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  1. Hmmm, I am tending to agree with Dixiii. To me, gold is without use. I could use other things much more: - rare or advanced elements - warp cells - talent points just to give some ideas to the developers. But a predefined variety of gold? Some players might be happy, but i believe, the majority of the players might just have a tired smile about that. Let's see, how the participation numbers are for this event.
  2. I, too, believe that many of the changes to the game rather reduced its player base (though not all decisions were bad for the gameplay experience), and that DU will be halted by around middle of next year. UNLESS the developers or their management implement a new policy, not to make DU thee way they want it to be, but how the players want it to be (or remain). If they are able and willing to undo those decisions that had a negative impact, the game could continue and even gain again in the amount of players. Heck, I don't even understand, why NQ persists of these bad changes despite seeing the very negative impact of those decisions. What are the reasons behind keeping those bad decisions and reducing the player base? That is what interests me most.
  3. As the existing "Idea Box" sub forum is closed now for new and useful suggestions, the question comes up where we can place now our useful ideas. Does anyone know? Has anything been mentioned by the developers? Or have he developers aborted now the development of DU for whatever reasons?
  4. I proposed the exactly same, more than a year ago,, in late 2020,but no other players were interested in that idea and no one supported it. Why is there suddenly such a support if someone else posts the exactly same idea?
  5. I wonder if the existing WARDROBE could be used for such a task. It then could contain storage slots that accept only blueprints, schematics, and eventually new-to-come items like clothing and some sorts of personal items or files. Machines could then interact with WARDROBES.
  6. Hirnsausen


    I would support this suggestion for another reason: using ArchHUD for the avatar's HUD. Sometimes, there are a few situations in which you need to run for a longer time, like after a ship crash. I do not see any reason why the avatars hi-tech suit should not be packed with hi-tech, and enable auto-running with collision control (running automatically around it until the way can be continued towards the destination.
  7. I made almost 50 scans, and no T2...
  8. Well, you are right. Not only cockpits will benefit. For me, it starts with cockpits, but much, so much more is possible. What other things can you imagine?
  9. Thanks. Now that I know what it is, I can say that I wouldn't like that. It would destroy much of what DU is about - all the architectural artwork and mega structures would be gone as no player with sense would invest so much artistic skills, creativity and time and resources, if some madman (or a pack of them) can simply come and destroy it all. A good example to see what I men is another game, Ark Survival Evolved: there you have the PVE servers where the landscape is full of beautiful and impressive player-built buildings, and there are the PVP servers where all beauty and creativity are gone as the players on those servers just build as basic as possible. DU makes a name through its architectural element, that is where it differs so much from all the many basic PVP games. If DU loses that component, it will degrade to just "one more basic PVP shooter".
  10. If players have to give up tiles because their ore poos are gone, it would destroy one important aspect of the game: the architecture. You won't see anymore those amazing multi-core mega structures as we have now, as it simply makes no sense to build if we have to destroy that all at one point again and again. Too frustrating. It would degrade DU to a pure PVP game with no architectural beauty anymore. I personally would give up to play DU at that point.
  11. I think, that is the reason why NQ has in the planning, to add (at one point) more star systems to the game. But first, that point of saturation needs to be reached (amount of players).
  12. So you think, T3 to T5 should be much more rare on planets, moons, and asteroids? And what do you think about the amount of T1 and maybe T2?
  13. Question: What is a TW? Thanks.
  14. When building something and using the COPY command, it can happen that we get the message "Not Enough Material". But that message is incomplete and not helpful, as it fails to give us the information of which of the involved honeycombs an amount is missing, and how much is needed and how much is existing of that honeycomb type. I simply suggest to complete this error message with that missing information. Examples below: -------------------------- Not enough material: matte dark blue plastic (cold) 19/150 Not enough material: matte dark blue plastic (cold) - 19/150 l glossy cyan plastic - 73/539 l
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