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  1. Wow, and they call this a game! Does anyone enjoy listening to that droning machine noise the scanner makes for 15 mins every time you scan a new tile?
  2. Scanning for something other than T1 ore on planets is deadly dull and boring, certainly not at all fun. So, looks like I won't be mining anything other than on Haven. Industry is not worth the effort, and especially not worth all the time waiting around for Temporary schematics to be produced. Temporary Schematics are too expensive anyway. This game is far less fun than it was during Beta. I backed this game because it looked like a good game and was a lot of fun during Alpha, and early Beta, even through after update 0.23, right through until mining units and Temporary Schematics. The Permanent Schematics were at least a challenge to fetch. If we stood a chance of finding T2 ore within 30-40 scans it might be okay but 50 scans in and I've had enough of scanning for zero reward. DU is supposed to be a game and games are fun but so much of DU is worse than work, it's dull and boring like working in a factory turning machines on and off etc.. Oh well, I've a few DACs left so we'll see if NQ can improve this game before my DACs run out.
  3. The Future of DU is devoid of pretty surface rocks on all planets as they do not respawn... it will be dull and boring.
  4. So it looks as though those of us who generously backed the game will be penalised by our DACs not working in time.
  5. When will our DACs be available to use? We need them before we can play at launch. We also need to be able to transfer some of them to others. We do not get the talent point boost until our DACs are available for us to use and/or transfer.
  6. Assuming NQ can get tradeable DACs going not too long after release... Well, can they?
  7. Thanks for the viewing of all the outposts, very helpful for choosing which outpost. Will these be available as Blueprints for purchase with quanta in the game, other than our initial outpost selection?
  8. Well, NQ, you have got pretty good at getting rid of your player base; this is just another axe to fall on us. Just when I was beginning to think I might sub when my DACs run out, you tell me it's going to cost nearly twice as much to sub. Good going! I'm not paying $20 (Aus) per month.
  9. Thursday 2300 UTC is 9:00 am Friday AEST. Route B Saturday 0100 UTC is 11.00 am Saturday AEST Route A Please correct these times if I've miscalculated them.
  10. NQ has given the times for the bus tour in European and NA times so why can't they also give the times in AEST as well?
  11. It would be nice to know the times in AEST for those of us In Aus.
  12. Do we spawn on Haven anyway but have to fly ourselves to Sanctuary to place our STU? Will the shuttle from Alioth to Sanctuary still exist? If we go to the PTS to try out the new FTUE and we deploy the furniture you have given us in our nanopacks; I presume it will be in our nanopacks again when we launch the new game on 27th September, please confirm this. Will the tile we choose on the PTS be our tile on Haven after Launch? Will the Outpost we've chosen on the PTS be our chosen outpost at launch? I am presuming that the PTS is merely a copy of what we will experience at launch so that anything we do on the PTS will be erased and reset for launch, including anything we do with our nanopacks. I'd just like to have this confirmed please? I like the new FTUE 🙂
  13. I have ONE question and I have asked it multiple times in multiple ways but you still have not answered it: I wish to use one of my DACs to pay for my subscription for the first month at launch; will this be possible?
  14. I wish to pay for my first month's subscription with my first DAC; will this be possible? I have asked this through Ask Aphelia a number of times and I have not yet had a reply.
  15. I enjoyed being able to fly to many distant planets so yes, we do need all of them if you are not going to restrict the things we can do. Half the fun is being able to slow-boat long distances and discover new worlds.
  16. Ah, thanks for clarifying. Yes, I agree, my journey with DU is likely to end when my main account's DACs finish becaues, yes, I agree, there isn't enough game left after the wipe to start again with nothing but a handful of blueprints and experience. I will take my memories of an enjoyable game as it was through Beta with me, along with a bunch of screenshots of cool things others have built.
  17. MUs are not free on Sanctuary, they cost time and effort in the horrible calibration you have to keep doing.
  18. We purchased the Beta keys when we backed the game during Alpha so these should count as full subscriptions. Will they?
  19. So now BPs of ships that currently fly will be useless. also, Physics! since when has concrete been a light material? Have you ever tried to pick up concrete? *shrug NQ will mess with this game until we all leave.
  20. They haven't actually confirmed that they will be leaving our Sanctuary tiles as they are, or even that we will be able to keep the tiles themselves.
  21. I am not a wealthy player; I just really like having them around because I have always found them very helpful.
  22. This and other posts in this discussion. When I started playing at the end of Alpha, there were many people who had loads of Talent points, and lots of industry, and experience of the game and I found that really useful because all of those people were really helpful in getting me started. A full wipe of everything to level players so that all the old very experienced players have to start back at the beginning along with all the new players, would be a mistake because the best experience for new players is when there are advanced players with loads of stuff available to help them out. However, NQ will probably do that because mistakes seem to be what they do best.
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