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  1. Some basic warp cell calculator. Key features: Includes all planets and all moons Shows entire trip cost, fourth and back with option to define weight on trip back. In case you plan to mine 2KT of ore you can always calculate how much it will cost you Finds cheapest warp route if end destination is further than 500SU Has 4 different view modes where you can only show solar map Option to click on planet in solar map to select it Automatic selection of the planet if you have selected warp destination Fully 3D solar map which can be dragged around to
  2. Get 3 characters: Maxed mining, maxed piloting, maxed industry. use one to mine ores, use second one to transport those to your base. Use third to process them into end products. Entire process give your allot more then you could achieve with one character and its based on your will to put out extra real bucks into few extra subs. You will need to transport your ore in any case after mining, so having master pilot as your alt will get you allot better results, while you can transport your ore into your base and process them with best results with your third account. If you cant realize h
  3. Updated the code to include new container sizes as it was out of date and adjusted some of the ore calculations to be more accurate. Och and just FYI you can rotate view on a screen with included settings window.
  4. You might want to look up some bigger orgs which should be packed with more or less all possible elements.
  5. You might simply stop and start again PB if you renamed container after you started PB, as container detection will be done only once on startup for efficiency sake. Everything else seam to work properly as of basic testing i just did.
  6. Issue with engines is obvious, I do have some possible solution to minimize current poor state with minimal changes. Simply add engine generators as separate element which can be linked to engine and you would gain extra 95% of power with same fuel consumption. So basically you could place generator inside ship, connect it to engine, lose some small amount of total power but have 1 less engine. Expanding on that. This could be exponential, like connect one generator and gain 95% power, connect second generator to same engine and gain 90% of power from that and so on. So you could have one engi
  7. https://github.com/GcGoat/DU-OreMonitor Some basic Ore Monitor script to show your current stock in one or multiple screens by utilizing only one PB while having option to change what it shows on screens by simply clicking on them. Vertical or horizontal view can be picked and in case you need you can click on any tier to only show it. Multiple colors can be picked from given list while mix matching what you want, as seen from example. Databank will help out in keeping saved options next time you activate PB, so once set it will run without any need to reset it Re
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