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  1. Wait, what?! So: I need to go to RDMS -- then I need to click on my Tab (and not on my ORG tab) And then there, inside my tab I need to setup the tag, the policy and the right. And then I need to go to the static core and "give" it this Tag?
  2. So, are you saying I need to go into RDMS then I need to click on the Player Tab on the top (and not on the ORG tab) .. and then create a Tag, a Policy and Rights inside the player TAB? Now, I suppose as an Actor I need to insert the ORG? (as in which actor needs the right to use the mining unit)
  3. No I did no such thing. I said it is not about someone SPAMMING, it is about YOU not being allowed to WRITE one single WORD here IN THIS FORUM. And if someone wants to spend 3 hours writing in the general chat about their sexual activities I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK. He should be free to do so if he so wishes. You can have normal functions in the chat where you cannot flood the chat - as in, yo write 2 messages then you have a delay of 30 seconds or so before you can write again - which is a normal standard function used in many Live Chats. ONCE MORE: I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THE CONTENT OF WHAT HE IS WRITING. He is free to write whatever the hell he wants.
  4. I think you are on purpose doing so as if you do not understand what I am saying. THERE SHOULD BE NO BLOODY MODERATION. FREE SPEECH means F R E E speech. As in: you should be free to say whatever the hell you want --- "I just said this one thing here. What, you feel offended by that?! GET THE FUCK OVER IT." You cannot "promote free speech" but then go and ban certain words. It reminds me of Orwell's "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others" It also reminds me of Battlefield V (a game I hate with passion) where in the chat you could write "black man", "asian man" but the words "white man" were censored. Do you see now where this leads? Tomorrow someone will Report me or you because they find our player name or our Org name "offensive". It doesn't matter that that notion is stupid, illogical and wrong - it matters that SOMEONE SOMEWHERE feels "offended" by it. So they will moderate YOU and ME.
  5. Oh I am not talking about someone spamming that. I am talking about YOU not even having the right to WRITE that word ONCE here. That's what I am talking about. That is "arbitrary free speech", as in "you are free to think and say WHATEVER you want, just don't say THESE SPECIFIC WORDS". "Whatever you want" and "but not these words" is a contradiction. You are not allowed to have a free opinion today. You are not allowed to freely speak. Everything is moderated and curtailed as to not "offend" someone. Every edge is softened, everything must be watered down. If you think that some phenomena is stupid, weird, down-right wrong or whatever, and that is YOUR opinion, you are still not allowed to say it. Because reasons.
  6. And I have a problem with you not having the right to actually even write out that infamous "N" word. Because apparently it is no problem if "one set of people" use that word but it is a "big no-no" if another set of people uses that word. See? Arbitrary free speech. And this is why this world has gone to shit.
  7. I have now lost 3 Charges with this BS, tried to set up RDMS following some kind of logic - but the RDMS system is so out of whack and so complex I really wonder how the brain of the lad/lass who programmed this actually works .... I have the following situation: I have a tile, which is owned by me. I have a static core which is owned by my ORG (because thank you NQ, as a player I cannot deploy more cores --- I am actually a ship Builder, I have used all cores pretty quickly) I have a miner which is owned by me. Appreciate the players in the chat who were trying to help by telling me that I have to "give the Mining Unit Rights to territory". But that was unfortunately super unclear. Because apparently you also need to set up Policies, Tags and so on. Now the question is: Set up policies for the Player or the ORG? As in: when you open RDMS you have 2 big tabs on top - one for the player and one for the org. So in my specific case, where as described the territory is owned by me, the core is owned by ORG and the miner is owned by me, how am I supposed to go about this? Do I set up Tags, Policies and Rights for the Tab "player" or for the tab "ORG"? Then: Do i have to "give" this Tag (with the rights and policies in it) to the Territory Unit or to the Static Core or to both? This is so frustrating - this whole unintuitive and unnecessarily complex RDMS system. But hey, it's NQ right, so why make it intuitive and simple when you can make it complicated?
  8. I also noticed that somehow the calibration charge talents aren't doing much? I have them both (normal and improved) at lvl 5 which should reduce the charge regeneration for at least 2 hours, so instead of it needing 4 hours as it says for regeneration, it should only need 2 ... but I just calibrated one miner and it says the next charge will be generated in 3 hours and 59 minutes ....
  9. I also used the cone a few times and found it to be useless ... then I only used the "area" tool, with middle mouse button to make it larger or smaller, then I found the brightest spot of ore - which then if you hover over it, shows up to 100% target on the left side bar. I then placed the final point on that spot. And the ore spawned where i placed the point. It also shows the Destination marker on that spot. I too just blindly "played" with it a bit, because like you, the db101 wasn't any help really.
  10. Do you really think this was implemented because of cheating .....? As I said cancel culture .... it was implemented to protect overly "sensitive" players who feel insulted by comments on the internet and want a "safe space" ....
  11. What's all this with alts and what not? Ban the alt BS completely - you are ONE person, not multiple persons, unless you have a mental disorder, in which case you shouldn't be playing DU anyway but be fed pills in an asylum. Arghhh I too had many many many beta keys - but I gave them all away to people, and I don't have a single "alt". I am one person therefore one character in the game, and that's how it should be. FFS ....
  12. Because the Maintenance runs until 15:30 GMT ?
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