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Our org has roughly 20 active players, even if they ALL donated 10 cores, which they won't, we would have to drop 200 cores and a majority of those are cores you FORCED us to drop for mining units.  This, on top of taxes will destroy us.  We're already discussing which game to move to.  This is probably going to cost DU 40-50 accounts.  These drastic, absurd changes could have been solved a million other ways, like limiting 1 player to 1 org or only allowing legate, super legate of 1 org.  I am exhausted trying to accomodate these constant changes, this is it for me, either squash this idea or me and mine are gone to something better.

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My thoughts on the totals.  My biggest concern is stifling creativity.  The proposed limit of 42 max cores for a solo player is not nearly enough for them to have some ships, 2 bases and mine and create an incentive to continue to be creative.  A lot of us made changes when this was brought up a few months ago and consolidated to a single personal org that maxes at 275.  We've lived within that limit pretty nicely as well.  I've bumped my max only once and I made the necessary changes to bring my total count down and didn't really have to sacrifice anything other than random stuff that was half built or no longer used while still being able to maintain my creativity and revenue from ship/static sales and now commissioned builds.  Get rid of the nested unlimited core orgs, of course.  If 275 is too much, knock it down a bit, 5%, 10%, or around there but any more than that and we're looking at no incentive to continue to play if we can't be creative and also proudly use and show creations that we've made or were made by others.  We can't "win" if we can only build 17 personal items or a total of 42 if we hoard our org slots.


Increase the personal to 50ish, AND Increase the proposed org slots from 25 to 200 or so.  That will accommodate solo players with a little hit and orgs with a little hit.  



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Paying a subscription to pay taxes/rent and now what feels like a job with no added fun game play loops is the worst decision NQ has made and really not sure what direction they are trying to go.  Do they want their dedicated players to leave, because it feels like they are pushing out single/small groups like myself.  If they wipe would the core count issue be an issue? 
Players need some fun loops to do in between calibrating and bringing ore home random gems given RNG style drops while mining roids, add a slot to industry/mu's/engines/brakes/wings/stabs etc for gems to increase stats.
Also wrecks could have random schematics in it's the cargo so new/existing players can go out and find t1-tx schematics to use or sell.


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What I can't figure out is who at NQ came in one morning saying: 
- "Hey guys, I have a great idea! We're going to set up a mechanism to limit the number of cores for orgs based on the number of members".
The others retorted: 
- "That's a damn good idea! Let's go with 25?"
- "Are you sure that's not too much?"
- "Bahh, they're going to bitch about it anyway. We're already developing and then we'll see."
- "You're right, we'll make a post and put something else with it. Something good. For example, the fact that we're removing the stacking of the elements."
- "Deal!"


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The recipe to make people want to come back to the old ones, to allow them to play the new ones and to allow the current players to continue is simple: 

- Remove the shematic T1 or put it on sale for FREE in the market (to allow the solo player to play and discover the world of DU without constraint)
- Increase the price of the shematic T2, T3, T4 and T5 in order to create a logical evolution in technology and to counterbalance the free shematic T1
- Removal of the differentiation between organization and personal cores and implementation of a total number of cores (50 basic + 100 others with talents for a total of 150 cores per account) The core slots could be used either as personal or organization cores (at the choice of the players with the same system proposed by you)
- REWORK of the PVP system in order to give back their usefulness to the voxel without making them cheater I don't have the recipe for this question but it's really important.
- Removal of the tax of tiles in PVP zone when the implementation of the atmospheric pvp will take place (The tax can be included in PVE zone, one can think that this zone is defended by aphelia and that thus we must pay. However it is not the case in PVP zone and, the tax has no sense neither in the lore, nor in the logic) 
- Increase the number of asteroids available in the universe and allow the discovery of exceptional asteroids (meganode ?)
- To set up a system of space base pve abandoned and defended by automatic turrets to create play in the universe.

