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  1. I am hoping level heads prevail. I like your idea more then mine. LOL, but I was trying to be reasonable, with newer players needs taken into consideration. And sadly your right, many of us are barely here presently while we wait for NQ to deliver the news.
  2. I tend to agree with you on the wipe, but NQ has a fairly valid point on it (like it or not.) those of us that have been around a while have a sizable leg up already. Some of us have 100+ territories, Unlimited incomes, and endless array of ships and buildings, product lines, etc etc etc.... Yes the skills give us an edge that a newer player would not have, but the system the way it is, they can catchup... as we advance to higher and higher tier skills, they can reach T3 and T4s and be competitive while we can simply enhance our bottom line. (Thinking in terms of sales and construction here.) as you said DU is hardly a PVP game... and the PVP related skills are at best minimal on impact of the game its self. While I'd hate to loose the time invested in those skills, to me the greater impact and probably to many is the time invested in the constructs. A single ship takes weeks, if not longer to flush out.. tweak and then retweak a thousand times. At least having the BPO gives us a chance to get back to where we are. Even if that takes sometime. I don't think a sperate server does the newer players or us older players any good. We would be locked into a dyeing server, with no fresh recruits so to speak, while they would not benefit from our collective years of knowledge. Ultimately one would survive and the other eventually die off, or be merged together eventually... which would lead to probably another wipe of sorts, or a great deal of issues later.
  3. I did say those of us here now, negating your 100 alts. I doubt that overall SP is the main reason for a wipe. I would postulate that the main reason for a wipe would be 2 fold. 1 allow new players a chance to grab some land on Alioth and its moons, as well as other planets. Right now most of the decent territory has been taken. In many cases by barely attentive landlords at best. 2. Allow those newer to get a foot hold before a potentially larger influx of even newer players arrive. The market is what the market is, and frankly I still believe it requires work. Such as the ability to setup an actual player-built market that's not just a collection of crates and actually advertise that it is a market. The simple fact is NQ will likely do a wipe, pretending there won't be one does not help. Providing some reasonable options could.
  4. I know, some of us are in deadly fear of the probable wipe. Some of us have played for years, built an empire.... etc. etc. etc. Some of us meanwhile have a more open mind about such things. We paid knowing there was a risk, we played knowing there was the potential for our vast empires to fall into the sands of time, lost but not forgotten. As such I have a solution that should fit the needs of most. I know not all players,. but most. NQ give those of us here now 2 weeks prior to the wipe, to find 50 things we MUST keep. Give us a box, a special cargo container with a limit in what it can contain... unlimited weight, but only 50 things.. 50 BPs, 50 arrays, 50 sets of voxels, 50 engines, 50 shields, 50 command chairs, or any combination that you can conceive of what we the players MUST keep, hell allow it to take q as well. Never know who may wanna just amass a huge fortune they can not spend for another 3 to 8 months while the game market redevelops. For myself I am a modest man, 2 BPOs of my favorite hand-built ships. 1 BPO of my HQ, a few parts so I can build the smallest ship I love and cannot bear to part with, so I will have a fine fair start, and of course some bricks, in the aluminum flavor so I can start fresh... maybe a core or 3, even if I cannot use them right away. As for our skills, we spent time in earnest helping you develop the game. We pointed out flaws, we in some cases lent our ideas, and even some of us our talents and skills and money to help you bring this game to life. I am not saying don't reset them... but give us some consideration in that area. a refund of sorts, say 10% maybe even if your feeling generous 25%, in the form of spendable points towards our newly reset skills. It would still be a hard blow to many of us, but most of us understand the need to give newer players a chance, and yes this would give us a slight leg up. However consider this, we are your core players right now. many of have been here for quiet some time now. We are the base that your game will expand from. giving us at least a token consideration only goes to help expand the game upon its real launch that much faster. Outright eliminating all we have done and been here for will start you off with a group that is completely disenfranchised with the game, and will inevitably hurt your business in the end. Please take my request into consideration. Respectfully; Admiral S3
