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  1. I decided to give some extra time for the NQ folks to cast their votes, we'll announce the winner(s) on Friday.
  2. The entries are awesome, which reminds me I need to get the vote happening here at NQ to vote on a winner this week! Good luck to all the entries. As for the blueprints, that's a good question. That would be up to the players since it is their creation. (I don't suspect anyone will be asking me for a blueprint of mine though!)
  3. Greetings Noveans! We’re excited to announce a new event: The Novean Challenge! Join us starting this Thursday November 9th @ 19:00 UTC for the first of five weekly challenges that will be livestreamed on our Twitch channel. All six of our participants will be streaming their Dual Universe game feeds and compete against each other to see who can complete the challenges before them. But wait, there's more! To even the playing field, they will also be starting from scratch, with no advantages and rules they must follow - along with not knowing what the challenge will be. Get ready Noveans! But wait, there's even more! Check out this very awesome promo trailer created by Swervin: Our first six Noveans who will be competing are: RyanPryde Dracks Ammiziva SeekerOfHonjo PE902Gaming Zeiffer We’ll stream the challenges from our Twitch.tv/DualUniverse, joined live by our fabulous contestants and NQ hosts. Join us for the first challenge on Thursday, November 9th, at 19:00 UTC. We look forward to seeing you there! Get ready for the Novean Challenge and for our first episode! NQ-Nyota Evil Challenge Creator
  4. As daylight grows shorter, the nights are darker and the decorations get creepier! That's right Noveans, it's time for our Creepy Outposts Contest! Whether you are a pro voxelmancer or a beginner who is learning how to build, this is a great contest to participate in. Creepy Outpost Contest Information: We have chosen three of our favorite starter outposts for you to modify/decorate. The three outposts are: Outpost Cozy Outpost Dojo Outpost Mod We want you to decorate/modify one or all of the above starter outposts in a creepy theme. Make it spooky, make it funny, make it eerie, but make sure it remains recognizable and creepy/spooky. You must keep it on the same sized core. You can change colors/materials, interior/exterior furnishings to your liking, but make sure that it is clearly identifiable as the starter outpost you modified. Please note: We ask that you limit the amount of lights used in your spooky decorations/remodels. The starter outposts are available for sale at the UEF shops, or you can head down to the castle by the Exchange and grab a free copy of each with the dispenser you will find there. How to Enter: When you're done decorating/remodeling either the Outpost Cozy, Outpost Dojo or Outpost Mod, please submit your outpost to us via this form: https://forms.gle/kJmDZG8Guc2pf5g37 Once your Creepy Outpost construct has been reviewed and qualifies, it will be placed near the castle by the Exchange for everyone to see and enjoy its creepiness! Deadline is November 6th, 2023 at 18:00 UTC. Prizes to be won: First prize: A special in-game title Second prize: 30 days game time Third prize: 10 million quanta Will your starter outpost be full of tricks or treats? We can't wait to see what you come up with! 🧡☠️🤡🍬
  5. Thanks Dezzie! I'll pass that along to the team. Taking shuttles definitely does open the world up for you when you first start out.
  6. Noveans! The much-anticipated rewards for the first chapter of PvE Missions are now ready to be revealed. Your hard work, dedication, and tenacity are just some of the strengths that helped you achieve victory, and we will honor your achievements. Here is the list of the brave Noveans being honored: Novark Elite These are the top damage dealer contribution throughout the whole campaign. This includes the top 20 damage dealers in the epic boss fight, as well as keeping up the fight during the campaign. Rewards: In-game Title: Novark Elite Along with the in-game title, Novark Elites will receive one (1) Exotic large shield and 50 million quanta for their efforts. List of players that will receive the Novark Elite rewards (in alphabetical order): _DNeo_ Barbecue95 Canuckl3head Ch3w8a2 copperlein CptMarlin Debrin Dronko Eisenstein ElusiveMrD EternalDreamer Fogger goldman541 Goobam Hellica Ignads JohnnyBravo Kitpoe Koffye Krengus LaPleureuse Matarulo MrShady Nayropux Nicholiae Porkchop Sekhmet Shairun SpinCaTx Suunto Tialoc Tional Tonvor Treach UntalkativeBob VelaDeAche Voracious W1zard Walter Zeiffer Reliable Soldiers These Noveans proved their worth by having the strength to never give up, no matter how many times they failed or how long it took. They persevered and pushed hard, and we will honor their contributions. Rewards: In-game Title: Reliable Solider Along with the in-game title, Reliable Soldiers will receive one (1) Rare medium shield and 15 million quanta for their efforts. List of players that will receive the Reliable Soldier rewards (in alphabetical order): Canuckl3head CaptMarlin CptMarlin Damian_Firecaster DominoSugar Dronko ElusiveMrD Goldman541 IndigaterJones JohnnyBravo Kitpoe Krengus LaPleureuse Lynkon Mercurius Metsys Mistery Nicholiae OMADAWN Ralpheon Raven81 Seawing SpinCaTx Suunto Tional UntalkativeBob Zeiffer The titles and rewards above will be available within 24-48 hours following this announcement. Well fought Noveans, but the fight isn't over yet. The Astrophage threat remains, and we must stand ready to face it. Onwards to victory! 🎖️
