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  1. I built ships while waiting for the game (exploration, rpg ...). It never came. I stopped playing.
  2. That video was so rivetting! It shows perfectly how engaging, heated and tense PVP in DU is ... /zZzzzZzzzz
  3. Blablabla bla bla bla bla? Bla. Bla?! Bla bla! Blaaaahh ....
  4. As stated many times, if they did the things which I mentioned (in my video as well) then yes. Otherwise no.
  5. Hahahaha ... this is just comedy ... I was already at the limit when I stopped playing because as a ship builder I did need many cores, for each ship I showcased, plus the base/showroom itself, then the bloody MUs ... but now ... Anyway, I don't really care anymore ...
  6. Why does every single one of you automatically assume "having to eat, cook, crap" when we say "survival elements"? No one is talking about having to eat and drink and what not. What we talk about (what I also explicitly mentioned in a video of mine) is survival elements as in: no possibility to breathe under water. Needing shelter from natural elements (storms, rain, snow, cold). Making it so that you actually DIE if you fall into an abyss. Making it so that you cannot simply fly off into space sitting on a bloody chair without any protection around you. All that ties in together with energy, industry and so on. And of course you can have food and crops and animals and everything - not because you need to consume food every 5 minutes (which is stupid when used in many games), but because through crops and food you have other linking game loops, and the food you can use for boosts or whatever. Ugh!!! God it pisses me off when people keep copy-pasting only the same one argument ignoring everything else ...
  7. Of course there are ... anyone experience and say anything, you will jump to say the contrary, and how everything is so nice and dandy and we, all except you, are somehow wrong ... We've been here since 2016. We are still waiting for the actual GAME. Which isn't there, and most probably never will be, unless some radical change happens.
  8. What does his name have to do with anything ...? Maybe, oh I don't know, he is a veteran of the game, like some of us, and unlike some others who post cheap comments and ad hominem attacks.
  9. What's with all the Necros and parallel universe warped posts here ...
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