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  1. Hello, Excellent post, one of those post that NQ should read and take in consideration. Thank you!
  2. There is 10 ways to make the PvP more interesting without changing the "lock on target" system. Your idea could be taken as a base to improve it.
  3. We don't want a wipe. Currently early game is completely broken, the only think keeping us in the game is because we have already some asset and ore.
  4. We don't want a wipe. Wipe = death of the game Have you tried early game? It's unplayable at the moment.
  5. Why T1 ore has been removed from Jago, Lacobus, Symeon, Ion? By doing this, you prevent people from having their base on these planets. Are you playing the game? I ask that because a lot of small improvement could be done to improve the player experience. Have you tested the "new player" experience of the game with the new patch? Testing that take ~3h, because you will see very fast that after 3h you have nothing to do but harvesting and waiting that your MU give your ore. We want to have new player in the game, this is a way to keep the game alive. If someone that have 5h a Sunday afternoon to test the game, don't enjoy it, he will not play it anymore. What will you do to improve Org management? The game is missing a lot of feature if you want to manage correctly. With Demeter you have not added anything for the orgs. No ingame calendar, taxes on mission for orgs, only 3 type of member, etc... Why I can subscribe an account for 6 month and put only 13 weeks in reserve for my tile? This is absurd, if I pay for an account I should be able to protect my assets for the time being. I am not saying that it should be automatically protected, but I should be able to put enough money for the upkeep. When the Lua API for Mining Unit will be implemented? There is no data we can get from the Mining Unit, would be nice to be able to track the status via Lua. Why there is no way to track the calibration charge we have without a Mining Unit? The only way to know how many charge we have is to activate a Mining Unit. We should be able to know that without having to activate a Mining Unit.
  6. True, but what about Jago? It's one of the planet where multiple streamer have put their base. I am not a pro/cons streamer but their are promoting games. Killing this planet mean you are doing yourself a bad reputation. Who like to move his base? And what the purpose of adding threes there and making it more pleasant if you removing the possibility to live on it? I am not talking about my gameplay, I am setup on Alioth. But I want the game to succeed and this type of decision is only killing the game.
  7. Hello, I am not here to debate about Demeter. But what happening in their mind when in the game designer's meeting they say: - "Hey let's remove all the T1 from 4 planets!" - "Can we?" - "No, that too bad for the players." - "OK, then let's keep only 1 T1" - "But it's a T5 planets!" - "You are right, let's setup the algorithm to only put max 80l/h" - "Nice idea, let's du it! - "Haha, nice joke!" By doing that you kill all possibility to use those planet to put industry on it. Kind regards
  8. Hello, Some improvement I see for the calibration: Display the percentage with a number in addition of the progress bar when searching for the best point. Currently we have only a progress bar, it's not precise we are loosing a lot of time 1-4% because of that. Remove loading effect when loading the calibration. This effect is useless and make use loose time for nothing. Add a new mission "calibration" We should be able to create calibration mission to help new player. Kind regards
  9. I am not a huge fan of Demeter patch and the new coming features. But well, Demeter it's like the winter, you can hate it but it will still come. Here is my feedback: First you really need to improve communication: I can understand that wiping the scans will make everyone at the same level on Demeter, but you can't say 1 month ago "Old scan are valid" and then flip your mind and change that. We are playing a lot of hours by week and making plan on the future. Like in all MMO I have played, when a patch comes you prepare yourself for it. People have taken time to scan planet to get more scan to be prepare for the patch. One way of dealing with that could have be. "we are wiping scans older than x months". Doing that you are preventing people that have prepare the patch to have loose all their time and for people that have very old scans, it's very easy to justify the removing of them. Ore extraction should be more rewarding: Some people were complaining about mining, I can understand that. But in other hand, because it was boring for some people it was rewarding for some others. I lost the count on how many mega-node I have extracted, but every mega-node I have pulled out was very rewarding. First you had to scan for it and finding one was giving me a lot of joy every time. Then when you finally mined it you were happy to have a very clean hole and a lot of ore in your pocket. My new gameplay will be only pressing 2-5 