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  1. What are you talking about? Each light bulb in my house weighs over 70 kg. I just changed the one in my office, the standard E27 light bulb - had to call my daughter to help me lift the damn thing, and then use titanium wires instead of copper to hold it.
  2. Yeah, I remember quite a few of them. They have disappeared.
  3. I like your videos. And your accent. Especially when you say stuff like "look at that MANIAC!" Which, BTW, currently is the only interaction I have with DU.
  4. I just log in to see if anyone has bought any of my blueprints (so that I can pay the stupid taxes) and log out again. And even that I just do less and less ...
  5. Oh boy, when I suggested this almost 2 years ago in a series of videos, and then again 1 year ago on one of my main videos, I was so attacked for suggesting this, although I tried to convince people how completely stupid the current skill system is ... ah, who cares, nothing matters anyway.
  6. No, I wouldn't. I could have 100s of alts right now. But I simply cannot do that. I cannot play as "more than one person" because I am just one person. That is kind of schizophrenic to me. When I play an RPG I try to build up, skill etc. my character, i.e. that ONE character I am playing as. Switching from one character to another in the same game world is for me completely detestable. Even when I used the VR those 2 times maybe I felt this. It was just wrong. I felt like I am cheating on myself.
  7. Here, I just made a video RIGHT NOW, to show you that I am using Standard Gamma and also to show what happens when you dial up the gamma all way up, like what msoul did, just to make a bloody screenshot .... The audacity, really.
  8. Just what on bloody earth is this?! Did you seriously just dial up the Gamma to ELEVEN, just to make this screenshot? With the standard Gamma (1.0) - because anything above 1.0 makes even the night into day and everything becomes white and washed out -- THIS IS HOW IT ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE: Now see: #1 -- The gigantic light is right next to that Exit Sign object - yet you cannot see the side of the object AT ALL - it is not at all illuminated although the bloody lamp is right smack next to it. #2 -- There is thick column right there in the back -- it is completely dark here and cannot be made out at all, althought we have TWO gigantic lamps right next to it. #3 -- You cannot make out the edges of that wall at all, although it is just 2 meters away from from two gigantic lamps. ---- Holy shit balls of steel .... just look at his "district teleporter" sign hahahahaha ... it is COMPLETELY WASHED OUT. You can literally SEE that the gamma is turned all the way up .... Unbelievable ...
  9. What is the point of this Thread? Are you actually NQ? Lighting is completely broken in DU, it was broken since the beginning or thereabouts of beta (some time during that time happened something where the lighting completely changed). This also introduced some kind of a haze. Want proof? How about you go to any market, look at the corners where there are Square Lights L, which according to you are "the best" -- and see how they illuminate NOTHING. I.e. they illuminate a few meters in front, but just a meter to the side, or if you walk a bit away there is no illumination at all - the landing pad is completely dark. They are completely and utterly broken. In my ship, when Inside, I could put 10 Square Lights L and just half a meter away there will still be completely dark corners. And the "Global Illumination" blabla does not help at all in this case. I have several videos where this can be seen - I have shown my giant shop sign which is made of RED VOXELS and if the sun is not shining directly at them, then they look BLACK (completely dark, one cannot make out the colors). Why would red voxels look BLACK if the sun is just slightly to the side? Is this how it works in RL? No, of course not. Further more, what is the point of lighting, like Vertical Lights L, which seem to be the only lights that actually do illuminate stuff -- when you cannot see them AT ALL anymore once you go just a few hundred meters away or so? I mean, the idea behind putting many Lights L is to illuminate the territory and structures so that they can be visible from FAR AWAY. If you are in a city suburb - does the whole city lighting DISAPPEAR once you go 500 meters away? More proof of broken lighting: If you fly with your ship at night - which does not need to have any light on it --- and even if you are 2000m above ground - all around your ship THE GROUND is lit up - you can make out trees and everything. This is utterly stupid of course. Why would the ship "edges" light up the ground which is 2000m below the ship? Even more proof: On my territory I demolished a mountain range and created a lake. And in this lake I created a crater which is some 50+ meters below the water level. If I didn't tell you - you would not know that I am under water at all --- because the sunlight is 100% the same intensity as it is above the water. Just if you looked up, you could make out some "waves" above you. This was also better before and then it got broken like the whole lighting did. More proof? During the Alpha, the dark side of planets were DARK - AS THEY SHOULD BE --- now they are not dark anymore, they are slightly lit - artificially, which does not make sense and makes the whole universe look SMALLER and not so DEEP and immersive. More proof? Try building a ship at night, and do use THOUSANDS OF LIGHTS, yet in some corners it will still be PITCH BLACK -- so you might think to yourself "Oh, I will use my torchlight here" - then you do that, and ALTHOUGH YOU ARE DIRECTLY SHINING the torchlight on the wall just 50cm away from you -- YOU STILL CANNOT SEE ANYTHING. It's like the torchlight is NOT WORKING AT ALL --- this happened many times to me, and I had to turn around and try to light up the ground just to see if the damn thing is working at all. EDIT: Here, I just went and took these images of my ship. It is daylight, and there are 20 Lights L on my territory. The honeycomb is ORANGE STEEL - you can see in the last part of the image HOW IT SHOULD LOOK LIKE. Yet, look how the ship wall looks, DARK / BLACK -- even if I use the torchlight. And as I said IT IS DAYLIGHT. There is your "lighting" ...
  10. Tried all of them. They annoyed me. So I turned them off again ... As you say, if they would at least do something, and without the annoying sound.
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