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First, we wish to thank everyone for all of your feedback and questions about the topic Shedding Light on a Novaquark Internal Discussion.


We wanted to let everyone know that the internal discussions are still in process and currently ongoing with all of the pros and cons mentioned in the thread above. This is a big decision and we want to do what is right for Dual Universe, as well as our current and future players.


We have been reading all of your feedback and questions, and they have been extremely useful in our internal discussions. As soon as a decision is made, we will pass that information to you. We appreciate your patience and support as we continue to explore and investigate the best possibilities for Dual Universe. Thank you!


In addition, we will soon have information about the Kickstarter Rewards, as well as DACs to share, so please keep watch for that!



Community Questions.jpg


New Community Podcast 


We know that you have many questions about many Dual Universe topics on your mind. Next week, we will be starting a new podcast where we will be bringing your questions to our Novaquark team for answers. 

How does it work? Good question! 


If you have a question about Dual Universe (game mechanics, lua, FTUE - these are just some examples of topics to ask about), then head over to our Community Questions Submission Form and enter your question(s) there. Once submitted, just listen to the upcoming podcasts and your question may be included there. We look forward to hearing from you!


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14 minutes ago, NQ-Nyota said:

If you have a question about Dual Universe (game mechanics, lua, FTUE - these are just some examples of topics to ask about), then head over to our Community Questions Submission Form and enter your question(s) there.


The questions form doesn't appear to be set with the right permissions -- it says that only the owner's organization can access it. 


As much as the update is very much appreciated, it's puzzling that it takes so long to come to a final decision and makes me concerned about the state of leadership at NQ...with limited time to release, I don't really understand why making a choice like this would take so many weeks unless there's a lot of dissent internally...which again makes me concerned with the state of leadership over there. 


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Ty for some kind of responce, but this is taking so long. Lets expect no more long. We need also to decide. And now we have no information to decide, we have maybe to organize a wipe, refunding corps etc...? Or return to the actual frozen projects?

This actual situation with no idea on the near future, have to end.

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maybe NQ should go to politik, consult over weeks and months....Simply ridiculous and stalling tactics to now still collect the money to wipe and release.

How can it be that in 8 years of development the game is so unfinished, has no one from NQ fantasy or played other games?

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Wow podcasts are coming back, I absolutely love this. Newsletters and forum posts are great but they fail to convey tone and other important subtleties. Seeing a dev enthusiastically describe his latest creation or acknowledge a problem with a pained/sympathetic expression can make a big difference. Looking at it from the other end, our playerbase can be extremely passionate and I am sure we come off as demanding children at times. That is definitely likely not the case. Regardless of how its phrased, we are rooting for your success.


Also good luck with the internal discussions.

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1 hour ago, Koffye said:

Oh. Thats a nice middle finger you are showing us right now. Thanks

Just bend over already! 😉




We need a decision asap otherwise people will be gone. I'm getting less and less motivated to do something in DU, except a few small projects. I already paid for a year for four characters, so can't really do anything much about that... Sure I can think up some nice questions for NQ, but honestly I do not care enough at the moment to take the time. First get me a decision, second get me a date, third talk to me again when we've had the wipe/relaunch! @NQ-Nyota Get back in there, use bat with some rusty nails and barbed wire, keep hitting them until they make a decision! Otherwise, anything you say is going to be met with a wall of negativity and apathy...

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I honestly feel this makes no sense.

A decision like this is not taken lightly sure, but at the same time for a project which is set to go to release in mere months, after which there is no longer the option to wipe really, such a decision would have been made. Also, your post basically completely ignores the many comments made outside of mentioning that you read them. It just feels like one of those "we heard you" kind of posts where NQ tries to control the fire they started themselves but fail to actually bring the proper extinguishing material. And in this case NQ really just threw water directly onto an oilfire, causing a massivee flash-fire.


I really can't accept that NQ has not made the decision whether to wipe or not and following that can't see how they have not decided on a wipe close to release for a number of reasons, but mainly a wipe would:

  • Remove the accumulated damage done by exploits
  • Remove the constructs owned by inactive accounts
  • Remove constructs by beta keys accounts which would go inactive at that time
  • Allow for offering a "head start" to backers leading into release
  • Allow for offering a subscribing incentive to beta key access accounts (participate in head start)


There are plenty more benefits but I guess these would be the main ones. This would be a wipe where:

  • Worlds are reset, all constructs removed
  • Quanta is removed with the normal starting amount left, possibly up to a higher starting amount as a bonus
  • Account talent points are reset, the accrued points returned to the pool
  • For constructs which the account is creator for or which have no DRM set on the core a normal core blueprint is provided


Lastly, not announcing a "no wipe" at this time really makes no sense as it really changes nothing and will instantly end the conversation. I can see how NQ believes announcing the wipe now could possibly have repercussions but at the same time, the indecisive position NQ takes on this has already damaged the game and has resulted in consequences where many of the active player base, including what I'd consider the major streamer for the game at this time, have decided to either shelve the game for now altogether or reduce their activity to a minimum.

