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  1. I'd love to see the combination of both. Rather something like in Eve Online, some gates in range with defined destinations. I also think that is what the gate system will look like.
  2. Found it through their first Facebook add. ^^
  3. No, they said "may", which does mean "reserve sth", more or less. Sorry, but you've got it in black and white: The pre alpha will be definitely under NDA, a change seems unlikely.
  4. Sorry that I have to disappoint you. Yea, they mentioned alpha won't be under NDA. But we talk about the PRE-alpha, which will definitely being under NDA (see the link below).
  5. There will always be weak spots, in every single project, in every single game. But it's a good sign you try to and are not able to find some so far. I would say that the difference between titles you mentioned and DU is, that NQ tries to create a stable running core system before they create all the details. And they don't get pressure from an extern publisher as in case of other huge studios. Those try to create a game where everything works at once (code, critical systems, graphics, animations, environment ... every single detail) before it even works fine, just because it's all
  6. I've visited the GC booth and had the chance to talk to the staff in person. It's an awesome team and otherwise than some other game developers (i won't mention any names, so please don't interpret something in that phrase) they work with passion instead just for money. I can safely say that they are not going to rush anything and will listen to the community in any case.
  7. Nice work, can't wait to see what will happen during the BOOM. Maybe too much for the first BOOMs, but an idea for a later one: Experiments with light. Stuff like how many light voxels are possible on one construct -without crashing the Server -without interrupting a player's connection and -until no one can see anything but light. Those Tests may help NQ to prevent light bombs in the future as a pvp glitch ... oh yea, never underestimate a bunch of light bulbs, it's annoying .
  8. Hey guys, I'm interested in joining Terran Union. I've also written an application via PM to you Darius Sanguna (I hope that's okay, written in German) because I think there are some points I have to tell in relation to future collaboration. Thanks forward, AnubiS
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