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  1. I have been playing DU on a 960gtx with low settings, SSD drive and 32GB ram. It was not perfect, but you was able fly and go to market 6. I think the 32GB is a requirement, I got so many crash because of "out of memory" when I had only 16GB.
  2. You are pointing a good point. I have been in contact in game with a lot of players that had no clue of what happening in the forum/discord. Some have no Discord account or just want to have some hour of fun in the game. But the interesting thing about doing a pool in game is that they will get involved in that topic.
  3. I don't think giving people the schematics of their creation is enough. A ton of people have not created construct but have supported creators by buying their creation and for that they have spend a lot of hours gathering quanta. These player will loose everything. That's also something against a full wipe.
  4. I am against a full wipe for many reason: The first thing we ear in the trailer is that this game is about building a new civilization. What sort of civilization can be created if every x time you are doing a wipe? Because doing one time open the opportunity to do it again. From the beginning we have been told that there would not be any wipe. We have spent time creating structure and cities that will never been recreated. I have multiple current project on which I have spent a ton of hours: Factory (1 month to build it, ~2 months to farm and increase it) Statue of liberty (25% done and already more than 1000h) Atlas Museum (at least 100h spent by Infidel and 20h by me) keep track of the incredible creations that have been made A wipe will not solve any issue, it will just delay the current issues by some months. A wipe will promote casual player ( I have nothing against them ), because why will you spend a ton of time in a game that can be reset anytime. A wipe will remove instantly all creation from https://du-creators.org/ All the history of DU (good or bad) will be reset. A lot of friendship will be lost, some people connecting time to time will no more connect. Content creator will have nothing to show on their video and so a lot of promotion for the game will be lost. "Unsatisfying for players wanting to discover the game and start with a more polished version of the game." Someone that want to discover the game always enjoy to see big thing that can be done in the game and if he become more advanced in the game, the game experience will not change from what we have now. "Does not allow to remove Schematics properly." You can remove them, no worry we will be able to handle our factories. I will make our life 10x easier. And for those people that have spend a ton of money (as me) in schematics, we have at least already our factory ready. "Does not allow to revamp the old planets properly." The old planets are OK like they are, just add more planet in between them. That will increase activity between the planets that are too far away from each other. (~4h travel time from Ion to Alioth who will become longer with the new speed mechanism for hauler ~6h) "Does not allow the rebalancing of the economy properly." You can remove all quanta it will not change the game mechanism, your mission system is broken. A wipe will not change it, it will still be broken. "Potentially keeping bugs related to very old Constructs." I am pretty sure that the quantity of very old construct that "bug" is limited, you should be able to contact their creator or put a timer on them as you do when we park in Aphilia tile. If a full wipe append I want to have an opportunity to be refund for all months I will not play (because I will not play the game anymore) King regards
  5. Thanks NQ to have listen to the community. I like this new concept, people that need more core will invest point for that. I think 100+100 is a good number, a single person will no more have to create an org and small group of friend will be able to have the core number they need. For creator, 200 cores will perhaps be a bit low but that why they have friend to help them with come additional cores. Kind regards
  6. What I can't figure out is who at NQ came in one morning saying: - "Hey guys, I have a great idea! We're going to set up a mechanism to limit the number of cores for orgs based on the number of members". The others retorted: - "That's a damn good idea! Let's go with 25?" - "Are you sure that's not too much?" - "Bahh, they're going to bitch about it anyway. We're already developing and then we'll see." - "You're right, we'll make a post and put something else with it. Something good. For example, the fact that we're removing the stacking of the elements." - "Deal!"
