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  1. Greetings, Noveans! This is NQ-Ligo again. We’ve heard your questions on script compatibility since announcing the Lua changes coming in update 1.4. I’m writing to share more information to enable you to better prepare for the update. There's only one change that we haven't been able to make compatible with existing scripts. For everything else, a compatibility layer has been added, there is no need to worry about that! The "breaking" change is the Boolean type fix. For a long time, functions that were supposed to return a Boolean, such as unit.isRemoteControlled, returned an integer (0 or 1). It took a while to correct, but from now on, these functions will return a Boolean (true or false). However, functions requiring a Boolean argument will continue to support integers in addition to Booleans. To assist you, here's an exhaustive list of EXISTING functions that currently return an integer and will now return a Boolean: unit.hasDRM unit.isRemoteControlled unit.isMouseControlActivated unit.isMouseDirectControlActivated unit.isMouseVirtualJoystickActivated unit.isAnyLandingGearDeployed unit.isAnyHeadlightSwitchedOn databank.hasKey databank.clearValue transponder.isActive transponder.setTags shield.getState shield.setResistances shield.inLockdown shield.isActive shield.startVenting shield.stopVenting shield.isVenting shield.setLockdownExitTime door.isOpen forcefield.isDeployed forcefield.setMaxLength landingGear.isDeployed light.isActive light.isBlinking weapon.isOutOfAmmo adjustor.isActive adjustor.setTags adjustor.isIgnoringTags brake.isActive brake.setTags brake.isIgnoringTags airfoil.isStalled airfoil.setTags airfoil.isIgnoringTags engine.isActive engine.isTorqueEnabled engine.isOutOfFuel engine.hasFunctionalFuelTank engine.setTags engine.isIgnoringTags antiGravityGenerator.isActive receiver.hasChannel receiver.setChannelList core.isEngineIgnoringTagsById core.deleteSticker core.moveSticker screen.isActive screen.getMouseState gyro.isActive laserDetector.isHit laserEmitter.isActive manualButton.isDown manualSwitch.isActive manualSwitch.isDown radar.setSortMethod radar.isConstructIdentified radar.isConstructAbandoned radar.hasMatchingTransponder construct.isWarping construct.isInPvPZone construct.isPlayerBoarded construct.isPlayerBoardedInVRStation construct.isConstructDocked construct.setDockingMode construct.dock construct.undock construct.forceDeboard construct.forceUndock construct.forceInterruptVRSession player.isSeated player.isParentedTo player.isSprinting player.isJetpackOn player.isHeadlightOn player.isFrozen player.hasDRMAutorization system.destroyWidgetPanel system.destroyWidget system.destroyData system.updateData system.addDataToWidget system.removeDataFromWidget system.isFirstPerson system.isViewLocked system.isPlayingSound As for other changes, such as the JSON library change, we've made sure to maintain compatibility with your existing scripts, either by making added arguments optional (thanks to the implementation of the nil type in our API), or by adding derivations. However, in the future, I recommend including the "json.lua" library instead of "dkjson.lua" to avoid using the compatibility layer if you want to optimize your script. As with every update, we'll also be pushing an updated Lua API mockup on the game's official GitHub. We hope this helps you better prepare for the upcoming Lua changes in update 1.4! Happy coding, Noveans! NQ-Ligo
  2. Greetings, Noveans! Every gamer is unique, each boasting their own preferred playstyle, control setup, and comfort zones. Your game controls should reflect this individuality. That's why our Input Remapping Upgrades, coming soon in Update 1.4, are designed to give you more control - literally and figuratively. Dual Universe hosts numerous controls, many of which have been hidden from players. Our Input Remapping Upgrades will vastly expand the game's control settings, making these hidden controls visible and customizable. You can rebind them to your preferred keys… including those on gamepads and joysticks! Both systems are now correctly supported. For instance, you can bind specific controls to the axis turn of a joystick. In addition, we've introduced many new controls, allowing you to personalize your settings with intricate detail. If you’re a player who enjoys crafting your control schemes, you’ll find these new options on our control settings page. This is just the beginning, Noveans. We’re already working on introducing more features to Input Remapping in the future, such as the ability to import and export control profiles to the server, allowing for seamless importing into applications like GeForce Now. We also aim for more direct Lua integration in future versions. These changes are designed to empower you and make Dual Universe more accessible by supporting gamepads, joysticks, and more. Whether you plan to intricately craft your control schemes or simply enjoy flying across Helios with a HOTAS system, we hope you’ll have a great time with the Input Remapping Upgrades in Update 1.4. The Novaquark Team
