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  1. Effective immediately as the deployment of the docking update is pending, the boarding of other players' constructs without consent will be considered an exploit. Offenders will be teleported away; repeat offenders may be subject to more serious repercussions. If you are boarded by another player and wish to have them removed, please report it either by creating a ticket here or by messaging @gm through the in-game Help channel.
  2. Hello Noveans! We really want to hear your feedback on the Asteroid Devblog, so please discuss away!
  3. ALL ABOUT ASTEROIDS Ahh, those crunchy little rock nuggets, filled with fabulous sweet surprises. *nom nom nom* Okay, so they aren’t so little, and they probably aren’t all that delicious, but those sweet surprises are very, very real. Some say they smell like quanta. Let’s take a look at asteroids, one of the key features coming in Apollo (0.26), now available on the public test server. What are they? What’s in them? How do you find them? How will they impact the gameplay of Dual Universe? WHAT ASTEROIDS ARE, WHAT THEY HOLD Asteroids are small, temporary celest
  4. The public test server (PTS) is now available for all active DU subscribers with the Apollo (0.26) update. The changelog is massive, with lots of great new stuff and changes. We highly recommend reading through them as you enjoy your favorite snacks and beverages. They can be found here on the PTS forums. Your account login information is the same for both the Live server and PTS; however, access to PTS requires downloading, installing, and running a separate client. Please note that PTS is solely for testing purposes and may go offline at any time without prior notice. F
  5. Reminiscent of the gargantuan splendor that was the Colossus of Rhodes, these demon and angel statues were created by members of the Dual Universe community. The demon, built by Armorize, stands at a whopping 64m. It was built using a dynamic M core to facilitate moving the piece, though it does not have flight capabilities. You can introduce yourself to this man of wealth and taste at ::pos{0,2,6.6075,80.3636,104.1866}. B4nd1t is a member of the Seraph Design Studio organization, whose ship design concepts center around angels. He and his colleague Shade0 spent an es
  6. Earlier this year, we presented our plans for the future of Dual Universe, following player feedback from the beta. Along with these plans, we had an internal roadmap, which we thought needed further refinement before being able to share it publicly, as we want to be able to give our community a reliable view of our plans. We now feel that this time has come, so here is the roadmap for the remainder of 2021. A few important things to note: This is a work in progress. Dates may shift. Features may be added or removed. Please also note that there is m
  7. We invited you to ask questions about 0.25 and 0.26 for a Q&A, and you did not disappoint! Here are the responses to some of the most commonly asked questions. The community also expressed curiosity about issues related to schematics and voxels. Those are both important topics that we think would be better served in separate, focused discussions. We’ll hit those for you soon. Big thanks to everyone who submitted questions. Let’s keep the conversation going! 1. Will the PTS receive a newer image when the next iteration comes through? Our most impo
  8. Hello Noveans, We just released a small update. Dual Universe is now in version 0.25.12. Bug Fixes Fixed the tool gun that was missing the mining impact FX Thanks for your support! - Deckard
  9. Following a lot of feedback from our players on the planned organization changes and discussions with our Game Design team, we have decided to postpone them. We would still like to address the issues related to the use of nested organizations, so we believe that changes to organizations will eventually have to happen; however, they may take on an altered form while still maintaining the same goals to provide a better structure for Dual Universe’s future. We are regrouping to decide how to address the issues and plan to present these changes to the community for additional feedback
  10. A number of accounts have received warnings or bans today due to exploits related to Missions. While we will not comment further on those cases, it is a good time to remind the community: Don’t use exploits. (derr) Do not publicly accuse another player of exploiting. Instead, contact Support. We will investigate and take action as required. If you aren’t certain whether or not something could be considered an exploit, please don’t hesitate to contact Support to ask. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  11. On the heels of the announcement from Microsoft that Windows 11 is now in beta, we have begun testing its compatibility with Dual Universe. For those of you who are eager to see what the new OS has to offer, please keep in mind that we cannot currently guarantee compatibility with Dual Universe as the OS is still in beta and subject to ongoing changes. We will try to provide full compatibility as close as possible to the official launch of the OS in Q4 2021, though we can't give you an exact ETA until we've started testing properly with a final release version of Windows 11.
  12. Hello Noveans! We would like to take the opportunity to gather some questions from you regarding, 0.25 and 0.26 for an upcoming Q&A. The announcement can be found here. Ask away! - NQ-Deckard
  13. The three-part devblog series we published in April, “The Future of Dual Universe”, addressed the cost of doing business and our plans for the ramp-up to launch. We took the first steps in delivering on those changes in May with the incremental 0.25 updates, adding more gameplay content and improving both performance and visuals. Our 0.25 updates brought players: Voxel compression Constructs LOD Hauling Missions The Job Forum The first of a series of Challenges The integration of PopcornFX for visual effects And, of course, many bug fix
  14. We recently introduced the first wave of an ongoing effort to enhance the visual effects (VFX) in Dual Universe, thanks to the integration of PopcornFX, a middleware solution for creating stunning particle effects. Players celebrated the difference when the first VFX improvements debuted as part of the 0.25.8 Hermes update on June 18th. This video showcases just some of the cool new effects, from ‘sparklier’ particle explosions to ‘glowier’ holograms. The Novaquark Art and Rendering teams took a few moments away from their visual ventures to talk a bi
  15. Novaquark is pleased to announce its partnership with NVIDIA GeForce NOW to make Dual Universe as accessible as possible to our players. GeForce NOW is NVIDIA's cloud game streaming service that instantly transforms nearly any PC, Mac or Chromebook into a powerful PC gaming rig. If your PC specs are below the minimum requirements for DU, this is for you! Dual Universe has been thoroughly tested to ensure the experience is optimal on GeForce NOW. You can now play DU at its best, in all its graphical magnificence. To do so, you will first need a subscription t
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