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  1. does anyone know which of the items combine or stack? If we have gold or silver, and buy a patron level pack.. do we get 2 lvl one pets etc, and combined beta keys and all the outfits etc?
  2. you can select things both for copy pasting and for changing the material, but there will be limits on how much you can select and you will need to have enough materials. we are also starting to get info on what each materials has weight wise. so you will be able to make your ship out of something basic, then upgrade to something lighter for speed or possibly something heavier, altho it is unclear if denser materials will reduce damage.
  3. I'd rather just see amount of posts and how many of their posts have been liked. little <3 icon and a number . reputation doesn't really mean anything
  4. those look great, who was it you requested put them together? are they on the forums?
  5. discordauth:5iIAs-sNr6M9TlLTyXlVuD-9uzLU9fW82b6a0zb1H2Q=

  6. this is the exact sort of thing I was hoping for, I will most likely be a customer. think of how much more the average novean can contribute if they don't all have to worry about going down the expert ship builder path. it would be amazing to have scheduled trips.
  7. I don't think there should be aliens. It sorta sounded like they want the biggest threats in the game to be other humans. we are all going to be struggling to learn the game, learn how to make stargates and stuff. we probably won't need extra mysteries. although it would be neat it we met strangers and thought they WERE aliens. but they are descendants from another ship that got away got to its destination way sooner and there have been terrible mutations but there's a movie like that so it'd probably be just as dumb. scratch that idea. then again I would also love alien birds, bugs, fish. background nature noises. things that make a planet feel alive. either native life, or there is an event where we get samples from the arkship and disperse them. besides, once you add sentient aliens theres no going back they should really hold off on it until the extra challenge or mystery is needed.
  8. perhaps the game will run like Black Desert Online, where there is a low impact afk mode? You would risk being killed easily but you could log out at a weapon terminal or a prefab made specifically for it. Sort of like mob spawning minecart machines in minecraft or afk training horses in black desert. I feel like automated offline defenses are going to be more fair than automated offline offensive. having a charged shield or a locked down mode. Perhaps before you log off you have to lower blast doors and recharge shields and deploy mines and whatnot.
  9. I feel like every sandbox I have played has found, or tried to find a different balance. I think dual universe's territory system, organizations and safe zone balanced against pvp is going to work out really well for me, When I first started playing in sandboxes I would have my fort and all my saved up materials and I would focus on building something neat. I was destroyed, over and over in multiple games. I tried being nice, I tried putting all my valuables in someplace they could just take and leave like a ransom. It didn't matter. The game existed for people to have fun, and for some people that fun was destruction. Not just being mean, but destroying months of hard work that I had to redo. It took me a long time to realize that my concept of fun does not mean another's concept of fun is wrong. I learned to hide secret stashes of everything I would need to start over, or find powerful friends in game to shelter under. If I wanted to build something awesome and be praised for it I needed people not just that were willing to protect what I made, but that were grateful I had built it. In prime conditions I was able to have my fun making my build, the other members worked with were able to enjoy having something to protect, and the other players had something they enjoyed trying to destroy. My days spent building something were not intrinsically more valuable than the days someone spent figuring out how to destroy it. I still would prefer to build in safezones when possible, and I will prefer not being bothered, but I've learned to be as least bitter as possible about destructive play styles xD Still get a bit bitter though xD Some players are not going to recover from having something they treasured destroyed and are either going to quit. The real winners of the game will adapt, get smarter, join an organization, stay in the safezone or some combination.
  10. it sounded as though air tightness is not going to be a thing. The nature of the voxels will let people have huge gaps, or oddly connected things. to get airtight-ness calculated for an area they would probably have to have pre fabricated airsealed rooms that you then decorate the insides of. or possibly it does not calculate if something is airtight, but there is a modular prefab that makes a certain cubic area be treated as air tight. however it seems like a lot of trouble to go through for something that would be more based around roleplay and survival. If I remember correctly dual universe is not going to be a hardcore survival game, at least not in the way of exposure hunger thirst sunburn etc. but I would love a system of other clothes and civilian clothes for role play. they could just simply let people wear any outfit when not in the void, and when you are in space you have to have your space suit.
  11. that would be really cool. like guild tabards in wow, have a set uniform that you buy and it switches to the guilds design. altho I feel like character customization is not going to be a huge deal in a game with no 3rd person.
  12. we will(probably) be able to have disconnected free floating premade pieces and we will (probably) be able to have floating disconnected voxels. or we will, if it doesn't interfere with the repair system. when the nda lifts we can test/show how it works
  13. I love the idea of competitive construct fights! get a team to build a robot, builders and scripters working on a team to make the best robot or tank
  14. I really want to be an architect so hopefully we can blueprint buildings. but I also want to help organize people. give people an example of how to build together with the tools and have everything go together. I'd be happy filling a chunk of land with useful towers and apartment buildings and landing pads and passing the chunk off to someone else so long as they maintain it. I remember back in minecraft town mode servers I would have a chunk for my own house, buy another chunk, build a house and a farm and sell it. I'd have whole blocks of my little houses in a row. In one server I ended up with kinda my own neighborhood and people would move into my houses, and it was nice because it was a little break from all the shoeboxes and half built shoeboxes and cobblestone towers.
