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  1. Please try the link above, your account shows access so you should be able to download from your profile to get started.
  2. It shows you do have access, did this change since you posted this? You should see Alpha NDA section in blue if so.
  3. Did you subscribe using a discount code? I'm just trying to figure out what happened here for you. I verified the notes in your last ticket, and don't want to post there here for your privacy. You can PM me if you need. Let's get you sorted out
  4. Welcome aboard
  5. Whether you're new to Dual Universe, or a veteran looking to brush up on their knowledge about the game, we hope you find our new series, 'Tips and Tricks', to be helpful in your journeys. In today's episode, we'll be looking at Nanocrafting, which helps players construct sub-components for elements, using the game's recipe system. We'll be featuring lots more great content, including more tips and tricks videos. Be sure to follow us on YouTube, and discuss this video with your fellow Noveans here on our official forum or Discord! View episode #1 here: https://youtu.be/cBuSfShc-Mc
  6. Thanks! I'll escalate these. We did have some issues over the past week with the new accounts, which I believe has been resolved. But we may need to manually fix your account.
  7. I just wanted to check in with you and see if you have resolved your issues with your account? If not, let me know your ticket number please.
  8. I'm a little late to this party, but this is a known issue. Rest assured, only YOU see the email address on that screen. Once you're in game it will display your character name Sorry for any panic attacks this causes.
  9. Welcome aboard It will be just one server for everyone
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