  7. Greetings Noveans! A huge heartfelt thank you for everyone who was able to take a (sometimes squishy) seat aboard our Cakeship! As someone who was on each and every tour, I can say that a lot of fun was had and we got to visit all sorts of places (and all of them worth visiting). Did you know that the Cakeship and all of the wonderful details were created by Noveans? That's right, the folks over at Hadron (RyanPryde, McXerxes, GamboRaptor to name a couple) plus Orrianna who created the mosaic dancefloor! (If you ask them nicely, they may have some blueprints from the Cakeship you might enjoy). Did you miss the tour? Want to see where we visited? All of the stops we made are now available in the original post above. Please go visit them at your leisure. It might not be as comfortable or stylish as a gummy bear seat, but certainly worth the trip to see all the imaginative places Noveans have created. Thanks to each and every one of you for being part of our Universe. ❤️❤️❤️
  8. It all depends if your account is eligible to have a territory on Sanctuary. However, even so, if you've just recently landed on Haven and really don't like the location you picked, definitely put in a support ticket to see if they can lend a hand in helping you change spots.
  9. Hi Chrius, Does your account already have access to claiming a territory on Sanctuary? You can put in a request through a support ticket to move your territory, it is sometimes possible to do so, depending on different factors. But your best bet is to put in that request to see if we're able to assist you with that.
  10. Sorry for the delay in getting that code out to you. Welcome to DU! We hope you enjoy playing.
  11. Ohh that's pretty, thanks for the screenshot! And thank you everyone for attending today's tour. See you on some of the future ones I hope. ❤️
  12. Mark your calendars and find time in the coming days to embark on a journey of the crazy kind, as we celebrate our anniversary in Dual Universe with our Birthday Bash Tour! Where will we visit? Who will be our pilot? What will you see? Have a look at the schedule below to see which time(s) you can join us! Will you be the type to hangout inside our ship with a drink and dance floor or are you the daring sort and don't mind your feet dangling? Join us and find out. We hope to see you there! Here's your chance to visit places you may not or new area of your favorite places in style. Grab your party hats, let's get this celebration going! And don't forget to pick up gifts available on the ship! (Not while in VR though, we want you to be able to keep the presents!) Where does it start? All tours start and end at the Institutes on Alioth. You can find the Institutes destination on the Points of Interest or at this location: ::pos{0,2,28.9637,95.1703,282.4727} Want to VR? Simply join VR with: NQ's Birthday Party Tour Bus Remember: Any items you get while in VR will be lost when you disconnect from it, so plan accordingly! Tour Dates & Departure Times: (Tours are estimated at minimum one hour in duration, but can last longer. Bring some snacks.) Wednesday September 27th, 18:00 UTC (2:00PM New York/Toronto time) Thursday September 28th, 15:00 UTC (11:00AM New York/Toronto time) Friday September 29th, 18:00 UTC (2:00PM New York/Toronto time) Saturday September 30th, 21:00 UTC (5:00PM New York/Toronto time) Wednesday October 4th, 23:30 UTC (7:30PM New York/Toronto time) Thursday October 5th, 18:00 UTC (2:00PM New York/Toronto time) Friday October 6th, 21:00 UTC (5:00PM New York/Toronto time) Saturday October 7th, 18:00 UTC (2:00PM New York/Toronto time) Tour Bus Safety Guidelines Stay safe! We’ll do our best to make sure these journeys are safe and secure, but we cannot be responsible for any lost items in case of emergency. So, we advise you to please arrive with empty inventories on your characters and make sure to leave your valuables in your containers before hopping on our tours. There will be a rez node available should things go topsy turvy and we lose some sprinkles. Please listen when you're told to return to the ship. We know it's easy to get lost in the marvels of the bases before you, but please don't hold us up. Pay attention to when you are called back or you might get left behind. Want to Livestream The Tour(s)? Please let us know which tour(s) you will be streaming along with a link! We'll save a VIP spot for you so you can get all the best views. Please contact NQ-Nyota or reply to this thread as to when you plan on streaming. Many thanks! Are you ready to celebrate one year of Dual Universe Noveans? Let's DU this! ❤️ We hope to see you on the tour! Your Tour Guide, NQ-Nyota
  13. A scroll reveals the second clue in the Hunt for the Golden Goober, fly safely out there Noveans! "Surrounded by ten markets in total, here you must seek Where vibrant spectacles draw the curious and mystique Amidst the thrall of shows, let your intuition roll Solve this riddles call, for treasure's your goal"
  14. It doesn't have to be finished - there is always more to complete. But there needs to be something to visit. If we have a ship full of Noveans, when we stop there needs to be something to see.
