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  1. I cannot transcribe in words how cool I think this is. 😱 Amazing work Burble!
  2. Hello again Noveans! A new hotfix has been deployed, and is ready for you to download. Bug Fixes Fixed issue with parked constructs in space. Fixed a Lua exploit. Dual Universe is now in version r0.23.6 Thank you, NQ-Deckard
  3. Hello again Noveans! A new hotfix has been deployed, and is ready for you to download. Bug Fixes Fixed a crash when removing OUT links on an element via the right-click context option. Dual Universe is now in version r0.23.4 Thank you, NQ-Deckard
  4. Hello again Noveans! A new hotfix has been deployed, and is ready for you to download. Bug Fixes Fixed the daily quanta reward, it will now correctly give 150000 instead of 100000. Fixed a voxel exploit. Dual Universe is now in version r0.23.3 Thank you, NQ-Deckard
  5. Hello Noveans! The r0.23.2 version will be released shortly, so without further ado I give you: The release notes! Improvements [Linking] Better performance link visualization with link tool. [Linking] Links don't show anymore unless you point at an element. [Linking] Ctrl forces the previous visualization of all links at the same time. [Linking] Ctrl+Left-click on an element toggles the visualization of its links. [DRM] Displays the creator name and the DRM flag setting for blueprints in deploy blueprint window and blueprint duplication window. [DRM] Displays a warning in item inspector if the inspected blueprint is not DRM protected OR does not hold any creator (for old alpha blueprints). [DRM] Added a line in build helper for creator name and DRM setting. Reworked the whole audio system for industry units. Improved the ambient music system. Market selection dropdown in the market container now only shows markets with items present as well as the one where you are currently located. Gameplay Balancing/Changes [Schematics] Reduced the cost of some schematics. The difference will be reimbursed for those who already purchased these schematics from the market. Dispensers no longer store items, instead they now create ‘images’ of the items added to the batch. This removes the need to have real items locked up inside dispensers. [Dynamic Constructs] Speed is now restored only when the avatar is parented to a construct. It is not enough for the avatar to just see the construct. Also enables the fact that destroyed cores imply frozen ship. [Lua] Updated codex. Bug Fixes Smooth tools now correctly display pending operation message. Fixed a bug where construct default Lua was overridden when piloting. Fixed a freeze when dying with the Lua editor open. Fixed missing localization text for "Edit recipe bank" RDMS right. Fixed an exploit involving Lua DRM. Fixed Alt-J shortcut for Warp Drive. [LOC] Various localization fixes. Fixed set destination scanner result. Fixed inspecting blueprints. [GUI] Fixed call to request blueprint in duplication panel and deploy blueprint panel. [Tutorial] Fixed some bugs in Industry tutorial that prevented the player from completing it. Known Issues Windows certificate is not up to date. This may prompt a warning message for new players during the first install. It can safely be ignored. Uninstalling the game directly from Windows will leave the game files on the disk. Please use the game dedicated unins000.exe uninstaller located in the game directory for that. Numerous French and German localization issues have already been spotted. In some situations, you may not be able to place a Static Core Unit on your claimed Sanctuary Territory. An error message saying that it's too close to another construct is displayed. This may occur due to being too close to a District. Trying again from a further distance should solve this issue for now. A random rendering crash may occur under some conditions due to low GPU/driver resources. Disabling Volumetric Clouds in Graphic settings may help. Voxel crashes may occur due to low disk/memory. [SFX] Only blue fireworks currently function. [Industries] Talents that impact ingredients of schematic products are not displayed client-side, but the schematic updates with the server schematic when starting. [Screens] Transparent screens display as solid white when loading in close proximity [Screens] High-frequency text updates on screens, cause text to not display or flash. [Elements] In certain situations, elements unload at high speeds. [Elements] Issue causing electronics industries to displace slightly. [Crash] Triggering a detection zone after maneuvering the construct it is attached to leads to a crash. Thank you, NQ-Deckard
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