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  1. The server cluster DU runs on requires maintenance, the game requires constant maintenance, updates, additions, new features. It's not like after 5 years the data center tells NovaQuark.. "hey.. you paid for 5 years, you can now use the servers for free" You are not 'supporting the game' you are buying server time allowing you to access the game. You stop paying, you lose access.
  2. If people want to play alone I see no issue with that. That playing alone has consequences to the effect that some activities may be hard or not possible for you? Yes but that is a choice you make. What I could not accept is solo players crying over how they can't do stuff on their own because of it. Same is true the other way around for me, you can be of the opinion that solo play is not good but dismissing it as a play style or demeaning those who choose to play alone is unacceptable as well. This is a sandbox, everyone can do and play however they like as long as they stay within the TOS as set out by NQ.
  3. https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/03/07/supporter-rewards-for-founder-backers/
  4. Basically you get access during closed backer test sessions until release and will have 3 months worth of playtime included through 3x DAC which will start at release.
  5. I'm still expecting the $15 price for playtime with DAC being $20. Additionally discounts may apply for 3, 6 and 12 month periods.
  6. You can always see the server up times as scheduled here.. We have enjoyed a good run of three 96 hour sessions a month (Thursday 2PM UTC - Monday 2PM UTC) for the better part of this year. that is not a given though and can change at any time. DU is not a 'game' yet, it is in development and access to servers is not a right, it is a benefit/per/bonus for us backers. If your expectation or desire is to have 'play time' then it may be a consideration to wait until at least a year from now when we enter beta at which time it is more likely (but still not a given nor a guarantee) server will be up for longer.
  7. Don't count on it, the additional cost is more likely not even ending up with NQ. Also, as you pay, you agree with the cost, asking for the $10 back would be kind of weird..
  8. Price is calculated based on card used as far as I know, so if you try to buy $ with an EU card it adds taxes afaik..
  9. @Virtesi If you are a post kickstarter founder you will get access with Beta
  10. If he has a Kickstarter package he should have access now. JC specifically announced _all_ Kickstarter backers would get in an Alpha1
  11. Space Engineers multiplayer works fine. Players need to keep in mind that the game is not designed with multiplayer in mind and yes has limitations. Stick to them and it'll be fine. 20 man races, build-offs or Battle Royal games can be great fun..
  12. That is way to steep a discount, 15 for 1, 39 for 3, 72 for 6 and 132 for 12 is more likely with DAC costing 20 But we'll see what NQ come up with in two years.
  13. I still fail to see why @yamamushi 's bot was met with the amount of hostility after it became clear it was a perfectly safe and useful tool while NDA is in place. It worked well and the paranoia of some was really uncalled for. You can always choose to not use the bit or not sign up for servers using it.
  14. Don't count on a month playtime being $10. It's going to be more like 15 I'm sure..
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