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  1. Hello Noveans, By now, some of you may be aware that unlucky number Market 15 has been stripped bare and left to create ugly memes for generations to come. We’re trying to look at this in good humour as, from the front, it appears to be an issue that was created when we moved the markets, making it editable by players. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (though we know there are a few of you out there) to understand that the markets are not a community construction, and as such not intended to be handled by players on this level. The destruction of the build isn’t a quick fix, and was clearly done knowing it shouldn't be. An important aspect we are considering in all cases and investigations is intention. The intention behind this destruction is very clear to us. The players involved did not report this bug to us, but instead simply filled their pockets. Had this stopped with a single voxel removed it would be a different story. This is, at its core, a violation of the EULA and against the intentions of beta. We have been as understanding as we can until this point, but there must be a line. Let us be clear, we will not tolerate this kind of behaviour during any phase of the development of Dual Universe. The players responsible for the destruction of the market have been permanently banned from Dual Universe, and all salvaged materials and assets gained will be removed without compensation. Sincerely, The Novaquark Team
  2. Hello Noveans, We realize that the districts currently represent a performance bottleneck, as they are a choke point between markets, institutes and the starting zone for new players. Even though we have identified performance improvements that should help solve these issues, we have decided to make some immediate changes to prevent these issues from affecting the performance for new players, until we are able to roll out these improvements. So we are making some temporary changes such as relocating many of the services you have come to know and expect in the districts: New Stand Alone Markets will be moved approx. 2km from the associated district. All pending orders will be transferred to the new market building. All institutes will be removed from districts on Alioth and Sanctuary. A new single Institute will be created near the Arkship. Transport stations will be placed at all Districts to be able to get to the Institutes. The institutes appear to be a heavy driver of performance issues, by removing them from higher traffic areas we hope to provide a better market experience for players overall. Players who log out on one of the affected construct buildings may find themselves in a new location when returning post maintenance. We recommend bookmarking important places and construct locations. As always, we appreciate your patience while we work, and welcome your feedback on the changes and performance improvements once complete. We expect these changes will occur over the next few update cycles during October. Sincerely, The Novaquark Team
  3. Hello Noveans, We are aware of some concerns regarding the voting site tally system. Our team has temporarily disabled the site to allow us to fully investigate the situation with our service provider. At this time we have no additional news, but want to assure everyone that the vote is not absolute, and is only used as a suggestion for the direction we will take going forward. Thank you for your patience while we work. Sincerely, The Novaquark Team
  4. As we’ve often said in the past, the community is at the heart of what we're doing here at Novaquark. Dual Universe is an MMO and as such, it's a living, breathing game that is destined to evolve and grow over the course of many years. We already have several key gameplay pillars implemented and more features are coming. We have so many ideas… The key is to prioritize content by considering our development resources carefully. We would like to empower our community to help drive the future of Dual Universe by actively participating in voting on the prioritization of future features and the suggestion of others! We’re pleased to announce the release of our Feature Upvote which can be found here: upvote.dualuniverse.game. It's important to note that though it's intended to give us insight into the direction of how our community would like to see the game evolve, we can’t guarantee all content will be added to the game! This new tool also replaces our old Trello board, if you will. While we continue fixing bugs, we look forward to seeing what new features the community has in mind to make DU an even better experience! At the top of the dedicated page, you will see an explanation of the tags applied to the items on the list: Pinned: This feature is currently in active development or will soon be and doesn’t require further voting. Planned: This feature may already be in our roadmap and be released at a future date. Under Consideration: This feature may or may not be implemented depending on its popularity. Pinned and Planned features take priority first. Multifaceted: This feature will most likely be divided into smaller parts and be delivered in several batches over a period of time. High Dev Cost: A large feature that will halt development time which could be used toward other key features. Select it carefully. Medium Dev Cost: An intermediate difficulty feature by Dual Universe’s standards that could be completed faster than Long Term/High Dev Cost features. Low Dev Cost: No wildly complicated development is apparently involved in this feature and it has the opportunity to be implemented faster than the previous methods mentioned (but not right away either). Our community is important to us and to the future of DU. We’re listening and want to continue to include you in our development each and every step of the way. We hope you'll appreciate this new way of providing feedback and we can't wait to see what our amazing community will bring to our table! Your new ideas will appear after thorough review by the Novaquark staff (but not all of them will make it to the board), so stay tuned. Whether you've been a community member for a long time or you’ve just recently joined us, your support means the world to us and we thank you! Cheers, The Novaquark Team Full Article: https://www.dualuniverse.game/news/help-shape-the-future-of-du-with-the-new-feature-upvote
