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  1. It is still a big pain to create large cavities in the underground when attempting to build an underground base. I suggest a small Digging Bot that does the hard work. The player purchases or assembles such a bot. To use it, the player has to enter into the first input field an array of coordinates, separated by comma and space. These mark the area seen from above that define the shape of the hole. The second input field is filled with two coordinates: separated with comma and space height lowest height and highest height. These two parameters define the height of the hole in the underg
  2. When filling a curved area with glass panels, it would be so extremely helpful if we could rotate during placement the glass panels not just on one axis, but on a second axis as well. Example: I connect one glass panel to the thin side of another glass panel. The new rotation axis would allow me to do what you can see in the illustration below.
  3. Especially when working with complicated shapes that need to be filled out with glass panels, often enough some small areas remain without glass as otherwise some corners of the glass panel would stand out where it is not supposed to be. I therefore suggest two new sizes for glass panels: XS (2x2) T ("Tiny") 1x1
  4. Ha, got ya! 😄 And since you've opened this thread already, continue to read my suggestion. Dynamically Shaped Glass Panel ("Dyno Glass") The attached image shows the problems we have when trying to use the regular glass panels for many areas: they do not fit, many panels have to be used, and sometimes they block each other. My suggestion is a new part. The voxel area that contains the opening for the intended glass is selected, and the system then calculates the amount of "dyno glass" units this shape will consume. If enough of "dyno glass" units are inside the inventory, tha
  5. FEEDBACK The new trees and stones, well, i have to see them ingame before I can judge. Sounds good, so far. The cone voxel shape is one of the needed new shapes. Still waiting and hoping for torus, and also for HOLLOW sphere and other hollow shapes with only 1 voxel wall thickness. The new delete (and hopefully also COPY) looks promising. Still needed for the upcoming new patch is a solution for the over-crowded, crash-causing markets. Something like allowing drone delivery, or BPing automatically after 15 minutes each parked ship then deleting all voxels and elements, an
  6. A third solution would be this: - any player-owned structure gets after 15 minutes a marker, and there is a Settings option for every player to allow loading of "Marked Structures" or not. This way, players that encounter problems, can switch off totally the loading of those player-owned ad and sell structures (including associated scripts and images) if they experience problems. Those structures are now just some rectangular outline. They can fly through them, but they cannot park touching them. This way, there is no need to remove player-pwned ad and sell structures form the mar
  7. Great answers to a great (and very important) topic! I like the discussions that have started among the members here. Interesting to read. And i am excited to see further suggestions and ideas.
  8. Hi community, you all know the problems with the market areas spammed by too much and never enough player-owned structures for advertizing and selling. I worked out two solutions and want to share them with you all, even more after I just had the stunning experience of having a communication with one of those hat place their structures on the landing platforms of the markets, for selling and advertizing. I am pasting here that posting of mine to him, that also contains the two solutions. You need to know, that he complained to the NQs on Discord, because someone else dared to block him
  9. Is there a way to make it working with 3 doors and 3 detection zones? Bug thanks! Also, while showing the ORG name and Second Title (whatever that is) on the OUT screen, I do not see anything on the IN screen. And I need some more explaining words about the RENAMING instruction. Changing something inside your LUA script? And should there still be a direct link from the detection zone to the door? Slots Hook up in this order and rename slots. slot1 --> databank slot2 --> screenIN slot3 --> detection slot4 --> screenOUT slot5 --> fdo
  10. Big thanks. 🙂 Suggestion: below each of the planets, add in small text their moons (like M1, M2, M3, SM), so they can be calculated, too.
  11. Greetings to the developers. Yes, these corrections to the previously introduced changes are needed, and good ones as far as I can judge so much in advance. Making mining easier, wow - since such a long time i was hoping for it! happy to read that mining soon becomes easier and hopefully less boring. Too much time is spent for searching an mining, keeping me away from all the things that I actually want to do. I am an explorer and a little bit a producer (or WAS, until the latest changes), but the mining prevents me from that most of the time. Please don't forget to add luminescent glass of
  12. A very basic sign, meant to be used in underground tunnels, that can be placed directly on rock or soil walls, without requiring any static core. Those signs feature only an arrow and come in eight variations. pointing to the left, right, up, down, and the four diagonal options in between. basic element, no own illumination, needs astronaut's light to be fully visible, but reflects light well (like street signs). Colors would be blue for the background and white for the arrow. An option sign would be a "No Go" or "Don't pass" sign, round, similar to a today's "No Parking" sign. Those direct
  13. The micro storage will have only 3 slots, and a very limited amount of volume. It can be attached to vehicles and is meant to hold exchangeable elements, such as a seat, an XS container. This would allow to change the configuration of vehicles without having to bring or store those exchangeable elements inside the astronauts inventory. Size in voxels could be 1x1x2 voxels.
  14. Plainly white matte or glossy sodium, etc. Same with other ore types and other colors. No textures.
  15. HINT: IMAGE FORMAT for SIGNS, SCREENS If you want to use uploaded images for your signs or screens, here is the information about the correct image size. Despite that screens and signs are 2x1 width x height, the image you need to upload needs to be SQUARE. For my SIGN XS I used an image 400 x 400 pixel, to give an example. However, the content of the image must NOT be height-stretched! That means, you need to place the content into the center of the image. The content area width that later will be visible, measures in my example 400 x 200 pixel. Means, that there will be unused space
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