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  1. Can we get a @NQ-Deckardto share any known issues with this? Any workarounds? Can see support request 45733 and 51913.
  2. ship parts factory hole was me fixing ww's wall misalignment lol. When I entered build mode when Snipey was nearby it crashed my game and caused that silicon on the pad (he's redoing landing zone). Pretty sure hole in trinks' factory is a random door opening.
  3. I have that on a small outpost, but I was able to patch over the affected area in that case.
  4. Anyone still experiencing this issue along with invalid cell version/corruption?
  5. I haven't been getting this issue whereas another in my org is consistently. Their internet connection (and computer) isn't as good as mine (1gb up/down), and I suspect that may be part of it.
  6. I'm still waiting on the capability to build a space casino.
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