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  1. Well, I don't think I bought any of those then. All the ones I bought seemed to have normal prices (starting from a few million quanta). The remark that if I was really into buying and selling abd then I must have paid attention to the price is also not quite so. What I do is: say I look for a schematic, see that it costs 2 million, and is only available in Lacobus. Then I fly to Lacobus, buy 10 of those and put them on sale in Allioth for 2.5M each. I did not notice any schematic with "absurd" prices like 20.000 or so. Also I was busy finishing my Capital Ship (illyria, nice ship, check out the video) and in the meantime started building another one. This is why I said it is possible I bought some of those, but if you are saying the prices were 1/100th of the regular price, then nah, I don't think I even saw any.
  2. What about people who unwillingly bought this .... in that time I bought several schematics on different planets (which is how I am earning quanta right now) and I was absolutely NOT AWARE of all this going on --- I didn't even pay attention to the prices that much, just bought some on outer planets then flew back to Allioth and put them on sale, which is what I have done several times since the 0.23 patch. Maybe I even did not buy any of the "cheap" ones - I don't know.
  3. And then she said "What do you mean it's not there anymore?". To which I had no answer. So I left. 2 Cents. Many months went by, many a leaf fell, and the box was red. .... Hard spins. A bunch of undomesticated equines drank a coke. .... Wait, what? Sorry, I thought we are in the "Let's pull out incoherent writ out of the neither eye" Section of the forum.
  4. More weird things happening. I just crafted (nanocrafter) Silicon Scrap - twice. None of it is in the inventory. In fact it is nowhere to be found.
  5. Yes, I posted this yesterday in the "Beta / Announcements" Forum. The message comes as if I had a Repair Unit (which I don't).
  6. It's still a bit weird that all the planets are devoid of fauna, moreso as I mentioned in my DU Video Review that you can hear birds singing but there are none to be found. If NQ continues with the mentality that only players should create content Dual Universe will very soon become a dead and empty Universe.
  7. No. As we said the message says "The BP of XY was successfully created". But in the inventory there is no BP. Yesterday it worked ONCE for me after trying maybe 123 billion times ... and today it does not work again, no matter how often I try or what I do (logout, delete cache, blabla)
  8. again: "Repair units are enabled again" I think you did an " UPDATE * without the WHERE clause there, because it now says, whenever I exit build mode of my ship "Failed to take a snapshot" ... which sounds a lot like the ship was trying to take a snapshot just like what a Repair Unit (AFAIK) does ... but I DO NOT HAVE A REPAIR UNIT. What it also did, apparently, is brake the blueprint creation again - after I tried, oh maybe a 100 times yesterday to create a BP of my ship, and despite positive message no BP was being created in my inventory it finally worked. Today: not so much. I just tried a dozen more times to create a BP of my ship again --- nope.
  9. So ... any news on this? I too cannot create BP of my ship (despite positive message), and have worked over a month on my ship ...
  10. Sure, but then it should be explained as such. There should be a believable lore. What I am talking about is the general lack of structural physics. Like when you mine some big chunk of ore on the surface, then you mine out everything underneath and the rest is just FLOATING there. That is stupid.
  11. The solution is at least some kind of structural physics. It is ridiculous seeing a 2km high 1-voxel "hair" even STANDING let alone holding the weight of a whole building, landing pad + 100s of tons of ships. That is just embarrassing and it destroys any immersion just seeing that. Voxels and all elements already have mass, weight and volume. So, there should be some static / structural parameters in place, i.e. if you want something to be able to stand 2km high - it must have a certain width and must be made of certain materials which can be able to support a certain weight on top of them. This whole thing is just stupid to be honest: I mean you could build such a "hairline" tower then build a whole factory on top of that and then simply delete the "tower" and voila - now you have a floating building. That is just horribly wrong. You want a structure 2km above the ground? Alright - but then you really have to build some beefy supporting structures underneath that, which will be able to support all the weight and also be stable enough to not succumb to gravity / winds, etc.
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