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  1. FWIW, if your business model consisted of a subscription of less than $10 per month, I'd still be playing DU but at approx $20 per month it's too expensive so I have found other games that are less than $10 per month. You could so easily have a cheap subscription or zero subscription for just the basic game with extras we have to pay to be able to do. At the moment you are getting nothing from me and I'm not playing so offering me double talent points just isn't going to get me back. If you offered players like me who have left half a year or more ago, a six month sub for $10 per month, I'd come back and so might others. Just giving you feedback.
  2. Well, I just received an email inviting me to watch other people playing a game I can no-longer afford to play .... why would I do that?! I played DU since Alpha and they changed the game and made it worse then changed the game and made it worse until eventually they launched with a sub that's twice what they said it would be..... and continued to make it worse.... I'm not coming back to watch other people playing a game I used to like playing myself. I'd come back if they halved the sub because although the game is way worse than it was during Alpha and early Beta, there are still things in the game that are fun to play, just not for as much per month as they are asking; I would pay half that though. So NQ, if you are listening, there might be others who would come back if the sub was halved.
  3. 1. I did not receive any notification about the 30% discount so NQ clearly does not realise that if we are not playing the game they need to email us to invite us back if they want us back. 2. Even with 30% discount it's still way too expensive.
  4. I'm sad that there is talk of shutting down DU... or was it just the forums? I haven't heard anything officially, just a line or two in posts. I gave up playing because I couldn't afford the subs.... if they hadn't doubled it I'd still be playing.... crazy to double the subs at launch as I think many of us left when our DACs ran out because the subs are too dear. It would have been great if they'd enticed us back with a free month or half-price month for everyone... to celebrate the anniversary... get us in and maybe we'd get caught and enjoy the new patches added since we left.... new planets to explore perhaps?? I'm not paying $20 for an in-game statue! but I would have paid $10 to come back for a month.
  5. However, the subscription is so expensive that I'm not coming back just to get a statue and go on a few rides. If the subs was $5 for a month I might have considered coming back to see what it's like now. If I could pay for Game time with in-game currency that would be good. Have fun all of you who have reasons to keep paying, enjoy a Happy Birthday for Dual Universe!
  6. It was a great tour! Thanks! Waking up in time for 6am is hard too 😛 At least adding 10 to UTC is something I have to do often so thanks also for announcing the times in UTC 🙂 And thanks especially for organising these tours!
  7. Any chance we could have some tours between UTC 2200 and UTC 1200? for people in Time-zones around the UTC+10 regions. The current times of the tours are UTC 2000 which is 6am for us, UTC 1800 is 4am for us.
  8. Wow, and they call this a game! Does anyone enjoy listening to that droning machine noise the scanner makes for 15 mins every time you scan a new tile?
  9. Scanning for something other than T1 ore on planets is deadly dull and boring, certainly not at all fun. So, looks like I won't be mining anything other than on Haven. Industry is not worth the effort, and especially not worth all the time waiting around for Temporary schematics to be produced. Temporary Schematics are too expensive anyway. This game is far less fun than it was during Beta. I backed this game because it looked like a good game and was a lot of fun during Alpha, and early Beta, even through after update 0.23, right through until mining units and Temporary Schematics. The Permanent Schematics were at least a challenge to fetch. If we stood a chance of finding T2 ore within 30-40 scans it might be okay but 50 scans in and I've had enough of scanning for zero reward. DU is supposed to be a game and games are fun but so much of DU is worse than work, it's dull and boring like working in a factory turning machines on and off etc.. Oh well, I've a few DACs left so we'll see if NQ can improve this game before my DACs run out.
  10. The Future of DU is devoid of pretty surface rocks on all planets as they do not respawn... it will be dull and boring.
  11. So it looks as though those of us who generously backed the game will be penalised by our DACs not working in time.
  12. When will our DACs be available to use? We need them before we can play at launch. We also need to be able to transfer some of them to others. We do not get the talent point boost until our DACs are available for us to use and/or transfer.
  13. Assuming NQ can get tradeable DACs going not too long after release... Well, can they?
  14. Thanks for the viewing of all the outposts, very helpful for choosing which outpost. Will these be available as Blueprints for purchase with quanta in the game, other than our initial outpost selection?
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