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  1. Haven't received a single thing. Neither STUs nor anything else. But hey, this is the game where a small light weighs 80kg but a mountain weighs zero and can float, so what else is new ... And I don't really care anymore. Just perusing the forums for amusement.
  2. Yeah, lol, it is even worse than before, it's like GI is not working at all, and nothing like what they showed in their image of that room with those cube shapes etc. I showed how this is worse in one short video. Not like I am playing anyway, but just wanted to see if they have finally managed to fix the lights after so many years.
  3. Main Pillars of DU: Exploration: the game is "ready for release" yet its first of the main pillars is COMPLETELY MISSING. There is nothing to explore, because there is nothing to see worth your time or effort. Barren wasteland, nothing to find, no aliens, no ancient civilizations, no real artifact, no unique planetary features worth exploring. Move along. Building: so-so ... the question is why though? There is no purpose behind building anything really (besides maybe ships) because there is no system dependency. You can build a fake garden out of plastics but you don't NEED to build it, because there are no dependent game mechanics tied to it. So you are wasting time and energy for something that is completely pointless and nothing will change whether you build it or not, nothing will be risked, nothing will be gained. Also, it's fake so nothing will grow in it. Move along. Economy: lol RPG: wait, what? Ooohhh so that's what the end of this acronym ("MMORPG") stands for .... I see. Well, nothing to see here, move along. PvP: another lol ... or wait! Maybe, you know, if you had built a garden which happens to be in that specific spot of land with its unique features, and the only place known where the produce is 900% higher than anywhere else, thus making that garden extremely sought after, so you have to defend it with everything you got, because some players might try to attack you and occupy your land where this garden is ...... oh, I forgot again, there is nothing of the sort here. Move along. Social: Ha! After 8 years, the game is now ready for release.
  4. Managing to break the lights even more is a talent in itself:
  5. I had done this in the beta. I wanted to gift 2 keys to 2 of my friends, one of them being an EVE Veteran - they flat out refused.
  6. It's a game made by 2 people, and has more content and entertainment in it right now than DU has after spending 30 million dollars and 7 years of development.
  7. Yes, the french state administration is still debating what to do about the invasion from a certain neighbouring country that overwhelmed their lands some 70 years ago ... I hear a massive "strategic retreat" is in the talks.
  8. My game loop right now is playing Planet Crafter. Great game so far:
  9. I built ships while waiting for the game (exploration, rpg ...). It never came. I stopped playing.
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