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  1. Also, what happens to Sanctuary tiles if someone stops playing the game? Is there a time-period of no subscription before Sanctuary tiles become available?
  2. Please clarify that Sanctuary tiles can have operating Industry and operating Mining Units but do not have to pay any taxes?
  3. Why hasn't the Codex (F1) been updated with information about the new Mining units? Why wasn't the Codex updated with information about the Schematics when that happened? The Codex is the easiest place to turn to for help whilst playing DU but it is becoming less and less useful. Please update the Codex with concise information whenever you introduce something new to the game. Having to scroll through pages of DU news outside the game is really inefficient as it's hard to know where to look and takes ages to find out one simple thing whereas the Codex (F1) used to be helpful.
  4. Ah, yes, you might need to keep moving the core to start from or put in some deliberate voxel sheets to use as a start for a delete section. I have found that I can usually find and remove even tiny fragments of voxels that way. Usually they are fragments of voxels hidden underground where I've not been suffiently careful with a line or sheet of voxels created vertically downwards and I can remember how I built things so I have an idea where voxels might be. Sometimes putting in a large block of voxels will pick up the hidden voxels, just make sure you're using a differnt material so that you get the notification of the picked-up voxels. Although, right now there is a really easy way, since Demeter is about to put all the earth back, you can just dig out the ground until you find the troublesome voxels. The flatten tool is great for this because you can be really systematic. I've done this with most of my deconstructs recently... can't wait for Demeter to repair the damage 😜
  5. I have found that by using the voxel tool + alt and dividing the build cube into 8 sections from the core as the origin vertex, it is only 4 quarters of the base section to pickup all of the whole and part voxels so that the core is empty and can be removed.
  6. With the Geo reset, will the sea-level on Sanctuary stay the same? I forgot to check during the weekends with the PTS.
  7. On the contrary, I was counting on it! My complaint is that because of the taxes I will not be able to afford to keep territories in unsafe space waiting for the combat and territory warfare. Losing outer space territories to pirates and other players would have been infinitely preferable to losing the territories because of the exorbitant taxes. Unfortunately most of the pirates seem to have left when the schematics were introduced... at least, I have not had my ships attacked since then, even though I've been flying from planet to planet fairly regularly. Too late now I've removed my flight points, my homes on the outer planets because I cannot afford to pay the taxes. (It took me a over week to fly around to remove the bases so I had to start as soon as the taxes were threatened.)
  8. I think I have adjusted my buildings to make it possible for me to remove the earth from them after the Geo reset but if I have problems when I try, will it be too late to ask NQ to help? If it will be too late then I guess I should submit tickets quickly and hope that the tool NQ will use won't damage the surface of the planet whilst digging out underneath.
  9. Some of us are not slaves to this game! We don't forget about the 150000 Quanta per day, we just don't log in every day, we have other things to do with our lives.
  10. Well, the result of Demeter for me will be the opposite of that as I do not continue playing this game once it goes live and I have to pay a subscription. Well done NQ, you have converted a fan of the game during Alpha into someone looking for a new game. I have already removed most of my TUs from all except 1 outer planet, I had one on every planet and moon, and I will probably remove the last after Demeter but to begin with it will be one of my 5 HQ tiles as it's on a lake and has nice views and is a great place for my Avatar and friends to chill.
  11. Pvp would have been an ok way to lose tiles on the outer planets. I was expecting us to get to that point and I wouldn't have minded losing tiles to other players that way... at least the tiles would be lost by playing the game! Losing tiles because of exorbitant taxes is the worst way to lose tiles.
  12. Will we be able to Build on HQ tiles that we don't pay taxes on? Will we be able to use the containers and doors etc. on them? I get that we won't be able to mine on them, that makes sense.
  13. Looks like NQ is actually forcing casual players out of the game.
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