  3. DEVBLOG: 1.4 LUA API UPDATE Greetings, Noveans! This is NQ-Ligo again, Some time ago, we redesigned the Lua API of Dual Universe, introducing new features and opening up many possibilities. Today, we’re launching the next major update to the game’s Lua, addressing the remaining fundamental issues and adding numerous new features. In this post, I’ll present some upcoming 1.4 changes to give you ample time to adapt your creations. I’ll walk you through the changes we're making to the backend, as well as some cool additions to the game’s Lua API. Fundamental Changes Let’s start with the fundamental issues we had yet to address in the game’s Lua. - Update of the Lua Environment To leverage the optimizations and basic improvements in the Lua environment, we have updated it to version 5.4.4. You can review the changes on the official website of the language (https://www.lua.org/manual/5.4/readme.html#changes. Still, please note the introduction of new features such as: New generational mode for garbage collection New attributes for variables (const and to-be-closed) New implementation for math.random New semantics for the integer 'for' loop Optional 'init' argument to 'string.gmatch' New function 'coroutine.close' String-to-number coercions moved to the string library New format '%p' in 'string.format' - Replacement of the dkjson Library For some time, we have been addressing performance issues with Lua systems. A significant factor related to these performance issues is the use of JSON. Thus, we reduced the use of JSON in favor of Lua tables. However, after consulting many of you, it appears that JSON is still widely used by our players. Hence, we decided to replace the dkjson library with the json.lua library (https://github.com/rxi/json.lua), a pure Lua library that is much more efficient. We've added a compatibility patch to prevent your existing scripts from breaking. - Boolean Type and Nil Support Until now, booleans returned or used in the Lua API were treated as integers 0 or 1. While this may seem minor, it was crucial to resolve for several reasons, including performance and backend considerations. Good news: we've now resolved this issue, allowing the Lua API to accept arguments and return real booleans! This will allow you to optimize your scripts. Additionally, we've integrated nil. Until now, we could neither return nor accept nil as an argument. Again, while this may seem minor, resolving this issue allowed us to introduce the concept of optional arguments and optimize the Lua data stack. You will see its application in the additions we are introducing. In addition to these visible fixes, we've made several backend improvements to the game's Lua binding. Consequently, we decided to use this opportunity to increase the instruction limit of the Lua environment (the limit that triggers the CPU OVERLOAD error). Starting from version 1.4, this limit will be increased from 2,000,000 to 10,000,000 instructions, accessible with the getInstructionCount and getInstructionLimit functions added to the Lua system API. With this change in Boolean support, you will need to adapt your existing creations to ensure they continue to function as expected. We believe the benefits of these updates justify the effort and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we continue to improve the game's Lua environment. Improvement of the Syntax Highlighting We've enhanced the syntax highlighting in our code editor interface to simplify your coding experience. We understand that coding can be challenging, especially for beginners. That's why we took the time to create a straightforward syntax highlighting system to make coding in Dual Universe easier and more enjoyable. While we've improved syntax highlighting, it isn't a full-fledged code analyzer. It's merely a tool to help you read and understand your code more easily. We aim to make coding more accessible and affordable for everyone, and we hope this update will contribute to that. The new system incorporates the coloring of APIs for system, unit, library, construct, player, and Lua operators. Enrichment of the Lua Codex We're thrilled to announce a new section in the Lua CODEX - the "Usage Example" section. This section provides detailed explanations and code examples to help you better understand how to use the functions within our API. It will be added to each function or event that requires further explanation. We understand that learning to use a new API can sometimes be daunting, especially if you're new to coding. Therefore, we believe that providing examples, use cases, and deeper instructions on how to use the various functions in our API will help you better understand our game's API, making your coding experience more enjoyable. Radar Data Pre-filtering Despite our efforts to optimize and make the processing of radar data more flexible, particularly by integrating the getConstructs function to return the list of constructs in scope as a Lua table, we've considered and studied additional improvements. Thanks to the integration of nil support in our Lua environment, we decided to improve the getConstructs function by adding the following optional pre-filters: [bool] isMatching: True to filter out constructs with a matching transponder, false otherwise [int] constructKind: The construct kind id to filter out constructs (Universe = 1, Planet = 2, Asteroid = 3, Static = 4, Dynamic = 5, Space = 6, Alien = 7) [string] coreSize: The construct core unit size to filter out constructs ('XS', 'S', 'M', 'L', 'XL') [bool] isAbandoned: True to filter out abandoned constructs, false otherwise This filter is in the form of a table in the third argument of the getConstructs function. So you can, for example, filter: {isMatching = true}, to list only constructs with a matching transponder {isMatching = false, constructKind= 5}, to list only dynamic constructs with a non-matching transponder As you can see, this filtering is combinable and optional, enabling you to filter the data you receive before processing it through Lua, allowing you to optimize your scripts. Conclusion We hope these updates and performance upgrades will improve your Lua experience in Dual Universe. There are still many other additions to the Lua API waiting to be discovered in this release. Happy exploring!
