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  1. I've upgraded my pack (purchased via Kickstarter page) from Sapphire to Ruby the very last day of the Kickstarter campaign. I upgraded via the DU website if I remember correctly
  2. Same here, I can see my address etc.. But I can't change or see anything else besides the digital soundtrack on the Backer Rewards page. I know I was able to choose a t-shirt size, Arkship passenger ID, etc. before - on the old website, after upgrading my kickstarter pack (I've upgraded from Sapphire to Ruby - both physical packs - right before the end of the kickstarter campaign; I hope that hasn't caused any problems now, I even asked multiple times, that I do remember clearly). I hope there's only an issue with the form?
  3. Another idea for NQ, or rather a question (because it's still a big question mark on my side, why you are not able or willed to keep that one promise): While I've already mentioned the idea of making an application process for STATIC projects, in order to preview magic BPs ... why not making those magic BPs time-based - meaning giving them a time stamp, so that they are only spawnable after six months? With the previewing process, you avoid any unnecessary element hording in magic BPs (you could even remove them completly from BPs, making them honeycomb-only, as described in my previous post too). AND you give everyone the same starting conditions, without any advantage for veterans whatsoever. Would be nice hearing you talking about this specific topic. Though, my hopes are fairly low-key ...
  4. My two cents about what you could do for the long-term players and supporters: How about an application process for magic BPs, like you did for the digging process after the terrain reset? And another idea: give us VOXEL-only magic BPs, deleting every single element by creation; that way, we at least could keep our creations (plus, add the long-awaited BP snap feature for a decent rebuilding process). Give players an opportunity to rebuild without loosing everything. That way, you could prevent people from stockpiling stuff, by previewing. Nobody would affect the economy in any way (plus, what Megabosslord said about preventing people from selling anything stored in magic BPs - problem solved). I know, this would mean additional work for you NQ guys, but ... isn't that what we've been paying for, among other things? (some with multiple alt accounts + subscription, and even as backers) 🤷‍♂️
  5. Welcome aboard. May your longstanding expertise lead NQ & DU into a bright future.
  6. No doubt, the tax system can be a great chance to release abandoned tiles and refurbish planets. But the way it is going to be implemented at current state of the PTS, is too much at once for many players. I would suggest to implement the tax system without costs at first. That would increase the available tiles previously owned by inactive players, because they are not playing anymore anyway - and in addition, it gives a lot of salvaging opportunities when taking over tiles with abandoned constructs. Then, in a later major update, add the costs at a low rate. Add this system step by step, and adjust the tax rate over time (like you should handle all major implementations, just saying). See how it works first, instead of swinging the wrecking ball right away. At least, give some of us content creators & their projects a certain chance to survive / preserve created ingame content. Give the broad player base time to adjust and learn from the changes, instead of forcing them asap. Plus: What Hagbard said above (regarding non-mining TCUs etc.). I 100% support this proposal (just saying).
