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  1. One thing I can say for sure: If there is a complete wipe of sanctuary, I will only consider bringing back one of my 3 accounts. 2FA is a pain but it isn't a dealbreaker. A complete wipe including Sanctuary is a dealbreaker such that I will only even consider subscribing with a single account; I might not even do that. If Sanctuary is left unwiped then I will consider subscribing all 3 of my beta keys when subscriptions start. You have my feedback. Celestis, Aeliana, & Kyklos
  2. Why do we have to install an app on our phone, can't you just send a text with the code like other logins do? Also, it's going to be a nightmare having to enter email address and password and wait for code before every login when switching between accounts. And what's this everyone is talking about a wipe? Please don't wipe Sanctuary.
  3. I just came back to have a look at what's changed and the first thing I notice is that I can no-longer see the rocks that have spawned on my territory! Every time I come back I find something else that you've made worse for being able to play the game. Please put the bright colours back on the rocks so that we can see them to harvest them.
  4. Please do not do a complete wipe. If you do a complete wipe, you remove everything I have built since during Alpha and there is no way I will be willing to start again from scratch so you will completely lose me and my other 2 beta key accounts. If you leave everything on Sanctuary and Alioth as it is then you won't wipe out anything I still have left and I will probably keep my 3 accounts going after the game is released. I have contracted everything back to Sanctuary and one single tile on Alioth so provided all my current tiles are not affected by a wipe then I will stay. If you are planning to wipe Alioth, please give me enough warning so that I can retrieve all my stuff. Please do not wipe Sanctuary.
  5. Oh great, now you're going to remove my ships on my HQ tiles on Alioth if I don't pilot them for a week! Really?! So it's no-longer possible to do stuff away from Alioth for even a week before our ships left back at HQ get deleted. This game gets worse with every maintenance now! One week! So if we go on holiday or are busy or sick for a week and don't pilot all our ships on Alioth we lose them? Couldn't you at least have made it a month? Ok, I'll pack up all my stuff on Alioth and move it to Sanctuary.... .... but really this really does make playing this game incredibly limited. What's going to happen to all of the creators who have ships on show for people to wander through? Are they going to have to pilot all their ships once a week? As if the frequent calibration of the mining units wasn't boring enough, now we have to routinely go round piloting all our ships on Alioth every week. So much for leaving my small cargo ship back at base for running to and from the market.
  6. ok, so how many cores does each person have individually without any training? I know it'll be written somewhere but I've read through so much that I'm confused and would just like to know the base levels. I think I've deconstructed enough of my constructs to ignore the game for a few months until NQ stops pulling the rug out from under our feet and I'd like not to lose anything I've built during that time, therefore I just want to check the base numbers please? I'm assuming that there will be talent resets I might not know about and therefore will not be training whilst I'm away from the game.
  7. A Game of Chicken, yes, that's a good description. Almost all of the way I was playing during Alpha and early Beta has been taken away through the schematics changes, taxes and mining units, and now, although you've put them back, removing the org constructs finished me off. I'm not rebuilding my org constructs.
  8. If this had been your first iteration of these changes I wouldn't have had to pack up my organization's constructs. Too late now, it is done. Yet again you came in hard with drastic measures that damaged some of us severely so even if you are now making it a softer change, the damage is done. You did this with severe schematics changes which you then had to make softer, the taxes which you have now made softer, and this time the organization construct slots. I am looking for a new game because I have had enough of you pulling the rug out from under our feet, even if you do put some of the rug back after we've fallen over. Why don't you make the initial changes much softer in future so that it is not a complete rug-pull when you make the initial changes? The mining unit calibrations are still terrible, the only good thing about them is looking around for piles of big rocks after several weeks of calibrations on multiple units, they were at least pretty and spread out, now that you're putting them all under the mining units you've taken that away too.
  9. I've found ways of dealing with the schematics, worked out how to have HQ tiles whilst I save for taxes to do some mining above T1 on Sanctuary, but now you are removing all of my org's constructs. OK, I will demolish all of my organization's constructs and sell what I can, move the rest to sanc in case I ever decide to come back. I'll find another game to play. Changing the rules mid-game is what has made it a waste of time to continue building stuff here. I know it's in beta but really it is nothing like the game I backed in alpha; everything I liked about the game has been reduced to rubble. Couldn't you at least have allowed organizations to have 5 constructs instead of ZERO!
  10. More bad changes. Perhaps I should just pack my stuff up completely and find another game to play.
  11. Nothing in Panacea will fix the issues I have with the mining units as calibrating them is such a painful process, I have given up completely except for the occasional harvesting of the big rocks already spawned and I hope these will not disappear from the surface of my tiles. Instead of having the rocks spawn right under the mining units, all of which are on platforms so access to the ground underneath is very limited, why not allow multiple way-points, one for each group of spawned rocks?. The only fun thing left in mining was flying around looking for the big rocks and you are taking that away! Why is it not possible to mine for T2 ores on Sanctuary?
  12. I like the rocks glowing because it means I can fly around my tile in my speeder and spot the clumps of big rocks from the air.
  13. I keep trying to find information by looking in the Codex (F1) Why doesn't the Codex contain all the information we need to know about the new mining units? How long does it take to go from 100% calibration to 0%? Do the big rocks generated on calibration stay on your tile until someone surface-harvests them? Do the small mining units work on other planets? or are they only for use on Sanctuary? Do the Large mining units work on Sanctuary? Is it possible to use mining units for the T2 ores on Sanctuary? Why is the Cone probe so inaccurate? Please could the codex contain information about how to read the various screens on the mining units? What does 12/113 l/hr actually mean? Why is there no adjacency bonus for tiles on Sanctuary if our neighbouring tiles are our friends (Friendly Territory) ? Is there an adjacency bonus if our neighbours on other planets are "Friendly Territories"? What does the "Base Rate" refer to? What does the "Efficiency" refer to? Is it possible to see how many calibration charges we have generated without activating a mining unit? If so, how? Please put all the information into the Codex so that it is easy to look it up whilst playing the game without having to google or scroll through pages of forums to find out what we wish to know.
  14. Also, what happens to Sanctuary tiles if someone stops playing the game? Is there a time-period of no subscription before Sanctuary tiles become available?
  15. Please clarify that Sanctuary tiles can have operating Industry and operating Mining Units but do not have to pay any taxes?
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