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  1. Thanks for the resume of current situation of the game. 10/10 This game has a huge potential, but the main problem actually is that this potential is under developed.
  2. Thanks for this devlog. Event if the change are "backend change", it's good to know on what you are working on.
  3. I am agree with all the improvement about LUA and I have made a lot of suggestion to NQ in that way. But, I must say that I am not against removing HTML. HTML is not made to create user interface. HTML is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser. https://www.w3.org/wiki/HTML/Training/What_is_HTML https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTML Having a rendering API that allow us to create a real user interface would be much better, I know that many people will have to rewrite a part of the code. But at the end, it will be an improvement. Then about
  4. I suggest NQ to give us a way to contribute for the translations. I am sure the player base would love to help them with that. There is a ton of tools for that, I have been using Pootle in the past and it works perfect. https://pootle.translatehouse.org/
  5. Hello everyone, I really like the new system of blueprint with the distinction of a core blueprint and a blueprint. I have 4 suggestions of improvement, 3 of them should be easy to implement and the last one could be a bit more tricky. Have a green/red dot that check the status of a blueprint to tell the player if the blueprint is deployable (player has all the parts) Justification: When you have a blueprint with a lot of pieces, it's hard to know if we have all the parts Add a sorting/filter in the blueprint parts Justification: We have all our way of sorting
  6. I am agree with you, the current state of the schematics is unplayable if you don't have an already player base that can buy them. In an other word, if the server wipe and without bots the game is unplayable. Schematics ≠ Blueprints (edit your title)
  7. @NQ-Naerais Thanks for reply, very kind of you. @GraXXoR That's a good idea too!
  8. Hello, What about having a possibility to export our ship as OBJ file. There is a lot of application with that: we could include that to DU Creator so customer could see the ship in 3D. we could 3d print etc... What do you think about that? Leni
  9. Good to know, then at least for people that make non PvP ship that can help
  10. Do you have any handling skill? I deployed the blueprint with a char that had no handling skill perhaps that why it is working for me.
  11. Hello everyone, Anyone who uses tokens certainly has a few broken ones in their inventory. And you were certainly like me very disappointed not to be able to delete them. Here is the solution to get rid of these broken tokens. You need: Surrogate VR station Surrogate Pod Station Container (any size) And here's how to do it: Put all broken tokens in the container Connect to your pod using the pod station Move the tokens in your nanopack Exit the VR by accepting that the items in your nanopack ar
  12. Hello to everyone, I decided to make this post so people know how create a core blueprint and being sure that all the handling will be applied. The handling on a core blueprint is a bit weird, it seems NQ doesn't have test every case. The blueprint system is separated in 2 different kind of blueprint: "Core blueprint": it's a schema that will allow you to create "single time blueprint" "Blueprint": it's a single time use blueprint How the handling works when placing down a blueprint? When you create a blueprint from a core blueprint it takes the skill saved on the co
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