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  1. How will we market storage now? Can you guys just make the markets into a single system on each planet please? Example: All the markets on Alioth are Alioth....that will declutter. Let's be honest: only one market exists on Alioth anyway.
  2. I think they should increase the taxes after review.
  3. If you're in a random section of space thousands of SU out there, it is effectively an "instance"
  4. If you guys put ratting into the game, it would generate a lot of interest and a new gameplay loop to use mechanics that not everyone currently uses...here's a few ideas: 1) Accept mission from Aphelia for either solo or group (there are various ways to implement the "group" mechanic) 2) Possible destroyed ship drops (IE: potential limited ship salvaging from PvE kills) 3) Have mission give free aphelia class warp cells -- to warp to a section of far off space as an "instance" for the mission, and have either a return one issued. If return is used prior to completing mission, it's a failure. 4) Can have timers on accepting or participating on the missions if needed. This would serve as not only a standalone activity, but also as a gateway to PvP for players to work on getting good....and also would be good to tie into element destruction.
  5. I have something like over 135 tiles for just myself now. Demeter caused me to go into a land grab mode.
  6. Under JC you guys said there would be no hard wipe, at worst there would be a soft wipe to refresh planets and we would have magic blueprints that build our constructs back. Since then, your team has proven you can do a terrain wipe without wiping constructs and enhance visuals/landscape at the same time. Given that, there should be no plans for a wipe, especially given every player's financial investment and hundreds of hours of gameplay at this point in time, correct? Players should know as that would dictate what we do in the game and how much effort we apply accordingly. Thank you.
  7. Same here along with most people I know in the game. They said no wipe under JC, I'm holding them to it.
  8. Can you guys add a way to tokenize territory units from the map menu please? Many people buried their TUs and I don't feel like going on a hunt to try and find all mine to switch over to one entity....lol
  9. Will Aphelia forget to pay taxes?
  10. I vote for a space construct tax as well.
  11. It's not really as bad as people are making it out to be.
  12. I have a set of tiles I paid 400million for. I won't get anything back. Some tiles were 34mill+ each...
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