  7. Hey there, here's my humble opinion on the upcoming Demeter patch. I'm a fan of constructive feedback, and I don't say the following lightly. While I really respect each and every staff member of NQ, and their efforts of bearing the brunt on a daily base, and while there are also things I am really looking forward with the upcoming patch (and while some in here will even disagree with my personal opinion) ... I am not in principle against changes (on the contrary). But I am, like many others, very concerned for the future of DU - and that even before the official release. To say this as respectful as possible in regards to all your hard work at NQ: the upcoming changes are a sign of destruction, and DU may disappear into oblivion in early 2022. (1) The terrain reset is necessary, yes. And I assume the majority of the player base is absolutely okay with that, considering the issues we've experienced since Beta start. Nobody cares, if they have to dig out their stuff again - it might be a great opportunity to redo some stuff around bases, that people were not really happy about in the first place. Same with those changes on how brakes work. Personally, I like the way they work on PTS now. (2) The voxel changes are fine too. Technology is changing and evolving, so does the voxel tech. What I'm concerned of are the complexity limitations. While technical issues need to be prevented in the first place, I fear many detailed designs will no longer feasible in near future. DU will no longer be the game where everything is possible, and the own creativity is the limit - instead it will be the game where everything is possible within those complexity limitations. Please, don't cut the rope too short there. (3) And now, let me point out my concerns for mining changes, scan results, and territory taxation: This could kill many huge community projects within the first one or two months. And while projects like the Alioth Spaceport by Infinity Corporation, Shamsie's Bazaar, and Obsidian Racing may be safe for now, many others will just disappear. Smaller groups or ambitious solo content creators won't be able to grind for millions and millions of quanta without spending the time of a full-time job each day, seven days a week, just to earn enough money from missions to pay their taxes on tiles they need for their project. And if that's not enough, you would split the community even more by keeping existing scan results valuable. Both new and casual players won't be able to acquire enough resources by mining, and huge organisations with fully scanned planetary bodies are going to take each and every valuable tile for mining without any efforts and/or competition (within days, or even hours), because they already have containers full of planet-wide scan results. I like the idea of having two different kinds of territory units, some people have already mentioned in other threads (e.g. in Hagbard's feedback thread): those, we already got - to just build and terraform. And mining territory units, with tax rates of those you plan to implement in Demeter. Plus, I'd prefer a full reset of all scan results - and I may not be alone with that wish. Conclusion The way you are going to implement all those changes + territory taxation, many players will leave before Christmas (déjá vu), and many projects (race tracks, community projects, and other ambitious projects) will just disappear before the game has even been released. The players' base will shrink, and even PvP will suffer from those changes. To be precise, you break the neck of many content creators, that create amazing stuff for you and for all (existing + future) players. And when that happens, Dual Universe as we know and love it - a game that I, like many others, have waited for a long time, that I've followed since the first Facebook ad that NQ-Nomad has dropped, and that many of us value for the freedom of creativity and the great community within - will vanish. Please, NQ, I ask you from the bottom of my heart, and even as an early backer of Dual Universe: overthink those changes you are planning to implement with the upcoming Demeter patch. I don't want our all concerns become a nightmare before Christmas (no pun intended!). We don't want a "Eve Online" 2.0 economic simulation - we want to play Dual Universe, a "continuous single-shard sandbox MMORPG taking place in a vast fully editable Sci-Fi universe". Do not let those changes be Hades, do not let DU become Persephone ...
  8. I'd love to see the combination of both. Rather something like in Eve Online, some gates in range with defined destinations. I also think that is what the gate system will look like.
  9. Found it through their first Facebook add. ^^
  10. No, they said "may", which does mean "reserve sth", more or less. Sorry, but you've got it in black and white: The pre alpha will be definitely under NDA, a change seems unlikely.
  11. Sorry that I have to disappoint you. Yea, they mentioned alpha won't be under NDA. But we talk about the PRE-alpha, which will definitely being under NDA (see the link below).
  12. There will always be weak spots, in every single project, in every single game. But it's a good sign you try to and are not able to find some so far. I would say that the difference between titles you mentioned and DU is, that NQ tries to create a stable running core system before they create all the details. And they don't get pressure from an extern publisher as in case of other huge studios. Those try to create a game where everything works at once (code, critical systems, graphics, animations, environment ... every single detail) before it even works fine, just because it's all about money ... Not NQ (and I would say, in case of development progress, not RSI as well), it's an indie studio. They do not have to rush just to throw that game on a glutted market, but they have a roadmap and suitable dates they try to adhere to. And they have a huge and supporting community sharing their passion. In my opinion, it's too soon to talk about deficiencies of the game itself at this point of developement.
  13. I've visited the GC booth and had the chance to talk to the staff in person. It's an awesome team and otherwise than some other game developers (i won't mention any names, so please don't interpret something in that phrase) they work with passion instead just for money. I can safely say that they are not going to rush anything and will listen to the community in any case.
  14. Nice work, can't wait to see what will happen during the BOOM. Maybe too much for the first BOOMs, but an idea for a later one: Experiments with light. Stuff like how many light voxels are possible on one construct -without crashing the Server -without interrupting a player's connection and -until no one can see anything but light. Those Tests may help NQ to prevent light bombs in the future as a pvp glitch ... oh yea, never underestimate a bunch of light bulbs, it's annoying .
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