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  1. Are you using Tier1 scrap to repair? That takes a loooooong time. Use Tier 3 or 4.
  2. I AM talking about other moons/planets. The high tier ores are already depleted, almost completely. You can still find a bit of Tier 4 (very little) or Tier 3, but other TIer 4 and 5 .... nah, gone.
  3. Ahahahaha .... all ore will be gone in a matter of a few months. The high tier ore is already almost completely gone. Everywhere. And the game is not even released yet, lol. Just one more case of developers underestimating players.
  4. Yeah, how dumb is that "-5% mass when put down". What do you mean when put down? So, we would have to first wait for days or weeks to train the talents abd only then build our ships or used our containers, because the mass will be reduced only when we "put down" the container. The same is valid for atmo brakes and some other elements. Imagine how stupid this is: I would now have to completely dismantle the ship in order to "put down" the elements again. And most of them are enclosed in voxels or painstakingly aligned - a process which took a lot of time in my case.
  5. This is utterly false. It is always "nice to hear", but is proven to be false.
  6. Wait, what?! No! WTF ... I was so looking forward to that - making the planets actually INTERESTING and worth exploring not just this bland industry-crap all around.
  7. You really think that? You DO know that MANY are actually 12 or so ...
  8. Alright. Got it. Wasn't sure about that since many things don't seem to adhere much to Laws of Physics (like the fact it does not matter where you put retro-rockets, they still work ...).
  9. I don't partake in pvp, but I'll take the acceleration, although just before did not notice much of a difference TBH.
  10. Just strapped 3 more space angines to my ship - the max speed is still 29.999 kmh. So ... what exactly is the point of more engines, except consuming more fuel?
  11. Interesting ... Do carry on, I would really like to hear your thoughts on this.
  12. Not wanting to hijack the thread, but since it is about ship building: How come my atmo ship which uses Hover Engines, and is not really balanced (as in some elements are not completely aligned) stays perfectly still in once place while hovering - but my spaceship which uses Vertical Boosters instead, although aligned to the millimeter keeps veering off to one side or another - as in, the moment I sit on the command chair, and the ship hovers a little it starts going either backwards, or sideways and the only way to keep it in one place is if I keep holding the break key. What sorcery is this? TBH I hate vertical boosters, the hover engines on my atmo ship are superior.
  13. At least that's something. This is what I see at that page:
  14. For hours now, the server has been completely sucking. Repeated disconnects, then a Queue with hundreds, then Timeout, then when finally connecting the inventory is empty. Then getting disconnected again, then once connected after an hour cannot move things between inventories, keep getting "Internal Server Error". Then a bunch of other errors .... Is there some page somewhere where we can see the current server status or something? Because here, in this forum there doesn't seem to be anything.
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