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  1. The changes are good in themselves. The problem though is that NQ has allowed expectations and situations to evolve which will now be run into the ground. The victims are the ones using the abilities they had to create solid and interesting projects as a fallout of NQ dealing with wild growth of massive towers and waterfall orgs consisting of Alts because "Jonnie wants his own little tower all to himself", and allowing that. While the community clearly told NQ this would not end well since well before beta, NQ thought they know better and it would not get as bad. Currently we see o
  2. You can't .. yet.. as you'd need 20 PCs to do this. That will all change though once the game arrives on Geforce now. Then it will technically be possible to run 20 clients in browser windows using free GFN accounts. So many "glorious" was players will be able to abuse that system to exploit their many alts.. And I so not expect this is no something NQ has yet considered.
  3. I can only agree from having seem a number of streams the added effects are at best detrimental to the UX and the game in general. There is no reason to all these effects outside of showing off another kewl new toy the devs get to play with and they do so way over the top, just like they did with all the toys they got previously. VFX are supposed to support function, not become the focal point. Besides that, the way the VFX are done really is not great. they draw focus away from the actual area they are supposed to be "pointing at" as they are not correctly placed. Was this even on
  4. VR is a waste of time.. and the game has trouble enough with performance as it is. There is reasons why VR is pretty much limited to swinging light sticks and obscure chat rooms, the technology is years away from any sort of ability to actually present you with a realistic experience. And I have been around and involved with VR tech from way back in the 90s when I worked for C= ..
  5. Your "warnings" are pretty meaningless since it is dead easy to poke holes in your baseless fantasy bubble ideas. If I'd choose to do so, there is _nothing_ preventing me from blocking part of a website to be show on my screen, I am not altering or even accessing any of the code, I'm just not allowing it to be shown. But feel free to provide me with anything, outside of what seem to be a misguided sense of what is or is not legal, that says otherwise. and thanks for derailing yet another thread
  6. Is it? it's pretty much a recolor of the existing skin.. Takes all but a minute or two to do so I'm not sure what the big deal is here. While variation, even simple ones, is certainly not a bad thing, locking it into an engine type though seems to immediately diminish the possible use of the skin.
  7. It all seems JC told quite a few "colourful untruths" over the years so far.
  8. The free version allows play sessions of 1 hour and you will disconnect from the service when you pass that time. There is a limited amount of slots available so there is no guarantee you can get back in/on. The paid version has a time limitation of 6 hours and while paid access is prioritized over free access when allocating available slots, there is again no guarantee you will get access. Dual Universe is hardly a game you play for an hour and getting kicked out and not be able to get back in is not desirable.
  9. You just refuse to get it, I understand. It's fine.. No point in trying.. so good luck with your personal bubble fantasy
  10. From Discord: Written by NQ-Deckard
  11. So you are saying Apple should be forced to allow Android apps as well? And Android should be forced to run iOS apps? While at it, why not enforce any desktop OS to run any iOS or Android app without the need of emulators. Might as well force all OS developers to merge and all deliver the exact same OS as that is pretty much what you are suggesting. All one big happy family where the choice of OS is irrelevant.. /s Your "suggestion" is not realistic and really has no merit. Linux is not even close to being able to support the wide range of a
  12. NQ pretty much said they will be. in the last devblogs
  13. WSL is literally a virtualized environment (it's pretty much Hyper-V) running a Linux distro, it's not a cross platform standard for binaries. I'm sorry but you really have no idea what you are talking about here. As preposterous as your idea is, a "new language" has absolutely nothing to do with it. And again, the OP ask is not something Microsoft has any say or or obligation to accommodate for. But you are clearly so far down your personal rabbit hole by now you actually lost the plot in the context of OP. Cellphone standards
  14. Sure.. has no relevance at all to the OP topic. The reason why OP can't run DU on Linux is because the anti cheat software doe snot support being run on Linux and due to the nature of the software, I'd say that makes sense. You keep derailing the topic and trying to make it about something it is not. That in itself is actually a breach of TOS for the forums and thus has been reported.
  15. Except they don't .. that is another silly assumption/claim which is entirely off the mark. If brand A makes antennas, there is no requirement for brand A to make these work with/for brand B. It is actually for Brand B to make that antenna work for them. Obviously if B would be willing to buy 10 million antennas, it is likely A will make the effort to facilitate B using their product. Microsoft has no obligation to make a developer's binary for Windows work with another OS, the developer writing their application for Windows has no obligation to consider support for another O
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