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  1. There will not be a creative mode, no. It would seriously disrupt the whole concept of the game.
  2. Beta keys (where applicable) will become available at .. beta I'd suggest you head over to the NDA section of the forum and discord to get updated.. and make sure you redownload/update the client
  3. The last podcast had a segment on (Xbox) controllers as part of te work done on key bindings expected to come with the next patch.
  4. I do not see how a prison system is "moronic". While I can see a point in being locked up with no way out but to wait for the good will of your capturer is something I agree is not wanted and counter productive, that does not justify the blanket dismissal of such a gameplay mechanic. As I see it, allowing "bad boy" gameplay which in itself will by nature inflict damage and potential remove gameplay enjoyment from other players because there is no consequences to it is equally "moronic" and a possible cause for people to stop playing. Maybe a prison system is not viable, it would be good to discuss this outside of just dismissing it, but there need to be consequences. for actions, be it good or bad.
  5. Star Citizen has implemented a prison mechanic now which really is not bad.. Depending on your crime stat you will be in prison for X amount of time. You can choose to sit it out, work in the mines to shorten your time or find a way to escape.. While a first iteration it actually works fairly well..
  6. You pledge towards the development of the game and as a perk you get access to the servers if and when NQ decides to open them up. Access to servers at set timeframes or with set intervals is not a right, it is not guaranteed. If access is a condition for you to pledge then don't.
  7. A game like DU has so many keyboard bindings that making the game work with just a controller is unfeasible for obvious reasons, unless you're saying having to remember and use multi button actions all the time is equal to pressing a single key on a keyboard. Implementing in game "workarounds" like radial menus takes both resources (dev time) and generally wil diminish an immersive experience. Personally I wish NQ had not opened this can of worms as doing a devblog like this, which has absolutely no relevance to the game, will for some raises hopes of "they are considering it". And frankly making a statement like you did here only shows that there is a clear misconception by some on what makes the UX for a game like DU work.
  8. The Dual Universe Youtube channel actually has a good number of videos, also the website has a news section where information is posted. ONce you pledge and you have access to the NDA channels you can ask away there While it has not been "officially" announced, at several times it was mentioned DUal Universe will have a subscription model similar to EVE. This means you can buy game time or DAC which in itself will not get you game time, but you can sell it in game for the in game currency or use it as a token to add gametime in game. As a reference, EVE game time would be around $15 per month with (small) discounts for 3/6 or 12 month bundles. PLEX (the equivalent of DAC) seels for about $20 per 500PLEX (which is what is needed for use to get game time in-game with it) with similar discounts for more PLEX. WHile speculative at this time, I do expect DAC and gametime for DU to have a similar pricepoint.
  9. Cross play restrictions would be a major hurdle in consoles even being a remote consideration.
  10. Very sensible and reasonable point. Let's hope we see you in the game once it matures a bit more..
  11. In general I really think that if you need to ask, the answer is generally no. As you referenced SC, that is a very different animal all together and frankly it makes me wonder what it is you are looking for. SC, for all it's issues and "bad press" has come a _long_ way in the past few years, you only have to look at videos and citcon from a few years back to realize it. Both SC and DU are very much in Alpha state but the way either dev approaches that is very different. Both DU and SC are breaking ground into uncharted territory and both game devs are having to develop their own tech and tools to get to their vision for their respective games which takes time and requires patience from the backers but that is where the compare ends. I do believe that based on your comments about SC it may indeed be best to wait and not get involved with games which are (partially) crowdfunded at all since it feels you are looking for a game to play, not for a developer to support in their effort to get their vision to a released game. Nothing wrong with that, just an observation.
  12. Maybe in the future the game will be free to play but it will be several years before the game actually releases and then I'd not hold out hope for a free to play model for maybe 3-5 years after that at best.
  13. Outside of safe zones anyone can engage you. It is up to you whether you defend or try to get away.
  14. @Torven On Shadow you log into a remote Windows PC, literally. So you install any application like you would on your desktop at home.
  15. That will not happen I'm sure. An option would be to consider Shadow which runs DU just fine and would allow yo to play it pretty much on anything with a somewhat decent internet connection.. Phones, tablets, basic laptops..
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