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  1. Their previous anti-cheat was unexpectedly bought out by another company which made them have to use this one. This actually took them by surprise, so I get it.
  2. $1 per extra tile per day unlocked beyond your haven and 3 free HQs.
  3. PVP orgs finally shot down a big one. They killed DU with their insider connections.
  4. From the unsubscribe survey it's like the game isn't in a release state......who would have thought? Nice playing with you guys. Once subs run out, I'm out. Will only pop on to help org in interim. Will see what they do......but not looking good.
  5. This has serious alt mission running vibes where they said intended gameplay mechanic to later calling it an exploit and removing it. What gives? What's next? Changing where airbrakes need to go without warning?
  6. Thank you for the great explanation and follow up!!!
  7. Should have been spelled out @ launch for all the new players so they didn't have to dig pre-release......news articles where?
  8. They just are bad at coming out and spelling out the changes in advance....or at all.
  9. Dear NQ: Want setting option to disable all non default LUA please
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