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  1. Everyone's using lasers. Everyone talks about lasers being the only real choice at this point. NQ says nothing.
  2. For L cores, get 70+m away from the construct, right-click the construct, and unboard the construct. Then you can maneuver fine.
  3. "WARP IMPROVEMENTS Based on player feedback, we’re turning the knobs down a bit on warp drive. The ability to cancel a warp at any time made it more powerful and flexible than originally intended. To curb that, warp speed has been divided by 4. Although it may seem like we’re overcorrecting, in effect it’s not as drastic as it sounds. Travel will take a little longer at the new rate; expect trips to be closer to the minute mark rather than 15 seconds. This will take it from “blindingly fast” to “still pretty damn fast”. " This isn't "curbing that", you're making it even easier to warp-stop right on top of targets.
  4. Maybe they can get rid of all of the ships floating 800m above the surface before giving us even more things to crash into. If the trees even render before the loading screen.
  5. Edit: Jesus, even the forums are lagging. Sorry for the double post.
  6. Are you really giving credit to NQ for this event, whatever else happened? We all know NQ doesn't work on weekends any more.
  7. Quitting discord support, and in-game support, was one thing. Not answering tickets on the weekend, AT ALL, is another. We pay to play this game. They should f'in support the game.
  8. So, for example, the Legates are in charge of purchasing, relieving that task from the Superlegate. But they can't send members out to the markets to pick up what they purchased? That sounds like an additional layer of RDMS should be added, to designate access to the org market containers for specific members.
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