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  1. When they say that people with X amount of months of subscription get X rewards, do people with unpaid subscriptions (beta keys) get these rewards, or no?
  2. The honeycomb change that we actually want and have wanted for a very long time is PURPLE PLASTIC.
  3. Considering that I've been ripping into NQ without providing any ideas on how to fix what has me so upset to the point where Deckard literally called me out on Discord, instead of taking it personally I would love to provide any ideas on how to fix this... However, here's the issue. I had plenty of ideas, but Deckard said the following on the Discord. "Right, but we need something to apply a soft cap to the mechanical requirements of DU. Timers are indeed perhaps not fun, but we can't just have 100000 industry units running unrestricted for players, this isn't a private server owned by a friend that can just take a beating. Every single operation has a tax on the systems and comes at a cost. So just giving everyone infinity is unfortunately not a scalable solution." After seeing this... I don't have a solution that works with this kind of restriction. I'd love to help, but I don't have any ideas now that I have this knowledge and I don't get paid enough to grind my brain on it. I'd love to help but we're too restricted at this point. I hope I'm wrong here but it's starting to feel like this game can't support itself as it is right now.
  4. Did you all at NQ just not want people to have elements? You wanted large orgs to get together and make elements but, the only people making elements were individuals, and now they can't make elements anymore.
  5. Well, I was largely positive about this update. I even was starting to make a schematic store to help people out. However, now that I see how this works, I no longer want to run industry at all. I play this game because it was something fun to do after I clocked out from work. Now it's literally all work. Even if the schematics were free and they would instantly spawn when I needed them, the time it would take to keep maintaining these schematics to keep my current industry running is a literal job. I have 40 Maraging Steel Smelters ALONE. I loved this game. I love it so much I paid for over 20 separate accounts. I then played it SO HARD that I raised the money to beta-key those accounts because I was not going to be able to afford paying that many subs again. I then continued to play this game so hard-in-the-paint that I built and made and started so many things. A new org. A large scale engine factory. A store that sold engines. A mining unit script that calculated profits for you. Multiple fuel stations to keep my mission hauler running. This schematic update literally forced me to shut down my engine store and my factory is slowly coming to a stop now. Honeycomb Central is shutting down. SVEA is closed. I haven't even checked Gott Mart. You said you wanted organizations to work together to make these things but.... there's no org support. People have to pay for it out of their own pockets. With multiple hands in and out of these schems and people paying out of pocket, not only is it a logistical nightmare, but if someone decides to steal schematics, there's not going to be a way for people to even start investigating. I want to play this game for fun, but now it's a literal job just to make fuel, let alone anything else I need. Had you all posted this in the PTS to let us look at it first, you could have gained insight as to how the playerbase was going to like or dislike it, but you all didn't. It makes me really feel like you just have some bigsuit corporate people making decisions without any knowledge of how this game works, or you all simply have some sick sadistic plan to make a game that people love, just so you can change core game mechanics to upset then and make them quit. NQ, you've done a lot of things I've largely considered to be boneheaded, but I still played the game because I loved it. This one, though... You've completely messed with the backbone of the game and honestly.... I don't know if I'm gonna keep playing.
  6. I'm mostly upset that you all literally just released exotic engine schematics that I dropped a few billion quanta on, haven't even made but like 10-12 engines, and now you're taking that away from me. Even for me, it is not easy or quick to make a few billion quanta.
  7. So just wanted to provide some feedback. 1). The Atmo XL questions... The dev who responded said they think ailerons and wings go up to L, but they don't. Ailerons and wings only go up to M and people are putting 200+ wings on their ship because the Stabilizer L is extremely inefficient on both size and drag. 2). You showed off all of that awesome voxelwork but didn't give any credit to the artist in the description. Makes me very sad. 3). If you foresee a bunch of exploity bugs around the player market... shouldn't you be trying to implement prior to release so all bugs and exploits are ironed out prior to release/wipe?
  8. HAY NQ I have some FEEDBACK for you. Without going into pvp and getting this plasma, there is absolutely no reason for me to get tier 5 ore. I can't make anything except for scrap, honeycomb, and parts for elements I can't make. Why does EVERY single tier 5 item require this plasma stuff? I can't even make a bonsai or a container without it. Even worse, because Warp Beacons use the same plasma as the containers do, and with how many people want to make warp beacons with it, I'll never ever be able to make a tier 5 container. This is some pretty awful design in my opinion and I want you to know that. Please reconsider this plasma stuff being required for every single tier 5 element in the game. It's actually really awful design for the large number of us who don't enjoy the pvp in this game. PvP is not the only way to enjoy this game. EDIT: Adding the following Why is there not a new 6th tier of "Alien" items that need the plasma instead of completely making T5 ore completely useless to people and ruining the already existing industry for T5 items?
  9. I'm a whale. I paid for at least 3 months on each of my current accounts and only half of them have been beta-keyed since. I'll have at least 10 if there's a good benefit for it.
  10. At no point have I been toxic. You are the one telling someone that they need mental help over a simple statement about how speed in space works.
  11. I don't see how someone stating that there's no max speed in space that there is something wrong with their mental health and that you and your medical degree is capable of diagnosing that over such a small amount of data. Your concern trolling isn't welcome.
  12. Yeah, in regards to the element stacking issue, I have ships I have built post-Selene using build mode with no exploits and it is still telling me my stuff is stacked. I have another ship that is telling me I have a bunch of stacked stuff, so I move the offending elements to another area. Half an hour later I sit in the seat and it tells me there's more stacked stuff, so I move those. Repeat literally 5 times. Why should I have to fix my ship 5 times? Why can't it just tell me all at once? Furthermore, why is it telling me my stuff is stacked when I didn't do any kind of exploit and simply used build mode as intended? I'm all about disabling stacked elements, but the detection for them is pretty awful and finicky, and having it disable elements that were placed fairly in build-mode feels really really bad. Imagine spending 2 hours building a ship and then sitting in the seat just to be told a few elements are "stacked" in a really tightly-packed area and now you have to literally undo an hour's worth of work just because two fuel tanks were kinda close to each other.
  13. I don't even want to log in today. I don't want to look at my ship collection and realize that I will have to part with half of them through no fault of my own, just because some other people abused a nested org situation. I've broken no rules.
  14. For someone who is seeking votes, you sure are being antagonistic against someone who has a vote to give.
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