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  1. I started advertising.. ;)

    Updated the decal.. Much better..
  2. I started advertising.. ;)

    Quite fun seeing these drive around in the sim..
  3. No Man's Sky NEXT

    NMS is pretty decent as it is right now. The launch was so horrifically bad it may never fully recover no matter how good it gets though.
  4. Upgraded graphics card GTX 1070ti 8 GB

    It's a fairly basic average gaming setup. One would expect to be able to run DU on a single monitor setup (except for 4K) like this TBH.
  5. Upgraded graphics card GTX 1070ti 8 GB

    Then getting a new CPU will probably make very little difference TBH.. Maybe pick up an i7 3770 when you can get one cheap sometime but that's about it.
  6. Upgraded graphics card GTX 1070ti 8 GB

    Biggest jump in performance you'll see when you upgrade the CPU (and system board and memory) is that the bus speed for the GFX card will go from 5 to 8GT/s That said, going for an i7 3770 will probably already show a good boost and may generally be more than enough against what you'd need. Unless you run a multi monitor setup with more than two 1080p monitors it's not going to really make a difference though and frankly the 1070ti is really not meant to be used with at most 3 1080p screens.
  7. The Only Down Side I See, The AI

    NQ has been very clear that there is no NPCs/AI in the game with the exception of the markets early on following release to allow a kickstart of the economy. No AI, no NPCs, no developer created PVE.
  8. Is the monthly payment going to be 30$?!?!?!?

    NQ states a few posts up they intend to follow rates as usual. Expecting them to 'undercut' is at best unrealistic if only because their cost will likely be higher .. A monthly €15 sub fee is perfectly reasonable IMO
  9. Is the monthly payment going to be 30$?!?!?!?

    If NQ follow CCP in cost a monthly sub would be €15 with DAC at €20.
  10. Suggestion; Corruption Mechanism

    Bad plan..
  11. In addition to what @Aaron Cain said with regards to the comments made by @CalenLoki ; People are not going underground because they want to, they go underground because too many here are advocating the game should be about PVP and as such anything not in their interest should be attacked and destroyed. This tactic has already spawned a number of threads here where people voice their concerns about this only to be met with 'then defend yourself'. When that defence then comes in the form of underground bases the same PVP loving horde start crying about how that is unbalanced which frankly is absolute nonsense and just shows that you want your pewpew and expect to be handed a way in even if it means NQ will have to nerf to get there. Get a spai in the org that has the underground base, let him gain trust and get access to the front door, then overrun the base. That is fair game and well played when pulled off. But yeah, I know.. Effort and such.. Instant gratification should never be a motivator for changing game mechanics.
  12. How is that a problem? It's as if you would be validating a terrorist's complaint that today's airport security is too tight for them to get an explosive on a plane. People hiding bases deep underground is absolutely not a 'problem'. Part of the need/wish to do so stems from the war-mongering and apparent desire to turn the game into a big battlefield as quickly as possible quite a few are advocating here.
  13. Latest was that the updated roadmap would come in the summer so pretty much sometime in the next 4 months..
  14. It's also very big so good luck finding me..