  5. I know there are hundreds of LUA's that automate various parts of your ship, and even some very nice, complex LUAs that activate HUDs and screens. The goal of this one is to allow those who don't want a HUD or lack LUA programming skills, to automate their ship to some degree & become familiar with basic LUA coding. For this installation you will need the following items. A programming board. 4 Manual Switches, 1 for the programming board, 1 for the door(s), 1 for the landing gear, 1 for forcefield ramps. 3 relays A Telemeter The ability to copy and paste in LUA A very basic understanding of LUA. Step 1. Press the B key while facing the ship you wish to use this on and begin placing the items you have gathered where you want them. Step 2. Remember to place the telemeter on the bottom of the ship. Step 3. Link the items in the following order.... Link the Command Chair, Cockpit or other controller to a Manual Switch, then link the switch to the programming board. Link the landing gear to a single relay, then link the switch you desire to the landing gear relay, then link the switch to the programming board. Link the door(s) to a different single relay, then link the switch you desire to the relay, then link the switch to the programming board. Link any forcefields to a different single relay, then link the switch you desire to the relay, then link the switch to the programming board and lastly Connect the Telemeter to the programming board. Step 4. Lets make the system operational. Face the Command Chair, press CTRL +L at the same time, this will open the LUA editor. Find "Unit" from the selection on the left. create 2 new filters for start and stop. In the new start filter add this code. pbSwitch.activate() In the new stop filter add this code. pbSwitch.deactivate() Step 5. One of the selections on the left will be marked "Slot##" this can be anything from 1 thru 10 depending on how many items you have connected to the chair prior to this installation. Rename the "Slot##" to "pbSwitch", and now click apply. Step 6. Face the Programing board. press CTRL +L, this will open the LUA editor. On the left you should see 4 "slots" being used. Rename "Slot1" as "landingGearSwitch", Rename "Slot2" as "doorSwitch". and rename "Slot3" as "rampSwitch", lastly rename "Slot4" to "telemeter" be sure to use the capitalization just as i did. Step 7. Select "System" and create new filter "Update" copy and paste the following code into this new filter. if telemeter.getDistance() < 30 and telemeter.getDistance() > 0 then landingGearSwitch.activate() doorSwitch.activate() rampSwitch.activate() end if telemeter.getDistance() > 40 then landingGearSwitch.deactivate() doorSwitch.deactivate() rampSwitch.deactivate() end Step 8. Click apply and exit build mode. Step 9. If you did everything right, on takeoff your doors will close, your ramps will retract and your landing gear will go up. On landing your ramps will automatically deploy, your doors will open and your landing gear will deploy. Troubleshooting: Unless you are receiving a LUA script error, chances are you did not link something in the order listed above. Try fixing your links exactly as described above. Updates and changes will be posted at.... AdmiralS3/DU-Simple-ship-automation: Dual Universe Simple Ship automation (github.com)
  6. 1st allow me to say I applaud the efforts made to make these changes, I like many others see both good and bad in these changes. As such I would like to propose some alternative tweaks, that should be as effective, but also help those players who are ship creators, collectors, and manufacturers. 1. The main issue remains limit of cores a single player may have. Judging by these changes, that number will be 17 for personal use. Lets break these down. 1 core to mine tier 1 ores, 3 cores minimum to mine all tier 2 ores (Based on ore distribution.) 3 cores for their 3, 3 cores for tier 4. That's 9 cores already. Assuming that you can find the ores, setup mining units, and keep them all reasonably together on the same planets. This leaves say a single player ship creator or manufacturer, just 8 cores left to deploy space stations, shops, oh and of course ships they need, or are selling. Needless to say that's not a lot. Join an org then or make one. Okay fine lets add 25 more cores. Even assuming only 2 ships per dynamic core size, that's still 8 cores for the ships alone, and we all know a decent ship creator will have multiple options and varations. So I suggest to combat this, you raise the single player core limit to 40 with out being involved in an organization. 2. Now lets take the next logical step. Organizations, require at least a base limit. Figure 1 Manufacturing base, 1 mining base, 1 “Store” or storage center, and at least 2 organization ships. Then add in the proposed 25 possible per member. 3. Now lets limit the possible number or organizations to limit the number of cores. Each player should be only able to join 3 potential Organizations. 1 A Mega Organization or an Alliance capable of holding many smaller orgs, 2 a Corporation, this being capable of having multiple players and even divisions with in it. The single player could also join or create a division. IE His/her own smaller organization. Each one of these gets the base of 5 cores, and the players can donate the up to 25 cores to any of these 3. 4. I know part of the reason for these changes is to limit the sheer number of “Cargo pods” taking up space around various markets. That's a simple fix. Make them illegal. Make it so a dynamic core must have at least 1 engine, 1 controller, 3 adjustors and must be fueled and moved on a semi regular basis. Any Dynamic Construct that just sits at a market node and never moves get moved to the players/orgs closest base every 15 to 30 days. 5. Allow “store” owners who happen to have stores right next to markets the ability to “rent” space on the market's hex. However make it so that no static cores can be built on the “landing decks” of those markets and NPC owned areas. If they are “Renting” they can deploy a static core near those markets, but those static cores must have more then just 50 XL cargo containers. Problem solved. Now single ship builders, manufacturers and smaller organizations can be happy, while the rest of us can be happy to never see the endless arrays of cargo containers sitting near the markets.
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