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  1. blazemonger

    How do you go about gifting the game?

    Not possible unless you jump through a number of rather annoying hoops.
  2. How are similar MMO titles moving away from subscription models?
  3. blazemonger

    Third Person

    The argument whether there will be a 3rd person view or not is moot as JC has said in one of the GSN interviews there will be. I think there needs to be a clear definition of what 3rd person view is in this case. For me it is unlocking the camera POV from the players head looking forwards to being able to move and zoom the camera 360 degrees and in a reasonable ranged half sphere around the player or construct being flown as the focal point. That would make sense and IMO is a requirement for the game to succeed and be viable for content creation. Another thing is being able to completely disconnect the camera from the player and have it literally act as a separate person/entity being able to move away and observe events miles away from the player location. While I personally would not have any issue with it and can see a lot of cool use for it, I can see how that is something that impacts strategy and PVP in a way some may not want or think is unfair. As a compromise I could see availability of this mode being controlled through rights management and require a TCU to be active for your org. The range of the camera would in that case be limited to the edge of the hex the TCU controls. As a balance activating this would mean activating it for anyone in the claimed area.
  4. blazemonger

    no AVX = no go ?

    DU requires AVX Deal with it End of discussion
  5. blazemonger

    no AVX = no go ?

    You paid $15 at most on kickstarter.. I made you an offer you appear to ignore. So what is it? You here to get a refund or just to whine and complain about a non issue?
  6. blazemonger

    no AVX = no go ?

    No one made that argument .. And again, your compare with predefined block based voxel games does not hold as DU is nothing like any of these games in how voxels are handled, can be manipulated and in what numbers.
  7. blazemonger

    no AVX = no go ?

    None of the game's you mention is anything like DU in how they work with voxels. The given you do not realise this kind of kills the argument here.
  8. blazemonger

    no AVX = no go ?

    What other new voxel game are you referring to? While I can't discuss detail due to NDA, there is no current voxel based game that applies the voxel concept quite like DU does.
  9. blazemonger

    no AVX = no go ?

    You may have bought your CPU in 2012 but it is not from 2012 as it would be an Ivy Bridge chip and have the AVX instruction set.
  10. blazemonger

    no AVX = no go ?

    Your CPU is at least 9 generations old. A few posts above this it was quite clearly explained why this is a requirement. for anything else; support.dualthegame.com
  11. blazemonger

    Linux and China

    Fair enough I guess. I did not mean to get that across quite as harsh as it did to be honest. I doubt this will impact the consideration for Linux as a viable platform to support for Novaquark though..
  12. blazemonger

    Linux and China

    WSL2 is a great development for situations where you need or want access to Linux tools/applications It's still an instanced VM though. I'm not sure how suddenly a Windows/MacOS ban come into this as there is none. Also I think there is a 'slight' misconception of how this all impacts the ability for Chinese gamers to access and play Windows only games (hint; as it stands, it hardly does as they are 'underground'/using alternate access anyway for a large part). A much more likely fallout can be China imposing a ban on iOS products as it's like for like and this will seriously hurt Apple. This sounds more like another attempt to shoehorn in yet another plea for Linux support, Nothing really changed there, as expected the hype train after Valve made it look like they were going to make a push came and went with no real impact. Linux as a commercially viable option for game development is non existent.
  13. blazemonger

    Linux and China

    How would it change the relation to Linux? While I can see people making efforts to run Windows only games on Linux as they choose to use one of the menu iterations of that OS, its general market share is simply too low to warrant the investment and resources needed to support it. Market share for Linux user will need to increase with 4 digit percentage points to even be consider a viable option commercially.
  14. blazemonger

    DevBlog - r015 Udpate (part 4): Talent System!

    The basics for the skill system seem pretty solid to me. After the inevitable balance rounds over the next few months this should come out fine.
  15. blazemonger

    DevBlog - r015 Udpate (part 4): Talent System!

    Coming off of a spaceship (after how many thousand years again?) all rusty and weak boned, you better train your walking skills though