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  1. Alpha Roadmap AMA Questions

    Obviously it would not be as easy as flipping a switch. That said, it looks to me that the tech will be a big aid in freeing up resources and it will be in general availability at the time of release so IMO the question is valid.
  2. Alpha Roadmap AMA Questions

    It would mostly be for the engine to support it. |I'd agree gameplay should always take priority but at the same time, if ne technology can make GFX better and make rendering more efficient the freed up resources would then be available for gameplay..
  3. Alpha Roadmap AMA Questions

    Is NQ aware of plans Unigine has to support Nvidia RTX? I know it's early, but this will be a defining technology in the years to come and as far as I can see, specifically games like DU will benefit greatly from it..
  4. Alpha Roadmap AMA Questions

    I would like to know whether there are plans to implement RCS for attitude control and small translation movement in space.
  5. Quick question

    The performance needs for the cluster dictate the need for its components to be in the same physical location. No confirmation needed there A cluster can consists of servers in different global regions sure, but the very nature of how this cluster works and what NQ is trying to accomplish prohibits this pretty much. It will be enough of a challenge to keep servers synced up when in the same rack, it will be near if not completely impossible to do this with servers in different physical locations, let alone different global regions. So, if NQ wants to maintain a single shard universe, the DU cluster needs to be in the same physical location. What can be possible is to have portals to the cluster be regional where the latency can be minimized and users can log in to the portal and through that to the DU cluster. But that is not the same thing.
  6. Quick question

    There won't be more server locations. The servers are in a cluster at one location, pretty much like EVE.
  7. Quick question

    Actually, the servers are in an AWS datacentre in the US afaik Aussies will have longer ping time generally, yes. It's really not that big a deal tbh.
  8. Forum bug?

    It's a known issue with the community software used afaik. Clearing cookies so they are created again generally fixes this.
  9. Selling Constructs based on existing IPs

    Please read up on what fair use is. It is only applicable if a judge rules it is, you can't use the term upfront as an excuse for using copyright material. You can certainly be sued and be on trial for this. It is upto a judge to determine if fair use applies or not. https://fairuse.stanford.edu/overview/fair-use/four-factors/ While this article relates to US law, it is the same in Europe.
  10. Xsolla Capital Joined the Party!

    Honestly, not sure how that works, if possible. I asked a mod as you have a point. That said, you either made a statement or voice your opinion on what you perceive to be going on. It's fine as we have all been there. I guess everything has been said on this anyway as I remain of the opinion there really is nothing to see here so moving along..
  11. Xsolla Capital Joined the Party!

    That is very different .. Apples-Oranges. You did not say they kept things from public view, you made the statement that it was 'intentionally kept under the radar' and no amount of editing your original post will change your initial argument now. It only shows you know you are misrepresenting your intention and/or the facts. It's fine to have a thought or idea on something, even when it is not correct. But don't try and hide it when you realize you were wrong/
  12. Xsolla Capital Joined the Party!

    You may see yourself as an investor but you are not. You invest time, energy and yes money into the game Dual Universe but you have no stake or say in anything surrounding Novaquark. Investors do not invest in the product, they invest in the producer. That may mean any number of things for the product but that's how I see it. You bought a license to use the product, which you own no part of, at the time of its release with an added bonus of getting access well before that. That is about as much as you get for what you paid. An investor will provide funding to a producer to create a product from which they expect a return on said investment. As such there will be stipulations, requirements and expectations to be met for that funding to be and remain available. Your money is gone, it's consumed with no return for you except for a license to run the code that is Dual Universe. If you think, consider yourself to be or state you are an investor in Dual Universe you are fooling yourself.
  13. Xsolla Capital Joined the Party!

    So then why state this is 'intentionally kept under the radar' (when it is not)
  14. Xsolla Capital Joined the Party!

    If an investor like XSolla sees potential in a product that benefits them in the long run it only makes sense to expect a return. They invest in a game with a monthly subscription, payments they will probably be the exclusive processor for. As such they see potential revenue to the point they invest up front. Makes perfect sense to me.