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  1. Hello everyone, Just to let you all know that we are looking into possibilities to make the element overlap detection a little less aggressive. More news on that will follow soon. - Deckard
  2. I do understand your concerns, but I'd like to reaffirm that we've been very clear about the logs not being a feature and these options potentially being removed at a later date. We are not opposed to players creating wonderful digital creations that work wonders with the game, however backchanneling that data through the games logs using in some cases closed source third party created software to then transfer that to databases stored online with who-knows-what data its collecting is not the right way to create this and that concerns us. None of this means that we don't see the use cases of an API or similar data export options, and we don't know when or how yet. But it's something we can look into in the future. For now however, data exportation will in most cases need to be done via screen units on demand if desired. - Deckard
  3. Hello Noveans, We have released an update today, DU is now in version 0.27.14. The changes can be found below: Exploit Fixes [PVP] Weapons cannot fire while warping. Bug Fixes Prevent deploying any blueprints on asteroids that could lead to a disruption in the asteroid regeneration mechanic. Thank you all for your support! - Deckard
  4. We are never out to hurt anyone, however we do have to protect the security of the game. On top of which, what you're describing above is very much not in accordance with the EULA and will see you get into trouble for it. Reading the log files alone however, does not. There are a number of other concerns, such as the ability to write directly to a players hard drive through the logs. Which is one of the primary concerns about the logging functions. We have also been very clear about this from day one when players found this function. We were not enforcing it, but it was never a "feature", and never included in the codex. I have mentioned on multiple occasions in multiple locations that the logging functions would likely one day be redacted but we would observe what came from them in the meantime. As such, the audio feature is being developed to provide a suitable replacement for the community created audio framework. To be clear, this was also very clearly stated in the patch notes. If you read them carefully you'll notice that the VR capable talents that are mentioned are the ones that count towards the generation of Calibrations. Not the ones that consume them. The camera Lua feature set does not permit a Lua script to take control of your camera. It grants the Lua the ability to read orientation of the camera. Allowing for such things as accurate "Alternate reality" HUD designs, that move with the background and allow you to have virtual "panels" around you. It does not however allow a Lua script to force your camera to look at something.
  5. Actually, a multitude of causes and edge cases leading to this have been fixed. But clearly there may be a few more, will look into it again.
  6. The vast majority of them can actually be spotted from the surface. But you need to be lucky enough to find them. And no, we won't be making them show up on radar and give them away that easily. So on your first point, I'm going to suggest that the many near collisions are not actually with asteroids, and more likely other constructs which is possible as they do exist in space. The actually chance of crashing into an asteroid without looking for it is low. Astronomically low. Like if all asteroids happened to be at their minimum distance to the planet and you flew away from the planet in a random direction. We are talking around about... 1 in 126000000 chance of an accidental collision. Sure, it can happen, and probably will happen in rare occurrences. Statistically, you're far more likely to collide with another player in warp, or other and other constructs while in transit. Should we remove the possibility of that happening for that rare of an occurrence by making your ship "phase through it", no I personally don't believe we should as it creates potentially far more problems, exploits and bugs than it solves. In terms of travel times through space, we do offer warp drives to get their quicker!
  7. Hello Noveans, We have released an update today, DU is now in version 0.27.13. The changes can be found below: Balancing All current territory upkeep has been postponed, effectively adding a tax-free period of two weeks starting today. Newly-claimed territories following this update are, however, subject to normal taxation and will not benefit from the tax-free period. This is a temporary measure that will allow the Design team time to do a balance pass on territories, mining units, and calibration parameters. Exploit Fixes Fixed an exploit in the mining calibration minigame. Bug Fixes Element stacking feedback not displaying correctly. This can be found in the build helper element list under the “Construct Information” tab. Overlapping element types are highlighted with a red warning indicator and will have their functionality disabled in the Panacea update unless they are repositioned in such a way that they are no longer listed with the warning indicator. Reduced engine obstruction cone: the angle is now 10° for all engines except airfoils (they remain at 0°/45°) and airbrakes (they remain at 30°). Improved canopy visibility (previously disappeared too early). Engines are no longer mistakenly obstructed for a few seconds at startup. Fixed wallet log operations when organizations receive money from a player. Fixed not being able to transfer money to a previously tokenized territory. Fixed ore spawn outside territory after calibration. Fixed ore not spawning after calibration if the extraction point is too low inside the surface. Fixed resolution settings not being correctly saved for certain resolutions. Fixed mission containers that needed to be renamed before being available in the mission panel container list. Fixed "territory requisition action by you" and "territory requisition request by you" (use "you" instead of territory owner name). Fixed display of static construct on planet map. Fixed notification on force territory abandonment. Miscellaneous Updated in-game roadmap. Thank you all for your support! - Deckard
  8. To clarify, this is in relation to elements that are jammed inside each other. Who's collision boxes are overlapping. Several terms used by the community for this are: Element Stacking, Jankomancy, and Overlapping. Ultimately, it should not be possible to still do. And old designs will cease to function correctly if they do. For example, placing 20 engines inside each other is not the intended design and is prohibited by standard element placement. Circumventing that restriction by abusing a bug, is indeed an exploit. However, unless if involved in any form of PVP we won't act upon it, and the elements in question will cease to function properly following the Panacea update.
