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  1. Seems like we are back to the same underlying topic of "How can I keep other people from becoming too RICH" I have an idea how about just work as hard as they do....I am not talking about hacks, or exploits but any Legit Game Mechanic shall be used to the fullest without the approval from other players who might not like the way I play the Legit Game Mechanic. Capping other players growth only makes sense until you yourself are the one at the top than theses taxes, limitation and progress punishment tactics your thinking of will not be so appealing.
  2. NQ Don’t take my stuff in order to turn me into a new player (WIPE), let me teach new players how to become like me (NO WIPE) and we all win. Here is one point I think your missing NQ. If you do WIPE, so be it I a screwed but what do you think I would do next. Well let me tell you. I am not building a factory, or a base no I would first connect with the top builders that I know personally damn near all of them, and I would spend every waking moment mining and doing missions for them day in and day out I would work solely to enrich them. Why because they are who will give me the tools that I need to be successfully. They did it before and they will do it again. And I am not talking about a Hand out, well Loaded will say I haggle him to death but other than that I worked for everything I have but not with out there help. I remember when Blightbright(Zoe) replace my ship TWICE (80Mill Ship) and still worked with me to become a better pilot. I still suck by the way. So if that means I spend hours mining for Czarman, BlindingBright, Loaded, TicTaq, Leo Cora, Woka, MasterDragon, Tobi-wan. I don’t care. These people just to name a few made me who I am and I know if there here after the WIPE. They will be the key to my success again. So while NEW PLAYERS are running around, making newbie mistakes wasting time doing things I know are useless to do early game (like building your own factory) I will use my alliances, contacts and friends to become bigger and better than they will ever be. I get choked up privately as I have know many of the above names in game for over 2 years we grew together and we will do it again.
  3. You 100% NAILED, I over simplified the process in my original post but you my Friend nailed it to a core. With that said know people can see its not this idea that Missions are this endless CASH COW. It freaking takes work, time, effort and planning. And It is a legit game mechanic I must stress that. But you put the details where I blew over them bring more light to the entire process. One point I have to add Legion has killed me at least 5 times before I figured out a route using the new Routine feature of the Arch HUB Autopilot. This is the mission I run every day all day rinse and repeat. Just under 95mill per trip with about 3 or 4 trips a day based on how busy I am at work. I an sure I am not the best or have the best approach but its not a secret, hack or exploit I learned what to do and how to do it by talking to OLDER player (couch couch) who show me how to do it. Even just reading your post I learn something and I am sure there are others that are reading this forum right now taking notes on that single post and will change there game play in the next few hours. That is what VET player bring to the table Knowledge and Experience. Thank you for show that sharing knowledge is the key to equality NOT WEALTH Redistribution. What the saying Fish for a man he will eat for a day (WIPE) teach a man how to fish he will eat for a lifetime (NO WIPE)
  4. Oh and NQ while your at it give me a One Click Core Destruction Functionality, Where I can walk up to a CORE of any size that I own Dynamic or Static and have it revert back to elements and voxel into my link container. A cherry on top would be the have it return the associated blueprint as well if used. Now that would be exciting.
  5. NQ give me Cross Core Container Transferring, Fuel Tank Hubs, Hub to Hub Linking, Increase Hub Container link limit to 20 or more, make transfer units able to handle more than one type of item seems like a good time since your removing schematics allow one transfer unit to transfer multiple types to multiple containers and oh increase that damn 10 link limits. Just my personal wish list, do this and you can take everything I have as I would embrace the change to play DU again from scratch with changes like these simply because they would force me to change how I previously played the game. But if you give me the same game, same tools, same mechanics then I want to play it the same way I have for the previously 2 years.
  6. Also are we forgetting DU will not be the only MMO that launches or release this year so that Magical HORDE of New Player will have more options more choices it's not just DU and nothing else. It can DU after release compete with it's PEER's. (Peers meaning other MMO games that launch during this same time frame)
  7. Many people speak of Missions as if there quick and easy far from the truth. There not, remember warp is disabled so it still takes hours on top of hours to complete these missions which I will remind you are Legit Game Mechanics, not an exploit just because I can do it with 10 Alts someone one else could do the same with 10 Friends. Mission were used to get rich just like tri scanners were used to scan three tiles at once. Just because you do something in MASS or in excess does not mean you were wrong. I have completed many mission with 10 Alts and make good quanta but it takes HOURS man. So I don't see how I am a bad guy because I found a way to do it more efficiently . Now granted that is not my only way of making money. I have been known to go out with a Space Only Hauler and Complete empty a Asteroid, just like I use to empty Mega Nodes spending hours on hours brain dead mining for days some times. Come back to base only after filling my ship. So am I wrong because I am willing to trade TIME and Effort for money.
  8. You are correct, I wanted to call the other dude an idiot not you my bad
  9. That's a good point the WIPE and the so called instant equality will last for about two weeks. After that we are back to the races where the RICH get RICHER the poor stay poor. This game is just like real life its not WHAT you know its WHO you know.
  10. Understood, and I can respect that I was just thinking to get back to 60+ million in talent points start over again means I will not be where I am today unit what 2024 lol 2 years is 2 years so starting over means 2024 before I am as talented as I am now and I still haven't even touch allot of the other skill trees.
  11. The idea that I should just be happy I was able to play the game and "Was Entertained" sounds ridiculous.
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