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  1. Half my inventory monitoring screens no longer work, but hey, the containers look better.
  2. I won't be starting again, more games out there that don't wipe and have better gameplay than to start rebuilding what has taken me 2 years. I'm out the day of wipe.
  3. I don't know why they feel the need to wipe when they could just add a new solar system 5000 SU from the current one where new players could start fresh. Depending on the number of new players, they could add one every 6 months.
  4. Before everyone left after the Demeter announcement, we had a system for new members. We would allocate them 7 tiles with MUs. they would calibrate and we would then pay them back a % of what was mined. They could then get compensation in either ores of their choosing based on the amount that was mined or get paid market price for that %. This was an awesome way for new players to get money and ore and the org benefited as well.
  5. For those people wishing for a wipe. Some of us put in countless hours scanning, mining, building. Some of us dedicate 10-12 hours in DU expanding, flying around and just generally building.... for 2 years. Why shouldn't we have an advantage? We payed and played for it. The arguments are to make everyone equal is just asinine as 3 days after launch some will have more than others. DU is supposed to be a persistent game that builds over time, not reset because the DB is too big or players complain how unfair it is some people have 3B Quanta. If there is a game mechanic requiring a wipe then find a way to code it so that all of our work isn't wasted, stop being lazy.
  6. I haven't logged in much since the announcement, my factory is running out of resources and my calibrations are stacking up, I just don't see the point of putting in countless hours if they are going to wipe. This is so defeating! I am considering just HQing the rest of my stuff and cancelling. If they don't wipe I can come back, if they do then I saved money.
  7. This will always be the case and when you get 70M talent points and those with 5M complain, should you be wiped? Your second comment has merit, they should periodically introduce new systems or planets.
  8. Like I said, any wipe and I am gone. In fact, now I don't even want to login and keep playing, this is so defeating! I spent so much time on this game and this is just absolutely ridiculous that every other month some massive change wipes out the player base. I'm the last full active player in my org of 40 because of these changes. This will be it for me.
  9. Any wipe that affects constructs and the resources on planets and I am gone. I am not going to spend more time redoing what I have done for a 3rd time. My 4 accts gone. I have spent every day playing DU building constructs, ships, cities and I am not about to have to do it again. Some of my constructs require specific alignment and I'm not going through that again and spend months trying to get back to where I am.
  10. We didn't take advantage of it, we have 100 cores just for mining units they forces on us. It's like they gave us a gun to shoot ourselves. No more building, landing pads, ship showrooms. This game is done with this change, atleast my 3 accounts are gone.
  11. NQ Finally figured out quests..... You got 30 days to dismantle 200 cores you built over 2 years or we will auto-abandon them for you....
  12. Our org has roughly 20 active players, even if they ALL donated 10 cores, which they won't, we would have to drop 200 cores and a majority of those are cores you FORCED us to drop for mining units. This, on top of taxes will destroy us. We're already discussing which game to move to. This is probably going to cost DU 40-50 accounts. These drastic, absurd changes could have been solved a million other ways, like limiting 1 player to 1 org or only allowing legate, super legate of 1 org. I am exhausted trying to accomodate these constant changes, this is it for me, either squash this idea or me and mine are gone to something better.
  13. I'm out, with 3 accounts. Can't build, PVP broke, no PVE, nothing to do but Calibrate with what you got left and log off.
  14. So they gave us mining unites that required a core to place, then they limit cores..... It almost seems like they want people to leave. We have 400 cores mostly mining units and will lose about half of them. I was also building a 7 tile city that is now scrapped. What is the point of playing if all we do is log in, calibrate, fly around asteroids trying to kill miners? Whoever is making decisions is dumb or just cruel at this point.
  15. After Schematics, Taxes, Mining bots and now this? I'm gone with my 3 paying accounts.
  16. It's about time, I was on this board repeatedly saying what a catastrophe the taxes would be on the community. It is amazing how many defunct bases are being found that the players spend A LOT of time and effort on, then just abandoned and left DU. Those were probably paying customers you ran off despite many people warning you of the consequences. You cannot make a game a chore to play, or unplayable. You may not like solo players and prefer orgs, but they pay and need to be accomodated.
  17. You deleted our scans, now my scans get stuck at 100%. I am literally scanning on average 3 tiles an hour. You done messed this up and made this almost unplayable. I am seriously considering my options right now.
  18. This scan wipe will only benefit the largest orgs. The smaller orgs will spend months rescanning and getting nothing done. Unbelievable, everyone had time to get scans the past couple of weeks.
  19. Do you have max skills and the 6 tiles adjacent?
  20. I'm guessing you deleted your scans? I'm not in a large corp but held all my scans for over a year and have been collecting more. You should do the same.
  21. After looking at the territory taxes, I believe this is untenable. Based upon the numbers I am seeing so far we are looking at 112M per week for 1 cluster per ore type T1-4. We will be forced to produce less even with 1 less cluster which reduces the amount of money we can make. Our warp beacon factory will be shut down since T5's are so scarce and our warp cell production cut to about 1/3 of the 23k per week we can produce now and a good portion of those would be used warping around every few days to maintain the mining bots. This may very well be the straw that broke the camel's back as far as my future investment in this game.
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