  7. I am with Hagbard on this. Yes there is people with 25 "Dynamic construct" core placed everywhere, junk construct etc... But there is also a lot of creator or people that have made wonderful project to promote the game and create content for other player. With this change you are removing the small amount of interest of people that want to create content for the game. 1625 core is on the paper. In practice, it will not be like that. 1) we will not have the skill points to have all 25 construct. (people will have ~21 lvl3) so to have 275 you need ~12 players in a org. (but actually we have multiple org with 275, so we will not be able to keep those core) 2) people that create content atm don't have only 1 org so they have access to more than 275 3) people that have museum or showroom will not be able to keep those beautiful place. Atlas museum is ~ 120 core just by itself and that mean we will not be able to extend it and show the rest of the players the amazing ship people have created in the past. 4) people that have focus their gameplay in the new mining mechanism will not be able to keep that running. You don't just need to have the core fore the MU but you need all the infrastructure to manage the ore transfert. You are not limiting the number of core organization can have but the number of core a player can dispose. Every player will be able to have 45 constructs max => 25 constructs (as org) + 20 constructs (personnal). So basicly you can't play correctly anymore if you don't have some alt's that sit in the org for calibration and core sharing. Those alts don't provide any content to the game, they are not real player. I have nothing against Alts, but you should not design your game on them. If the problem is core that are abandoned in a random tile, just implement a salvage mechanism. Don't worry we will clean those core. Kind regards
  8. This is a great thing. I would suggest to make a cache of the obstruction computation server or client side. A construct that have not been modified should not have a new computation. Currently I have to go in build mode for many of my construct and wait 10 seconds to reset the obstruction calculation. And when I can I use the ECU to keep my construct loaded so the obstruction is not computed again. This is painful. In build mod we should have the hit box of element displayed when we try to move/place an element. Every element that collide with the new element should have his hit box highlighted. In addition, we should be able to select an engine (like the U option) and see which element/voxel obstruct his power. For the industry, you should standardize hit box. The hit box of industry element should be calculated on 0.5 voxel as it's the smallest movement we can make with the tools we have. Currently sometime you can have an element that is at 0.6 voxel and the next one that is at 0.4. One of the worth element is the transfer unit, it's very hard to align them correctly. A bit out of subject, the construct we have right should be cache client side. So when I go in high density area (like market 6), I don't have to wait that my construct i have parked 2 minutes before load.
  9. Hello everyone, I wish you all a merry Christmas. We often complain about bugs or gameplay that do not suit us. I thank NQ for being there for the community even during the holidays. I didn't need their services but by looking at the "help" chat I could see that they were present. So, thank you for this effort and merry Christmas. Kind regards Leniver
  10. I have exactly the same problem with several of my constructs. If you don't want to have this problem, you have to build without any voxels, it's a shame for a game that promotes voxel-based builds! And again NQ releases a patch that breaks something important just before the holiday season when no patch will be released for 3 weeks.
  11. Thanks for all those nice comments. I added some improvement for the missions
  12. This is not an active gameplay, it's more building limitation / rules. Doing that you are pushing for meta ship building, because people will find the best way to build ship. If you force people to be active in front of his computer then you promote activity, instead of promoting auto-pilot.
  13. It makes 15 months I am asking to get the status "Internal server error" as a Lua status. The "Internal server error" happens when two industry unit try to get the same item from the container. You can reduce the occurrence of this if you split the lines pulling from different container.
  14. The 2 su limitation is due to the safe zone around planet. If you increase the radar range you could detect any ship going outside a safe zone. Radar change can't be just an adjustment of range. If you want to make it interesting you need to create a whole gameplay around the radar. Hunter would run a scanning for long-range target and target need to hide when he get detected. Something active that can't be done via Lua, to promote active player versus auto-pilote.
  15. Hello, I am not here to talk about Demeter the pro/cons. This is a personal list of improvement I see that could be added to the game and would change player life quality. Some of the improvement are more for new players, the goal is to make the game less confusing for them. Some of the improvement can be complex to develop, some others are easy. Blueprints / Tokens Blueprint should update while the elements in container change. When you are preparing all the element to deploy your blueprint, you inspect the blueprint to see how many of each elements you need. While you are filling the needs, the blueprint should update. We should be able to deploy compacted construct without having to select the nanopack. As we can have only 1 compacted construct and that the compacted construct can be only in the nanopack, there is no reason to have to select a specific container to deploy it. Add a shortcut to deploy the compacted construct We could use the same shortcut (Alt+B), if the player has a compacted construct in his nanopack it deploy else it tries to compact the targeted construct The error message displayed when you try to deploy a blueprint from