I think that these ideas could bring what is missing in DU to give desire to play. But I'm just a simple player...

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I respect the necessity of a limit. 

Many of the builders who are here now are trying to build content to fill this MMO sized world that is currently as empty as the space between planets. I sincerely hope that there is some awareness of the fact that without content creators creating content IN GAME, there is no game.


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Good change but too much too fast

In it's core I think this is a really good change and needed to happen. The only problem is that it is comming too fast and it's not balanced, especially not for the players that didn't use nested orgs to get more constructs. Now I won't be directly impacted by this change but I will have to use all my org cores to assist others. Meaning that my dream of ever owning a large epic space station just flew out the window.


Fair number of slots

If the max cores of a single org is 275. Then it seems to reason that every player should be able to contribute that many with max talents. Because that would have been the situation without the nested exploit. Now the slot cut is much bigger than that and I fear that will completely ruin the game for many.


Monetization of slots

If 275 org slots per player is still too much for DU then there should be a way to monetize this. This may not be a quick fix but having the option to upgrade your account and pay for example 5euro's for every 100 extra core slots would give many people some piece of mind. After all, all the org slots are now in the hands of players, an unreliable resource. It's like how streamers are dependant on subscribers for their income, it's very stressfull, and you don't want a game to be stressfull in that way. So depending on the reasoning for the larger than expected cut in core slots this monetization might need to be realized.

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Greetings, and best wishes to our great game develpment team. My appreciation that the team involves us players a lot with the evelopment and new ideas. Mayn other games could and should copy that.

There seems to be a general rule if it comes to changes: if rules change, apply the rule change to anything that is being built after that change of rules. Pre rule-change ships should continue to function as they did before. But any BP of such a ship would result in a ship where those stacked elements do not function any longer. Only the orginal ship should continue to function.

The reason for that is this when ships were built, their design and placement of elements are closely connected. If there is a new rul that says there must be now one voxel in between each two elements, moving some elements accordingly may not be possible or if possible, it might lead to ships where elements are partially outside the hull or other problems that destroy the visuality of the design.

There should be an exception: to avoid taking advantage on other players, on original ships the stacked engines and stacked weapons should become dysfunctional, too, while in PVP space. This exception affects original (pre changed-rules) ships.
Of course, as said above, stacked elements on new ships or BPed ships are dysfunction right from the very  begin.

My suggestion is meant to keep players not unhappy (about their original ships), and to prevent many original ships to become useless and ending up in "museums".

Over time, the dual universe will be filled with ships that comply to the new rules, and less and less of the original ships ("first era" ships, pre rule-change ships) will remain. And no unhappy players that will leave DU:.   ?

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I see the words content and game play loop appearing a lot in this thread. Interesting. 


So players provide the content in this game? How do we do that? Make elements? Make constructs? Is it a good idea to take away the means of creating content without adding alternative content? What is left after the builders pull their content? What exactly is the vision for this game now? I don't understand the direction. 

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If NQ are going to reduce everyone's core count then they need to provide a way for people to condense/combine constructs.


I have 6 S core factories (purchased from a builder) that would easily fit onto 1 L core. This would save me 5 cores. I shouldn't be forced to try and rebuild this 1 element/voxel at a time just to fit in with their new core requirements. NQ should provide a tool that enables me to easily copy the contents of 1 core and place it onto another core

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How to solve DU"s server cost issue:

"Proof of useful work" blockchains are a alternative to Bitcoin and other blockchains proof of work security validation. 

The crypto industry is currently looking for games just like DU with high calculation and server loads to do what's called "Proof of useful work". 

Proof of work ( not useful work) is where a blockchain is secured through doing crazy high numbers of calculations to solve crypto puzzles. Thats all proof of work does, solve crypto puzzles. 

