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  1. Agreed server tick rate is way to low for personal firearms. Also I have never seen this game engine used for FPS purposes. I remember seeing an early build of DU running in Unreal engine, shame..
  2. Question: Will NQ be wiping image upload on the website. Don't see why they should but I have come to expect bonkers decisions these day. If you do, Please give us a button to download all images in a single zip.
  3. But in 2 years you will have the same issue...New players will be on the back foot again until other people leave. Only fix i see is remove ALL ore etc cost reduction talents and just have time base only. Then new and old players will make the same profits just at a slower pace.
  4. Zen 3 and intel 12th gen both support AVX2 just not AVX 512 (by default on alder lake) disabling the E cores helps a lot/ enabling AVX-512 support in bios, E cores run at a lower clock speed and causes issues with AVX-512 if you leave them on. Like low frame rates like you didn't spend 1.7k on a PC upgrade..
  5. B660m with 12700k op above error.
  6. "Playing sounds through lua" You can already do this, for a while now... Also elements damaged in PVP still tick down lives.
  7. Hi everyone, recently I upgraded my pc/cpu to a 12th gen intel processor. I ran into a problem where i could not run the game. If you face similar issues you must enable AVX support in your bios. (This will deactivate your E cores and will only use the P cores depending on the motherboard. Hope this helps Lee
  8. The community didn't say anything about memory? Are you kidding me? We have had memory (GPU & System) bloat/leaks since I can remember and they are the main things causing crashes and ships falling out the sky... I guess you didn't want reduced support tickets/ Not big enough priority to give "valuable resources".... Just WOW! "Stop, Stop!... It's already dead!" What was funny was the comment at 2:17 in the video.... Most players left because of one reason and that is YOU!
  9. TRUE!!!! I honestly think they are just incompetent at this point.
  10. "With this update, we’re making a fundamental change in text rendering technology." Had me in tears... You guys are jokers.... text rendering technology hahahahaha. Please stop tinkering with screens etc and create some game play loops... Thanks.
  11. Please just wipe money, talents and non paying customers. Also who ever came up with the live/legacy server idea... wow... what a joke.
  12. Depends how long they resist using their powers lol
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