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  1. If people are too lazy to actually play the game and can't be bothered to put any sort of effort in by demanding instant gratification.. DU may well not be for them anyway..
  2. As long as yo use no more that 20K characters you can also freely use SVG images for signs.. you can find a lot of those online like here: https://freesvg.org/warning-signs
  3. The new waypoint icon is indeed to "solid" IMO. It's also rather annoying that it is always "on top" which means for instance when you are digging to a bookmark underground you can never do so precisely (or up to a bookmark on the surface) as the bookmark will take precedence over the digging center point. It's also another inconsistency in the UI as most HUD items will require mouse free mode to be interacted with and some (like the bookmark) do not.
  4. The interview was good because Markee prepared and asked his questions which went well beyond the "usual" player submitted ones, which can be good but often are very egocentric in nature (which is understandable), and offered some good insight in the development and evolution of DU. I really hope Markee gets a chance to do another one in a few months and frankly, it's great hanging out and participating in his stream..
  5. It's a subscription, by definition (and as a general rule) that means it is recurring. I'm not sure how that is shady? It's also a business so clearly they are not going to plaster the unsub link all over, this is pretty much common practice and if you choose to cancel you go look for the link or contact their support. You can also choose to use Paypal where you just remove the auto payment approval. As an alternative, if you want to buy game time "manually", you can always use the MarkeeDragon gamecodes store as he is a business partner with NQ and you buy individual non recurring game-time codes from his store and apply them to your DU account.
  6. Why are we even making an issue of JC having taken 0.014% of the available territory on Alioth in a pretty remote and desolate region. where the total number of claimed tiles currently stands at 3.3% I think someone here needs to go get some fresh air and walk it off.. and get a life...
  7. NQ has pretty much acknowledge this issue and have mentioned looking into a "docking element" allowing a more deliberate and controlled mechanic which is great. I can see that being something for the not so immediate future but it's good the know it's on the radar at least
  8. As we know, the lore says a spot on the ARK ship was based on a lottery. Also, human nature dictates that where opportunity beckons there will be those that choose "the dark side" so no, I do not agree that he Lore goes against the existence of pirates and bandits, the latter really being a better term here as pirates historically were honorable and only took what they needed to survive and not just killed whatever came in front of their guns. It is clearly NQs vision that combat serves a purpose on a larger scale to resolve disputes between orgs/states when all else fails, they pretty much said as much. But that in no way takes away the reality and viability of outlaws and bandits who will engage in local and small scale skirmishes for their own benefit. You can bring in Lore all you want but it simply is no argument in this context.
  9. Do you have notifications set for #announcments on Discord? You may also notice a client update
  10. What is currently happening is that there are a lot of people who are PVP oriented who are just ganking. They are in the game for one reason only; to kill other players. They are not interested in creating content, in having great fights, they just want to find a target, shoot and kil it and move on.. If they get the impression the target will actually come prepared and ready to fight, they run away. I have seen several of these instances now and it is these players that cause the concern and the unhappy feeling with those who do not want to be engaged. On the other hand, I see the ones who are genuinely PVP oriented and I believe would not run away from a fight but actually want and take it defend the gankers (because they feel "their" gameplay of choice is attacked) which results in skewed opinions of each other in the process. At the same time, NQ is very clearly not focusing on PVP as what the game revolves around, it is part of the game and it is something you need to account for and expect. If however PVP turns out to be groups of players randomly roaming and destroying what others create with no reason but that they are able to do so, DU will become a wasteland, those that stay will go underground, the surface will be empty and lifeless which is what NQ does not want. NQ has said they will create territory warfare in a way that it favors the defenders and we already know that TU wil be pivotal in that. There is more than enough known now to start preparing your base/city/community for the coming of TW and if you don't well, that is on you then. In space there will always be skirmishes and small scale combat, just like in EVE those events will hardly dent the overal game evolvement and are just a part of everyday life in DU. NQ needs to bring in mechanics that allow non combatant players to minimize the risk which means (E)CM like jammers and radar lock breaker, maybe even voxel material with stealth-like properties making it much harder to get a lock in the first place. And yes, NQ wil need to run several balance passes on weapons as they are currently way overpowered. At the same time radar needs to give more detail, if PVP players see a target is "just" a shuttle it becomes less of a target, now they make the effort to approach and engage and have no idea what they are attacking really outside of core size. So the choice is to just engage anyway and see what happens, if there is more information they can make the choice whether or not to engage in the first place. Removing PVP from the game would be bad, it will make the game stale and one sided. Having way overpowered PVP does the exact same thing. Having a game just for builders will not bring in the revenue NQ needs, having a game where PVP is dominant would do the same. NQ will need to balance these two sides and they will need to do so in the next 6-8 months probably at least to the point where the way forward becomes clear. Right now it is way too early to really draw any conclusions as NQ is still busy fighting fires on their backend servers and they can only really progress once they have that stabilized.
  11. Why do people buy into games that offer gameplay they do not want and then start complaining about it afterwards? "This great new type of bread has a distinct vanilla flavour" "Great, I will take two" "Here you go" "I don't like the vanilla flavour, can you make bread without it?" If you do not want PVP be a part of games you play that's fine but do not buy in to games which clearly and openly show PVP is an integral part of said games. If you feel PVP currently is not balanced that's different, be constructive and bring arguments to the table as well as idea on how it can be better for everyone.
  12. As there is no real restrictions as to what you can fit on a core (as long as you stay within the build box) and NQ has no immediate intent or priority in implementing mechanics that would impose a "natural" limitation (like power). A forced on like size limit seems the only viable option. I'd much prefer that a core has a specific Fitting room/capacity ( similar to the power/capacitor needs in EVE) and by using that you can choose to sacrifice one thing to "overspec" something else or add things like batteries to increase possible load. But I do not believe the DU game design allows for this, at least not currently.
  13. When the launcher needs to update the game it will run with elevated rights to do so. If no update is needed the launcher will start in normal mode. So to update, you need to enter the admin password.. If you are running the game on a work PC, you may be breaching company security policy so I'd suggest not doing so and/or asking your companies IT team if they can allow it (provided you are permitted to use the system for personal use).
  14. The quoted source is about EQU8 and how it affects the game.. not about whether NQ allows you to run the client on several different computers at the same time, which they have stated several times is not a problem and the TOS does not disallow it so until it does, it's not a problem.
  15. @Magnus01 CONCORD does not prevent kills, they only "punish" the perpetrator by killing them after the fact. Meanwhile their buddies scoop the loot from the target which they scanned in advance (using neutral/out of corp characters) and determined to be worth losing the attacking ships for as the value of the drop was quite possibly going to be of (much) more value that the loss of the ship(s) they attack with. Also, it's pretty easy to up you reputation with local faction again, there is a number of ways in which you can do so. If you think that Jita is a place where "mostly people testing builds and fighting each other in consensual pvp" you really have no idea of what goes on in Jita and probably do not even actually play EVE.
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