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  1. @NQ-NyotaPlease listen to your playerbase, we really do not care for your dev blogs/podcasts until the question is answered as to wipe/no wipe. Respectfully, Just stop. It's tone deaf and ridiculous.
  2. @NQ-Nyota Can NQ pause territory tax & subscription fees so we can all take a break while you guys decide? Thanks.
  3. Can you guys post about wipe or no wipe instead of other dev blogs? Honestly, the player base doesn't care until we know if it is worth playing or not....
  4. This picture sums up why they are thinking about it:
  5. Real players do not agree with wipe. Do not conclude such nonsense.
  6. Do I play or do I go? I just don't know. These NQ trolls keep us on that hamster wheel roll yo.
  7. NQ-Deckard already said NQ isn't doing ratting/NPCs.
  8. How long do you fools think the no schematics piece will last? It's a carrot before they beat you with the stick. People will build mega factories too fast, and they will re-introduce them, and you will all quit or drink the kool-aid some more.
  9. Wipe and most of our org will go to play other games and tell people to stay far away versus recruiting people to "launch"
  10. There is no market but market 6. Centralize planet markets into a single hub already.... All Alioth markets = Alioth Market. All Madis markets = Madis market, etc. No point to all these different markets when players will just group to one.....that is not a space market.
  11. Until they apply that to engines too.....
  12. It was literally inside the planet. Planets are hollow.
  13. I was warping to Ion....and ended up in this strange empty space of nothingness in the same location, where it's atmo.....but nothing around. Does this mean the pirates got me mid warp, and I went to DU Heaven?
  14. Release doesn't mean they stop updates.
  15. They're already nerfing it.... " We are also altering the behavior around a construct’s maximum speed. Constructs’ mass will now impact their speed; the heavier the ship, the less its maximum speed will be. Thus, smaller ships will be able to catch up bigger ones despite the latter having bigger engines than the former.
  16. I would absolutely buy a sub for my three accounts if there is no wipe.
  17. While not the desired answer, that's something -- Thank you for responding with what your team could provide!
  18. Wipe or no wipe doesn't even matter: we should have an answer either way without being teased and told to wait for weeks.
  19. Can NQ be any more tone deaf in yet another tone deaf dev blog? You should really have people proof read before posting it. Do you not think that essentially teasing a wipe and saying we need to wait weeks for answers would not upset your playerbase??
  20. Blazemonger, you have years worth of posts asking for a wipe and encouraging it. Regardless, players should have an answer and not have to wait and be teased.
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