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  1. the more achievements and the more points they award the better. that way we can feel like doing a thing has increased or skillpoints for doing that thing more. instead of only being better at something becuase you have subscribed for x time when skills can take months theres no reason to be stingy
  2. my mistake then, with the original release of HQ tiles it sounded like it was a bandaid to sooth builders and legacy projects. unfortunately that leaves a lot up in the air until we know the timelines for when HQ's and the constructs on them will be in danger. it also means years down the lines people who have built neat things and left the game will have those bits of history and points of interest dissolve. basically like on anarchy minecraft servers, some people will focus on destroying the cool stuff and some people will focus on preserving it but the destruction always wins in the end edit: just to say most of the issues I and others have will be solves, or we can work around them/ make them work, once we have all the needed information and know that system or info won't change in the future
  3. excuse me but did they just casually say they will change how hq tiles work and they won't protect our builds forever at like 2:40. like the hq tiles are the ONLY reason territory taxes are ok. I can stop playing for a month or two without stressing out about loosing progress I have been playing since alpha. Even though I can store tax money for weeks at a time it doesn't change the fact that before my vacations or times I am too busy to play I literally panic. I HAVE to log in and check I have enough money, and that's not fun. Having my tiles as HQ tiles is the cure to that. I can have my creative build on hq tiles and industry on taxed tiles. but if they are going to one day make it so that HQ tiles are eventually up for grabs it is a deal breaker. not just for me as a player. but to know that other creators can make a city or a cool puzzle on a tile and leave and that history will slowly dissolve. It would make the game feel like creative endeavors are hopeless and have no chance to be timeless. people might fight to claim the tiles before they are griefed or stripped but I don't think the games goal is to be 2b2t minecraft in space with people litterally fighting to preserve its history from grifers and the games mechanics. also I wanted to say I like the current ore spawning from calibrating, like the ore seems to spawn closer to the mining unit and it is very satisfying to harvest a large pile in one go, I'm into it the only other thing I want to say is the sooner we get in depth date/time and exact specifications for how the final wipe will behave the better. we have all expressed that we want things like keeping our talent points but at the end of the day I just want to know exactly how and when, even if it means the wipe choice is one that makes us mad or screws over alpha and beta players at least we can prepare. there should probably be info/updates in every podcast at the end as well letting people be reminded of how the wipe will go and how to prepare we also like info on what the developers are working on and what they are excited about/looking forward to doing in their own words
  4. 25 constructs is going to be way too low unless we can get a larger copy/paste , upgrade core sizes or mvoe constructs to a larger core with more ease. as a new player I remember adding on smaller cores that I could afford and deploy and then alter on bought larger cores when I could. Perhaps a per planet tweak? I have a house on Sanctuary, a mining area, a ship. so 3 on sanc a mining platform and a house near a market wher ei first settled on alioth, a ship to get to and from markets so 3 tried to claim land and mine more with the new update, 4 mining platforms, a house, a manufacturing area, a ship, so 7 so me, as a noob as player just fiddling around used up what? 13 slots? so half and I was hoping to build ships, display them, play around, make constructs to link my outpost together, get a space elevator, get a core on a player made space station to do a shop what the heck are the people providing ore from multiple planets supposed to do? all those mining platforms and the ships and creative uses?! maybe if they make it so my mining platforms dont care what hex I deploy them in. right now I need a platform per hex this is definently the sort of update where they need to ask first hey guys, how many things do you have? or just get the numbers themselves if their largest, most loyal groups have lots of constructs they shouldn't punish them for treating the sandbox like a sandbox and building what they want I'd love to see creative thigns, like a mining unit only orgs can use that takes ore from all ajacent claimed tiles but takes all yoru charges and only calibrates a bit each time. save some construct slots like.. they say 'you have to have less constructs' but aren't doing anything to help make it so we don't need as many
  5. I am not going to lie, I am 100% in dual universe for the experience of 'landmark online but in space' and I hope that 'free' ore over time will mean more people build random fun things . I do worry that larger builds will not have the needed materials
  6. has anyone been on pts and seen what we will need to craft the mining units?
