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  1. Today and the past few years, certainly. Back in 2012 when (as far as we know) JC started work on this, not so much. That NQ never went back in as better solutions to achieve what they were doing became available is not surprising knowing their attitude towards making adjustments and change (as in , only when we're not going to be able to ignore it). As you know, several of us very early on during pre-alpha did make a point of this and I really expected to see at least one rewrite fo the game core but I was naive enough at the time to think NQ would think that to be a sensible and forweard looking thing to do. Obviously they are and have always been free to do as theyu please but I am a firm believer the ancient tech they use will be quite exposed once the game is "released" and channels like Digital Foundry take the game apart and review it, which I am pretty sure they will as it's right up their alley.
  2. Ehh.. folders for constructs and bookmarks.. It's not like we asked for it from day 1 ..
  3. Well, AVX instructions are obscure, they are hardly used and are power guzzlers. So it kind of makes sense really. It may have made sense to opt for using AVX to solve a problem when they started out on DU 8+ years ago. SHortly thereafter though technology caught up with them but they never optied to change their code.. So now It seems that NQ will have to put a requirement for a Z series motherboard when using a 12th gen Intel CPU in the system specs (or kill part of your CPU cores).. That will no doubt go down well. B and H series chipsets are entry level/budget tier which is probably why this is a thing for these CPUs
  4. Thanks @Aaron Cain .. I may take you up on that. I stil think DU can work but it will fail if we as the community do not step up and try to make that happen as NQ wil not be able to as they have no idea how. I am actually planning together with a RP streamer to being in part of his community using my Summer DACs and start from scratch, building an org and see where it goes.. It will all be wiped in 8-10 weeks anyway I'm sure and if it turns out these guys do not like it they can just walk away. If it works and we can build up a little something then we may repeat it as the game releases.. Could be a disaster.. could be good, maybe even great .. we'll see
  5. I think I have mentioned before that there appears to be quite the disconnect internally at NQ about what middleupper mnagament thinks the game is about/like and reality .. A good chunk of NQ still lives in this distorted reality bubble Unfortunately, the people on the floor are caught inthe middle in there somewhere..
  6. Well.. As NQ has been on a spree of actions and changes to dissuade players from .. well.. playing.. Most of the locations that did what the exchange seems designed to do that were created by players have been either destroyed, abandoned, or just left unattended. There is no player base to support player creations like this anymore. While not enough sure, many came at the start of beta and a good few community/player driven initiatives started. The expectations were that NQ would drive progress, advancement and bring player controlled and owned markets into the game. None of that happened. The game has stalled, features have been removed or eroded and from what we know it would appear that player markets are entirely off the table. Dragon Assembly had a really cool player driven trade post on Jago, many had stalls there and there was a pretty steady stream of visitors. The place is dead now. Moustache riders had a pretty nifty boardwalk with shops, stalls and trade set up on Alioth.. It's entirely gone now. Both places featured quite prominently in streams on twitch but both streamers are no longer active. Markee will probably get back in and give the game one more serious injection of support on release in the hopes of it picking up steam. I do not see Moustache Riders return as they are mostly very disillusioned with NQ and the game. Other trade/industry driven project have gone too.. The last bastion is probably gottchar and IC but the latter seems all but extinct by now as well. All these project, to some extent, did what the exchange intends to do and all are gone, not due to player being unwilling to work around the quirks of the game but because NQ was not able to keep then engaged and actively drove them off in some cases by choices made. Personally, if I see some motion as far as new players arriving at release I will probably restart my idea of a noob friendly org, not so much to hold their hand but more to bring them up and let them be self-sufficient and independent while serving as a backbone to fall back on when needed. But I'll drive people to player content, avoiding the exchange as much as possible. We do not need NQ to create these things, we need NQ to create the tools and options to do it ourselves.
  7. During PTS, several of us made this point A few basic management options for talents, very low cost to put in, big impact in QoL Obviously NQ was not interested in hearing us and could not be bothered to even acknowledge this Game is ready for release though..