  15. Noveans: Time to Celebrate! With the upcoming anniversary/birthday of Dual Universe on September 27th, it is a great opportunity to share some sightseeing with friends and to see just what everyone was able to accomplish in the past year! We are pleased to announce another yummy tour for all of to devour. What we need from you is to suggest locations that you would like us to visit. You can recommend your own territory, or favorite ones that are must see. From the giant cities to the terraforming magical places, please fill out this form with where we should go for this tour. You can submit as many locations as you wish to and the icing on the cake is that the places we visit will also receive a special anniversary gift! Times and schedules will be listed in the coming days so that you can plan ahead. (We welcome you to suggest days/times that are convenient for you by responding to this post or on the form, we will do our best to have a mixture of them as always but please understand, it is not always possible to include specific day/time requests.) Get ready to party in style Noveans the birthday fun begins next week. Are you ready to get the birthday party started Noveans? We hope to see you there! Edit after the tours: Here are the locations we visited, thank you to everyone who join us on the Cakeship and who welcomed us to their bases! ❤️🎂 Name: Location: Tour #1: Hadron ::pos{0,2,-21.6869,122.4980,129.7891} Damphousse Industries ::pos{0,2,7.9980,118.7774,88.7384} IndusTec ::pos{0,2,9.1374,129.4230,112.5327} TMO Collection ::pos{0,2,3.1020,105.3463,82.6680} Kosmos ::pos{0,2,2.8792,105.6984,75.5553} The Tower of MegaBossLord ::pos{0,2,31.0384,84.7546,289.8985} LSA Industries HQ ::pos{0,2,20.2080,104.3921,50.0352} Pure Velocity Racing ::pos{0,2,39.4096,63.6052,-0.0001} Olympus City ::pos{0,2,75.0991,142.3833,230.8694} Tour #2 The Dome ::pos{0,2,35.8920,105.1376,4.3109} Dragons Forge & Spire ::pos{0,2,31.5092,109.2929,160.1639} Orrianna's Spaceport ::pos{0,2,2.5048,104.8946,4.7898} SVEA Armoury ::pos{0,0,-197871.2864,70031.1802,123338.8100} Starlantis ::pos{0,0,-1000641.7251,593545.4678,-1418638.6669} Prometheus Space Station ::pos{0,0,13817187.9683,7354075.7083,-269049.5288} XVX Ember City ::pos{0,0,361920.2163,97980.0261,174034.8597} Bork Alioth ::pos{0,2,20.4522,99.5260,86.0460} Tour #3 Czars Workshop ::pos{0,27,60.4414,0.6439,291.2939} Dead Horse Haven ::pos{0,27,-75.2763,-169.6530,852.8552} FenixGate ::pos{0,27,12.8373,-67.2906,144.5908} Lexikon ::pos{0,27,18.1747,44.4783,155.2728} Sentinels Fleet ::pos{0,22,-22.5165,159.0708,3.7489} Ikara Industries ::pos{0,2,21.3843,130.0209,116.0750} Statue Of Liberty Fly-by ::pos{0,2,44.9450,86.3831,935.4526} Dead Reckoning Shipworks ::pos{0,2,42.0986,86.2630,2.9098} Dolphin Cove Resort ::pos{0,2,38.5201,61.2517,-0.0001} Tour #4 AJIO ::pos{0,2,23.2256,114.6579,219.0856} Stadium replica ::pos{0,2,-56.5475,97.9482,-0.0000} Titantic ::pos{0,2,40.5511,57.7986,1.4844} AhandInitFlo ::pos{0,2,4.1889,74.9573,23.3274} Unicorn Glue Company ::pos{0,2,1.5792,102.5154,112.1164} Element Library ::pos{0,2,-4.4430,113.4095,41.5525} The Black Lotus ::pos{0,2,19.2897,106.6770,8.4503} Kosco ::pos{0,2,2.8792,105.6984,75.5553} Hadron ::pos{0,2,-21.6869,122.4980,129.7891} Tour #5 Obsidian Paradox ::pos{0,2,16.8527,83.9961,344.3734} Swervin's Glass maze ::pos{0,2,35.6623,104.2999,-0.0000} TLC ::pos{0,2,55.4676,77.8943,57.7230} Minas Morgul ::pos{0,2,73.3176,-31.1408,434.8853} VO Industries ::pos{0,2,26.8385,76.5585,0.9775} Zedvets ::pos{0,2,37.1376,103.9532,128.9650} Blaue Rose ::pos{0,2,39.7771,119.0713,0.9782} Tour #6 CCU ::pos{0,2,34.8118,72.6230,260.7268} Stryker Industries ::pos{0,2,23.5091,113.9405,205.2525} Birds of Prey ::pos{0,2,35.8977,123.2930,1.8843} PlanetX ::pos{0,2,41.0178,107.5698,75.2121} The Alamo ::pos{0,0,-708.9293,-33.4185,-521511.0079} Boneworks ::pos{0,2,34.0215,110.2061,125.0697} Wossi86 Twitch Company ::pos{0,2,33.7632,145.9621,283.9261} Tour #7 Zeiffer ::pos{0,2,19.6974,86.4653,290.1365} IC Spaceport ::pos{0,2,7.9416,79.7373,-0.0001} xItWasntMe ::pos{0,2,34.2876,64.0835,0.0000} Mercurius ::pos{0,2,28.3826,109.6753,129886.0859} SeekerofHonjo ::pos{0,0,109079.3822,434441.4001,149570.2299} Sharktooth Speedway ::pos{0,2,45.6424,75.5307,0.0000} Atlas Museium Management ::pos{0,2,45.3091,86.4826,-27.9521} MAD Alioth HQ ::pos{0,2,27.0993,85.3470,471.8129} Tour #8 Starwatch ::pos{0,2,39.7697,61.6314,2.8796} Flibust' Station ::pos{0,0,-1205965.6390,1141829.7297,-2720820.3080} Stormy Base ::pos{2,27,-28.7824,13.7458,68.2534} Chalana ::pos{0,27,14.6313,108.1493,310.1708} Scherbenhaufen ::pos{0,27,53.1031,-0.6927,38.0295} Outer Rim Exploration ::pos{0,2,22.9132,-92.6303,125248.9141} BB Enterprise ::pos{0,0,13866943.3449,7395922.6959,-209945.1635} PE902Gaming ::pos{0,0,18076726.6364,22944070.5096,105190.5793} FenixGate ::pos{0,27,12.8373,-67.2906,144.5908}
  16. Brave Noveans! By popular demand and along with all of the awesome battles that the PvE missions brought to Helios, we now have some extra data to share with all of you. It is pretty clear from the numbers, that y'all kicked some alien booty. Congratulations everyone and well fought! (Remember, it is not just about the final battle, but all the steps it takes to get there.) PVE Mission Statistics From June 20th to September 6th, 2023: Total number of missions attempted (failed or successful): 3,786 Overall Failure vs. Success Rate: Failure: 41.82% Success: 58.18% Total Quanta Earned (all successful missions): 3,306,613,000 Total Quanta Earned Per Mission type: Very Easy: 134.245.000 Easy: 1.644.600.000 Medium: 1.408.750.000 Hard: 119.000.000 Very Hard: 18.000.000 Number of Successfully Completed Missions: Very Easy: 377 Easy: 1363 Medium: 442 Hard: 19 Very Hard: 2 Number of Failed Missions: Very Easy: 464 Easy: 720 Medium: 342 Hard: 46 Very Hard: 11 Players Who Successfully Completed a Very Hard Mission: Porkchop Kitpoe Top Shield Types Used: Extra Small: 23% Small: 55% Medium: 20% Large : 2% Top Weapon Types Used: Cannon XS: 36% Cannon S: 53% Missile XS: 11% Top Five Players for Damage Dealt on the Alien Boss: Debrin Walter Treach Koffye MrShady Top 20 players who contributed the most PvE Mission points: Hellica Tialoc JohnnyBravo Tional Kitpoe Tonvor Krengus EternalDreamer CptMarlin W1zard SpinCaTx VelaDeAche ElusiveMrD UntalkativeBob Dronko Canuckl3head Nicholiae Zeiffer Suunto goldman541 Thank you to all Noveans for the dedication and hard work! In the next few days, we will have a complete list of everyone who will be receiving a reward, so please keep watch for it! Well done everyone! We would love to hear your feedback about the PvE Missions, the lore, the Alien Boss fight, please share them with us in your comments below.
