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  1. I hope they will adjust the Base Shield Generator behaviour, that not again the Combat timer of the Alien core will unnecassery get extended for multiple hours.
  2. I was sarcastic, because this event was bad
  3. There was an event where everyone could participate or only a few?
  4. Oh. Thats a nice middle finger you are showing us right now. Thanks
  5. Noticed problems: - Old desyncs are back. Ship is already warped, but the other player don’t get this information - Killed/Cored ships still have the dynamic ship icon. Only in the gunner window you see them with with ‘cored’ icon - On the cored ships the pilot seems to survive the kill. You can jetpack over to the cored ship and you can say hello to the pilot. (desync?) - Combat log is spammed with: You have killed the control unit - No player kill announcement in the combat log anymore. - While piloting, your Avatar is flying away (literally. You see your own Avatar Suit flying away) - An enemy ship is targeting you. You are getting the red message on your screen which say which ship and the owner is targeting you. This message can appear mulitple times, even hours after the engage happened and it is reproducible via leaving gunner module and re-entering it QoL got worse: -Warp Destination (blue) and Destination (green) Great idea in the beginning but it is worsening the gameplay experience. If you have a warp stop in the pipe, you cannot see the green destination marker anymore (blue and green marker overlaps) Suggestion: After warp start, remove blue marker! (or give us the old system back!)
  6. Nope. That would create a disadvantage for a part of the community if people could keep 'partially' their stuff. Full wipe or no wipe. If NQ would follow your advice, they would create 'again" a missbalance in the community wealth.
  7. Please leave the 'Building mode' and try again
  8. Yes, you can copy the code from the Editor
  9. after a short period of consideration: Full wipe or no wipe are two legit options, but nothing in the middle. ( if a wipe should occure, no BP or magic BP should be created. This would create a disadvantage for people without "famous" names/BP's)
  10. I smell lies. I smell lies. <irony>Nah guys, did you 'invested' yourself in this game? Thankfully NQ haven't given away your 'guarenteed' assets to other players, because you where absent </irony>
  11. You want feedback NQ. I am against a wipe. The current player base gave you feedback, paid for their accounts and created the current status of the game. This should be worth a lot and should be more important then some potential player which played 0 hours. I might get the feeling you are willingly risking your current player base for new potential players, where it is not even safe if they want stick to the game. --> Most importantly. You told us, that a wipe would have technical reasons otherwise there would be no wipe Even if you still consider to wipe entirely, then please remove any sell and buy order on the market, exept schematics. Add also player markets (Please don't consider to remove schematics entirely!).
  12. Regarging to the Basic Shield Generator XL If the Attacker is firing at the Defenders station, the Defender will not get an notification If the Attacker have reached the 60% shield hp value, the defenders Superlegate and only the Superlegate is receiving an notification "[...] has gone into lockdown and will extend this state at 2022-xx-xx " The amount of information that the defenders group receiving are really low and the superlegate will be forced to check daily the status of the Basic Shield Generator XL for incoming notifications. More people of the defenders should receiving a notification and even the first hit on the shield should trigger a notification
  13. The release will cancel all beta accounts and will force them to pay, but thats maybe not a bad thing. I want this game to survive
  14. I think this alone will be a hard nerf for the 'alts mission runner' Assume they are using a ship with +70 kT and with the new patch their max speed would be 15.000km/h For a disctance of 450su that would be 6 hours fly time (starting phase, landing phase and flying out of pipe is not counted in) Personally I am interested in the results of max. speed nerf. I will check this out on the pts
  15. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) It's a big mistake to want to offer players a market in space. You've already put markets on all the planets, it was up to the organisations to do that. You're taking away the ability for players to talk to each other, to trade, to build. You have to stop making dubious soup (market already built, missions organised by the game). DU will become a game for solo players because after their learning phase, they can do whatever they want because there are really few constraints. Only the PVP organisations will remain active over time. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  16. Something is odd. Messages in Discord appearing that they are seeing more ads for Dual universe on youtube. That would be harsh for first time user, if there will be a full wipe.
  17. That could be a option, but such changes will take a while. Lets talk in 5 years again about that again
  18. I get your idea, but it is a punch in the face regarding to weapon sizes, which causes further problems. Weapon sizes are restricted to their counterpart core size. Thats what we have right now I get the point: Large weapons higher base dmg and more range Medium weapon doesnt reach the values of L core weapon. (I think we can agree on that) On the otherside we do have model/texture size So smaller a weapon gets, so smaller their model The benefit of a M-core is a smaller cross-section which means that a L-Core with his L-weapon does have problems with the hitchance. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT A L-Core ship have to fight against M-Ship with a smaller cross-section, results in a small hit chance + 20 mio shield points A M-core ship have to fight against a L-Ship with a bigger cross-section, results in a better hit chance + 20 mio shield points Btw medium precision railguns does have a pretty range and a decent dmg too. The advantages of an m-core currently outweigh those of an L-core. This is something I am not happy about.
  19. -> Something i would add to the changes The max. size of a shield generator should be matching the actual core size. Shield Generator L on Dynamic Core L only Shield Generator M on Dynamic Core M only etc..
  20. @Hirnsausen You are the person, who explained that all pvp player behaving like Putin. "Putin-Behavoir" was your choice of words. Watch out what you are writing on this platform
  21. They still have to focus on new content and gamingloops which are working. After that this games need plenty of optimization. At least they had promised to give Pets outs (curious when this will be the case).
  22. I had written this on Discord: "It is still the wrong choice to abandon core ships and structures. Create magic BP for everything, that the returning player have still their assets. Or else this player will directly quit again if they choose to sub again Just a punch in the face for old players" I can't find any good words for this 'event'.
  23. "Summary of changes that could help increase player population" NQ have just destroyed the possiblity of hundreds returning player to this game with the abandon of their claims + cores. Never ever you should have abonden the assets of your old player base.. Nothing should have been abondon. Every vetaren should have their claim assets as magic BP's in their wallets. --> Now you have created hundrets of veterans which will bad mouth this game.
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