  7. update: bought time on an account that also used a beta code. rewards are given 'at the start of game time' ie becuase the beta code is used the rewards will not be given until the beta is over and the monthly subscription has started conclusion: not worth worrying about the recruit a friend program until just before the 12 month package price increases later around launch
  8. thank you for headquarter tiles, that removes most of my worries. my only suggestion is to allow a high talent point needed skill that lets us store more money in the territory wallet. that way if you have subscribed and played for a long time you can also leave the game for longer if something happens. like oh this talent takes 6 months, but gets me x amount of extra months of wallet stashing beucase the money is still leaving the economy also please make sure that people / guests can contribute to the tax directly. so organization members can interact with the territory and help pay taxes with a log or an ability to script a log maybe one day be able to script taxes paid x amount can be a trigger for lua/dispensers/ signs etc you know? so like you could have a message board showing like Territory taxes: unit 1 13 mill full unit 2 11 mill full unit 3 etc and then people could vr over to those units and top them up for their org
  9. oh I know I don't get any bonuses from people that subscribed BEFORE the program went live. not like.. recursively. I mean like do i need to be paying a monthly subscription in order for my recruit a friend link to work with someone that doesnt pay for the game yet. since i have an alpha package I'm not subscribing to the game. and the info says 'active subscribers'
  10. I have a pre alpha package, so I'm not technically subscribing, but I'm an active player If I recruit someone I get like a month of free game time, does that get stored to be used when the game goes live? Does the package for getting to play all the beta for free affect getting the recruit bonuses? beucase it says you have to be actively subscribed for it to work. also has novaquark said anything on if they support alts are going to eventually remove/ban alts? thinking of me and some friends buying game time for later before the price change how many years of game time can you buy? like.. can you buy 12 months and then another twelve months for instance
  11. No taxes or talents that reduce talents or more scaling taxes tax me nothing on my first non sanc tile 500k for #2 1mil for #3 then a talent that reduces taxes on your first x amount of tiles for an organization you run reduce taxes 5%, 15 %, 25 %, 50 % but it takes like 5-12 months to unlock the 50% off tax that way you can have a little corner of yoru world, if you work at it, but you have to pay to get some massive empire sprawl
  12. I agree on all points! Logging in often should be an advantage for players, not logging in often should not be a punishment for players. The taxes need to be low enough to not punish players for which game loop they have picked. taxes should be part quanta sink, part restoring hexes of players that have been gone for very long amounts of time. if you leave for 8-12 months it makes sense to loose tiles. and it could make the sanctuary moon more viable, beucase people can move things there and not worry about loosing that tile if they are gone too long there is inflation in dual universe, for instance a piece or ore might be 50 instead of 5. but its only one extra zero right now but if they arent careful they will hit deflation even harder than new world did IF I have to go mine an asteroid to work on my base and ships.. fine but if i am sitting around waiting for an autominer. or honestly if at any point a player logs in and is like.. i need to wait before i can do X and so they log off you've lost my nightmare is people having to grind up savings for many months before they can safely expand oh I better save X amount before I claim tiles or ill be stuck in the mining loop to support the tiles but I do not mind the core concept of... x% of your tile's profits go into taxes since some tiles will have more profit than others but it should probably start with a very low tax and increase with more tiles right now making a lot of money doesnt hurt the game, it means you can make huge things and people can actually buy them
  13. does anyone know which of the items combine or stack? If we have gold or silver, and buy a patron level pack.. do we get 2 lvl one pets etc, and combined beta keys and all the outfits etc?
  14. you can select things both for copy pasting and for changing the material, but there will be limits on how much you can select and you will need to have enough materials. we are also starting to get info on what each materials has weight wise. so you will be able to make your ship out of something basic, then upgrade to something lighter for speed or possibly something heavier, altho it is unclear if denser materials will reduce damage.
  15. I'd rather just see amount of posts and how many of their posts have been liked. little <3 icon and a number . reputation doesn't really mean anything
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