the wrong container should be more explicit. If the blueprint you try to deploy is in the other container (not your current selected one) it should display a message like "Select your 'nanopack' to deploy this blueprint" and not "Invalid element". Allow blueprint to be deployed with element having less life. The player should be able to use element having less life to deploy a blueprint. By default, if there is enough full-life element in the container it would take those, but if not and there is less-life element it should take them. Show the construct as an hologram when deploying When deploying a blueprint, the player should be able to see an hologram of the construct to help him for placement. (more useful for static and space construct). This option could be deactivated via settings for performance improvement. We should be able to use a token without having to select the container it is in. Currently we get a very confusing error message when trying to use a token from a container that is not the one selected. Many player don't understand what's happening. Surrogate Add a filter "show owned only" Display surrogate owner by the player Add a filter "show company only" Display surrogate owned by companies the player is in. Allow multiple filter to be checked in same time Save selected filters Player should not have to select filter every time he opens a surrogate, they should be saved client-side. Save station sorting selection By default every time, surrogate are sorted by "most used". If the player want to have them sorted alphabetical he has to do it on every search. Add possibility to save a search as bookmarks For people that use a lot VR, they search for the same names/filters all the time. It would be great to be able to save the search as a bookmark. The player could simply click on it and it would load his saved search. (search, filters and sorting) We should be able to use "Surrogate VR Station" in VR to switch station. A player in VR could be able to use a surrogate station while being in VR. It would prevent to have to exit and enter again when we want to switch Station. Of course the initial station will always be the point of origin. Piloting Add an option for player to start in 3rd person view then entering in a piloting seat. Most of the player are piloting ship in 3rd person view. This could be done by adding a way to switch the view in Lua or via game settings. Mining Units Add Lua API to it We need a way to manage the MU in a construct as any other industry unit. Available Mining Unit charge should be displayed for player Currently if you want to know this information, you have to open a MU. This information could be displayed on the right of the player's quanta. Charges 3/8 Balance 1 000 000 h Add a possibility to skip mini-game Many player just want to apply the default calibration percentage to the mining unit, they don't look for the additional rock. It would be great to have an option to apply the default percentage without having to load the mini-game, in that case no rock would pop and no bonus would be applied. Notification should contain the MU element name It would help to keep a track of which MU has been calibrated in a specific construct when you have to manage multiple MU for an organization. Notifications should have a specific filter for MU The player should be able to display only notification related to MU. Avatar Keep auto-run enable when opening a window All user interface opened while auto-running should not stop the auto-run. Currently I can't check a market price while auto-running. All locked screen should be unlock with ESC Currently if you are locking the screen with "TAB" you can't unlock it with "ESC". But if you are locking the screen with the chat, then you can't unlock it with "TAB" and you have to press 2x "ESC". Allow player to close channels Chat interface has too many tabs. We should be able to close them so only 1-3 tabs would be displayed. For every channels we should be able to choose if we want it to display when a new message come in the channel or not. [19.12.2021] Add time to whisper chat When you get a message from someone, sometime you miss it, there is no way to know when this person sent you the message. (5 minutes?, 5 hours?) Map Split constructs in 3 sections (dynamic, static, space) For people that have access to many constructs the list is sometime very long and hard to find a specific construct. Add a way to hide a construct from the list Some construct have no interest (multi-core building, showroom ship, ect...). We should be able to hide some constructs from the map drop-down with an option to show hidden construct. Keep the previous selected tile filter. It's mainly when you are scanning tiles, you want to display your scan results. But every time you open your map, you have to go and select again the scan result filter. Add a search Most of the time we know exactly which construct we are looking for. Instead of having to go though all the construct list, if we could search for it it would help us a lot. Of course the search should stay if you close the map and open it again. Add a RDMS right for organization's constructs to allow member to see constructs in the map Currently only legates can see constructs on the construct list. But sometime you give right to an org construct to a member and he has no way to locate it on the map. Building Allow player to switch engines / weapons It would be nice to be able to switch engine of same type/size on a ship. Example switching "Basic Atmospheric Engine L" to a "Advanced Military Atmospheric Engine L". It would make the life easier so we don't have to deal with the placement, links and tags. Of course the applied talents would not be saved. Add a shortcut to start a new link from previous element This is more when you are setting up factory, but can be also the case when you are linking your engine or containers. It would be nice to be able to have a shortcut that will start a new link from the previous element. Example: I want to link 10 engines to the same fuel tank, I start a link from the fuel tank and then go on the back of my ship. Link first engine, hit the