  5. Hello Noveans, We realize there is some confusion regarding whether certain scenarios occurring within the game world are permitted or not, and would like to clarify these points for everyone. In short, we’d like to ask our community to use common sense when encountering issues in the game; If it looks like an exploit, smells like an exploit (do pixels smell?), or sounds like an exploit, chances are it is an exploit. Don’t DU it! Report it. (support.dualthegame.com) We are in a testing phase, and reporting these bugs/issues is important. Abusing them may lead to sanctions against accounts, up to and including removal from the game. We will not take ignorance as an excuse, especially in the following list of scenarios. Please note this is not an exhaustive list, and we will continue to expand upon it as needed: “ALT + F4 Emergency Brake”: We acknowledge this is not an intended game play loop that is being intentionally used by players. We do plan to counter this action in the future but do not consider it high priority at this time. At this time, we will not take action against an account for using such. [Allowed] Parenting Ships - Dragged to PVP Space: This is a hot topic and one we wish to be very clear on. Intentionally parenting any construct without permission of the owner is not intended for game play. A fix has been rolled out that will address the ability to parent constructs together via the maneuver tool. As we have not previously clarified this point, we will not retroactively punish this abuse, as of this moment forward abusing similar bugs/tools to replicate this maneuver in its current state can result in disciplinary actions on an account. [Not Allowed] Attacking PVP Zone from Safe Space: Our team has been investigating complaints of ships being attacked in the PVP zone from ships outside of the zone. Our investigations strongly point to sync issues between clients. We will continue to work with this feature, but recommend players consider the zone lines for PVP to be somewhat fluid and not absolute. Our version of the neutral zone! We ask that you continue to report cases with positions, but will not action accounts at this time, unless an additional exploit is discovered. [Allowed] Overlapping engines with other elements (obscuring): A fix will be rolled out that will prevent this from occurring. No action will be taken, unless additional abuse is occurring. [Allowed] Theft Via RDMS: RDMS permissions and settings are the sole discretion of each player. We advise you take the time to get to know and understand the system and be cautious when making a construct or element usable by unknown players, including the use of your friends list. Not every player has your best interest at heart. We can not get involved with permission based theft, whether as an individual or an organization. We encourage you to review your friends list each time you add or remove someone and ensure your construct permissions are set accordingly. The context menu options that set public access currently do not have a confirmation prompt, be careful as setting public access to said construct will allow every player in Dual Universe to go into build mode and remove/place elements and voxels. [Allowed] Environmental Walls/Creations: Use of the environmental and voxel tools allows the manipulation of terrain on owned and unowned tiles. You may build walls or other structures up to the allowed height, however, said constructions must not: Block access to market places or tutorials Must abide by our Community Standards (phallic/sexual, political, religious or otherwise offensive shapes are not permitted) Must not be placed with the intention of interfering with neighboring players. When players can not agree, the final decision on what is and is not acceptable is decided on a case-by-case basis by Novaquark staff. Marketplace Construct Parking: Players are permitted to park at marketplaces with their transport vehicles so long as they are not preventing use to other players or obstructing entry or exit points. Vehicles whose purpose is advertising (organization, service or otherwise) must abide by the following rules. Organizations and individuals wishing to advertise at markets may have one advertising construct per district maximum Constructs may not be larger than “Small” sized Constructs may not block access to any building, entry points or dispensers Advertisements must not be placed/parented on constructs that don’t belong to you Constructs that violate these terms will be removed from the game without warning or compensation. Mass Manipulation in Transportation: Players who utilize bugs to bypass the weight penalty of their inventory, other players, other constructs, etc to move mass through the game are not permitted. This includes: Adding additional mass to an already piloted ship [Fixed] Docking mass to an already piloted ship [Fixed] Circumventing linked container range [Fix Pending] [Not Allowed] Item Duplication: Any method of duplicating items or resources (including quanta) is not allowed at any time. Any incidents of bugs of this nature must be reported to the support team at support.dualthegame.com [Not Allowed] We do recommend you keep regular backups of your constructs in the form of blueprints in the case you lose a ship (through intended means (sale, give away etc),or undesired results such as in PVP, you can still recreate it later. How to Blueprint (to save your ship/build): Enter build-mode on the construct, right click anywhere on the construct and click “Create Blueprint”. The blueprint will then be generated inside your currently active inventory. It is wise to keep hold of a copy of any of your blueprints inside your personal nanopack, as these are safe and not lost upon respawning. We realize this is not an exhaustive list, and we will expand upon it as time goes on. We also understand some members of our community feel that using a bug or exploit prior to acknowledgement by Novaquark is considered okay. We’d like to state that any intentional use of a bug or exploit will be treated harshly going forward. This is the one and only warning we will issue on this topic. Please just don’t DU it! On behalf of the entire team, we thank you for helping us make Dual Universe a better place! Sincerely, The Novaquark Team