Proof of "Useful" work is where we take this same system that secures blockchains and then make those useless calculations into something useful. Like running a game server or a deep learning program, AI ect. 

https://fluxofficial.medium.com/flux-will-pioneer-the-first-proof-of-useful-work-blockchain-adc72605cc14#:~:text=Proof of useful work (PoUW,problems rather than random ones.&text=With the PoUW concept%2C no,is put to good use.

Flux is currently looking for games and other situations where there's tons of data movement and computation. DU fits this perfectly.

NQ would get paid to run their servers through flux. The hardware is supplied via the FLUX miners and not NQ.

Dev's I beg you, before you ruin this game. Look into this. This will solve your long term server issues and gets you in the door to the knowledge that the crypto engineers and coders have. Not to mention the 10s of thousands of people in crypto who are BIG into Metaverse games. I am well connected in the crypto space. I am available to consult on this. With DU's best interests in mind. 


Ive got over 2500 play hours atleast. 

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Let’s start this with 25 core with talents?  This is meant to be by your own design a player created content game….. what kind of content do you expect people to make with 25 cores? Yes you want people to join orgs and work together to make things and you are proposing to up the org core limits…… if they have the numbers of player to reach them. 

weather you like to admit it or not most if not all of your players have there own personal org as the core limits for players are not high enough. It’s a sandbox mmo with zero content except what you want players to make? Then let people build. If it is a question of money and you can’t afford to run the server then you should change your business model….. you can’t advertise as a building sandbox if players are not able to build…… I suggest either playing the game you have built seriously (as much as your community do and seeing how it works or listening to them……) I really saw promos in this game but because of cutting costs I honestly think this game is going to die… this is not what was promised. Rebuild civilisations. 100% player made content….. with 25 cores per player???? It doesn’t work….. I honestly don’t see anything less than 200 per player working. It’s a sandbox mmo….. let people build. If you cant afford it sell the game as they way things are going the game is dying. Just take the time to listen to your player base and you will see that. 

rant over. 

please make du what it can be. 



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I don't show much of what I do in-game, never dwell on a forum, but now I think NQ and those in favor of limits need to understand the implications for content already created, as this will undo most of it, unfortunately, as well as months of work in designing, planning and thinking.


I uploaded a selection of pictures to my google drive, detailing much of what I have created (voxels, lua, logic, etc., but mostly cores, many many cores), should me telling you about it not suffice.
Order according to last change to get it chronologically 
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11SJttU8cOFdrF5GiB9VODtclWSXHxgi3?usp=sharing ) 

.. YET, I think everything I have built should be seen in reality, and preferably with something that flies, now that it is still there.

Hence, the list below (with names corresponding to VR) .. and I get that you have many other things to do.


Also, do you like really difficult puzzles?? Then, I challenge you to solve the Metacomplex. NQ should be proud that something like this is possible with their game. It was intended to be stumbled upon, but now I rather have someone try that thinks he can do what I think no one can :D.





The first thing I built got shared by NQ on twitter.

** Metample, a sanctuary on sanctuary (buddha temple)
4 L cores which I don't use, but people pass by and think it's cool, and I go there to pray ;).
It is a landmark, and has become part of DU more than me ... although some things are better kept in safe hands ... so an org approach to this kind of thing, meh ... buddha will cry in the end as buddha hates drama.


The last thing I just finished was found by Abilton. At least one little part of it. And I am soo curious as to see what results from it. However, it might go unnoticed now and then get removed.

** The metacomplex (moon pyramid, industry, mining, grand puzzle which I think no one will ever solve)
60 L cores
This is also where I implemented one of the most complex riddles I have ever conceived of, integrated into a grand Egyptian inspired setting, integrating almost every aspect of the DU game in its design and execution. Essentially it shows what is possible with DU at a static construct level.

