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  1. blazemonger

    Star Citizen

    I could see the NQ server tech being much more like a SpatialOS competitor, in fact I could see Novaquark as a company actually being founded around building and marketing a SpatialOS like product on top of which they are building DU as a showcase product with the OS/architecture underneath being the actual asset. It would 'explain' the interest of VC investment much more than any interest for the game itself from that corner.
  2. blazemonger


    download link will be on your profile page on http://dualthegame.com once you have access
  3. blazemonger

    Star Citizen

    @Takao There's always more than one server and I am guessing you know what was intended. It's the same as that the 'single shard universe' is really just buzzwords.
  4. blazemonger

    Star Citizen

    This is the big one.. SC has yet to show/prove they can actually make their intended server tech work and from what I have seen they do not even know how to make it work. DU is built around/on top of the server tech.
  5. blazemonger

    Star Citizen

    He does? He has basically been on the same horse in like forever. And SC does not do bullet calculations, that is Squadron42 which is a separate game and not the same as SC nomatter what CR says.
  6. blazemonger

    Star Citizen

    Actually no, it's a server mesh. SC is not going to be a single persistent universe.
  7. blazemonger

    Safe Zones

    They are required to claim your sanctuary space on said moon. They are placed by players thus the safe zone is player made.
  8. blazemonger

    Safe Zones

  9. blazemonger

    Safe Zones

    Dual Universe is not an open world PVP game, it is an open world civilization/community building game. PVP is part of that yes, but is not the main driver in my opinion. PVP as I see it will be a means to an end wit he purpose of settling disputes if all else fails. (source: the DU website front page) Now, obviously (and queue the proponents of this commenting) there will be those that just want their pewpew and so consider PVP to be the holy grail and expect PVP to be the main focus and driver for the game. I believe this will not be the case to a large extent because from what we know so far (large scale) PVP will not be as simple as jumping into a ship and raising hell. Players will have access to tools that will create personal safe zones and sanctuary but those tools will be (very) expensive.
  10. blazemonger

    EVE Online players , pls gather here ;)

    I have it on good authority Goons are already in too .. Hey.. There's mining so what's not to like
  11. blazemonger

    Thought processes behind posting replies

    It sounds like someone did not really get the idea behind OP 's post..
  12. blazemonger

    Thought processes behind posting replies

    Let me just hit "qoute" on your essay and add two lines of my own in reply
  13. blazemonger

    EVE Online players , pls gather here ;)

    Still knee deep into EVE and it is a very enjoyable game for me. While DU would seem to offer a really good extension on some EVE concepts it will also IMO not be the saviour of EVE bittervets and carebears. I expect DU to be way more unforgiving and harsh than EVE was, is or ever will be. DU will never replace EVE for me and I will happily remain active in both. The EVE community is second to none and DU will have quite a long way to go before it gets close. Right now there's way too much saber rattling going on coming from people who seem to not really know what they are getting into. This will become apparent quickly once the game gets going for real. EVE is a mature, strong, self sustaining universe where players actually do create their own destinies and stories. DU certainly has the ability to do the same but will need to prove itself over the next 5-10 years to do so. Progress in DU will be much slower and interdependencies much more required. I am not sure what to make of what seems to be a rather distinct dislike or disdain even for EVE around these parts of the wood. Many of the sentiments I read seem to me to show a lot of people setting themselves up for disappointment here in advance. But we will see how things evolve.
  14. blazemonger

    I want to pledge but is the game playable

    @slipp_ In all honesty, if you need to ask this question, at this stage you should probably wait.