to see next! See you very soon in Dual Universe Want to discuss this announcement? Click HERE. 👈
  5. Unfortunately it's not possible. As we have studios based in Paris and Montreal, we need a time frame that the staff are all available for. I know it's painful if you're in that window though.
  6. Good morning Noveans, Grab a mug of something good and gather ‘round, because we’ve got an announcement to make! It’s an exciting day here in Dual Universe, as we’re officially welcoming a new Community Manager to the team. Please wave “hi” to NQ-Naunet! Here are a few fun facts for all of you to use against her chat with her about: In her spare time she can be found with her camera, snapping all kinds of photographs. She has a pet rat (that is in no way affiliated with the DU server rodents) and two cats! (She won't let me recruit the rat). She’s been a Community Manager by trade since 2015, but her passion for bringing people together online dates wayyy back to the time dinosaurs roamed the world wide web. (Was 2001 really that long ago?) 🤔 That just about does it, folks! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to let her know how wonderful and welcoming all of you can be right here. She's ready to talk FORUMS! Much love! (Wash yer hands!) ~ SpaceMom
  7. Our website maintenance is now over and the site is back online. What it means for you is that all of your Beta code invitations previously in PENDING have been reset to AVAILABLE. You can send them once again now, to whomever you would like! To do that, once you've entered a friend's email address, hit SEND CODE. You can repeat this as long as you have Beta codes left as "AVAILABLE". Happy gifting!
  8. Gather your friends, empty out the cargo bay, and bring some snacks: it’s road trip time! We’re pleased to announce the return of wrecks to Dual Universe. In case you missed it the first time around, wrecks are an exciting new game play element for the adventurous miner. Scattered around the known universe are the long lost wrecks of ancient ships and transports. How they got there is a mystery, but they are valuable resources that can be salvaged for core elements and materials. There are over 100 ships to be found on unclaimed tiles. Once a wreck has been salvaged, its resources do not replenish, so you have a limited time to mine them. Dive in game NOW before it's too late!
  9. Our website and all linked features will be under maintenance on Monday starting at 9am UTC and lasting until approximately 1pm UTC. During this time access to the website, account tools, forums, etc, will be unavailable for use. Come join the community in our Discord channels!
  10. Ready for a spooky good time? We want to see your Halloween Construction creations! Submit your builds to us here. goodscare1.mp4
  11. Hello Noveans, At this stage it’s hard to ignore that the “Market Heist” has definitely caused a stir of dialogue and reactions both in our community and on the internet. We have taken some time to look at the situation in more detail: the actions of these players are not ok, not condoned, and will not be tolerated. We stand by our decision, and we’d like to better explain it. Most of what Novaquark builds within the game world, such as markets, institutes or the Arkship is not a player-owned construct. It is a part of the game play designed to serve all players. There are exceptions, like shipwrecks, which are designed for salvaging, and clearly communicated as such. We did, indeed, state to players that if RDMS is not properly set on a construct, and it results in theft, it’s part of the game and we won’t act upon it. This is to acknowledge that treason can happen in an organization, for instance, and is part of the emergent gameplay we’re trying to promote. Now, this does obviously not apply to NQ-built constructs, which are designed to serve a specific purpose in the game. It is obvious that these constructs, owned by NQ accounts or Aphelia, are not meant to be interacted with in the same manner as player constructs. Besides, they may contain some highly overpowered and unbalanced elements which were never meant to fall in the hands of players. So the situation with the market is clearly covered by section 5.2 of the EULA: “You must refrain from engaging in any behaviour that could harm NOVAQUARK’s image and/or reputation, that could harm one or more other Users or have a negative impact on their gaming experience, or that is detrimental to the proper functioning of the Game.” Finally, and for the record, the issue with the market did not result in a wrongly-set RDMS, but rather in a duplication bug. Part of what we use is the same tools as players to build constructs. We create one district, then duplicate it. Something went wrong in the duplication process of one of the markets, which resulted in players being able to edit it. Were we harsh? Yes. But we had previously communicated that we would no longer tolerate abuses of bugs and issues. We do realize that perhaps this started innocently enough in that someone pressed “B” while standing on a market. But it went beyond this, and that shows intention. The players involved indicated that they reported the issue, and after further investigation, one did, though not by following the proper feedback channel: they pinged a staff account on Discord in the middle of the night. We’ve clearly stated that staff do not respond to pings on Discord, and that the reporting method for exploits and bugs of this nature is either via our ticket system, or via a community manager on the forums. Even a proper attempt to inform us about an exploit doesn’t mean that it’s OK to go on and abuse it. Communicating an exploit to the NQ staff