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  1. Just make some question and put numbers (numbering) in front of the questions. Then players can put their "smiley" sign underneath accordingly with numbers.
  2. You can have polls created via Discord, especially since a bit more players notice it there than here.
  3. Let's see how many ALts remain when all have to pay subscription.
  4. It's interestingly written, right. Please note that this comparison is made with at least 3 accounts, which is operated by this player. So is it intentional to use multiaccounts to get such advantages in the game as a result? So through this he gets the 60% area and the others with 30% to reach these values with very high skills. So considering that he can get out more because he uses multiple accounts and even says he has them with about 50Million skill points. I find the values not particularly good, considering how long new players will need to skill everything through. So in the end he calls 5,000,000 per area at 1,000,000tax per area. I find that sufficient for now. At the same time, however, frightening, because this is only possible because he plays with several accounts and spends at least 90 minutes a day calibrating them and does not play at all. Many players have 90 minutes a day of pure gameplay, so it's not even possible for them to fully miner for 90 minutes or even run this calibration game in this mass. So when do we get to enjoy this game with game content? From all the text and calculations, thank you yes. But it also shows how dull and boring the Demeter game is and the direction it will go. Have you read the whole text?
  5. Thank you for the information. At the moment it still does not help me how to improve the problems at my location in the game. At the beginning it said that the enormous number of elements drags down the performance. In the meantime I have removed almost all machines and elements. No improvement. Another culprit was the enormous change in the ground due to terraforming. But with Demeter the ground is completely freed from this, again no improvement. As a third possibility, my typical Borg structure was blamed in the meantime, but here too, I have meanwhile removed almost 100 cores - no improvement. Especially since with this structure the grid does not indicate any load.
  6. so now we should all go to at least 3 accounts to get enough calibrations to supply economic fields?
  7. I don't know, is there a similar law in France as there is in Germany? Called "unfair competition" here Bundesnormen&Gesetzesnummer=10002665
  8. Sometimes I think you knowingly design the game in such a way that fewer and fewer people want to play DualUniverse. It certainly won't attract new players. Really: I just don't understand it. Have you never played yourselves? In the end, is it really just because we players built too much too fast? It all feels like a punishment with Demeter.
  9. Why not just make the MUs completely automated? Set them up, connect them to containers, start them and that's it. If you want to do this "mini-game", please feel free to have it, but as an added bonus, without influencing the MiningUnit.
  10. Again: calculating with such maximum values is and remains wrong, because you cannot guarantee them and they only apply on a field with 60%. If you want this 60%, you need the interaction of 7 fields, whereby only the middle field will have this 60%, the others only 30%. The whole calibration is very luck-dependent and can break any calculation again. Likewise, if you do not always set the calibrations at the right time.
  11. Moons are great, at least if you use Space-Only ships. Who wants to go to the overpopulated planets?
  12. The 230 litres are only if they have max skills and 60% tile bonus and do NOT calibrate via VR. So it's the best you could get if you got everything out through skills and luck. Many streamers show how exactly these 230 litres are not a standard, they all seem to be unable to manage this and usually get values between 98-182 litres. Maybe he'd like to stream a round and prove how real these numbers really are, if it's that easy.
  13. I can only speak from my point of view, I have achieved an enormous amount in the game, mostly for the reason that I just have a lot of free time. so accordingly I have accumulated an ingame wealth, whereby it is mainly industry and a hell of a lot of space cores and steel voxels. Do I feel like losing them? Of course not, but I would understand and participate in a full wipe if it were a full wipe that really let all players start with the same conditions in the game. I would then no longer put so much time into the game until release (especially the grind and astro-mining), but my subscription would still actively continue as an annual subscription and automatically renew, simply because I love this game and want to support it. And now comes the important point: I want honesty from NQ in this regard. And this openness is missing. It doesn't feel honest, like a clear statement. I wish, no matter what it becomes now, that either something is done reasonably or not at all. Because if it's purely about beta player advantages over a new player, anything would be an advantage and grave, whether it's BP, skill points or areas that would be preserved. - "Yes we will fully mop up and agree that it will deliver the best result....." - "No, we definitely don't want to wipe as we want to bring new players into the game with different mechanics (more solar system, connecting gates) so we don't lose the progress of the beta" I as a player would like the second point better of course - why can't we look for solutions together with NQ? Present ideas and NQ will check the implementation and give regular feedback, just as we will give feedback. We are "free employees" here who "work" in a beta. A resource that NQ seems not to take seriously or importantly enough. But in the end it is very important, because we are the ones who will provide the income for NQ when we will only pay subscriptions or use a shop. translate from:
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