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  1. The point is that we _know_ that the safezones around planets are going away and also what conditions wil need to be met for that to happen. Still people keep rehashing this in what I really consider an attempt to shoehorn in easy kills more than anything else. And with hat happening, tis year, the pewpew brigade looking will get heir chance provided NQ brings in the needed counters to that. In fact, using existing options to circumvent getting caught it wil remain fairly risk-less to warp even when the cost may remain relatively high. Set up off the main warp lane entry with a safe corridor through claimed tiles and the chance of getting shot is only slightly more than what it is now. The security argument here is in line with the "bring friends/guns" and pretty much shows a lack of understanding of how hauling as a profession in game works and what the margins are that allow that gameplay. In a game like this, hiring anyone to "protect" you inherently hold the risk of being double crossed and attacked which generally is greater than the advantages it brings. What we need is mechanics that mitigate the risk of slowboating to a point where it becomes worth the risk and we're not quite there. Using throw away ships, calculating in a 10% loss due to piracy and using Warp are the only currently available options that there are. Escorts are not a risk worth taking besides the fact the game really has no (fleeting) mechanics to properly use such options. We need ECM, possible stealth and decoy mechanics and similar to be able to leave the warp drive and it's cost at home. NQ has said those are coming so why don't we wait for that to happen sometime this year. The continuously whining and complaining by some about temporary restrictions is getting both old and serves no real purpose as, again, we know once certain conditions are met, this will happen this year.
  2. That depends entirely on yourself. With the 150K you get everyday you can choose to play the markets or save up to buy a ship like the ones found on DU-C | Ships (du-creators.org) T1 ores are very plentiful and you can actually build a reasonable ship right out of our "back pocket", some parts you'd need to buy but you can use the daily 150K for that. Beyond that, you can join an org based on what you'd like to do in game and in many cases that org will be able to provide for you. It's mostly up to yourself to find what you'd like to go for and find the right resources to do that, be it mine, join an org, try and steal it from others or whatever..
  3. Well, all three entries were removed so I guess NQ has no interest in anything like this..
  4. And the suggestion was again removed, I guess NQ is not interested
  5. Unless I'm mistaken all this does is potentially track when someone is close and at that time collect that data, once you move away, the script unloads. There is no access to your RL data nor any relevant or impactful effect on your in gam activities. Players logging off alts on other peoples ships to have a beacon if and when they want to attack you is a more real and present issue. The earth is flat you know and there is a tracker chip in the COVID-19 vaccin.. pretty much that..
  6. Can we stop wit the "WARP is unfair" already. Besides it implying you want acces to easy kills, while NQ works on proper counters and planet side combat, the safezones around planets stay in place and warp should have the endpoint in the safezone. Moving warp endpoints outside the safezones will not "fix PVP", it will just hand kills to those not willing to put in effort and/or find actual fights. The Warp exit point is not fixed, it depends on the incoming vector thus by slow boating to a ping before making the jump you land on a different endpoint. It's really not hard to make pings a reasonable distance and in a random spot from the departure point.
  7. That is already pretty much the case, people literally leave they constructs on the ramps and in front of the elevators requiring you to jump over them. NQ seems to think that is all just fine. Maybe we need to start posting images on twitter tagging @dualuniverse and JC to get their attention.. But that will probably just get your account blocked..
  8. You have a rather optimistic expectation of possible NQ plans In the IMO very remote chance you are correct, it would still be the case that NQ is lacking here in communicating their intent although that in itself is not surprising to be the case. The problems we see now have been brought up pretty much since NQ introduced markets back in Alpha by us backers.. They really have never even acknowledged these concerns. Solving this issue should be real easy but NQ seems to not be willing to actually do anything about this. Probably someone needs to box in entire markets before they decide they need to do something as blocking entry points and ramps with big boxes, screens and dispensers seem to not be considered a problem for NQ..
  9. NQ seems to not really care and/or has no idea how to address this. They have not said a word on any of this in all the time it has been brought up since wel before "beta" started.