  9. In short, I suppose this is possible. The chances of that happening however are very very small. How often have you accidentally collided with asteroids so far? Zarcata hit this nail on the head. We still have no intention to reset everything at this time, and will avoid doing so if we can. Quite a few of those are still out there undiscovered! All these questions will be answered in a later devblog when we have more information to share with you. Many of the listed features and systems are still undergoing a lot of change. As such it's to early for us to go into specifics at this time. The Camera Lua API will provide a way for control units to retrieve the view direction of the player. Allowing for improved tracking and overlaying in player made Lua scripts such as some of the already very impressive "Alternate Reality" overlays some of our players have been making. It will not however introduce new camera views. Sure, it needs to happen during a maintenance. The materials for the maintenance are not ready, and rather than introducing new bugs and issues to the game it was postponed by one day. - NQ-Deckard
  10. Hello Noveans, We have released an update today, DU is now in version 0.27.12. The changes can be found below: Crash Fixes Fixed a bug where static cores could be deployed on asteroids and cause crashes. Bug Fixes Fixed expanding a compacted construct with fuel in it. Fixed force fields that could be retracted on a moving construct. Fixed surface rock name display that was ‘undefined’ when focused without the harvest tool. Fixed mining unit calibration charges not accumulating above 5 while being online. Fixed very old packages not opening properly. Fixed a bug where space blueprints were affected by territory rights of a close planet. Fixed a bug where industries running on a space construct were affected by territory rights of a close planet. Thank you all for your support! - Deckard
  11. We have identified a bug that permits the initiation of combat while constructs are in warp. This is an unintended behaviour and will be removed and prevented in a future update. From 17:30 UTC on January 4th, 2022 going forward, the action of initiating PvP between two constructs while in warp will not permitted and will be subject to intervention by Novaquark.
  12. Ring in the new year with a parade of Dual Universe community streamers in the second-annual Stream-a-Thon! The two-day event starts at 14:00 UTC | 9:00 am EST on Friday, December 31st. Throughout the remainder of the day and into the next, you’ll be entertained by a variety of streamers including Gottchar, Shamsie, and many others who will share their expertise about the game. You’ll also have a chance to win gametime codes and in-game goodies*! SCHEDULE Friday, Dec. 31 14:00 - Gottchar 17:00 - Rexsilex 20:00 - fridaywitch 23:00 - Shamsie Saturday, Jan 1 2:00 - AngryDadGaming 6:30 - NeoCrypter Head over to the official Dual Universe Twitch channel now to follow and turn on notifications so you don’t miss the fun. * Please note that these are community-donated gifts. Novaquark is not responsible for any lost, misdirected, or undelivered items.
  13. Hello Noveans, We have released a small update today, DU is now in version 0.27.11. The changes can be found below: Improvements [Mission System] Removed distance display in the respondent list of jobs following accurate player tracking concerns. Reduced engine obstruction fluctuations. New players now start with a Basic Mining Unit S in their inventory. This is a temporary measure for an easier beginner experience until the new FTUE arrives (no ETA yet). Changes [Logs] Removed the ownerId and ownerName fields from the marketOrder client logs. The market logs are still kept in the client logs for players to use as we feel they are a valuable tool for the community. Bug Fixes [Territories] Fixed and improved notification messages related to the requisitioning of static constructs on territories. Old notifications will not display correctly. [Mining Unit] Fixed an issue that caused a mining unit to stop after server maintenance if the first connected slot on the mining unit is not a container. [Mining Unit] Fixed a bug where base rate was not updated correctly when using the "reapply talents on construct" feature. [Mining Unit] Fixed mining unit icon position in the mining unit calibration panel. [Mining Unit] Fixed cone action sometimes facing in an incorrect direction. Thank you all for your support! - Deckard
  14. Hello Noveans, We have released another hotfix today, DU is now in version 0.27.10. The changes can be found below: Bug Fixes Fixed missing fields in the local atlas.lua library. Fixed a bug where a new player could start with an incorrect amount of talent points. Prevent mining units linking to elements of an incorrect type. Fixed territories incorrectly displayed as offline by collecting territory upkeep a few minutes before due time. Tentative fix to avoid location-based disconnections due to a cache issue. Exploit Fixes Fixed fuel consumption even when the player has no rights on the fuel containers. Thank you all for your support! - Deckard
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