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  1. The whole thing is 6 minutes. Just ... wow.
  2. Edit: I had a Legate go rogue and train to 425. Also, math is hard. And we need a way to tell whose legate talents are being applied to things like this. The moment I realized my mistake was when I went into VR (erasing my talents) and my primary org still had 425 max-cores available, but the other two had zero. The other legate I mentioned is only a legate in the primary org, not the other two. Edit: 5/3 is 350, not 425. Thank you, Tional
  3. Not sure what planet you're operating on, but once you get out of the safe zone, there are hot zones scattered throughout each of the planets with higher/only quantities of specific ores (T2,3,4,5). The T5s can only be found on a few planets. T4s are similarly only available on certain planets. And so on.
  4. Not sure what currency that's in, but I'm still paying $7/month US for my accounts.
  5. I'd really like to know how many talents points / days are required to train the Organization Construct Management talents, which determine the maximum number of cores that can be donated to an org. This has been requested/mentioned many times, but never clearly described in a way that will allow us to plan accordingly. You are refunding points currently spent in the tree, which is great. You are expanding the benefits of re-training the same tree, for the Legates/Super Legates that choose to do so. (up to 1,625). But at what cost?
  6. Your argument was that 25 large cores was a lot of space. If 10 cores are Medium dynamic ships, and 5 are large space cores, and the other 10 are L static cores on various planets, that's still 25 cores used. If all 25 are used for tiny little Star Wars ships, that's still 25 cores used. So 25 is a trivial number when applied to people actually playing the game. Have a nice day, somewhere else.
  7. Have you read ... anything? Even the disastrous first version of this made it clear there was at least a month before stuff started getting destroyed, and now it's 2-3 months at least, in the very post you're replying to.
  8. 25 xs cores count the same. Your argument is invalid.
  9. The forums won't let me like any more posts today, so I'll just quote yours instead. 95% agree. XL cores aren't coming any time soon (NQ has said repeatedly it's a technical limitation). Also, adding the ability to 'compactify' dynamic constructs, ships, regardless of size/elements, while maintaining their volume and mass, would be a huge improvement. And was requested repeatedly yesterday. Even if it doesn't happen with Panacea, it would be really nice to acknowledge the request and consider it for the future.
  10. SL has nothing to do with maxing out multiple orgs. Many of us adjusted our SL assignments months ago (a year?) after they proposed the restriction that you could only be SL of one org. And that each org required a unique SL. And then they changed their minds. But one character can still, and has always been able to, provide their buffs to multiple orgs. As a legate, not a SL.
  11. "So that user have the same amount of units with the same output, but can (and have to) calibrate less often." That part was included already. You can ignore them for 3 days (72 hours) instead of 2 days (48 hours) at 100%, then recharge in VR 2 days after that. So, same number of units, with the same output, and can (and have to) calibrate less often. If you choose to place more MUs, that's your choice. And the choice that will be made by many.
  12. I think you forgot about HQ tiles in this sentence.
  13. So, for mission dropboxes, which are mostly on dynamic cores scattered all over the Aphelia territories... They have no chairs. So you can't get in the chair to reset the timer. Please test this before release, or tell us how it will work for those constructs. While you're at it, please make mission packages sellable again (after opening). They're huge, and heavy, and people forget about them all the time. Plus pirates want to profit off of their kills, and they're currently just destroying them. Last summer, you could pop the package and sell the contents (at specific markets). Something changed around Demeter timeframe. Thank you
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