doesn’t serve as a way to absolve the players, it’s only meant to ensure that we fix the issue - it’s not a free pass to use an exploit. The banned players destroyed a player market by dismantling it, and the fact that they communicated with us via Reddit with a request not to be banned shows that they knew what they were doing was wrong. They posted on Reddit, proud of their ‘achievement’ and of the destruction. In the end, repairing the damage cost us hours of manpower across multiple departments, which could have been invested into further progressing the game. That is why we take this seriously. Here are a couple of things that we’d like to reiterate: We are in beta. Things aren’t always going to work as intended. But we have a persistent, single-shard universe, and altering its foundations impacts all players. Bug Fixes aren’t instant. They take manpower time to find, investigate, fix, test and roll out. We try to make sure that fixing a bug doesn’t introduce a dozen more. As beta players, we count on you to help us and report bugs, not abuse them. We believe that this is fairly standard for most games. We genuinely hope this brings some clarity to the situation, and ask you all to remember this is a communal effort. We’re in this together. Sincerely, The Novaquark Team
  12. It's baaaaaaack!! We have just reopened the Feature Upvote page. We took the time to clean up some fraudulent votes, this, unfortunately, means we needed to reset a few entries. We'll continue to suppress votes that are flagged as abusive attempts to take advantage of the system in the future. We're using a third-party app so it doesn't take resources away from DU's development. The game remains our absolute priority. Anytime we have to spend resources on things revolving around the game (as important as they might be), it's detrimental to the game's development itself, which we want to avoid as much as possible. Please let us remind you that if you want to provide feedback in general, you can always do so on our official channels. In case of a sensitive matter that obviously requires good judgment, good faith, and benevolence, you can report things privately to CMs, GMs, and Customer Support and double-check that the matter has been acknowledged by us before doing anything else. On a side note: We're still working tirelessly on the ticket backlog and are bringing more people into the company to help in that regard. Thanks to your support, the company's hiring but we stay an independent studio and we try to manage your expectations accordingly. Thanks for your understanding and support!
  13. Hello Noveans, By now, some of you may be aware that unlucky number Market 15 has been stripped bare and left to create ugly memes for generations to come. We’re trying to look at this in good humour as, from the front, it appears to be an issue that was created when we moved the markets, making it editable by players. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (though we know there are a few of you out there) to understand that the markets are not a community construction, and as such not intended to be handled by players on this level. The destruction of the build isn’t a quick fix, and was clearly done knowing it shouldn't be. An important aspect we are considering in all cases and investigations is intention. The intention behind this destruction is very clear to us. The players involved did not report this bug to us, but instead simply filled their pockets. Had this stopped with a single voxel removed it would be a different story. This is, at its core, a violation of the EULA and against the intentions of beta. We have been as understanding as we can until this point, but there must be a line. Let us be clear, we will not tolerate this kind of behaviour during any phase of the development of Dual Universe. The players responsible for the destruction of the market have been permanently banned from Dual Universe, and all salvaged materials and assets gained will be removed without compensation. Sincerely, The Novaquark Team Follow up statement:
  14. Hello Noveans, We realize that the districts currently represent a performance bottleneck, as they are a choke point between markets, institutes and the starting zone for new players. Even though we have identified performance improvements that should help solve these issues, we have decided to make some immediate changes to prevent these issues from affecting the performance for new players, until we are able to roll out these improvements. So we are making some temporary changes such as relocating many of the services you have come to know and expect in the districts: New Stand Alone Markets will be moved approx. 2km from the associated district. All pending orders will be transferred to the new market building. All institutes will be removed from districts on Alioth and Sanctuary. A new single Institute will be created near the Arkship. Transport stations will be placed at all Districts to be able to get to the Institutes. The institutes appear to be a heavy driver of performance issues, by removing them from higher traffic areas we hope to provide a better market experience for players overall. Players who log out on one of the affected construct buildings may find themselves in a new location when returning post maintenance. We recommend bookmarking important places and construct locations. As always, we appreciate your patience while we work, and welcome your feedback on the changes and performance improvements once complete. We expect these changes will occur over the next few update cycles during October. Sincerely, The Novaquark Team
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