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  1. Not really a bug, so much as a missing paragraph break. Also, this says nothing about the differences in allocatable resist points between the variants, which were demonstrated on the live stream: Variants: The Active variant will now have the hit points bonus. The Variable variant will now have the mass bonus. The Capacitor variant will now have the Volume bonus. Variant values have been adjusted. Edit: I guess they're still the same as before, except adjusted by some amount? Unclear.
  2. Fixed incorrect planet ore descriptions. No, you didn't.
  3. We don't need more ways for the rich to get richer. They're doing just fine on their own. Also, TU warfare doesn't exist. Now if you wanted to propose a research tool for the general public, that'd be something else entirely. Eve has various systems that feature that.
  4. You can believe whatever you want, it doesn't make it true. You're also wrong. Hex ownership is all that matters.
  5. That's not what the text said at the time (quoted), but thank you all the same. It's been fixed. And the event will be crashing clients, and probably the server as well. Plus there's the ammo thing.
  6. None of that is true. Orgs can't claim hexes on Haven or Sanctuary. Nobody can claim more than one hex on either. And the owner of the hex determines the adjacency bonuses, if any.
  7. How will _you_ prepare for the reset, NQ? This list keeps growing. Will that trend continue until/after launch? Known Issues • Ammunition related talents are not working correctly. • There are some icon inconsistencies in the Talent Menu. • We have identified localization issues in the UI. • [Lua] The industry getInfo function field, schematicsRemaining, does not return a value until you request an acquisition from the schematic bank. • We have temporarily removed the industry tutorial due to several issues. • Air Delivery and Space Delivery challenges may become blocked when delivering items in multiple trips • We have identified an issue related to the recomputing of honeycomb on constructs following the honeycomb mass change, specially with blueprints and existing constructs. To resolve this issue, you can simply remove and replace the honeycomb in chunks across a construct to recompute the mass manually. It is likely this issue will remain until the launch.
  8. I really hope people read the FAQ. They won't, but I hope they do. And so... the same questions will land here again.
  9. TUs are not tier 5, regardless of what the item description says. They're easy to make, and are tier 2. Apparently they're size XL now, even though they're made in medium machines, but still... tier 2. Cost is 20k per schematic (batch of 5).
  10. Please give us some dates. For anything. Even providing the month involved in any of the above would be of great benefit to so many people.
  11. I really thought the design team would know that M wings and ailerons (thanks Friday) are the largest available. And I was hoping someone would acknowledge walls of Atmo engines are really unattractive. But nope. Secure trading of DAC for quanta in-game seems like it should be one of the highest priorities out there, because RMT are important. Trusting people to give you money in-game for some transaction on a website seems like an absolutely horrible plan. Hopefully someone in charge can see that. We can and will continue building giant player markets with hundreds/thousands of dispensers, because you don't think player opinions matter on the subject and it won't benefit enough people. Stop by Gottmart or Midway Station sometime, for some examples. You talk about performance issues, we create performance issues. Your creative director's newsletter made it sound like the energy system was coming soon, and your Q&A made it sound like it's months away. You should really have a meeting. And of course nothing about a release plan, or a date, or any other reason we should be playing right now. So many of us aren't. Subscriptions are getting cancelled across the board, but I'm sure your accounting department can tell you all about that.
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