buttons and waiting.... and waiting again. So every litter of ore will worth nothing in term of reward. New gameplays are more and more boring: When a patch come in a game, you expect to have more content in terms of things interesting to do. On patch 0.23: You have introduce the schematics and it had a huge impact on the players. In term of gameplay it was not a new content, it's a restriction on current content. And with the exploits that some people had access (cheap schematics), you have added a huge gab between some players. On patch 0.25: You have introduce the mission system. First I was thinking, great it will add some content. But it's turned to be boring as hell. Taking your container, pressing you key auto-pilot and waiting for 3h and thanks to the PvP (content made by player), we were able to kill some haulers. But you have stopped that also, by saying that using a spy on a ship was illegal without giving any alternative to PvPer to track ship in long distance. And with the VR "exploit" you have let people get so many money that now the game is totally unbalanced. On patch 0.26: You have introduce asteroid mining and PvP shield. Again, first I was enthusiast with asteroid mining. But after having tested it I was very disappointed. It takes a lot of time, for a very tiny reward. By doing that you are restricting the asteroid mining to people that can play more than 3h straight. And PvP shield have introduce so many bug that PvP was not playable for many weeks. And now that they work, it has reduce the creativity of people when it comes to build PvP ship. We are back to the cube meta (well now it's a rectangle). On patch 0.27: You are removing ground mining by replacing that with an afk mining. Exploit should be fixed faster: On every game you will have exploits, but the good game company try to fix them fast. You should play more the game: When we are watching the QA, many things that you say are disconnected from what game is. And you know should be more invested in what happening in your game. A good exemple is Sesch not knowing who Gottchar is. If you were playing more the game you would see what people are doing, what they are expecting, etc... Like in PvP, there is no way that you have done PvP. You would have change that directly. Some positivism: - Lately, it seems that you are listening a little bit more the community. That's a good point. - You have done an awesome job on some relooking, making the game more beautiful. - You have fixed some big exploit (stacking, warp) Kind regards
  10. We should keep in mind that it's a game. A game is by definition not realistic, but it's goal is to provide some joy to the player that play it. Does the brake obfuscation will provide some joy to some engineer that like to have more limitation when building a ship? Yes Does the brake will make 80-90% of the current fleet unusable and bother many players? Yes Does the new brake obfuscation will add more computation (more lag)? Yes My point of view is that DU has never been a physical engineering simulation. Yes the physics in the game is interesting but is far far far away from a simulation. They can add limitation on brake, add more and more limitation it will not change anything. "most of the flying element have obfuscation, then brake need obfuscation." argument is acceptable, but what is the gain behind. What at the end it will provide to the game? What the final player will gain by having this change? I am always taking the view of the players and currently most of the player will have trouble with that. They will have to change their ship, a lot of design will be f... I don't care if they change the brake or not, I am not a ship builder. I can fly a box I don't care. But if I take the place of a ship designer and 100% of my creations that was using the legit game mechanism have to be redesign, I am not sure I would continue to play. So at the end, I can understand the reason they would do this change. But I don't think the impact on the player base worth the change.
  11. 100% Agree with Hagbard. An other reason why taxes on territories are bad managed. You can pay for a 6 month on your account, but you can't put a reserve on a tile for the same amount of time.
  12. Hello, The new docking system is what it is. Is there a way to remove the effect? Now when I am maneuvering some of my construct, I don't see anything. And if you are approaching a market with a small ship you just don't see anything anymore too many red circle everywhere.
  13. Agree, we need clarification. I have a construct build without any janko, but when I try to upgrade my engine to rare military I can't. Does those engines be considered as overlapping?
  14. Hello, Again and again NQ open potential security issue on our construct. Be careful, now DRM are disable by default when you place a core, a programming board, seat, ect... Come on NQ, stop doing such thing without any warning. Nothing in any patch not about that. The first thing you learn when you are doing security is "By default lock everything".
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