  4. Dear Noveans, We have noticed some of the disconnect issues you've been having with EAC (Easy Anti Cheat) when playing Dual Universe. We want to let you know that we are investigating this issue! For those of you having issues with EAC, one thing you might wish to try is unplugging certain devices such as joysticks or gamepads as this might help. Also, when relogging please close and restart your client. If you've been experiencing disconnect issues due to EAC, we would encourage you to submit a support ticket or to let us know by responding to this thread.
  5. Noveans, Update 1.3 is here! We’re replacing Repair Units with Maintenance Units to offer more flexibility to players in maintaining their constructs. Maintenance Units allow players to repair damaged elements, honeycomb, or both using scrap and replacement honeycomb. They also let players decide what happens to extra elements not part of the original snapshot, allowing them to either be recycled or repaired with scrap and recovered. Finally, they allow players to disassemble a construct and retrieve all items (including the core) into a linked container. Another new feature added to the game is the ability to designate a single container to act as the schematic provider for all industry units on the construct. This feature is in response to popular demand from community members, who wanted a better way to manage schematics. We’re also expanding the UEF stores! You can now find the Build Your Legacy Contest winners (along with a few bonus entries) in the ‘blueprint basement’ of UEF Stores. Finally, as EQU8 bids farewell to its third-party customers, we’re thrilled to team up with Easy Anti Cheat. Together, we're committed to ensuring that every player in Dual Universe enjoys a level playing field that's fair and competitive. Update 1.3 brings a new level of flexibility and convenience to the game, allowing players to customize and maintain their constructs better. We look forward to seeing how everyone responds to these exciting changes and improvements, and we are committed to continuing to enhance and improve the game for our players. To learn more about the future direction and development plan of Dual Universe, you can read this letter from NQ Deckard.
  6. Dear Noveans, Update 1.3 is on its way! As we finalize the Maintenance Unit and prepare for its public test session (more on that below), we are excited to share the details of update 1.3 with all of you. We also want to thank you for your patience as we work towards bringing you a new PvE system in Dual Universe. Our development team is working hard to create an exciting and enjoyable feature that provides the best gaming experience for everyone. We are prioritizing PvE and are working to bring it to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can still look forward to other new features (like the ones below), with more details coming on our Social Media and teaser livestreams on Twitch. With that, let’s look at update 1.3! THE MAINTENANCE UNIT We’re replacing Repair Units with Maintenance Units, giving players more flexibility in maintaining their constructs by allowing repair and disassembly. Repair: You can choose to repair damaged elements, honeycomb, or both Use scrap to repair damaged elements or replace them Choose what happens to extra elements: If damaged elements are not part of the original snapshot, they can either be recycled or repaired with scrap and recovered. They will be recovered if they are undamaged but not part of the original construct snapshot. Destroyed extra elements (those with no remaining repair counts) will be recycled. Repairing honeycomb structures requires the exact amount of honeycomb missing, and elements still need the same amount of scrap to fix. Disassembly: You can remove all honeycomb and elements on a construct, including the core. The maintenance unit will use its linked container to retrieve all items instead of using it to repair. Damaged elements can be repaired with scrap before recovery or recycled. Destroyed elements (those with no remaining repairs) will always be recycled. THE CONSTRUCT SCHEMATIC CONTAINER Following popular demand by our community members who grew tired of manually inserting schematics into industries, we’ve now added the option to designate a single container on a construct to act as the schematic provider for all industry units on the construct. This feature is accessible by simply right-clicking on a container and selecting “Set as schematic container” from the context menu. UEF SHOP EXPANSION Looking to buy ships from Aphelia? We’ve grown the UEF shop with new floors and a Blueprint Basement that sells copies of all outposts and speeders. Before launch, we ran the ‘Build Your Legacy’ contest, giving DU builders a chance to be woven into the game by building speeders and outposts for new players. We’ve added the winners to our First Time User Experience