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  1. Ah! That's for pointing that out. You can find a number of player made tutorials for Lua and such on the tutorials section of the website: https://www.dualuniverse.game/tutorials/lua-guide-to-doors As for json.encode() / json.decode(), they simply turn data objects in Lua into a text string and back. For example: -- This is a simple table in lua luaTable = { itemOne = 123, itemTwo = 456, itemThree = 789 } -- this converts that table into a text string jsonTable = json.encode(luaTable) -- this will print that text to the console system.print(j
  2. Hello HomerGAdams! There are actually 3 steps to the process of retrieving and processing the container information The container content is not loaded by default, first you will need to request the content through: container.acquireStorage() This is limited to 10 calls every 5 minutes, if you go over that it will trigger a cooldown. This call is not immediate and takes a (short) time to arrive. Once that data arrives and is available to use an event is triggered on the container slot called storageAcquired() You can simply set a filter on the contain
  3. Lua Screen Units API Many of you have asked us to release more information about the workings of the Lua Screen Units. As such, you can now read the initial API information in the PTS Feedback forum in this post. Please bare in mind that this is a technical prototype, and many things such as UI, feedback, polish and features are not present at this time.
  4. Hello Noveans, We would really like to hear your feedback regarding the Live Support Initiative that we are rolling out. Further information can be found in the DevBlog: Live Support Initiative article. Thank you all for your support!
  5. Hello Noveans, Over the past months, we have been working with the Support and Community teams to better identify the wants and needs of our players. These findings have sparked the initiative to implement a Live Support system to address some of the most common issues during peak times as well as address urgent tickets outside of office-hours. In addition, we’re adding some self-help tools that will enable you to resolve some of the most common issues without having to reach out to Support. The changes described below will be included in the next update. NEW TOOLS We are m
  6. NEW UPDATE ON THE PTS! The Dual Universe Public Test Server (PTS) is online once more! This time, you can take a look at content from the future 0.25 update. More specifically, what we would like our players to test are the following features: The new voxel storage tech. We proceeded to large, fundamental changes in how voxels are stored server-side, optimizing and improving player bandwidth usage going forward. To test this, it would greatly help us i
  7. Hello again Noveans! We have heard your initial feedback on the screens and we want to elaborate on some of your major concerns. Will this affect both screens and content written to the players screen (HUDs)? No, this technological change will affect only screen units at this time. Will all player created work on screens suddenly become non-functional? No, this technology will be available side-by-side with the current technology, both first on the PTS in a prototype state, and eventually also on the Live server. We strongly recommend everyone does test and experiment
  8. Hello Noveans! Currently, screen unit content is an HTML page. We synchronize screen unit content between players by sending the whole HTML; however, screen unit HTML content can be pretty big and uses a lot of bandwidth and frame time to render when updated every frame by a programming board or control unit. This has a significant impact on client performance for players, especially when a lot of screen units are in the same area. Performance improvement is of paramount importance to us and an ongoing request we get from players. Consequently, it is something we will continually work
  9. Hello everyone, I see there is some confusion about the rules. To clarify, the safe zone is intended to be a safe zone. If a construct is inside the safe zone, and you do not have the appropriate rights to use it, then leave it alone. If you bring (through any mechanic) bring the construct outside of the safe zone to destroy/capture it, you will get into trouble. It's that simple. Pushing, Manoeuvring, Bumping, Docking, or in any other way moving a construct that does not belong to you, or you do not have the rights for into pvp space is against the rules. It's just com
  10. Hello Noveans! The announcement for 0.24 Phase One can be found here. The trailer video for 0.24 can be found here. We’d love to hear your first impressions about the new content and improvements.
  11. ANNOUNCING 0.24 - PHASE ONE Over the past several weeks, we’ve published devblogs to give the community a glimpse into our next update. This is our biggest update since beta began, so we’re doing an incremental release for 0.24 to ensure the best quality possible. We’re pleased to announce the first phase has been deployed. Today’s update includes an improved launcher and these key features: The first stage of an ongoing graphics update New voxelmancy tools and functions Organization wallets New jetpack behavior Watch the 0.24 trailer to se
  12. I cannot transcribe in words how cool I think this is. 😱 Amazing work Burble!
  13. Hello again Noveans! A new hotfix has been deployed, and is ready for you to download. Bug Fixes Fixed issue with parked constructs in space. Fixed a Lua exploit. Dual Universe is now in version r0.23.6 Thank you, NQ-Deckard
  14. Hello again Noveans! A new hotfix has been deployed, and is ready for you to download. Bug Fixes Fixed a crash when removing OUT links on an element via the right-click context option. Dual Universe is now in version r0.23.4 Thank you, NQ-Deckard
  15. Hello again Noveans! A new hotfix has been deployed, and is ready for you to download. Bug Fixes Fixed the daily quanta reward, it will now correctly give 150000 instead of 100000. Fixed a voxel exploit. Dual Universe is now in version r0.23.3 Thank you, NQ-Deckard
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