  6. Hello Noveans, If you purchased an Alpha pack from our website or during our Kickstarter campaign, you may have Beta invitation(s) available to send to your friends! As a reminder, here's how you can use these invitations: go to dualuniverse.game and log into your account from the main site header. Once logged in, go to the ‘My Products’ page in the menu under your name. If you have invitations available, they will appear under the section "GIFTABLE BETA CODES". You can then enter your friends’ emails to invite them. Once you've entered a friend's email address, hit "SEND CODE". You can repeat this as long as you have Beta codes left as "AVAILABLE". As soon as they create their account, they’ll be able to join you on your cosmic adventures throughout the galaxy! See you in Dual Universe! The Novaquark team
  7. For those who do not know, NQ-Sophon is the staff account of our CEO and Creative Director JC Baillie. Tiles that are claimed by staff accounts will be used to house community builds for events, cool unique structures, features, secrets, demos, testing and more. We may claim and reclaim unused tiles as needed for events. For clarification purposes, NQ staff are not permitted to play Dual Universe from their staff account (“NQ-” account). This is to prevent confusion between interacting with us as administrators and staff of the game vs as a player, and prevent favoritism or abuse from admin accounts. We may take part in player functions (testing a ship/building/mining, etc) but never with the intention of personal gains.
  8. Es ist mir eine große Freude, das neueste Mitglied des Community-Teams, NQ-Nudbrokk, vorstellen zu dürfen! NQ-Nudbrokk ist noch dabei sich einzugewöhnen, deshalb bitte ich euch, vorerst sanft mit ihm umzugehen! Teilt unten eure Begrüßungen! Willkommen an Bord, NQ-Nudbrook!
  9. Welcome thread I'll even share a cup of coffee on this special day!
  10. It is with great pleasure that I have the privilege of introducing the newest member of the Community Team, @NQ-Nudbrokk! NQ-Nudbrokk is still finding his way around, so I ask you to be gentle with him for the time being! Share your welcome and notes here (German) or here (English)! Welcome aboard, NQ-Nudbrook!
  11. We do not have a solid eta on this yet, the team is still working on it. Thanks for your patience.
  12. Hello Noveans! We would like to thank you for your patience during the past few weeks as we have been incredibly focused on getting you all into the game. While we know there are still a few edge cases out there, we hope you’ve been enjoying your time in Dual Universe! A burning topic is known bugs surrounding duping, and their exploitation. We’d like to offer some clarifications on this. We are aware of some bugs that were allowing players to dupe items and resources, and we are actively investigating these. The process is however slow and labor intensive. Given how much time is involved, and how severe the outcome is, we want to make it clear that we are taking all exploits very seriously and they will carry heavy sanctions for abuse cases up to and including removal of player accounts and permanent bans. We have a zero tolerance policy towards cheating and exploiting, as is clearly laid out in our Code of Conduct. For those who have encountered these bugs and already reported them, we thank you. There will be no sanctions on those accounts. We may balance gains if deemed necessary. For those who have been knowingly abusing bugs, you have 48 hours to report your activities via a ticket here: support.dualthegame.com - your duped proceeds will be removed, but no further action will be taken. Please select Gameplay in the first form drop-down, select the “Rules & Policies” > “Exploits” category and use the subject “Self Report” For those who continue to exploit, and do not report it, your account will be banned without notice upon completion of our investigations. While every person has their own sense of fun, it is important to remember that this is an MMO and that rules must be enforced to keep play fair and even. We thank you for being a part of the Dual Universe beta and for helping us keep the game fair and entertaining. Sincerely, The Novaquark Team
  13. Quick update - the website should now be able to handle: Gift-able beta keys Subscriptions Please note in many cases a new email address is still required to be safe and recommended. We are working on freeing up previously used accounts. Thanks for your patience.
  14. We'd like to take a moment to welcome the following new moderators to the team! Mod-Mjöllnir (English) Mod-Merlin (French) Mod-Mondlicht (German) Please be gentle with them ❤️
  15. The Dual Universe Beta is finally here! Take part in a persistent, single-server universe, entirely built and driven by players. We've also dropped the NDA, so be sure to share your adventures along the way! Find out more about the Beta by watching the brand new trailer! WATCH NOW! (EN, FR, DE) English : German: https://youtu.be/aOn-sbNIPgw
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