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  1. Yeah. I agree. I love the previous method. It made more sense and it added so much to building. (really it did) But I can suspend reality for the sake of pvp balance I suppose. I do have other ideas like add Lithium to the low low weights as it is now an F tier material and no longer unique. But I don't understand why we no longer have a metal in the buildable weight range. That is a massive problem. It 100% unavoidable with no impact. But also change the name to plaster from concrete would be great.
  2. I am also very disappointed that this has gone through without explanation. I feel ignored. Why ask for feedback if you aren't going to address or utilize it. We deserve an explanation on why aluminum and carbon's weight was not swapped. Why do we no longer have a metal to build with as a primary build material? At least answer your feedback. Silence and no changes is not an answer. You left us on Read. Ghosted.
  3. I would like to see aluminum and carbon switch. aluminum 25 carbon 50 Right now aluminum is 27. A lot of builds and builders use aluminum as a primary. It is a much more attractive pallet than carbon. And has a better range. Being a metal, it also makes more sense as a material for ships or anything to be made out of. It doubling in weight really takes it out of the primary use for builders. Carbon also already has it's place in ship building under this new system, with carbon fiber. For more variety and usability switching these two is best. Keep builders in mind when making these PVP balance changes. There are other pillars of this game that should be considered. Builders. I don't think builders experience needs to suffer or change due to PVP voxel changes. Voxels are for the builders primarily. Also, Isn't it needless atm to even have voxels on your PVP ships? Are changes going to be made to the PVP system we should know about? ( Carbon does not have polished or matte options in any tones other than carbon. No white, gray, black, dark gray. You just get Carbon. No range at all. And it isn't even a better tone or texture than aluminum. )
  4. This was my first thought last night. It does work too. Although I hope that's not what went on here. However It would be nice if the Super could donate their personal core slots to the org as well. To help prevent abuse in players pulling out or dropping subs.
  5. idk if you know, but you can put your mouse over the red warning symbol, hit tab, and it will highlight the exact elements in red.
  6. I see the words content and game play loop appearing a lot in this thread. Interesting. So players provide the content in this game? How do we do that? Make elements? Make constructs? Is it a good idea to take away the means of creating content without adding alternative content? What is left after the builders pull their content? What exactly is the vision for this game now? I don't understand the direction.
  7. Another Suggestion to ease everyone's pain. Release an XL static and XXL static with this update. Wider than they are tall. A bigger copy paste area as well. I heard size of construct matters much less than the amount of constructs. Seems true from your solution.
  8. Imagine having to make multiple ships/cores to defend your MUs under this model. Yeah. Please can we scrap TW. That just isn't viable.
  9. NQ another idea to limit constructs. Add an effective PVP loop to help remove cores both static and dynamic. Add any other game loop. We have nothing to do but build. At 25 constructs, I've beat the game. Multiple times. There is nothing else to do. The only thing I can think to do is mine asteroids. But why? I already built everything I can.
  10. @NQ Hey, I just thought of something that would be fun. NQ, what if you taxed additional cores weekly like tiles. Same list system. say 100k per xs 200k per S and so on. If the taxes aren't payed, those core are free for PVP anywhere. Blast away boys! Blow them freeloaders off the planet! That is how you limited how many tiles we are using. Why not limit how many cores we are using the same way? And if they're listed and paid/unpaid no random cores disappearing. Risk what you don't pay.
  11. This is going to completely backfire and make all players solo. This limit means no one can afford room for anything extra. No one will want anyone else's constructs taking up their super limited pool. I'm going to have to return or rip down everything I haven't built myself. And no one is getting my core slots but me. And obviously that goes for everyone else as well. NQ, you have made your community game a solo game. Clearly this game is not the Civ builder we were promised. NQ can't deliver that due to poor decision making and now must salvage that game that we are left with. There is still a game here. Not a civ builder where players make all the content. NQ, you're gunna have to start delivering content or sell this game to someone that can. I'd recommend starting with race tracks as I'm sure they'll all be ripped down soon enough. AI racers to beat. Then AI enemies to shoot at.
  12. "We could perhaps consider introducing a pseudo 1/64 grid mode further down the road, which would give you a 1/64 grid. However it will still not actually place a vertex at a 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64 position. It would place it at its closest available position." Please this. This would make this tool so much more usable. In fact I would gladly take a pseudo 1/16 grid over the 1/42. A 1/64 would be heaven.
  13. I know we're far off topic, But I haven't talked to a single ship builder that hasn't surpassed 100% on at least one build yet. It doesn't seem to be limited to voxel builders. Even primarily basic tool users get over 100%. What we have decided is it's material changes, and air gaps that push that number up. So it isn't at all limited to a few constructs as they said. Nearly every ship builder has gone over 100% somewhere. I wish they gave more than a 20 second commentary 20 minutes into a 2 hour video on the subject. Or just not included it in the game without any real explanation other than, "don't worry about it. It only effects a hand full of people and constructs" Oh I didn't realize who I was talking to. HA. Yep you are one of the many builders I have talked to. I don't want to drop other names. But even people that don't call themselves ship builders get this. Industry guys making non sale industry ships have gone over 100%.
  14. Look forward to the videos. Because I am confused. If these points between do exist and can be used and accessed, why not just allow us to reach them with the new tool? Make everyone's life easier. Why use these strange 42/84 model? I hope your first video explains all this. A tool that allows us to collapse all a voxels verts onto one found vert would be amazing!
  15. I'm terrified. If I am understanding right, 42 is 1/2. 21 is 1/4. and we cannot make a 1/8 or 1/16 slope within a single voxel? Was it like this in the past? I feel like the "wedge" that was used to make the pasts 1/8 and 1/16th was spot on accurate. Was it not? I used this wedge a lot. Am I now going to have mold lines in all my ships after this update? I have also seen a 1/64th wedge. Was that simply not accurate at all? If these are indeed accurate as is, can't you just make this tool work with what we already have moving by 1/64th without messing anything up for anyone? The same way we do whenever we use the wedge. This seems like less precision in this precision tool.
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