At the metacomplex there are 4 metacubes, inspired on the movie the cube, each which need to be unlocked to unlock the complex. One cube requires finding 27 artefacts (each with their own core) that I spread across the DU world. One cube requires turning it into a magic cube. One cube needs you to hack it. And one cube requires solving a mathematical problem, that I think no one will solve. It has been worked out really really well, the way how it works, the setting, including the text provided on the help screens, the way how I detect what people finish, how the complex unlocks, the hidden corridors, and the central chamber which is the end goal and leads to an invite.

So, to lose this, wouldn't only be a loss to me I hope ...


Then there is:

** The metapalace (my alioth base)
Currently 15 cores, intended at 30-40 L cores (much like a water tower turned into a dark lord's dwelling)
It contains easily 300h of work designing and building it, not considering the time spent to gather the resources for it.
And I think it is beautiful, intricate, and a landmark, of no direct use except deepening the DU world. There is no other reason for it to exist, except people wondering when flying through the nothingness of Alioth.


Then, I was commissioned to build the following for others (where I essentially got carte blanche), each of them afterwards said that NQ should hire me to build their markets (I'm not kidding) .. let me know if I can :D I've got ideas:

** Cor's place - Mole (storage facility, commissioned)
9L cores
** Tobitege's place - Pi (landing platform, commissioned, not the industry and shop)
42 L cores now partially burried :s
** Novalok's place - Hypernova (main base of operations, commissioned) ::pos{0,2,43.5765,122.8612,-32.7596}
60 L cores (Work in progress: todo central palace and side towers, so about 14 additional cores to maintain proportions) 
** Abilton's news building and smart shop with magic mushroom at Utopia station
2 cores
Part of a huge space station realized by Shockr, and note that NO community effort would be able to accomplish that .. such things are done by crazy individuals that in doing so create a community around them!!!!!!


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1 hour ago, NQ-Deckard said:

Hello everyone, thank you for all the feedback so far.

We will be reviewing the feedback tomorrow and there will likely be some adjustments. However that will have to be seen tomorrow.

Keep it constructive so its useful to us and it will be seen. 


We will have more news on todays article for you soon.


Every single time NQ does a dev post like the one announcing these changes, no matter what you guys do afterwards, it's too little too late. People have already walked away and will never come back. You guys really need to consider what you communicate in these dev posts beforehand, as it's pushing players away. Permanently. 

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Good Evening.  I have supported this game since the first week it was released for Beta.  I stayed through all the updates and promises.  I have placed my support in the company and developers.  This planned update seems to go against the promises made by NQ.  "Built and Driven by Players", "Universe Shapers", these are statements from the homepage to this game.  


You say we can build a society, but then limit what we can build.  I understand there are limits to technology.  But if this is driven by money, then state that you can't support this financially and bite the bullet.  


Speaking of money.  This new structure wants me to pay for a subscription to play the game, then if I want to build a project outside of the core count alloted I will need to ask someone else to support my project.  Essentially I'm asking them to pay for the game I want to play.  If this is a way to increase the amount of subs the current players have, then say it.  


I do enjoy this game.  I hope that this will not ruin the experience I have shared with the people in this community for over 1 year now.  I appreciate all your work and dedication to the project.  Just say what you want from this project and have a goal.


Thank you for your time.

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25 constructs is going to be way too low unless we can get a larger copy/paste , upgrade core sizes or mvoe constructs to a larger core with more ease. 


as a new player I remember adding on smaller cores that I could afford and deploy and then alter on bought larger cores when I could.
Perhaps a per planet tweak?


I have a house on Sanctuary, a mining area, a ship. so 3 on sanc
a mining platform and a house near a market wher ei first settled on alioth, a ship to get to and from markets so 3

tried to claim land and mine more with the new update, 4 mining platforms, a house, a manufacturing area, a ship, so 7


so me, as a noob as player just fiddling around used up what? 13 slots? so half
and I was hoping to build ships, display them, play around, make constructs to link my outpost together, get a space elevator, get a core on a player made space station to do a shop

what the heck are the people providing ore from multiple planets supposed to do? all those mining platforms and the ships and creative uses?!