shortcut, link the second one, ect... Same if I have to setup 5 Metalwork Line for a specific production. Add a shortcut to swap link direction This is more for the factory but could be also used for button with PB. Would be nice to be able to change the link from "OUT" to "IN" or vice-versa. Increase the jetpack speed When you have to go through all you L core to make a link or something else it takes a long time. Would be nice to be able to fly very fast with a modifier key. This speed could be configured in the settings. [17.12.2021] Add an option to delete voxels With some limitation (max 3m³), but being able to delete last voxel in a construct we want to remove. I will reduce number of time we have to ask NQ to help us when we want to remove a construct. Effects and Sounds Add possibility to remove certain effects For some people effect in the factory are not needed or glowing rocks are glowing too much. Would be nice to be able to choose which effect we want or not. In some area there is too many effects, it's lower the game immersion. Add more sound channels It would be nice to be able to reduce the "industry sound" or other noises while maintaining the sound level of other sources. Add color filters for color blind people Some colors are very difficult to see in the game. Also the Nvidia filters are not supported so we can't use them to help us. Missions & Jobs [18.12.2021] When creating a mission, the parcel containers for the origin/destination should be sorted alphabetically. If you have multiple parcel containers (10+ in my case) you have to search for the one you want to select. [18.12.2021] The weight of the package should be displayed in the "Reward & Collateral" section. There is 3 parameters to take in consideration when you are setting the reward/collateral: the distance to travel, the value of the package and his weight. (warp cell calculation) [21.12.2021] Increase the number of mission player can create. Being limited to 3 missions is not enough. If you start to use that to create content and give mission to carry your goods, you need to be able to create a lot of them. As the mission system is based on reputation, if you are creating too many mission that no one will pickup then your stats will be bad. [21.12.2021] Add a notification when someone answer your job. Actually you have to check all the time your job to be sure that you don't have miss an answer. [21.12.2021] Add the date/time of message posted in communication. Actually we are not able to know when someone as answer our job, as the game is worldwide and we are not all in the same timezone it's hard to follow without this information.
  16. 18 months that this bug is existing. There were times when this happened less frequently. Since Demeter, which was sold to us to save server resources, it has become worse and worse. In addition to the factories now the auto-miner are doing the same. Factories can be scripted and issues ~95% detected via script, but not with auto-miner.
  17. Hello, Excellent post, one of those post that NQ should read and take in consideration. Thank you!
  18. There is 10 ways to make the PvP more interesting without changing the "lock on target" system. Your idea could be taken as a base to improve it.
  19. We don't want a wipe. Currently early game is completely broken, the only think keeping us in the game is because we have already some asset and ore.
  20. We don't want a wipe. Wipe = death of the game Have you tried early game? It's unplayable at the moment.
  21. Why T1 ore has been removed from Jago, Lacobus, Symeon, Ion? By doing this, you prevent people from having their base on these planets. Are you playing the game? I ask that because a lot of small improvement could be done to improve the player experience. Have you tested the "new player" experience of the game with the new patch? Testing that take ~3h, because you will see very fast that after 3h you have nothing to do but harvesting and waiting that your MU give your ore. We want to have new player in the game, this is a way to keep the game alive. If someone that have 5h a Sunday afternoon to test the game, don't enjoy it, he will not play it anymore. What will you do to improve Org management? The game is missing a lot of feature if you want to manage correctly. With Demeter you have not added anything for the orgs. No ingame calendar, taxes on mission for orgs, only 3 type of member, etc... Why I can subscribe an account for 6 month and put only 13 weeks in reserve for my tile? This is absurd, if I pay for an account I should be able to protect my assets for the time being. I am not saying that it should be automatically protected, but I should be able to put enough money for the upkeep. When the Lua API for Mining Unit will be implemented? There is no data we can get from the Mining Unit, would be nice to be able to track the status via Lua. Why there is no way to track the calibration charge we have without a Mining Unit? The only way to know how many charge we have is to activate a Mining Unit. We should be able to know that without having to activate a Mining Unit.
  22. True, but what about Jago? It's one of the planet where multiple streamer have put their base. I am not a pro/cons streamer but their are promoting games. Killing this planet mean you are doing yourself a bad reputation. Who like to move his base? And what the purpose of adding threes there and making it more pleasant if you removing the possibility to live on it? I am not talking about my gameplay, I am setup on Alioth. But I want the game to succeed and this type of decision is only killing the game.
  23. Hello, I am not here to debate about Demeter. But what happening in their mind when in the game designer's meeting they say: - "Hey let's remove all the T1 from 4 planets!" - "Can we?" - "No, that too bad for the players." - "OK, then let's keep only 1 T1" - "But it's a T5 planets!" - "You are right, let's setup the algorithm to only put max 80l/h" - "Nice idea, let's du it! - "Haha, nice joke!" By doing that you kill all possibility to use those planet to put industry on it. Kind regards
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