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  1. One way is to tell whomever you want to gift to to set up an account and add a pack, then send you the URL for the payment page. You can then make the payment. It's a bit meh to have to do it that way but it works..
  2. I've had some experience with multibanco in a professional sense and all I can say, while generally it works well it does also see issues relatively frequently. From what you wrote earlier, it appears the processor Xsolla uses for Multibanco did not actually process the payment. I would log a ticket with NQ on support.dualthegame.com for this as well as pester the processor PPRO
  3. There is no easy way to gift a pack. While it has been brought up quite a few times here, it appears it is not something NQ is interested in providing.
  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of electronic money transfers, where generally things work fine but somtimes they do not. It's unfortunate yes and should not happen sure. But from what you wrote neither XSolla nor NQ have anything to be blamed for.. Takes nothing away from being a nuisance and obviously a serious inconvenience. I hope writing this here made you feel a bit better and that it gets resolved soon..
  5. This is a very crucial point. Like EVE, DU will not insta reward someone for buying 10 DAC and then buy in game currency to get an instant advantage. Actual game experience and skill will be more important than the talents you train.
  6. The game is at least a year away from release, is still in alpha and arguing you will not be "buying" this game because there is no sign of measures against botters, cheating or RMT is at best silly. First off, you will not be buying the game, you will be asked to pay a monthly fee to have access to the game servers. Making methods of counteracting RMT, BOTS and Cheating is generally counter productive. I think DU by nature will be hard to bot in many ways, will see little opportunity to cheat and RMT may be an issue but it will be hard to combat and generally the least harmful. Expecting any sort of visibility or knowledge on how this may be combated is at best premature and at this time actually irrelevant.
  7. The above is a very subjective expectation of the game with a lot of assumed traits. So here is mine: The game world is huge. While yes, there will be combat outside safe zones we currently know next to nothing in what that will look like. I personally do not expect PVP as far as combat will have the impact some claim/expect/assume it will simply because of the scale of the world we play in. I think it will be fairly easy to find a location where you can build your story in the game virtually undisturbed unless someone stumbles onto you or you are ready to let yourself be found. That's not to say you should not be prepared for pirates of rogue groups just out to pick fights. And as far as whether you should "purchase" the game; If you need to ask or be convinced then the answer is probably no.
  8. DU is a sandbox, there is no endgame and no rails. You make your own stories and your own purpose. The game will give you back what you put in. It's not "what can I do now", it is what do you want to do now and how do you want to do it. The choice is with you here, its not for the game to present these opportunities to you, you create them yourself.
  9. I can see landscaping become an interesting career choice which may well be lucrative
  10. While that may be true.. Ulkesh.. bad.. Just saying..
  11. Kosh does not approve of the above avatar..
  12. I would not consider AFK cloakers to be engaged in PVP And with the advent of Local being removed in Null I guess the function of such 'profession' is pretty much removed..
  13. The server cluster DU runs on requires maintenance, the game requires constant maintenance, updates, additions, new features. It's not like after 5 years the data center tells NovaQuark.. "hey.. you paid for 5 years, you can now use the servers for free" You are not 'supporting the game' you are buying server time allowing you to access the game. You stop paying, you lose access.
  14. If people want to play alone I see no issue with that. That playing alone has consequences to the effect that some activities may be hard or not possible for you? Yes but that is a choice you make. What I could not accept is solo players crying over how they can't do stuff on their own because of it. Same is true the other way around for me, you can be of the opinion that solo play is not good but dismissing it as a play style or demeaning those who choose to play alone is unacceptable as well. This is a sandbox, everyone can do and play however they like as long as they stay within the TOS as set out by NQ.
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