and into the Blueprint Basement of UEF stores. We’ve also added four bonus speeders and an extra outpost! INTRODUCING EASYANTICHEAT (EAC) Accessing and manipulating game files is critical to many disreputable players who want to cheat by automating actions or gaining hidden data, for example. To combat this, we shortlisted EQU8 and EasyAntiCheat (EAC) when implementing our original solution for Dual Universe. With the sale of EQU8 to 1047 Games and the closure of their service to third-party customers, we will switch to EAC. We want to thank EQU8 for their amazing service and responsive support and are excited to transition into EAC. The only change that should be visible to our players is seeing EAC instead of EQU8 as the anti-cheat system in Dual Universe. UPCOMING PTS SESSION Many of you have requested a PTS testing session, and our goal is to open the PTS to the public between Friday, February 10th, at 10:00 UTC and Monday, February 13th, at 10:00 UTC. The PTS will allow you to test all features of Update 1.3 and help us with information and feedback on the PTS Forum thread to tune the features. Your involvement has been invaluable in helping us shape the future of Dual Universe. As we progress with development, we want to thank you for your continued support and engagement and invite you to share your feedback. We’re working hard to give you all an enjoyable and immersive gaming experience and look forward to introducing more upcoming features. Thanks for playing, Noveans!
  7. Dear Noveans, Dual Universe gives you tools to bring worlds from your imagination to life. In one server, shared by all, Noveans have built wonders of art, architecture, and every kind of spaceship imaginable, all powered and enhanced by Lua scripts written by players. You can visit arcades with gaming machines, cities, showrooms, castles, fairy wonderlands, space stations, megalithic warships, and so much more, all built by players. To celebrate this game and the breathtaking creativity of our community, we’re proud to announce that we’re participating in the Steam Base Builder Fest from January 23rd to January 30th. But that’s not all. During the festival, all first-time purchases of Dual Universe on Steam will get 20% off! If your friends want to try Dual Universe, then why not take advantage of this one-time offer in honor of the festival. Let’s spread the word and celebrate the amazing creations that live in Dual Universe! See you in-game, Noveans.
  8. Hello, everyone! I'm Mark van den Heuvel, known to many of you as NQ-Deckard, a member of the Production team here at Novaquark. First, to those of you who celebrated your new year recently, I wish you a wonderful new year, and I look forward to seeing all of your creations in-game. As we step into 2023, I want to bring you all up to speed on where we're at with Dual Universe and where we are going. After our launch last September, we have all worked hard to squash remaining bugs and improve balancing. We also delivered the promised digital Kickstarter rewards to our backers. As is always the case with Dual Universe, work does create itself in front of us, and we have a great deal to work on and improve. One of our current central goals is to enhance the gameplay experience and catch up with some features and quality-of-life improvements, particularly some of those requested by our community. Let me walk you through some of what we have planned for you both soon and further down the road. Planets We’ve recently released a new version of Talemai, and we’re continuing work on the others. After reviewing our progress, we've decided to take extra time to make the new planets truly feel different with new art, new terrain, and more exciting features. This means they are coming at a slower pace and possibly in a different order than we had envisioned. Expect new teasers, concept art, and images from us soon™! Combat Missions We had decided early in the life of Dual Universe not to focus on a PvE combat system, given other priorities. With all of the feedback we’ve received since the beginning of the game, PvE combat has consistently remained a highly requested feature from our community. We always try to listen to your feedback, and I’m happy to announce that we have begun work on implementing the first iteration of a PvE combat system into the game! We’re planning the first version to be a PvE mission system that takes players into combat in their ships. The missions will scale in size to allow all players (solo or part of a larger group) to participate. We’re very excited about the PvE combat feature. It will add more engaging gameplay for all Noveans and allow players to try out the rigors of space combat before heading out to battle with other players in Dual Universe PvP. We are still in the early development of this feature, and it will take time, but we are already looking forward to seeing you all trying it in