  10. Many have already logged tickets in the past 24 hours or so and it is a constant point of discussion in the discord. As NQ only picks up tickets relating to login or account issues with priority, anything else is left in queue and may take weeks to get seen. Logging a ticket for this is pointless. NQ is or at least should be well aware of this by now and as a live paid for service should have people on this and sent out communication about it by now. Obviously none of that happens as NQ does not take their support system too serious and is happily enjoying their weekend.
  11. I think that NQ is losing out of some great opportunities by not offering more voxel bases properties. There is a lot of possible uses for this which would open up a lot more options for customization and different looks in the game. I can see how some of these would eat into the potential revenue from a cashshop but at the same time this could work in it's favor by making that a true vanity and cosmetic option. Some of the properties I could would like to see for voxels: Light: Transparency Translucency Luminescence (yes, we have white ones but we need _colors_) Flight: Lift Drag Thrust(will allow thrust energy from engines to pass through unhindered) Countermeasures: Stealth (reducing range at which construct is detected) Increase signature (will make the construct more visible for guided system/radar, easier/preferred to target.. used for decoys) Just some ideas, no doubt here are more..
  12. I'd agree that the wild growth is a nuisance and it's entirely on NQ for a lack of ownership and willingness to properly manage the game. There is a continuous stream of posts on the topic and NQ has not ever actually responded or shown any inclination to do anything to make this manageable. Several of us have posted suggestions and ideas on how to address these issue but NQ just ignores it veen when it is pretty much impossible for them to not see the problem. Entrance to markets is generally blocked by all sorts of contraptions and the solution here is really simple: NQ goes by the markets daily and removes any obstructing constructs and constructs which are not able to fly with no refunds. the owner of the construct gets a warning and on three strikes the account is banned. Any dynamic constructs that are left at markets for more that 24 hours are impounded and can be retrieved for a fee at a central location, say at the ARK ship, for a fee. Constructs not collected within 14 days are destroyed without refunds. NQ places XL screens on markets and introduces a managed advertisement service, players or orgs can submit (animated) advertisements which are played on these screens in a carrousel for a fee.
  13. As we were discussing this on another thread I kind of refined this idea and posted them on Upvote. Not yet approved so not visible.. First off, I'd suggest adding a consequence to a respawn that deters from using the mechanic. The suggestion is to remove a day's worth of talent points when you respawn in addition to losing inventory. This would mean it becomes less attractive to respawn for no reason and at the same time it adds significance to getting killed. In case of the need for a respawn due to a glitch/bug.. There is always the ticket system and NQ can review logs and reimburse when shown to be the case. Second, a standing system which would mean that based on interaction with other players you build standing with them and/or their org (either positive or negative). Completing missions and trading could be such actions. At the same time, killing another player or failing missions will reduce standing. It shoudl not be an option to manually add standing either way, it needs to always come from (inter)action with players. Lastly, a capture mechanic. When you get captured, the mechanic will run a timer during which you are unable to move while you can stil interact through chat or emotes. The duration of the timer will be dependent on your standing with the captor, if your get captured while you do not have a negative standing with them, their standing with you decreases. The duration of capture will be a set timer multiplied by the opposite of your standing so a good standing reduces the timer, a bad one increases it. Once the timer runs out, you can't be recaptured for X amount of time allowing you to move away. At any time during capture you can opt to respawn. Doing so will cause loss of inventory and talent point and when respawning during a capture timer the loss of points will have a multiplier based on your standing with the captor. The duration of capture also has the same multiplier from standing. Links to upvote (not yet visible): Respawn causes talent loss - Dual Universe Standing system - Dual Universe Capture mechanic - Dual Universe
  14. The entry disappeared or I entered on wrong name.. anyway.. reapplied.. will update when it becomes visible
  15. EVE used to have broad loss of skill levels but currently only when you die while flying a Strategic Cruiser will you lose one random level from one of the support skills for the ship. That penalty is not in any way stopping anyone from using these ships as it's just part of the deal when you fly them. Personally I think skill/talent loss when respawning in general would be fine, it's a great deterrent to abuse of the mechanic and when you get caught. The capture action/mechanic would then put a multiplier on that loss which is dependent on your standing with the opponent. This would also provide what I actually think is a very fair and balanced consequence of a chosen playstyle.
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