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  1. As mentioned before, you may want to take this to heart; "One of the great challenges in this world is knowing enough about a subject to think your are right but not enough about the subject to know you are wrong." - Neil Degrasse Tyson Both your accounts are now set to ignore as the first ones for me to get that treatment. I do not have more time to spend on you as I have wasted enough already.
  2. Unless you are posting on a non Alpha account while you have an alpha account, whether servers are up is irrelevant as you do not have access anyway. But then it might be you just tripped the alarm..
  3. I hate to bring up the comparison (again) but like in EVE there is no end game in DU.. You win by uninstalling the game I honestly believe that banter aside, sometimes heated, we are all here for one reason and that is to have fun. As long as we all keep that in mind, we and the game will be fine and succeed.
  4. OK, so this is too much fun to ignore while it lasts.. so skip the ignoring bit. BTW, I took the trouble of actually watching the video you seem to have gotten the idea from that NQ is admitting to having a P2W model.. Boy, you have a vivid sens of creative thinking coming to that conclusion from that video. The context of the discussed topic in this 4 year old video; Can you sell territory IRL for RL currency? > would be against TOS (as it should be and I do hope NQ will crack down as hard on this as CCP does for EVE, meaning active investigation and insta-perma ban if caught) Could you buy DAC to buy territory in game? > Yes, but you can also make enough to do so in game, there is no absolute advantage to using DAC. Having the DAC mechanic also can potentially prevent RMT. One thing that I simply do not get is what your definition of P2W is, it seems you think that as soon as I can spend any sort of RL cash to obtain in game currency that defines P2W, It is not relevant for you if by doing so I gain absolutely no advantage at all outside of having in-game currency in my account. To me this one describes it best: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pay-to-win And according to this definition I would question your ability to justify claims of DU being P2W, Just to clarify, you in this context is not you as in xlDvSlx, but you as in the player buying DAC thinking that will give you an edge; Buying DAC will get you Quanta in game. It will not make your skill better, it will not advance your talent queue. It will not improve your ability to build, design, fly or fight in any way. You can buy a ship in game you can sit in and fly but you will get your *ss handed to you by an experienced player very quickly if you take that ship into battle. In DU you will also need a crew to fly said ship and as you are more focused on getting the "kewl tools", it's less likely you have the social and communicative skills needed to get, keep and manage a crew. To take the example from the video; you buy your piece of land using DAC you bought for RL $$.. Now what? Your neighbor will just see the perfect opportunity to take it away with his in games skill set and well managed forces. Something you do not have as you only have a piece of land. So no, DAC is not a P2W mechanic. Not that you are able to actually argue against this so you will probably just fall back on generic insults and attacking the person without ever actually bringing in a sustainable argument. You are the man on the horse and DAC are the windmills you are tilting. (and this time you is certainly xlDvSlx).
  5. wow .. This guy is clearly on a path to try and get himself kicked because he is breaking a number of forum rules. No doubt he will spin it as being silenced for revealing the fact that "DU is a P2W game" .. without ever obviously presenting a single piece of fact that supports that claim. Maybe it would be best to just ignore this thread from here. He will try and provoke but will either run out of steam or see the thread locked (at best).
  6. If you can buy a token IRL which you can convert to currency in game and by doing so you gain an instant and unique advantage which is not attainable without buying said token then sure. Does that apply to DU though? no. Using a DAC in game will not give you any advantage outside money in the bank. It does not make you stronger, does not give you powers or items in game which give you and edge. It does not allow you anything that can't be gotten in game without using said token. DU is not a game where having wads of cash in game will give you an edge. Like in EVE, actual experience, understanding and knowledge of the game will be what gives you the edge and DAC nor Quanta will buy you any of those. So no, DU is not P2W.
  7. No we have not, you have. Or at least you have spun anything you can to suit your story line even when it is nonsense
  8. If doing so means you buy an advantage that can't be obtained without spending that RL money sure. That does not apply for DU. Sure.. EVE has been dying since 2003, yet seems to do quite well doing so. How will selling a DAC bought with RL money give you an advantage? It starts to sound like you like to spout random accusations without actually having an understanding of the actual mechanic or purpose. Selling a DAC in game will give you X amount of Quanta in your account, nothing more nothing less. It does not make you a better player, it does not give you better skill, you can't obtain goods or services in game that you could not otherwise get. What is your argument to make this statement (and no, this is not an opinion, you are making a statement with not a single fact to back it up) Excepts you don't. Selling a DAC gives you quanta in the bank, nothing more, nothing less. You keep saying that but you fail to ever make a single argument that supports that claim. You can't because you have no idea what you are talking about and your only reason to be here is to troll your "argument". Your problem is that anything you say is based on "what you hear" and not on actual facts. And by now you have transformed what you hear to being fact. Which is the major flaw in anything you are trying to argue since you have no information nor actual facts to back up anything you say. "One of the great challenges in this world is knowing enough about a subject to think your are right but not enough about the subject to know you are wrong." - Neil Degrasse Ttyson If ppl are dumb enough to be workforce in this game where they could have their own business and potentially work their way to not ever having to pay for a sub that's on them. If others are smart enough to take the opportunity these players present then good on them. Stopped doing so regarding yourself a while ago.. We don't know yet, yes, no They are, eventually they will be removed is the plan. But that will not remove the possibility to put in _effort_ and start making money in game quickly and easily. NQ has actually made a public announcement of a mechanic to allow new players to do so from the moment they enter the game. That you choose to go with what some random content creator says over what NQ has officially announced is on you. No it's not, you are merely building a story around your personal truth by twisting what others are saying to suit your narrative. So feck the devs and company, I will not back you unless you give me what I want for free. Great attitude there. Do you even have a basic understanding of what a game like DU will cost to keep running on a monthly basis? You keep coming up with this 50K player count? where do you get this from? EVE is not dead, it's doing fine. Could be better but doing fine. How by giving you free access? LOL, you sound like a clueless teenager with no sense of reality here.. It seems that for you a monthly income of £500K is a lot, it will not even cover personnel cost for the company.. That money is pretty much gone by now if you run the numbers. And again you are talking out of your behind here, your statement is so incorrect your math teacher would not be able to even grade it. Start by actually getting your facts straight, then maybe come back to actually have a talk on this. Overall.. thanks for the entertainment, I have a good laugh so far and remember;
  9. I applaud your effort there.. that must have been a lot of work
  10. I'd like to know where the stats presented by @Agilulf come from. Did he mine this himself or is there an actual source that can be verified.. Not questioning (as this whole discussion is mostly irrelevant since NQ allowed the can-o-worms to be opened by allowing non backers to start orgs and run wild with adding members at will) , just asking
  11. By the time beta hits I can see NQ release a beta pack. Maybe at €30 with one DAC and a giveaway key.
  12. Why would anyone want to hand out beta keys to a complete stranger who will likely stop playing once the game releases and as subscription will need to be paid? I can only see one reason for beta key begging and that is not having the ability or desire to spend money on the game. And "trying the game" is not a reason, once released the game will have a trial period, you are welcome to give it a spin then.
  13. From the way you describe your view on the games you play/try I'd say you should wait and try the game post release before spending money on it.
  14. Why do you as an org object to a game mechanic which was known to come at the time you backed the game? I am genuinely asking this question as I do not understand why you choose to be here when you seem to not like a component of the game with a vengeance and go out of your way to let everyone know consistently. Do you also eat at a restaurant advertising food you do not like and then complain you are forced to eat food you do not like?
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