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  1. I'm personally not a fan of this. Industry may be annoying or time consuming or tedious in some aspects but the most important thing that industry and factories and building elements brings is purpose. Goals to achieve as one expands and grows as a player. For those of us that have big factories, a lot of us do because it provides literally years of gameplay. I've been playing for 1.5 years now and every element I add to my factory is a personal accomplishment. It's the culmination of selling blueprints that I've created, or mining or salvaging or missioning. It's the year and a half of building something that's very intricate and delicate and complex and yes, tedious. I'm also concerned about the push towards Coop or more than likely requiring alts making industry pay to play. I'm concerned about how this will limit the market capabilities for the parts. While DU is in beta, I wouldn't expect there to be parts only manufacturing, but it's not unreasonable to expect there to be a market for these items with a larger player base. I'm mostly concerned about the elimination of Goals to achieve in DU.
  2. Tri Outpost is DRM protected but the Outpost Landing is not?
  3. The LUA screen in the Tri outpost is off a bit. when I try to click on some of the "Lets DU it" buttons, nothing happens. I've only had it work once for the market tutorial so far.
  4. I think get rid of nested orgs Personal increased to 50 Org slots available max at 200 Those numbers won't stifle creativity yet will allow responsible building while also still allowing orgs to function.
  5. My thoughts on the totals. My biggest concern is stifling creativity. The proposed limit of 42 max cores for a solo player is not nearly enough for them to have some ships, 2 bases and mine and create an incentive to continue to be creative. A lot of us made changes when this was brought up a few months ago and consolidated to a single personal org that maxes at 275. We've lived within that limit pretty nicely as well. I've bumped my max only once and I made the necessary changes to bring my total count down and didn't really have to sacrifice anything other than random stuff that was half built or no longer used while still being able to maintain my creativity and revenue from ship/static sales and now commissioned builds. Get rid of the nested unlimited core orgs, of course. If 275 is too much, knock it down a bit, 5%, 10%, or around there but any more than that and we're looking at no incentive to continue to play if we can't be creative and also proudly use and show creations that we've made or were made by others. We can't "win" if we can only build 17 personal items or a total of 42 if we hoard our org slots. Increase the personal to 50ish, AND Increase the proposed org slots from 25 to 200 or so. That will accommodate solo players with a little hit and orgs with a little hit.
  6. pitching in and losing close to 80% of my cores are 2 completely different things. I'm happy to chip in, happy to go down in constructs (i've limited it since this was first brought up late last year already) but it has to be reasonable and 42 max constructs for one person using all their org constructs in a personal org is unreasonable.
  7. 15 Personal Constructs + 25 org assignable constructs=40 max constructs with maxed talents for a solo player. Things I'd like addressed: Why introduce MU's if you're just going to reduce our core count when they take at least one core per tile? What incentive is there now to design and build ships/statics for sale? People aren't going to buy them because they have core limits and we can't show them because we also have core limits. How will I buy more of Tobi's ships if I don't have the core capacity? Why would I try out Cobqlts PVP ships if I'm max cores? Less builders/designers means less ships available means people will be less likely to risk their current ships to getting blown up at the hands of the PVP folks? Less PVP targets means less PVP for those folks....are they supposed to start running missions? Who's going to design racers for Friday night races now? Is the Dome going away because AngryDad has to decide between his hauler and the Dome core? A lot of people have bought ships and now are expected to just disassemble all of those ships despite the quanta spent on them? For a game that is strongest as a building game, this seems to be a big slap in the face for the builders. Whether it's the revenue lost for the sellers or the creativity that's being stifled because we don't have any cores left to build with, this change will have chilling effects on all of us.
  8. I'm all for market cleanup but eliminating dispensers totally and shop constructs that are positioned off the edges and aren't even on the platforms seems a bit extreme. I like the ability to wander the wares at the markets and impulse buy blueprints just like I'm sure many others do as well. My shop that is thoughtfully placed to not be obstructive to market operations shouldn't be penalized because of the inconsiderate people popping 3 XL screens right in the center of the main platform. If that's the case though, I would like to recommend a centralized aphelia owned "bazaar" location for only small shops that are maybe far enough away to prevent lag while also providing a single location for shoppers instead of the 10 districts which are rarely used by anyone other than the newest players.
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