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  1. the scaling is wrong in your STL file. this is how big the model is without modifying it after loading: 2.54x1.39x1.35 mm. ( can be scaled up manually though) It would be really nice if you could share some more OBJ or STL files for ships. maybe for things like in-game contest winning designs? Or even better allow us to export OBJ models of our own ships.-
  2. there are around 3 test sessions per month where you can play.. usually thursday to monday. Sometimes Super tests which are longer. when Beta starts, servers should be up 24/7. One test session start today at 14:00 UTC. Outside of the announced tests sessions you will not be able to play.
  3. then better ask you question in one of the NDA section now, so we could actually talk about anything game related 😉
  4. Kann ich nur empfehlen... bin selber seid Ende Februar dabei.. Aktive Spieler, entspannte stressfreie Stimmung und keine Vereinsmeierei..
  5. no, i really meant if he used his email address to log in, as there was a change sometime from player name to email for forum login 😉
  6. did you try with your email?
  7. Hagbard


    welcome (again) Massacher!
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