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  1. Can someone please enlighten me on this "janko" thing -- where does the term come from? I go on vacation for a month and when I get back it's janko-this, janko-that, jankomancy ... cannot remember having ever seen the term before August ....
  2. It is indeed ... well, maybe not "normal" but it is what this game needs. ALL OF YOUR BANDWIDTH - no matter how much it is.
  3. What do you mean exactly? Has so much happened since I went on holidays?
  4. Automining would really be nice .... I have several Mega Nodes which I haven't touched yet because, well, no time to mine for hours really. P.S.: What's with this "Newbie" Rank thing ... why are we all noobs all of a sudden (I have been here since 2016 ...). I must have missed something (was on holidays in August ...).
  5. It has been a while since I last logged in. I was building my latest top of the line L-Core Ship, and have maybe built 30% of it ... but since then (it must be over a month I think) I just had some other things to do, and so did not have time (or the will) to continue building. And, as some have said, there is not much else to do (at least for me) ... so I was just waiting for a few updates, until more *content* comes ... and STILL WAITING FOR #MEGA! (Make Exploration Great Again) Now ... in a week or so I will go on holidays, so I will probably not log in for another 6 weeks or so .... therefor, maybe some time late September.
  6. I haven't noticed anything ... I don't understand anything of what you are saying ...
  7. I know ... I lived through it all ...
  8. That was the problem in the socialist countries. In none of them was communism ever actually achieved. Because they abused socialism and turned it into totalitarianism.
  9. I backed this game as a Ruby Founder from the very beginning on Kickstarter and had not even heard of EVE at that time (and of course I have never played it) ...
  10. Might be good, don't know. But what I DO know is that I really don't like the voice of that woman ... she sounds like those clerks (in USA) who work at some store and always put an ARTIFICIAL SMILE and talk to you with a squeaky "sweet" voice but actually hate their job and are dead inside. Or like those hired female voiceover people for some Techno Channels on YouTube when you just FEEL that she absolutely has no idea about the subject matter and is just reading a script. This one here also sounds as if she is smiling the whole time while explaining to us how to obliterate each other with capital ships and fighters, lol.
  11. Ah yeah, what happened to that ... didn't they all trumpet something about a 17 June release or so?
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