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  1. TRUE!!!! I honestly think they are just incompetent at this point.
  2. "With this update, we’re making a fundamental change in text rendering technology." Had me in tears... You guys are jokers.... text rendering technology hahahahaha. Please stop tinkering with screens etc and create some game play loops... Thanks.
  3. Please just wipe money, talents and non paying customers. Also who ever came up with the live/legacy server idea... wow... what a joke.
  4. Depends how long they resist using their powers lol
  5. Finally a NQ event! Thanks! Should be a good event and will be forming a posse
  6. Paying a subscription to pay taxes/rent and now what feels like a job with no added fun game play loops is the worst decision NQ has made and really not sure what direction they are trying to go. Do they want their dedicated players to leave, because it feels like they are pushing out single/small groups like myself. If they wipe would the core count issue be an issue? Players need some fun loops to do in between calibrating and bringing ore home random gems given RNG style drops while mining roids, add a slot to industry/mu's/engines/brakes/wings/stabs etc for gems to increase stats. Also wrecks could have random schematics in it's the cargo so new/existing players can go out and find t1-tx schematics to use or sell.
  7. Glad you have provided another, better way to play sound in game but would like to request some more functionality: system.repeatSound([string],filePath) --Repeats sound file until soundStop() system.playRandom(folderPath) --Play random files in a folder system.playList(list, folderPath) --Plays sounds in a folder in an order pre-defined in a table. system.getTOC(folderPath) --Returns list of filenames in a folder
  8. Would actually be, the more active mining units on a planet the lower the L per hr.
  9. I feel this update would work if the majority of the community returned to the game. But i fear the people that return, see how much the tax is, how much ore per hour they will earn as an org or solo player and become an idle miner. A low tax rate at release would be a good way for people to get use to these changes and then increase if needed also doing the same with ore per hour... be generous to start with and reduce as needed. Also maybe all tiles in the safe zone bar sanctuary have a lower tax rate than outside so new players can afford to move/produce on alioth etc. Alternatively, linking total "global" active miners to the L per hour would also ensure a constant flow of ore regardless of the player numbers. kinda like crypto mining difficulty algorithm the more people mining the harder the difficulty, but the same distribution. I'm just thinking if people fizzle out after weeks/months there will be such a tiny amount of ore being collected with this current system. Another thought maybe instead of "tile tax" introduce a dynamic or static construct tax instead make it scale depending on core size if you don't pay 100k-1m per month per ship depending on size, it becomes abandoned and salvagers can make money still adding the "territory warfare" game loop and keeping player engaged having a auto clean up system run by players for players that no longer want to play and have not transferred/bp's and stored their "keepsakes" to Sanctuary Thinking long term Lee
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