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  1. I tried myself as well, and PvP elements didn’t boost. Chair capacity, cannon xs capacity, and radar capacity didn’t get their bonuses. Everything else seemed to work I think.
  2. There's this other voxel game that does WEEKLY "Progress Notes" from the dev team of what they've been working on. The DU devblogs are great, but they're still so little compared to all the problems the community sees in-game. We all care about the game and would love to follow along with the progress. Since NQ abandoned Discord, I'd love to see a new channel of communication to replace it. A weekly blog post with things like bugs discovered/fixed, new textures previewed, and what's on the menu for the next week would be great to see, just like other teams do for their customers.
  3. It sounds like you might be using a DRM-free Core Blueprint to deploy. When I deploy a ship, DRM is on everything. I manually go to each programming board, control unit, and screen and right-click disable DRM on the element, not the construct. I then wait for a client, then tokenize and trade. The client can edit the boards/screens/chair as they see fit but still cannot copy voxels, AFAIK.
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