And I could easily see that cause more damage that just coming out and announcing the decision mase, which IMO really only can be that a wipe wil loccur a few weeks prior to the release date to accommodate the benefits I mentioned above.


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Something I think is obvious from the 39 page megathread this issue has already generated is that nobody can agree on the correct thing to do here and there probably is not going to be a good answer which pleases everyone.  Perhaps there isn't even a good answer which pleases the majority of people.  That means that we're in a position where you're probably going to have to make a bad decision eventually in order to move forward.  And making a bad decision now is better than making an equally bad decision 6 weeks from now.


IMO the right thing to do now is for NQ to show some leadership, make a decision, sell it to the userbase and move forward.  All the continued uncertainty is doing is undermining everyone's confidence in NQ's capability to create a workable vision for the future of the game and bring that to life.


The longer the uncertainty goes on the more players will get frustrated with it and stop playing altogether because they don't know whether the persistent world game they've been playing started 2 years ago or has not, in fact, started being a persistent world yet.  And the one thing the history with the 0.23 release and the loss of players should teach us is that the longer players get out of the habit of playing for the less likely they are to come back and play again when the situation is resolved.

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Lack of communication for the past 3 weeks regarding the wipe/no wipe has left many of us unsure of what to next.


How can you talk about the potential wipe details and then say nothing for 3 weeks. Now you respond with this and still say nothing useful about the wipe.


Then you talk about having a podcast to answer questions.


The only question everyone wants answered right now is "What are the wipe details and do I get to keep my talent points?"



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On 5/6/2022 at 1:15 AM, Zeddrick said:

IMO the right thing to do now is for NQ to show some leadership, make a decision, sell it to the userbase and move forward. 

While true, NQ has shown to not be able or willing to take ownership of these things and just tends to keep "discussing" it until the very last moment to then make a call which generally will take 3-4 further iterations to somewhat work.

In general decisions at NQ seem to be made by the programmers themselves and not managed and controlled through a central project manager. There is a good many indicators to support this, including doing the same thing different ways at different places, using different design language for UI and more as well as a rather obvious difference in how models are designed and "polished". This is really not the fault of the devs themselves, it is a lack of leadership, ownership, management and control by the next levels up from there.


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2 hours ago, blazemonger said:

While true, NQ has shows to not be able or willing to take ownership of these things and just tends to keep "discussing" it until the very last moment to them make a call which generally will take 3-4 further itterations to somewhat work.

It might be a cultural thing, not that it helps any of us..



And the part about programmers making decisions that are not part of the system as a whole, is even more sad when you consider how top heavy NQ appears to be.

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If you look at how their post was framed for pro's vs. con's there is a 95% chance of a wipe.

It really seems there is a strong lean towards a wipe, I think the discussion is not a matter of if but when they will do it, and what will be wiped. More partial or full, and honestly I think they are leaning towards a full wipe. I have no ambition to play at all these days until this is figured out, no reason I should grind for the next few weeks when the wipe is pretty certain.

I also unfortunately don't feel it is a big loss not to play this game in it's current state either.

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A full wipe would be in direct conflict with the assurances NQ made during the beta soft-release.

Assurances that where made to try and justify charging subscriptions for an unfinished game.


And while they did leave some wiggle room to be able to perform some form of wipe, they where also very clear about doing everything possible to prevent players from losing assets going forward. Or to quote NQ directly.



The wipe for Beta Launch is intended to be the last global wipe. However, there may still be partial wipes or upgrades in the future, as it will be necessary for various reasons to reset some aspects of the game (planets landscapes upgrades and such) during the Beta phase. For future wipes, as much of your assets as possible will be kept between before and after the wipe, in particular constructs will always be preserved, if necessary with special one-time-use blueprints (“Packaged Blueprints”) that do not require ingredients to be in the inventory. 


So for NQ to even mention the possibility for a full wipe or players loosing asset, means they are being dishonest towards the founding players who sponsored and believed in this game. And that is not a good outlook for a MMO game developer company.

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The thing is....this isn't even the hardest decision NQ will have to make, especially as they near release. If it takes so long to weigh the pros and cons of important choices, the game will never move forward. They have much harder decisions ahead of them...especially if they continue with business as usual and believe somehow that Athena will be tested enough for release. 


Why isn't this a day or two worth of business between the CEO, the lead game designer, and the head of engineering...? I suspect they have a lot more people involved in the decision-making, which isn't how leadership in a game development company is supposed to work. 


I just don't understand how a company can spend so much time debating a singular choice that's so critical for their customer service and so critical for their beta program to work in the time they need it most. 


If we think it's draining on morale as players, it's probably double-so for their developers...who can do the math on the number of subs NQ needs to pay their salaries and probably are about as optimistic as we are. 

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I'm sorry but i just don't believe that the discussion is ongoing.


Are we supposed to believe there's a room full of NQ employees sequestered somewhere for the last month just heatedly discussing this decision for eight hours a day?  Come on.


I know it's generally considered a good idea to rip the Band-Aid off as quickly as possible to minimize the pain, but in this case i think the wound may be festering while you're sitting around waiting for the most profitable moment to make your announcement.

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