  8. NQ and having a clear plan .. LOL . The can't even make up their mind about the simple question of whether to do a wipe or not, at least that is what they are saying. Seems NQ's CEO has yet to get the memo that so far blockchain has pretty much bombed in gaming.
  9. You have a knack of spinning context to suit your narrative of supoporting NQ.. And that is OK as it is who you are and what you do. You completely miss the point and ignore the fact that NQ is only adding more potential performance bottlenecks though. Adding the idea of the eexahcnge to existing POI woudl be the better solution becoause those POI are already set up to handle higher volumes of traffic AND by doing so you also distribute the potential additional load across already present POI so the effective added load is less. The point of me lining my suggestion is not that I want NQ to do it my way, the point is that ideas like the exchange have been provided by the community for along time and NQ has effectively ignored the idea and when they came around to adding it, did not go back and see how they could add it in a way that woudl optimize the way the game can support it and generate the best possible exposure for players, they just drop a single building into the gameworld which may potentially attract a good bit of tyraffic which in trun may prove a performance hurdle. But we're past that now, NQ has yet again not take the long game here and only pushed a sort term solution without consideration for consequences which I have no doubt will become apparent. We;ll see..
  10. The idea of the exchange is fine. The problem lies in the way NQ isolates it from what is already in place and how it becomes a single point on the map which would more likely find a meaningful use if it was either located at or combined with existing POI. Adding the concept of the exchange to markets is trivial and would likely yield a faster and better response. Placing the Exchange at the same location as the central tutorial location would make sense as it then becomes a logical next step if new players are to visit the location. As a single location, IF it gains traction and become popular, which is obviously possible, the next and predictable set of issues will come into play around performance. We all know that if left as is, it will just become a massive pile of ships, people will start parking their own stalls outside, will park AGG ships above, will start placing their own advertising at or nearby the location. So yes, the idea is good. Players have suggested something like this for years and have offered sensible and executable options to make it happen. NQ however chooses to just add another potential bottleneck to the mix, with predictable future issues and complications and with the likelihood, seeing NQ's history in this, they will just disengage withe idea as it becomes too much trouble to manage.
  11. Indeed @CptLoRes However sad it maybe, but the path NQ has been on is not exactly new to many of us and the place they are at currently was pretty much predicted early on as we saw the first signs of it. It's quite interesting as well that we see some who strongly opposed our comments and position at the time have pretty much come to see we were not wrong then and are not wrong now. And interestingly, many of those have just given up and left by now. Frankly I can see a path where NQ still get around to pulling this one out of the fire but the biggest obstacle to that happening is NQ themselves at this point. They are so set in their ways and believe in their own excuses to a point where the excuses become fact to them, even when they're clearly not. And it's not the NQ people we see around here, I am pretty sure they do what they can and want to see this game do well as much as us, but it's the people we do not see all that frequently who drive this company culture and mantra.
  12. While true, that is irrelevant now. NQ has no choice in the matter and has a set date on which the game releases regardless of what state it is in I am sure. The reason is simple, they have run out of money and so it's do or die. And by doing they may die anyway as what they have, as you correctly point out, is not even close to beta quality, let alone release ready. Thing is, it's fine for DU to be in alpha at this stage, this is a complex game, and it all feels like NQ really is struggling to manage this project as it has shown to go well beyond what they can handle. But as they have run out of time and funding to learn and grow towards changing that as they go, all they can do is release and hope for the best which I really fear will not be much.
  13. @Mncdk1 These issue were reported during PTS, of course. But it's all working as intended apparently as NQ not once provided any comments or clarifications during the weekend. And how could they as they knew they would be pushing this patch this week, so they knew whatever major came out of PTS woudl not get addressed anyway. NQ is on an iron clad schedule with a locked in date for release with no room to maneuver I am sure..
  14. Schematics could be a great gameplay addition to the game. But implementing that properly would be hard for NQ as it woudl involve designing several things to all work towards a specific goal.. (see EVE) So they will probbaly just opt to remove them again.
  15. If NQ wanted to minimize market clutter in any serious manner, they could have done so years ago, like literally. Also, just redesigning the market building to add screens and manage/curate what is shown on these woudl have served that purpose for the most part as well.
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