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  1. Even with 110L container it is to less..
  2. Es gibt einen Limit, der wurde vor einiger Zeit sogar runtergesetzt. Die genaue Anzahl ist mir leider entfallen. Mammut-Projekte die sich über eine große Anzahl Gebiete verteilen kannst du dir mitterweile aus dem Kopf schlagen.
  3. If you are not known, your are sus. Things may change if your reputation is increasing and your name is known. Time will show
  4. I agree with this. If the game is ready with more content and increased performance, list it on steam with advertisements. Then stonks
  5. Believe what you want. There was no exploit.
  6. Are the GM stopping copy & paste cored ships and giving it to enemy hands, because of "cheat" claims?
  7. T4 and T5 for rare and exotic production
  8. In a nutshell. PvP is not fair and will not be fair. Protect you beloved and your friends. Stab your enemys and take everything they have. The imagination that pvp space is fair is very optimistic on your side. "Don't fly something in pvp space you can't reimburse" If you fly in pvp space without weapon and you insist that you should be not shot at because of that, you are a ******. Kids, have you never played any kind of pvp game?
  9. Is it possible to show some evidence? That make me curious, otherwise i cannot believe you. Something like a video capture of the situation would be great!
  10. Sounds like a person who can't lose. Do you create always excuses like this? Shield glitch.. Yeah sure.
  11. "I hope both parties have fun"
  12. Still getting plenty of crashes after the server maintenance.. Sad
  13. The are no tools for tracking / scanning in the pvp zone. Now it is like fishing wish your bare hand after possible ships. If they would increase the scan range to 30-40SU, then we would have not to loggout alts on the enemie ship.
  14. Koffye

    pay to win

    Multiaccounts. Bad habit in any game. I don't like it either. Indu Chars are logged out in the Crafting area. PVP Chars are logged out on Space Station, because in a serious engage of a enemy they just relog to get asap in their battle ships. Other accounts are logged out on ore supernodes on different planets.
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