future PTS sessions. Your feedback will be instrumental in our developing PvE combat in Dual Universe. PvP Improvements Following a recent and very successful round table discussion with members of our PvP community, we are reviewing all the feedback gathered and our own data to determine what changes we will make. We are considering increasing the importance and/or requirement of having voxel armor onboard successful PvP ship designs, finding ways to encourage multi-crew ship setups, and potentially restricting the ability to remove cargo while in combat. Stay tuned for more exciting developments on PvP. Contest Winner Constructs Before launch, we ran the Build Your Legacy Contest for players to design starting outposts and speeders, with the winning entries being added to Dual Universe. We are currently working to make the constructs that the contest winners submitted available as options to select during the first start of the game, and we are also looking to make these available for purchase in the UEF shop. The contest entries were original and impressive. I want to congratulate all of you who took part. Maintenance Unit A complete rework of the repair unit was planned for the 1.2 release just before the holidays. The feature still needed more work, and we decided to delay its release with plans to include it in the upcoming 1.3 update. When finished, the repair unit will be replaced with the maintenance unit, which can repair constructs with scrap and disassemble constructs. However, construct disassembly is the feature that still requires the most work, and we are determining if the feature will make it into the 1.3 release. When added, this feature will remove the pain of finding that one last bit of voxel in a construct and make redesigning builds easier, with the Maintenance Unit taking down constructs for you. Joystick Support Dual Universe already has a basic system to connect joysticks to the game. However, these were never cohesively connected with the Lua system. We will change that, allowing players to map analog and button inputs from Joysticks, Throttles, Pedals, and even simple Gamepads into Dual Universe. This will significantly improve the flying experience for non-Lua developing players and open new doors for Lua developers through projects such as Lua arcade games, custom flight control systems, and other nifty things our community creates. Default Lua Configuration Rework Once we’ve added Joystick support, we will redesign the default Lua scripts we give to players. Our community has long requested this update, and we want to ensure we deliver it. We will add a full suite of features and improvements. This means new Lua flight control systems, the ability to toggle widgets on and off without requiring Lua code, and integrating several systems not fully encapsulated in current control scripts, such as Anti-Gravity Generators. Fuel Intake Changes This has been a popular demand by our players, and we are looking into options to allow players to refuel tanks from another element. Currently, we plan to make a 'Fuel Intake' able to act as a proxy for a single fuel tank. This feature is still on the drawing board and may change as we dive deeper into it. ------------------------------------------- As always, thank you for reading this short overview of some of what’s coming up. I hope you have a clearer picture of the direction we're taking Dual Universe in, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the forums. Have a wonderful day. - Mark (NQ-Deckard)
  9. Hello, Noveans! Every month, we feature player creations in-game. We’ve posted videos and posters for everything from ships to Lua scripts on our social media. If you want to be in with a chance to be featured, send us your work here 👇 https://forms.gle/ZAwC1Q9YCdS12ZRw6
  10. Dear Noveans, Update 1.2 is here. Talemai: a land of frost, a land of fire. The planet returns from its makeover as a new world, an interplay of frozen mountains, ice shards, and lakes of lava. Talemai and its three moons will welcome Noveans back in update 1.2. Tactical map: All Noveans can fly across Helios with a better view and new navigation tools. Asteroids revamp: a more fluid spawning system and better asteroids-tracking tools to mine their resources. More tools to find wrecks and salvage their resources. You can also fly with the new Kergon X-5 space fuel, crafted with all tier 1 materials. Finally, two new alien cores return to the game, bringing with them war for control of their resources. Read the full change log here 👇 https://www.dualuniverse.game/launcher/patch/release-120
  11. Dear Noveans, The Tactical Map WIP we posted earlier was a conceptual image we used for design reference. It's of course not the final version of the feature, which will look more like this : We also edited the original post to avoid confusion. Sorry for the misunderstanding, and see you in Dual Universe!
