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  1. Hello everyone, Now that we have the game in demo, I have heard everything and nothing about the state of the game at release. Would it be possible for us to have some clarifications? Those who like surprises don't have to read, for my part I prepared the release based on the game at the end of the beta and the surprise will be more unpleasant than anything else. Distribution of ores in the system: I've heard comments left and right about this. If we refer to "Ask Aphelia Episode Fourteen", it should be different than on the demo. Lua: We noticed a few differences between the demo and beta. Should we plan to revise our scripts or is this just a side effect? Recipes: Some recipes have changed. Is this just an adjustment for the demo version or something final? Prices: The prices are excessively low in the demo version, I guess to help players progress faster. My questions may be futile, but there are many players who want the game to succeed and the demo version is now the gateway for new players. Having some details about the differences will allow us to better advise/help these new players and thus have them on the live. Personally, I'm not going to play the demo and live version just so I can advise / see the differences. On the other hand, following the evolution of the two platforms is quite possible if you are informed and can pass on the information further.
  2. No, we have discord/guilded. And they plenty other things to work on.
  3. Hello, I am reacting to the new blueprint deployment tool. Great job on that! One small improvement you could do while you are working on that. Please sort the element/honeycomb alphabetically. Kind regards
  4. I don't think they are ignoring the forum. But I agree with you that they could more often respond to certain posts that raise the level and bring constructive discussion. I have done myself a big post with several QoL improvement, some of them have been implemented. Not sure if that was due to the forum post or if they had already some tickets opens about them. Thanks @Koffye for all those very precise points.
  5. For those who want to go deeper with that. Open a Powershell terminal and run the command powercfg /? powercfg /QUERY The first one will give you all the commands you can run. The second one will give you all your current power configuration with UUID.
  6. I'm trying to turn the news around to understand. And yet the only explanation is "make as much money as possible because the game won't work". By putting such a high price, we're just not going to get any new players. You have to be consistent. You just have to compare with the offers on the market: World of Warcraft: 12€/month Star Wars: The Old Republic: 13€/month Final Fantasy XIV Online: 13€/month The Elder Scrolls Online: 12€/month Eve online: 13€/month Black Desert Online: no subscription Destiny 2: no subscription Warframe: no subscription Tom Clancy's The Division 2: no subscription Space engineers: no subscription Starbase: no subscription .... All these games with monthly fee have much more content and are finished. How can I get a friend to come over to an "unfinished" game at 12€/month and tell them that they need to give NQ time to add content but that the game has potential. I wasn't a fan of the wipe, but I must say that it brought a bit of freshness despite the fact that some content had been removed from the game. But now, it just gave a big drag on the launch and demotivated a lot of players. I'm disappointed with this decision which goes against the interests of the game because an MMO without players is a dead MMO. 😥
  7. Hello, Despite the fact that making links in a factory is very slow and leads to freeze. Is there a way to make multiple links from a container to a production unit without having to reselect the container? Example: I have 10 smelters and I want them to retrieve all the ingredients from the same container, currently I click container then smelter 10 times. If they are right next to each other it's not too much of a problem, but if I have to go a long way in my factory it's already more annoying Now I move the container when it's the case, but it's still quite annoying. (btw the opposite would be awesome too, selecting the output container and being able to link to 10 output of smelter) Kind regards
  8. Hello, I know it's a detail, but why schematics work differently than all the other items? Its add more confusion. When you retrieve schematics they don't go in the selected container (nanopack or linked container) they go systematically in your nanopack. If you have a dedicated container for schematics, you have to push them manually. (boring gameplay to move stuff again and again + more operation on the server) If they were working like all the rest, you just have to select the right container before retrieving and the job is done. Kind regards
  9. Thanks @Koffye It's definitely not intuitive but at least I have the info. It would have been so much easier to have at least something like this
  10. Hello, I logged into my account on the website to check my subscription and see which package I was entitled to at launch. No information is available. Also, I cannot extend my subscription. Since you are going to reward players who have paid more than 13 months, you have this information. It would be nice as a player to know which pack we are entitled to. We had a history of our account on Ultima online 25 years ago. This seems to me to be an essential feature of this kind of subscription. Best regards
  11. You're welcome. I hope the server will handle the charge at launch and not blow up
  12. Hello, I went through most of the posts and announcements, but I didn't see anything about this. The way iron-gold backers are treated is very well explained. However, I have an account received by a friend via a beta key. I have it since August 2020 and it is impossible for me to buy game time for it. It is therefore impossible for me to receive the "advanced", "rare" or "exotic" pack. There is no point in getting excited about the beta keys. The subject is not there, I just want to know how this account will be considered. I don't think I'm the only one in this case.
  13. I have been playing DU on a 960gtx with low settings, SSD drive and 32GB ram. It was not perfect, but you was able fly and go to market 6. I think the 32GB is a requirement, I got so many crash because of "out of memory" when I had only 16GB.
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