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  1. The Podcast is really nice, I appreciate the detail as much as was possible. NQPlease do not let this opportunity slide to inform the community and keep em coming with a reasonable frequency (one every month seems like a good start). Just talking about stuff and sharing is pretty much what I have missed from NQ for a long time. A+ and keep em coming!
  2. blazemonger

    Vote me for Forum Moderator!

  3. blazemonger

    Requirements check before pledging

    Provided you run a single monitor at 1080p max you should be OK. Regardless, you may want to consider an upgrade to something like the 1660ti ..
  4. blazemonger


    Stadia for now is mostly vaporware to be honest. They threw around a lot of fancy words and specs but nothing substantial, no commitments time wise and more importantly, not a single clue on cost. Probably more suitable and cheaper option with a far greater chance of being usable in a wide range of situations is getting a Shadow PC. And the specs for a shadow PC more than cover what you need for DU.
  5. blazemonger

    Server down? Unable to login...

  6. Do you understand the purpose of these packs and what they give you? You do realize they basically give you more playtime at release before you need to pay than what the same playtime will likely cost at that time plus some extras _and_ allows you to participate in the closed pre-release server uptime to test and break stuff as the game is developed right? Obviously, you are free to choose and wait for release and just pay a monthly sub from that time (or make your money in game to pay for it).
  7. blazemonger

    no AVX = no go ?

    The question here would actually be 'should NQ be willing to sacrifice the loss in performance they believe degrades the experience in order to accommodate a relatively small percentage of potential users' as well as 'will the degraded performance lead to negative responses/reviews and thus possibly deter potential customers otherwise not affected by this' . I believe that bottom line it's better to lose a few dues to a perfectly explainable reasons than to risk losing more due to unbalanced and uninformed negative reactions on performance.
  8. blazemonger

    no AVX = no go ?

    While you are obviously free to be of the opinion that minimal requirements purely relate to performance, the general accepted meaning is that you will need the specified hardware to run the application. Your CPU is three generations behind the minimal requirements at least so it's not suitable to run DU. In technology terms you are using a quite outdated CPU. It would be like driving around a 1950s car in today's traffic, it may be able to keep up but to say it's a safe or suitable way to drive in 2019 is at best questionable. Expecting technology and software development to continue to support outdated hardware is not reasonable. The i3 7100 in every way out performs the i7 970 with half the core count, it's not even close.. TDP alone is 1/3 of what your CPU required, memory and bus speed is way, way higher on the i3. Lastly, using a 1080ti with a CPU that provides not even half the bandwidth it needs to perform optimal seems also a bit odd, it's pretty much like driving a fast car with the handbrake on all the time. It would be very bad for NQ to accommodate ancient hardware by removing ways to be more efficient through modern day technology. I guess you have a choice to make here.
  9. blazemonger

    no AVX = no go ?

    AVX provides some considerable advantages. Frankly, expecting nearly a decade old hardware to still work and be compatible with modern day requirements is somewhat unreasonable. That and the minimal hardware spec does in fact make mention of this.
  10. blazemonger

    Pledge + NDA ?!

    Commercially it would not be wise to post restrictive regulation prior to someone choosing to press a buy button, even when it is generally known these restrictions exist. No matter how sensible the restrictions are, it will deter a certain number of potential buy ins regardless. You'd want to introduce these at the last possible moment.
  11. The test is useful for the back end and to establish a 'max viable' number for how many players per node you can potentially deal with. Since the number of variables it takes into account is minimal there is not much that can be concluded from this test otherwise. Say I can create and start about 250 VMs on the VMware server I run at home without much trouble. That does not mean I can or have the ability to manage that number of VMs under load or in an actual production environment, It also does not make me a VMware expert. All it does is tell me my hardware is capable of creating and then starting 250 VMs. So IMO for eventual game play this test means very little, something which is perfectly fine as at this stage of development that is not really relevant yet. I guess what I am trying to say is let's take the test and the mentioned article for what I believe it is, a marketing/PR exercise with possibly additional value towards investors.
  12. Pretty much, yes.. Having 30K bots spawn in across a planet really is not that much of a deal. Now, get them all in the same general area, say within a 2KM radius and we're talking..
  13. blazemonger

    Pledge + NDA ?!

    While under NDA you are not allowed to share any detail or information with anyone else outside the designated areas which are restricted to those with NDA access.
  14. blazemonger

    hey i'm new!

    We're currently in Alpha1, as you are an Iron Founder you will gain access at Beta anyway, which is roughly 18 months away.
  15. https://community.dualthegame.com/accounts/profile you should see the download button there once you are eligible. As you are a contributor you will get access at the start of the next Alpha stage, you will not see the download button yet.