  12. Development forges ahead in Dual Universe. In update 1.2 (arriving on the 13th of December 2022), players will see new game systems and overhauls all about exploration, discovery, and salvaging. THE TACTICAL MAP Are you looking for a fight or trying to avoid one? Whatever your aims, we’re adding a new tool for you to navigate with more precision and awareness of the space around you. With integration into the piloting and gunner HUD, the Tactical Map allows you a clearer view of your surroundings and a better ability to interact with the map. ASTEROID REWORK Following frequently requested feedback, each asteroid now has an independent lifetime parameter that determines when it will despawn, meaning that asteroids will spawn randomly and despawn independently of any cycle based on their lifetime parameter. Players will see a constant spawning and despawning of asteroids in the game world. The ‘Discovered Category’ is being removed. There will still be a timer to broadcast the discovery of an asteroid, allowing players to mine them before their location is moved from the ‘rumored’ list to the ‘broadcast’ list. We’re also removing the tier information from undiscovered asteroids before their broadcast. Asteroid tier information is still revealed after the broadcast. However, this change will allow solo players and small groups a better chance to mine the high-tier asteroids they’ve invested in discovering. SALVAGE OPERATIONS Quanta floats out there, adrift in space, waiting to be claimed. Space recovery and reclamation have never been more profitable. Until now, Noveans would have to fly, hoping to stumble across wrecks, but that’s changing. We’re adding wrecks as ‘Abandoned Wreck’ items in the ‘Landmarks’ tab of the map. These are not pinpoint locations, however, and some searching is required to find the wrecks. ------------------------------------------------------ We’re excited to bring you this next step in our development of Dual Universe. We have streams planned to show you the upcoming features of update 1.2, and we will have more information on update 1.3 soon. Let us know what you think of this update here, and thank you all for your continued support.
  13. What’s in Update 1.1? New skins, new pets and new emotes now awaits you in Dual Universe 👇 Avatar skins for both body types (Gold/Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald/Diamond/Kyrium Kickstarter and Founder packs) - Alpha Team outfit (Silver+ / Contributors / Sponsors / Patrons) - Arkship Passenger outfit (Bronze) - Military outfit (Gold+ / Sponsors / Patrons) - Arkship Passenger outfit (Silver) - Earth Legacy outfit (Silver) (Ruby+ / Patrons) - Arkship Passenger outfit (Black) - Earth Legacy outfit (Black) New emotes (Gold+ / Sponsors / Patrons) - Dance - Cry - Thumbs down - Thumbs up - Just DU it (Ruby+ / Patrons) - Victory - Threat - Facepalm - Silly dance - Salute Two versions of pets, with a total of eight variations. - Automata Tier 1: Automata Nora-SP pet_agnes_tier1 (1).mp4 - Automata Tier 2: Automata Nieve pet_agnes_tier2 (1).mp4 - Automata Tier 3: Automata Spud-7 pet_agnes_tier3 (1).mp4 - Automata Tier 4: Automata Max-E pet_agnes_tier4 (1).mp4 - Automata Tier 5: Automata Elite pet_agnes_tier5 (1).mp4 - Anicham Tier 1: Anicham Scrap pet_alex_tier1 (1).mp4 - Anicham Tier 2: Anicham Comp pet_alex_tier2 (1).mp4 - Anicham Tier 3: Anicham Max pet_alex_tier3 (1).mp4 Update 1.1 also brings many features to the game 👇 Grid Snapping: with this feature, when deploying a blueprint, you can snap to the grid of another already placed core, like when placing a Space Core Unit. This feature will help you to align cores perfectly with one another while deploying blueprints. Element recycling: dismantling elements back into a portion of their components. Steam Achievements Eight new talents linked with schematic creation. See you in Dual Universe!
  14. Dear Noveans, It's our first Steam Awards season, and we'd love it if you spend your nomination on us! Dual Universe is built by its community; a sandbox brought to life by players. We want to celebrate your efforts in shaping Helios for each other by asking you to nominate us for the BETTER WITH FRIENDS category. Whether you prefer to play solo or in an org, we all live on the same server. The game just wouldn't be the same without other players, and the BETTER WITH FRIENDS category honors that. Thank you to all of you who choose to nominate us: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/2000270/view/3508896037498029271?l=english Please share this post with your friends! - The Novaquark Team
  15. Hello, Noveans! Update 1.1 has a release date! If you’ve not seen this post yet, this update will bring Grid Snapping, Element Recycling, new talents, Steam achievements, and more to the game, as well as adding crowdfunding rewards such as pets, titles, skins, and emotes! Our hotfixes have addressed many of the issues encountered since launch. We continue to improve the gameplay experience and are excited to build on Dual Universe with new features and systems, as NQ Kyrios had outlined before launch.
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