  17. From: Dr. Akina Eldon, Commanding Officer of the ASV Perseus, Flagship of the Janus Gate Taskforce And: Admiral Magnus, Commanding Officer, ACV Orion (2-CVT-65) Announcement: The Astrophage Campaign To All Novean Mercenary Forces, We stand today united as the guardians of Helios and the protectors of humanity. The struggle against the Astrophage is not behind us, but thanks to your unyielding bravery, the immediate threat has been contained. We've shown the enemy that we will not go quietly into the dark, we are here to stay, to grow, and to reclaim our place amongst the stars. Rewards & Recognition In acknowledgment of your efforts in defending the Arkship Novark and the entire Helios system, Aphelia and Command have authorized a package of rewards for the most effective combat crews. You fought not just for yourselves but for the future of all Noveans. Therefore, a substantial Quanta bonus and high-tier shield elements will be deposited directly into the inventories of deserving combat crews. However, valor isn't only measured in victories. We saw that many of you gave your all on the battlefield, time and again, but did not achieve the same combat success as your comrades. For your sacrifices, your efforts, Command will honor you as well with a special title to recognize your role in this pivotal moment in our history. We will forward details on the new titles to be awarded in a special communication. The Journey Ahead Make no mistake, Noveans, this fight is far from over. But take this moment to celebrate your achievements and your survival. It's a testament to our resilience, and proof that united, we can face whatever the cosmos throws our way. Remember, the key to our future lies in understanding the past—be it the secrets of the Janus Gate or the messages left by the Gate Builders. Our struggle is not just against the Astrophage, but also for the wisdom to navigate the perils and opportunities of Helios. Our scientists continue to delve into xenoarchaeological sites, and every bit of understanding we gain strengthens us. Prepare for the challenges ahead, but for now, enjoy your well-deserved rewards. You've earned them. Keep your shields up and your spirits higher. In Unity, There is Strength. In Courage, There is Hope. In Victory, There is Survival. Onward, Noveans!
  18. The name Goober is actually my cat's name and if you see in the imagery and text there is a cat theme here with the hunt. Going to close this thread now, and you can probably guess why.
  19. Sur la mer, vaste et profonde, Les secrets du Golden Goober dorment, "Tout ce qui brille est or", disent-ils, Embarquons aujourd'hui pour cette chasse au trésor. Les pirates complotent, le cœur enflammé, Un chat en or brille plus, un jeu ! Avec des couteaux affûtés et des voiles gonflées par le vent, Nous poursuivrons nos rêves, nous attraperons les contes. L'univers est vaste, mais nous ne nous inquiéterons pas, Car nous avons du courage, vous pouvez le parier. Pour trouver ce trésor, nous ne tarderons pas, Dans cette grande aventure, nous ferons notre chemin. Chassez-les, de près ou de loin, Entre une planète ou une étoile filante. Avec le rire et la joie, nous persisterons, Dans la chasse du Goober d'or, nous nous enrôlons !
  20. Auf dem salzigen Meer, weit und tief, schlafen die Geheimnisse des goldenen Goobers, "Alles, was glänzt, ist Gold", sagt man, Lasst uns heute auf die Schatzsuche gehen. Piraten schmieden Pläne, ihre Herzen sind entflammt, Eine Katze in Gold glitzert mehr, ein Spiel! Mit geschliffenen Messern und windgefüllten Segeln, Wir jagen unsere Träume, fangen die Geschichten. Das Universum ist groß, aber wir werden uns nicht grämen, Denn wir haben Mut, darauf kannst du wetten. Um diesen Schatz zu finden, werden wir nicht zögern, In diesem großen Abenteuer werden wir uns auf den Weg machen. Wir jagen sie, ob nah oder fern, zwischen einem Planeten und einer Sternschnuppe. Mit Lachen und Freude werden wir weitermachen, Auf der Jagd nach dem Goldenen Goober!
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