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  1. If only PVP players would atttack other PVP players. But oo many of these "real men" attack unarmed vessels. That is the problem...
  2. We can reduce everything to that statement: Legion and other violence lovers are causing hardship for all other players.
  3. None of us normal players like Legion. Legion is where all he thrash of he society has come together, similar to what we see what human thrash builds up around a certain orange-haired wanna-be dictator of one of the big countries here on Earth. Just the bottom of the society. There is a Russian PVP org that prepares a big srike against Legion in the coming two weeks, and I hope that they will be successful to wipe out the Legion thrash.
  4. It could give some extra spice to the game, if there are a number of undocumented talents (skills), that get unlocked only during events and only based on special situations. A basic example: A ship crashes but he pilot somehow survives that heavy crash. This unlocks a new Special Talent: "Crash Reflex" - a skill that can be trained and increases surviving of ship crashes. What ideas do you all have about what kind of talents could be unlocked by special situatiosn or events? Please write down your ideas!
  5. Three monhs is too early. I do not even like at all he idea of punishing paying players. Or do you mean, that they get back some of their paid money?
  6. Not really, such a change should be easy to implement. I am a programmer, too.
  7. I don't see why the game canno offer full possibilities to all types of players. Once the righ options are in place, fun is there.
  8. I would prefer no decay, so there is no stress in invesing into DU. Bu if there is a decay (big pressure, big sress factor), then it really must give a lot of time to the player. Out of my own history: I had a terrible accident in 2019, and was for 4 long monhs in two different hospitals, no way to prepare anything (quanta) or to ge ingame. And people who pay money to play and build constructs, I am not sure how a decay punishmen will be ttaken by those players. After all, they paid money.
  9. Hirnsausen

    drop loot

    Noooooo, rejected.
  10. What a strange suggestion. For my part, I reject it, too, like he other poster(s) in this thread.
  11. I don' even understand, how a normal player could ever want that constructs and territories are being removed. Sounds very fishy to me. Like an attempt to make this game losing even more players to other, competing games like Starbase and such. NQ is well-advised not to implement any policy that would damage a player, unless the removal takes effect aftter a long, long period, like four months, or even a year. But looking at a server what a player is, the answer is: a player is just digital data. Does no take much space on a server. So why to punish and anger players. The more I think about it, that wish of that , ummmm, player is very fishy. Raising suspicion alarm bells in my mind.
  12. Nice to see that this suggestion would benefit other players. thanks for your support. 🙂
  13. Why do you wish to punish paying players? Remember, I do no say NO to your idea, but have to make sure it does no become unjust and gets even more players to resign from this game in protest. Or is it that what you want - to kill this game? Are you with another game developer?
  14. Thanks for the constructive reply. Here my answers: Even aluminium and plastic can show signs of aging. Also, dirt is yet another type of aging or weathering, and that affects all materials. All ideas here are read by NQ, and those ideas that get replies or likes are considered even more. Bu that does not mean that these things will happen, that NQ is starting to work on those. They are just added to a list, and different priority levels are assigned to each idea. With other words; many of them might happen but only after the game in its core is where NQ wants it to be. We all here know that. 🙂
  15. I can envision a number of materials that are highly decorative and beautiful and ultra-light in weight, but do not have any strength in combat. Examples for tthose deco honeycombs - leather types - animal skins (dotted, striped, etc.) - fibrous textile courtains - woods - stones - etc.
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