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  1. blazemonger


    They did and it would take a looooooong time. Oh and those calculations were done before the planet got 4x larger
  2. blazemonger

    Do you play EVE Online?

    DU will be great, it will have a lot of what makes EVE great and add a good more on top.. It has a very long road ahead though but I do believe we will be able to eventually create reels like this..
  3. blazemonger

    Website Questions

    you have mail...
  4. blazemonger

    Content Packs

    I think he means a supporter pack. Each pack comes with a number of DAC each of which is valid for one month of playtime. So once you have used these (starting at or around release according to latest information) you will either need to buy additional monthly playtime or make the money and buy a DAC in-game which you then use it to extend playtime..
  5. blazemonger

    Third Person

    3rd person will be crucial for content creation. And content creation will be a big marketing/sale channel for DU. Besides, JC has already stated that there will be a proper 3rd person mode in the game.
  6. blazemonger

    Third Person

    Nope, it's not https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002024353-Dual-Universe-inputs-commands Toggle 3rd person with [INSERT] as seen in the piloting command overview.
  7. blazemonger

    Do you play EVE Online?

    While some here would say that this behaviour is fine and new players should just prepare and defend themselves as this is just PVP, to me this is part of the problem in that griefing and senseless detrimental gameplay like this does harm the game in a big way. It does however not represent nor should it be used to argue against actual combat in a PVP setting which this is not. That said though the situation and conditions in UO do not in any way compare to how the world will evolve in DU IMO. For one, the world is much, much bigger and the options to get out of safe zones much more plentiful.
  8. blazemonger

    Do you play EVE Online?

    Some wild assumptions here, first of, if you have a source of any such discussion it would be interesting. Second, I'm not sure how an actual MMO player would be 'repulsed' by PVP as it is a core element of MMO style games in general along with several others. Then we have no idea yet of what combat will be like so anything anyone writes or says is speculation and not based on facts.
  9. blazemonger

    Do you play EVE Online?

    DU does not and will not have the safety net EVE has. There is no indestructible NPC stations and no Asset Safety for player built/controlled stations/bases. Outside of the initial Safe Zone(s) nothing is free of risk or 'safe'. And it should stay that way.
  10. blazemonger

    Do you play EVE Online?

    I would absolutely agree that EVE and DU share a lot of DNA and will attract a lot of like minded players. Over the years I have gotten to know quite a few people at CCP though visiting Fanfest. EVE Vegas and being involved with the streaming community. I have had very interesting and sensible discussions with some devs where we may not always agree but I certainly found that in general CCP is open to what we as players have to say and will where possible always consider suggestions and opinions. In my play style I have been able to create a listening ear with them as I see and know some of the issues that they may miss which is great and helps everyone. It's great that for a big established game like EVE, the developers are very accessible and open minded. I can only hope that NQ will live up to the same level of commitment and drive with their eventual player base. It's way too early for that now though but I see the potential for sure.
  11. blazemonger

    Resurrection nodes/safe zone?

    People complaining about EVE player's being sociopaths should visit an event like EVE Vegas some day. Horrible experience.. if you expect sociopaths..
  12. blazemonger

    Resurrection nodes/safe zone?

    EVE has been dying since 2003.. DU will be great, it will be even more unforgiving towards the carelessness and stupidity some players will practice than EVE. DU to me brings good things from several games together and the ruthlessness of EVE will be one of them. That does not mean I intend to be ruthless but it does mean I expect to encounter that and be prepared for it/accept it when it comes. IMO that is what a some here do not seem to get, you can live and play your own way with all you do not choose to engage in in the game just fine. Blocking it out or ignoring it does not make it go away and it should not.
  13. blazemonger

    Resurrection nodes/safe zone?

    @DaphneJones Thanks for making my point for me.
  14. blazemonger

    Resurrection nodes/safe zone?

    No, he does not. You just qualify anything not in line with what you feel is acceptable as such. You sound like a risk averse carebear who does not understand what EVE is really about and thus tries to enforce a skewed ruleset of your own.