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  1. When in doubt the support queue will always have a response (though it can be a short wait). If you're still having issues, I'd recommend and welcome you to join our Discord. Look for players marked as 'Community Helpers' but also check out the new player channel for help. Welcome aboard! Discord: https://discord.com/invite/dualuniverse Support Queue: https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us
  2. All ships from the shop should get you around Alioth ok, but they may need some upgrades and changes to get you beyond. If you're truly stuck you can reach out to our support team (support.dualthegame.com) but I recommend talking to other players. Many of them do have small ships they'll let you try out to get a better feel for what can be done. Don't forget that everything in DU can be manipulated, you can build a ship that meets your needs with a little coding and building Good luck! Oh, and welcome home!
  3. Hi Teso9! I'm afraid I am also not entirely sure I understand your request. Are you able to reword/summarize what it is you'd like to see? Thank you!
  4. I'll admit to a soft spot for farming games I mean, I still lament about not having my coffee shop yet! Happy to pass this along.
  5. A greener Alioth for all... I know we've seen this idea in the past, but I'll make sure it's on the suggestions list. Thanks!
  6. This is the behavior we see in the industry I'm afraid
  7. I'm not certain, but I'll poke around in the settings. I think it only pops up when you have multiple pages to the thread.
  8. There are a few bugs in the tutorial for sure As noted above, we are actually redoing them almost entirely, shorter and more compacted training and information. But thank you for taking the time to report them! Also.. welcome aboard!
  9. Pets come at release as per the Kickstarter, and our road map delays have been explained in recent blogs. I'm sorry if it doesn't meet your expectations, but we're being as clear about that as we can be.
  10. Glad it got resolved and thank you for the details. We're currently reworking a lot of the tutorials, so I will pass that info onto the devs working on it. Stay dry!! And welcome aboard
  11. I bought the art team some windex, let's see if it works.
  12. Definitely frustrating, try ping a gm in the GM channel with @gm - if no response please open a ticket. Can you provide any other details on what happened leading up to it please?
  13. I realize this is a hot spot for those affected but we have already stated we're doing what we can but it is not a priority for us with the current task list. I know it's frustrating to hear something that once worked no longer does, but that doesn't change the reality of what we can do about it right now. There is nothing new for us to say on it right now. We are continuing to look as we're able, but that is all we have promised, and all we're able to do right now.
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