  15. discordauth:5iIAs-sNr6M9TlLTyXlVuD-9uzLU9fW82b6a0zb1H2Q=

  16. resources management and creative design don't really go well together. for shipyards I would love to see a system like starmade, where you can build a blueprint first and then get the materials later you can sort of build it in a ghost/instance and then make the blueprint and fill it up with the materials and then put that blueprint into a shipyard and it slowly builds it. I would love to see a system that lets us build something and then lets us know how much materials we need to make it. there would have to be balance tho, like you can kill the person while they are doing it or something, or it is only doable in safezones.. or.. or it is like a holodeck you enter on the main mothership spawn. I like the idea of there being big reasons to keep going back to the mothership, that we don't just leave and forget it and that could be a big draw
  17. I would like to have something along these lines. Or perhaps some sort of graphic display to connect things. like in starmade your items just magically teleport to what they are connected to. I'd like something more like tekkit, where you build pipes to connect things. or possibly a robotic arm that plays an animation and lets items move in all storage units nearby, kind of like factorio. something that explains why the items are moving without being overly complicated to deploy and use
  18. considering how much trouble I've head with wheeled vehicles in scifi games I am in no hurry to have them in another game.
  19. It would be cool to build underground. In minecraft pvp its a huge advantage to build underground, but eventually you get found. the middleground I'd like is yea, there is a scanner that shows you all the caves and structure... but it is part of the thing we deploy to claim land. like an upgrade. youg et to know all about your spot, but you can't use it elsewhere.
  20. I imagine it will be some sort of pre made hub that we build. some sort of prefabricated part, that is then deployed from the inventory or ship. then you can build off of that hub. there will probably be like.. like a zone around the planet that you can build in. I don't imagine that all of empty space will be space station friendly.
  21. I would enjoy doing this. the hard part is having it look like a city, and not just a bunch of buildings. but all areas players claim are the same shape. possible if everyone builds a matching street all around the hexagon it will look better? and possible have a few designs for bridges, that go in the air between buildings. maybe not bridges with doors into buildings tho, for safety.
  22. I would be so excited for a rail system. the one in starmade lets me do everything from move my ship into the hangar, to move cargo containers, to moving turrets to making transport systems. I think I would enjoy that more than the scripting, because you can do all the behaviors with blocks like in minecraft redstone. It is a bit easier to learn and extrapolate. You have a few blocks that each do one thing, a rail, an end rail, a turn around rail, connect, release, a signal detector etc. in starmade weight slowed rails to a crawl if you didn't do it properly, would magnetic rails care about weight? since it is really hard to get magnets to touch would it ever be possibly for a magnetic rail system to be overweight? possibly have gear/tread based rails with friction as the entry point, and magnetic don't get slowed by weight rails as more end game?
  23. I, personally, am more interested in building on the asteroids. preferably hidden bases on multiple asteroids that can trap players that come into the belt to mine. mwuahaha. movable asteroids cause a lot of issues in starmade. I remember they didn't do impact damage, but I was bulldozing them around with a special ship. Eventually though they would glitch out as we got out of the chunk they originated in. The server couldn't handle keeping track of it, I think. I remember I even did a tug boat one. I drilled a hole in the asteroid, built a hook on the back of my ship, linked them up and flew off. It was then I learned how much thrust and power is needed to move something that big, my little tugboat didn't go anywhere. eventually I got the power needed, but then when I tried to slow the ship down the asteroid hit the butt of my ship and things started to glitch, clip and blow up. I am pretty sure movable asteroids in dual universe would cause similar issues. however it would be nice if they drifted and spun and orbited a little bit.
  24. there seem to be a few things in common done well and done poorly in a lot of the space games I like. In other games building cool things with just a few premade plot shapes works really well. Empyrion, space engineers, starmade. they all have other things in common tho too, some lighting trouble, trouble walking on moving ships, lag trouble, buffering between space and planets. or for me at least. I am interested in seeing if dual universe runs into the same issues or if they get past them, if it ends up with the polish level full mmo's have
  25. we have pretty large building blocks but really cool designs were made in games like landmark and minecraft. things like the chairs will be easier than things like the glass. for instance they could go The Sims way and have multiple textures for a premade chair's wood and padding. the middle building will be possible as well, but I find in most voxel games buildings have to be scaled up so that you can get the details in. part of the fun of these games is not seeing how carefully you can recreate something, it is what can you create with the limits and tools available.. the interesting ways we can bend the rules or combine things. like in minecraft using stairs for windows and cool patterns or howin landmark they used smoothing tools to make the voxels smaller than they would normally have been. I would not be surprised if we started off with a certain voxel size and couldn't go smaller but then later on get more fine tuned control or more flexable premade assets . although with that first one,t he glass... glass itself is tricky to start with. in a lot of games glass colors don't change the light colors for example, or the glass is just a smei clear block with no... glassy-ness to it
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