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  1. Great news NQ. Also I really like that PVP round table and thought it was very productive. That is coming from some one who doesn't PVP. Would it be possible to get something like that for NON PVP game play?
  2. The only way this game will be successful is NQ is smart enough to sell it to a actual game developing company or just go bankrupt and sell the game. Lets face it NQ has shown the world what not to do when it come to developing a game. Do what ever you like because we all know you will.
  3. So when I started this game with the original FTUE I almost quite. I stuck with the game because I had a friend in the game who had play longer and was able to help. The new FTUE is a major improvement and has come a long way. Few things I would add for a better FTUE. 1. When you get the screen to pick your Haven tile. It would be nice to have the ability to search for another players tile. It would allow people to work together and help each other out. Plus it might make Haven tiles more appealing and not just a place for players to start then never come back to. 2. If I missed this one disregard. In the old FTUE it explained the Talent system and how you should start training talents. In the new FTUE I didn't see anything on this. Granted I knew to start my training que as I've played the game since open beta. 3. I was hoping for updated Achievements. When I looked on the PTS is still had all the Achievement dealing with the old Mining mechanics. Hopefully this game doesn't release with these old Achievements. 4. Finally I know others have mention this but when it comes to Schematics there shouldn't be T1 schematics. Even with maxed out Industrial talents T1 items sell below ore cost. I understand and agree with schematics with T2 and above, but I if I can build it in my nano pack I should be able to set up Indy for it. I will try the PTS on April 14th. Thank You
  4. After reding this Dev blog here what I feel. 1. Another update that going to push people out instead of bringing people in. 2. The economy will be shot. The remaining players will tear down everything they don't need to get to their core count. Now they don't need all those extra parts, so they will try to sell them. Ore Prices will go through the roof because people will have to choose between the MU or ship/statics. Or they will plumet more because with this limitation and the current player base no one will need anything. They will have a massive amount of part lying around to fill infinite BP. Ship builder will go broke because the current player will only get a new ship when they need one or want to tear one down to replace it in their fleet. This will kill community projects people are trying build aka racetracks or cities. Twenty-five constructs to give to an org at this point in time not efficient. This number needs to be increase. Please listen to the community this time. I beg you because I love this game, but these changes are a game killer for me. Thank You NQ.
  5. The 1 million quanta territory tax a week has made this game no fun. Who wants to run T1 Mining units just to pay territory tax for that tile. Can we get bigger pools on T1 and have the basic mining unit L pull more l/h? I have waited to post anything to this thread until I had T1-T3 mining units working in the field. With the ore amounts those mu pull it should be easy to pay territory tax and have ore for my factor. The T1s are just insufficient and made this game go from fun to work. Can we please store more calibration charges, have the MU maintain efficiency longer, and T1 pools bigger and T1 mu pool more ore? Other wise this game turns into a job instead of something fun to do.
  6. All my ore refiners in space are no longer link to the container hubs.
  7. ION Moon 2 new surface height is now 2km above what it used to be on the Live server. So any one with construct on that moon are now buried 2 km down.
  8. I think the auto mining units are a great add to the game. But NQ you really need to add more than half a dozen asteroids to safe zone. They're lot players in this game that don't care to pvp and the safe zone asteroids we do have are mined out to quick. With planet mining going away these asteroids will be over crowed and mined out in hours. I feel you will lose a lot of players in this game if you don't release more safe zone asteroids.
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