maybe if they make it so my mining platforms dont care what hex I deploy them in. right now I need a platform per hex


this is definently the sort of update where they need to ask first

hey guys, how many things do you have? or just get the numbers themselves

if their largest, most loyal groups have lots of constructs they shouldn't punish them for treating the sandbox like a sandbox and building what they want



I'd love to see creative thigns, like a mining unit only orgs can use that takes ore from all ajacent claimed tiles but takes all yoru charges and only calibrates a bit each time. save some construct slots


like.. they say 'you have to have less constructs' but aren't doing anything to help make it so we don't need as many 

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1st allow me to say I applaud the efforts made to make these changes, I like many others see both good and bad in these changes. As such I would like to propose some alternative tweaks, that should be as effective, but also help those players who are ship creators, collectors, and manufacturers.

1. The main issue remains limit of cores a single player may have. Judging by these changes, that number will be 17 for personal use. Lets break these down. 1 core to mine tier 1 ores, 3 cores minimum to mine all tier 2 ores (Based on ore distribution.) 3 cores for their 3, 3 cores for tier 4. That's 9 cores already. Assuming that you can find the ores, setup mining units, and keep them all reasonably together on the same planets. This leaves say a single player ship creator or manufacturer, just 8 cores left to deploy space stations, shops, oh and of course ships they need, or are selling. Needless to say that's not a lot.

Join an org then or make one. Okay fine lets add 25 more cores. Even assuming only 2 ships per dynamic core size, that's still 8 cores for the ships alone, and we all know a decent ship creator will have multiple options and varations.

So I suggest to combat this, you raise the single player core limit to 40 with out being involved in an organization.

2. Now lets take the next logical step. Organizations, require at least a base limit. Figure 1 Manufacturing base, 1 mining base, 1 “Store” or storage center, and at least 2 organization ships.

Then add in the proposed 25 possible per member.

3. Now lets limit the possible number or organizations to limit the number of cores. Each player should be only able to join 3 potential Organizations. 1 A Mega Organization or an Alliance capable of holding many smaller orgs, 2 a Corporation, this being capable of having multiple players and even divisions with in it. The single player could also join or create a division. IE His/her own smaller organization. Each one of these gets the base of 5 cores, and the players can donate the up to 25 cores to any of these 3.

4. I know part of the reason for these changes is to limit the sheer number of “Cargo pods” taking up space around various markets. That's a simple fix. Make them illegal. Make it so a dynamic core must have at least 1 engine, 1 controller, 3 adjustors and must be fueled and moved on a semi regular basis. Any Dynamic Construct that just sits at a market node and never moves get moved to the players/orgs closest base every 15 to 30 days.

5. Allow “store” owners who happen to have stores right next to markets the ability to “rent” space on the market's hex. However make it so that no static cores can be built on the “landing decks” of those markets and NPC owned areas.

If they are “Renting” they can deploy a static core near those markets, but those static cores must have more then just 50 XL cargo containers.

Problem solved. Now single ship builders, manufacturers and smaller organizations can be happy, while the rest of us can be happy to never see the endless arrays of cargo containers sitting near the markets.

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I've found ways of dealing with the schematics, worked out how to have HQ tiles whilst I save for taxes to do some mining above T1 on Sanctuary, but now you are removing all of my org's constructs.

OK, I will demolish all of my organization's constructs and sell what I can, move the rest to sanc in case I ever decide to come back.

I'll find another game to play.

Changing the rules mid-game is what has made it a waste of time to continue building stuff here.

I know it's in beta but really it is nothing like the game I backed in alpha; everything I liked about the game has been reduced to rubble.

Couldn't you at least have allowed organizations to have 5 constructs instead of ZERO!

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In fact to add to my point. It wouldn’t go down well but it seems nothing you do is going down well. So why not just wipe and start again as you can afford to go on. You are going to loose a lot of players with this core update….. you would probs loose less with a wipe. 

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