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  1. and this row of voxels is supposed to ensure that the entire core runs in parallel? You can't see a grid line, only the blue glowing cube. In the meantime, I've tried so many things back and forth, but I wasn't really satisfied.
  2. Unfortunately, there are insufficient possibilities for moving static cores. By this I mean more precisely that it is almost impossible, if a building has several cores, to implement this via blueprint, because there is simply no grid to which one can align the cores. it is also apparently a matter of luck in which direction one then places the cores. If this is not sufficiently complicated for you, you can also copy-paste the conversion, not only core to core, but unfortunately only set fragments of the content in properly sounded out cores. This is also time-consuming, as the size of the c
  3. There are probably still some voxel remnants of wrecks distributed, but hardly anyone wants to salvage them, as it would be rather a minus business in terms of the cost-benefit factor.
  4. It is imperative, before the system is introduced, that regulations are created to prevent entire planets from being taken over by thousands of sub-organisations, only to harvest them automatically. In this way, countless sub-orgs are created through the capture of territories and the prize, without any sense behind it. Players can already hardly find real organisations because there are many more fake organisations. Do we really want players to claim whole planets and then fill them with production facilities as if they were harvest fields, or do we want to see towns and villages on planets?
  5. In the latest update, the automatic ore deposits are now given in "litres per hour". Now there is a lot of speculation about this, including how they will work. In addition, there are now a large number of players scanning the tiles and already blocking/taking them. Accordingly, all the worthwhile tiles with high-quality and many litres per hour are taken in a short time. Now it would possibly make sense to counteract this hype. One could introduce this mining option with preconditions, e.g. it would only be possible to enable automatic mining if the tile is completely harvested of ore be
  6. Die Org kann allerdings ihre Mitglieder entsprechend unzählige unterorgs erstellen und das Problem an sich einfach umgehen. Dabei stellt sich dann nur die FRage des Vertrauens in Mitspieler jeden Ranges. Hatte ich ja im anderen Beitrag schonmal erklärt.- Aber eine Großstadt das sich über mehrere Tile und tausende von Cores erstreckt, sollte meines Verständnisses nach niemals in der Hand eines einzigen Spielers stehen. (Ja ich bin gegen jede Form der Diktatur!) Dynamische Cores können einfach per tool weggeschoben werden. Dauert sich etwas mit der Weitene
  7. Das Problem beim Nutzen der Orga-Mechanik zum "mehr" Core-Erstellen ist allerdings, dass man eigentlich nur 5 Orgas je Charakter zur Verfügung hat, also momentan dann 275x 5 ->>ABER, dann kann man keiner anderen Orga mehr beitreten, um zb Bündnisse zu schaffen. Also würde es eher so hinauslaufen: 4x257 Cores +1 normale Org. Die Unterorgas kann man nicht nutzen, denn diese nutzen so lange das Core-Limit der Mainorg, bis man in die unterorg mit einem weiteren Charakter (Twink) bemannt und dieser dann die Cores ausskillt. Das ist halt blöd, denn man benötigt dafür dann nen zweiten accoun
  8. Wer ohne Radar unterwegs ist,....hört sich eher an, das man einen Grund sucht, um das Spiel schlecht zu machen.
  9. Ich bitte die Entwickler sich sehr gut zu überlegen, ob sie den Nerf für die Organisationen und deren Anzahl an erstellbaren Haupteinheiten durchführen. Das Bauen ist Hauptbestandteil in Dual Universe und wird durch diese Haupteinheiten eh schon stark eingegrenzt, entsprechend setzt dies schon eine Limitierung unserer Ideen und Möglichkeiten im Spiel uns auszuleben. Nicht nur die Anzahl an Möglichkeiten, sondern auch die Zeit, die wird dann im Spiel aufwenden wird dadurch an eine Grenze stoßen, an dem wir eben nichts mehr bauen können, weil alle Coreplätze belegt sind. Was soll ich denn nach
  10. A good game doesn't have to have PvP as its main content, it is perfectly sufficient to have PvP as a side content to keep this PvP minority happy. You see World of Warcraft and the arena or battlefields there, these are instanced - the free world itself is hardly used there to experience PvP, but rather ignored by the masses. In Dual Universe I see a lot of solo players who want to build their ships or houses, city facilities, very many don't want to experience active PvP, try it out, yes - but as a duty, no. Building the world, letting creativity go free is the ultimate goal of this ga
  11. I am aware that you have to level the game in terms of income and expenses, but you should not calculate the costs as less than they actually are or will be. Wages will steadily rise, as will various expenses. Means you should always build up a buffer in between to bridge certain periods of time. As far as the player base is concerned, Dual Universe is a very special game, one must not forget that it does not offer the "normal content" that many players are used to from other games and would therefore keep them busy as long-term content. (Dungeons, Raids, Arena, Quests, Achievement System, P
  12. Can I also create the trees myself and distribute them in the area or will they only be set once again in the world? Would like to embellish some buildings with it, there was once a forest that was cleared by construction work. replanting would be a great tool now!
  13. I myself came to DU because it was said in a promotional video that you could build a civilization here without any restrictions, that you can develop freely and that there are no regulations that you have to follow. The same was said in the tutorial. There was no mention of having to join others, nor was there any indication that PvP would be mandatory. Likewise, I could not see that you are enormously dependent on various elements when building ships. Who please builds 200 wings or umpteen engines/... on an airplane? That's an enormous cut into the game world and the creativity of the player
  14. Sie haben doch schon mehrfach bestätigt, dass es KEINEN Wipe geben wird, also bitte, was soll diese eigene Meinung? Fall es auch extremen Technischen Problemen her doch kommen sollte, wird dein Fortschrit in Blaupausen gesichert. Man hat also keine Nachteile, jetzt schon anzufangen, sondern sogar Vorteile, da man viele aufbauen kann.
  15. Wouldn't it have been enough to leave the post open and just remove the link? The topic itself was interesting.
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