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  1. Keep letting them hear it people. I have investors who are willing to buy NQ and flip this dev team. Fire the side that keeps calling for these horrible changes. We are going to wait it out, they are broke. This is the rundown: - First it was 0.23 "we need to reduce server load and cost" My 15 active player org all quit. - Second was the Demetor removal of planets ore ( prospectors all quit because that's all the game was good for to them, mining) Same excuse, server load and costs. - Third times the charm with this outright attack on the dedicated player base and another "Server load and cost" excuse. Next to go will be core sizes, or industry sizes.. or a wipe. 3rd times the charm, dont stick around for this dumpster fire. My investor will buy the tech when NQ bankrupts itself in a few months. Redev the engine for a more expansive game, the one we were sold a year ago. If the source code isn't a pile of messy garbage that is. But DU is dieing and the devs are the reason. I gave them the benefit of the doubt with the hope their business end would figure it out. But this is proof they have no clue wtf theryre doing. We will pick up this tech for bottom dollar when it flops. EDIT: I got confirmation on the money issues through a internal NQ employee. They dont all agree with its direction. There's two sides inside NQ, one is extremely Toxic. For those calling me out on my investor. Here's his crypto wallet. We're not messing around here. Just sold 10 mill worth of SAND because that games tech is trash. https://etherscan.io/address/0x56178a0d5f301baf6cf3e1cd53d9863437345bf9
  2. Need a answer for this if you have one or know of someone who might. If cores are tokenized. Will they count towards the cap? So if I was to tokenize 90% of HUGE station? that might save it? Technically they wouldn't be my core right? Might be a legit way to save larger projects. Then hand out tokens to people who buy / already own... These tokens expire after 3 months or something. Tokens are always inactive, so server wise not as much load? Boom, in game tradable property token market aka NFT's (No you cant buy these with USD but this would be considered a "Non-Fungible token" if you google it lol. Trying to work with it here. Got little left in the gastank. You gotta admit though this is a great market idea for in-game constructs. You could technically have a situation where a projects cores are traded, bought / sold over the years. As new buyers step in and work on the build. Or delete it all. It has a history. Limit max orgs to 4 and get rid of subsidiary orgs. EDIT: To clarify- The core limits, that's a crap idea. Player base killers, we've had to many. How do you expect us to keep our org numbers stable enough for a operation of any decent size? Work on the new player experience like you said you were doing months ago. Create some new fun in game things, player / element skins? Maybe bought from NQ via USD. Id buy 'em. Or what ever the vertices guys thinks good, they nailed it. The vertices tool is cool... What a way to kill that teams thunder. Figure it out.. what ever the problem is internally. There's obvious division here.
  3. How to solve DU"s server cost issue: "Proof of useful work" blockchains are a alternative to Bitcoin and other blockchains proof of work security validation. The crypto industry is currently looking for games just like DU with high calculation and server loads to do what's called "Proof of useful work". Proof of work ( not useful work) is where a blockchain is secured through doing crazy high numbers of calculations to solve crypto puzzles. Thats all proof of work does, solve crypto puzzles. Proof of "Useful" work is where we take this same system that secures blockchains and then make those useless calculations into something useful. Like running a game server or a deep learning program, AI ect. https://fluxofficial.medium.com/flux-will-pioneer-the-first-proof-of-useful-work-blockchain-adc72605cc14#:~:text=Proof of useful work (PoUW,problems rather than random ones.&text=With the PoUW concept%2C no,is put to good use. Flux is currently looking for games and other situations where there's tons of data movement and computation. DU fits this perfectly. NQ would get paid to run their servers through flux. The hardware is supplied via the FLUX miners and not NQ. Dev's I beg you, before you ruin this game. Look into this. This will solve your long term server issues and gets you in the door to the knowledge that the crypto engineers and coders have. Not to mention the 10s of thousands of people in crypto who are BIG into Metaverse games. I am well connected in the crypto space. I am available to consult on this. With DU's best interests in mind. Ive got over 2500 play hours atleast.
  4. I get the feeling there's two sides to the dev team. One side that thinks this is a good idea and one side who knows this is a horrible idea. Fire the side that thinks this is a good idea ?. Game development is no place for political "visionaries" If there's devision in the team over this. Fire the team that thinks it's a good idea. They're... well I won't go there. But they need to go. Hire proper game devs. Get your stuff together.
  5. I figured I should be less of a d*ck and more constructive for this one. So I'll offer a alternative. Alternative: Remove subsidiary orgs. Don't let orgs creat orgs. Problem solved. Each player can only be a part of 4 orgs. Normally this means atleast one of these orgs is not owned by them. Make orgs expensive to create. Like 100 mill quanta or something. The four org player limit. Instead of allowing all 4 orgs to have a core cap. Only allow a player to be the super legste of one org. But can join 3 others. This would help keep players from creating orgs for more cores. As they can only do it once. This would limit the core count to a hard cap or atleast 500 per player. Assuming they have one org they're a part of ( but not superlagate) and one org where they are super. I'm harsh. I don't mess around. Take my comments how you will, you deserved this one.
  6. Well, it's official. This games as much of a scam as Earth 2. So let me get this straight. Stations like HUGE Station, Utopia and so on. They use a org that's exclusively for station management. It's what allows these stations to be what they are. You're effectively choosing to take these two great game play assets out. Why? You've lost one of your most active and dedicated players. If this goes through. I'll be canceling my three accounts. Taking down huge station and then launching a massive social media campaign against this game. Specifically how it's a waste of time. Falsely advertising a free and open constructive universe. Absolutely no care for the dedicated player base. "Not worth the bullsh*t" Devs are so out of touch with the player Base and the game play loops that are actually working. Are you trying to kill your game? Sure seems like it. Legion, HUGE Station, Utopia, fly mart, got mart, cptn.customs, empire all will be gone. Not to mention the 100s of people who have mining setups that require a static core per hex. To clarify, unless a org has like 100 people ( good luck) they can't have any construct numbers worth using? Are the org talents a total that has to be filled via player allowcations of cores? As usual your explanation on this is garbage and vague. What a waste of the past year and a half and over 2000 hours of play time. Not to mention huge stations 50+ owners and their time invested. Wow and to think I was about to drop $5000 usd on a social media ad campaign to build the player base. Glad I dodged that one. Absolutely the worst business decision I've ever seen a game dev make.
  7. Ive been gaming my entire life and have never used twitch.
  8. I've seen a lot of people asking around lately about what the daily player count might be for DU. Luckily there's a website service that tracks all MMO's. https://mmo-population.com/r/dualuniverse#:~:text=How Many People Play Dual,total player base of 434%2C491. As it sits it seems we've been steadily hovering around 4000 unique accounts per day for a few months now. It safe to say on average every daily player has at least 1 alt. (accounting for those who have 10) so the daily player count is between 2000 and 3000 being generous. The most at any one time was just under 40,000 and 431,000 accounts have been made since beta launch. With the games current state being a load more stable and detailed than at launch. It might be a good time for NQ to start another advertising push. Showcase the current games improvements since launch.
  9. Goodwork! I like the changes. This will significantly help the newer players get use out of the markets. You guys have been doing some good work lately. LeeRoy Corp approves!!
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